One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on OLTL

Todd proposed to Marty, while John closed in on Marty's location. Adriana continued to keep Rex and Gigi apart, though Rex remained unconscious. Jared learned about Tess's secret room. Tina planned to spring Natalie from her imprisonment but ran into Tess, and her plans were thwarted. Tess had an unexpected visitor. Dorian called Clint's bluff.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, October 6, 2008

I'll Make You An Offer...

At her home in Colombia, Vanessa introduced Cristian to Ray's daughter, Lola. Revealing that Lola was her stepdaughter, Vanessa told Cris that Ray murdered Lola's mother and that Lola witnessed the crime and turned Ray in to the authorities. At Ray's trial, Vanessa and Lola testified against him. Begging for Cris's help, Vanessa informed him that Ray had threatened to kill her and her stepdaughter, if he were ever released from prison. Concerned by Vanessa's claims, Cris asked Lola for details of the murder. The young girl told Cris that she actually heard the murder being committed and was terrified of her father. Sensing his compassion, Lola asked Cris to take her and Vanessa back to Llanview with him. Vanessa asked Lola to leave the room so that she could have a word with Cris. Lola obliged.

Vanessa assured Cris that she had no idea how Ray had escaped from prison, and feared that Ray would follow through with his threat against her and Lola. A concerned Cris asked Vanessa if she actually believed that Ray was capable of killing his own child. Presenting him with fake passports for the three of them, Vanessa informed Cris that Ray would also kill him because of his connection to her and Lola. Vanessa was certain that Ray was searching for them, but felt he would be thrown off the trail if she and Lola traveled with Cris. Examining the passports, Cris agreed to take Vanessa and Lola back to Llanview with him.

At the Llanview Police Department, Talia learned from Antonio and Sarah that Cris was last seen in Plato Prison - as an inmate under the name of Ray Montez. After surmising that Carlo was involved in Cris's imprisonment, the group struggled to uncover what role Ray played in the plot.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Dorian confronted Clint about bringing Ray to Llanview to take Langston away from her. With a smug look, Clint denied any involvement. Noting that Nora was a mother, Dorian appealed to Nora for her help in convincing Clint to end his vendetta against Dorian because it was ruining Langston's life. A speechless Nora excused herself and left Dorian and Clint alone to discuss the situation. Out in the hall, Nora looked disturbed as she listened to Dorian plead with Clint not to allow Ray to take Langston out of the country.

Alone with Dorian, Clint reminded her that she had stolen Buchanan Enterprises from his family and he was determined to gain control of the company again. Dorian continued to criticize Clint's disregard for Langston's well-being. Reminding him that Ray was a convicted murderer, she argued that Clint's crime was far worse than any that she had ever committed. Clint accused Dorian of causing Nash's death and the loss of his grandchildren's inheritance. As Dorian pleaded with Clint to have a heart, she was surprised when Clint blatantly informed her that she could save Langston by returning B.E. to him. Clint told Dorian that he had the ability to send Ray back to prison. Advising Dorian to cooperate by signing legal documents that would transfer ownership of B.E. back to him, Clint promised to take care of Ray and return Langston into Dorian's custody.

As Clint presented Dorian with the legal documents, she surprised him by stating that she needed time to consider his offer. A shocked Clint told Dorian that Langston's future was at stake. He promised to send Langston to Colombia if Dorian didn't comply with his wishes. Appearing unmoved by Clint's threats, Dorian promised to get back to him and calmly left the mansion. Clint couldn't believe Dorian would risk the chance of losing Langston. Outside, Dorian placed a call to Jackie McNaughton. Dorian told Jackie that it was necessary that they continue the important conversation that they had discussed earlier.

Antonio and Talia were determined to find the connection between Ray and Cris. As Antonio and Talia discussed the case with Sarah, Nora entered the room and was surprised to learn that Ray was a convicted murderer who had been mysteriously released from prison. Antonio asked Nora if she had any information concerning Ray, but Nora denied having any knowledge of Montez and stated that for the very first time, she actually felt sorry for Dorian. Antonio informed Nora that Ray could possibly provide them with information about Cris's disappearance. When Antonio suggested that they pick up Ray for questioning, Nora agreed. Before heading off to locate Ray, Antonio expressed the need to determine who was responsible for Ray's arrival in Llanview.

In the halls of Llanview High School, Langston, Starr, and Markko discussed what Dorian might do in order to prevent Langston from leaving Llanview. As the teens deliberated, they were obviously shaken when Ray approached them. Stating that he had come to the school to examine Langston's learning environment, Ray tried to convince the teens that he wanted the best for Langston. Ray listened as Langston, Starr, and Markko lashed out at him for ruining Langston's life. Langston appealed to her uncle to reconsider taking her away from her family and friends, but Ray refused.

Back at the police station, Cole questioned why John was still investigating his mother's tragic accident. Citing that Marty was dead, Cole couldn't understand why John was still looking into the case. Attempting to deflect Cole's questioning, John stated that the investigation was never actually closed because of Bo's sudden exit as police commissioner. John told Cole that he was simply tying up some lose ends.

Accepting John's explanation, Cole asked John to help prevent Ray from taking Langston away from Dorian. Explaining that Clint and Ray were working together, Cole begged John to look into the situation. Cole told John that Langston felt as though she were losing her mother all over again. Cole was certain that he could never handle losing a parent twice. Concerned by Dorian's statement that she would handle Clint and Ray, Cole expressed his fear that Dorian might jeopardize any chance that Langston had of remaining in Llanview. Cole told John that he was worried that Starr wouldn't be able to handle losing her friend, and pleaded with John to pay a visit to La Boulaie to investigate Dorian's plans. Cole suggested that the task would be an easy one because John was involved with Blair. Uncomfortable by Cole's statement, John attempted to change the subject. Cole reminded John that he had a right to move on with his life, but asked John to remember Marty.

Sensing that Cole was still dealing with the loss of his mother, John engaged Cole in a conversation about Marty. The two reminisced about happier times they both shared with Marty. Cole revealed that he still had unresolved feelings concerning the way Marty disappeared suddenly. He reminded John of a day that the three of them traveled in John's car. Cole smiled as he remembered his mother's laughter and the way her hair blew in the wind. Before leaving, Cole told John that he was still bothered that he wouldn't be a part of his child's life, but realized that he wanted to remain friends with Starr. John supported Cole's decision and told him that it was important to remain close to both Starr and Langston, because he might need a friend himself.

Alone in his office, John studied Marty's case file. As he stared at the words, "Presumed dead" on a report, John mumbled, "It's possible!" He crossed out the word, "Dead" and wrote the word "Alive."

At Todd's home, Todd was relieved when Marty announced that she wouldn't continue to search for information concerning the rape. Marty told Todd that she wanted to forget the past and look forward to her future with him and his grandchild. Surprised that Marty was able to walk downstairs by herself, Todd expressed his pleasure that she was getting better. When Marty mentioned her desire to move on with her life, Todd appeared moved. He told Marty to get dressed because he wanted to take her for a drive.

As Todd drove, Marty sat in the passenger seat and laughed as she enjoyed the ride. Later, Todd helped Marty walk along a beautiful picnic area. A delighted Marty thanked Todd for a new beginning. Todd responded by giving Marty a loving kiss.

Cole called Starr and told her that John would help them protect Langston from Ray and Clint. As Langston, Starr, and Markko continued to plead with an unmoved Ray, they were all stunned when Nora, Antonio, and Talia appeared. Nora announced that Ray was being taken to the police station for questioning concerning the disappearance of Cristian Vega. Ray asked Nora who Cristian Vega was.

Meanwhile, Sarah stared at a photo of her and Cris. Sarah begged Cris to return to her.

Back in Colombia, Cris told an elated Lola that he would protect her from her father. The young girl smiled as Cris told her to pack her bags because he was taking her to Llanview.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cold-Blooded Woman

In Colombia, Cristian, Vanessa, and Lola prepared to leave for the United States, but their plans were dashed due to a tropical storm. As Cristian and the ladies rushed back to the house, they were soaked and forced to change their wet clothes. Cristian stripped off his shirt, and Vanessa, in a bathrobe, gave him some of Ray's old clothes. Cristian told Vanessa that they'd leave the next day, and Vanessa reassured him that Ray would be home soon. Cristian asked her about how she became involved with Ray Montez, and Vanessa kept things ambiguous. When Lola emerged from her room to ask Cristian questions about America, Cristian promised her she would find an exciting new life in Llanview. After the girl left, Vanessa commented on how sheltered her stepdaughter was, and how much she meant to Vanessa. Cristian told Vanessa that she and Lola would not be alone in Llanview; she'd still have his friendship and support. Vanessa told him he was very kind, and that "[his] Sarah" was a lucky woman.

Back in Llanview, Nora, Antonio, and Talia cornered Ray at Llanview High and ordered him to accompany them back to the station. Nora told him he was wanted for questioning in connection with the disappearance of Cristian Vega, whom Ray claimed not to know. Reluctantly, Ray said his goodbyes to Langston and her friends, but warned her that they were still going back to Colombia. With the adults gone, Langston and the teens freaked out about the implications of Ray's run-in with the police. Starr wondered if Dorian had made a move, and Langston asked how Nora had found out about Ray. Langston became upset, and said she wished Dorian had not started the feud with Clint in the first place. She said that no matter what the cops did, it would not make a difference--Ray would still take her back to Colombia and away from Starr, whom she had promised to support through her pregnancy. Cole and the others calmed Langston down, and assured her she wasn't going anywhere.

At La Boulaie, Blair welcomed Dorian home with a hug while Dorian berated Judge Jenkins for making her grovel to him. She told Blair she had a plan to deal with Clint and Ray, and right on cue, Jackie McNaughton arrived at the door. Blair was dubious about Dorian's new association, even as Jackie insisted he was "a consultant." Dorian hustled her "consultant" into the drawing room, away from prying eyes, while Blair eavesdropped.

Inside the drawing room, Dorian told Jackie she was still in need of his services--"I want Ray Montez removed from Langston's life, permanently." She explained the situation with Clint and the clash over Cramer Enterprises, but said she would not take Clint's deal, claiming that Clint had no guarantee that Ray would relinquish custody even if she came through. Jackie didn't buy that Ray's word was Dorian's only concern, and realized she wanted to have both the company and Langston. Dorian responded by railing about how hard she had worked to acquire the company from the Buchanans. She said Clint could not get everything he wanted while she scraped by with nothing. Jackie said Dorian's passion for victory was obvious, but asked her, "Are you a killer?" "Do it, Jackie," Dorian replied, handing him an envelope full of cash. Jackie agreed to Dorian's request, but warned her that since he had taken her money, "there's no going back."

Outside the drawing room, Blair's eavesdropping was interrupted by Addie's arrival. Blair hadn't heard the details of Dorian and Jackie's transaction, but told her mother that Dorian was trying to deal with the Ray Montez problem. Addie fretted over the unhappiness the Cramer women were facing, and said the only one who seemed happy was Blair. Blair was confused, and asked Addie how she figured that. Addie told Blair that she could tell when her daughter was happy, and said it had to be because of "that handsome policeman you're sleeping with."

Blair was embarrassed, and tried to lie that she and John were not sleeping together. But Addie saw through her; "What are you doing, playing checkers? Honestly, Blair, I'm so happy that you've found someone to play checkers with!" Blair reluctantly admitted that she and John were friends, "with benefits," as Addie termed it. Addie asked if they could be something more than that, and urged Blair to think with her heart, and not her head. Blair agreed that she was open to John being more than just a friend. Addie told Blair to do as she did: "Carpe diem! (Seize the day)" Addie said she never knew how much time she had left after all her years in St. Anne's and the uncertainties of her new medication, and told Blair to take as many chances with her own life as her mother had with hers.

At the morgue, John reviewed the police report on the van crash in Ireland, while flashing back to his own memories of the explosion that "killed" Marty. He entered an exam room and met with Michael, who was preoccupied regarding a lost patient as well as Rex, who he said was still in critical condition. John expressed his sympathies. He reminded Michael about the X-rays for the mystery woman, which John had brought him from Lee Ramsey's office, and told Michael she might not be a mystery for much longer. John tried to keep his true thoughts concealed while talking in veiled terms about the circumstances surrounding Marty's injuries. He asked Michael if the mystery woman could have survived the explosion. Michael told John that the woman from the X-rays could not have been in the explosion, but had to have been pulled from the van wreckage just before. That left the crash as the only explainable cause for her injuries. When Michael asked John how he knew so much about the exact circumstances of the incident the woman had been injured in, John was forced to confess his suspicions: the mystery woman was Marty.

Michael was dubious, but John pressed on, and told Michael that Mayor Lowell wanted him off the case, but he would not give up. He was positive that Ramsey had doubled back after the crash and saved Marty while John was preoccupied with Cole. As John and Michael argued, John lay out the connections between Todd and Ramsey, including their mysteriously using the same nurse and both having unknown women in their homes, with Todd appearing at the penthouse and then gaining a houseguest just after Ramsey was killed. Michael asked why Todd would imprison Marty, and John said that Todd was a lunatic and didn't need a reason. He was determined to barge into Todd's place and blow the case wide open, while Michael urged him not to risk his badge. John said that for Marty, it would be worth it. Michael pleaded with him to wait and gather more information, lest he cause Todd to move Marty to a place where she could never be found. John calmed down and grudgingly agreed. As John left the morgue, Michael warned him not to set himself up for disappointment if he didn't find what he was looking for.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint confided in Dallas about the details of his campaign against Dorian, and said that at any moment, Dorian would agree to his terms and he would get Buchanan Enterprises back. Dallas marveled at Clint's masterful strategy.

Down at the police station, Nora, Antonio, and Talia grilled Ray in an interrogation room. They showed him a picture of Cristian, but Ray insisted that he had never seen the man before. When the officers asked about the circumstances of his release from Plato Prison, Ray said he had been exonerated and no new trial had been necessary. While Ray asked for and got his "one phone call," Nora and the cops conferred. Nora kept the Clint connection to herself, while Antonio and Talia tried to figure out the connection between Cristian, Ray, and Llanview.

With Antonio and Talia out of the room, Ray called Clint and told him he had been taken into custody by the LPD. Clint was furious when Ray told him "the lady DA" was giving him a hard time, and ordered Ray to put Nora on the phone. Nora had a terse, "official" conversation with her significant other, and ignored Clint's angry demand that she let Ray walk. Nora told him that if he didn't like how she operated, maybe he shouldn't live with the DA, then she hung up on Clint.

As Antonio and Talia returned to the room, the trio resumed their interrogation of Ray. Nora showed him pictures of Carlo and "Mortimer Bern," but Ray denied knowing the men. When Antonio brought up his flying to the States on the same plane as Jared Banks, Ray saw an opening and busted Nora and Clint, claiming he was in town to do business with the Buchanans as well as see to Langston. As Talia continued to question Ray, Antonio took Nora aside and demanded she explain things. Chagrined, Nora said there could not be a connection between Ray's dealings with Clint and Cristian's disappearance. She told Antonio and Talia to throw Ray in a holding cell and, as the officers took Montez away, Antonio pointedly told Nora to have a talk with Clint.

Dorian placed a call to Clint, who expected Dorian to agree to his offer. He was shocked when Dorian told him there would be no deal, and he said she was bluffing. Dorian said she wouldn't bluff, and told him to tell Ray that if he wanted Langston, "come and get her." As she hung up, Addie entered the drawing room, asking about Dorian's meeting with Jackie. Dorian made up a quick lie to cover her tracks.

In the park, Todd and Marty unpacked the food for their picnic as Marty rejoiced in the sunlight and their "perfect day." Todd said it was time for them to figure out their future together, but Marty said that though she had decided to put her rape behind her, she still needed to learn about the rest of her past if she was going to look forward. Todd promised to help Marty learn about the rest of her history, and handed her a travel atlas, so she could pick where they would go to start their new lives. While considering different parts of the world, Marty reminded Todd that if she had to let go of her past, he needed to do the same. Todd claimed he was ready to let go, but Marty challenged him, asking why he was still wearing his wedding ring.

John returned home and called one of his contacts, asking for more information on Todd's most recent employees-his bodyguard Keys and the private nurse, Janet Ketring. While staring at the framed photo of himself with Marty, he urged his contact to dig deeper. John mused over his file on Marty, but put everything away when he heard a knock on the door. When John went to answer it, he found Blair on his doorstep.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Die Young, Stay Pretty:

Blair went to John's apartment, with flowers in hand, to welcome him home. When John opened the door and seemed surprised to see her, Blair asked if she had come at a bad time. John appeared to collect himself and invited Blair inside. As they settled down on the sofa, John updated Blair on Cris's case and mentioned having heard about Langston's custody hearing.

Blair's sad expression prompted John to ask her what was troubling her. Blair admitted that she had missed John and had longed to talk to him. It made Blair realize that her feelings for him went beyond those of a casual fling. John confessed that he felt a connection with Blair, too. Blair appeared touched by John's words and the two kissed. The kiss soon led to more and John carried Blair to his bed. As they made love, Blair was unaware that John had a folder tucked nearby that read "Marty?" in bold red letters.

Marty and Todd were enjoying a picnic in the park when Marty asked Todd why he continued to wear his wedding ring. Todd claimed the ring was stuck on his finger. He attributed the problem to a recent weight gain but Marty didn't believe him. Marty felt that Todd continued to wear the ring because he wasn't ready to move on. When Todd denied the charge, Marty wanted the truth. She asked him, "Haven't we always been honest with each other?"

Todd hid his discomfort over the question and insisted that he was over Blair. To prove his point, he offered to cut off his ring finger. Marty had a more practical solution. She fetched some lotion and used it to slide the ring off of Todd's finger. Todd took the ring from Marty and then tossed it into the forest. Marty seemed pleased by the gesture as Todd rejoined her on the blanket and handed her a glass of wine. To Marty's shock, Todd then suggested that they make things official and get married.

Tina went to Roxy's salon to have her roots touched up. She was surprised when she walked in and found Roxy crying. Tina tried to offer Roxy comfort, but Roxy was almost inconsolable. She was heartbroken about Rex and worried that she hadn't heard from Natalie. Tina, riddled with guilt, began babbling about Natalie and Jared's breakup. Roxy found some of what Tina had said curious and questioned her about it. It was clear that Roxy suspected Tina of hiding something about Natalie. Tina swore to Roxy that if she could tell her where Natalie was, Tina would. Tina then tried to give Roxy a hint about where Natalie could be found. It seemed that she had understood Tina's clue, because Roxy suddenly rushed out of the salon.

Natalie was stunned when Tess told her that Rex had died in the early morning hours, after he had opened his eyes and asked for Natalie. At first Natalie refused to believe Tess, but she was convinced when Tess offered to turn on the monitors so that Natalie could hear everyone discuss the tragedy.

Natalie wept for her brother while Tess looked on with a sly smile. Finally, Tess yelled out, "Gotcha!" Natalie was shocked when it dawned on her that it had been a ruse to make her suffer. Tess confirmed Natalie's fears and then informed her that Rex was in intensive care, alive.

Furious, Natalie asked Tess how long she thought Natalie's disappearance could be explained away without anyone growing suspicious. Natalie pointed out that Jared already appeared to be asking questions while Tina seemed on the brink of exposing Tess. Tess scoffed at Natalie's attempts to rattle her. However, to make certain that Natalie's absence from Rex's bedside was explained, Tess demanded Natalie copy a letter that Tess had written.

Initially, Natalie refused to cooperate but, to force Natalie's compliance, Tess threatened Jared. When Natalie handed Tess the copied letter, Tess wisely checked it and noticed that Natalie had made the "J" in Jessica's name appear like a "T." Tess was not pleased and made Natalie write another letter.

At the police station, Bo was in the squad room with Brody. He informed Brody that he faced murder charges if Rex, who was in intensive care, died. Brody's grasp on reality remained fragile. He continued to suffer flashbacks, but Bo and the other officers seemed unaware of it. Bo was distracted when Jared walked in and demanded to speak to Bo on urgent business. Bo left another officer in charge of Brody and took Jared into his office.

Bo was annoyed when Jared asked him if Bo had heard from Natalie. Bo reminded Jared that he had been in the middle of police business and didn't have time to help Jared with his girlfriend troubles. Jared quickly explained to Bo why he was concerned by Natalie's sudden disappearance. Bo agreed that it was unlike Natalie not to go to the hospital when Rex was fighting for his life. He listened as Jared outlined all the reasons he suspected foul play.

Meanwhile, Brody continued unraveling in the squad room. He became fascinated with a police officer's gun and stared at it while he wasn't suffering flashbacks of the young boy he had killed in Iraq. When the police officer turned his back on Brody, Brody's focus on the gun intensified.

Inside Bo's office, Jared asked Bo if he had noticed any recent changes in Jessica's behavior. Jared explained that Jessica's behavior reminded him of how she had been when Jared first met her in Las Vegas, as Tess. Jared wondered if it was possible that the recent traumas in Jessica's life might have triggered Tess to return.

Bo recalled a recent conversation that he'd had with John McBain. John was certain that Jessica knew about the mystery woman in Todd's house. Bo turned to answer Jared's question about Tess returning, but a scuffle in the squad room caught his attention. Bo rushed out of the office as an officer struggled with Brody. Brody was intent on pulling the gun from the officer's holster.

Alone in Bo's office, Jared received a text message from Jessica, asking him to meet her at Rodi's. Jared arrived at Rodi's a short time later. When he joined Jessica at her table, Jessica showed Jared a note that she claimed she had received from Natalie. Jared seemed to question the timing. He asked Jessica where the envelope was, hoping to see a postmark or a return address that would tell them where Natalie was. Tess claimed that she had tossed it out, but she remembered that the return label had been Llanfair's address. She commented on Natalie's foresight to keep them in the dark and then offered to read the letter to Jared.

The letter claimed that Natalie had heard about Rex's shooting. It went on to say that Natalie had decided to stay away because she didn't want to chance running into Jared. As Tess spoke to Jared about the letter, he was reminded of something that Tess had said to him when he had first met her. Tess seemed to sense that Jared had grown quiet and asked him what was wrong. Jared shook away the memory and then expressed his outrage over Natalie's recent behavior.

Back in the secret room, Natalie prayed that Jared would realize she had not been the author of the letter. As she talked to herself, she realized that she was not alone. Natalie turned around and her face lit up with joy when she saw Tina standing in the doorway.

Gigi showed up for work at Rodi's but it seemed clear that her mind was elsewhere. When her boss mentioned that he had heard about what had happened to Brody, Gigi clarified that Brody was not Shane's father. She also told him that Adriana had returned and had barred Gigi from seeing Rex.

Later, Marcie stopped by Rodi's and talked to Gigi. When she learned about Adriana's decision to keep Gigi from visiting Rex, Marcie offered to go to the hospital and talk to Adriana on Gigi's behalf.

At the hospital, Layla offered Adriana a comforting hug and a sympathetic shoulder. Adriana told her friend that she had been hoping that Rex would wake up and look at her with love, the way that he used to. Adriana realized, though, that Rex would never do that because he was in love with Gigi. Adriana went on to tell Layla that Rex had recently called her and had asked for a divorce.

Adriana questioned whether or not she was doing the right thing by keeping Gigi away from Rex. Layla felt that the only question Adriana should ask herself was if she loved Rex. Adriana went on to tell Layla about the toothbrush that she had sent to Gigi and expressed her guilt over having set Brody on the path that led to him shooting Rex.

Their conversation stalled when Marcie walked up. While Layla went to fetch some coffee, Adriana and Marcie reminisced about the past and Rex. Adriana told Marcie that she loved Rex and had wanted to be the best wife possible to him, but at the same time Adriana recognized that she had driven Rex back to Gigi.

As they spoke, Roxy walked up and asked Adriana who was sitting with Rex. When Adriana told her no one was with Rex, Roxy became upset. Adriana reminded Roxy that Rex had no idea whether or not he was alone, but Roxy wasn't satisfied. She asked Adriana if she was certain that Rex was unaware of his surroundings. When Adriana remained silent, Roxy had her answer and marched into Rex's room.

Alone again, Marcie made a compelling argument for Adriana to reconsider allowing Gigi to see Rex. She reminded Adriana that Gigi was the mother of Rex's son and that Rex loved Gigi. Adriana seemed conflicted and looked away with tear-filled eyes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If I Had A Hammer

Marty, shocked by Todd's proposal of marriage, wanted to know why he had asked her. She insisted that it was for people in love and wondered if he was trying to say something. He thought that people married for many reasons and just saw it as an option, he responded. He wasn't serious if she wasn't, he added, but he wondered if he needed to get down on his knee. When Marty asked for straight talk, he asked her to marry him again, in a more serious tone. He admitted that he had been thinking about it, and just thought that it would be simple, plain, and cause less confusion when they met people on the street wherever their new home turned out to be. Marty thought it possible that he just wanted to get back at Blair.

Reminding Marty that he had tossed his ring away, Todd listened as Marty alleged that Blair was still a presence in their conversations. Todd, insistent that he hated both Blair and John for making a fool of him, was adamant that he had someone else to take care of, and that someone was Marty. She made him feel like a new person, he confessed, and she was the last person he ever thought he'd be with. They agreed that they didn't want to lose each other, but Marty still refused to marry him.

Citing an inability to make a commitment when she didn't know about herself, Marty also acknowledged her complete dependence on Todd. She felt that it was something she needed to get away from. Todd sarcastically responded that she'd probably move on and find someone else. Marty commented that she knew that Todd was a good person and that she wouldn't let him down. Todd explained that he trusted her, and trust was something that he didn't come by easily. He felt that he had made lots of mistakes with Blair but that things were different with Marty.

Admitting that she had nothing to go on, Marty thought that her feelings for Todd were like falling in love. They shared a kiss.

Sitting by Rex's side, with a slew of trolls and lucky charms, Roxy spoke to her son. She also made her feelings known about Adriana and her refusal to allow Gigi to visit. Out in the hall, Adriana reiterated that she didn't care about Gigi's feelings or anyone's but Rex's. Marcie pointed out that Adriana did care about her own feelings if she was keeping Gigi away from Rex. Adriana felt that she had not had any happiness since Gigi showed up in Llanview. Trying as hard as she could to make Adriana see Gigi's side and even Rex's, Marcie failed in her attempt. Adriana stood firm in her decision to block Gigi from Rex's room.

As Adriana became flustered and worked up, Layla interceded. She suggested that not one person would be able to know what Rex wanted or what he was thinking. Adriana decided that she would allow Gigi into his room as a "last resort." She firmly ended the discussion, making it known that she couldn't deal with it any longer.

Roxy continued on her rant to an unconscious Rex. As Adriana walked in, she heard her mother-in-law bad-mouthing her. She dared Roxy to say whatever she had to say to her face. Roxy came down hard on Adriana, who in turn challenged Roxy on portraying herself as a mother for a change. She felt that Roxy was upsetting Rex. Roxy wanted to know if Adriana was barring her from Rex's room. She dared her son's wife to even think of tossing her out. As the two women began to argue, they became quite loud. The doctor had to break them apart and usher them from Rex's room. He explained that Rex was still on the ventilator and he was suffering from respiratory distress. He felt that there was something holding him back from opening his eyes. Adriana returned to her husband's bedside.

At Rodi's, Gigi continued to have a difficult time keeping her mind on her job and not on Rex. As she cleaned up a mess of broken glass and offered to pay, her boss insisted that she go home. Gigi promised to pull herself together, but assured him that she needed to work because Shane was in school and there was nothing for her at home. At a nearby table, Jared read Natalie's letter and crumbled it in his hand, calling her a "heartless bitch." He played the scorned lover to the max, pointing out that his lover couldn't even be around for her injured brother. He realized that she never loved him, he told Tess, who smiled faintly. He was only the rebound guy after John, he added.

Tess gave her own award-winning performance, as she portrayed the sympathetic sister. Jared proclaimed that he was moving on as Natalie wanted him to. They played some pool and Tess offered to make dinner for him that evening. Out in the alley, as Gigi attempted to smoke (something she hadn't done since school), she met Charlie. He had his own bad memories of the alley because that's where Viki had found him months earlier, complete with alcohol poisoning.

Charlie dissuaded Gigi from smoking and gave her a pep talk instead. He thought it was important that she look after herself and Shane. He added that she needed to trust her love for Rex, and that Rex would feel it. He felt sure that Rex would wake up and ask to see her. Marcie called Gigi and expressed regrets for not being able to get through to Adriana. Gigi blamed herself for the shooting incident. She felt that she should have told Rex the truth sooner.

Inside, Jared stopped at the bar. Leo, the contractor who worked for Tess, was sitting there. He calmly told Jared that the blonde Jared had been hanging out with was a freak. Jared asked for details. Leo disclosed that he had done work for the woman but that it was confidential. After buying the builder a drink and promising to put in a good word for him with Charlie on the diner restoration, Jared got him to reveal his classified information. Leo disclosed that he had built a secret room in the basement of Llanview.

Tina paid a visit to Natalie in the secret room and, though Natalie pleaded with her, Tina regretfully explained that she couldn't help her to escape. She merely wanted to see if Natalie needed anything. Natalie was furious and disbelieving that her aunt was choosing her jewels over Natalie's life. She demanded that Tina view Tess as an enemy, who was capable of being quite dangerous. Even as Tina kept reminding Natalie that Tess was really Jessica deep down, Natalie encapsulated all of the dirty deeds that Tess had committed.

A contrite Tina apologized profusely but explained that she was afraid of Cain, and especially Carlo, if they learned that she had the jewels. She emphasized again that she only wanted to see if Natalie was okay and if she needed anything. Natalie assured her aunt that if her real reason to visit was to receive forgiveness from Natalie, then basically, she was out of luck. She also felt sure that Viki would never forgive Tina for allowing her daughter to be imprisoned. Natalie asked Tina what would happen if someone were killed due to Tess being on the loose.

Finally seeing the light, Tina agreed to help Natalie escape. She attempted to open the electronic lock, however the combination was unknown. Natalie urged her to call Bo, though Tina thought about getting the jewels from the safe first. Tina headed back upstairs, promising Natalie that she'd get her out. Natalie paced as she waited for signs of Tina on the television monitor. Finally, Tina, sledgehammer in hand, called out that she was about to head to the basement to break the wall down. Tess arrived with arms full of groceries and came face-to-face with Tina.

After spending an entire afternoon in bed together, John and Blair made plans for a dinner date. Blair mentioned the case that he was working on, but John assured her that he was still waiting for information and that he was hers for the evening. After Blair departed for the shower, John received word that he was given a short amount of time to access a file that he needed. He asked Blair for a rain check. She offered him several and declared that the person he was helping in the case was very lucky to have such a devoted investigator. She was just glad that there wasn't another woman, she added.

Friday, October 10, 2008

From Soup To Nuts

At the hospital, the doctor explained to Adriana and Roxy that Rex didn't appear to have the will to fight. Adriana argued that the medication that Rex had been prescribed was preventing him from waking up. Fed up with Adriana's denial, Roxy lashed out at her daughter-in-law and blamed her for Rex's condition. Roxy told Adriana that Rex would pull through if Adriana would allow him to see Gigi and Shane. As Adriana and Roxy argued, Layla tried to calm the women.

Frustrated, the doctor told Adriana that Rex's vital signs were seemingly perfect -- and that he should have regained consciousness. He further explained that it was necessary to get Rex to breathe on his own and that they intended to wean him off the ventilator. Afterward, if Rex didn't respond, the doctor informed Adriana and Roxy that they would need to consider placing him in a long-term care facility. A devastated Adriana gave her permission to take Rex off the ventilator. In a sarcastic tone, Roxy stated that she needed to contact Bo and Gigi and advise them off the situation.

After the doctor made preparations to take Rex off of the ventilator, Adriana advised Roxy that Gigi would never step foot inside Rex's room. Roxy couldn't believe that Adriana would risk Rex's life because of her jealousy. Adriana insisted that she and Rex were happy before Gigi arrived in Llanview. She promised to have Gigi arrested if she ever tried to see Rex. After suggesting that Layla talk some sense into Adriana, Roxy placed a call to Bo.

Gigi paid Bo a visit at the police station. She pleaded with him to find a way to allow her to see Rex. With regret, Bo told Gigi that he couldn't interfere as long as Adriana refused Gigi access to Rex. He promised to try to convince Adriana to reverse her decision, but wasn't hopeful. Bo suggested that they hold onto hope that Rex would wake up. He reminded Gigi that if Rex regained consciousness and asked for her, Adriana would have to comply.

Convinced that Adriana wasn't acting in Rex's best interest, Gigi insisted that Rex needed to hear her voice. Gigi argued that Adriana was trying to hold onto Rex. Noting that Adriana and Rex were in love before Rex reunited with Gigi, Bo appeared to have some compassion for Adriana. Refusing to feel sorry for her nemesis, Gigi reminded Bo that Adriana caused the chain of events that led to Rex' shooting by bringing Brody to Llanview. Upon mention of Brody, Bo informed Gigi that Brody had assaulted an officer and would be transferred to the VA hospital for a psychological evaluation due to his erratic behavior. As Bo comforted her, Gigi struggled to understand how her life had taken such a disastrous turn.

Bo received a call from Roxy. She requested that Bo come to the hospital immediately so that he could be present when the doctors removed the ventilator. When Bo stated that Gigi was with him, Roxy regretfully informed him that Adriana had threatened to have Gigi removed if she came to the hospital. Bo gave Gigi the news of Rex's condition and Adriana's threat against her. Stating that she needed to be present, Gigi couldn't believe that Adriana would risk Rex's health. Before heading to the hospital, Bo promised to give Gigi an update on Rex and asked her to remain at the station until he returned. Gigi asked Bo to tell Rex that she loved him.

Waiting for Bo to return with news concerning Rex, a frustrated Gigi wandered around the station. As she poured herself a cup of water, she dropped the cup when she witnessed a shackled Brody being escorted by military officers. Screaming at Brody, Gigi demanded to know why he shot Rex. A delusional Brody stated that he was only following orders and apologized for his actions. A military officer informed Gigi that Brody was in a highly volatile state and she was only making matters worse. Feeling some compassion for Brody, Gigi asked the officers to take care of him. As he was escorted out of the station, Brody mumbled that he had carried out his mission.

Reminiscing about the happy times that she shared with Rex and Shane, Gigi wept.

Back at the hospital, Adriana asked to be present as Rex underwent the procedure to allow him to breathe on his own. She was allowed admittance, but was warned to remain out of the way. Seconds later, Bo arrived and Roxy thanked him for coming. When Roxy stated that Gigi should also be present, Layla defended her friend by claiming that Adriana cared for Rex. Roxy was certain that Adriana only cared about herself, and suggested that Gigi would have reacted differently had she been in Adriana's position.

Inside Rex's hospital room, Adriana watched as the doctors removed the ventilator. Rex immediately took a turn for the worse. The doctors explained that Rex wasn't breathing on his own and ordered Adriana to leave the room.

Out in the hall, Adriana gave Roxy, Bo, and Layla the grim news about Rex. Upon learning that Rex had been placed back on the ventilator, Roxy broke down. Referring to Adriana as a "selfish bitch," Roxy demanded that Adriana allow Rex to see the woman that he loved. A pained Adriana pleaded with Roxy to understand her side. Citing that she didn't want to take the chance that Rex would suffer a setback if he saw Gigi, Adriana was certain that Rex would recover with the aid of the doctors. Screaming, Roxy forced Adriana to look inside Rex's room. She told Adriana to look at what she had done to Rex. As Bo led Roxy away, Layla tried to comfort Adriana.

Doubting her decision, Adriana asked Layla her opinion. Layla told her friend that she knew Adriana loved Rex and believed that she was doing the right thing. Adriana wondered if Roxy was right about her being a bitter woman. Unwilling to hurt her friend, Layla stated that no one could judge Adriana's decision. Expressing her fears to Layla, Adriana wondered if she and Rex were never meant to be together.

The doctor explained to everyone that Rex was in serious trouble. In order to recover, it was necessary that Rex regain consciousness. The doctor was concerned that Rex was still unconscious. He advised the family that they needed to figure out what was preventing Rex from waking up. The doctor said that Rex could still possibly wake up, but there was also a chance that if he did - he might not be the same person. Bo called Gigi and gave her the devastating news.

Outside of Rodi's, Jared demanded that Leo, the carpenter, give him information on the room Tess had paid him to build for her. Warning Jared that Tess was a nutcase, Leo advised him to keep his distance from her. Admitting that he had built a soundproof room with glass walls in the basement of Llanfair, Leo denied having any knowledge of Tess's intentions.

At Llanfair, Tess arrived in time to find Tina, armed with a sledgehammer, preparing to rescue Natalie from her prison. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Natalie watched from her television monitor as Tina and Tess struggled over control of the sledgehammer. As Tina appeared to get the upper hand, Natalie feared for the safety of Tess's unborn child.

When Tina let go of the sledgehammer, Tess nearly fell down. After tossing the sledgehammer out the back door, an angered Tess instructed Tina to never enter the basement again. Refusing to take orders from Tess, Tina reminded Tess that she would have to release Natalie eventually. Threatening to report her to the authorities, Tess warned Tina to never cross her again. Tess reminded her aunt that Carlo would kill Sarah and that Tina's life would become a living hell if she didn't keep quiet regarding Natalie's whereabouts. Disgusted with Tina, Tess stormed off to the safe with Tina following close behind.

In the library, Tess fumbled with the combination to the safe as Tina watched in horror. Stating that she was no longer concerned about the jewels, Tina suggested that Tess reveal her secret so that Tina could finally tell everyone that Tess had resurfaced and locked Natalie in the basement. Unmoved by Tina's threat, Tess was certain that no one would ever believe her loony aunt.

Meanwhile, Jared stood outside of Llanfair and placed a call to Bo. Upon reaching his voicemail, Jared left a message informing Bo that he needed to update him on Natalie's disappearance.

While Tess and Tina argued at the safe, they were both surprised when Jared entered the room and questioned what was taking place. From her room in the basement, Natalie begged Tina to tell Jared the truth.

As Tina tried to explain her side of the story, Jared lashed out at her and accused Tina of upsetting "Jessica." Insisting that Jessica's life was in turmoil, Jared chastised Tina for making the situation more difficult by causing trouble for her. While Jared berated Tina, Tess snickered behind his back. When Tina tried to reason with Jared and wondered how he could forget about Natalie, Jared exclaimed that he was over Natalie. Tess consoled Jared and offered to prepare a meal for him. In order to get a moment alone with Jared, Tina tried to get rid of Tess, but she refused to leave Tina and Jared alone. Appearing to be disgusted by Natalie's betrayal, Jared offered to pour the drinks while Tess prepared a snack. Convinced that she had turned Jared against Natalie, Tess agreed to abide by Jared's wishes. Before heading to the kitchen, Tess discreetly warned Tina to keep quiet.

As Tess prepared a dip, she relished her accomplishments. Stating that she had Jared exactly where she wanted him, Tess removed a vial containing a powdered substance from her blouse. Tess sprinkled the substance in the dish she had prepared.

Meanwhile, in the library, Jared told Tina that he believed Jess was actually Tess and feared that she had done something awful to Natalie. Jared pleaded with Tina to help him find Natalie. With a renewed sense of hope, Natalie listened from the secret room. As Jared told Tina about his conversation with Leo, Tina blurted out that she was aware that Tess had resurfaced. Natalie begged Tina to tell Jared where she was being held captive.

Jared demanded that Tina tell him everything that she knew. Refusing to give Jared details, Tina claimed that she had only recently figured out that Tess was back. Upon learning that Jared knew about the secret room, Tina told Jared to meet her in the kitchen in five minutes. As they discussed searching for Natalie, Tess called out to Jared. Warning Jared that Tess was insane, Tina advised him to make up an excuse in order to make a break for the kitchen. Before he could get away, Tess appeared with her laced meal and questioned why Jared hadn't prepared their drinks. Claiming that he wanted to take a shower first, Jared excused himself. Alone with Tina, Tess demanded to know what had transpired between Tina and Jared during her absence.

Suspicious of Tina's behavior, Tess wondered if she had told Jared about Natalie. Denying spilling the beans, Tina warned Tess that the truth would eventually come out. Tina told Tess that she needed to feed David Vickers. After issuing Tina one last warning, Tess dismissed her. Meanwhile, Natalie watched from the monitor as Jared tried to gain entrance to the locked basement. Desperate to be rescued, Natalie tried to kick the glass, but injured herself instead.

Jared tried to kick open the locked door, but Tina came to his aid. She picked the lock and gave Jared detailed information regarding Natalie's location. Jared told Tina to guard the basement door. Armed with a knife, Tina vowed to keep Tess away. Downstairs, Natalie prayed that Jared would find her before Tess figured out what was going on. As she stood guard, Tina asked God to help her fight off Tess. Looking up at the sky, Tina told God that she only wanted to protect Sarah and help Natalie. When she stated that she no longer cared about the Mendorran jewels, a familiar voice chimed in, "But they matter to me!" As Tina turned around, she saw Cain in possession of the sledgehammer that Tess had discarded.

Tess wondered what was keeping Jared and Tina. When she called upstairs to Jared and received no answer, Tess headed to the kitchen to check on Tina. Upon hearing the front door open, Tess turned to see who was there. A look of horror crossed her face, and she exclaimed, "What are you doing here?"

In the basement, Jared slid back the wall that concealed the secret room. A stunned Jared stared in disbelief when he discovered Natalie inside the glass room. A relieved Natalie smiled at him.

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