One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on OLTL

Rex was shot and rushed to the hospital, where he had a near-death experience. Gigi disclosed that Rex was Shane's biological father. Adriana barred Gigi from visiting Rex. Dorian hired a hit man to kill Ray. Marty searched the Internet for details of her rape; she didn't recognize Todd's photo. John learned that the key to locating Cristian was Ray.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Golden Hour

Up on Llantano Mountain, Bo and a S.W.A.T. team from the Llanview Police Department aimed their weapons at a delusional Brody. While Rex, Gigi, and Shane watched in horror, Brody refused to surrender and fired a shot in their direction. Bo and his men surrounded Brody.

Upon realizing that she and Shane were covered in blood, Gigi panicked. She discovered that both she and Shane were fine, but flew into hysterics when she determined that Rex had been shot. Gigi screamed as she ran to aid an unconscious Rex. Shane ran towards Brody, who had been placed in police custody. As the officers prevented Shane from making contact with Brody, the child demanded to see his father. With a blank stare, Brody continued to mumble, "I had to shoot him."

Upon hearing Gigi's screams, Bo ran to Rex's aid. As Bo tended to Rex's wound as best he could, Bo demanded to know what was taking the bus so long to arrive on Llantano Mountain. An officer informed Bo that the bus driver was having a difficult time because the road was extremely narrow. A terrified Gigi tried to help care for Rex, but Bo was concerned about the extreme bleeding. He feared that Rex might bleed to death or go into shock. Bo promised Rex that he wouldn't die on his watch. When Bo instructed his officers to take Brody to jail, Shane yelled at the authorities to release his father. Barely glancing in Rex's direction, Shane insisted that the shooting was accidental.

In her jail cell, Dorian demanded to be released. Addie paid her sister a visit. Dorian begged Addie to help her prevent Ray from taking Langston away. Informing Dorian that Ray had agreed to allow Langston to spend her final night in Llanview at La Boulaie, Addie complimented her sister on her bravery, and stated that she would have acted in the same manner. Addie's words comforted Dorian.

Unaware of the incident, Dorian teased Brody when he was placed in the cell adjacent to hers. A despondent Brody continued to mumble to himself. He repeated, "I did what I had to do. I followed the code." Brody had a vision of the ten-year-old boy that he had killed in the war. The child pointed a gun at Brody. Brody wept.

Upon learning that Brody had shot Rex, Dorian appeared concerned. Dorian asked Addie to keep her updated on his condition, and gave her permission to contact Adriana. Reminding Dorian that she was a strong woman, Addie urged Dorian to continue to fight for Langston. Addie promised to come through for Dorian, the same way Dorian had done for her for so many years. Dorian thought about how badly both her girls needed her.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Markko offered Langston their support. Stating that she had caused the recent change of events by wishing for a relationship with her unknown relatives, Langston had no idea how she would adjust to life in Colombia. Refusing to allow their friend to blame herself, Starr and Markko promised to stand by Langston. The teens wondered who was actually responsible for Ray's arrival in Llanview. Starr wished that she knew someone who could take care of Ray.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Cole witnessed the handshake between Clint and Ray. After sending Ray on his way, Clint prepared to cover his tracks with Cole. When Cole confronted Clint about his association with Ray, Clint tried to assure Cole that he had the wrong idea, but Cole was unconvinced. Citing that Langston was his friend and that she was hurting because of Clint's interference, Cole accused Clint of using Langston to get his revenge on Dorian. Cornered, Clint defended his actions by placing blame on Dorian. Unmoved by Clint's defense, Cole informed him that he planned to tell Dorian about Clint's scheme. Placing a hand on Cole's shoulder, Clint warned Cole that he might want to reconsider.

Denying any involvement with Langston's uncle, Clint pressured Cole to keep quiet about his suspicions. In disgust, Cole left the mansion.

Back at La Boulaie, Markko announced that he was staying overnight. He vowed to remain by Langston's side until her uncle came for her. Starr was convinced that they had the entire night to come up with a plan to keep Langston in Llanview. Langston believed only a miracle could help her.

Ray entered the mansion and asked Clint if Cole was aware of their plan. In a confident tone, Clint said that it didn't matter. Clint stated that Ray was taking Langston back to Colombia and no one could prevent it.

Cole arrived at La Boulaie. He informed his friends that Clint had brought Ray to Llanview to take Langston away from Dorian. Langston, Starr, and Markko were stunned by the news.

A concerned Michael dropped by Marcie's apartment to check on her head injury. Michael had questions for Marcie and wanted to know how she had sustained the injury. In an attempt to keep Gigi's secret about Shane's paternity, Marcie gave Mike vague answers about how she was injured.

Although Marcie insisted that she felt fine, Mike was adamant about tending to her wounds. As Mike lovingly placed his hand on her head, Marcie turned away. The couple obviously enjoyed each other's company, but neither would state that fact. When Mike placed a bandage on Marcie's cut, the two leaned in to kiss one another but the buzz from Mike's pager interrupted them. Looking at his pager, Mike told Marcie that there was an emergency at the hospital and he had to leave.

Alone at the apartment, Marcie assembled a baby crib. Marcie told herself that she would be able to raise her child alone. Marcie sang a lullaby to her unborn child and promised that they would be a family.

Accompanied by Gigi, Bo, and Shane, a badly injured Rex arrived at Llanview Hospital. As Rex was wheeled into an examination room, Shane pressured Gigi for answers concerning Brody's whereabouts. A distraught Gigi screamed that Brody was exactly where he should be. Before Gigi could chastise Shane any further, Mike approached and was surprised to find Gigi and Bo. Upon learning that Rex had been shot, Mike questioned another doctor about the extent of his injuries.

While Gigi and Bo listened, the doctor gave Mike the grave news. The doctor stated that Rex was hemorrhaging and needed immediate surgery. The doctor told Mike that they needed to hurry because the "golden hour" had passed. Fearful of the doctor's words, Gigi questioned Bo about the term. When Bo told her that time was running out for Rex, a look of panic crossed Gigi's face. Consumed with thoughts of only Brody, Shane stood in the background.

In the emergency room, the doctors struggled to find the source of the bleeding. Mike begged Rex to hold on.

In the waiting area, Bo tried to console Gigi, and a frustrated Shane banged his fist against a gurney. Fed up with Gigi's concern for Rex, Shane demanded to know when he could see his dad. In a state of shock, Gigi told Shane that he couldn't see his father because he was in terrible shape. When Shane agreed that his father was in a terrible condition because he was in jail, Gigi realized that Shane was referring to Brody. Aware of the misunderstanding, Bo excused himself to check on Rex's condition. Alone with his mother, Shane continued to ask for Brody. Unwilling to listen to anymore of Shane's pleas for Brody, an angered Gigi screamed at the child to stop asking for Brody because she was concerned about Rex. In disbelief, Shane told Gigi that she didn't care about his father, and stormed off.

As Gigi tried to run after Shane, Bo approached and suggested that she allow the child some time to calm down. Gigi told Bo that he didn't understand the circumstances. She was surprised when Bo revealed that he knew that Rex was Shane's father. In tears, Gigi told Bo that she couldn't lose Rex. Bo assured her that neither he nor Gigi would lose Rex.

Shane listened as Mike told Gigi and Bo that Rex's condition was bad. He had lost a great deal of blood and could possibly lose his spleen. Mike feared that Rex had suffered brain damage. Mike explained the procedure that would be performed on Rex, but was unsure of his chances for survival. As Mike left to prep Rex for surgery, Gigi cried in Bo's arms.

Before Rex was wheeled into the operating room, Mike allowed Gigi and Bo a few moments with him. Bo recalled Rex's ability to get out of tough jams. He pleaded with Rex to fight for his life. Gigi promised Rex that he would survive the operation and come back to her. After Rex was wheeled into surgery, Bo assured Gigi that Rex would be fine. Flustered, Gigi stated that she needed to find someone to look after Shane. Gigi panicked when she turned around and realized that Shane was gone.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Son'll Come Out Tomorrow

At La Boulaie, Starr, Langston, and Markko were floored as Cole told them what he'd uncovered about Clint and Ray. Langston didn't want to believe "Uncle Ray" would be involved with Clint's schemes, but Markko and Starr were delighted that they finally had something they could use against Ray. Cole questioned whether Ray was even Langston's real uncle. Langston reminded them of Ray's proof of identity and family keepsakes, but Markko questioned whether Ray's credentials could have been faked. Cole said that regardless of Ray's identity, there was still no explanation as to how Ray had known about Dorian's last-minute custody hearing in time to file an injunction, unless someone in the courthouse had been in Clint's pocket. The teens all agreed that Dorian could put a stop to Clint and Ray's plans, and resolved to head to the police station to see her immediately.

At the hospital, Gigi freaked out when she realized Shane was once again missing. Bo assured her that he'd find the boy, and urged her to stay with Rex and keep giving him moral support. Gigi reluctantly agreed, and attempted to question a nurse about Rex's condition, but got no information, as she was not "immediate family." Left alone to worry, Gigi fervently said a Hail Mary.

At the police station, Shane wandered in and approached the desk sergeant, asking to see "Lieutenant Lovett." Before Shane could persuade the sergeant to let him into the cellblock, a phalanx of reporters descended upon the front desk, anxious to get information on the Llantano Mountain shooting. As the sergeant attempted to manage the crowd, Shane slipped away, and snuck into the cellblock alone. After Shane disappeared, Bo arrived on the scene, shooing the reporters away. When he learned that a child matching Shane's description had been spotted on the scene, he chewed out the desk sergeant and hustled away to intercept Shane.

Down in the cells, Brody continued to lose his grip on reality as his hallucinatory visions haunted him. The Iraqi boy he'd killed paced outside his cell as Brody sobbed, saying over and over again that he was sorry. As Shane approached Brody's cell, he didn't realize that Brody wasn't talking to him. He told his "dad" that he was fine, and asked him why he was sorry. Brody lashed out, grabbing at "the dead boy" while really clutching at Shane's lapels, hissing at him to "leave me alone" and stop tormenting him. Frightened and confused, Shane tried to make Brody see sense, and cried that it was him, "I'm your son!" "You're not my son!" Brody howled, sinking to his knees. Seemingly lucid, Brody sobbed for Shane to leave him alone, as Bo came up behind Shane and tried to comfort the upset boy.

Bo took Shane back upstairs, and promised him that Brody would be fine; he said Brody was "confused" due to trauma from the war, and would be tended to by special doctors. Bo then called a relieved Gigi and told her he was bringing Shane back to the hospital.

At Llanfair, Tess cuddled with Bree in her bedroom as she read "Goodnight Moon" to her daughter. In the basement, Natalie looked in on the tender moment on the closed-circuit television. Becoming emotional, Tess told Bree that "Daddy" was watching over them, and promised that they would have a wonderful life together with the new baby, even if Nash couldn't be there with them. In a choked voice, Tess said she wished Nash could be there, and told Bree that it was Aunt Natalie's fault he wasn't. Tess told Bree to wave goodnight to her father and Aunt Natalie, beckoning to the secret cameras. In the hallway, Jared passed by and overheard Tess's final words, and burst in asking for an explanation.

Tess covered in front of Jared, and said that she and Bree said goodnight to everyone they loved, regardless of whether they were there or not. As Tess put Bree to bed, Natalie watched and prayed for Jared to see through Tess's lies. When Tess returned to her bedroom, Jared asked her if she'd heard from Natalie. "No," Tess replied, "and frankly, it pisses me off." Tess tried to turn Jared against Natalie as she "vented" about her frustrations with her sister. She said Natalie hadn't had enough courage to face the family's crisis and Jessica's loss at Jared's side, choosing to instead leave him in the lurch. Tess told Jared that Natalie was "blowing you off," and reluctantly admitted that it made her wonder: "If she really did love you, why did she leave?" Jared tried to stick up for Natalie, but Tess wasn't having any of it. "She treats you like garbage and she calls it love," Tess shot back. She said she wasn't surprised, reflecting on Natalie's dysfunctional childhood and upbringing; Tess claimed that Natalie had no concept of real love, which was why all of her previous relationships had failed. "Enough!" Jared snapped, losing his patience. "Shut your damn mouth."

Jared told "Jessica" he could understand what she was going through, but that he wouldn't hear her put down Natalie anymore, and accused "Jess" of using her grief to drive Natalie away. Tess played innocent and calmed her rhetoric, but said she couldn't help feeling as she did. Jared apologized for blowing up, but as Natalie fumed downstairs, Tess fawned over the wounded Jared, suffering without the love of his life--just like Jessica. Tess said that without Bree in her arms, she felt lost, and asked Jared not to leave, saying she didn't want to be alone. Feeling awkward, Jared turned on Jessica's television. Tess and Jared were shocked to hear the local news report about Rex's shooting, which a horrified Natalie also overheard on the closed-circuit T.V. Jared wanted to call Natalie immediately, then realized he couldn't.

Tess headed into the basement and confronted Natalie in the secret room, where a tearful Natalie begged Tess to free her and let her go see Rex. Tess gleefully refused, and fantasized about how disgusted the family would be at Natalie's refusal to support her loved ones in their time of need. Tess said that was who "the real Natalie" was: Selfish and self-absorbed, just like she'd been when she'd chosen Jared over Buchanan Enterprises, and destroyed not only the company, but the love of Tess's life. With that, Tess left Natalie to sob. Natalie watched helplessly as Tess returned to Jared's side and hugged him, claiming to be worried about Rex. As Jared left Llanfair to head for the hospital, Tess gloated about Natalie's pain and taunted her through the cameras. "You know," she said, "you just can't plan torture like this."

At the police station, the teens arrived and harangued the desk sergeant, pleading with him to let them in to see Dorian. Langston and Cole were desperate to warn Dorian about Clint's treachery, but the sergeant insisted that visiting hours were coming to an end and they would have to come back the next day. Defeated, the teens headed back to La Boulaie, but not before Starr thanked Cole for saving the day on Langston's behalf. Cole said he hadn't done it just for Langston -- "I did it for you."

In the cellblock, Dorian screamed for bottled water, but got none. What she did get was a requested visitor: local crime figure, Jackie McNaughton, an old acquaintance of Viki, Ben, and R.J. Gannon. Jackie said he'd come at Addie's insistence, and added, "Your sister Addie's got brass ones." "I never noticed," Dorian replied. She told Jackie she needed his help getting her out of jail as soon as possible, and railed about Ray, claiming that "a deviant" wanted to whisk her foster daughter away to Colombia. Jackie told Dorian that a contempt citing was no big deal and she'd be out the next day, but Dorian said that a day would be too late. Dorian scowled that according to the Llanview courts, "blood trumps love," and said she would do whatever it took to protect her daughter from "a criminal." After a lot of hemming and hawing, Dorian told Jackie that she'd requested him because she was hoping for a "more permanent solution" to the problem of Ray Montez--and that she wanted it done that night. Jackie warned Dorian not to enter into such a discussion lightly, and insisted she take the night to sleep on it and get back to him. Jackie called for a guard and left Dorian to brood alone in her cell.

Back at La Boulaie, the teens plotted their next move. The boys wanted to confront Clint and Ray, but Langston said they would do nothing without talking to Dorian first. The others were deflated about their failure, but Langston was upbeat. She told her friends that because of their ingenuity and quick thinking, she had hope. Langston, Starr, and Markko linked hands, and as Cole joined their circle, Langston declared that "the Fantastic Four" were back, at least for one night. Gazing at Starr, Cole said they were back for good.

In Brody's cell, the delusional soldier watched as both the Iraqi child and Shane appeared before his eyes, then disappeared, leaving only his service revolver on the ground outside the bars.

Bo brought Shane back to the hospital, where Gigi embraced her truant son. "I just wanted to be with my Dad," Shane said sullenly. As Bo left to check on Rex, Gigi tried to explain to Shane what had happened with Brody, and recounted what he had done to the cottage and how Marcie had been hurt. Shane snapped that all Gigi cared about was Rex, and said he wanted to go back to his father. Frustrated, Gigi finally told her son the truth: "Brody is not your father."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father?

Natalie was elated when Tess agreed to release Natalie so that she could go to the hospital to see her brother, Rex. Tess laughed at Natalie's naiveté and took delight confessing that she had merely been toying with Natalie. Natalie pleaded with Tess to reconsider. She even promised to give up Jared, but Tess wasn't swayed. Tess told Natalie that she hated her and wanted Natalie to suffer.

Furious, Natalie warned Tess that she would not prevail. Eventually, Natalie warned, Natalie would be free and her relationship with Jared would be stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Natalie predicted, Tess would lose her children. They traded harsh, angry words before Tess turned off the monitors in Natalie's room and then left. Natalie was crushed that she had lost her link to the outside world.

At the hospital, Bo intercepted one of the surgical nurses to get an update on Rex's condition. The nurse could only tell him that Rex had suffered extensive damage as a result of the gunshot.

As Bo paced the hallway, worried about Rex, Jared and then Roxy joined him. Roxy was distraught and turned to Bo for answers. Bo did his best to fill Roxy in on the events leading up to the shooting. He finished by telling Roxy that Rex had been a hero. Rex had jumped in the line of fire to save Shane. Roxy was overcome with emotion, and fainted.

Nearby, Leyla placed several frantic phone calls to Adriana. Unfortunately, Leyla was unable to reach Adriana. She was forced to leave several urgent messages, begging Adriana to return her calls.

Eventually, Marcie and Charlie arrived at the hospital to lend their support. Charlie was surprised that Natalie had not made an appearance. Jared admitted that he was baffled by Natalie's continued absence. When Charlie asked if Jessica had any insight into what was keeping Natalie away, Jared admitted that something seemed off with Jessica. Jared just couldn't put his finger on what specifically bothered him about Jessica.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Gigi tried to talk to Shane about Rex. As Shane glared at his mother, it was clear that he was angry and filled with resentment. He refused to believe that Rex was his father even after Gigi explained that she had already been pregnant when she had met Brody. Shane pointed to the recent DNA test results as proof that Brody was his biological father. Gigi gently told Shane that Brody had used Rex's toothbrush to ensure a DNA match.

Shane remained unconvinced. He began banging a nearby locker door, in an effort to drown out Gigi's attempts to make him see the truth. When Gigi demanded that Shane cease with his obnoxious behavior, Shane stormed out of the room. He continued to deny the possibility that Rex was his father. Gigi didn't give up. She followed Shane and reminded her son that Rex had risked his life to save Shane. Shane wasn't impressed. He accused Gigi of forcing the lie that Rex was his father on him for her own selfish reasons.

Shane once again walked off, so Gigi followed him. When she caught up to Shane, Gigi told him a brutal truth. If Rex died, one day Shane would regret not saying goodbye to his father when he had the opportunity.

A short time later, Gigi and Shane joined everyone as Roxy gathered them together to hold hands and say a prayer for Rex.

Rex underwent surgery for the injuries he had received when Brody shot him. While he was on the operating table, Rex appeared to have an out-of-body experience. Invisible to everyone, Rex stood in the operating room and watched as the doctors worked to save his life. As the surgery progressed, Rex heard Gigi's prayers for him and realized that he was in trouble.

Suddenly, Rex found himself transported onto the set of a game show called, So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father? Rex watched in disbelief as Colin MacIver was introduced as the show's host. Colin smiled and quickly introduced the other game contestant, Brody Lovett, and the prize, Shane. Colin then turned to Rex and asked him if he was ready to start the game. Rex was hesitant to play and reminded Colin that he was Shane's biological father, so he didn't see the point of playing.

Colin disagreed, as did the audience.

Eventually, Colin convinced Rex to play the game. When Rex asked what would happen if he answered incorrectly, Colin was cryptic. However, in real time, Rex's blood pressure began to drop during the surgery. Unaware that his fate on the show determined his fate on the operating table, Rex sat down to play the game. He answered the first question correctly so his condition in the operating room improved. As the game progressed, the questions became increasingly more difficult for Rex to answer. It didn't help when Rex was joined by two special guests on stage: Jen and Lindsay Rappaport.

As Rex failed to answer the questions to Colin's satisfaction, his condition deteriorated. Finally, Rex was asked to name his true biological father. His eight choices: Bo Buchanan, David Vickers -- the man, not the dog, Mitch Laurence, R.J. Gannon, Cain Rogan, Charlie Banks, Jackie McNaughton, and Snoop Dogg. Rex decided to use his lifeline and called Roxy. By the time she finally agreed to tell him the name of his biological father, the time limit expired and the call was disconnected. Pressured to make a choice, Rex selected Bo Buchanan as his true biological father. The answer was incorrect. On the table, Rex went into cardiac arrest.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Parting Gift

As John waited for his plane to take off for Llanview, he spied an old friend from the police department sitting nearby. Pete, a blind, retired cop was in Colombia working with the police department. Once settled next to each other courtesy of the flight attendant, Pete asked John if something was bothering him. John filled him in on the hidden woman eluding his sights in Llanview. Pete felt the case was personal to John and told him he had to be "in it to win it." Used to depending on other senses, Pete advised John to draw on his brain and intuition in trying to solve the case.

The former cop urged John to put what he didn't know out of his mind and close his eyes. He made him go over the story and posed different questions to him. What did Ramsey want from the woman he was hiding and what did the woman have? As John's mind wandered, the images of Marty's fatal accident in Ireland flashed into his head. He opened his eyes and saw Marty.

Marty, gasping for air, awoke in a sweat after having a nightmare of her long-ago rape. She called out for both Todd and Janet, and hearing nothing but silence, she climbed out of bed. Making her way downstairs and to the front door, she gulped the fresh air and began to breathe slowly again. As she turned and headed back inside, she spotted Todd's laptop. She was drawn to it and sat down in front of it gingerly. She slowly typed her name and other key words into the search engine. She hit enter and began to read, as articles about her rape appeared.

Todd paid a visit to Tess, and taunted her about loving-mother Jessica not being around to take care of her daughter. Tess gave it back, shooting darts at loving-father Todd. When he sarcastically inquired as to Natalie's whereabouts, she compared her imprisonment of Natalie to his own confinement of Marty. Tess accused Todd of suddenly developing a conscience, thanks to his time with Marty. Todd reminded Tess that Nash was not hers to avenge, and that Nash had left Tess for Jessica. He was sure that Jess would return. This did not sit well with Tess and voices were raised.

At the hospital, Gigi informed the gathered that Shane was aware of Rex being his father and how he had saved their lives. Roxy draped her arms around her newfound grandson, inviting him to head to the cafeteria with her. As the boy looked around, looking scared, Bo stepped in and saved him, declaring that he had questions for him. Layla continued to leave Adriana messages. Jared decided to look for Natalie again.

Bo pulled Shane aside and empathized with his two-father situation. He explained, kindly, how Matthew would understand Shane's predicament fully. He requested that Shane take his time to think about Rex and get to know him. The boy quickly retorted that he already knew Rex, and he was no Brody. Bo quickly added that Brody would get all of the help he needed and he agreed that Rex was certainly not the soldier type. However, he thought that Rex, too, deserved a medal for heroism after saving Gigi and Shane from Brody's bullet, and thus injuring himself. It was certain that Rex would be different as a father, Bo continued, and he trusted Shane to do the right thing and give Rex a chance. Bo asked Shane to think about how he would miss Rex if he died.

Michael announced that Rex's liver was saved, but the spleen had been removed. The young man was still critical and still had to fight-and they could still lose him. He was sedated and on a ventilator, and could have one visitor at a time. As Rex was wheeled through, sobbing could be heard. Charlie gave Roxy a pep talk, as she tried to think of reasons for not sitting with her son. Finally, she agreed. Making fun of his looks, Roxy fondly remembered an incident from when he was a boy. She told him that Shane was aware of Rex being his dad and Shane needed him. She knew that Rex would come back to her.

It was Bo's turn next and he gave Rex a dressing down for never listening to him and always having something going on. He then switched tactics and told the young man how proud he was of him, and gave him some orders. Rex was not to check out and he would do whatever it took to get better. If he didn't listen, Bo would never forgive him.

As doctors continued to frantically work on Rex, he was back on the set of So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father? The game was over, Colin told him, because he had flatlined. The judges, though, continued to mull over Rex's answer of selecting Bo as his father. Rex pleaded his case, stating that he learned "if you want to be a man, you have to see a man." Bo had changed him and he had become a better person-and he would be a great father. Suddenly, Colin announced that they would continue into the lightning round. Rex would have to leave Gigi to get Shane.

Rex was adamant; he would not choose because that was not an option to him. Colin offered to sweeten the deal, offering sexual fulfillment with meaningless affairs and a portion of Cramer Enterprises in his divorce settlement. Rex still refused, even if it meant sacrificing himself. Suddenly, the game was over. Colin left and the lights went out. Rex continued to yell, explaining that he couldn't choose because his family needed him. He didn't care what the rules were, he insisted.

The unconscious Rex heard a voice, telling him to open his eyes. He did what he was told and saw Adriana.

Jared walked in on the arguing Tess and Todd, wondering what they were yelling about. Immediately, Todd spoke up, and pointed out that Jess just wasn't herself. He announced that he had just fired her from the newspaper. Tess retorted that she needed to focus on her family, anyway, and didn't care. Upon Jared's questioning, Todd confirmed that he had not seen Natalie. Once Todd left, Tess proclaimed that she was going to bed. Jared was quite curious as to why she didn't even ask about Rex. Claiming that she didn't want to pry, Tess was let off the hook. When he asked if she was going to the hospital, she once more came up with an excuse. They talked about Natalie and wondered if she knew about her brother. Tess figured she was far away, where nothing about Llanview would be mentioned.

Jared finally began to appear suspicious of Tess's behavior and her answers. As he left, Tess wondered if the "idiot" was on to her.

As she flipped through the articles online, Marty was oblivious to Todd returning home. Observing her on the computer, he asked what she was looking at. "My rapists," she replied.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Full Story

At his home, Todd found Marty downstairs and staring at the computer screen. Todd questioned what she was doing. In complete shock, Marty replied, "Looking at my rapists." Marty pointed to a past photo of Kevin, Powell, Zack, and Todd -- before his reconstructive surgery. As he stared at the picture from his past, Todd had a flashback of an article that had appeared in the Sun several years earlier. The headline had read, "Brand New Face, Same Old Todd." She demanded to know why Todd had told her that she was raped by only three men, but news reports verified that four men had committed rape against her.

Todd told Marty that she had been raped by three men but had mistakenly identified an innocent man. Todd said that Marty was drunk on the night of her rape and had confused the innocent man as one of her attackers. Marty listened as Todd stated that she had later cleared the innocent man. Racked with guilt, Marty asked Todd which man had she falsely accused. Todd slowly pointed at Kevin. Showing some doubt, Marty wanted to know about Kevin. Todd convinced Marty that Kevin was innocent of the crime, but she blamed herself for hurting so many people. Todd tried to convince her that she had also suffered and had no reason to feel guilt. Marty appeared distressed.

As she stared at the photo of her attackers, a troubled Marty told Todd that she needed to know more about them. A look of panic crossed Todd's face when Marty stated that she wanted to know their names. Pleading with Marty not to dig any deeper into her past, Todd warned her that she would regret it. He said that she would open up old wounds and be filled with pain and hate. Debating over whether she should continue with her search, Marty's hand hovered over the computer mouse.

At the police station, John instructed an officer to obtain the official files from Marty's accident for him. Afterward, he encountered Antonio and Sarah, who wanted to be briefed on Cristian's disappearance. John told them that the key to finding Cris depended on locating a guy named Ray Montez. Recounting his trip to Colombia, John told Antonio and Sarah that Cris had been held in prison under the name Montez, but was no longer an inmate. Sarah blamed herself for failing to stay by Cristian's side. Fearing that Cris was in trouble, Sarah and Antonio tried to figure out what had taken place in Colombia. John reminded them that Cris had managed to escape and believed that he would eventually contact them.

As they searched for information on the police terminal, Antonio and Sarah were shocked to learn that Ray Montez was actually in Llanview.

At the Buchanan mansion, Ray barely escaped being noticed by Nora. Having arrived back in town after a long layover in Chicago, Nora was shocked to find Dallas dressed in Clint's robe and sleeping on the couch. After waking her, Nora was obviously upset to learn that Clint had invited Dallas to stay at the mansion. Alone with Clint, Nora expressed her displeasure over him moving in his ex. Attempting to deflect Nora's questioning, Clint asked her for a kiss. Nora had no interest in a kiss. Instead, she wanted to know how Clint's scheme against Dorian had progressed.

Recounting the details of Langston's custody hearing, Clint informed Nora that Ray had threatened to take Langston to Colombia and Dorian had been jailed for contempt. Displeased with Clint's lack of compassion, Nora wondered if he felt any guilt over hurting Langston in his attempt to get revenge against Dorian. A defiant Clint stated that Ray would leave town without Langston if Dorian did his bidding - return Buchanan Enterprises back to the family.

At her residence in Plato, Colombia, Vanessa tried to make Cris feel at home. Upon learning that she didn't have an Internet connection or a working telephone, Cris reminded Vanessa that there were several people looking for him in Llanview. Unconcerned with Cris's dilemma, Vanessa told him that the power was out and she appeared to have an agenda. Cris demanded to know exactly what she wanted with him. Stating that she had lied about wanting to find Ray, Vanessa informed Cris that Ray wanted to kill her and that she needed Cris's help.

Convinced that Vanessa had an ulterior motive, Cris accused her of lying to him. Claiming that Cris owed her, Vanessa reminded him that she had bought his way out of prison. Cris questioned who Ray was and how he had escaped from prison. Fed up with Vanessa's lies, Cris demanded the truth from her. Vanessa said that Ray was a terrible man who had threatened to kill her if he ever got out of prison. Begging for Cris's help, Vanessa told him that she needed to get as far away from Ray as possible. Vanessa asked Cris to take her to Llanview with him so that the three of them could be safe. Confused, Cris asked who the third person was. Vanessa called out to someone named Lola. A beautiful young girl appeared.

Back in Llanview, Langston, Starr, Cole, and Markko gathered at the courthouse in time for Dorian's hearing. Planning to tell Dorian that Clint was responsible for bringing Ray to town, the teens expected to prevent Ray from taking Langston to Colombia.

When Dorian was escorted into the courtroom, Langston and Starr greeted her. Apologizing for ruining Langston's custody hearing, Dorian embraced Langston and vowed that she wouldn't allow Ray to take Langton away from her. Cole related to Dorian that he had learned that Ray was working for Clint. Realizing that Clint was seeking revenge against her, Dorian promised the teens that she would handle both Clint and Uncle Ray. Before the hearing began, Starr and Dorian's lawyer reminded Dorian to show repentance in court. Unnoticed, Ray entered and sat in the back of the room.

Dorian apologized to the judge for her behavior, and was released. The judge urged her to accept his decision because it was final. As Dorian and Langston embraced, their reunion was cut short when Ray approached. When the teens tried to verbally attack Ray, Dorian curtailed them and announced that they were late for school. Acknowledging Ray as Langston's legal guardian, Dorian politely asked Montez if he would allow Langston to attend school with her friends one last time. Ray agreed, and the teens headed off to school. Alone with Dorian, Ray asked if she wanted to speak with him privately. A smug Dorian informed Ray that she didn't have anything to say to him, but she did intend to speak with the man who hired him.

Ray phoned Clint and informed him that Dorian had been released from jail and was aware of their connection. Clint told Ray not to worry, and promised to take care of Dorian. Before Clint could hang up the phone, Dorian entered the mansion and interrupted his conversation with Ray. Clint and Nora were stunned to find Dorian in their presence. In a confident tone, Dorian told Clint that she planned to take care of him.

At the hospital, Roxy, Bo, and Layla gathered outside of Rex's room. Informing Roxy that Marcie had taken Shane to the cafeteria, Gigi approached and insisted on going in to visit Rex. She was surprised when Roxy told her that she couldn't see Rex because he had a visitor. Noting that Rex's entire family was already present, Gigi wondered if Rex was being examined by a specialist. When Layla stated that his entire family wasn't in the hall, Gigi peered into Rex's room and was shocked to see Adriana hovering over him.

Inside Rex's room, Adriana lovingly stroked Rex's hair and told him that everything would be okay because she was home. As Rex opened his eyes, a tearful Adriana recounted her last conversation with him. Remembering Rex announcing that he wanted a divorce and proclaiming his love for Gigi, Adriana told her husband that she was hurt by his words, but would always love him. When Rex tried to speak, Adriana prevented him from doing so. She told him that she would die if she ever lost him.

Meanwhile, back in the hall, Gigi wanted to know why Adriana was in Rex's room. Admitting that she had contacted Adriana, Layla reminded Gigi that Adriana was Rex's wife. Feeling Gigi's pain, Roxy told her that they hadn't had a chance to warn her. Attempting to prevent an argument from ensuing, Bo reminded the women that they needed to focus on Rex waking up. As Bo tried to calm Gigi, Adriana stepped out into the hall and reported that Rex had opened his eyes. Walking towards the room, Gigi announced that she was going in to see Rex, but Adriana blocked her path. In a disgusted tone, Adriana remarked, "I don't think so, Gigi!" A catfight was avoided when Roxy returned with the doctor. When Adriana told him that Rex had regained consciousness, the doctor went in to examine Rex.

Explaining that things had changed since Adriana was in town, Bo suggested that Adriana allow Gigi a moment with Rex. Adriana told Bo that he could visit with Rex, but Gigi couldn't. Citing that Brody shot Rex because of Gigi, Adriana blamed Gigi for the chain of events. Refusing to back down, Gigi reminded Adriana that she had unleashed Brody on them.

As the women argued, the doctor approached and announced that Rex had regained consciousness, but was still in critical condition. He related that Rex needed to remain in a calm and peaceful state. Gigi begged to see Rex, but Adriana ordered the doctor to refuse Gigi access to Rex. Although everyone appeared disappointed by Adriana's behavior, she wouldn't reverse her decision about Gigi. When Layla asked Adriana to reconsider, Adriana said that the sight of Gigi would make Rex remember being shot. Gigi countered that the sight of Adriana would remind Rex of all the terrible things she had done to keep them apart. Gigi told Adriana that she couldn't keep them apart forever, but Adriana was certain that she could.

Bo told Gigi that Shane could return at any moment and didn't need to be exposed to the situation between her and Adriana. For Shane's sake, Gigi agreed to leave, but told Adriana that Rex would eventually ask to see her. Gigi vowed to not allow Adriana to keep her from Rex. Moments later, Roxy exited Rex's room and said that he was trying to speak. Brushing past everyone, Adriana announced that Rex wanted his wife.

Back at the police station, John recovered the files on Marty's accident. As he walked down the hall, he bumped into Cole, and the folder fell to the floor. When Cole reached down to help John retrieve the contents of the folder, he was startled to see a picture of his mother. Cole asked John what was going on.

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