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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Babe and JR were at the Comeback with Krystal. Babe announced that she and JR were thinking about getting married in the mansion's garden. Krystal wondered if they should steer clear of the mansion, especially since JR wanted Tad to be his best man. Opal entered the bar. She looked very distraught. She sat down with JR, Babe, and Krystal and portended destruction. JR laughed and asked her to read her tarot cards to see if she saw anything about their upcoming wedding. Opal reluctantly flipped her cards. She said that it was fate that JR and Babe were together. After JR and Babe left, Krystal demanded to know what the cards really said. Opal predicted that the Carey women were in big trouble. Krystal looked worried.

Greenlee called Kendall, who was at Fusion, to let her know that Ryan had been arrested. Just as Kendall told Greenlee that she would meet her at the police station, Zach approached Kendall and asked her where she was headed. She lied and said that she was meeting Greenlee for a drink. He gave her an incredulous look and she realized that Zach knew she was fibbing. She admitted that she wanted to go to the police station to bail out Ryan. Zach urged Kendall to mind her own business. She claimed that she wished to support her friends, but Zach thought she wished to meddle.

Adam was interrogated by a cop. Adam recanted his story that he misplaced his gun in Annie's bedroom. Instead, Adam told the cop that Annie was crazy and stole the gun from his locked cabinet.

Jesse questioned Ryan about why he took Emma away from Annie. Ryan explained that Annie was dangerous and he needed to protect his daughter. Ryan further stated that Annie was scheming to take his daughter away, so she could get revenge for him falling in love with Greenlee. Jesse said that he would have to investigate the case more because he did not know if Ryan or Annie were a danger to Emma.

Annie demanded to see Emma. A cop told her that Emma was with a social worker. Annie pleaded to see her daughter, but the cop would not allow it. Annie then saw Greenlee and blamed her for Emma's situation. Greenlee pleaded with Annie to drop the charges against Ryan because he was a good father, but Annie refused. Annie asked how Aidan felt about Greenlee constantly coming to Ryan's rescue. Jesse saw the two women fighting and broke it up.

Jesse interrogated Annie. He informed her that Adam changed his story and she looked shocked and nervous. Still, she affirmed that she had no idea how the gun got into her room. Jesse explained that until he could determine that Annie and Ryan were fit to raise Emma, the little girl would remain in foster care. Annie was horrified and begged Jesse not to keep Emma with Child Services. Jesse said he had no other choice, but Annie had an idea.

Kendall received a call from Jesse asking her to come to the police station. Kendall and Zach rushed to the station. Jesse informed them that Annie wanted Emma to go home with them, instead of staying in foster care. Kendall and Zach agreed to take the little girl.

Annie, Ryan, and Greenlee watched as the cops brought Emma to Kendall and Zach. Annie and Ryan said goodbye to their daughter. Emma stated that she wanted to be with her parents. They told her that she was having a sleepover with her brother, Spike. So, Emma left with Kendall and Zach. Annie turned to Ryan and proclaimed that she would die before she let him raise Emma.

Ryan and Greenlee went back to his penthouse. Ryan was upset with himself because he let Annie get out of control. He felt that she was unstable and he wished that he had gotten her psychiatric help while they were still together. Greenlee grabbed his face and affirmed that he was not to blame. They looked into each other's eyes as they their faces got closer.

While Kendall made Emma's bed, Zach spoke with the girl. He told her that Kendall got lonely being the only girl in the Slater family. He explained that Kendall was very excited to have Emma, another girl, to keep her company. Zach asked Emma to do him a favor and let Kendall spend time with her. He suggested that Kendall read her a story. Emma said nothing. He stated that Emma was loved very much. Then, Kendall came into the room and Emma announced that she was ready for her story. Kendall smiled at Zach.

Annie went to the mansion to confront Adam. Adam confessed that he told the cops she stole the gun. She threatened to tell Kendall and Greenlee that he was plotting to take over Fusion, if he did not protect her. He calmly said that no one would believe her. Just as JR and Babe entered the house, Adam told Annie to pack her belongings and leave. JR and Babe were appalled. Adam stated that Annie was no longer welcome. JR pulled his father aside and asked him to reconsider. Adam said that she could spend one more night in the mansion.

Annie was outside getting fresh air. She felt that someone was watching her, so she went inside. She noticed that someone opened the back door and then entered one of the secret passageways. Annie went into the passageway to see of there was an intruder. Just then, the door closed behind her and she screamed.

Frankie prescribed Taylor a mild sedative to help with her nerves. He told her that she had to tell her therapist about the meds. Taylor agreed.

Taylor met with her therapist for the first time. She was cool, calm, and collected during the session, thanks to the pills Frankie gave her. Taylor told the doctor that she was not scared of anything and that she was anxious to get back to Iraq. However, Taylor never told the therapist that she was on medication.

Taylor met Jake and Amanda at the Comeback for a drink. Taylor bragged about how well her session went. When Amanda went to the restroom, Jake asked Taylor if she was on drugs. She denied being altered, but he knew better. He warned her that the drugs were just a temporary remedy for her problems and that the therapist would see through her act eventually.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greenlee cupped Ryan's face in her hands and stared into his eyes. Ryan removed Greenlee's hands from his face and walked a few feet away. Greenlee said she just wanted to help Ryan as he dealt with losing Emma. Ryan told Greenlee that touching him and staring into his eyes was not what he wanted. Ryan admitted he wanted to make love with Greenlee. Knowing that, Ryan wondered why Greenlee was still trying to be his friend. Ryan asked Greenlee to go home to her husband. After she left, Ryan slammed the door.

Zach handed Kendall the phone because he assumed she wanted to check on Ryan. Kendall said she knew Ryan was hurting without Emma, but was not going to keep interfering in his life. Kendall asked Zach how they could repair their broken marriage. Zach said he was going to the office. Frustrated, Kendall told Zach that if he went to work, it would show that he did not want to reconcile their marriage. Zach told Kendall he would not be home late. Greenlee went to see Kendall after the incident with Ryan. Greenlee said Kendall had pushed her to go be with Ryan. Kendall claimed she was not responsible for Greenlee seeing Ryan.

Ryan went to Zach's office. Zach handed Ryan a smiley face drawing from Emma and Spike. Zach said Emma was adjusting well to his home. Ryan said he felt bad for taking Emma away from Annie, but Annie was not the same person he married.

Someone went into Aidan's office and picked up a picture of Greenlee. Aidan found Jesse playing video games when he came to his office. Jesse told Aidan he knew Aidan was trying to dig up dirt on him. Aidan would not discuss who hired him to find out about Jesse's past. Jesse threatened to shut down Aidan's business and get his private investigator license revoked if he did not back down.

Tad found Opal reading tarot cards to Krystal at the Comeback. Opal told Krystal something bad was going to happen to the Carey women. Krystal asked for more details. Opal knocked over a glass of water to avoid answering Krystal's question. Opal said the vision had passed and she went to check on Pete. Tad told Krystal not to worry about Opal's tarot cards.

At the Comeback, Jesse told Tad not to hire Aidan to look into Jesse's past. Tad pretended not to know what Jesse was referring to.

Annie banged on the wall and screamed until JR and Babe opened the door. Annie said a man in the house locked her inside the secret tunnel. Annie did not identify the man, but said she felt he was still in the house watching her. JR checked inside the tunnel and the rest of the house, but saw no one. Babe suggested that perhaps Richie's memory was haunting her. Annie suggested Ryan hired someone to spy on her. JR checked the house again, and brought Opal back in with him. Opal asked to speak to JR and Babe alone on the porch. Opal said she was worried about something terrible happening to the Carey women. Babe said she appreciated Opal's concern, but was not worried. Opal decided to lay out the tarot cards to make sure her reading with Krystal was accurate. To Opal's dismay, the cards showed nothing good for all of Pine Valley's residents. She told JR and Babe to hold on to their love and never let it go.

Once alone, Annie called Kendall to check on Emma. Annie heard Greenlee's voice on the other end. She told Kendall that Greenlee had no right to be near Emma. Annie wanted to come see Emma, but Kendall reminded her it would only interfere with the Social Services Department's rules. After the phone call, Greenlee said it hurt when Ryan pushed her away. Kendall said it hurt Greenlee because she loved him. Kendall said Greenlee married Aidan because he was comfortable and protected her. But Kendall said, deep down, Greenlee still loved Ryan. Emma woke up and rushed into the living room begging for her mom and dad. Greenlee hugged Emma as Annie watched through a window. Kendall was able to get Emma calmed down and back to sleep. Zach came home and found Kendall sleeping on the couch. He woke her up with a kiss on the cheek. Kendall said Greenlee's visit only proved Greenlee still loved Ryan.

Greenlee went to Aidan's office and immediately attacked him with kisses.

Jesse told someone on the phone he lost a friend and lied to his wife. He felt his life was over.

Opal went home and spread the tarot cards on a table. The wind blew them to the floor.

As soon as Annie went back to the Chandler mansion, Ryan showed up to announce he was filing for divorce and full custody of Emma.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pete went to see Adam at the mansion. Pete told Adam that the first shipment of Bella was about to go out. Pete was anxious to taint more of the perfume with his chemical, Blast. Adam was reluctant to move forward with their plan since they did not find out if anyone, besides Greenlee, had an allergic reaction to the samples that were tainted. Adam wondered if Blast was a "bust." Pete insisted that his chemical would work, and he reminded Adam that everyone had a unique reaction to Blast. Adam told Pete to go to work so he could spy.

Adam saw Annie sitting in the living room with a bathrobe on. He demanded that she leave the house. Babe overheard this and scolded Adam for being rude. Babe told Adam to back off, and insisted that Annie stay at the mansion for as long as she needed. Adam gave both women a dirty look and stormed off.

Annie did not want to go to work, but Babe urged her to. Annie revealed that Ryan wanted a divorce and full custody of Emma. Babe was shocked that Ryan was trying to take Emma away from her mother. Annie felt that Greenlee was manipulating him, so she could have Ryan and Emma to herself. Babe thought that Annie was overreacting and reminded her that Greenlee loved Aidan, but Annie disagreed.

Babe arrived at Fusion to find Amanda very excited for the Bella launch. Then, Babe received a call from a major department store buyer. The buyer said that they loved Bella. They also apologized for not giving Babe their feedback sooner, but they revealed that everyone in their company got sick. Babe was worried that Bella made the company sick, but Amanda thought it was just a coincidence. Meanwhile, Pete was eavesdropping and learned that people got sick from the samples. Babe and Amanda proceeded to give a presentation on expanding the perfume into a line of soaps and lotions. Kendall liked the idea.

Erica went to Fusion to tell Kendall that Adam was plotting to gain ownership of Fusion. Erica divulged that she overheard Adam and Annie talking about a takeover. Kendall was not surprised that Annie was involved. Erica promised Kendall that she would keep an eye on Adam.

Greenlee and Aidan were talking about their night of lovemaking. Greenlee wished that they could "do it" all day long. Aidan said that he wanted to "do it" the day before, but she was nowhere to be found. Greenlee lied and said that she was busy at Fusion, instead of revealing that she was with Ryan.

Annie arrived at work and Kendall was annoyed to see her. Soon after, Aidan and Greenlee entered. Annie accused Greenlee of trying to steal Ryan and Emma from her. Aidan told Annie to leave his wife alone. Annie asked Aidan if he knew that Greenlee bailed Ryan out of jail and spent the whole day consoling him. Aidan pretended that Greenlee told him everything. Aidan then left the office. Kendall informed Annie that she was fired and Greenlee backed up her partner's decision. Annie told Greenlee that she could have her job and her husband, but she could not have Emma. Greenlee looked distraught and left Fusion.

Greenlee went home to see Aidan. She apologized for not telling him about her day with Ryan. Aidan demanded to know if there was something going on between her and Ryan. She adamantly denied having romantic feelings for Ryan. Aidan told her to stop making a fool of him. She pleaded with him not to be angry. He replied that he loved her too much to be angry. Then, he announced that he had something to show her. He revealed that he was having a house built for them. He carried her over the threshold of the house's unfinished foundation. She exclaimed that she loved it.

Babe called JR to tell him her concerns over Bella. JR agreed with Amanda that the illness was just a coincidence. She replied that Adam could not find out that there might be a problem with Bella because it could foil their plans to take over Fusion. After she hung up, Kendall asked what Babe did not want Adam to find out. Babe looked nervous and pretended that she was trying to protect Fusion from Adam. Kendall retorted that if Adam tried to take over the company, she would "cut him off at the knees."

Erica went to see Adam. They were flirting when Pete waved at Adam to meet him in the backyard. Adam claimed that the gardener needed to see him, and went outside. Pete reported the news about the illness from the Bella samples. Adam was pleased and told Pete to taint more of the perfume, so Pete returned to Fusion and put Blast into numerous bottles of Bella.

Erica was trying to listen in on Adam and Pete's conversation. When Adam returned, Erica claimed that she was fearful Bella was a bad business move for Fusion. Adam wondered if Erica wanted to take Fusion from Kendall. Erica affirmed that she would never do that to her daughter. Erica and Adam flirted more and they kissed.

Taylor thanked Frankie for helping her. Jake overheard this and inquired how Frankie helped her. Taylor said that Frankie gave her moral support, but after she left, Jake asked Frankie which meds he gave her. Frankie said that he could not divulge any information because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Jake warned Frankie that anti-anxiety meds were merely a temporary cover for Taylor's post-traumatic stress disorder. Frankie wondered if Jake liked her, but Jake insisted that he had no romantic feelings for her.

Taylor went into her second therapy session. When she thought about her late fiancÚ, she ran out of the room. The therapist chased after her, but she wished to be left alone.

Amanda invited Jake to her yacht to celebrate Bella's success. When he arrived, she was wearing a camouflage jacket and underwear. She talked to him like she was a drill sergeant. She yelled at him to give her the appreciation she deserved for being a successful businesswoman. As they kissed, Taylor entered the room. Taylor saw the jacket Amanda was wearing and realized it belonged to her late fiancÚ.

Frankie signed a lease for his own apartment and he brought Randi to see it. Randi was impressed with the apartment, which made him happy because he wanted her to move in with him. She was hesitant because she was not ready to have an intimate relationship. Frankie assured her that he did not want to pressure her and explained that she could have her own bedroom. Randi agreed to move in. Frankie was ecstatic and he hugged her.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taylor was offended when she saw Amanda traipsing around the yacht in a military jacket with a barely clothed Jake. Amanda apologized for hurting Taylor, but Taylor just rushed off. Jake noticed Amanda was wearing the jacket that belonged to Taylor's late fiancÚ. Amanda was mortified when she realized how hurt Taylor must have felt. Amanda wanted to go after Taylor, but Jake thought it would be best if he tried to sort things out with Taylor. Jake found Taylor on his porch. She apologized for exploding at Amanda and Jake. Jake said Amanda felt awful after she learned the jacket belonged to Taylor's fiancÚ. Taylor thought she should be with her unit in Iraq. Jake said the doctors had a valid medical reason for keeping her in Pine Valley. Despite the horrible images Taylor saw in Iraq, her real fear was going back to a place without her fiancÚ.

Colby was shocked to see Erica and Adam kissing in the Chandler's home. She quickly muttered a few words and went back to her bedroom. Erica told Adam she thought they were alone. Adam tried to make up for the mistake by giving Erica another kiss. But Erica thought it was time for her to go, so she headed to Opal's house. Opal told Erica the tarot cards revealed something bad was heading to Pine Valley. Pete snuck home and overheard Opal explaining her fears to Erica. Erica said something was definitely in the air because it caused Adam to kiss her. But despite Adam's intentions, Erica said she was just spying on him to see if he was after Fusion. Opal knew by looking at Erica that the kiss was more than just a ploy to get information from Adam.

Colby wanted to know the juicy details about Adam's relationship with Erica. Adam said it was just a meaningless kiss to get information from Erica.

Annie came to Kendall and Zach's home. Annie said she called Zach after worrying about Emma. Zach said Emma needed her mother at such a confusing time. After Kendall left, Annie told Zach she felt that someone was watching her. Kendall brought Emma out of her room to see Annie. Zach told Kendall they needed to give Annie and Emma some time alone. Kendall wanted to supervise Annie's visit, but Zach thought that was unnecessary. Emma told Annie she wanted to go home. Annie explained that Emma had to stay with Kendall and Zach until a few problems got worked out. Zach put Emma to bed. Annie thanked Kendall for looking after Emma, but Kendall said she only did it to help Ryan. Annie went home and heard a noise. As soon as she stepped into the dark living room, someone put a hand over her mouth.

Zach planted a big kiss on Kendall to remind her of their love.

Greenlee and Aidan happily walked into ConFusion. Their mood turned a bit sour when they spied Ryan at the bar. Aidan and Greenlee decided to see how Ryan was holding up after handing Annie divorce papers. Ryan said he was fine, but credited Greenlee for busting him out of jail. Aidan said Greenlee told him about what she did to help Ryan because their marriage had no secrets. Ryan wished he and Annie could say the same. Greenlee told Ryan they needed to end their friendship to keep her marriage strong. After all, Ryan said he did not want her in his life, Greenlee added. Greenlee asked for Aidan's input, but Aidan said that decision was between her and Ryan. Greenlee said it did have to do with Aidan. She wanted to focus on their marriage, not Ryan's problems. Ryan dropped a few bills on the table for his drink, and left.

Angie told Frankie she liked his new apartment. It was big enough for a roommate, she added. Frankie started to tell his mother that Randi was moving in, but Randi quickly diverted Angie's attention to decorating details. Randi told Frankie things were moving too fast. She told Frankie living with him was not going to work, and left. Angie wondered where Randi rushed off to. She immediately assumed Randi did something to upset Frankie. Frankie said he was tired of Angie interfering with his life. Angie promised to give Frankie more privacy.

At ConFusion, Randi told Carmen she turned down Frankie's offer to live together. Randi said she was scared of the intimacy with a man who was not her client. She admitted that making love to Frankie would be wonderful. Carmen thought Randi was using her past as an excuse to keep a distance from Frankie. Carmen urged Randi to give Frankie a real chance. Randi went back to Frankie's apartment after Angie was gone. Randi said she changed her mind. She did want to move in with him.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to find Adam, but only Colby was home. Pete said he heard Opal and Erica talking about the kiss. But Opal also said kisses had meaning, Pete said. Colby said people could kiss without feeling anything. To prove a point, Pete kissed Colby and she did not immediately turn him away. Colby said Pete needed to stop acting like he knew her. But Pete thought he knew Colby the best. Once Adam got home, Pete told Adam that Erica knew he wanted Fusion.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Opal and Erica's chat in the Cortlandt living room was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Because of the visions she had recently experienced, Opal refused to open the door, so Erica did it for her. When she did, she saw Krystal on the other side of the threshold and proclaimed that Krystal's presence was indeed dark and evil. Krystal ignored her, barged into the house, and asked Opal if she could be more specific about the bad feeling she'd had. Despite the barbs that Krystal and Erica threw at each other, Opal informed them that the bad feelings were not directed at one particular person. Unrelieved, Krystal asked that Opal do another reading, on the off chance that she could prevent something from happening. She mentioned Adam in passing, and Erica immediately pounced, insinuating that Krystal had plans to get involved with Adam again. Krystal, having seen the two of them act chummy at the engagement party, assured Erica that she was done with Adam and that Erica could have him if he wanted. Opal extricated herself from the situation briefly so that she could get her cards, but warned the two of them to play nicely until she returned.

Krystal asked in earnest why Opal had warned Erica about Adam, and although Erica tried to dance around an answer, Krystal didn't buy it. Erica didn't have time to answer, however, as Opal returned in short order and announced that she'd had another vision when she touched the cards. She shared that the vision was about Erica and Adam, and in it, the duo was bound for destruction. Krystal poured Opal a drink and despite being told to drink it slowly, Opal gulped it down without a thought. Erica was fed up with Opal's predictions so, after she wished her friend a good night and left Krystal with naught but harsh words, she took her leave. Krystal was undeterred and asked again for specifics about the predictions. She insisted that there had to be something that could be done. Opal finally agreed that they needed to take control of the situation.

After she returned to the Chandler mansion, Annie felt as though she wasn't alone in the darkened living room. Moments after she called out, a hand snaked over her mouth and she struggled against the mysterious stranger who attempted to restrain her. Her screaming caused Adam, JR, Babe, and Colby to run downstairs and, when Adam hit the lights, they found a panicked Annie. She told them that she'd been attacked, which made JR and Babe dash upstairs to check on their son. They returned when they found the little boy sound asleep behind a guarded bedroom door. They all asked for additional information on the attacker, but Annie had little to go on since it was dark and he'd come from behind. That tidbit of information was enough to scare Colby into not wanting to sleep there, and that pushed Adam over the edge. He brought an onslaught of questioning to Annie's feet, most important of which asked why she was the only one who had been attacked. When she couldn't answer, he chalked it up to her imagination. Annie tried to deny the claim, but Adam told her that as soon as she scared Colby, she'd gone too far.

A short time later, after JR ended a phone call, his father berated him for strengthening the bias that the Pine Valley Police Force had against their family by dragging them over to entertain Annie's delusions. JR clearly stated that regardless of how careless Adam chose to be about his family, he would not take those same chances with either Babe or Little Adam.

Out on the patio, Babe tried to calm Annie down as she vented about but Ryan how she had lost everything. Annie stated that she wasn't sure who else would be motivated to scare her like that. Babe was certain that Ryan wouldn't pull that kind of stunt, and reminded her that she needed to stay calm and hold it together for her daughter. Annie agreed, but moments later, a security guard called out that they'd found the intruder, and then dragged Ryan onto the patio. Annie was certain that the proof for her theory had just been delivered to her. Adam dismissed the guards and said that they could deal with Ryan on their own. Confused, Ryan told them that he'd just arrived and, when he saw Babe and Annie on the patio, he decided to head there directly and avoid a confrontation with Adam at the front door. Annie knew immediately that he was telling the truth, and an apologetic note crept into her voice as she asked the Chandlers to return indoors so she could speak with Ryan alone.

After Ryan expressed that he was glad Annie had been unharmed in the attack, he told her that he wanted them to find a way to make the divorce more amicable. He pointed out that as Emma got older, it would be harder to keep things from her. Annie agreed that they needed to be more cognizant of how they communicated, for the sake of their daughter.

As Greenlee and Aidan arrived home, she confessed to finally realizing what he'd known for weeks: that she was better off focusing on her life with her new husband, as she and Ryan could never make it work as friends. Aidan stood back and when Greenlee asked why, he told her that he had decided to wait until she got every last bit of Ryan out of her system before he gave her something else to fixate on. She told him she was done, so he gifted her with earrings that he'd planned to give her on their honeymoon.

Jesse spoiled Angie with a foot rub and tried to convince her that having the house to themselves was a good thing. Angie disagreed but mentioned the promise she made to her son that she would give him the privacy he craved. Jesse told her that he'd waited a long time to get her to himself, and this caused Angie to lose focus on her husband for a moment. He asked if she'd mentally drifted back to what he'd told her about his past. She replied that when he confessed what happened but said it was over, she believed him and felt that nothing would get in their way.

Jesse and Angie continued to relax and enjoy each other's company but the calm was soon interrupted by a knock at the door. Although Angie promised to get rid of whomever had come calling as quickly as possible, she realized that would be next to impossible when she found Opal and Krystal on the other side. Opal begged to be allowed to talk to Jesse, but the man himself called out from the inside that he was off duty. Angie let them in anyway, and Krystal filled the couple in on what Opal had seen. Jesse thought they needed to talk things through over beer and offered to run to the store, but Angie felt that he needed to stay and talk, and became the runner, much to Jesse's chagrin. Angie left the house as Opal noted that her visions were usually correct, save the one she'd had a few years earlier where she felt that Jesse's spirit had been talking to her from the other side.

Out by the elevator, Angie crossed paths with a young woman who had taken a seat on the floor and claimed that she was waiting for a friend. They were cordial enough before Angie boarded the elevator and Angie shared that she had been married for twenty-five years. The woman simply smiled and nodded until the doors closed. At that point, she allowed all of the joy to fade from her expression.

When Angie returned, she found the young woman still waiting, and offered to let her wait in their apartment until her friend came through. The woman declined and the two bid each other goodnight. When Angie got inside, she heard Jesse's promise to keep an eye out for anything untoward that might happen. Both Opal and Krystal thanked him profusely and started to head out. Before the door closed behind them, Opal added that if she got any additional information from the cards, she would let him know. Moments later, Jesse realized that Opal had left her purse, so he snatched it up and ran out to catch them. He was able to do so by the elevator and Opal thanked him for his quick thinking. Once he saw them safely on the elevator, he turned to go back inside. When he got to his door, he came face-to-face with the woman that Angie had run into and recognized her. He told her in hushed tones that she shouldn't have come.

Erica beelined to the Chandler estate and delivered news of Opal's prediction to Adam, despite the fact that neither of them had taken Opal's visions seriously over the years. Adam liked the idea of being bound to Erica and told her that he would take that part and get rid of the rest. She rebuffed him as she walked into the living room as a means to get him to take her seriously. He remarked to himself that she wouldn't have him any other way before he followed her into the living room. He then told her about the events that had gone down earlier that night, and Erica didn't bother to hide her disgust over Annie, given all of the trouble she felt that Annie had brought to her daughter and her daughter's company.

After Ryan and Annie parted ways for the night, JR and Babe escorted her upstairs to one of the many spare bedrooms and checked to make sure that security was in place. Annie then thanked them for believing in her, despite the fact that everyone else seemed comfortable with deserting her. She then gave JR an impromptu hug that caused both him and Babe to be a bit uncomfortable when it lingered a bit too long. JR finally disentangled himself, and he and Babe retired to their own room for the night.

Ryan paid a visit to the beach after leaving the estate and, lost in thought, he decided to take a late-night swim. At the same time across town, Greenlee readied herself for a bath and removed her wedding ring and sat it on a flat surface next to the tub. Aidan watched this progression from the door and was disheartened to see the ring removed from her finger. After she finished, she padded out to the living room and took in the sight of the full moon, unaware that he ex-husband was doing the same after returning to the beach. Her gazing was interrupted when Aidan brought her ring to her, recited his vows as if it were their wedding day and slipped it back on her finger. She asked if he had plans to do that every day and he told her that he would only do so to remind her how much he loved her.

They cuddled on the couch for a few moments, and then Greenlee told her husband that she needed to dry her hair, lest her hair be a mess for work the next day. Aidan reluctantly let her go, but when he heard the dryer start, he quickly retrieved a box he'd hidden behind the couch and replaced the earring backs on his wife's present with identical backs that contained recording devices. He was able to test their functionality before she emerged from the bathroom and beckoned him to bed.

Erica chided Adam over all the noise he made about the number of people who were bunking in his house and insisted that he would never really leave. JR, Babe, Colby, and Little A joined them, and Babe noted that their son had woken up because of all of the commotion. Adam told them that things would be a lot quieter with Annie gone and JR went to bat for her. JR reminded Adam that as family, he and Babe had a vote over who stayed, and pointed out that if Adam continued his reign of terror, they would be more than glad to move out. Before he could reply, an ear-piercing scream came from upstairs. While Adam failed to react except to complain more about the trials and tribulations of providing shelter for Annie, JR took off running to find out what had happened, with Babe and Colby following quickly.

When they reached Annie's room, the frightened woman swore that someone had been outside the window, banging on it to get in. Babe told her that the security guards hadn't seen anything, and JR reported that he couldn't see anything either. He suggested that it might have been the tree branches, but Annie failed to see his reasoning. She announced that she didn't want to sleep in the room alone, so Babe offered to let Annie bunk in her room, and JR agreed to sleep in the spare. Annie was grateful and went to gather some of her things with Colby's help. Once the two young women left the room, JR regrettably admitted that he thought Adam might be right. Babe agreed with the sentiment and echoed the belief that Annie might be headed over the edge.

Back downstairs, Adam carried his grandson back into the living room and gave him his first warning about falling for the women of the world. Erica followed and thought that the lecture was for her sake, but he ignored her and told Little A that he wouldn't learn life lessons that involved Erica until much later in life. She decided then to take her leave, so Adam seated Little A on the floor so that he might walk her out. Once out of the room, Little A watched as a mysterious figure, clad in all black, opened the patio door and started to come in. The figure retreated when he heard Erica and Adam return for her wrap, but continued to watch from outside.



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