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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, October 6, 2008

At WOAK, Katie and Brad watched a new promo rehearsal, and Kim introduced them to Spencer McKay, a new program host at the station. Kim wanted Brad not only to do the promo with Spencer, but to be the woman's co-host for the new show, "Oakdale 4-1-1." Kim also explained that Brad was going to be doing both the old show with Katie and the new one, while Katie would be branching out into hard news. Katie seemed fine with the new schedule, but Brad was reluctant because he did not want to do anything without Katie.

Alison found Casey moping in the coffee shop, and he explained that he and Emily had broken up over the disagreement about her tubal ligation. Casey resented Emily for making such a life-changing decision without considering his feelings. Alison began thinking about her own situation with Aaron and began to cry as Chris came in and watched. Casey guessed that Aaron had found out that Alison had slept with Chris just before her wedding, and Alison realized it was Dani who had spread the news. Casey tried to convince Alison that all might not be lost with Aaron.

Holden told Lily that Dusty should have been honest with her when he faked his death. Lily agreed and admitted that she wanted to go see him at the police station. She felt she had the right to some answers, and Holden needed to trust that she was not the same person as the Lily who had gotten involved with Dusty.

Emily tracked down her mother at Memorial and gave her the third degree about Dusty. She accused Susan of helping him cheat death, since she was the examining doctor after the "fatal" injection. Susan could not believe that Dusty was alive or that Emily would ever want anything more to do with him, in spite of their history. Susan had little faith, however, that her daughter could stay away from him.

Lucinda had a private meeting with Dusty, and he filled her in on his lack of success in finding Lucy and Johnny. Lucinda was one of those who had made his escape possible by providing him money. She told Dusty she hoped he would stay away from Lily, but Dusty could not promise that. Lucinda explained what had happened between Lily and Holden recently, while Dusty informed her that Margo was trying to charge him with fraud for faking his own death. As Lucinda was leaving the interview room, Lily arrived and overheard Lucinda's parting comments, particularly the comment in which she told Dusty not to tell Lily about her part in his "death." Lily pinned her mother down immediately and learned that Lucinda had been involved with the scheme practically from the beginning. Lily blamed both of them and told her mother to get out of her sight. Everyone left Lily and Dusty alone, and the first thing he did was beg her forgiveness. He thought she hated him and figured when he was out of the picture, she would go back to Holden. Dusty said he had to find his son, and that was his primary concern. Suddenly Holden burst in and told Dusty to take his hands off Lily.

Brad explained that Katie made him the popular television personality he was, but she told him he could be a real star if he took the opportunity for the new show Kim was offering. That way, Katie could also do what she had always wanted to do, the hard news. Brad thought about it and then finally agreed. They met with Spencer in the Lakeview, and the three of them planned some episodes of the new show together. Spencer took so many notes she had to go to the gift shop to buy another notebook, and while she was gone, Katie told Brad that he had to stop playing dumb. Spencer returned and suddenly Brad remembered an "appointment" that he and Katie had, and he took her home to bed.

Susan saw Alison in the hospital and made a crack about how tired she looked, and also mentioned Dusty's sudden return from the grave. Susan cautioned her to stay away from him, but a shocked Alison reminded her that she would not be in nursing school if Dusty had not left her scholarship money in his will. She also hinted that her marriage to Aaron might be over, and Susan picked up on that immediately. She asked her daughter to explain herself, but Alison declined. Susan told her to hang on to Aaron because he was a good guy.

Chris went to WOAK and told Kim he was leaving shortly for a meeting with the Global Health Association. He was interested in returning to Africa with that organization and felt he could do some real good there. His mother asked if his decision had anything to do with Alison Stewart, and Chris admitted that was part of it. Kim suggested he take a long vacation instead of pulling up stakes completely, but Chris told her the Global people had already accepted his application; it was a done deal. Kim got teary-eyed, and said, "Nuts!" but then gave him a big hug and wished him well.

Casey went to Emily's office bearing coffee for her and apologized for being so harsh about her making decisions about her own body. He wanted to resume their relationship, but Emily was reluctant to be with him any longer. Casey asked what had suddenly changed, but Emily just said she was smart enough to know they could never be more to each other. Casey walked out and went to find Alison. He asked her if she knew what was wrong with her sister, and Alison responded, "Dusty Donovan."

At the station, Dusty told Holden he was not back in Oakdale to destroy Holden's marriage, and would be leaving soon. He only came back so that Meg would not get arrested for keeping his secret. The police released Dusty, since no charges had been filed, and told him not to leave the jurisdiction. Emily arrived unexpectedly and offered Dusty a ride to the Lakeview.

Holden and Lily headed home, only to find Lucinda waiting for them. Holden tried to get rid of her, but Lily was primed for a confrontation. She asked her mother why she had hurt her whole family by aiding and abetting Dusty, but Lucinda claimed she was only trying to help fix Lily's marriage. Lily still blamed Lucinda for not telling her that Dusty was still alive, and accused her mother of moving mountains and changing lives her entire life. That, said Lily, was about to stop, and she asked her mother to leave. Lucinda still claimed she had no knowledge of the plan until after Dusty had faked his death. Dusty had offered the solution to Lucinda, and she had leapt at it, thinking that it would force Lily and Holden to get back together. Lily made it clear that her mother should leave.

Spencer interrupted Brad and Katie's lovemaking with just one more fantastic idea for an episode of their show, but Brad told her to catch up with him the next day. Spencer was aware that the couple was otherwise occupied.

Emily drove Dusty to the Lakeview and waited for him to check in. She offered to leave so that an exhausted Dusty could get some sleep, but he grabbed her hand and told her not to leave.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Carly and Sage were preparing to go apple picking at the Snyder farm when Sage asked her mother if Janet was now Jack's girlfriend. She then volunteered to help break the two of them up, if that were the case. Carly reminded her daughter that she and Jack were no longer a couple and would never be together again, so Sage should give Janet a chance because she was good for Jack.

Jack was having breakfast at the diner and tried to persuade Janet to abandon her job for the day and go for a hike with him. Janet was tempted, but she feared Vienna would not give her the time off. She reminded Jack that she could not just blow off her job for him, which was exactly what Jack did for her when he stole the evidence in the Morissey case. When Janet realized what she had said, she apologized and said she only opened her mouth to change feet. Jack left so as not to distract Janet any more, and Janet and Vienna chatted.

Janet took a free lunch to Margo at the police station as an excuse to talk with her. She begged Margo to give Jack his job back on the police force. Margo said she had no choice but to fire Jack, but Janet interrupted her by confessing that she had actually destroyed the evidence herself after Jack had given it to her for safekeeping. Margo reminded Janet that the destruction of evidence was a criminal matter, but Janet gave one more plea for Jack's reinstatement, and then she left.

At the Lakeview, Dusty told Emily that he still cared for her and kept apologizing for not telling her he was still alive. Emily made no promises to him, but did go up to his room with him. She continued to tell him how angry she was when she thought he died being disappointed in her. When she asked him if he would have come back to Oakdale if he had found Johnny, he could not answer. Emily said she learned to cope without having him around and asked him how he felt about her. A knock on the door interrupted a kiss, and a courier handed Dusty a package.

Meg visited Paul in the psych ward, where he was fighting his restraints. Meg tried to calm him, but he wanted to get out so he could protect her. Meg left the room for a minute, and James appeared to his son and advised him to stop acting like a crazy if he wanted to get out. Paul told James he knew he was dead and only a figment of his imagination, but James continued to taunt him. Paul kept it together when Meg came back with a nurse who attempted to give him a sedative, but Paul refused. He inquired what had happened to James's body, but Meg did not know, nor did she know where Dusty had gone after he had been released. Meg offered to speak with Dr. Bob to see if she could take Paul home and regulate his medication herself, and when Meg stepped out, James reappeared. Meg talked with Bob and assured him she could handle her husband at home. Bob reluctantly agreed and released his patient.

Dusty and Emily began opening the recently delivered package while Dusty pondered who might know where he was. The package contained a large Swedish Bible embossed with the Stenbeck name. Inside, Emily found a letter in Swedish, which prompted her to review Dusty's history as the birth son of Gunnar Stenbeck, although he was raised by both Burt Donovan and John Dixon. James's mother, who was a family servant, had switched baby Gunnar with her own newborn son, James, at birth, making her son the Stenbeck heir. Dusty reminded Emily that James had looted all the family money and power over the years, and he was not interested in being part of that family or of Swedish royalty. Dusty needed sleep desperately, so he kissed Emily goodbye and told her that while he was in Oakdale, he needed her as his friend. She left, taking the book with her, and suddenly Dusty dashed out, as well.

In the Snyder orchard, Jack found Carly and Sage picking apples. He admitted to his ex-wife that he hated every day he was not on the police force. Carly offered Jack a juicy apple, and when he questioned if there were a serpent around, she reminded him that sometimes temptation was a good thing. Jack took a big bite of the apple and thanked her for a lovely day with her and their daughter.

Janet went to the Snyder farmhouse and Jack came in with Carly and Sage. When Jack and Sage went out to the car, Janet asked Carly yet again if she was sure she was finished with Jack. Carly explained how it was to Janet and left in a huff. After Jack came back in, Margo called him and asked that he come down to the station immediately. That lifted Janet's spirits immeasurably.

Meg took Paul home to Fairwinds, and when she went into the kitchen to talk to the staff about dinner, Dusty came in. Paul told him to get the hell out of his house and threatened him with a fireplace poker. Paul was furious, and screamed at Dusty to get out. Dusty left because there was no reasoning with Paul, who was then threatening to kill Dusty with his bare hands. Meg calmed Paul by snuggling with him and trying to get him to focus on the future and their baby. Paul saw the vision of James again, and the vision warned him about Dusty.

Emily took the Stenbeck Bible to Vienna and asked her to translate. Vienna looked at some of the Bible entries and affirmed that the Stenbecks had married into Swedish royalty in the 16th century. She translated the letter, which was from a lawyer, Mr. Bergman, in Stockholm, asking Dusty to get in touch with him immediately. He gave a number for contact.

At the Oakdale Police Department, Margo offered Jack his job and shield back. She said that Janet had stepped up and admitted that she had actually destroyed the evidence, so Margo had reconsidered her position with Jack. She needed him on the force and was willing to reinstate him immediately. Jack walked out without taking either the job or the shield, because he was angry. Margo tried to call him on his cell phone, but Jack had it turned off, so she left a message that ordered him back to work.

Carly returned to the farm after taking Sage to dance class and apologized for snapping at Janet. She even brought a peace offering, which Janet accepted before saying she was sorry, as well. Jack came in and berated Janet for going behind his back and telling Margo what happened to the missing evidence. Jack told her it was just too late and went upstairs. Janet was upset and walked out, and when Jack came down later, he lit into Carly, too, asking her what her angle was in trying to set him up with Janet.

Emily went back to see Dusty and told him what Vienna had learned from the Bible and the letter. She had called Mr. Bergman, who was eager to talk directly with Dusty. Dusty was not pleased with the distraction, and told Emily to call Bergman back and give him Paul's number instead. Emily reminded him that James was dead and had made tons of money, all of which should come to Dusty.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brian, the Luke Foundation's director, came to the farm to show Luke and Noah new brochures for "Project Green Up." Luke mentioned that the brochures would be a good fit in a booth at the college film festival that Noah was directing. Brian was enthused until he learned that the festival was for gay films. He explained that those were not the investors they were seeking at this that time. Luke was offended, but Brian went on that the foundation could not appear to be in any way political. He then criticized Luke for being oversensitive about the whole gay issue. He invited Luke to ride with him to a conference meeting at Worldwide, but Luke preferred to take his own car. After Brian left, Noah suggested to Luke that he not let his being gay define himself completely.

Lily chastised her mother for coming into her house uninvited. Lucinda said she wanted to spend some time with Lily's younger children, but Lily refused the request. Holden came in and heard Lily ordering her mother to leave. Lucinda knew the reason for her daughter's anger and admitted that she had helped Dusty leave town, but she did had done it to save Lily's marriage. Lily continued to demand that her mother leave, even though Lucinda protested that everything she did was because she loved Lily. After Lucinda finally left, Holden questioned Lily as to why this particular interference by her mother was so memorable to her. Lily described her mother as a bulldozing force all her life, and for once she would like to see Lucinda face the consequences of her actions.

In Dusty's room at the Lakeview, Emily could not understand why Dusty was not excited about being the possible Stenbeck heir. Dusty, however, looked at the situation as James's pulling the puppet strings from the grave. Emily received a call from Mr. Bergman, the Swedish lawyer, and reminded Dusty that the call could easily change his life.

Paul received a call from his accountant that irritated him, and he hung up on him. James's image appeared and taunted him for not handling the call well. Paul went downstairs to find Meg and asked her to come upstairs and lie down with him. Meg wanted to give Paul his medication, but he argued that it made him feel strange. Then Paul received a call from Mr. Bergman, and he told Meg to put on her prettiest dress for the "party of the year:" the reading of the last will and testament of James Stenbeck. Meg questioned why Paul would want anything to do with his father, but Paul was angry and told her what was left of his mind was made up. Meg agreed to go with him to the reading of the will, provided he took his medication. She handed him the pill and went upstairs to get dressed. Paul tossed the medication into the waste basket.

Dusty got the same invitation for the reading of the will, and he asked Emily to join him. The two of them left for the appointment as Dusty claimed it was good to have a "friend" with him. Emily obviously questioned the use of the word, "friend."

Paul and Meg arrived at the office of a local lawyer, Walter Streenberg, who was handling the reading of James's will. Paul noticed an insignia on an urn, which turned out tohe learned contain contained the ashes of his father. He mentioned that the design matched the one on the cards his grandmother used to send him when he was a child, and Mr. Streenberg explained that the design was the Stenbeck family crest. Dusty and Emily arrived, much to Paul's displeasure. They all took seats around a large plasma television set. James appeared on the screen and guaranteed that if they were watching thisthe video, he was, indeed, dead. He explained that he had been poisoned in Thailand, but his doctors had assured him he had time to put his house in order. He continued by saying the Stenbeck fortune belonged to the true warrior and proper heir: winner takes all. He said the final battle would be between James's son, Paul Ryan, and Dusty Donovan, the true Stenbeck heir. He declared that if Dusty was alive and watching the broadcast, then he had won and inherited the Stenbeck fortune. To Paul, he simply said, "Farewell." At the conclusion of the reading, Paul verbally attacked Dusty and then turned more violent. Meg restrained him, but Paul grabbed James's urn and left in a hurry, trailed by his wife. The lawyer apologized and told Dusty he would be in touch.

Lucinda arrived at the foundation meeting between Brian and Luke, who were waiting for the conference call, and told them about her unwelcome visit to Lily's. She asked Luke to talk to his mother on her behalf so that she could have the chance to spend time with her grandchildren. Brian agreed to cancel the conference call and reschedule, and Lucinda was grateful. Luke left to do his grandmother's bidding, and Lucinda and Brian shared a drink. Brian shocked her by telling her she was one controlling bitch. He felt, however, that Lily would eventually forgive her mother, and just then Lily walked in. Lily told her mother she was done with her and that Lucinda needed to stay away from her children, as well. She resented the fact that her mother had used Luke to intervene in the situation. Lucinda could no longer have a relationship with Lily or her family. Lily walked out, and Lucinda was upset. Brian gave her a hug.

Emily and Dusty had a drink at the Lakeview bar, and she reminded him that he should be celebrating his newly found fortune. Dusty considered using the money to find Johnny. He was also worried about Paul's next move and how it might affect Meg. Emily declared that he always seemed to need a woman to save, but she recommended this time he pick someone other than Meg.

Paul and Meg went home to Fairwinds, but Paul was in a foul mood. He was exhausted, and took James's urn to his bedroom. Meg intercepted a call from their accountant, who told her they were in serious financial trouble since Paul had "borrowed" funds from Worldwide to use for his personal debts. Meanwhile, James's specter joined Paul in the bedroom and chided him for not getting rid of Dusty Donovan when he had the chance. James said he got a kick out of the buried treasure scenario with which he had tortured Paul. Meg interrupted Paul and asked him to whom he had been speaking, but Paul said he was only talking to himself. This worried Meg, but Paul promised he would rest for a while, and Meg told him to sleep while she ran a couple of errands.

Meg found Dusty at the bar while Emily was in the powder room. She told him that Paul had said something that she did not understand; he said James had been bleeding him dry financially but he was determined to get the money back. She explained that the accountant had described Paul's using Worldwide funds for his personal debts, and Dusty called that embezzlement. Meg swallowed her pride and begged him to help. Dusty said he would take care of her, and they hugged as Emily watched from the doorway. Dusty asked Meg to call him with the accountant's name and number so he could arrange to get him the money. He also asked Meg to take care of herself and her baby, in return. Meg left and Emily returned and asked Dusty not to do whatever he was contemplating. She told him that he was absolutely the last person Paul would want to bail him out, and she was afraid his plan would put Meg directly in the crossfire. Dusty reminded her that he had a savior complex.

Lily went home to Holden and told him what had transpired with her mother. Holden questioned her motives for cutting her mother out of her life. Was He asked if she was doing it because she wanted to free herself from her mother's interference, or was if her motivation was that Lucinda had effectively taken Dusty away from her? .

Meg went home and comforted Paul and told him all she cared about was him. She just wanted to put all the misery of James Stenbeck behind them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

After her checkup with the surgeon, Emily ran into her mother at the hospital, and Susan told her she knew that Emily had seen Dusty. Emily would tell her mother nothing, but Susan nagged her to stay away from that troublemaker.

Dusty was also at Memorial getting his gunshot wound checked, and the examining nurse told him he had a fever and would have to wait to see a doctor. Meg called him while he was waiting, and Dusty assured her that he had paid back all of Paul's debts to Worldwide. As he continued to wait, Alison ran in, delighted to see her old friend, and she thanked him for his generosity in leaving her money for nursing school. She told him sadly that she had done everything else in her life wrong, including her marriage. The doctor came in and Alison learned that Dusty had been the victim of a gunshot, courtesy of Paul Ryan. The doctor gave Dusty a couple of prescriptions for antibiotic pills and ointment, and Alison offered to get them filled. Meg called back, fearful that Paul could trace the money Dusty had paid, but Dusty assured her no one could pin it on him. Dusty decided to wait out in the hall, and there he ran into Susan, who warned him to stay away from Emily. She threatened him that the next time he died, he would stay dead.

Paul visited Lucinda at Worldwide to ask her to intervene with the board of directors to see if they could give him some time to pay back the money he "borrowed." Lucinda felt she owed Paul a favor, since he was the one who actually saved Ethan from the sinkhole, and she told Paul he owed nothing because the funds had been transferred back to the company that very morning. Paul said he had not paid it, and Lucinda joked that he must have a fairy godmother lurking out there somewhere. Paul took the money transfer paper with him and ran out to try to identify his unknown benefactor.

Aaron talked to his father and revealed that Alison had slept with Chris the day before their wedding. Aaron had no idea what to do, and Holden explained it would take time for him to feel forgiveness. Aaron asked if Holden was over Lily's affair with Dusty. Holden said that if his marriage was to work, he had to trust Lily. Aaron was not sure that Alison still loved him.

Casey explained to Margo why Emily had called off their relationship. He said the worst part was that Emily did not want his input on her decision about her tubal ligation. He was trying to amuse himself by playing outrageously loud rock music on his electric guitar.

Alison and Emily saw each other in the hospital corridor and talked about Dusty, something that irritated Susan. Alison figured out her mother had scared Dusty away, since he was nowhere to be found, so Emily took the antibiotics and offered to drop them off at the Lakeview on her way to work. Alison took a call from Aaron, who asked to meet with her at the coffee shop, so she left for there. When she arrived, Aaron told her he was not ready to lose her yet, and she apologized for hurting him over and over. She was afraid their relationship had to be over for both their sakes, so Aaron accepted that and walked out. Casey came in and sat with Alison as she explained that she had just ended her marriage. Casey made a crack about the irresistible Stewart women, and the two commiserated together until Casey had a brainstorm and whisked Alison away.

At the Snyder farm, Lucinda asked Holden to intervene for her with Lily, but he refused. Lucinda did not understand that Lily did not want her mother interfering in her life any longer. She offered Holden some psychobabble about Lily's anger and sexual frustration at Dusty's return, but Holden did not buy it. They argued loudly until Lucinda lost her cool and, as she was leaving, bumped into Margo. Margo told Holden she wanted to nail Dusty for conspiracy and was fishing to find out how involved Holden was. Someone had obviously helped Dusty fake his death and disappear, and Margo was going to find that person. She strongly hinted that Lucinda was a real possibility to be Dusty's confederate.

Paul talked to Meg by phone and explained that someone had paid his debts, and he suspected a trap. He then called his accountant, who had no answers either. Next, he waylaid Emily in the lobby of the Lakeview and asked her to use her reporting skills to find out who had provided the funds. He even threatened her job until Emily brushed him off and told him to go ask his wife. Emily continued up to Dusty's room and delivered his medications. The two of them laughed together as she applied the antibiotic ointment to his shoulder. Dusty brought up the last time they had slept together before he "died," and as he kissed her, Emily remembered her mother's warning. She also remembered that she never minded her mother, and the two of them began to make love. Afterwards, they each assured the other that there was trust between them.

Paul went home to Fairwinds and pressured Meg into telling him that Dusty had saved them financially. At Meg's response, Paul surprised her by embracing her instead of becoming angry. Meg went on to explain that Dusty would use the rest of his inheritance to track down Lucy and Johnny. Meg handed her husband his medication and then went upstairs to rest, and Paul promised to join her soon. Paul threw his meds into the trash again, and James materialized behind him. His father told Paul that Dusty and Meg wanted to be together, so Paul had to get rid of Dusty for good. Paul maintained that the person he had to get rid of was James. Paul reconsidered and took two of his pills, hoping that would make the vision vanish. Then James suggested that Meg, a nurse, might be poisoning Paul's medicine so that she could be with Dusty. James handed Meg's purse to Paul and asked him to check it.

Upstairs, Meg called Dusty to tell him that Paul had figured out who had paid off the debt, and then she went back downstairs to get her purse. Paul took a piece of paper from the purse and put it in his pocket without her seeing it, and then informed her that he had to go out of town for a quick trip but she was not to worry. Meg was not happy about that, but she could tell that Paul was rational, so she went back upstairs. Paul pulled the paper from his pocket and read on it the name of the private investigator with whom Dusty was working.

Casey took Alison to his house to cheer her, and the two of them turned on the loud music and electric guitars and began to rock out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spencer prepared for the first location shoot for "Oakdale 411" with Brad. Henry arrived at WOAK with Vienna and was surprised to find out Brad had a new show with a new co-host. Katie introduced the pair to Spencer. Henry invited Katie and Brad to join him and Vienna at Metro later for drinks, and they agreed.

After Brad and Spencer left WOAK for their location shoot, Vienna asked Katie about Spencer. Vienna thought Spencer might be interested in Brad, but Katie said all Spencer was interested in was learning her craft. Vienna strongly cautioned Katie about letting Brad become involved, even professionally, with a pretty young woman like Spencer. Katie said she trusted Brad completely, and she didn't think Spencer was interested in him, anyway.

The location shoot was at a toy factory. The owner, Horace Krane, showed Spencer a doll that spoke five languages. When Spencer suggested it was probably a toy for older children, the man insisted it was for two- to five-year-old kids. Spencer asked about the safety of the toys, and Mr. Krane assured her that he personally checked every toy before it left the factory. Brad then pulled the doll's head off; when several pieces fell out, he asked what would happen if a two-year-old choked on one of those pieces.

Mr. Krane insisted that a child wouldn't have been able to break the doll the way that Brad had, and he said he would have caught any defective doll before it left his factory. Spencer then produced the same doll, but one she had purchased at a toy store. She broke the doll the same way Brad had done. Brad asked Mr. Krane why he had ignored three warnings the product safety association had issued against his products, including the doll. Mr. Krane reacted angrily.

Spencer continued shouting questions at Mr. Krane. Mr. Krane shouted that he would sue Spencer, Brad, and the station, and said that neither Brad nor Spencer would ever work in Oakdale again. He threw them out. Brad and Spencer were thrilled with how well the segment had gone. After Brad said they made a great team, Spencer hugged him.

Brad and Spencer returned to WOAK, still excited about the segment. Katie and Kim, who had already watched the feed from the shoot, agreed it made for great TV. Brad asked Katie if they could go meet Henry and Vienna at Metro. Katie invited Spencer to join them.

At Metro, they all drank wine until Spencer said it was time for her to go back to her hotel. Katie asked how she would get there, since they had all come in Brad's car. Spencer said she would call a cab, but Katie said Brad could drive Spencer to the Lakeview.

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Brad and Spencer talked some more about how incredible the TV segment had been. Spencer said she was happy to have someone like Katie to mentor her and hoped one day, she could do the same for some other young woman. Brad told Spencer she would do well on TV because she had a great personality and was very likable. Spencer said she thought Brad was likable, too.

Vienna told Katie that Spencer had just engineered a way to be alone with Brad while making it look as though it had been Katie's idea. Henry told Vienna that he and Brad were too savvy to be suckered in by a woman like that. Vienna then became distraught, saying she suddenly realized she didn't have her wallet. She panicked, saying she thought she might have left it at Al's, and it had all her credit cards, driver's license, and cash in it. Henry and Katie tried to calm her down until finally, Henry realized Vienna was playing him. Katie insisted that Spencer wasn't doing anything like that, but she said she could handle it if Spencer did have a crush on Brad.

Brad left Spencer at her room. When Spencer unlocked the door and opened it, she immediately screamed. In the lobby, Brad overheard a security guard saying there was a report of an intruder in Spencer McKay's room. He got in the elevator with the guards. They all asked Spencer what had happened. Spencer said she had screamed when she saw a man in her room, and the man had shoved her into the door and then run from the room. Spencer's head was bleeding, so after the security guard checked the room, Brad took her inside to clean up her cut.

The hotel security guards asked Spencer if she could describe the man. She told them it had been dark when she opened the door, but she thought he was short, stocky, and balding. Brad said it could have been Horace Krane, and he told the guards about the TV exposť. Brad told Spencer he would stay with her until the security people had finished searching the hotel. He called Katie and told her what was happening, and Katie agreed that Brad should stay with Spencer.

Katie told Henry and Vienna what had happened. Vienna convinced Katie to go to the hotel, rather than leave Brad alone with Spencer. When Katie arrived, she asked Spencer about the attack, and Spencer repeated the story. Spencer asked Katie if she had ever been attacked because of a story. Katie told Spencer about a man in a turkey suit who had wanted to dance on TV; when Katie had turned him down, the man had threatened Katie with a butter knife. Katie said that wasn't as bad as the man with the gun who wasn't happy when Brad and Katie got married. Spencer asked if the man had wanted Katie for himself, but Katie said he'd wanted Brad. They all laughed.

Katie and Brad left and returned home. Katie told Brad it was too bad that Spencer was the only one who had seen the man who attacked her. Brad asked if Katie was questioning Spencer's story, and he asked if Vienna had put that idea in Katie's head. Katie said she just wondered whether Spencer might turn out to be more of a project than they had imagined and whether they had room for something like that in their lives.

Spencer turned on her laptop computer and watched the film from the exposť. She continued watching the unedited footage as it reached the end, when Brad and Spencer talked about what a great team they made.

In New York City, Paul hired a brunette woman, Claudia, with a young son, Andrew, to travel around the world for six months, pretending that they were Lucy and Johnny. He gave her a fake passport, credit cards, and driver's license. The woman, a struggling actress, said she had asked a friend who had gone to law school whether what she would be doing was legal. Paul told Claudia not to discuss his job offer with anyone else again.

Paul said the job was part of a project for a travel book for single moms, and that Claudia would be doing research for him. Paul told Claudia all she had to do was travel around the world and keep notes on the laptop he would provide to her. Claudia, who thought Paul's name was Raul Phillips, asked how many single moms could afford that type of travel. Paul said lawyers, doctors, and business executives could afford it, and that, in fact, Claudia would be pretending to be Dr. Lucy Montgomery.

At Fairwinds, Meg assured Dusty that Paul was out of town, in Cleveland, and that Paul no longer felt hostility towards him. Dusty was skeptical, but Meg said Paul had recovered from his "illness," and she told Dusty he should give Paul another chance.

Emily called Dusty and told him she had a lead on Lucy and Johnny. Dusty went to Emily's office, where she told him a contact of hers, a forger in New York, said he had done some quick work for Lucy Montgomery and her son. Dusty was doubtful of the story's accuracy, because he couldn't believe Lucy would be using her real name.

Emily had information about the stores where Lucy had supposedly been shopping. Dusty took the information and told Emily he was going to New York. He kissed her passionately and thanked her for her help.

Paul returned to Oakdale and went to Emily's office. He told her his accountant had told him he needed to sign some paperwork, and Paul had told the accountant he would sign it when he returned from Cleveland. Emily said she didn't know where the paperwork was and suggested Paul try the accounting department.

After Paul left, Emily received a call from someone looking for Paul. The person told Emily that Paul had left something on the plane on his flight back from New York. Emily hung up and called Dusty, telling him she had found out Paul had been in New York despite his claims of having been in Cleveland. Dusty was able to catch up with "Dr. Montgomery" in New York.

Paul returned home to Fairwinds and told Meg he had successfully concluded his business in Cleveland. He told Meg he was feeling much better, and they kissed. Dusty stormed into the room and told Meg where Paul had really been and what he'd been doing. Paul admitted it, saying he had wanted Dusty to leave town. Meg was stunned that Paul would act that way after Dusty had given him the money to resolve his financial problems. Paul said the money should have been his in the first place, because it was his father's money. Paul also said he didn't think his father was stupid, and he wouldn't have left his money to a dead man, so he thought Dusty had been working with James all along.

Meg told Paul she thought James had kidnapped Dusty so he could use Dusty to come between Meg and Paul, in an attempt to drive Paul crazy. Dusty said it had worked, and he advised Meg to get out before something terrible happened. Paul became irate, telling Dusty he could take care of his wife and unborn child. Meg begged Dusty to let it go, and Dusty left, telling Paul to stay away from his son, Johnny. Meg told Paul she would give him the benefit of the doubt once more, but that if Paul ever did anything like that again, she would leave him.

Margo went to Emily's office to ask her if she had anything to do with faking Dusty's death. Emily said no, but Margo continued to harass her. Emily pointed out that the night Dusty had supposedly been killed, Emily had been beside herself with grief, because she had loved Dusty. Margo accused Emily of having used Casey to get over her grief, and Emily told Margo to get out.


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