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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on GL
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Over at Company, Natalia circled jobs in the newspaper as Frank complained about the pipes bursting in the back. Frank said she already had three jobs, but Natalia replied that she'd been fired from Towers. After Natalia entertained being a cocktail server at a gentlemen's club, Frank decided she'd be better off working at Company. An excited Natalia agreed to start the next day. Natalia then told Frank she'd gotten permission to see Rafe that day. She went up to her room to look for rental cars, but no one would rent to her without a credit card.

Back downstairs, a downtrodden Olivia and Remy strolled into Company with bad news. They told Frank that they'd been to see Ava, who'd said she was done with Springfield for good. After Olivia, Remy, Reva, and Jeffrey tried unsuccessfully to convince Ava to return home, Reva and Jeffrey had left for their honeymoon. Olivia advised Remy to respect Ava's wishes, and he bitterly said he understood that Ava wanted nothing to do with him. Remy left in a huff and Olivia half-heartedly told Frank that she couldn't deal with Remy's dashed expectations. Frank wondered about Olivia's hopes. Olivia said she was fine with Ava's decision to return to her hometown to be near the memories of her adoptive mother. Frank heard a delivery truck and said he'd be right back after taking the shipment. Once he left, Olivia fought back her tears.

Olivia went to the Beacon where she encountered Natalia. She snidely told Natalia that Ava wasn't coming home and she didn't want to talk about it. Though Natalia was sad to hear Olivia's news, she had actually been looking for a coworker who'd agreed to let Natalia borrow her car. Olivia wondered why Natalia couldn't just get her own car fixed. Natalia said she didn't want to discuss her troubles, either. Olivia offered to drive Natalia to see Rafe, but Natalia declined, saying Olivia had a lot going on with Ava. Taking her hand and leading her away, Olivia told Natalia, "I have nothing going on with Ava."

Olivia drove Natalia to the prison, where they got to see Rafe for a few brief minutes. Olivia sat in the back of the room as Natalia fretted over Rafe's black eye. When Rafe refused to divulge the details, Olivia ordered him to respect his mother and answer her questions. Rafe admitted it was scary, but he said he was learning the system and how to stay safe. Natalia encouragingly talked about Rafe's fantastic lawyer, but too soon for Natalia's liking, the guard reentered to take Rafe away. Olivia's lowered head popped up when she heard Rafe assuring his mother that he was fine because he had Gus. After Rafe left, Olivia asked Natalia if Rafe still believed in Alan's visions. Natalia said she hadn't deterred Rafe about the visions or told him about Alan's surgery because she wanted to keep Rafe's faith up. Natalia said she still had her faith, but it was faith in God, who helped those who helped themselves. On that note, Natalia asked Olivia to drop her off for a meeting with Vince Russo.

As Olivia returned home and asked her babysitter to work the next day, Natalia met with Russo at Towers. Though she'd become grateful to have Russo on her team, she said she hadn't any idea that Russo was so expensive. Natalia offered to work off his bill. Placing his hairy hand over hers, Russo told her that there were other ways to compensate him. He was sure they could find one that would satisfy them both. Natalia grunted uncomfortably when he grinned at her.

Meanwhile, Remy found his mother at Towers to return her car keys. Felicia said she'd almost reported her car stolen until a neighbor said that the person who'd taken it looked a lot like her son. Remy apologized for taking the car, but he said Olivia drove too slowly for his liking. Remy explained that Ava was over her relationship with Remy and Springfield reminded Ava too much of Max. He said he didn't want any lectures about chasing Ava. Felicia invited Remy to Sunday dinner. Remy said he'd try to make it and then left. As Remy got on the elevator, he received a call from someone inviting him to a poker game that night.

Remy returned to Company. Frank told him that a shady guy had come around asking about him. Remy gave a description of the guy and Frank confirmed it. Remy asked Frank to tell that guy he wasn't interested if Frank saw him again. Frank mentioned his plumbing problems in the back and asked Remy to watch the front of the restaurant. The moment Frank left, a woman at a nearby table screamed that her water had just broken. Remy sprang into action. As Remy helped her give birth on the floor of the restaurant, Remy's mother entered and called emergency services. Frank came back to the front and was shocked to find the woman in labor on the floor. As he got on the phone, Remy instructed the laboring mother to give a final push. Remy handed the woman her son, telling her that he had ten fingers and ten toes. The new mother said she and her husband hadn't picked out a boy's name and then asked Remy what his name was. After Remy told her, the mother named her baby Remy. Tears fell down Remy's cheeks.

In Alan's room at the hospital, Lizzie accused Bill of upsetting Alan. Alan's doctor wasn't in the hospital at the time that Alan's monitor alarms had sounded, but Rick entered to assess the situation. Lizzie asked him many questions, but Rick said he was unsure what had transpired with Alan because he hadn't been Alan's attending physician. Lizzie knew Alan would hate having Rick involved, but as the only doctor on staff, Rick felt obligated to find out if any of Alan's organs had stopped functioning. Bill took Lizzie into the hallway to see Beth and Alex hurrying toward them. Bill told them that Alan had had some brain activity, but they were unsure what kind. Lizzie added that Rick believed Alan's brain was shutting his body down.

As they all settled in for a long, worrisome wait, Beth made a quick call to Lillian. Alex wondered if Lillian should bring the kids up to the hospital "just in case." Beth said no, and Alex quickly nodded, saying that Alan would be fine. In another waiting area, Lizzie apologized to Bill for accusing him of doing something to Alan. Bill admitted that he had been upset and venting to Alan earlier. He wondered if Alan had heard him.

Just then, Rick came out of Alan's room to tell them that Alan was not in crisis. Alan's monitors had sounded because they had registered positive brain activity. Alan might have been ready to come out of his induced coma. As Rick returned to Alan's room to remove Alan's machines, Alex fretted that Rick wasn't the specialist and said Rick hated Alan. Beth had full confidence in Rick, who'd been consulting Alan's doctor on the phone. Rick returned to the waiting area to tell them that Alan was breathing on his own but still in the coma. He said they all needed to monitor Alan for any signs of movement.

Alex rushed to Alan's bedside. Beth and Lizzie comforted each other as they watched through the room's observation window. Alex told Alan that she was on top of things and that everyone was there for him. Alex explained that Lizzie had gotten the mansion and half the company back, but Lizzie still needed Alan's guidance. She said the whole family needed him and she contemplated slapping him silly if she thought it'd bring him out of the coma. She uttered, "I don't know what I'd do without you..."

After the family watched over Alan a while and saw no improvement, Rick burst into the room and started yelling at Alan. Everyone grew upset, but as it turned out, Bill had unwittingly been on the right track by taunting Alan earlier. Rick said Alan's doctor felt Alan needed noise and voices. Bill readily resumed ribbing Alan about living in the mansion. Suddenly, all of them were shouting and Beth saw Alan's foot move. Alex almost fainted in relief when Alan gripped her hand. Finally, a disoriented Alan awakened from his coma.

Rick took Beth and Alex into the hallway to discuss why Alan hadn't spoken. When Rick didn't have any answers, Alex cynically told Rick that no one knew more than he did. After she strode off, Beth took Rick's hand and thanked him for being there for her family. Rick honestly didn't know what was going on with Alan and said his surgeons were on their way.

Back in Alan's room, Lizzie told Bill that he could leave if he wanted to. He hugged her, saying he'd missed the Cubs game already. Alan motioned for paper and pen. Lizzie handed him a pad and a blue marker. After Alan scribbled on the pad, Lizzie read it and became frightened. The message Alan had written read, "Who are you?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Dinah's room at the Beacon, Grady munched on canned chips and read a comic strip. He said when he'd been broke, he'd lived outside. Dinah replied that WSPR was paying her bills since her brother had frozen her other accounts. Dinah saw a news article on her laptop about Spaulding and Decker, and feared that Bill would have everything while she had only a street thug. Grady reminded her that a street thug was what she'd wanted. When she told him that he was sloppy and needed a haircut, Grady dumped the chips on her floor and said he quit. Dinah glowered at the mess as Grady stomped out in his duct-taped boots.

Dinah went to the mansion and Hilda worried about getting in trouble for Dinah's visit. Hilda understood sibling problems because she'd had some of her own with her brother over a hardware store he'd opened. Dinah noticed how well Hilda looked and said she'd missed her. Dinah presented a bottle of champagne as a gift for Lizzie and Bill to drink on a romantic occasion. Hilda rolled her eyes at the idea that Bill and Lizzie could be romantic, and then Hilda decided that she and Dinah should have ice cream and manicures on the patio like they used to do when Dinah had lived there. As Hilda set it up, Dinah snooped around the mansion. She found a black planner belonging to Lizzie and said to herself that it could come in handy. Upon searching the upstairs rooms, Dinah discovered that Lizzie and Bill lived separately. Dinah uttered that it wasn't paradise, after all.

After leaving the mansion, Dinah sought out Lawrence Decker at Towers. Decker greeted Dinah, telling her what an amazing woman she was. As they sat together, Dinah said she needed to talk to Decker about Lizzie and Bill because she wanted to save them all trouble down the road. Dinah told Decker about Lizzie and Bill's volatile relationship, but Decker seemed to have already gathered that the couple argued a lot. He additionally told Dinah that in past conversations with Bill, Bill had attributed weaknesses in Maximus to Dinah's leadership. With Dinah ousted from the company, Bill had assured Decker that things would run smoothly. Silently fuming, Dinah said she'd acquired the company without anyone's help after she'd recovered from a gunshot wound to the head. Even so, Decker liked the dynamics between Lizzie and Bill, and felt no one could buy their kind of energy. Dinah scathingly said the two weren't even sleeping together and warned Decker that if he got into bed with them, he'd regret it. Decker was more concerned about what they did while they were awake. He thanked Dinah for her advice, but he said he'd take his chances.

Meanwhile, Cassie strolled to her barn to find Cyrus outside painting new planks for it. He had discovered rotted wood in the barn and he planned to repair it a few boards at a time. While they discussed hiding the stolen stereo equipment, Harris, the victim of the theft, approached to apprise Cassie of the crime. Cyrus slipped behind the open barn door and made faces at Cassie, who stood beside him holding the door as she listened to Harris. Harris said his insurance would only cover half the value of the stolen goods. Since Josh no longer lived at the house, Harris worried about Cassie. He flirted with her, saying that she and R.J. could stay at his place if she needed to feel safe. Cyrus continued to make faces as Harris worked his eerie charms on Cassie. After declining Harris' offer to search her barn, Cassie politely said she'd call if she needed him. Once Harris left, Cyrus and Cassie decided they needed to dump the stolen goods pronto. Just then, Grady called Cyrus and invited him home to talk. Cyrus mysteriously told Cassie he had to take care of something, and left.

When Cyrus arrived home, Grady told him about a score that he'd concocted to rob an armored truck while the drivers were enjoying their daily meal from the hot dog stand. Cassie slinked up, hid beside the house, and listened in. Grady asked Cyrus to help him pull it off, but Cyrus thought the plan was ill-conceived. After dismantling Grady's flawed scheme, Cyrus said that they should take advantage of their second chances. Cyrus didn't know why the witness against him hadn't testified, but he thought that perhaps it was a sign. Grady retorted that he was Cyrus' sign. Grady revealed that the witness had changed his story because Grady had threatened to kick his butt. Since Cyrus had helped Grady get out of jail, Grady felt his gesture with the witness had made them even. Upon leaving, Grady told Cyrus to steer clear of him from that point on.

After Grady walked off, Cyrus discovered Cassie lurking beside the house and accused her of actually worrying about him enough to follow him. Cassie scoffed, saying she was worried about the stolen merchandise and her rotting barn. She agreed with Grady, however, that Cyrus needed to let him be on his own. On the way back at Cassie's, they discussed the stolen goods. Cassie suggested they hide the stereo equipment in Tammy's old room temporarily, just in case Harris started snooping around. Upon approaching the barn, they heard a motor start. Cassie went to the barn door and found a note on it from Harris that said he'd borrowed her tractor again. Paranoid, Cassie seemed convinced that Harris must have found the stolen merchandise.

Meanwhile, Grady went to Towers where he sat beside Dinah at the bar. After they commiserated about having no one to trust, Dinah asked Grady if he wanted to make more money. She thought it was time that Bill saw how his self-destructiveness was hurting other people. Grady eagerly suggested torching the mansion. Dinah wanted him to start a fire of a different kind, and said Grady's next assignment was to break up Lizzie and Bill.

At Cedars, Alex and Beth strolled into Alan's hospital room and Lizzie shared Alan's note with them. When Beth read the note, she chuckled, saying that Alan was just joking. Leaning over him, Beth and Alex asked Alan if he knew their names. As the three ladies spoke to a silent but watchful Alan, Bill Lewis slipped out of the room to consult Rick. After Rick assured Bill that Alan had no brain damage, Bill called Lawrence Decker for a meeting and then left.

Back in Alan's room, Alex handed Alan one of his favorite cigars. He quietly held it as he listened to Lizzie tell him who the Spauldings were. Lizzie showed him a press release and bragged about using everything Alan had taught her to get the Decker deal. Beth, Alex, and Lizzie told Alan how much they loved him. Alan looked down at the cigar and Rick said that Alan had had enough activity. Lizzie walked into the hallway and pulled out her pink cell phone.

Meanwhile, at Towers, Bill tried to shuffle Lizzie aside in the Decker deal, but Decker made it clear that Lizzie was the clincher in that deal. Bill changed his tactics, revealing that Lizzie was having family problems. As her partner, Bill felt he had to be strong for their team. Decker's phone rang and he took the call without leaving the table. Lizzie was on the line and said she had a crazy suspicion that Bill might call Decker to say that she was too distraught to close their deal. Looking at Bill, Decker told Lizzie that she wasn't crazy. Lizzie offered to close the Decker deal with an additional 2%. Placing his hand over the receiver, Decker told Bill that he'd just gotten a higher offer. Bill immediately doubled the offer. Believing that an unknown party was stealing her deal, Lizzie upped her offer. They bid back and forth until Lizzie said her final offer was 6%. Bill trumped her at 8%.

After giving Decker time to mull over the offer, Bill returned to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers for Alan. Bill met Lizzie in the waiting area and each of their cell phones rang. Upon answering, they both found themselves on the line with Decker. He told them that he liked their competitive relationship and appreciated Lizzie's 6% and Bill's 8% offers. Decker decided he'd accept their deal at Bill's 8% gross. After they hung up with Decker, Lizzie was livid to learn she'd been bidding against Bill earlier. She called Bill an idiot, but Bill swore he hadn't known that she'd been his phone competitor when he'd made Decker the offer. Lizzie thought Bill had no business being with Decker in the first place and Bill retorted that Lizzie had her plate full with Alan. They warred together until they were kissing. Dinah watched them from around a corner and almost gagged at the sight. Dinah left before their ensuing passion reverted to arguing. Since Bill had closed the deal, he wanted to be Decker's "go-to" guy. Lizzie seethed that Bill could "go to" hell.

Back in Alan's room, Beth brought Peyton to see her father. Alan smiled and touched the child. Later, Alan slept while Beth cried at his bedside. Alex lent some comfort and Beth said the kids were in the family's room with Lillian. As they discussed the unexpected complication of Alan's memory loss, Alan groaned, "El...iz...a...beth." Beth rushed into the hall to get Lizzie, who was still arguing with Bill. Lizzie and Bill joined Beth and Alex in Alan's room.

They all watched as Rick quizzed Alan on his memory. Alan successfully answered his questions. When Rick asked him to name his sister, Alan wondered which one: Alex, Amanda, or Victoria. Alex giggled because Alan even remembered the bastard sibling. Annoyed, Alan asked Rick to stop with the questions. Rick seemed satisfied that Alan had regained his memory and asked the family to leave with him to discuss Alan's treatment. As they all filed out, Alan motioned for Bill to remain. Bill went to Alan's bedside, and Alan uttered, "I just want you to know that your free ride is over."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mallet and Marina caught Jeffrey's new assistant, Daisy, at a computer in the police station pulling up Grady Foley's criminal record. When Daisy confided that breaking up with Grady had been hard, Marina and Mallet offered to print for her a copy of his rap sheet to help ease her conscience about her choice. Daisy left work to meet Ashlee in Marina's hotel room. As Ashlee thumbed through Daisy's closet for something for Daisy to wear for their "girls' night out," she caught Daisy staring at the skeleton key Grady had given her when they'd first met. When Ashlee learned that the key was a memento from Grady, she confiscated it, saying she'd think about returning it later. Ashlee reminded Daisy that Grady was the cause of Rafe's troubles. Daisy agreed and then dressed for their night out at Towers.

Meanwhile, Grady followed Dinah outside Towers, still offering to burn down the mansion. Dinah squashed the idea, saying the house contained Rembrandts, Chinese porcelain, and Flemish tapestries. "So?" Grady asked. Dinah said she wanted Grady to seduce Lizzie. Though Dinah had deemed Grady thuggish, she believed that with some sprucing up, he'd be quite handsome. Dinah took Grady to have a suit made and Grady threatened the tailor when he tried to measure Grady's inseam. Sporting a black blazer and ponytail, Grady said not every woman fell at his feet. Dinah thought he was referring to Daisy, but smiling, Grady said he was referring to Dinah. Ignoring his blatant advances, Dinah said a refined Lizzie couldn't be seen with someone in a ratty shirt. Beneath a suit, Grady said he was still Grady. He wondered if he'd be acceptable. Fixing his collar, Dinah replied that a suited Grady was more than acceptable.

Later, Dinah whistled when Grady emerged in a tailored suit with lengthy but groomed hair and well-trimmed beard. Grady was glad she was pleased, but he said his necktie was choking him. After Dinah gave him cash and instructions on how to approach Lizzie, Grady swept her in for a long kiss. Dinah seemed slightly affected by Grady's passion, but she played it off by patting his butt and sending him on his way.

Over at Towers, Ashlee and Daisy exited the elevator and ran into a suavely reformed Grady. Ashlee advised Daisy to keep walking, but Daisy was too awed by Grady's new look to move. Grady said he had a job, but Ashlee frowned, doubtful that anyone would hire him. Grady asked Daisy how she liked his look. Though she thought he looked good, she said it wasn't like him. Just then, his phone rang. It was Dinah asking him if Lizzie had arrived. Grady said she hadn't and Dinah wondered if Lizzie had canceled her appointment. When Dinah heard Daisy in the background, she warned Grady about losing focus and ordered him back to her place to talk about it. Once he got off the phone, Daisy asked him if he'd been talking to his boss. When Grady called his boss a "she," Daisy's cheeks reddened. Ashlee cut the encounter short, shuffling Daisy over to the bar. Once Grady left, Ashlee told a distracted Daisy to go after him and get it out of her system. When Daisy actually left, a crushed Ashlee screamed for Daisy to wait for her.

Outside Dinah's door at the Beacon, Grady whipped around to find Daisy and Ashlee on his heels. He accused them of tailing him, but Ashlee stuttered that Daisy lived at the hotel. Grady began to tell Daisy why he was there, but Dinah opened the door just wide enough to reach out and yank Grady inside. Neither Ashlee nor Daisy saw Dinah, but they heard a female hollering inside. Ashlee said Daisy had seen all she needed to see and they left.

Sometime later, Daisy returned to Towers alone and sat with a young man. He offered to get her a drink and she asked him if he had a fake I.D. Not only did he have a fake I.D., he also had some "happy pills" that they could enjoy in private. After the guy went to the bar, a cop exited the elevator. Daisy went up to the cop, saying that she worked for the D.A. She told the officer that the guy she'd been sitting with had fake I.D.s and drugs. She said she just wanted to win one for the good guys and then she left Towers.

In Dinah's room, Grady was upset that Dinah had given Daisy the wrong impression. Dinah said the problem with puppy love was that it kept one a puppy. Dinah needed a pit bull. Grady said pit bulls were hard to control. As Dinah cockily said she just needed to throw the pit bull a bone, Grady pushed her up against the wall. Nose to nose, he rasped, "Where's my treat?" Dinah pulled out of his grasp and told him that he was not the one in control. Grady asked her if they merely had a personal relationship and Dinah replied that whatever happened between them shouldn't affect his ability to do his job. He'd get no treats from her until his job was complete. Dinah wanted him to sleep with Lizzie and make her beg more. Pulling Grady along by his tie, she said once Lizzie walked away from Bill, they'd talk about a payment plan. Dinah briefly locked lips with Grady and then shoved him out the door.

At the hospital, Remy visited "Baby Remy." Mel couldn't believe the parents of the newborn that Remy had helped deliver at Company the other day had named their baby after Remy. Remy chuckled and Mel noted that Remy looked really happy. Mel told him that delivering the baby in front of their mother had opened up a whole new can of worms for him, because their father had decided that Remy needed to go to medical school. Mel handed him a package from Springfield University's medical school. Delivering that baby had felt good to Remy, but he said one delivery didn't make him a doctor. He felt their father was always comparing them to each other and Remy didn't want to feel forced into medical school. When Mel said he could go to law school, Remy huffed that where he was going was to Harley's old place to help with the renovations. Mel wanted to pitch in, as well. Before they left, Clayton called her. She told him what she and her brother were doing and then said she was still working on Remy. Putting away her phone, Mel said Remy owed her because her father had wanted to come to Harley's as well. Remy begrudgingly grabbed the medical school package and they took off.

Meanwhile, at Harley's, Mallet had just sanded the floor and Marina sailed across it in her socks. She landed on top of Mallet. When Remy and Mel came through the kitchen door, Remy covered Mel's eyes so that she couldn't see Mallet and Marina making out at the foot of the staircase. Marina claimed she'd been reenacting the slide from "Risky Business." As the foursome got to work, Marina became sentimental about the house again. Just then, Mel received another call from her father. After she got off the phone, she announced that Clayton wanted to buy Harley's house for Mel and Remy to live in while Remy went to medical school.

Mallet wondered how serious Clayton Boudreau was about the purchase. Remy said he and Mel hadn't lived together since high school. Mel imitated her father, saying, "I can hear him now: 'Melisande, you could use a man around the house. And Remy, your sister can help you with your studies." Remy retorted, "What studies! I told you I'm not going to medical school." Marina thought Clayton's idea was just a whim and it would blow over.

After working on the house, Mel and Remy sat down for a meal at Company. They bickered over what to have on their pizza and Remy sighed that they couldn't live together. He wished someone else had delivered that baby. Mel worried that Marina and Mallet might accept their father's offer, since no one ever said no to him. Remy compromised to having half sausage and half mushroom on the pizza. When Mel snickered that Remington would have made a good doctor, Remy threw bread at her.

Back at the police station, Mallet and Marina argued over whether to call Harley about Clayton's deal. Mallet said Harley trusted them to make the decision. Mallet didn't know if he wanted to sell to Clayton, since Remy and Mel might not even want to live there. Marina thought they'd lose a sale in a down market. Then she grew tearful, saying she couldn't keep saying goodbye to things. She insisted upon telling Harley that they were taking Clayton's offer. Mallet felt it was a mistake, and Marina thanked him for trying to protect her.

Outside Cassie's barn, Cyrus and Cassie panicked because Harris was inside the barn retrieving Cassie's tractor. Cassie was sure Harris would find his electronics inside. Cyrus said he needed to think, but Cassie began yelling for help. She then told Cyrus that she'd distract Harris while Cyrus slipped into the barn to move the stolen goods. When neighbor Harris ran out of the barn and over to Cassie's side, Cyrus slipped undetected into the barn. Cassie told Harris that her front door was wide open. She assumed the robbers had come to her house. Harris put a protective arm around her and led her toward the house. He suddenly turned around, deciding he'd better get some kind of weapon from the barn. Cassie anxiously pulled at Harris, telling him not to go into the barn. Harris entered anyway and stumbled upon a suspicious-looking Cyrus rolling a covered wheelbarrow. Harris brandished a long handled brush and ordered Cyrus to identify himself. Cyrus indignantly asked Harris who he was. Cyrus then explained that he worked for Cassie. When Cyrus offered to work for Harris, as well, Cassie said that Cyrus could work only for her. With a shrug, Harris told them that they didn't fool him. He assumed they had something going on between them and he said their secret was safe with him.

Exiting the barn, Cyrus vehemently denied an intimate relationship with Cassie, citing that her divorce wasn't even finalized. Cassie reminded the men that a burglar was in her house, but Cyrus claimed he'd left the door open when he'd gone inside to wash his hands. Cassie asked Harris if he still needed to use her tractor, but Cyrus said he was just about to use it. Harris opted to borrow it another time. He handed Cyrus the long handled scrub brush and exited. Once Harris left, the conspiring pair decided to get the stolen equipment over to the children's hospital.

After Cassie and Cyrus presented the equipment to the children's hospital, they returned to Cassie's house. Cassie told Cyrus how wonderful performing their good deed had felt. Cyrus commented that he'd had a similar feeling after pulling off big scores. Cassie disagreed that they'd pulled off a score. They'd simply taken something from a guy who didn't deserve it and given to someone who did. "Robin Hood logic," Cyrus called it. Cassie kept defending herself, but Cyrus told her that it was okay to have enjoyed hoodwinking Harris.

As Cyrus packed up for the day, Cassie came outside to ask him to taste her sauce. She brought him a whole meal instead of a taste and Cassie shrugged, saying she'd had extra. Cassie said he could leave the plate by the door when he was done. Before going into the house, Cassie asserted that she really had been good earlier that day. "Like a pro," Cyrus said, munching on his meal.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

At Towers, Doris Wolfe held a press conference to proclaim her commitment to curbing youth crime. Holding up Rafe's picture, Doris said there was zero tolerance for youthful offenders like him and then announced the assembly of a special police task force dedicated to youth crime. After her conference, Ashlee and Daisy ambushed her and plied her with compliments. Doris wondered what they were up to. Over lunch, Daisy proposed that Doris hire her to consult on the youth task force. Daisy felt she could help the police understand and catch youthful offenders. Ashlee backed Daisy by explaining that Daisy had been instrumental in a youthful offender's arrest just the other day. Daisy said no one knew the teenaged mind better than a teenager. "Especially one with a rap sheet," Doris quipped. However, Daisy countered that her criminal history made her even more qualified. Doris liked the idea and said Daisy could be an example of one teen reformed by Doris' leadership. Doris agreed to the proposition but said it wouldn't get Daisy's boyfriend Rafe a pardon. Daisy said she only wanted Rafe to get a speedy trial. Doris agreed to move up Rafe's trial date if Daisy could bring her something press worthy.

After Daisy left, Ashlee wondered why Doris was easing up on Rafe. Doris said she'd gotten all the mileage out of Rafe that she could get. With Jeffrey on Rafe's side, Doris felt she'd lose Rafe's conviction. In the end, Doris wanted what the public wanted. With Daisy's plan, she felt she'd remove plenty of other youthful thugs off the streets. Ashlee asked what would happen if Daisy couldn't deliver. "Then I know nothing about this," Doris replied.

Doris contemplated Ashlee for a couple moments and then admitted she'd been wrong about Ashlee's surgery. While it had been one thing to have the procedure, it was quite another to commit to a lifestyle change. Doris hadn't been sure Ashlee could do it. However, Daisy noted that even with the heavy meals she and Daisy had ordered, Ashlee had gotten a salad. Doris proudly complimented Ashlee for her commitment and said Ashlee looked great. Ashlee grew teary-eyed as Doris said she'd been wrong about her daughter's perseverance.

A despairing Natalia caught Wolfe's press conference on television in her room at the boardinghouse. Vince Russo left her a message saying Wolfe was out to crucify Rafe. He offered to help, saying that Natalia knew his terms. Natalia went downstairs to Company where she strolled over to Olivia and Emma with a fifty-dollar installment on her repayment of Russo's retainer. Handing Olivia a couple more bucks, Natalia said she was working at the Beacon, at Company, and at the hospital, so she wouldn't fall behind. Olivia sent Emma to get breadcrumbs for the ducks they planned to feed at the lake, and then told Natalia there was no hurry to repay her. When Natalia insisted upon keeping current, Olivia wanted to know what was really wrong.

Natalia proclaimed that Rafe wouldn't rot in prison because she was poor. Olivia said Natalia ought to give Russo the fifty bucks. Natalia bitterly replied that Russo wanted more than that. Natalia said it wasn't Olivia's problem and she'd handle it on her own. When Natalia left, Olivia discovered a bank pamphlet on her table. Emma returned and asked her what it was. Olivia thoughtfully said Natalia was seeking a mortgage. Emma wondered what a mortgage was and Olivia tossed the pamphlet down, sadly saying it wasn't their problem.

Buzz approached to congratulate Olivia on her job with Decker. Buzz said that while Decker had breakfast at Company, he'd mentioned that Olivia would be the spokesperson for his hotels. Olivia replied that she'd turned Decker down. Buzz said the glitzy job seemed perfect for Olivia. Olivia replied that after what had happened with Ava, she'd learned that there was more to life than power lunches. Olivia and Emma left for the lake.

While feeding the ducks at the lake, Emma asked Olivia why Natalia was sad. Olivia said Rafe needed help, but without money, Natalia felt powerless. Olivia said it was a lesson in being self-sufficient, because it wasn't fun relying on others for help. Emma retorted that Olivia had received help when she was sick. Olivia said she wasn't sick anymore. Emma was glad for that and Olivia said she was, too. Deciding they didn't need a reminder of that time, Olivia strode over to the memorial plaque that Gus had had chained to the gazebo and laid it on the ground.

Olivia and Emma were just about to hit the swings when Lawrence Decker approached their bench. He said he was still in town finalizing his deal with Bill and Lizzie. Olivia gave him a funny look and he asked her why. Olivia shook it off, saying the reasons for her mistrust of those two were purely personal. As Emma rushed toward the swing set, Lawrence noted that Emma was pretty special and he could understand why Olivia wanted to raise her instead of work. Olivia replied that she could handle both work and her child.

Lawrence sat down to discuss the spokesperson position. After watching her friend struggle to provide for her son, Olivia realized how important it was to provide for Emma and to be a role model. Decker liked her verbiage and considered using it in Olivia's campaigns. Olivia mentioned Ava's affinity for working in the hotel business and asked Decker to include her in the deal. Decker expressed concern over things he'd heard around town about Olivia. "That I'm a bitch?" Olivia quipped. Decker chuckled, saying he'd heard about her heart surgery and thought the job might be too taxing. Olivia said she kept up with her eight-year-old daughter and assured him that her health was fine. Decker wondered when Olivia could start work.

At the Beacon, Olivia told Emma about the new job and said she'd have to stay with Jane while Olivia traveled. Emma said it was fine and told her mom, "You've got the power now! Maybe you can give some to Natalia." Emma hugged Olivia and Olivia looked pained. She told a curious Emma that she was fine, but as Olivia settled onto the bed, she strained to breathe.

Some time later, an energetic Natalia returned to Company in a sharp business suit and told Buzz that she'd been approved for a home equity loan on the house that Gus had given her. When she said it had been her first time qualifying for a loan, Buzz offered to review the papers. Buzz unfortunately said that the terms of the loan severely favored the bank and practically set Natalia up to lose the house if she couldn't make the balloon payment due in five years. A crushed Natalia agreed with Buzz when he'd figured that loan was to pay for Rafe's lawyer. Buzz suggested Natalia negotiate with Russo. Natalia grew more depressed and Buzz offered to give her an advance on her salary. Natalia said Buzz couldn't give her a year's worth of salary upfront. She didn't want him to worry about her because she'd figure something out.

Over at Harley's, Mallet and Marina argued about accepting Clayton's offer on the house. Mallet figured out that Marina was attached to the house and didn't really want it to sell. Marina accused Mallet of not wanting the house to sell either. Mallet went to work and their argument followed him when Marina showed up at the police station later in a foul mood. She'd learned that she was the head of a task force that she didn't know even existed until Doris Wolfe had announced it earlier. Mallet busily compiled Marina a list police candidates for her task force, but Marina snidely reminded him that he had citizen complaints to read.

After Mallet left, Daisy entered and sprang the news that Doris had put Daisy on Marina's new task force. Marina chuckled, but Daisy persisted, saying Doris approved it. Even if Daisy had mayoral approval, Marina asserted that she was in charge of her own task force. Marina suggested Daisy fill out an application and come back in a year if she wanted to be a cop. Daisy rolled her eyes, whining that she'd finally found a way to help Rafe legally, but Marina still had a problem with her tactics. Daisy grabbed one of Marina's files and asked her why she hadn't arrested the suspect in it. Daisy said she'd been in biology class with the guy, but Marina said that hardly qualified Daisy for police work. Marina still dismissed the idea of Daisy being on her task force, and Daisy marched out of the police station.

Mallet returned and Marina told him about Daisy's insane idea of consulting on police cases. Marina felt Daisy was just as impetuous as Harley and as reckless as Reva. Mallet said that was precisely why Marina should consider the idea. He suspected Daisy would find a way to do what she wanted to do. Mallet suggested it was better to let Daisy do it under her cousin Marina's protective supervision than on her own. Marina liked Mallet's way of thinking.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Ashlee met at Company. Ashlee told Daisy about the touching conversation she'd had with her mother. Ashlee thought Doris was just giddy about how good her deal with Daisy would make her look in the press. Daisy said Marina had squashed that deal and Daisy had lost her way to help Rafe. When Buzz strolled over, Daisy told him the dilemma. He offered to talk to Marina about it since Natalia was such a wreck after learning that Rafe had been assaulted while in custody.

After an upset Daisy rushed upstairs to talk to Natalia about Rafe's assault, Marina and Mallet entered Company. Buzz asked Marina about the Daisy situation to learn that Marina had handled it already. Marina said she'd found a way to fit Daisy into her task force. Mallet added that it was a winning situation for everyone.

Upstairs in Natalia's room, Natalia told Daisy that Rafe was okay but the not knowing was hard. Daisy felt the Riveras' plight was her fault for bringing Natalia and Rafe to town to break up Gus and Harley. Daisy thought Rafe might have been better off never meeting Gus. Though things hadn't turned out the way Natalia had wished, she would never regret Rafe meeting his father. Natalia said the loan she'd tried to get hadn't panned out and Daisy offered to help in any way that she could. Natalia felt as if she were failing Rafe. Daisy said Natalia was a good mother and then Daisy confided that she missed her adoptive parents and Harley. Natalia realized that Daisy had had it rough, but said she was a good friend to Rafe. Talking to Natalia made Daisy want to do something good-regardless of how her family felt. When Natalia gave her a mindful stare, Daisy told her not to worry because Daisy knew what she had to do. After Daisy left, Natalia said she knew what she had to do as well.

After Daisy left, Natalia received a one-minute prison call from Rafe. As they spoke, a recording interrupted at intervals to tell them how many seconds remained. Rafe said he was fine, but he worried about Natalia. He could hear the strain in her voice. As the seconds ticked away, Natalia told him to hang on because she was committed to getting him out of prison no matter what it took. The phone call disconnected when time ran out.

A short time later, Daisy sneaked into the police station and stole a police file from Marina's desk. Meanwhile, Natalia stood outside Vince Russo's high-rise office building. She let down her hair and unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt before asking the security guard to let her up to see Vince.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Olivia went to Company and asked Buzz for a glass of champagne to celebrate. Buzz asked if she had good news about Rafe, but Olivia stated that her news was about her. Olivia informed Buzz that she was the face of Galaxy Hotels. Olivia began to say that the opportunity was what she needed, when she appeared to get sick. Olivia shrugged it off as heartburn. Later, Buzz told Olivia about Natalia's money problems, stating that she was worried about losing the house if she could not pay the mortgage. Olivia did not see it as a big deal, and commented that all Natalia had to do was pay the mortgage. Buzz pointed out that Natalia and Olivia flew in completely different circles.

Rafe called Natalia and told her that he was worried about her. Later, Buzz called Rafe to see how he was doing. Rafe confided how tough it was in prison and he was unsure how he would get through it. Buzz confided that he felt the same way when he was in the Army. Buzz commented that he got through it by thinking of Frank at home, but conceded that he ran away, anyway. Buzz's talk seemed to help Rafe, who told Buzz how worried he was about Natalia. Rafe asked Buzz to convince Natalia to have fun and stop worrying about him.

After Rafe's call, Natalia went to Russo's office. Russo told Natalia that he knew she was concerned about his fee and promised to discuss it. After sending his secretary home, Russo told Natalia that for some clients he worked pro bono. Russo stated that meant clients who could not pay with money, could provide other services. Suddenly, Olivia called Russo to ask him to negotiate her contract with Galaxy Hotels. Russo told Olivia that he was with a client. Russo mentioned that it was Natalia and thanked Olivia for the referral, adding that he wished all his clients were as compliant. When the called ended, Russo turned his attention back to Natalia and, while fingering the cross around her neck, he asked if what they said about Catholic girls was true. Suddenly, Natalia asked to use the rest room. After a while, she returned, apparently ready to let herself be seduced.

After speaking with Russo, Olivia attempted to rush out of Company but became lightheaded. Worried about her, Buzz insisted that she go to Cedars to get checked out. Though she seemed to comply, Olivia rushed out of the hospital while they were waiting for the doctor. She burst into Russo's office just as he was ready to seduce Natalia. As Olivia blasted Russo for his actions, he blurted out that Rafe's case was a lost cause. During the argument, Natalia rushed out and went to Company. Olivia followed and Natalia railed at her for interfering. An upset Natalia stated that thanks to Olivia, she lost the best lawyer in town. Natalia vented that she was desperate to help her son and Olivia would have done the exact same thing. Olivia stated that was probably true, but she was not Natalia. Soon after, Buzz told Natalia that Rafe's trial had finally been scheduled. Natalia placed a call to a public defender.

Olivia met with Decker, who introduced her to the press as the face of Galaxy Hotels.

Daisy showed Ashlee the file that she stole from the police station. Daisy told Ashlee that she intended to bust Trey Palmer for drug dealing. Looking at the file, Ashlee stated that police did not have much proof. Daisy replied that they would. Ashlee and Daisy met with Trey. When Trey recognized Ashlee as the mayor's daughter, Daisy quickly got rid of Ashlee so that she could work alone. She then suggested to Trey that they hang out together. Daisy went to Trey's place and asked him to sell her some drugs. Though she did not have enough money, Trey agreed to give her some drugs after Daisy gave him a sob story about her boyfriend being in prison. As Trey dug through his stash, Daisy got out her cell phone to take a picture, only to have him catch her.

Mallet and Marina discussed what kind of pizza to order for lunch. Mallet commented on how easy their relationship was-there was no friction. Marina stated that their relationship was easy because they were friends first. Mallet told Marina that they were friends for life, and kissed her. Afterwards, Marina noticed that one of her files was missing. Later, the pair went to Harley's house, where Marina seemed distracted. Mallet asked why they were there and Marina responded that they needed to talk about selling the house. Marina argued that they should sell to the Boudreaus but Mallet wanted to wait until there was a better offer. After some discussion, Marina suggested they play for it. If she won, they would sell, if he won, they would wait. They ended up playing Twister. Just as Marina fell (thereby losing), Ashlee walked in. Ashlee informed them what Daisy was doing to help Rafe.

Later, Ashlee met with Dinah at Company, Ashlee discussed the teen task force with Dinah, thinking that it made for a good human-interest story. However, Dinah did not think that using teenagers to nab criminals was a very good idea. Her ears perked up when she learned that Marina headed the task force and Daisy was involved. Dinah told Ashlee that the story should revolve around the bad judgment of a certain detective.

Marina and Mallet rushed to Trey's place to retrieve Daisy. After getting no answer, they burst in and found Trey's place empty and trashed. A witness told them that he saw Trey dragging a young girl down the steps.

Daisy tried to convince an upset Trey that she was not trying to set him up. She claimed that she just took a picture of him because she thought he was cute. Holding a gun, Trey was uncertain of what he should do and went through Daisy's bag for something to help him relax. In the bag, he found his police file. Suddenly, Marina and Mallet burst in the room. As Trey aimed his gun at the pair, Mallet yelled for Marina to get behind him and blurted out that he loved her.

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