One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 2008 on OLTL

Dorian's adoption plans were thwarted when Ray arrived in town. Todd continued with his plans for Starr's baby. Tess forced an imprisoned Natalie to write a 'Dear John' letter to Jared. John decided to search for Carlo. Brody and Marcie fought; she was knocked unconscious. Rex asked Adriana for a divorce. Tina gave Jared a key.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 15, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Alter-ations

At LaBoulaie, Starr and Langston were excited about the adoption. When Langston proudly announced that she would be the newest member of the family, an emotional Starr thought about the child that she was giving up for adoption. In the next room, a delighted Dorian gave the staff detailed instructions on how to decorate the mansion for Langston's adoption party. Dorian relished in her accomplishments - she owned Cramer Enterprises and would soon become Langston's mother. Worried that Dorian might be moving too fast, Blair warned Dorian that an unexpected snag could delay the adoption. She advised Dorian to celebrate after the adoption was finalized. Dorian was adamant about celebrating the same day that Langston agreed to become her daughter. Convinced that nothing could possibly go wrong, Dorian dismissed Blair's fears and continued with her party plans.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Nigel announced to Clint that Jared had arrived with an unsavory character. A devilish smile crossed Clint's face when Jared entered the room with Ray Montez. Ray had questions for Clint. Ray wanted to know what was expected of him and demanded the fee for his services. Clint told Ray that he had already been paid - he had his freedom. He threatened to send Ray back to prison if he didn't cooperate. Clint said that Ray would present himself to Langston as her uncle, and then make an attempt to take custody of her. After Ray made it clear that he had no plans of becoming Langston's guardian, Clint informed him that the scheme wouldn't go that far. Clint further stated that if things went smoothly, Ray would receive a bonus. Ray questioned what Clint would get out of the deal. Refusing to answer Ray's questioning, Clint directed him to the guesthouse and ordered him to clean up so he could carry out his duties.

Alone with Clint, Jared informed him that Ray was in prison for murder. Jared warned Clint that he was unleashing a deadly character upon Langston. Refusing to believe that Langston would be harmed by his actions, Clint ignored Jared's pleas and inquired about Natalie. Believing that Nat was avoiding him because of his plot, Clint was curious to learn if Jared had heard from her. After checking his phone messages, Jared mentioned that he hadn't spoken to Nat and dreaded informing her that Montez was a murderer. Reminding Jared that Nat didn't have a guilty conscious when she helped scam the family, Clint had little interest in Nat's concern for Langston. A troubled Jared assured Clint that he had no idea to what degree Natalie was actually suffering.

Attempting to ease Jared's fears, Clint promised that after his plan was carried out - Montez would go back to Columbia, Langston would become Dorian's daughter, and Clint would regain control of Buchanan Enterprises.

In the basement of Llanfair, a trapped Nat sat in the secret room Tess had built for her. Tess paid Nat a visit and told her sister that no one was looking for her. Nat was convinced that Jared would search for her, but Tess had plans for Nat. As Nat listened in horror, Tess read a Dear John letter that she had prepared. Nat would copy the letter in her own handwriting and direct it to Jared's attention. Tess would ensure that Jared received Nat's instructions to stay out of her life. When Nat refused to write the letter, Tess threatened to kill Jared. In order to spare Jared's life, Nat complied. With Nat's Dear John letter in hand, Tess left Nat alone to watch Tess's plan unfold.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sarah arrived and informed Tina that she planned to stay at Llanfair for a while. Worried about Cristian, Sarah sought comfort from her mother. Terrified of Sarah being within Tess's evil grasp, Tina tried to convince her daughter to go back home. Tina warned Sarah that Jessica and Natalie weren't getting along. Sarah couldn't believe that Jess had made an attempt to forgive Nat and Jared. Longing for Cris, Sarah told her mother that she would go after anyone who harmed Cris. As Sarah proclaimed her love for Cris, Tina consoled her daughter.

Jared returned to Llanfair. An anxious Sarah asked Jared if he had encountered Cris at the airport. When Sarah informed Jared that Cris was missing and Carlo Hesser was suspected in his disappearance, Jared remarked that he heard of Carlo but didn't have any information regarding Cris. Jared asked if Nat knew about Cris. Sarah told him that she hadn't seen Nat. As Nat watched from the secret room, Tess approached and handed Jared the letter. Natalie was distraught as she listened to Jared read the letter. In tears, Nat pleaded with Jared to see through Tess's evil plot.

At the Colombian prison, Cris argued with the guards. Wearing Ray Montez's prison uniform, Cris maintained that he was an American citizen and asked to place a phone call. The guards brought him a cell phone and demanded money. When Cris stated that he didn't have any money, one of the guards shattered the phone into pieces. In a fit of rage, Cris lunged towards the guard. Before Cris could make contact, another guard pulled a gun on him. The guard remarked that Cris wouldn't be speaking with anyone for a long time.

As the guards continued to terrorize Cris, his temper subsided when he entertained thoughts of reuniting with Sarah. Cris vowed to return to her. The guards interrupted Cristian's thoughts when they informed him that his wife had come for a visit. Cris was startled when Mrs. Montez, a beautiful young woman, entered his cell and demanded to know where her husband was.

Back at Llanfair, Marcie and Markko arrived for the party. Surprised to learn that Blair had invited Marcie to the celebration, Starr welcomed her with open arms. Although Dorian gave Marcie the third degree concerning her adoption of Starr's baby, Marcie appeared to enjoy bonding with Starr and Blair. Marcie was delighted when Starr allowed her to feel the baby kick. Later, Starr confided in Blair her fear of returning to school pregnant. Blair told her daughter to hold her head up high.

Addie, Jack, and Sam joined the party. Addie welcomed Langston into the family. Enjoying the attention from her new family, Langston was on top of the world. As Dorian announced that Langston was her daughter, there was a knock on the door. Claiming to be family, Ray entered the room and introduced himself as Langston's uncle. An eerie silence filled the room.

As Nigel watched, Clint drank a toast to the return of the Buchanan legacy.

In Dr. Joplin's office, the doctor refused to help Todd carry out his plan to steal Starr's baby. Citing that she didn't want to destroy so many lives, Joplin pleaded with Todd to exclude her from his evil scheme. Unconcerned with Joplin's conscience, Todd informed Joplin that he wanted the child and she would do his bidding. Reminding the doctor that he would report her son's past misdeeds to the authorities, Todd warned Joplin to do as she was told. Joplin feared that the child would be killed, but Todd assured her that no harm would come to Starr's child. Fed up with Joplin's lack of cooperation, Todd had a warning for her - his past offenses proved that he didn't like to be screwed with. A terrified Joplin succumbed to Todd's threats.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tess, Lies, and Videotape

In Colombia, Cristian was introduced to Ray Montez's beautiful wife, who took one look at him and exclaimed (in Spanish), "Who the hell is this?" The guards insisted that the man was Ray Montez, but Cristian continued to assert his own identity. Mrs. Montez sent the guards away and spoke to Cris alone, demanding to know where her husband was. She suspected that he was a fellow prisoner who had murdered Ray and taken his uniform, but Cris said he had never met Ray. Cristian explained his situation to Mrs. Montez, and said he was a kidnapped American citizen. He begged her to use her phone to contact the American authorities and Antonio, and get the full story. Mrs. Montez, frightened and confused, feared that the entire scenario was a trap to endanger her or Ray, and said she couldn't commit to doing anything for him with her husband still missing. She called for the guards and prepared to leave.

At Llanfair, Natalie watched in frustration as the scene in the drawing room played out on Tess's closed-circuit television. Jared read Natalie's fake "Dear John" letter for himself, and was flabbergasted; he couldn't believe Natalie would suddenly leave town over their argument, especially after making peace at the airport. As Tess tried to subtly convince Jared that the letter was legit, Natalie added her own running commentary from inside the secret room, talking back to the TV, urging Jared not to believe her. "Jared, it's not true," Tina chimed in. "Natalie would never leave you." As Tina and Tess each fought to make Jared see things their way, Tess invoked the threat of Carlo again as she "reflected on the family's troubles." With the danger to Sarah fresh in her mind, Tina backed down, and agreed to go with Sarah to check with the Llanview Police Department on the progress of the search for Cristian.

Once Tina and Sarah were gone, Tess worked on Jared alone, and claimed that Natalie's guilt and anguish over the family situation had gotten the better of her while Jared was away. Her soothsaying had little effect; Jared was convinced the letter was a fake, and that someone had forced Natalie to write it. As Natalie rejoiced below, Jared fingered the wrong culprit, blaming the letter on Clint. He thought Clint had planned to take Natalie out of play while Jared was in Colombia, and said that after their reconciliation at the airport, Jared could never believe that the passionate Natalie he loved would hide her pain from him. Tess made a show of blaming herself, and said that her own heartache over Nash had only made Natalie feel worse while Jared was doing Clint's bidding. She said that Natalie didn't leave because of Clint -- she left because of her own grief. Tess "sadly" declared that Jared was in denial about Natalie's letter, and reminded him that with Natalie gone, it was "just us now." As she put her arm around a skeptical Jared, she promised that they would "take care of each other." Enraged, Natalie threw her pillows around the secret room.

At La Boulaie, Ray introduced himself to Langston and the surprised Cramers, and said he would know Langston anywhere, due to her physical resemblance to his late sister, Linda-Langston's mother. He told Langston it was a pleasure to meet her, and drew the stunned young girl into an awkward embrace. The rest of the party reacted badly, as Blair summoned Shaun, and Markko grabbed Ray and threw him up against the wall. Dorian wanted Shaun to throw Ray out, but Ray continued to insist that he came in peace and could verify his identity. Addie came to Ray's defense, speaking a little Spanish with him and flirting up a storm; she said she saw the resemblance between Langston and Montez herself.

Langston asked Dorian to let them hear Ray out. Ray then produced an ancient photograph of himself with Linda from many years before; Langston recognized the photograph, and explained that she had seen it in her parents' things, and her mother had reacted badly to Langston's questions about it. Ray told Langston that he and Linda had become estranged over her marriage to "the Americano," and had both been too proud to clear the air before her death. When Dorian asked Ray where he'd been over the years, Ray made sure not to bring up prison, and instead said he had moved on with his life, with no idea of Langston's existence until reading about Dorian in a magazine and recognizing the name "Langston Wilde." Ray said that he knew Linda had married a man named Wilde, and that Langston Hughes was her favorite poet. When he quoted Linda's favorite Hughes poem to Langston, the young girl was touched. Ray said he had tracked Langston from the article, and learned about his sister's death and Langston's new family. Dorian was sure Ray was a con man, but Ray insisted that his only reason for coming to Llanview was to get to know his niece.

As Langston softened to her uncle, she sat with him as the Cramers watched, and spoke quietly with Ray in Spanish about her mother's youth in Colombia. Unnerved, Dorian cut in, telling Langston to get to bed to prepare for the first day of school. Langston wanted to put Ray up at La Boulaie, but Ray said he had other accommodations and promised to see her soon. He gave her the old picture of himself with Linda, to which an emotional Langston replied, "Gracias...Tio." Ray kissed his niece's hand and left, as the elder Cramer women watched.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint communed with Asa as he gazed at "Pa's" picture, and told his father, "I did what you would've done" in order to wrest control of Buchanan Enterprises away from Dorian and save the family empire. He was certain that Ray's arrival would mean Dorian's downfall. He blamed Jared for starting the entire mess, but when Nigel entered and overheard, the anxious butler felt compelled to confess his role in the "Buchanan heir" scheme. He told Clint that it was unfair to only blame Jared and Natalie, when Nigel had kept David Vickers's identity secret the longest, and had made a command decision for the family's security, choosing Jared as "the lesser of two evils." The butler said he blamed himself for the entire fiasco that had led to the loss of Buchanan Enterprises. Nigel handed in a letter of resignation, but Clint tore up the letter and told Nigel he could understand his reasoning and motivations. He said that the only thing he required from Nigel was the same unquestioning loyalty and transparency that Nigel had given Asa. Nigel agreed. "It's as if Mr. Buchanan himself had spoken," he declared.

At the LPD station, Bo and John exchanged notes on the search for Cristian; John told Bo that Antonio and Talia had found no trace of Cris at airports in the States. He told Bo they did have one lead, and held up a DVD. When Tina and Sarah arrived on the scene, anxious for news, the two cops showed them the DVD's contents: surveillance footage of the international airport where Cristian had disappeared, showing Cris being led away by the faux "airline official" who had lured him into a trap. Though footage of the actual kidnapping was nowhere to be found, all four were positive that that man had helped abduct Cris for Carlo. Bo promised Sarah and Tina that they would find Cristian no matter what. In private, Sarah reviewed the footage over and over, growing more and more frightened.

Back in Bo's office, John stole a moment with Tina before Bo returned. He told her he knew she was the woman at Ramsey's penthouse in June, and that they wouldn't discuss it further, "for now." Bo came back in and shared a happy reunion with Tina, assuring her that everything would be all right. He asked her how things were at Llanfair with Jessica. Evasive, Tina mumbled that "Jessica" had "good days and bad days." Bo got Tina to admit that Jessica was "not herself," and said he'd sensed the same when he met with her not long before. Bo openly questioned the possibility of whether Jessica's dissociative identity disorder could have returned, and asked Tina if she'd seen any signs of abnormal behavior. Tina was desperate to spill the beans, but she flashed back to Tess's warning about Carlo coming after Sarah again, and forced herself to cover for "Jessica's" behavior yet again, blaming it on grief and hormones. She asked Bo to get police protection for Sarah from Hesser, and then hustled out to leave with her daughter.

Events unfolded in a montage at the same time both in Llanview, and in Colombia: Mrs. Montez exited, leaving Cristian at the mercy of the guards in Plato Prison. In Llanview, Clint mused over his file on Ray Montez, while at the LPD, Sarah tore her gaze away from the surveillance footage of Cristian to leave with Tina. In Bo's office, John and Bo identified the ex-con who had posed as an airline official. And at La Boulaie, the Cramer women toasted Langston's adoption again, while Langston moved away from the crowd to gaze at the faded picture of Ray Montez and her mother, leaving Dorian to watch her with concern and trepidation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear John

In the secret room, Natalie dreamt that Jared had discovered her in the basement. Natalie awoke in time to witness a conversation between Jared and Tess on the television monitor. Tess tried to convince Jared that Natalie was gone for good, but Jared refused to believe that Natalie would leave him. Jared revealed that he had spent the entire evening looking for Natalie but had no luck. He said it appeared as if she had fallen off the face of the earth. Natalie watched in horror as Tess attempted to console Jared about losing the love of his life. When Tess continued to offer Jared no hope of Natalie's return, he stormed out of the mansion in search of her. Frustrated because she couldn't reveal herself to Jared, Natalie threw a temper tantrum in the locked secret room. Tess flashed Natalie a devilish smile.

As Natalie flew into a rage, Tess paid her sister a visit. Natalie demanded answers from Tess. She wanted to know exactly what Tess had planned for her. Enjoying Natalie's frantic state, Tess continued to play mind games. Giving vague answers, Tess implied that Jared would move on and forget about Natalie. When Natalie pleaded with Jessica to surface, an aggravated Tess threatened to kill her. Fearing that Tess would make good on her promise, Natalie tried to reason with Tess. Realizing that part of Tess's plan was to end Natalie's relationship with Jared, Natalie questioned exactly what Tess would gain from the breakup. A look of shock crossed Natalie's face when Tess gave her the news. Tess said that she would receive great pleasure when Natalie witnessed Jared fall out of love with her and in love with Tess.

John visited Blair at Llanfair. John told her that Cris was missing and that he was leaving town for a few days to search for him. Pleased that John took time out to update her on his whereabouts, Blair admitted that she was impressed with John's character. After the two shared a goodbye kiss, Blair headed upstairs to help Starr prepare for the first day of school.

Blair was surprised to find Starr already dressed for school. When Blair complimented her daughter on her appearance, Starr expressed her fear of returning to school pregnant. Starr expected to receive her fair share of nasty remarks from her classmates, but her biggest concern was running into Cole. Blair comforted her daughter. Starr admitted that something else was bothering her. She showed Blair a text message that Todd had sent her. In the text, Todd wished his daughter a great first day at school.

Downstairs, Dorian placed a conference call to her team of lawyers and ordered them to expedite Langston's adoption. As Dorian instructed her lawyers to investigate Ray Montez and supply her with every sordid detail of his past, Langston entered the room. Langston demanded to know why Dorian wanted to investigate her uncle. Dorian insisted that she had every right to check into Ray's past. Fearing that Ray might have an ulterior motive, Dorian cautioned Langston that he might have surfaced because he was after Dorian's money. Refusing to believe Ray had ill intentions, Langston was convinced that Ray's appearance was divine intervention. Mentioning Delphina's prediction, Langston believed she had been forewarned of her uncle's arrival. Unmoved by Langston's emotions, Dorian remained disturbed by Ray's presence.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint gave Ray instructions on how to manipulate Langston and Dorian. Relying on his pleasant encounter with Langston, Ray believed that he would have little trouble dealing with her. Appearing to have a genuine fondness for Langston, Ray told Clint that she reminded him very much of his late sister. Delighted by Ray's apparent progress, Clint insisted that Ray continue to use Langston's love for her mother as a way to gain her trust.

Ray surmised that Dorian was a shrewd woman and wouldn't be easily intimidated. Clint told Ray that Dorian had a strong affection for Langston, and that it was necessary to use her devotion to Langston as a means of regaining his company. Detailing his encounter with Dorian, Ray concluded that she obviously disliked him. Advising Ray that Dorian viewed him as a threat, Clint cautioned him not to underestimate her. Ray informed Clint that he had experience dealing with Dorian's type. Concerned that someone other than Nigel might see Ray, Clint suggested that he head over to LaBoulaie. As Clint ushered Ray to the door, Bo appeared. Claiming that Ray was a business associate, Clint sent him on his way.

Before Bo could question Clint about Ray's identity, Nora, Matthew, and Cole entered the study. The family attempted to cheer up Matthew, who was nervous about fitting in on his first day of high school. While Nora fussed over him, Clint and Bo managed to ease his fears. Cole promised to look after him, and the two headed off to school. Alone with Clint, Nora thanked him for calming Matthew's nerves and commended him on his caring nature. When Nora mentioned that she hoped Clint's desire to regain control of the company didn't change him, Clint became defensive and maintained that he was the same person that he had always been. Nora didn't appear convinced.

Cole returned to the mansion to search for Matthew's missing wallet. Nora thanked him for being a friend to Matthew and asked how he was handling the return to school. Cole confided that he feared running into Starr. Remembering his mother, Cole wondered how she would feel about him deserting his pregnant girlfriend. Nora told Cole that he had nothing to be ashamed of and assured him that Marty would be proud of him.

Later, an emotional Nora cried on Clint's shoulder. Nora couldn't believe that her little boy was in high school. As Nora wept, Clint held her. While Nora was consumed with thoughts of Matthew, Clint glanced at his watch.

Back at La Boulaie, Ray paid Langston a visit. Langston was elated to see her uncle, but Dorian was furious. When Dorian insisted that Langston head off to school, Ray stated that he wanted to present Langston with a special gift. Ray handed Langston a beautiful necklace. He explained that it had belonged to Langston's mother and she had treasured it. Ray told Langston that she possessed many of her mother's good qualities and stated that her resemblance to her mother was amazing. Touched by Ray's words, Langston embraced him. Both Dorian and Blair appeared suspicious. Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Dorian insisted that Langston and Starr head off to school. Langston hugged her uncle and kissed Dorian. Before leaving, Langston asked Dorian to be pleasant towards Ray. Alone with Ray, Dorian demanded to know what he wanted with her and her daughter.

At the police station, John asked an officer to provide him with every known alias of Carlo Hesser. Jared bolted into the station and informed John that Natalie had been kidnapped. Upon viewing Natalie's letter, John appeared unconvinced and believed that Natalie had left Jared a "Dear John" letter. Insisting that the letter was out of character for Natalie, Jared wondered if John could forgive himself if it were later discovered that Natalie was really in danger.

An officer interrupted John and Jared's discussion with news regarding Carlo Hesser. Carlo had left Mendorra using the alias, "Mortimer Bern." Immediately, Jared realized that he had encountered the suspect at the Colombian prison. Upon receiving the lead from Jared, John promised to look into Natalie's case. Jared placed a call to someone. He stated that Natalie was missing and asked to meet with the unidentified person.

At Plato prison, Cris was surprised when Vanessa Montez returned for a visit. Attempting to undress him, a seductive Vanessa stated that she had come for a conjugal visit. When Cris refused her advances, she asked if he found her attractive. Cris believed that Vanessa didn't want a sexual encounter with him - she wanted her husband. Vanessa apologized and related that it had been a long time since her last conjugal visit. Cris pleaded with Vanessa to place a call to Antonio. Vanessa agreed to help Cris only if he assisted her in finding her husband. Cris assured Vanessa that Antonio's police contacts would lead them to Ray. When Cris attempted to give her Antonio's number, Vanessa refused it and claimed she would have no problem finding Antonio. Cris begged her to contact Antonio immediately. Before leaving, Vanessa informed Cris that her husband had endured many years in prison. She was certain that if her husband survived, so could Cris.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Nat's Away, Tess Will...

The high school students filed in for the first day of school, sitting in the gymnasium for a welcome back speech. Running late, Langston and Starr tried to sneak in, thought better of it, and turned to leave. Unfortunately they were seen and made to walk through the crowd to the front of the room. As soon as Starr was spotted, there were loud jokes made at her expense. Cole and Markko jumped to her aid, though the melee was stopped and the students involved were warned. Even Matthew stood up to defend Starr's honor.

As the students involved in the fray were escorted into the hallway, Starr grabbed the microphone. She urged the students to use condoms during sex or the girls would look like her. She dared them to make fun of her. She challenged them to line up and feel her belly, affirming that she was pregnant and not a freak. Again, she urged them to use condoms, but she was interrupted and deemed not a role model by the school staff. Starr felt differently, but it was suggested that she try out for the debate team instead. Her future at the school also looked doubtful, she was told.

"Cut the crap" was Dorian's response to Ray's insistence that he only wanted to know his niece and nothing more. He confessed that he had failed as an uncle and brother, that he had changed and was looking for forgiveness. Assuring him that he would merely get a wave goodbye from Langston, Dorian admitted to his questioning that she hadn't known Langston for very long, nor did she know Langston's mother. Explaining how they ended up together, Dorian assured Ray that Langston was a Kramer in every sense of the word, as much as the rest of the family. A grateful Ray reminded her that by blood, Langston was a Montez and still a minor, and that he would be the one to raise her. Dorian, insisting that he would not extort money from her, ordered him out of the house. He would go to court, he told her, because he just wanted his niece. Dorian vowed to fight him.

As Montez appeared to be concerned for the well-being of his niece, Dorian demanded to know where he had been over the years. She coldly wondered why he had waited until Langston was in her house. She added that he would not change the secure young woman from what she had become since living with Dorian. As he left, Montez assured her he'd be in touch. A shaken Dorian called her attorneys and demanded that the adoption be expedited. She also wanted dirt on Ray Montez.

As Brody was having a dream related to his days as a soldier, he tackled Shane when the boy tried to wake him up. Gigi began to scream to awaken him and made him aware of his surroundings. Shane announced that he wanted his dad to take him to his first day of school, even though his mother had always done it in years past. His disappointed mom was informed that she could pick him up when the school day was over. As Brody and Shane were departing for school, Marcie arrived to share some good news with Gigi.

An anxious Jared paid Rex a visit and asked where he was hiding Natalie. Rex was pretty sure that his sister had finally realized that she could do better than Jared and had done the right thing and dumped him. Jared's pleas that Natalie wouldn't desert the rest of her family fell on deaf ears, as Rex had plenty of excuses for why Nat had probably up and left without telling anyone. As Jared departed, Rex received a phone call from Adriana. She missed him and thought that they should spend a couple of weeks together, to repair their marriage. Rex responded with his request for a divorce, maintaining that they should never have married in the first place.

A shocked Adriana told Rex she loved him but his reply was not what she wanted to hear. He advised her that he didn't feel the same and that it was all her fault. He surprised her further by asking if she knew all along that he was Shane's father. He remembered his toothbrush in the bag that Adriana had claimed was needed for proving that Charlie was his dad. He realized that she had sent it to Brody. Adriana was silent. Rex advised her that he would have divorce papers sent to her and no amount of pleading and crying would change his mind. He admitted his love for Gigi and was never more sure of anything, he told her.

Nat could do nothing but laugh when she learned that Tess was planning on making Jared fall for her instead. While Nat felt that nothing could make Jared go after Tess, Tess insisted there was " after you, Natalie." Reminding Tess that Jared hated her, Tess let it be known that it was Jessica that Jared would be seeing. Natalie was sure that with Jared's suspicions, he would catch on to Tess in no time. She emphasized that Tess would be betraying Nash by going after Jared, and made sure to drive that fact home, repeatedly, in an attempt to bring Jess back. An upset Tess fought back, assuring her sister that Jess would have returned already if she were still around.

Pointing at the screen, Tess informed Nat that she had already lost Jared and could watch Tess seduce him on reality T.V. She further planned to have Jared be her birthing coach, she gloated. Nat was sick to hear that Tess would use the baby in her scheme.

Marcie was proud to announce that she had been accepted as a substitute teacher, on probation, by the Llanview School District. She also noticed that Shane was still unaware that Rex was his father. Hearing about the fake DNA test that Brody had conducted, Marcie tried to reassure Gigi that, while things would get worse, it was best that Shane hear the truth. She knew that one day he would understand why his mom had lied, and she was sure that Rex would stand by Gigi's side.

Brody returned home, but was cut to the quick when he started to tell Gigi about Shane's first school day, complete with pictures. Instead, she ordered him to pack and get out. She and Rex would pick Shane up after school, hear about his day, and tell him the truth, she added. Brody attempted to dissuade her but Gigi refused to listen to his arguments any longer. After she was gone, he received a call from Adriana. She accused him of screwing up and ruining Shane's life. He ended the call and destroyed the carriage house, breaking furniture and tossing everything to the floor.

Roxy had a celebration for herself in honor of Grandparents' Day, complete with cake and candle. She asked Charlie to help her celebrate and, as she lit the candle, Jared arrived. Roxy realized that she hadn't seen Natalie in a while and suggested that Jared speak to Rex. Having done that already, Jared became resigned, but Charlie wouldn't allow it. He gave his son a pep talk, insisting that Jared go by his gut and not the letter. If he felt that Natalie was indeed missing, then Jared should not give up looking for her, no matter what others said, Charlie recommended. He added that if Jared loved her enough, he should fight for her.

Gigi showed up at Rex's place. She told him that they needed to tell Shane the truth after school.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dreams, Schemes, and Tactical Teams

From the plane, John phoned Bo to say that he was leaving town to check out a lead on Cristian's disappearance. After informing Bo that the mayor had confiscated his files on the Ramsey murder case, John asked Bo to recover the evidence for him.

Before heading to the office, Todd checked on a sleeping Marty. Todd had a flashback of the day Marty taught him to play the song, "Heart and Soul" on the keyboard. Without waking her, a concerned Todd wished her sweet dreams.

Marty dreamt about John. In the dream, Marty awoke to find John playing, "Heart and Soul" on the keyboard. John asked Marty why she was living with Todd. Aggravated, Marty told John that Todd had helped her recover from her injuries, and they intended to leave town and start a new life together. John wondered if Marty planned to give up on her old life. Stating that Todd was the only person in her life, Marty was convinced that she didn't have anything to give up. When John asked her if there might be more to her life than she was told, Marty became agitated. Marty asked John why he was taunting her about her past. Reminding Marty that the song, "Heart and Soul" was from her past, John insisted that she play the song with him. As they leaned in to kiss, Marty awoke from her dream.

Meanwhile, John saw an apparition of Marty. She questioned John about his relationship with Blair. John insisted that the relationship wasn't serious. Marty wondered why John had dreamt of her. Reminding John that he only saw her when he needed her, Marty assumed that he needed her help again. Although John had no answer, Marty did. Marty believed that John was troubled because he was getting closer to both her and Blair. Marty told John that she had to go. When John questioned where she was going, Marty said that she didn't know. John leaned in to kiss Marty, but he also awoke from his dream.

At the loft, Gigi told a surprised Rex that she planned to tell Shane that Rex was his father. Gigi informed Rex that she had already warned Brody of her plans and that he didn't take the news very well. Both Gigi and Rex worried about Shane's reaction, but agreed that the child needed to learn the truth.

When Gigi blamed herself for lying to Shane, Rex placed some of the blame on both Adriana and Brody. Rex was shocked to learn that Gigi had known all along that Adriana was aware of Shane's paternity. As they discussed details about Adriana obtaining Rex's DNA from his toothbrush, the two surmised that Brody used the toothbrush to fake the DNA test. Rex feared that Shane would never accept him as his father because he worshiped Brody. Stating that Rex was a wonderful person, Gigi was certain that Shane would grow to love him. When Rex asked how Brody would react to the situation, Gigi said that Brody would have to accept her decision and move on with his life.

After trashing the cottage in a fit of rage, Brody drank himself into a drunken stupor. As Brody became emotional over losing Shane, there was a knock at the door. Outside, Marcie called out to Gigi. Brody opened the door and told Marcie that Gigi wasn't at home. Insisting that she needed to retrieve some very important papers that she had left at the cottage, Marcie brushed past Brody. Upon seeing the trashed living room, Marcie questioned what had happened. Screaming that he had lost Shane, an obviously disturbed Brody told Marcie that she was to blame.

Accusing Marcie of brainwashing Gigi, Brody was convinced that Shane needed him. Terrified, Marcie tried to reason with Brody. Explaining that he could still have a relationship with the child, Marcie remarked that Brody needed to realize that Shane wasn't his son. Enraged by Marcie's words, Brody shattered his liquor bottle against the wall. Fearing Brody's wrath, Marcie attempted to call Gigi, but Brody stopped her. Grabbing her arm, Brody warned Marcie not to make the call. Marcie watched in horror as Brody appeared to lose touch with reality. As Brody tried to wrestle the phone from Marcie, she jerked away and fell. Marcie hit her head on the table and was knocked unconscious.

After checking Marcie's pulse, Brody removed a gun from the closet. Vowing that he would never allow Rex and Gigi to take his son away, an armed Brody headed upstairs.

Back at the loft, Rex revealed that he had told Adriana that he loved Gigi and asked for a divorce. The two embraced and Rex remarked that they were meant to be together. As they shared a passionate kiss, a frantic Roxy interrupted with news of Natalie's disappearance. Upon noticing Gigi, Roxy stated that she was delighted to have Shane as her grandson. After being asked to keep Shane's paternity a secret, Roxy was surprised to learn that Jared had already informed Rex that Natalie was missing. When Roxy asked why Rex wasn't looking for his sister, Rex informed Roxy that he had personal matters that needed his immediate attention. Realizing that Rex was referring to his son, Roxy didn't force the issue. Rex was certain that Natalie wasn't in any danger and would return home when she was ready.

After Roxy had left, Rex and Gigi made plans to pick Shane up from school. They decided to tell their child the truth together. Realizing that they had quite some time before Shane's school dismissal, Rex and Gigi made love.

As Tess locked the basement door, she was met by a barking David Vickers. When Tess warned Tina to keep her "mutt" under control, a sarcastic Tina suggested that perhaps the dog realized that Tess had locked her sister in the basement. Reminding Tina that she would expose her thievery if she revealed Natalie's whereabouts, Tess cautioned Tina to keep quiet. Before heading off, Tess ordered Tina to convince Jared that Natalie had left him.

In the secret room, an enraged Natalie attempted to escape. Natalie hurled a chair at the glass, but the chair broke into pieces.

Todd arrived at his office and found Tess. She had prepared a cover story for the Sun. Tess told Todd that she wanted him to print a story stating that Natalie had ended her relationship with Jared and had left town heartbroken. Todd questioned whether Tess had harmed her sister. Assuring Todd that Natalie was alive and well, Tess demanded that he write the story or risk her telling the world that he was harboring Marty in his home. Refusing to write the story, Todd warned Tess that he would physically harm her if she mentioned Marty's whereabouts to anyone. Tess taunted Todd about falling in love with Marty. Todd denied being in love with Marty and claimed that he was simply being nice to her. Fed up with Tess's threats, Todd tossed her cover story at her. Revealing that he had plans of leaving town with Marty in a few weeks, Todd ordered Tess out of his office. Before leaving, Tess made a final threat -- unless Todd printed her cover story, she would tell Marty that he had raped her years ago.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the kitchen, Tina found a key that Tess had apparently dropped. Believing it was the key to the basement, Tina tucked it away. Moments later, Jared entered the kitchen and asked Tina if she had heard from Natalie. Jared refused to believe that Natalie had left town. Back in the basement, Natalie turned on the television monitor and observed Jared and Tina talking in the kitchen. While Jared ranted about everyone believing that he was crazy for searching for her, Natalie begged Jared not to give up. As Jared agonized over losing Natalie, he convinced himself to allow her to return home on her own.

Feeling sorry for Jared, Tina told him not to give up on true love. Tina stated that Jared would find Natalie no matter how hard someone tried to keep them apart. Tina's words left Jared curious, but the arrival of Roxy gave Tina an excuse to change the subject. After Roxy left, David Vickers began scratching at the basement door again. Jared tried to open the door, but discovered that it was locked. Pretending to find the key, Tina gave it to Jared. Claiming that something in the basement had spooked David Vickers, Tina urged him to find out what was downstairs. As Jared picked up the dog and walked towards the door, Natalie lost sight of him. Natalie panicked and tried to locate him on the monitor but couldn't. Jared opened the door and headed downstairs.

Tess returned home. Upon discovering the basement door opened, Tess demanded to know what was going on. Tina was at a loss for words.

Todd returned home and checked on Marty. He found Marty in a state of confusion. When she told him about her dream, Todd questioned why she had dreamt of John. Marty had no idea, but thought Todd might.

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