One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on OLTL

Brody kidnapped Shane after he tried to have the boy's name legally changed. The judge refused without Gigi's consent. Brody had a gun, had flashbacks to an incident that had occurred while he was serving overseas, and began to shoot. John's search for Cristian led to Colombia, but Cristian was gone by the time John arrived. Ray received custody of Langston. Cole witnessed a meeting between Clint and Ray.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, September 22, 2008

What A Day For A Daydream

Upon waking from her dream about John, Marty had questions for a nervous Todd. She told him that she didn't appear to be frightened of John in her dream, and remembered that Ramsey used to show her a picture of John to calm her nerves. Marty was convinced that Todd knew more than he had revealed to her.

Blindsided by Marty's questioning, Todd became frustrated and told her that she was free to leave. In a sarcastic tone, Todd suggested that she rekindle her relationship with John. Marty was taken aback by Todd's reaction. Lashing out at him, Marty reminded Todd that she had lost her memory and had no family to turn to. She believed that she had every right to learn about her past. Remembering Tess's warning that Marty would hate him once she learned about the rape, a remorseful Todd told Marty that his wish was for her to truly want to be with him. Touched by Todd's words, Marty confessed to Todd that she didn't want or need anyone but him. After Marty announced that she wanted to be a part of Todd's life, the two shared a passionate kiss.

At Llanfair, Tina panicked when Tess demanded to know why the basement door was unlocked. Tina stood her ground and blocked Tess's entrance to the basement. When Tess threatened to expose Tina's misdeeds, Tina allowed her entry.

Meanwhile, in the secret room, Natalie turned on the television monitor and observed Jared and David Vickers on the other side of the wall. Curious by the dog's fascination with the basement, Jared placed David Vickers on the ground and waited for him to make his discovery. David Vickers stood directly in front of the secret room, but Jared couldn't understand what was troubling the dog. On the other side of the wall, Natalie begged Jared to find her. As Jared began to wonder if there was actually something on the other side of the wall, Tess appeared.

Jared told Tess that something in the basement was troubling David Vickers and that Tina had given him the key and suggested that he check it out. By reminding Jared that Natalie had left him, Tess managed to divert Jared's attention away from what could possibly be in the basement. Upon convincing Jared that there was nothing in the basement and that the door was to remain locked, Tess picked up David Vickers and they all headed back upstairs. Devastated, Natalie threw a tantrum.

Back upstairs, Tina wondered how Tess would react to her providing Jared with the key to the basement. Jared informed Tina that he didn't discover anything in the basement. As Tina and Tess exchanged cutting remarks, Jared excused himself to look for Natalie's address book. Holding David Vickers, Tess warned Tina to never double-cross her again.

Downstairs, Natalie turned on the television and witnessed the conversation between Tess and Tina. When Tina expressed her displeasure over Tess's behavior, Natalie realized that Tina was aware that Jess was actually Tess and that Natalie was locked in the basement. The revelation gave Natalie a renewed sense of hope. Tina refused to listen to any more of Tess's ranting and demanded that she release David Vickers. Tess threatened to kill the dog if Tina didn't do her bidding. Hoping to learn what leverage Tess had against Tina, Natalie continued to listen to the conversation. Unwilling to risk Sarah and David Vickers' lives, Tina succumbed to Tess's threats.

Tess returned to the basement and greeted Natalie. A confident Natalie informed Tess that Jared would eventually find her, and revealed that she knew Tina was aware of her whereabouts. Stating that no one would search for her, Tess taunted her sister. Natalie was shocked to learn that Tina had helped Tess lock her inside the basement and demanded to know what Tess was holding over their aunt's head. Before Tess could respond, Tina began to speak to Natalie over the television monitor. Tina told Natalie that Tess had threatened to cause harm to Sarah and David Vickers, unless Tina kept her secret. As she apologized for being unable to help Natalie at the moment, Tina was startled when Jared entered the room. When a panicked Tina fell into Jared's arms, he questioned whom she was talking to. While a smile crossed Natalie's face, Tess appeared worried.

At the loft, Rex and Gigi relaxed after an intense lovemaking session. When Rex inquired about Gigi's thoughts, she told him that she was daydreaming about how wonderful their life was going to be. Gigi imagined the wonderful relationship that Shane and Rex would one day share as father and son.

At the cottage, a distraught Brody stared at himself in the mirror and vowed to remain Shane's father. He said that he would never allow Gigi and Rex to take Shane away from him. As he recalled loving moments with Shane, and Gigi's threats to tell the child the truth, Brody appeared more and more disturbed. Removing his clothes, Brody took a shower. As thoughts of Shane and Gigi continued to consume him, Brody broke down in the shower.

Rex and Gigi reminisced about the night that Shane was conceived. Although Rex was excited about telling Shane that he was his father, he was also nervous about the child's reaction to the news. Reminding Gigi that Shane hated him at the moment, Rex was envious of Shane's love and admiration for Brody. When Rex mentioned that he could never be the hero that Brody was, Gigi told Rex that he was a wonderful man who Shane would be proud to call his father. Nervous about confronting Shane, Rex suggested that they prepare to pick their son up from school. Gigi assured Rex that Shane had several hours left in school. Wanting to be on time for school dismissal, Rex jumped in the shower. Moments later, Gigi appeared and the two made love again.

Dressed in his military uniform, a calmer Brody emerged. Recovering his gun, Brody announced that things would get better.

Gigi assured Rex that Shane would accept him and forget about Brody. Agreeing that they would soon have the life together that they had always dreamed of, Gigi and Rex kissed.

At school, Shane played a practical joke on his teacher. As the teacher chastised him, there was a knock on the door. Introducing himself as Shane's father, Brody said that he had come to take his son to a doctor's appointment. Appearing skeptical, Shane's teacher told Brody that she would call Gigi for confirmation.

Later, Gigi and Rex arrived at Shane's school and were stunned to learn that the child had been picked up by his father hours earlier.

At an unknown location, Shane complimented Brody on convincing his teacher to allow him to leave. Engrossed in the paperwork he was signing, Brody smiled at Shane. When Shane asked him what was going on, Brody announced that he was taking the legal steps to give Shane the last name of Lovett. With his revolver by his side, Brody embraced Shane and told him that that they would never be separated again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In Marty's bedroom, Todd and Marty gave in to their passion and sank onto the bed in a heavy make-out session. As Marty drew him close, Todd suddenly pulled away, and told her they couldn't continue. "Why won't you touch me?" Marty asked, mistakenly assuming that Todd was anxious about his "performance" after she had demeaned his manhood during their earlier tryst in college. Todd, nervous about her mention of their past, laughed and told her that he had put that behind him, and claimed that his resistance was because he did not have any "protection" or contraceptives in the house. He told Marty they didn't want her to get pregnant, "yet."

Marty was wistful at the thought of having a baby, and said the idea of carrying a child was amazing-then reminded Todd that they would have "a child of their own," Starr's baby. When Marty inquired about Starr, Todd lied and assured Marty that Starr was still onboard with his plan to "adopt" the child. He reflected on his life, and said that he had been a lousy father and a poor husband. "I feel guilty," Todd said, "because I'm getting everything I want." Marty assured Todd he was a good man, and could make a new start with the new child. As Todd and Marty thumbed through a baby catalog, Todd told her he would spare no expense for the baby's care, and added that he didn't think of Starr's baby as his grandchild, but rather "our child."

At Llanview High, Starr and Markko met at her locker; both wondered where Langston was. Markko was surprised that Langston wouldn't stick with Starr after her outburst at the school assembly, and applauded Starr for her bravery in the face of teasing from the student body. Starr said she hadn't been brave, just honest, and said she had no choice but to keep going; she felt that leaving school for the duration of her pregnancy would be a copout and defeat the purpose of her agreeing to take responsibility and carry her baby to term while going forward with her own life.

Markko called Langston, but got no answer. He told Starr he was worried about the effect Ray Montez's arrival had on Langston's life, and that he was positive that "Uncle Ray" would be trouble. Starr disagreed, and said both Markko and Dorian were overreacting about Ray. Markko feared that Ray would not back off in a fight with Dorian, and that Dorian's aggression against him might play into whatever plans Ray had for his niece. He said that Ray had a hold on Langston, and feared that it would destabilize his own relationship with his girlfriend. Starr told him not to worry, and said that Langston's feelings for Markko wouldn't change. Just then, the principal cornered Starr and Markko, and told Markko he was late for practice. Alone with Starr, the principal demanded Starr follow her back to her office for a "talk."

At Shane's school, Gigi and Rex were shocked to discover Brody had taken off with Shane without permission. Shane's teacher was puzzled by Gigi's reaction, reminding them that Brody was, after all, "Shane's father." Gigi and Rex both cried that Brody wasn't Shane's father, and when Gigi called Brody's cell phone, she got no answer. Gigi told Rex she was afraid she'd set Brody off after their talk earlier that morning, and she worried that Brody was kidnapping her son.

At the cottage, Marcie awoke amidst the wrecked furniture. As she woozily got to her feet, she flashed back to her argument with Brody. She called the frantic Gigi, and haltingly told Gigi to get to the cottage as soon as possible.

At Llanfair, in the secret room, Natalie and Tess watched on the closed-circuit television as Jared questioned Tina about who she was talking to. Tina struggled to explain herself. Natalie pleaded with Tina to come clean, while Tess mocked her cries, but when it became evident that Tina was on the verge of spilling the beans, Tess rushed back upstairs and interrupted Tina and Jared in the kitchen. Tess told Tina that Sarah had called, upset about Cristian. Tess wasted no time in once again raising the veiled specter of Carlo in Tina's mind, and after a few terse words, Tina agreed to go visit her daughter. She pointedly told Jared she hoped that, like Sarah, he was reunited with his true love very soon. Down in the secret room, Natalie watched as Tess continued to try to get her hooks into Jared. Jared told Tess he'd questioned all of Natalie's friends and contacts but had found no trace of her, and Tess feigned sympathy. She offered him a cup of "soothing herbal tea," which he took. Natalie feared the tea was drugged just like the batch Tess had made for her, and screamed for him not to drink it, but Jared sipped his drink anyway. As Tess continued to chat with him, Jared told Tess that "this is wrong," that she shouldn't be playing the role of his friend and confidante after what he'd done. Tess claimed it helped her cope with her own loss, but Jared felt uncomfortable and awkward in Llanfair without Natalie, and said it was time for him to move out. "No!" Tess cried. She told Jared that what had happened to Nash was an accident and not his fault. She begged him to stay, claiming that she needed a friend, and that his loyalty to Natalie reminded her of Nash and his love for her. Tess said that she needed someone in the house that she and the new baby could count on, and asked him to reconsider. Reluctantly, Jared agreed, and Tess hugged him, mugging for the hidden cameras as Natalie watched helplessly.

At the courthouse, Brody and Shane waited for the judge to arrive and help them with Shane's legal name change to "Lovett." As Brody hid his service revolver from Shane's prying eyes, he made up an excuse about why he had wanted to evade the security checkpoint. Growing increasingly nervous and irrational, Brody insisted Shane not call his mother, and said he wanted the name change to be a "surprise" for Gigi. As Shane idly bounced a ball around, Brody was unnerved by his playing. Shane admitted that he was unsure about changing his name, and said that if his mother didn't want it, he didn't want it either. Brody was tense, but finally relented. When Gigi called, he ignored her, and told Shane it was just the manager from Rodi's. He asked Shane to consider hyphenating his name to "Shane Morasco-Lovett," and Shane happily agreed.

When the judge arrived, Shane and Brody made their case for a hyphenated name, but the judge told them that it would be impossible. Brody became upset and asked why, reminding the judge that he had proof of paternity. The judge said that paternity was irrelevant without the mother's permission and notarized signature, and asked them to come back with Gigi to make the name change official.

After the judge was gone, Brody sank into a chair in the courtroom, seething and furious. Shane wanted to get his mother to sign on to the name change. Brody told Shane they couldn't get Gigi involved, because the truth was, "she doesn't want me to be your dad anymore." Brody explained that Gigi wanted Rex to take his place in Shane's life, in every way. He said that Rex wanted to make it appear to the courts and the world that Brody was not really Shane's father. Shane was outraged, and said that he could never let Rex get away with that; "I don't want Rex to be my dad!" "Then he won't be," Brody swore in a steely voice. "I'll make sure of that." He told Shane to be brave, and said that their next move wouldn't be scary for a tough kid like him. Lost in thought, Brody said that "this time," he'd do things right. "When have you ever done things wrong?" Shane asked quizzically. "I've done what I had to do...for the greater good," Brody replied softly. He asked Shane if he was ready to do what was necessary for their "mission," and Shane was enthusiastic. "Father and son" did a military-style fist-pound.

Outside the courtroom, Dorian met with Langston as she stepped off the elevator. Langston asked why Dorian had pulled her out of school early, and Dorian said she was ready to expedite her formal adoption as quickly as possible. Langston was startled that Dorian wanted to do the deed that afternoon, and Dorian fearfully asked Langston if she still wanted to be adopted. Langston assured her she did, but as Dorian began to snipe about her Uncle Ray, she cottoned on to Dorian's true motivations. Langston told Dorian she sensed her panic over Ray, and insisted she had nothing to worry about. Dorian protested that Ray was a stranger who'd appeared from out of nowhere. Langston said that Ray just wanted to get to know his niece, and that his presence in her life didn't take away from the love she and Dorian shared. "You're na´ve," Dorian snapped, and laid the facts out for her ward, retelling the story of how Ray had confronted her and threatened to take full legal custody of Langston. Dorian asked who Langston wanted to be her guardian: Dorian or Ray?

Langston was stunned, and didn't want to believe what Dorian was telling her. She rationalized Dorian's claims, saying that Ray was simply overprotective, and felt honor-bound to care for his late sister's daughter, and make up for the time he and Linda had wasted. She tried to change the subject by talking about Starr, but Dorian steered the topic back to them, asking her point-blank who she would prefer to live with. Langston said that Ray was a wonderful link to her mother and her family history, and she wanted to get to know him, but that she wanted to be with Dorian no matter what. "Let's do it," she said, and agreed to the adoption, though she warned her foster mother not to disparage her uncle. Dorian was overjoyed, and hugged Langston.

At the cottage, Gigi and Rex arrived; Gigi was horrified to discover the mess and the wounded Marcie. Marcie gave the couple the full story about her fight with Brody, and said that Brody had seemed delusional, as if he were talking to someone else. She felt he hadn't meant to hurt her, and that it had been an accident. Rex discovered that some of Shane's clothes were missing, and immediately called the police to report a kidnapping. As Gigi and Rex sifted through the wreckage, Rex found Brody's lockbox, and asked if Brody had owned a gun. Gigi said she didn't know of one, but when Rex opened the box to find it empty-except for a picture of a gun-toting Brody with a fellow soldier-they feared the worst.

At the courthouse, Dorian and Langston met with their lawyer, and as they prepared to enter, they ran across Brody and Shane on their way out. Dorian and Brody shared an icy greeting as the Cramers went inside. Once in the courtroom, Dorian, Langston, and their lawyer met with the judge, who told them there could be no adoption that day, because of an injunction filed to challenge Dorian's claim.

Across the courthouse, Brody and Shane were making their way out, while Brody muttered to himself about Dorian's attitude. Just then, a security guard stopped them, and Brody reflexively clutched Shane in front of him, while hiding his pistol behind his back.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday:

In the school gym, Markko and Cole were shooting hoops while they discussed the things that were bothering them. Markko was worried about Langston. He'd been trying to reach her on her cell phone, to no avail. Cole, meanwhile, was concerned about the long-term ramifications of Starr's decision. Cole didn't think he could look at Starr without remembering that she gave their child up for adoption.

In another part of the school, Blair arrived as Starr and the school's principal were arguing about Starr's future. Blair was furious when she learned that the principal wanted Starr to be home-schooled for the duration of her pregnancy. The principal justified her recommendation by declaring that Starr's presence in school was disruptive. Starr was outraged by the accusation. Starr explained to Blair that she had been forced to defend herself when a fellow classmate had ridiculed her.

Blair threatened to use all of her considerable resources to bring the school's discriminatory attitude to the public's attention. Starr also received surprising support from Cole and Markko. They had overheard the argument between the principal and Blair, and threatened to walk out of the school if the principal forced Starr out. Duly pressured, the principal backed down and let the matter drop. A frantic phone call from Langston interrupted their celebration.

Dorian, Langston, and Ray were gathered at court to petition a judge for custody of Langston. Dorian had hoped that her private detective's report about Ray's criminal past would have an impact on the judge's decision, but it didn't. Ray's attorney argued that Ray had been released and the charges had been dismissed against his client.

The judge gave Ray and Dorian an opportunity to plead their cases. Ray played the family card and argued that his biological connection to Langston was important to his niece's upbringing. Dorian pointed out that Ray had been estranged from Langston's mother for 20 years and that Dorian's home was where Langston belonged. Before the judge went to deliberate the case, Langston asked for an opportunity to address the court. She told the judge that she appreciated Ray's desire to be a part of her life, but she wanted to live with Dorian.

The judge promised to consider Langston's request then adjourned to his chambers. A short time later, the judge returned with his decision. Blair, Starr, Markko, and Cole arrived just moments before the judge spoke. Once they were seated, the judge rendered his decision. He said that whenever it was possible, he tried to keep families together. For that reason, the judge granted custody of Langston to her uncle, Ray.

Bo was at the Palace Hotel, waiting for Clint, when Dallas approached him. While they were chatting, Clint walked up. Dallas quickly excused herself so the brothers could speak privately. Once they were alone, Bo asked Clint about his plans to coerce Dorian into signing over the company. Clint was evasive, but assured his brother that he didn't intend to do anything illegal. Bo had to leave when Rex called with an urgent request for help.

After Bo left, Dallas sent a waiter to Clint's table with a drink, compliments of her. Clint was impressed by her choice and joined Dallas at her table. She asked Clint how things were with Nora and lent a sympathetic ear as Clint told her that he and Nora had agreed to disagree. Dallas continued to cozy up to Clint. She assured him that she was one of those 'gals' who got it; sometimes you had to dirty your hands in order to clean up a mess. Clint seemed to appreciate Dallas' support.

Dallas was momentarily called away when the hotel manager asked to speak with her. When Dallas returned to the table, she told Clint that she had been asked to leave the hotel. A pipe had burst and, unfortunately, the hotel was completely booked so they couldn't accommodate the inconvenienced guests. When Dallas suggested calling the Angel Square Hotel to see if they had an available room, Clint invited her to stay at the Buchanan Mansion.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Charlie ended a business call just as Michael walked into the lobby. Charlie took the opportunity to tell Michael how sorry he had been to hear that the McBains had split up. Michael appreciated Charlie's concern but made it clear that a reunion with Marcie would not happen. Charlie was disappointed to hear Michael talk that way about his marriage. He told Michael that he had once felt that way about his relationship with Viki, but had decided to pursue her when she returned to town. Charlie loved Viki and was hopeful that they would work things out.

Michael didn't share Charlie's optimism. He explained that Marcie's desire to adopt Todd's grandchild was something that Michael couldn't live with. The discussion came to an abrupt end when Marcie walked in. Michael immediately saw her injury and whisked her away to make sure that she was okay. Afterward, when Marcie walked away, Charlie told Michael that he could see that the young couple still loved each other deeply.

At Gigi's home, Gigi became distraught when she realized that Brody had a gun with him. Rex called the police. When Rex learned that Bo was not in his office, he reported Shane's abduction and then called Bo on his cell phone. Bo arrived minutes later and began questioning Marcie. Marcie told Bo about the events that lead up to her injury, which led Bo put out an APB on Brody. Within a short time, Bo learned that Brody had been spotted at the courthouse with Shane. Bo, Rex, and Gigi headed to the courthouse to question the security guard. He told them that Brody had left an hour before their arrival.

After Brody refused to go through a metal detector, he and Shane were escorted out of the courthouse by a security guard. Shane was excited when Brody took him to a park and told him that they would be camping there for the night. To keep Shane from becoming suspicious, Brody pretended to call Gigi and leave her a voicemail message about camping with Shane. After Brody changed from his dress uniform into a set of fatigues, he rejoined Shane at their campsite.

Shane appeared to have his first inkling that something was wrong when he walked up to Brody to ask him what they would do next. As Brody stared intently off into space, he slowly pulled out a gun for Shane to see.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Me Llamo McBain...John McBain"

At Plato Prison in Colombia, John flashed pictures of both Carlo and Cris to the guard, to no avail. The guard advised John that he was unable to give any information on a prisoner, which allowed John to realize that Cris was indeed there. Trying to work his way into the prison, he was mystified when Vanessa Montez arrived and was immediately admitted. Inside, she reiterated to Cris that she would be unable to help him unless he aided her attempts to locate her husband. He assured her that he would, pleading that he was afraid of being killed, due to her husband getting under everyone's skin there. She acknowledged that she would get him out in her own way and would not make the phone calls that Cris had requested of her. Cris swore on his mother's life, as he held onto the cross around Vanessa's neck, that he would assist her in finding her husband.

As John tried to get somewhere with the guard, the warden arrived. As the warden conversed with the guard in Spanish, John broke in, speaking Spanish as well. Introducing himself, he insisted that he knew the men he was looking for were on the premises and he requested that he not be jerked around. He admitted that he was not there on official business, but could make it that way with one phone call. As Vanessa left the cell to retrieve her purse, John went to her immediately, holding out the picture of Cris. Losing his temper, the warden insisted that he had never seen either of the men, and vowed to lock John up instead, if he continued to harass him. He reminded Vanessa of their business and he led her back into the cell. Once there, she handed him a roll of money that he obviously and eagerly anticipated. In addition, she held out her purse with more money and asked if it was enough to buy the American's freedom. Insisting the prisoner was Ray Montez, the warden backed down and accepted the bribe when she offered to speak to John about the picture he had shown her.

Outside, the guard urged John to leave before the warden returned. John went to work quickly and, baiting the guard, mentioned that he knew about Hesser passing around lots of money. He assumed the warden had obtained some and doubted that the guard had received any himself. He suggested that when everything blew up, the warden would be able to pay off whomever he needed to, while the guard would not be able to do the same. Looking around, the guard told John to return in ten minutes, once the warden was gone.

Later, the guard led John to the cell where Cris had been held. It was empty, except for a prison suit with the name Montez stamped on it.

In the courtroom, everyone was visibly shocked as the judge rendered his decision to give custody of Langston to her uncle. As friends and family alike shouted at the judge, Dorian knocked over the table at which she was sitting. Her attorney announced that there would be an appeal. Langston was speechless as Ray advised her that she would grow to love Colombia. He was grateful to Dorian for looking after Langston, but figured that the girl would adapt as easily to her new home as she did with Dorian's family. He explained calmly that he had come to the United States merely to retrieve his niece and would be returning to his own country. It was pointed out that Langston was a citizen of both the United States and Colombia. A livid Dorian accused Ray of doing nothing more than child trafficking.

Dorian continued to plead with the judge, citing the corrupt prison system in Colombia that released Ray from jail. She wondered how it was possible to leave Langston alone with this man. Dorian pointed out how her family loved her, even with all of her faults. She advised the judge how Langston herself had helped Starr in a time of crisis. She painted Langston as a survivor who overcame many personal losses and even brought Markko into the speech, acknowledging how much of a man he was and a wonderful boyfriend to Langston. She berated the judge for not listening to Langston's own choice to remain with Dorian. As the judge sympathetically told her that life was unfair and that there was no right answer, but that his decision would remain unchanged, Dorian turned into a ferocious animal, protecting her cub. She snarled and yelled at the judge, calling him several names, a "son of a bitch" and a "soulless tyrant" among them.

As Dorian sobbed, she told the judge that she had no respect for him. She ordered him to reconsider his decision or she would ruin his life as she ruined the Buchanans' lives. As Dorian continued, the judge finally had enough. He cited her in contempt, and warned the rest of the clan as they continued to shout, that he would make more room in the cell. He advised her that she could conduct his downfall behind bars. An agitated Dorian was led out in handcuffs.

As the search for Brody and Shane continued, Bo phoned in the AMBER Alert to the television networks. Rex handed over a photo of Shane to accompany the official notifications. He also made a quick call to Layla and learned that she was able to provide them with the phone number of Brody's sister. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach her. Bo was unable to learn of Brody's military background, discovering that the man's records were sealed. Regrettably, they presumed that meant that something was being concealed. Gigi blamed herself for all that had happened, because of her hiding the truth over the years. Not getting anywhere on leads to Brody's whereabouts, a stumped Bo thought that perhaps they could locate the soldier in the picture that was found among Brody's things. He thought that the man might be able to provide some insight into Brody's past.

The soldier's name was legible once the photo was blown up. Tracking him down, Bo called the man, Wes, and asked for some help. Refusing to speak against Brody and rat him out, Wes changed his mind when he heard that Gigi was there and that there was a child involved. He recalled how Brody used to talk about Gigi. He admitted that there had been an incident in Iraq and Brody had shot and killed a child.

Up on Llantano Mountain, Brody reacted angrily as Shane reached for his gun. "You don't touch another man's gun," he snapped. Losing his temper, he began to instruct Shane on the proper handling of the gun, while hearing gunshots from battle in his head. Realizing he scared the boy, Brody attempted to lighten the mood by getting Shane to chuckle. He spoke of his military experience and at first refused to answer when the boy asked him if had ever killed anyone. Suddenly he opened up, confessing that he had killed many people in Iraq. He learned too late though, that he was killing a part of himself every time, he added.

Continuing with Shane's lesson, Brody coolly hit his target in the tree. He realized that he had forgotten an important part of the lesson, which was choosing the target. When Shane asked to try to shoot, an annoyed Brody gave in. He asked the boy to stand in front of the target first.

Talia and Antonio attempted to comfort a somber Carlotta, worried over her son's disappearance. When Layla and Sarah arrived with bags of food, a recipe book and no idea of how to prepare some favorites, Carlotta was snapped out of her funk and eagerly focused on helping the young women prepare a feast. She shared the fact that Cris was secretly a better cook than she, having improved on some of the family recipes himself.

Talia berated herself for not acting like a Hesser and listening to her father's own teachings. She should have killed Carlo when she had the chance, she confided to Antonio. She thought that she needed to take him out, before another member of Antonio's family was in danger. She also felt that she was the reason for the danger, though Antonio quickly pointed out his family's history with Carlo. It was Antonio's opinion that they should be better than their fathers, and not associate themselves with their violence. Everyone sat down to a great feast and Antonio said grace, praying for protection for Cris.

Friday, September 26, 2008

War Is Not Over

In anticipation of raising Starr's baby, Todd was preoccupied with finding gifts for the child. When he discovered the photograph of John and Marty, he calmly cut John from the photo and ripped it into pieces. Janet appeared and told him that Marty was upstairs doing research on child rearing. Pleased to hear that Marty was making plans to care for his grandchild, Todd told Janet that Marty was excited about the birth of the child. Janet surmised that Todd was also anxious to raise the child. When Janet mentioned that Starr obviously trusted Todd because she had decided to allow him to raise her child, a look of guilt crossed Todd's face.

As Todd and Janet discussed the arrival of his grandchild, Todd was surprised to learn that Janet also had a daughter. Janet informed Todd that she was estranged from her family and was considered dead to them. Janet told Todd that he was fortunate to be close to his own daughter, and advised him to pray that things stayed that way. Todd appeared bothered by Janet's words.

Janet discovered a photograph of Viki and was shocked to learn that she was Todd's sister. Janet listened to Todd speak lovingly about his family. Todd smiled as she commended him for being a family man. Janet told Todd that Marty was looking forward to raising his grandchild and truly cared for him. Alone, Todd stared thoughtfully at photos of Marty and his family members.

At Plato Prison in Colombia, John and the guard discovered Cris missing from his cell. Upon finding the prison uniform that Cris was wearing, John questioned why the name Montez was on the prison jumpsuit. John demanded to know why Cris was in Plato Prison under an assumed name. Unable to provide John with answers, the guard turned to leave but John restrained him. As John ordered the guard to give him information on Cris's whereabouts, the warden placed a gun against John's back and threatened to shoot him.

Outside the courtroom, Ray sent Clint a text message stating that the job was complete. Ray asked for further instructions.

Inside the courtroom, Blair tried to calm Langston, Starr, Markko, and Cole. Enraged that the judge had given Ray custody of Langston and that Dorian had been arrested, the teens struggled to deal with Ray's decision to take Langston to Colombia. Vowing to protect Langston, an angered Starr, Markko, and Cole promised to take care of Ray. Blair warned the teens that they would cause trouble by reacting hastily. After promising to handle the situation, Blair pleaded with the teens to focus on their studies.

When Ray entered the courtroom, he faced the wrath of Blair and the teens. Langston asked her uncle why he wanted to take her away from her family and friends. Ray told Langston that Colombia was her home. Ignoring their pleas, Ray informed Blair and the kids that the judge had already made his decision - Ray was Langston's legal guardian and she would be raised in Colombia. Fed up with Ray's insensitivity, Starr demanded to know who was responsible for Ray coming to Llanview and claiming Langston.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint smiled as he read Ray's text message. Before he could respond, Dallas interrupted him. When Clint expressed his pleasure over having Dallas as a houseguest, Dallas reminded him that Nora wouldn't share his enthusiasm. Although Clint assured Dallas that he could sway Nora, Dallas insisted that he contact her immediately. Upon learning from Nigel that Rachael and R.J. had unexpected called Nora away to Chicago, Clint instructed Nigel to escort Dallas to the guest quarters. Alone, Clint placed a call to Ray.

Stepping out in the hall, Ray spoke with Clint over the phone. Clint was elated to learn that Ray had won custody and that Dorian had been thrown in jail. Citing that since Dorian was in jail and wouldn't be able to witness Ray dragging Langston away, Clint instructed Ray to allow Langston to spend the night with Blair at La Boulaie. Returning to the courtroom, Ray informed Langston that he had business to tend to and would allow her to stay at La Boulaie for the night. Ray advised Langston to pack her belongings because they would be leaving for Colombia. Before leaving, Ray assured Langston that she would adjust to the situation. Blair instructed Markko and Cole to take Starr and Langston home. Starr, Markko, and Cole vowed to stand by Langston.

In Bo's office, Gigi and Rex listened as Bo spoke with Wes over the speakerphone. When Wes told Bo that Brody had killed a ten-year-old boy during the war, Gigi flew into hysterics. As he tried to calm Gigi, an anxious Rex demanded to know why Brody would kill a child. Wes tried to explain the harsh reality of being a soldier, but Rex wanted direct answers involving the incident. While attempting to quiet Rex, Bo explained to Wes that Brody had taken Shane without Gigi's permission and that they were concerned. During the phone conversation, an officer entered the room and informed Bo that Brody's car had been spotted on Llantano Mountain. Bo and his men rushed to Llantano Mountain, and Rex and Gigi followed behind.

At the police station, Blair demanded that Dorian be released from jail. The officer refused to help her and informed Blair that the only person who could help her was out of the country.

Back at Plato Prison, the warden reminded John that he didn't have any authority in Colombia, and continued to hold him at gunpoint. When the warden threatened to throw him in a cell and stated that he would never be found, John advised him that he was an officer with connections to the FBI. After assuring the warden that the US authorities were aware of his whereabouts, John warned him that he wasn't done with his investigation and calmly walked away.

At La Boulaie, Starr, Markko, and Cole comforted Langston. Alone with Cole, Starr confided in him that she would feel alone if Langston weren't around for the birth of her baby. Before leaving, Cole promised that he would be her friend and help her through the pregnancy. Starr appeared hopeful.

Dallas overheard Clint requesting that Ray return to the mansion. Dallas agreed to keep quiet about her discovery and left so that Clint could speak privately with Ray. When Ray arrived, Clint reminded him that he didn't want him to remain at the main house for very long because he feared that someone would see him. Extending his hand, Clint thanked Ray for a job well done. At that moment, Cole entered the room unnoticed and witnessed the handshake.

Blair told Starr that she was unable to get Dorian released from jail. Starr expressed her concern for Langston and told her mother that she didn't know how Langston would handle losing another parent. Nearby, Markko tried to console Langston. Markko promised Langston that he wouldn't allow Ray to take her away from her family.

Up on Llantano Mountain, a crazed Brody held a gun in his hand. He promised Shane that he would allow him to fire the weapon, but told him to stand in front of his target. When the child questioned why, Brody envisioned the face of the ten-year-old child he had killed during the war. Upon realizing that Shane wasn't the child from the war, Brody told Shane that he had second thoughts about teaching the child to shoot a weapon. Pleading with Brody to teach him, Shane stated that Brody was his father and wondered who would instruct him if Brody didn't. Shane's words gave Brody a change of heart, and he handed the child his weapon. As Shane held the gun and asked Brody if he could fire, Brody envisioned Shane as the child he had killed in the war. Brody's visions sent him into a state of panic.

On the way to Llantano Mountain, Rex tried to comfort a panicked Gigi. She blamed herself and feared that the situation would have a devastating outcome. Rex assured Gigi that Shane would be fine.

As Shane held the gun, Brody continued to have flashbacks of his violent days in Iraq. Brody fell to the ground and sobbed. When a concerned Shane approached him, Brody embraced the child. In tears, Brody professed his love for Shane and apologized to him. Brody held the weapon and told Shane that he would never hurt him. Shane didn't believe he would. At that very moment, Bo and the Llanview PD surrounded Brody and Shane.

With weapons drawn, the officers ordered Brody to surrender. Gigi pleaded with Brody to release Shane, but the child screamed at his mother and told her that he knew the truth. Holding onto Brody for dear life, Shane screamed that Gigi was trying to take his father away from him and demanded that the officers withdraw their weapons. A sharpshooter informed Bo that he had a clear shot of Brody and asked for permission to fire. Bo instructed him to stand by. A tearful Brody insisted that he would never hurt Shane. Acknowledging that he was aware of Brody's concern for Shane, Bo ordered Brody to drop the weapon.

Pointing his weapon at the police, Brody yelled that he couldn't let them take Shane from him. Standing behind Bo and the array of officers, Gigi and Rex begged Brody to let Shane go. When Gigi screamed that Shane was her son, Brody told the child to go to his mother, but Shane refused. Shane was certain that Brody would be killed if Shane left his side. Shane insisted that they were making a mistake. Hearing Shane's words, Bo commanded his men to lower their weapons. Rex begged Bo to reconsider, but he wouldn't. Brody ordered Shane to go to Gigi, and Shane followed his father's instructions.

Crying, Shane pleaded with his mother and Bo to understand Brody's side of the story. Speaking to Brody as a fellow serviceman, Bo told him that he understood how circumstances from the war could affect a man. At that moment, Brody had another flashback from the war. Falling to the ground, Brody began yelling that he was following orders and didn't mean to kill the child. As everyone watched, a hysterical Brody continued to have flashbacks of Iraq. Believing that he was in Iraq, Brody felt he was under attack and pointed his gun in the direction of Rex, Gigi, and the police. Bo demanded that he drop the weapon.

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