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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Aaron and Alison watched through the glass as Chris examined Ethan in his hospital room. Chris pronounced the patient ready to go home, and Aaron decided he wanted to go with him to share in the celebration of the boy's homecoming. He asked Alison to come along, but she said she could not take the time away from work. Lily and Holden brought Ethan out, and Aaron left with them. Alison sought out Chris and thanked him for his help. Chris told her Morty, the pup, missed her and Chris invited her to spend some time with him. Even though Alison told Aaron that she could not take time away from work, she did find someone to take her shift so that she could go to the Lakeview and see the dog. Chris was there by then, and Alison rattled on nervously, making Chris suspicious that all was not well in Alison and Aaron's marriage. Alison denied that, but Chris grabbed and kissed her. She dashed out telling Chris that it was "too late."

Jack went to the farm and talked with Emma. His aunt told him that Janet's things were still there and that he should not give up on her. Holden called to tell Emma that Ethan was home at Lily's, and she left to see her grandson. She invited Jack to come along for some family time, but he declined.

Thinking that her son had been killed in the cave-in, Barbara was hysterical at the construction site until she got a call from Paul. He asked her to come immediately to Fairwinds. Meg was missing, and Paul was sure that James was at fault. Paul questioned the maid, but she had no idea where Meg had gone. When Barbara arrived full of questions, Paul explained that James had Meg, so Barbara suggested he call the police. Paul would not consider that, so his mother offered another solution. She told him to call Jack, who was no longer on the Oakdale police force but was a good investigator. This Paul did, and Jack arrived and asked questions, particularly about how Paul had initially contacted Derek Coburn, the loan shark. Paul explained that the connection was through Henry Coleman, and Jack determined that was the place to start.

At Lily's, Holden and Lily connected over the joy of their son's safe return. Mike dropped in and broke the mood between them. Aaron had a discussion with his father about marriage, while Lily explained to Mike how Paul had gotten out of the hole safely through a tunnel. Mike promised to call her later, and he let Lily get back to her family. Emma offered to take the children to the farm for some of her cookies and to give Lily and Holden some time to rest after their ordeal. After the family left, Holden suggested Lily catch up with Mike if she so wished, but Lily told him she did not want to be with Mike. She offered Holden a chance to shower and to change into some of his clothes that were still at her house. Lily took a shower while Holden went looking through a dresser in their former bedroom for his clothes. Lily came out wearing only a towel and headed directly for the bed. She appeared exhausted, so Holden went to take a shower. When he came out, Lily was awake and asked Holden not to go. Instead, she welcomed him back into her bed.

Jack and Paul found Henry recuperating in a bed at Memorial after the explosion at the warehouse. They questioned him about Derek and James's relationship, and Jack asked Henry how to locate the loan shark. Henry did not know, but gave the two of them a good lead. The lead turned out to be Bonnie McKechnie at Metro, so Jack and Paul went there to talk with her. They convinced Bonnie to call Derek and invite him to Metro, and Derek seemed all too willing to get back into Bonnie's good graces. When Coburn arrived, Jack and Paul jumped him and Jack began questioning him concerning Meg. Derek confirmed that James had taken Meg, and Paul went ballistic. Jack asked Bonnie to call her cousin Dallas at the police station to take Derek into custody.

Vienna fed cookies to Henry at the hospital. He told her that James had kidnapped Meg, and apologized to his lover for not protecting her well enough. Vienna was forgiving and even offered to sing Henry a Swedish lullaby.

At the farm, Emma cornered Aaron to have a serious discussion. She had overheard a comment Aaron had made about having a baby with Alison right away, and she wanted to caution her grandson not to rush into an instant family until the bride and groom had some time together as a married couple. Alison came in, looking desperate, and asked for some privacy with Aaron. They went to his bedroom and Alison told him she wanted a baby immediately and the two began to make love. Aaron questioned her sudden change of heart, but Alison was not talking.

Jack and Paul followed Coburn to the station, hoping he could give them a lead on James. Bonnie showed up, as well, and Derek asked to speak with her alone. Bonnie only agreed to the conference in case it would save Meg. Derek was angry that Bonnie had set him up at Metro, but he still asked Bonnie to represent him as his lawyer. Bonnie claimed she was his victim and had no interest in acting as his attorney. She refused and went outside to tell Paul what Derek had requested. Paul begged her to accept the offer because Derek Coburn was the one person who might lead them to his wife.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alison became affectionate with Aaron in the Lakeview lounge, and Emily and Casey, who were lunching there, laughed at them and invited the newlyweds to join them. Aaron had to work, but Alison accepted. Alison noticed Chris ordering a take-out lunch from Aaron and decided to abandon her salad. She approached Chris just as Aaron delivered his order, so Alison put on a show of affection for her new husband in front of Chris.

Jack called on Carly to tell her he was going out of town for a few days to work on a private case. Carly demanded to know if the case was dangerous, so Jack swore her to secrecy and disclosed that James Stenbeck was on the loose and had kidnapped Meg. Jack particularly did not want the rest of the family to know about Meg until he had some better news for them. Carly agreed to silence, but she refused Jack's second request that she talk to Janet and explain that Jack would be out of touch for a while. Carly told Jack he was a "piece of work" for not being brave enough to speak to Janet himself. Jack was fearful that Janet could not keep the secret, so Carly reluctantly agreed to help him. Carly went to the farm to tell Janet, who did not receive the news well.

Mike arrived at the farm to tell Emma that he had begun cleaning up the construction site, but she gave him the news that she was shutting down the project entirely. She regretted selling the land in the first place since it had brought the family so close to tragedy when Ethan fell into the crater. At Lily's house, Lily and Holden enjoyed pillow talk after their lovemaking until a call from Emma summoned them to the farm to help make decisions on the land. They drove to the farm and ran right into Carly, who was leaving after delivering Jack's message to Janet. Holden followed Carly outside to talk and told her that he and Lily were giving their marriage another try. He thanked her for helping him through one of the toughest times of his life, and Carly wished him well.

Emma told Lily and Mike that she could no longer give up the Snyder land, and her emotions overtook her and she went outside. Lily asked Mike what he would do next since the project at the farm was dead. Mike said he would have to move on unless Lily gave him a reason to stay. Lily told Mike that could not be and explained that she and Holden were trying to resurrect their relationship. She and Mike hugged, and Mike left.

At the police station, Bonnie told Paul that she had been one of Derek Coburn's victims so her representing him in court would be a conflict of interest. Paul pled with her to take the only road that might lead them to his wife. Bonnie relented and told Derek that she would represent him, after all, but the loan shark had changed his mind. He no longer wanted her on his case. They discussed his options, and once again Derek reversed his decision and hired Bonnie. He stated his terms: full immunity for his crimes in return for everything he knew about James Stenbeck and his plans. Barbara arrived at the station to see if Paul had learned anything about Meg, and she told her son that she thought James was still testing Paul and had no intention of bringing Meg back.

Janet found Jack still at the police station, and she told him he owed her a personal notification if he were leaving town for a while. They went for coffee, and Jack apologized for sending Carly as a messenger. Janet pointed out to Jack that Carly continued to be his own personal comfort zone. Jack asked for space in order to work through all the recent changes in his life. Janet referred to herself as an "all or nothin' kind of girl," and she was afraid that part of Jack would always belong to Carly.

Casey told Emily that she had run Alison off by being so vocal about the negative aspects of marriage and her cautions to her sister about not getting pregnant too soon. They retreated to Emily's office and began to make love, but Emily called a halt because Casey was not using a condom. He finally produced one, but he was disappointed that Emily was so down on marriage and babies.

Alison followed Chris to Memorial Hospital and accused him of stalking her in the Lakeview. Chris reminded her that Oakdale was not that large a town and they would be running into one another on occasion. He also brought up the fact that the two of them had made love the night before her wedding to Aaron, and she almost gave in to him again. She dashed out, but Chris followed her and asked why it was so difficult for her to say goodbye to him.

Back at the Oakdale Police Department, Bonnie told Dallas what Derek's demands were, and Dallas explained he was not authorized to cut a deal-and a plea bargain was not in the works, either. Bonnie suggested that her client lead the police to Meg Snyder and perhaps then they would cut him a deal. Surprisingly, Coburn agreed to tell them all he knew. Jack and Paul joined them in the interrogation room as they learned some facts. Stenbeck kept a safe house somewhere on a beach on the east coast, and he had captured Meg in order to take her baby. He needed an heir, and Meg was providing one.

Lucinda and her friend Brian, along with Luke, arrived at the farm, and Luke immediately noticed how different his parents were with one another. He was delighted that they were making another attempt at being a family. Emma asked Lucinda for some business advice. What did Lucinda think about donating the Snyder land to the town for use as a children's playground? First, however, Emma had to buy the land back, and she was stumped for a way of getting that much money. Brian suggested a fundraiser and offered some helpful ideas.

Lily and Holden took the children home, and Faith questioned them about their reconciliation. Lily could only promise that she and Holden were going to try their best to make things work this time. Holden then asked Lily about Mike's plans, and, in turn, Lily wanted to know where Holden stood with Carly. The two promised to work on their marriage as a top priority.

Janet approached Carly and told her that she realized she had never really had a chance with Jack. She referred to an "invisible rubber band" that bound Jack and Carly together, and then walked out.

Somewhere on a sandy beach, James Stenbeck led Meg to her new seaside home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When he awoke, Brad found Katie asleep on the living room couch. He asked her why she was there, and she gave him a lame excuse about being restless during the night. Janet rang the doorbell looking for a place to stay. She had left the farm because she felt Jack should stay there since he was a Snyder and she was only a temporary boarder. Janet told Katie and Brad that she had just lost the best thing she had ever had. Katie jumped Brad for not realizing that some people had to live with the consequences of their actions. Brad offered to pay for a hotel room for Janet, but Katie offered to let Janet stay with her... and Brad could bunk on the couch.

Carly found Jack almost comatose in the coffee shop. He had been up all night trying to figure out where James might have taken Meg. Carly took him to her house and gave him more coffee. She also told Jack that Janet had paid her a visit and had told her that the two of them had broken up. Carly offered to give Jack some advice on his love life, but he was already asleep on her couch.

At the police station, Dallas urged Derek to come up with more information on James, other than that he took Meg to a safe house somewhere on the east coast. Derek still maintained that was all he knew, so Bonnie appealed to Dallas to cut her client some slack. Dallas said it all hinged on whether Vienna chose to press kidnapping charges.

James brought Meg a healthful milk shake, which she immediately hurled into his face. James explained that the baby she was carrying was his own grandchild and he would never harm the baby, but Meg was fearful to ingest anything he prepared. Meg agonized that Paul had died in the cave in at the construction site, but Stenbeck assured her that Paul was still alive. Meg was reluctant to believe him, but in her heart she felt her husband was alive, and that gave her hope that Paul could find her. James told Meg that Paul was not clever enough to find her, and Meg regretted signing James's document that gave him rights to her baby. Meg called James insane and obsessed with having a Stenbeck heir. She ran outside but suffered cramps on the beach. James found her and pointed out that there was nothing around for miles, so running was useless. He suggested they make the best of their situation.

Barbara and Paul argued, both frustrated by Meg's kidnapping. Barbara gave Paul a sleeping pill, and he reluctantly took it to get some rest. Paul finally yelled at his mother to get out, and he was able to doze off. In a dreamlike sequence, Paul saw Meg at a seaside cottage, and she was in danger. When he awoke, he told his mother about his vision and then called Jack. Paul offered to give Jack an accurate description of the house where Meg was held prisoner.

Vienna picked up Henry from the hospital and the two of them went back to their room in the Lakeview. Bonnie intercepted them and begged them to go to the Oakdale Police Department and assure Dallas that they were not going to press charges against Derek Coburn. Bonnie claimed that Derek was just another victim of the machinations of James Stenbeck. Vienna made Bonnie declare that she "burned with desire" for Derek before she would agree to Bonnie's request. The three of them went to see Dallas at the station and, despite his urging them to press charges, they declined, and Derek was freed. He left the police station and found Bonnie at the coffee shop. He asked her if she would see him again if the circumstances were different, but Bonnie would not commit.

During their segment on "Oakdale Now," Katie and Brad sparred with each other and barely spoke to the featured guest. The discussion turned to taking responsibility for one's actions versus letting things slide. The conversation turned to their personal situation until the program ended and Katie ran off. She and Brad continued their argument off camera until Katie asked Brad to please go back in time and fix the problem about Leo Morrisey and the destroyed evidence without ruining so many lives. Katie went home and told Janet she was welcome to stay, but Janet still felt responsible for her part in the evidence fiasco. Katie validated Janet's theory that Jack and Carly would always have strong feeling for one another. Brad came home and asked Katie to help him try to fix things. Katie replied that Brad owed his freedom to several different people, and he needed to do something about it himself.

Jack took a shower at Carly's before he left to talk to Paul. It occurred to Jack that Carly's sketching ability might come in handy, so he asked her to accompany him to visit Paul and to draw what Paul described. Carly agreed, and the two of them went to Fairwinds. Paul began his narration as Carly drew the seaside cottage he described. Paul declared the likeness amazing, but Jack reminded them that there was no way to tell exactly where the house was. Paul attempted to summon up another vision, and this time he realized that the house was situated on an island and had a sign in front that depicted birds. After doing some research, Jack surmised that the cottage was on Swan Island, off the coast of Maine. He took the drawing to Dallas at the police station, and she promptly put out a description of the house, including the sign, to coastal Maine police departments. Jack dropped Carly at home and told her that the two of them still made a pretty good team.

Paul had another dream, this time of Meg's lying on the beach and not moving. It left him deeply disturbed. Meanwhile, in Maine, James told Meg he had to leave to get some supplies, so when she was alone, Meg first tried to open the window in her room, but it would not budge. Next she tried picking the locks on the several doors in her room, but she had no luck until the final door. She opened the door cautiously and stepped into a passage that ended at a holding cell containing a sleeping Dusty Donovan.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lily and Holden, with their children, enjoyed lunch at the diner and began making plans for the rest of the day. Carly came in but made a hasty exit. Holden followed her out and told her that the two of them had to act naturally when they had chance encounters, and pretend that things were the way they used to be. Carly protested that things never would be the same. They continued their discussion while Lily waited and finally paid their bill. When Holden returned, he tried to explain his position, but his wife was not receptive.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Dallas told Jack that Swan Island off the coast of Maine was a nature preserve and was uninhabited. The local police knew of no houses on it, so that was a dead end. Paul burst in, hoping to hear that the police knew where Meg was, and when he found out the cottage description had gone nowhere, he went out of control. He shouted at Dallas and Jack that the department should drop all other cases and concentrate on finding his wife. Jack accompanied Paul back to Fairwinds, but Jack said the crime lab could find no evidence that James Stenbeck had been there recently. Jack also recommended that Paul take a couple of the pills Barbara had brought to calm him down. Paul agreed, and took the pills, hoping to get some rest. He took out some photos of Meg and began talking to them when James walked in.

Meg was stunned to see Dusty in a cage in the room she had discovered in the island house. Dusty was asleep, so Meg awakened him, and he recognized her. Meg told him that James had brought them to an island, and it was news to Dusty. He had no idea that James was his captor. Dusty explained how he had faked his death with the help of some nameless people whom he was still protecting. He hoped to find Jennifer's son, Johnny, and had tracked Lucy Montgomery and the boy to Bangkok when someone jumped him in an alley, and he woke up in the cage. The two of them tried to figure out why James had brought them both there. Dusty thought he was still in Thailand and was shocked to learn they were back in the US, or so Meg believed. They realized that James had gone to a great deal of trouble to keep Dusty in the dark. Meg turned on a light switch in the room and was stunned to get a good look at Dusty. He was weak and listless, probably due to lack of exercise and drugs in his food.

Lily and Holden took the kids home and then allowed the girls to take Ethan to the park to swing. Lily felt it was important that Faith knew they still trusted her to look out for her brother because she was still harboring guilt about Ethan's near-tragedy. Holden intimated that the empty house was an opportunity for them to make love, but Lily was reluctant. She told Holden that sex had to be about her and not because of guilt over his affair with Carly. Holden tried to convince her that he had put Carly behind him, but they began to argue. Faith came back to ask a question and was aware of her parents' mood.

Carly called Jack to ask if her sketch had produced any results towards finding Meg. Jack told her unfortunately no one had recognized the cottage. Carly began making lunch alone but then dumped it into the garbage.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul grabbed James and threatened him, but his father professed no knowledge of Meg's whereabouts. Stenbeck suggested Meg might have left of her own volition, perhaps to meet someone more appealing than her husband. Paul refused to take the bait, however, and threatened to call the police. James called his bluff, and as Paul was dialing the number, James disappeared.

Dusty asked Meg why James had captured her, and she explained that he wanted to get back at Paul. That did not make sense to Dusty until Meg told him she had married Paul recently. Dusty was shocked, and Meg tried to convince him that her husband was a changed man. The two argued, but Meg suggested they concentrate on trying to free Dusty from the cage.

Lily showed up unexpectedly at Carly's house and thanked her for her help during the crisis with Ethan. She also told her former friend that her help did not make up for the fact that she had slept with Lily's husband. Lily took some blame on herself because of her affair with Dusty, but she cautioned Carly that she would never forgive Carly for coming between her and Holden.

Holden had taken the kids for ice cream and came home to find Lily gone. Faith questioned her father about his argument with Lily, and Holden reassured her that he and Lily were working on their marriage. When Lily returned, she told Holden she had visited Carly, and that upset Holden. They talked about how Holden had felt when he discovered the souvenirs of Dusty that Lily had saved and how hurt he had been. Lily asked him if Carly could ever be as dead to him as Dusty was to her. Holden agreed that she was not asking for more than he had required of her with Dusty.

Jack arrived at Carly's and she filled him in on what had transpired with Lily. She asked why Holden got a free pass for their affair while she had to wear a scarlet letter. She felt she had lost something valuable: Lily's friendship-along with a chance for a new life.

Meg tried to open Dusty's cage but she had no luck. He urged her to keep trying, but they heard someone coming, so Meg doused the lights and ran back to her room. James returned with food and supplies, and Meg asked if he had gotten her soy milk and cocoa butter. She declared she was lactose intolerant and could only drink that kind of milk, and if James had not gotten it, he had to go back. James believed her until she asked for ice cream, as well, and then he confronted her with being lactose intolerant. She covered that well by telling him he had to find the special ice cream for that condition. He appeared convinced and left again. Meg dashed back to Dusty's cage and this time her pounding on the lock broke it. Dusty was almost too weak to move, but Meg helped him.

Paul lay on the couch for a rest and began thrashing in a half-sleep. He found one of Meg's scarves under the cushions and then slipped into another vision. In this one, he saw Meg and Dusty standing together on a shoreline.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jack arrived at Brad and Katie's house in response to Brad's request to see him. There, Brad handed Jack a check for $20,000, saying it was the least he could do for Jack after everything that had happened. Jack told Brad that he didn't want his money and that money couldn't buy forgiveness. Brad was stunned when Jack tore the check up and walked out the door. When Brad asked Katie what had just happened, she shook her head.

Katie told Brad it had been a stupid idea to try to pay off his brother and that ever since the events with Leo Morrissey had taken place, Brad had not been acting like the man she had married. Brad asked why Katie was with him if he was a constant disappointment. Katie said she loved him, but when she married him, it was because he had shown that he had grown up; since the Leo and Liberty situation, Brad appeared to have reverted to his previous behavior. Brad said Katie didn't respect him the way she did Jack or Mike. Katie asked what Mike had to do with anything, and Brad replied that Katie had been married to Mike once and had probably thought more highly of Mike than she did of Brad. When Katie didn't answer, Brad said, "I'll take that as a yes," and he left.

Mike arrived at Brad and Katie's house to tell Katie he was leaving Oakdale. When Katie asked why, Mike told her that the development deal hadn't worked out and that Lily was reuniting with Holden, so there was nothing more to keep him in town. Katie told Mike she'd had a fight with Brad and had been leaving Brad a message to say she wouldn't be home when he returned. Mike asked where Katie had been planning to go, and Katie said she wasn't sure. She asked where Mike was headed, and he said he thought he might go get a beer somewhere. Katie said, "Sounds good to me," and grabbed her purse to leave with Mike.

They went to Yo's, where Katie admitted to Mike that perhaps Brad wasn't the person she thought he was. Mike asked whether Katie could live with the person Brad was. She said she hoped she could, because another divorce would be proof she was a failure at relationships. Mike told Katie not all her failed relationships had been her fault, and he accepted blame in their own failed marriage because he had walked away from Katie after she cheated on him with Simon, rather than sticking around to try to work things out.

Mike decided to take Katie someplace where she might have some fun, and they ended up in a bar in Chicago. Katie decided to "be Brad" and say, "To hell with the consequences!" In that spirit, Katie ordered two shots of tequila. Several shots later, Katie realized it had gotten late, but she decided not to call Brad to let him know where she was.

Brad went to Al's Diner and told Janet he felt like he'd lost everyone's respect. Janet said sometimes you had to lose something to get back what you believed in the most. Brad asked if Janet meant the way Jack had done, and Janet said yes. Brad wondered why the answer to everything was always to be more like Jack. Janet said nobody wanted Brad to be like Jack, but she suggested that Brad try to be the man Katie knew he could be.

Brad found Jack at Java and told him that he could see that he'd been wrong to offer Jack money in an effort to fix things between them. Brad said it was too late to make up for what Jack had lost, but he was going to do the right thing and turn himself in to the police.

At Metro, Bonnie received a call from Henry but reassured him that all was well, and he could stay home and recover from his ordeal with James. Bonnie then received a call from Derek, who told her he was laying low because James had threatened him, and Derek wasn't sure what James would do if he found out Derek had talked to the police. Bonnie told Derek to come to Metro, because she didn't want him to become James's next victim.

On his way to Metro, Derek encountered James, who asked how Derek had managed to not be picked up by the police for kidnapping Bonnie and Vienna. Derek said he'd been lucky the women hadn't wanted to press charges. James said Derek needed him to go with him to an island off the coast of Maine to help look after Meg, who was his houseguest, but who seemed to have a penchant for wandering off. Derek refused, and James nodded to a man standing nearby. The man then hit Derek from behind, knocking him unconscious.

On the beach near the beach house James was using, Dusty spotted a rowboat on the shore and told Meg that was their chance to escape. Meg began having cramps and told Dusty that she was pregnant. Meg said she would return to James's beach house if that was what it took to ensure her baby would be safe. Meg told Dusty to leave without her and try to bring help back to the island, but Dusty refused to leave her.

Dusty took Meg back to the beach house. Meg saw a new bag of groceries on the table, which indicated that James had returned. Meg said James must be looking for them. Dusty assured Meg that nothing would happen to her or her baby while he was around. However, because he believed James might harm Meg, Dusty eventually convinced Meg to attempt to try to escape with him.

At Fairwinds, Paul's laptop beeped, and when he looked at it, he could see a video of Meg standing on a beach with a man. When the man turned towards the camera, Paul said, "That's impossible!" because the man appeared to be the presumably deceased Dusty Donovan. Paul called Jack and told him that Meg was with Dusty. When Jack reminded Paul that Dusty was dead, Paul told Jack he'd just received a picture of Dusty and Meg on his computer. Jack went to Fairwinds to see for himself. By the time Jack arrived, the video had disappeared, and Paul had to try to convince Jack that what he had seen was real and not a product of the pills he had taken.

Jack took Paul to the police station, where Dallas showed Paul a copy of the coroner's report of Dusty's death. Paul insisted that Dusty was alive, and in his frustration, he shoved Dallas. Dallas asked Paul if he knew the penalty for assaulting an officer, and he put Paul in restraints.

Barbara arrived at the police station, where Jack filled her in on what Paul was claiming to have seen on his computer. Barbara spoke to Paul, who asked why Meg would be holding hands with Dusty. Barbara said Meg wouldn't do that, and she told Paul she would get him out of there. Barbara went to Jack and asked him to help her get Paul to the hospital. At Memorial, a doctor examined Paul and then told Barbara that Paul was suffering from sleep deprivation. The doctor said he had given Paul a sedative and had scheduled a psychiatric consultation for the next morning.

James took Derek to Fairwinds and locked him in the wine cellar. When Derek regained consciousness, James told him he knew that Derek had ratted him out to the cops. Derek said he had been forced to tell the police something in order to get himself released, but that he hadn't given them anything too specific.

Paul slept fitfully but had vivid dreams of Meg and Dusty together at James's beach house. After he imagined them holding hands and walking off together, Paul awoke, got out of bed, and put on his clothes. He left the hospital and returned to Fairwinds, where he heard a tapping noise. When he went to the wine cellar to investigate the noise, Paul found Derek locked in a room. Derek told Paul he wasn't working for James anymore and that if Paul let him out, he would help Paul find Meg. Paul said Derek could help him from where he was, and Derek relented and told Paul that Meg was at a place called Swan's Down Cottage on Faro Island off the coast of Maine. Paul told Derek he would find James and kill him if need be.


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