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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on GL
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Reva and Jeffrey got lost as they drove their rental car through the countryside. Jeffrey decided that being lost was just part of their adventure. What wasn't part of the adventure, however, was running out of gas. When Reva informed him that they were out, Jeffrey sighed, wishing they'd taken his convertible. He blasted himself for losing his cell phone on the first leg of their trip. A wide-eyed Reva then explained that he hadn't really lost his phone. She'd actually mailed it to their house after they visited Ava at the clinic. She said she'd done it because Jeffrey had been checking his messages obsessively after Ava had refused to come home, and Reva had wanted Jeffrey to relax. Jeffrey didn't know whether he was angry about her stunt or grateful for it. He decided to walk to the nearest gas station. He told Reva to stay put and not to flag down any cars. Desert, nomad-type music played as Jeffrey walked down a long road.

Reva quickly became bored sitting in the car, working crossword puzzles that Jeffrey had already finished. Wearing a short black and white dress and heels, she hauled a folding chair out of the trunk and sat outside the car. When cars passed her, she tried to flag down some help, to no avail. After a while, a couple of bikers pulled up and Reva smiled uneasily, asking them if they could lend her a hand. The two stout men silently stationed themselves on each side of Reva as she stood by the rental car's driver side door. Reva prattled on about one topic after another, attempting unsuccessfully to engage them. Finally, Jeffrey returned. He greeted the men and thanked them for watching out for Reva.

Jeffrey explained that he'd encountered brothers Turk and Dirk on his trek to the gas station, and he asked them to watch Reva while he was getting gas. The men smiled, and Reva was amazed that they had any personalities at all since they hadn't spoken to her. Jeffrey said they were wonderful men. Dirk was a great cook and Turk did macramé. Turk and Dirk said they'd been happy to watch Reva for Jeffrey and then the two took off.

Jeffrey told Reva that they had to get back home. Reva said that the honeymoon was over and guessed that he'd checked his messages while at the gas station. Jeffrey replied that he'd had a bunch of messages from Josh, Olivia, Natalia, and various judges. As they prepared to return to Springfield, Reva wished that they'd had a chance to get to know Turk and Dirk better and really test Dirk's cooking skills. She thought that was what a road trip was all about, making new friends over food.

When Jeffrey and Reva made it back to Cross Creek, Reva disembarked the car and was startled to smell smoke. She rushed around to the side of the house and discovered Turk and Dirk in her yard barbequing. Happily surprised, Reva wondered how Jeffrey had pulled it off. He chuckled, reminding her that it was what she had wanted. He decided that he could put off the judges and work for one more afternoon. They said the road trip and honeymoon never had to end if they didn't want it to. Reva took a beer from one of the brothers, but Jeffrey quickly took it from her. They all laughed, and Reva wondered if there was any cola.

At Towers, Cyrus thought he was teaching Cassie how to finagle her way into an elegant party, but Cassie wound up showing him a trick or two. When security ordered them to leave, Cyrus got loud. The guard threatened to call the police. Against Cyrus' judgment, Cassie admitted to the guard that they were trying to crash the event. She requested permission to apologize to the host personally for their deception. As the guard retrieved the host, Cyrus nervously punched the elevator button, anxious to escape.

Before Cyrus could leave, the host rounded the corner, asking what the problem was. Upon seeing Cassie, he immediately got on one knee and kissed her hand, announcing, "Princess Cassie!" The host let them into the party, and Cyrus was chagrined because he hadn't known Cassie had been princess of San Cristobel. Cassie commented that San Cristobel had the best skiing in the Caribbean. As he chuckled about it, Cyrus realized that he'd been to the island and had actually stolen a crown and pendant from her. Cassie laughed, recalling the missing pieces. She said that Cyrus had done her a favor by stealing those cumbersome jewels.

Cassie located Ambassador Compton to discuss Josh's detainment. Unfortunately, the ambassador was drunk and seemed more interested in flirting with Cassie than solving her problem. A heated Cyrus dressed Compton down about his behavior, saying that Cassie had come to Compton with a genuine request and deserved more respect than Compton had given her. "Oh, I see. Because she used to be a princess, huh?" Compton quipped, sipping his drink. Cyrus said Cassie being a woman should have been enough. Compton appeared to have been properly shamed and placed the call for Cassie. Once it was done, Cassie thanked Cyrus for defending her. As Cassie and Cyrus left the party, Compton yelled that his wife's diamond earrings were missing. Cyrus shrugged, telling Cassie that she could frisk him if she wanted. Cassie gave him a mindful stare and said she just wanted to leave.

Once at the farm, R.J. greeted them and noticed how dressed up they were. Cyrus said Cassie would tell R.J. all about it because he had leave. Cassie invited Cyrus to stay and said they'd order pizza. Cyrus declined, telling them some other time. When Cyrus left, he dipped into his pocket and retrieved a pair of earrings. He stared at the diamonds and grinned.

Meanwhile, before Natalia's shift at the Beacon, she went to Company to ask for more shifts. Marina and Coop told her to ask Buzz when he returned to the restaurant. After Natalia left, Marina asked Mallet why he hadn't spoken to Natalia. Mallet awkwardly said Natalia needed more than talk to help her son. Marina encouraged Mallet to go after Natalia, and then she turned to Coop for help with picking out paint for Harley's house. Coop tossed his hands up, saying he was colorblind.

During her photo shoot at the Beacon, a fatigued Olivia requested that the photographer give her a break to freshen up. He called for five minutes, but Olivia said she wanted fifteen. She staggered into the closest empty hotel room, crawled onto the bed, and closed her eyes in apparent discomfort. Sometime later, Natalia entered the room to clean it and was surprised to find Olivia inside. She said it wasn't even Olivia's room. Olivia retorted that every room was hers because she owned the hotel. Olivia said she was tired and told Natalia to go away. Natalia thought Olivia needed a doctor, but Olivia said she only needed a few minutes to gather herself to finish her photo shoot. Olivia was adamant that Decker not learn about her exhaustion.

When Natalia left the room, she spotted Decker in the hallway, talking to the photographer about Olivia's disappearance in the middle of the shoot. Natalia rushed into Olivia's suite, put a blazer on over her uniform, let down her hair, and screwed a pair of Olivia's earrings into her ears. She then approached Decker, announcing herself as Olivia's assistant. She said Olivia had been called away on Beacon business, but hadn't intended to neglect the photo shoot.

Back in the vacant hotel room, Olivia splashed cold water on her face. When she exited the room, she saw Natalia talking with Decker. Olivia tried to apologize to Decker for Olivia's absence. He told Olivia that her assistant, Natalia, had explained everything, and there was no problem. Olivia curiously eyed Natalia, but she went along with the farce. After Natalia left, Decker complimented her sharpness, and Olivia said, "No poaching; she's mine." Olivia wanted to wrap up the shoot, but Decker thought they had enough pictures. Instead, they left to discuss her scheduled appearances.

Once Olivia finished with Decker, she called Natalia into her room and excitedly said that Natalia had done a great job covering for Olivia. She said Natalia had thought on her feet and had known exactly what to do. Olivia then asked Natalia to work for her. Confused, Natalia replied that she already worked for her. Olivia thought Natalia was above housekeeping and wanted to give Natalia a real job. Natalia retorted that housekeeping was a "real job," and she left upset.

Olivia pursued her to the hallway and rephrased herself. She thought Natalia was wasting her talents. Olivia said she wasn't demeaning Natalia's jobs, rather she was complimenting Natalia. Natalia said housekeeping was the only kind of job she knew. Natalia felt she knew who she was and what she was capable of. Angry, Olivia cut Natalia off and told her that she was sick and tired of Natalia's stupid pride. Olivia thought Natalia would rather work several jobs and subjugate herself to Russo than take one legitimate job from Olivia that would elevate her and help Rafe. "Room 329 needs some towels. Why don't you get going. It's all you know!" Olivia sarcastically yelled. Olivia stomped into her room and slammed her door. Outside the room, Natalia uttered, "I wasn't going to say 'no.'"

Natalia went shopping as therapy after her tiff with Olivia. She ran into Mallet outside Company. He had been up to see Rafe at the prison. Natalia thanked him for taking an interest in Rafe, but she declined his offer for her to have dinner with him and Marina.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mallet and Marina finally painted the interior of Harley's old house primarily beige, as Harley had believed Gus had wanted. They highlighted it with soft shades of green and blue trim. As Marina sullenly painted the last wall, she and Mallet discovered markings on it indicating that Harley had measured Zack and Jude against it. Mallet asked Marina to leave the section of the wall unpainted at least until the house was sold. Blake strode into the room and informed them that the house was indeed sold. She had Clayton's offer in her hand and it was a good one. Marina reticently swiped the paintbrush over Zack and Jude's measurements. Blake said the house needed to be empty for the inspection. Mallet suggested they make a party out of the final clean up. When he said things wouldn't be the same around there, Marina sadly agreed.

Mel and Felicia visited Remy at his hotel because they worried about him being out of contact with them. Remy claimed he was working a lot. When Mel found his MCAT study book, the two women cooed about having another doctor in the family. Felicia couldn't wait to tell Clayton about it, but Remy asked her not to, saying that he was still unsure about it. Felicia knew that it was the best for him because she and Clayton had envisioned it since Remy's birth.

Mallet called Mel to congratulate them on the purchase of the house and to invite the Boudreaux family to the Cooper's last party at the house. When Mel shared the news with her family, Felicia was ecstatic, but Remy hung his head in agony. They went to Towers for a bite to eat. While there, Remy noted that Felicia was at the bar buying all the champagne in the place. As Felicia did, Remy opened up a little to Mel about his aspirations to be a doctor.

Back at Harley's, Buzz, Frank, and Coop joined Marina, Mallet, and Blake in packing up the house over beers. They shared stories about the house and Gus. Buzz realized that each one of the Coopers had had a hand in building that place. Buzz said they should all be proud to have built the house with love, but the time had come to share it. Remy, Mel, and Felicia joined the party. Marina continued to seem melancholy. When the gang played football in the living room, Marina grew even sadder. Frank drove her to Company to drown her sorrows in a gigantic sub sandwich. He assured her that the Cooper family would get along without the house.

After looking over the house, Felicia worried that it needed too much work. Blake said Clayton knew the house was a fixer-upper; however, Felicia felt her husband had spoken too soon. She withdrew their offer. Remy and Mel cheered to themselves. Felicia asked them not to be disappointed. They bit back their smiles and fibbed that they were just a little bit sad. After Remy and Felicia left, Blake said they'd keep courting buyers. Mallet looked happy that the house was still unsold. Mel apologized for backing out of the deal. She told Mallet that the house should go to someone who loved it. Mallet believed they would find someone. Eyeing Mallet, Mel hinted that perhaps they already had.

In the parlor of the Spaulding mansion, Alan rifled through the desk drawers. Bill asked Alan if he could help Alan with something. Alan retorted that Bill could move out. With a placating smile, Bill said that not only would he stay on, but his parents were joining him as well. Alan welcomed Vanessa, but not Billy. Beth entered to say that Lizzie would come to her senses. As Alan whipped out a cigar, Bill cockily said Vanessa didn't like smoke and then left.

Later, when Bill sat down with Vanessa at Company, he said she could still change her mind about moving in. Since Vanessa had worked out things for Maureen, she said she looked forward to the move. Bill believed that Vanessa was Alan's best nemesis and thought he should have enlisted her from the start. Vanessa reminded him that he'd once had Dinah. Bill touted that he was done with Dinah after she'd hurt him. Vanessa replied that Dinah, as his sister, would always have a connection to him. Bill felt that it was unfortunate that he couldn't sever it.

Meanwhile, Dinah had been about to cross the rear entrance into Company, but she stopped to overhear Bill and Vanessa talking about her. Grady approached and Dinah scathingly told him that Company was private property and he wasn't welcome there. She said he'd always be shut out. Disheartened, Grady asked her to get a Buzz Burger for him. A groaning Dinah strode away. Grady followed, pleading for at least some fries. At Dinah's car, she apologized for her mood. She said Bill should be the one who was sorry. Grady advised her to get over it, but Dinah couldn't get over hearing Bill tell their mother that he didn't want Dinah for a sister. Dinah thought Bill had passed her over for Lizzie the first chance he got and, "Now he just wants his mommy." Dinah asserted that Bill would turn their mother against her. Grady said it was time for him to earn his pay. After Grady left, Dinah called Vanessa to meet her at Towers.

When Bill and Vanessa entered the mansion parlor, they frowned to see Beth sitting on Alan's lap in his wheelchair, making out with him. After Bill took Vanessa upstairs to see her room, Alan said he didn't want Bill or his family living in his house. Beth replied that it wasn't Alan's house anymore. "But it will be soon..." Alan said with that Spaulding twinkle in his eye.

A little later, when Vanessa left to meet Dinah, she merely told Bill she was going "out." As she left, Grady slipped inside. Roxie growled at Grady, who sneaked through the dining room. He tucked her into a black liquor cabinet and then strolled into the parlor to see Alan wheeling himself around. Alan asked him if he were there to see Bill. Grady said Bill hated him. Alan considered that a point in Grady's favor. Grady asked to see Lizzie, and Alan replied that Lizzie wasn't home. When Alan asked Grady to join him for a drink, Grady looked perplexed that Alan didn't recognize him. Alan wondered what kind of work Grady did and Grady said, "Still in independent contracting." Bill entered the room, and Grady stiffened. Bill asked Grady what he was doing there. Alan said Grady wanted to see Elizabeth. Scorched by Bill's angry gaze, Grady decided to leave. Grady asked Alan to let Lizzie know he'd been calling.

Once Grady exited, Bill asked Alan if he liked the man who'd just left. Alan said he did and added that Lizzie did as well. Bill thought Lizzie needed to better choose her associates. Looking disdainfully over Bill, Alan said he couldn't agree more. Later, Alan limped into the dining room on his cane. When he opened the liquor cabinet and found Roxie inside, he said he understood how the inhabitants of the house could drive the dog to drink. As he set Roxie free, Bill entered the room, saying that he didn't want to hurt Lizzie; he wanted to teach her. Alan said Lizzie didn't need lessons from the hillbilly school of business. Bill boasted that he'd learned a lot while living in places that had removed him from his comfort zone. Bill felt he had much to offer Lizzie, who was willing to learn. "You're quite taken with yourself, Bill," Alan noted. Alan said Bill didn't belong in that house. Alan planned to help Lizzie see that. Bill retorted that Alan only wanted Lizzie by his side in order to use her. Alan replied that if Lizzie aligned with him, then she wouldn't be with Bill.

At Towers, Dinah and Vanessa discussed Bill. While Dinah thought Bill was plotting against her, Vanessa believed he was just going through a hard time. Dinah seethed that Vanessa was still taking Bill's side even though Bill was alienating Dinah out of spite. Claiming that she had no one, Dinah quipped that she might as well join the circus again. Vanessa tiresomely told her to stop bringing up the carnival. Vanessa said Bill was struggling because he'd lost the baby, but he would come around. Dinah felt Bill was using bad judgment, and said if Vanessa was involved, there would be consequences for her as well. Straightening in her chair, Vanessa didn't like the sound of that. She warned Dinah against allowing her need for revenge to consume her as it had in the past. Dinah said she'd see Vanessa at the station and left.

After Dinah departed, Grady approached Vanessa, saying he thought he'd met all the beautiful women in Springfield. He wondered where she'd been hiding. With a curious smile, Vanessa declined his offer to buy her a drink. He asked Vanessa what she was "into," hoping it was younger men. Vanessa's smile dropped and she pointedly asked him what he was "into." Grady replied, "All kinds of things."

Dinah went home and lay on her bed at the Beacon. She looked at a framed photo of Ross and then began telling her father how alone she felt. She told Ross that he had always understood that she did things differently than other people even though she wanted the same things they did. She missed her father's reminders that the good girl was always inside her.

Later, Dinah encountered Bill on the streets and mentioned Vanessa moving into the mansion. A standoffish Bill said he was trying to take care of the family. Dinah wanted to help, but Bill said Dinah was part of an era in his life that he was trying to forget. Dinah told him that he couldn't win against the Alan Spaulding alone. Walking away, Bill said, "We'll see."

Back in the parlor at the mansion, Alan warned Beth that Bill wanted control over everything. Beth was very aware of Bill's intensions, but she worried that Lizzie was in love with Bill. When Alan said he didn't give a damn, Beth kissed him and said that sounded like the Alan whom she knew and loved. Alan asked her how the Alan whom she knew and loved would handle Bill Lewis. Beth's grave expression prompted Alan to devilishly say, "Hmmm...That's what I thought."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At Towers, Grady sat at Vanessa's table and flirted with her. When Vanessa said she knew Grady's history, he was surprised she'd even let him sit down. Vanessa replied that it took a lot to scare her. Grady wanted to get to know her because he found older women intriguing. Vanessa laughed at him, and she said she had a son, Bill Lewis, who was older than Grady. Offering his hand to her, Grady asked "Momma Lewis" to take a walk with him.

After charming Vanessa, Grady visited Dinah in her hotel room, where she had been snarking at the kudos lapped upon Lizzie in the newspaper. Grady said Lizzie was proving tougher to crack than Grady had anticipated. He wasn't worried about his job security, saying he'd found another of Bill's Achilles' heels, and he thought she liked him. Dinah asked who it was, and Grady responded that it was Bill's mother. Hopping mad, Dinah thrashed Grady with a pillow, saying, "You stupid moron! That is my mother, too!" A battered Grady joked that Vanessa wasn't hard to get like her daughter. Though he hadn't done anything inappropriate with Vanessa, he said he was willing to go there if the job required. Beating him more with the pillow, Dinah bellowed that Lizzie was his target and he'd better not forget that.

After berating Grady, Dinah went to the station, where Ashlee was half working and half dozing off on a smear piece about Lizzie and Bill. Ashlee worried that the piece would hurt the station, and she didn't really think Dinah hated Bill that much. Dinah said the piece on Lizzie and Bill was just some tough love for her brother. Ashlee suddenly remembered that the electric company had called about unpaid bills, saying the station didn't have proper documentation. They threatened to shut off the power within twenty-four hours. Dinah left in a tear to find her mother, who'd supposedly already handled the matter while she had been running things.

Mallet approached Marina at the station to ask her if she wanted to work on the house, but Marina had concluded that the house amounted to nothing but wasted time and a lot of money. Since it had been sold, Marina wanted Mallet to finish it without her. Later, Marina wound up on Harley's old stoop. Upon entering the house, she saw a box in the kitchen. She kicked it, angry that the Boudreaus were already moving in.

At Company, Mallet told Daisy that he wanted to surprise Marina by purchasing Harley's house. He asked Daisy to move in with them. Skeptical, Daisy said Mallet needed to talk to Marina and not surprise her with a life-altering decision. Mallet wanted Daisy to come with him to surprise Marina, but Daisy didn't want to be anywhere near Marina's explosion.

After some thinking, Daisy packed a box of her things at the Beacon. As she lugged it into the hallway, she ran into Grady. She said she was moving back into her old house with Mallet and Marina. Grady quipped that the two cops would protect Daisy from guys like him. Just then, Alan wheeled up and asked Mr. Foley if he could have a moment of his time. Alan said he needed a favor and promised that it wouldn't take long. Daisy boarded the elevator and left.

Meanwhile, Mallet traveled to the house to find Marina ablaze with rage at the Boudreaux move. She couldn't understand why her friends would do that to her. In the midst of her tirade, she whipped around and saw a picture of Mallet on the mantle. Confused as to why it was there, she proceeded to question the presence of more items. Mallet asked her how long she'd been a detective. It was then that Marina realized that all the things in the house belonged to her and Mallet. Taking her into his arms, Mallet welcomed her home.

Out on the stoop, Mallet said that he'd really been paying attention to Marina's feelings while they had been restoring the house. He had come to understand what the house meant to Marina and the Coopers. When the house almost sold, he suddenly realized that he wanted the family ideals that Marina had talked about in his own life. He asked Marina to move with him into the house where he felt they belonged. He said he'd asked Daisy to move in as well. Marina was silently overwhelmed and Mallet thought perhaps she should agree and kiss him. Instead, Marina wordlessly walked into the house.

Inside, Mallet sighed in relief when Marina said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. However, she told him it was a huge commitment. She felt they'd been great together because they'd kept things simple. She didn't think they should ruin it because of her silly attachment to a house. Daisy entered and struggled to put her box on the kitchen counter. Marina asked her for her help in explaining the realities to Mallet. Then Marina noticed the box, and she asked Daisy if she were moving in. Daisy said that depended upon whether or not Marina was. Drawing in a leaping breath of faith, Marina said yes, she was. The women hugged and Mallet smiled.

Daisy called Harley to give her the news. They talked about Daisy's new job on the taskforce. During the one-sided call, Harley seemed worried, and Daisy assured her that she was fine. Daisy said she missed Harley.

At the mansion, Lizzie approached Bill in the parlor to go over the logistics of the Decker meeting scheduled for the next day. Alan entered, cheering that the world would see the leader of the company and her goofy sidekick, Bill, too. When Bill took exception to being termed goofy, Alan rephrased and called him a freeloader. He wondered why Bill was mooching off Alan when the Lewis family had its own money. Just then, a boisterous Billy entered, saying he was just in time to even up the score. Alan turned in his wheelchair and asked Billy what was in his suitcase. Billy chuckled, saying his toothbrush and his clean underwear. Billy was moving in and couldn't wait to be one big, happy family with Alan. "The Hillbillies have hijacked the house! Lizzie, lock up everything!" Alan shouted.

Lizzie apologized to Billy for Alan's rudeness, but she pulled Bill aside to say the house wasn't big enough for Alan and Billy. She thought Bill was behaving childishly while she was trying to help her grandfather recover. Decker called Lizzie, and she assured him that they were on track. As Lizzie and Bill left to rehearse their presentation, Lizzie gave Alan and Billy rueful looks and told them to behave. Once alone with Alan, Billy wondered how fast Alan's wheelchair could roll. "Why don't I run you over and we can find out?" Alan said.

Outside on the patio, Lizzie and Bill discussed their strategy for the meeting. Lizzie wanted to tether hearts, while Bill liked sticking to numbers. As they came to a compromise, Lizzie believed that a real chemistry flowed between them. Bill said he was feeling it, too, and he pressed his lips to hers. After a long, involved kiss, Bill said their break was over. He immediately went back to business as usual, but Lizzie wanted to know what the kiss meant. Nervously chuckling, Bill said they were business partners. He went inside to get their media slides. Lizzie followed him to discuss the kiss, saying she believed they needed to be honest with themselves about their feelings. When Bill said he had no emotions, Lizzie replied, "You wish." He admitted she might be right, but he didn't know what to tell her. Lizzie bet him that once they succeeded in their mission the following day, he'd know exactly what to say. Alan observed them from the parlor overlook.

As they continued to rehearse, Grady entered the parlor with congratulatory flowers for Lizzie. Bill wondered how the hell he'd gained entry, and Grady said it must have been his winning smile. Lizzie told Grady to leave, but he instead handed Lizzie a newspaper. She read it aloud. The journalist had written that Lizzie was obviously the brains and heart behind the Galaxy International deal. Bill's face blanched, and Lizzie promised she didn't have anything to do with the article. As Bill pretended his ego wasn't bruised, Grady glanced up to Alan on the overlook. Bill decided their rehearsal was over. He told Grady to leave and then he went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was pleasantly startled to see Billy in the mansion hallway. Billy said that he couldn't stay away from her. He added that he was also there to help her take on Alan. Vanessa felt she was perfectly capable of handling Alan, but Billy said he didn't want her to do it alone. As Billy flirted, Vanessa proudly announced that he was the second man to flirt with her that day. With a confident smile, she boasted that the first one had been a criminal younger than Bill. When Billy hoped she wasn't "guppy fishing again," Vanessa scowled. She said she was going to her room and warned Billy not to get any big ideas. Bill said it was too late; he already had them. Billy sneaked in a kiss before Vanessa closed her door on him.

Bill entered the hall. Upon seeing the kiss, Bill asked Billy what was going on. Billy said he felt Vanessa was coming around, but each time they got close to reconciling, Vanessa would pull away. Bill thought that maybe they were just on separate tracks. Billy vowed to make up for all of his mistakes if Vanessa would give him the tiniest of openings. Billy went to his room, and Bill walked to the railing of the overlook and peered down at Lizzie in the parlor.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In the morning, Bill and Lizzie were anxious about the meeting with Decker later that day. Lizzie practiced her speech in her robe and Bill took a vigorous morning run. In the mansion's upstairs hallway, Billy asked Vanessa if she were going to the presentation meeting to support Bill. Vanessa thought she would watch it online, saying she didn't want to further upset Dinah, who already hadn't liked Vanessa moving in with Bill. Billy pitched a lunch date to Vanessa, but she declined. Awkwardness passed between them as she explained to Billy that they both had moved into the house for Bill and no other reason. Billy nodded and smiled in agreement. When she left, sadness filled his face as he accepted that Vanessa had rejected him.

When Bill got home, he went to the bathroom and discovered Lizzie inside. As they fought over who should use the bathroom first, Lizzie once again called Bill on his childishness. Bill eventually conceded to letting Lizzie have the bathroom, saying he just wanted her to be happy. Later, they met at Spaulding-Lewis to prep in the conference room. They started out complimenting one another, but sexual tensions ran high as the two debated changes that each had made to the other's portion of the presentation. Bill abruptly left the room to practice alone, saying that she was trying to distract him with sex. When Bill reminded her that they were sharing, an argument ensued. Decker strolled by the conference room and chastised them for their unprofessionalism. They apologized and Decker continued down the hall. Lizzie asserted that she was committed to her business relationship with Bill, but it was up to Bill to set the tone for it. She left to change her clothes for the meeting.

Back at the mansion, Alan sat in Lizzie's room with her as she laid out her clothes for the meeting. He told her that he was proud of her and said everybody knew her good name and brains had gotten the Decker deal. He didn't understand what Lizzie gained from a contentious relationship with Bill Lewis. He said he could get rid of Bill if she wanted him to. Alan felt that all he had to do was call Decker to make it happen. Lizzie told her grandfather that she'd prepared the presentation with Bill and she couldn't do it without him. Lizzie added that Decker expected Bill. With one call, Alan said Decker wouldn't miss Bill. Lizzie, however, said she'd miss Bill. Alan wished her luck. Once Lizzie left, he slapped his thighs in frustration.

Downstairs, Bill strolled into the parlor and caught his father with a glass of dark liquid. Billy immediately said it wasn't what Bill thought. Taking it away, Bill said he thought it was bourbon, and he wanted to know why Billy had poured it. Billy said he'd moved into the house for Bill, but he'd also had dreams of reuniting with Vanessa. She'd crushed those dreams earlier that day. Billy felt that he'd just made too many past mistakes for Vanessa to give him another chance. As he regretted the loss of his true love, Billy said that being in the mansion made him think of all the things his pride had cost him.

Bill said drinking wasn't the answer. Billy replied that twenty years from then, Bill would wind up pining for Lizzie after he'd made the same mistakes with her as Billy had with Vanessa. Bill said he wouldn't lose Lizzie. Bill recalled what it had been like between Billy and Vanessa in the good times, and he wanted the same thing with Lizzie. He said that no matter what, Lizzie was more important to him than the business. Bill swigged Billy's bourbon and cocked his head, saying, "This isn't bourbon, Dad. This is iced tea." Billy shrugged innocently and said he'd needed to find a way to make Bill see what a mistake he was making. Billy pleaded with Bill to tell Lizzie everything he'd just told his father before they had their meeting.

Later in the conference room, Bill awaited Lizzie. Decker expressed his concern to Bill that Lizzie hadn't shown up yet. Bill assured him that Lizzie was on the way. When Decker left, Bill called Lizzie and left her a message. He told her to come see him immediately when she arrived because he had something to tell her. Bill smiled as he hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, when Grady caught Daisy sneaking up on him as he loomed on the Spaulding patio, he accused her of following him for her job. She admitted to following him, but not for her job. Daisy said she was concerned about him cavorting with Alan. Grady denied it, saying he was waiting from someone. Daisy guessed that Grady was waiting for Lizzie. She stomped off, angry with herself for even being concerned about him.

Grady caught up to her, telling her that he was at the mansion for a job. Daisy found it unbelievable that Grady associated with people who'd made him into a murderer. Grady asserted that Daisy had always known what kind of man he was. Daisy defended that she knew he would sell drugs, but not murder. When Grady replied that he'd needed the money, Daisy said no one needed money that badly. After Grady accused Daisy of working with the police so that she could become like her mother, Daisy realized he didn't know her or how hard she'd worked to rebuild her reputation after standing by him. Grady retorted that she'd abandoned him when things had gotten tough. Daisy decided he was selfish and that was why they couldn't be together. Daisy's face reddened when Grady said she probably still carried the key that he'd given her. She said he didn't know anything about her and walked away.

A gloomy Daisy put her head down on the bar at Company. When Buzz asked her what had gotten her down, she showed him the key from Grady. She said she'd regained her friendship with Ashlee and she had a good job, but she was still bogged down by her feelings for Grady. Buzz suggested she tell herself that she was over Grady until it was finally true. Though Daisy thought that was the worst advice ever, she went home and practiced telling herself and the skeleton key that she was done with Grady. Just then, she heard glass shattering against her outside wall. Upon looking out the window, she saw an inebriated Grady throwing beer bottles at her house. Daisy told him to stop, but he said he didn't want to. "Okay, well, just don't do it here," Daisy said. After he wobbled away, Daisy swept the glass from her walkway. As she threw the glass away, she contemplated tossing the skeleton key in the trash. She couldn't bring herself to do it and tucked the key back into her pocket before reentering the house.

Dinah cornered Vanessa in the Spaulding parlor to berate her for the electric bill problems at the station. Vanessa sighed, contritely reminding Dinah that she no longer had anything to do with running the station, since Dinah had demoted her upon taking it over. Vanessa lectured Dinah, saying she'd told Dinah a while back that the station needed to present two years of paid receipts to the electric company. When she asked if Dinah had done that, Dinah said she'd been too busy running the station and winning Maximus for Bill. Dinah tried to turn it into some kind of conspiracy against her, but her mother was tired of that line. She told Dinah that not everyone was plotting against her. Dinah huffed that the Galaxy International contract wasn't a done deal, and Vanessa warned her not to make trouble for her brother that day. As Dinah left, Vanessa didn't seem confident that she'd gotten through to her daughter.

Dinah slipped back into the parlor later and found Alan there. She said she wouldn't fall for his faulty memory routine, and an irritated Alan asked her what she wanted. She reminded him what Bill and Lizzie's union meant for Dinah and him, and wondered why Alan wasn't preventing it. He claimed he was recovering from surgery. Dinah decided that the surgeons must have a removed the part of Alan's brain that made him Alan. When she left, Alan smiled, saying that the surgeon definitely had not.

At Spaulding-Lewis, Grady defaced the company sign on the door. He scratched out the "S" and made the "P" into a "B." Dinah conked him on the head, and pulled him to the side of the building. She lit into him about his lack of progress with Lizzie. Bill and Lizzie were still close and had even moved their families in together. Grady said some of that was Dinah's fault. Dinah agreed, saying she should have hired Cyrus, who would have gotten the job done. Grady said he was nothing like his brother. "You can say that again," Dinah quipped, walking away.

Later, Dinah tried to enter "Baulding-Lewis," but the guard held up a photo of her and told her that they had orders to keep her out of the building. Dinah left and drove to the rear of an indiscernible building. She sat down near the back stairwell. Grady came down the steps and said he'd been waiting for her. He felt bad about what had happened before, so he had gotten a gift for her. Dinah wasn't interested in his gift, but Grady said that if she didn't like it, she could take it back. He took her hand and led her down to the basement of the building. When he opened the door to a storage room, Dinah was shocked to see Lizzie blindfolded, gagged, and tied to a chair.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lizzie was a no-show for the Spaulding-Lewis presentation. Bill was anxious for her arrival and told Billy that he wanted to tell her something after the meeting. Billy guessed that Bill was going to tell her that he loved her. Billy said that love was more important than the almighty dollar. Bill responded that he could have both. When Bill told an impatient Decker that Lizzie was not there yet, Decker suggested that they start without her. Bill tried to talk Decker into waiting but Decker announced that it had to be then or the deal would be blown. Though nervous, Bill conducted the presentation for the new recreation center himself.

Dinah arrived at the basement of WSPR to find Lizzie bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Dinah silently dragged Grady out of the room and blasted him for his actions. Dinah told Grady that she could go to jail because of what he did and stated that she was not going to go down because of him. Grady defended his actions and insisted that they were not going to get caught. Dinah blasted Grady for being impulsive, but he informed her that he did have a plan. Disgusted, Dinah decided to leave before she got arrested.

Bill saw Dinah outside the Spaulding-Lewis building. Dinah seemed to want to tell Bill about Lizzie, but before she had a chance, he began complaining about Lizzie missing the presentation. Bill ranted that Lizzie cared more about Alan and her family then she cared for him, and that she probably set him up to choke in the meeting so that he would be unprepared and look like a fool. Later, Bill had the same conversation with his father. Billy tried to convince Bill that perhaps Lizzie did it so that Bill could soar on his own and prove he could do it all by himself. Bill didn't buy that theory, however, and was convinced that Lizzie set him up to fail.

Lizzie was able to get ungagged and began screaming for help. Grady entered the room and, disguising his voice, warned or to shut up or else he would gag her again. Afterwards, Grady placed a call to his "boss," telling the person not to do anything they would regret. Grady assured his boss that he would take care of the problem. When Grady returned to the room, Lizzie attempted to lure him into conversation by stating that a lot of good relationships had begun under less than desirable circumstances. Lizzie suggested that they get acquainted. Suddenly, they heard police sirens and Grady bolted from the room.

Grady saw Dinah on the stairwell and asked if she turned him in. Dinah denied it, since she would be implicating herself as well. They argued about the kidnapping again and Grady called Lizzie "a gift" to Dinah. Grady said that he did what Dinah wanted to do but was too afraid. Grady ranted that all Dinah ever did was complain about him. He noted that Lizzie missed her meeting and stated that had to count for something. Grady told Dinah that he wanted her to say thank you. In response, Dinah suddenly kissed him and thanked him.

Decker called Olivia and told her that he wanted them to fly to China so that she could check out the hotels and be introduced around. Olivia did not seem physically up to it, but lied that she would be happy to go to it.

Frank saw Natalia working at Company and offered to take her shift for her so that she could get some rest. Natalia insisted that she was fine, but Frank stated that that was not good enough. Frank told Natalia that he saw her marking the calendar to the day when Rafe would be released. He stated that it was as if she was in a holding pattern. Natalia stated that was not the case-she was just trying to survive until Rafe got out. Frank called that pathetic. Franked confided that he waited a lot. He waited for Eleni to come back to him and he waited for Marina to grow up. Frank maintained that in the ensuing time, he got old and boring. Frank told Natalia that he lost a lot of great years that he could never get back. Frank told Natalia that she had to take care of herself. At that moment, Olivia called Natalia, asking her to come to the Beacon because Olivia needed her. Natalia took Frank up on his offer to take her shift so that she could go to the Beacon.

Natalia arrived at Olivia's and noted that she looked ill. Olivia insisted that she was fine and told Natalia that she had to go to China on Galaxy Hotel business and needed help. Later, Decker arrived to discuss their trip. Suddenly, Natalia brought up the family recreation center that Decker was having built, and asked if it was a good idea for Olivia to leave town the night before her daughter's pageant. Olivia suggested that instead of going to China, she could hold a conference via satellite at Emma's school to show how family-oriented she, and by extension Galaxy, Inc., was. Decker liked the idea. After he left, Natalia noted that a weak Olivia needed to go to Cedars to get checked out. Natalia argued that Olivia had to take care of herself for her daughter's sake. Olivia worried that Decker might see her walking out of the hotel in a weakened condition. After Natalia threatened to call an ambulance herself, and even suggested that she could wheel Olivia out in a laundry cart, Olivia agreed to walk out of her hotel and go to Cedars under her own power.

At Cedars, Olivia tried to tell Natalia that she could leave, but Natalia insisted on staying. Natalia brought up Olivia's heart. Olivia doubted that the problem was her heart. She argued that it was probably an infection or something. Rick entered and suggested that Natalia stick around. He stated that it was often best for someone to be with the patient when news was delivered.

Decker returned to Bill's office. Bill apologized for Lizzie's absence. Bill began to apologize for the quality of his presentation but Decker assured him that it went very well. Decker informed Bill that he was getting calls from all over the world from people wanting to invest in the project. Decker told Bill that Lizzie let him down. He theorized that Lizzie did not have what it took to be in business. Decker stated that Bill proved himself to his family and everyone. Before leaving, Decker told Bill to check his e-mail because he was about to become an international "rock star." Later, Bill was on the phone with someone telling them that the Spauldings were not part of the deal. It was Lewis all the way.

Alone in the basement of WSPR, Lizzie screamed Bill's name.

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