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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Brad went out very early and then returned to tell Janet that he had gone to speak with Dallas at the police station and had confessed to pushing Leo into the reservoir. He was surprised when Janet told him that Katie had not come home all night. Brad called the hospitals to make sure she had not had an accident, but there was no word there. He then waited for a call from the Oakdale Police Department, telling him what the consequences of his confession would be.

In Chicago, Katie woke up next to Mike and was horrified. She realized Brad would be frantic, but first she called WOAK and asked Kim to postpone her shoot so she could talk to Brad. Both Katie and Mike were suffering from major hangovers from their binge the night before, and Mike said he had to feel better before he could drive home.

Carly went to Metro and found Bonnie, who had been waiting there all night for Derek Coburn. She was very worried that he had come to harm at the hands of James Stenbeck, so she asked Carly to call Jack and ask him to look for her friend. Carly reluctantly agreed.

At the police station, Dallas informed Jack that his brother had made a confession. Jack was pleased, but then he suddenly received a text message purportedly from Meg, telling him she was on an island called Mattamoi. Jack took Carly's call but told her he was involved in following up a lead on Meg at that moment.

Dusty and Meg, who had escaped from the cottage on the island, woke up on the beach, and Dusty wanted to sneak back in for some food, but Meg would not allow it. They saw a flagpole flying the American flag on top of the cliff and decided they would climb to it. Meg had spelled out P-A-U-L in stones on the beach, but Dusty persuaded her that it was too dangerous and destroyed her signal. They climbed the hill and discovered that the flag was flying from an abandoned lighthouse. They went to the top and found it gave them a great vantage point of the beach. They found some food and cooking equipment, but Meg was more interested in getting the electricity working and possibly the lighthouse beacon. She told Dusty she was handy at fixing things at the farm, and before long she had electricity for a hot plate and they could make something to eat. As they ate, Meg questioned Dusty as to how he had accomplished his "death," but he would only say that he had help. Then Meg began working on the light while Dusty prowled through some old boxes. In one of them, he found a loaded revolver.

Paul arrived at the cottage and found it deserted until James walked in. James claimed he knew nothing about Meg but had only followed Paul there. Paul said he knew Meg had been there and smelled her perfume on her bed pillows. Beside the bed, he found a locket belonging to his dead sister, Jennifer, and he knew that Dusty had been there, as well. Paul, however, felt something did not make sense. James suggested that Dusty had brought Meg to the island and Meg was willing because Paul had disappointed her by not being enough of a man. His father urged Paul to go looking for Meg and Dusty and handed him a gun.

Brad was still making calls looking for Katie when Janet told him that Katie had phoned the television station and explained she was delayed in Chicago. Brad knew WOAK kept an apartment in Chicago for their news staff, and despite being told not to leave town by the police, he took off for Chicago with great expectations of a conjugal visit with Katie.

Bonnie and Carly made calls around town, still looking for Derek, until it occurred to Carly that Fairwinds had been where Henry had been imprisoned, and it might warrant a look for Derek. The two of them went to investigate and indeed found Derek in the holding cell. He told them that Stenbeck had Meg at a place called Faro Island, and Carly realized that Jack was on his way to Mattamoi and was probably walking into a trap. She tried to call him, but had to leave a voice message instead. Carly left Bonnie with Derek and took off.

In Chicago, Brad knocked on the door of the WOAK apartment and Katie answered. Mike was in the shower, so Brad was understandably disturbed when Mike exited the bathroom wearing only a towel. Brad complained to Katie that he had taken responsibility for his actions and there she was carrying on with Mike. Brad walked out, and Mike tried to calm Katie.

Paul ran on the beach looking for signs of his wife and noticed the flag on top of the hill. He climbed the hill and approached the lighthouse. Inside, Meg got the beacon working, and Dusty suggested they find some material to block it so that when it got dark they could send an SOS signal. Dusty checked the gun he had found and went to work looking for something to block the light. Meg was feeling some twinges from the baby, so Dusty insisted she lie down and rest.

Brad went home, and Katie followed soon afterward. She had taken a taxi all the way from Chicago. She kissed her husband, who told her it was too late, but Katie argued that she wanted to have a life with Brad and only Brad, and he admitted he wanted the same thing. The phone rang and it was the call Brad had been expecting; Dallas wanted him at the police station. Brad and Katie went down, and Brad signed the statement he had given earlier, and then girded himself for the punishment. They were pleasantly surprised when Dallas gave them the news that Leo's parents had declined to press charges. Katie figured out that Dallas had spoken to them on Brad's behalf, and Brad was free.

Dusty and Meg practiced with the signal light as Paul entered the lighthouse at the bottom. Dusty wanted Meg to get some more rest but she wanted him to rest with her. They leaned against a wall and tried to sleep. Dusty put the revolver down near them in case he fell asleep. Paul checked his own gun as he came up the stairs and approached the top slowly.

Jack found Mattamoi Island and a man with a boat who was willing to take him around the island for no fee. As they made the loop around the island and neared the dock again, the boatman grabbed Jack from behind and tried to strangle him. Carly appeared on the dock and spotted Jack just as the boatman threw him overboard. Carly jumped in and swam to Jack and towed him to some reeds along the shoreline. She asked him if he had been shot, but Jack went unconscious, and Carly began CPR.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emily met with Susan and asked if she would drive her home from Memorial later after a "minor procedure." Susan was fearful that Emily was pregnant, but her daughter assured her that she had no intention of ever having another baby, especially after her procedure. Susan realized that Emily was having her tubes tied and questioned her about the suddenness of her decision. Emily left for the hospital, and Susan ran into Dani Andropoulus as she was leaving. She casually mentioned to Dani that Emily was having a minor procedure that day, and Dani promptly made a phone call.

Aaron took a message for Alison reminding her of an appointment with Dr. Schiller. He got excited when he remembered she was Meg's obstetrician-gynecologist, and asked Alison if she had something to tell him. She assured him that it was just a routine check before they planned a baby. Alison went to Memorial and Chris overheard her checking in, so he expressed concern to her about the appointment. She told him that she was none of his business any more. Dr. Schiller examined Alison and asked all the appropriate questions. She also suggested an ultrasound just to be sure there were no problems, and Alison agreed.

Carly's CPR worked on Jack, and he regained consciousness. She told him how James had set him up, and they hugged. Jack had injured his hand, but he was too anxious to find Meg to get medical help for himself. The two of them began to explore the island and came across a cottage called "Swans Down," with a sign with two swans on it. It matched the cottage that Paul had described in his vision. They went in carefully and found the living room and then the bedroom where Meg slept. Jack was feeling that something was "off," and went back into the living room alone. As soon as he passed through the door, James stepped out from behind the door and knocked him out with a blow to the head. Carly rushed in, and James's associate covered her nose with a rag doused with chloroform.

Paul climbed to the top of the lighthouse and found Dusty and Meg asleep. He woke them at gunpoint by demanding that Dusty take his hands off Meg. Meg tried to explain the situation, but Paul did not believe it because of the lies James had told him. James crept up the stairs as Meg inserted herself between Dusty and her husband and tried to defuse the situation. She begged Paul to just take her and their baby home, but James spoke up and called his son weak-and urged him to kill Dusty. Dusty put his own gun to James's head and told Paul to just say the word and his father was history. As Paul was making up his mind which course to take, James grabbed Dusty's arm and the two struggled out onto the balcony of the lighthouse. Paul angled for a good shot, and finally fired. James tumbled over the balcony onto the ground below.

Dani met Casey after her phone call to him and explained that Emily was having surgery, probably at that very moment. Casey was stunned and called Emily, but she did not pick up. He took off for the hospital while Emily was signing the consent forms for her tubal ligation.

In another examining room, Dr. Schiller broke the bad news to Alison that her ultrasound had revealed pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for Alison to get pregnant. The disease was sometimes caused by having multiple sexual partners, any one of whom could have infected her. Alison's past had come back to haunt her yet again. She was upset and ran out of the examining room. Chris was in the hall and comforted her.

Carly and Jack woke up in a rowboat in the middle of nothing but water. Jack's hand was bleeding badly, so Carly made a bandage from her bandana. Jack was cold, despite the warm sunlight, so Carly put her arms around him. He apologized for how he had treated her, and she told him he could make it up to her by getting them off the boat and back into civilization. Suddenly, Carly realized the boat had been drifting, and she spotted something encouraging.

Casey saw Emily in one of the examining rooms at Memorial and barged in. She explained she was having her tubes tied, but Casey told her she could not go through with it. Emily told him it was not his decision to make, but Casey argued that she had no faith in them as a couple. He said to her before he left that if she loved him, she would not have the procedure.

Meg came out on the balcony of the lighthouse and discovered Dusty had been shot in the shoulder. She brought him inside while Paul ran down to see what had happened to his father. James was lying at the base of the lighthouse, and he grabbed Paul and called him unworthy, then passed out. Paul screamed at him that he could not die before he gave Paul some answers, but Barbara arrived with the EMTs, who could not find a pulse on James. They prepared him for transport while Paul continued to ask his father if he were proud of him yet. Meg brought out Dusty and told the medics that he had a shoulder wound. Barbara was stunned to see Dusty and asked him if James had shot him. Paul admitted that he had shot Dusty.

Aaron found Dr. Schiller in the hospital, but Alison was gone. Alison went to the coffee shop with Chris and told him what the doctor had told her. She referred to herself as a slut and cried over never having a little voice call her "Mommy." Chris tried to cheer her up, but Alison could not be consoled. She and Chris went back to Memorial where they found Aaron, who was angry and hurt that Alison had told Chris about her condition before she told him. The newlyweds left, and Chris tried to get Dr. Schiller to talk about Alison's condition, but she told him he knew better than to ask. When they got back to the farm, Aaron reassured Alison that nothing had changed and she should stop taking all the blame. Alison did not want to talk about it anymore.

Dani found Casey in Old Town and asked him about Emily. He explained what Emily wanted to do in order to avoid a commitment to him. He was discouraged about their relationship. Meanwhile, the doctor at Memorial questioned Emily about whether she was sure she wanted to take such a final step.

Carly and Jack floated to shore, and Carly hiked to an abandoned ranger station and called Dallas, who promised to send the local police. She gave the news to Jack that James had fallen and was dead, but she assured him that Meg was safe.

At the lighthouse, Meg told Paul that she loved him and then left with the EMTs to get checked out. Paul looked at James's body on the gurney, and James appeared to him in a vision and warned his son that he had failed to kill the real Stenbeck, Dusty, and he would lose his wife to him. Paul watched the medics put his father's body in the ambulance.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Noah returned from Europe and surprised Luke at the farm. The two of them were delighted to be together again and shared some kisses. Brian called Luke and asked him to come to Metro for a foundation meeting, so Luke took Noah along.

Liberty noticed her mother's depression and said she hated to see Janet so sad. Janet was doing laundry, even Brad's, to keep from missing Jack. She explained to Liberty that she was discouraged because Carly was in Jack's blood and he would never be rid of her.

At the hospital on the island, Carly helped Jack eat his breakfast. He wanted to know the details of James's death, but Carly reminded him that he was no longer a policeman so he was not entitled to know the inside story. Jack took off his hospital gown and put on his own clothes, and he and Carly shared a tender moment as she helped him button his shirt. He told her how much he appreciated how she always seemed to know when he needed help and stepped up. He suggested they stop fighting their connection and just go with it. Carly understood what he was saying and tried to convince him it was not love he was feeling, but gratitude. Nevertheless he professed his love for her, while Carly said that loving him was like breathing for her. She was afraid, however, that she was not what he needed anymore. A nurse interrupted them, and Carly left to make a phone call.

Meg talked with Dusty at Swans Down Cottage after he was released from the hospital. He told Meg he was not going to press charges against Paul for the shooting, and Meg told him that Barbara had promised not to reveal to anyone that Dusty was still alive, because it might jeopardize his search for Johnny. Holden barged in looking for his sister and was stunned to find her with Dusty. Dusty asked Holden to keep mum about his reappearance, but Holden was furious and accused Dusty of ruining his marriage. Meg defended Dusty, but Holden maintained he owed Dusty nothing, including his silence. Dusty made a phone call and found out the investigation into James's death was closed. Holden inquired who shot Dusty, and Meg told him it was Paul. Holden left, but not before he threatened Dusty to stay away from Lily.

Mike surprised Lily at her house and told her goodbye. He had decided to go back to Europe and work with Neal. Lily felt as if she were running him out of town, but Mike told her she was doing the right thing by reuniting with Holden. Lily said she would miss Mike, and the two of them hugged just as Lucinda and Brian walked in, unannounced. Lucinda misinterpreted the situation, but her mood changed when she learned Mike was leaving town. After Mike left, Lucinda questioned Lily about her other problem-Carly. Lily told her mother that Carly knew enough to stay away from Holden.

Carly called Janet and told her Jack was in the hospital on the island, and suggested Janet come up and take her place. Janet packed like a whirlwind and left immediately. Carly went to the boat dock to get back to the mainland, and Holden ended up there also. He explained that he had come to see that Meg was all right, and Carly told him she had been with Jack when he had gotten hurt. Janet arrived and asked Carly if she were crazy to try again with Jack.

Meg asked Dusty what his plans were, and he said he would go back to Asia to try to pick up the trail on Johnny. He was concerned that Paul would not be a good husband and father, so he gave Meg the phone number for an Ed Suzuki, a private investigator in San Francisco, who was the only person who knew how to reach him. Meg left and went to the boat dock, and accompanied Holden and Carly back to Oakdale. They took her to Fairwinds, but Meg was determined to check on Paul, so she left for Memorial Hospital, where Paul was confined after a breakdown. Holden asked Carly if she was having second thoughts about calling Janet, and she shared with him the special moment she and Jack had experienced in the hospital room. Holden offered to give her a ride home, but she preferred to be dropped at Metro instead, and promised him a drink there.

When Jack woke up, Janet was by his bedside. She brought him shirts, games, snacks, magazines, none of which interested Jack. Janet realized she should not have come and that Jack was thinking only of Carly. She attempted to leave, but Jack yelled at her to stop and tried to tell her he was really happy to have her there.

Lucinda, Brian, Lily, Noah, and Luke met at Metro to plan a benefit for their foundation. Henry had agreed to let them rent the club for a nominal fee, and the event was named "Green Up," and would be an eco-friendly project that would tear down old housing space and replace it with a green area for public use. Carly and Holden walked in, and Lily overreacted. She immediately asked Carly if she had not made herself clear about Carly's staying away from Holden. Luke and Noah made a hasty exit to go talk to Kim about having WOAK make a donation for the benefit. Holden explained that Meg had been kidnapped by Stenbeck, and he suggested he take Lily home so they could talk in private. At home, Lily apologized for her knee-jerk reaction to seeing Carly and Holden come in together. Holden brought up Lily's affair with Dusty again, and that puzzled her.

At Memorial, Meg questioned why Paul was on such a heavy dose of sedative and expressed interest in taking him home as soon as possible.

Back at Metro, Lucinda introduced Carly to Brian, and then told Carly that on the night of the benefit Carly should perhaps put her charitable efforts to use somewhere else in Oakdale. Carly told Lucinda to go to hell, and Lucinda then explained to Brian the story about Carly and Holden and why she disliked Carly so much.

At the cottage, a Nathan Jolley arrived from the island's funeral home, seeking a Mr. Dusty Donovan. Dusty asked why he wanted Mr. Donovan, and Jolley explained that he wanted to know what Mr. Donovan wanted done with the remains of James Stenbeck. Dusty said that Donovan was dead and suggested he ask Stenbeck's son, or else stuff Stenbeck in a tin can and kick him down the beach. As soon as the funeral director left, Dusty called someone and asked for the first flight out of there.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Casey brought flowers and a gourmet delight to Emily, and the two made up after their shouting match in the hospital. Casey was under the impression that his lover had not gone through with the tubal ligation, so he was stunned when she confirmed that she had undergone the surgery. He was furious and hurt because he wanted to have children with her. He accused her of not giving a damn about him and told her he was tired of being her boy toy. He ran out of her office.

Holden told Lily that Emma could not attend the foundation benefit as she was on her way to Iva's house. Iva and her husband, Jason, were experiencing difficulties, and Emma felt she could help. Lily and Holden would have to be the hosts, and Lily assured her husband that she knew Carly might be there. Holden went to see Meg, and Lily chose to stay home, but she changed her mind and left right behind Holden.

Janet and Jack came to the farm, and Janet was pampering him because of his recent hospitalization. She went upstairs to prepare a bath for him, and Carly showed up and reinforced her thoughts to Jack that the two of them were finished. She told him that she just came by to see if he was all right. She also confessed that she never wanted to fall back into her old routine with Jack because that frightened her. Jack said he missed her, but Carly pushed for Janet to fulfill that role in his life. Carly suggested Jack ask Janet to the benefit, and she left. When Janet returned and questioned Jack, he asked her to be his date at the benefit, and Janet was ecstatic.

Margo puzzled over the death of James Stenbeck, and Dallas filled her in about Jack's part in the island adventure. Margo called Jack and asked him to come to the station. When he arrived, he explained what had happened on Faro Island, including the part Carly played. Margo's response was that something about Meg's statement did not add up. After Margo hinted that he might be able to learn more facts from his cousin, Jack reminded her that he didn't work there anymore.

Janet paid a visit to Carly to ask her if she had prompted Jack to ask for the date to the benefit, so Carly said that she just wanted Jack to be happy, and that could not happen with her. Janet also needed help with a dress for the event, and Carly generously offered the use of one she was making. Janet went upstairs to try it on, and Lily appeared at the door. When Janet came downstairs shortly after, Lily referred to the two women as "a cozy pair." When Lily heard that Carly was loaning Janet one of her dresses, she called her a regular angel and further insulted her. Carly finally told Lily that if she came there looking for a fight, Carly would be happy to oblige her. Lily said she actually came to apologize for unloading on Carly at Metro, but that it wasn't easy for her. Carly hoped the two of them could one day get along, and when Lily questioned her about her mentoring Janet, Carly explained that she was trying to do what would make Jack happy. She also told her former friend that she regretted losing her friendship more than anything. Lily encouraged Carly to come to the benefit, even though Lucinda had told her to stay away. As Lily left, Carly said she would think about it. Janet was crazy about the dress, and Carly promised to finish it and deliver it before the event.

Holden found Meg at Fairwinds surfing the Web and looking for an answer to what was wrong with her husband. Paul was in the psych ward, and Meg was not permitted to see him. Holden's solution for Meg was for her to look hard at her life and her marriage and then leave her husband. He reminded her that she had a baby coming and a husband who was crazy. Meg got upset and blamed James Stenbeck for all Paul's problems, but Holden brought up the fact that it was Paul, not James, who had tricked Jennifer into believing her baby had died.

After Holden left Fairwinds, Margo arrived and asked Meg questions about Stenbeck and the kidnapping. Meg told her James had been hiding in the wine cellar at the estate for several weeks, until he whisked her away to Faro Island as his prisoner. Margo asked how Meg had managed to escape, and Meg said she just got away and ran to the lighthouse. She purposely left out all mention of Dusty Donovan. She claimed Paul found her at the lighthouse, followed soon by James. Margo told her someone was shot at the lighthouse and she wanted to know whom. Meg protested innocence to any shooting, but Margo said the blood found on the floor was not James's, nor Paul's, so she wanted to know whose it was. Meg tried to get Margo to leave, but the detective refused to go until she got more answers. Margo reminded Meg that she had lied before to protect Sofie, and demanded to know whom was she protecting this time. Margo said she needed answers, and since Paul was not available, it had to be Meg. Margo gave her one day to come up with the truth, or there would be consequences. When the detective left, Meg called the special number Dusty had given her and left a message that she was in trouble and needed his help.

Holden and Jack talked at the farm, and Jack mentioned that Margo thought there was someone else present at the lighthouse besides Paul, Meg, and James. Holden kept quiet about Dusty, but he was tempted to tell his cousin the truth.

Emily found Casey drowning his sorrows in a latte at the coffee shop. He was still angry and told her his mother was right in calling her a predator. Emily claimed she had undergone the procedure for both of them, but Casey delivered the final blow by telling her he had never thought of her as old before, but that had changed. He reminded her that actions spoke louder than words, and she had effectively put herself out to pasture.

Carly forgot that Janet was no longer staying at the farm, and delivered the finished dress to Jack there. Jack teased her about just wanting to see him and asked if she would be attending the benefit. Carly said yes.

Lily and Holden arrived home at the same time, and Holden figured out that his wife had been to see Carly. He determined both were still standing, and Lily promised to behave herself and be cordial at the benefit.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Emily showed up at Tom and Margo's house looking for Casey, but Margo told her Casey didn't want to talk to her again. Margo said Casey had told her about Emily having her tubes tied, and she said what Emily had done showed how selfish Emily was. Emily said one day, Casey would understand that Emily had done the right thing. Margo replied that Casey understood that Emily was no good for him, and actually, Emily was no good for anyone. Emily told Margo the upside to the situation was that Emily no longer had to take such judgmental talk from Margo. Emily stormed off after telling Margo to "stick it where the sun don't shine!"

At the Lakeview, Lucinda toasted Brian Wheatley for coming up with a way to save the Snyder property, through a benefit for "Project Green Up." Lily interrupted and angrily told Lucinda to stop meddling in her life. Lily said Lucinda had no right to tell Carly not to attend the benefit at Metro, since it was Carly's nightclub. Brian reminded Lily that all mothers wanted to protect their children. Lily softened somewhat, but pointedly told them, "See you both at the party tonight ... at Carly's club."

Meg went to Holden and Lily's home to tell Holden she was upset because Margo had insisted that Meg knew who had been shot at the lighthouse. Meg believed Margo would keep pressing her for information, and Meg didn't want to reveal that Dusty was alive. Holden tried to convince his pregnant sister that she couldn't risk going to jail for Dusty's sake.

Lily walked in and asked them what was going on. Meg told Lily she was upset about not being allowed to visit Paul at the hospital. Lily offered her sympathy, and Meg left. Holden told Lily he had to take some brochures to Metro before the party started; Lily told him to go ahead, but she had to finish getting ready for the benefit.

When Holden arrived at Metro, Carly was there, putting together gift bags for the guests. Holden complimented her on how she looked, but Carly warned him not to say anything that might bring on another lecture from Lily. Carly said maybe Lucinda had been right and she should leave for the night, but Holden said Carly had every right to be there. Lily walked in and told Carly she agreed with Holden, and she thanked Carly for agreeing to have the benefit at Metro. Lucinda came in with Brian and immediately confronted Carly about her presence at the benefit. Carly excused herself, and Lily warned her mother not to make a scene.

Meg arrived at Metro and was dismayed to see Margo there. Margo told Meg she hoped Meg would make a statement about what had happened at the lighthouse. Meg asked if Margo intended to harass her all night, and Emily walked in and said Margo wasn't happy unless she was making someone miserable. Margo told Meg she would wait on the other side of the room, in case Meg changed her mind. Emily asked Meg what she had done to get on Margo's bad side, but Meg said it was nothing. Emily said she had heard that Paul had "flipped out" when his father was killed, but Meg said she didn't want to discuss it.

Jack took Janet's dress to her at Brad and Katie's house and told her Carly had dropped it off at the farm by mistake. Janet, wearing a facial mask and with curlers in her hair, was embarrassed for Jack to see her, but they both laughed about it and talked about how strange it was that Carly kept trying to fix them up. They arrived at Metro in time to hear Lily and Holden welcome the guests to the party. Lucinda then took the stage and surprised Holden and Lily by announcing that the board of directors at Worldwide had decided to sell the land they'd been planning to develop back to Emma for one dollar, and any funds raised at the benefit would therefore go to decontaminating the land and converting it into a nature preserve and a public park. Lily thanked Lucinda, but Lucinda said it had all been Brian's doing.

Holden introduced Will Dailey as the entertainment for the evening. Lily asked Carly if she needed any help, and Carly said she had planned to offer a tray of free champagne to the guests to help get them to open their pocketbooks and donate money to the cause. Lily took the tray and began offering the champagne to people. She approached a man standing at the bar and asked if he would like a glass; when he turned to face her, Lily saw that it was Dusty. Dusty said, "Hey, Lily," and Lily dropped the tray, shocked by Dusty's resurrection from the dead.

Dusty apologized for having shown up so unexpectedly. Lucinda muttered, "He's not supposed to be here." Dusty told Lily he was there to speak to Margo because he had heard she had some questions about what had happened when James Stenbeck was killed. Margo asked if Dusty had been there. Dusty admitted he had, and he told Margo he'd been shot when Paul's gun had gone off during the struggle with James.

Dusty said Meg hadn't done anything wrong, and if Margo needed to arrest someone, she should arrest him. Margo agreed that was a good idea. Jack asked if Margo needed any help, but Margo told him to stay and enjoy the party. Jack told Janet he was having trouble remembering he wasn't a cop anymore. He said he didn't want to talk about it and asked if they could leave; Janet agreed, and they went back to Brad and Katie's house.

Lily said she thought she should go with Dusty, but Lucinda told her absolutely not. Lily replied that she had already told Lucinda not to tell her what to do, and Holden told Lucinda he would handle the situation. Lucinda and Brian left, and Holden told Lily that Margo would find out what had happened with Dusty and fill them in later. Later, however, Lily overheard Holden talking to Meg and realized that Holden had known Dusty was alive. She asked why he hadn't told her. Meg said Dusty had asked them not to tell anyone he was alive, but Holden admitted he hadn't told Lily because he hadn't wanted Dusty to come between them again. He asked Lily to forgive him, but she said she didn't know if she could.

Holden requested a song from Will Dailey, about having a broken heart, which Will announced was a dedication from Holden Snyder to his wife. Lily relented and danced with Holden, but she thought of Dusty as they danced.

At the police station, Margo listed the many things she could charge Dusty with, from perpetrating a fraud to obstructing several police investigations. She demanded to know how Dusty had managed to fake his own death. Dusty said he had substituted a designer drug for the vial that Evan Walsh had used to inject him, so that instead of receiving a lethal drug, he received one that stopped his heart and put him into a deep coma. Margo wanted to know who had helped Dusty, but Dusty said he couldn't reveal that information.

Margo left to get a list of the personnel who had worked on Dusty's autopsy report. Emily snuck into the interrogation room after Margo left. She slapped Dusty and became emotional, telling him she'd been the one who had discovered Dusty's body. She told Dusty she had tried to revive him, and she and others had been accused of having murdered him. After telling Dusty she had thought she would never see him again, Emily sobbed and hugged Dusty tightly. They were very close to kissing when Margo came back into the room; Emily left without exchanging words with Margo.

Aaron tried to get Alison to make love as they were getting ready for the big party, but Alison told him they needed to be on time. Aaron pointed out that Alison had been too tired the night before for sex, and he wondered what was going on. Alison said she was still upset about her diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease and that it would prevent her from becoming pregnant, something Aaron had wanted so badly. Aaron insisted that Alison should stop worrying about that, saying it wasn't the end of the world, and they had other options.

Later, Alison went to the Lakeview to meet Aaron, but Aaron wasn't there. Alison thought she must have gotten her signals crossed and was supposed to meet Aaron at Metro instead of at the Lakeview. As she turned to leave, she ran into Chris. Chris asked Alison why she seemed upset, but Alison told him it wasn't something he could fix. Chris told Alison that because she still had feelings for him, she couldn't be happy in her marriage to Aaron.

Chris said he had been offered a job with the Global Health Association, and that they wanted him to go back to Africa. He asked Alison to go with him; he told her the organization needed doctors and nurses, and he could help her finish her nursing studies in Africa. Alison said it would never work, and Chris should just let it go. She rushed off, upset, as Aaron entered the room. Aaron stopped Chris and asked why he couldn't leave Alison alone. Chris said Aaron had no idea what Alison wanted, but he knew because Alison talked to him, and Chris understood her. Aaron said Chris must be a lot dumber than he looked, but Chris retorted that it wasn't dumb to think that "a woman who slept with another guy the day before her wedding maybe married the wrong guy." Aaron was stunned and asked Chris what he was talking about. Chris said it didn't matter, and he wasn't going to talk about it.

Alison went to the farm to pull herself together. Aaron walked in, and Alison told him they needed to work things out. Aaron asked how they could do that, and Alison said by concentrating not on what they couldn't have, but on what they could have. Aaron said he had one question for her: had she slept with Chris Hughes the night before the wedding? Alison couldn't believe Aaron had asked her that and wanted to know why he would say such a thing. Aaron said Chris had told him, so either Chris was lying, or Alison had been lying since she took her wedding vows. Alison broke down and admitted it, telling Aaron she was "so sorry." Aaron said, "It's a little late for that, don't you think?" and walked out of the house.

Alison went to Chris's suite at the Lakeview. When he answered the door, she slapped him and asked him what he'd been thinking when he told Aaron about the night before her wedding. Chris said he hadn't meant for it to come out that way, but Alison told him he had ruined the one thing she was counting on to turn her life around. Alison told Chris she hated him for what he'd done.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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