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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 22, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Vienna came home to the Lakeview after some major Christmas shopping, and while she was putting away presents, she found a strange box stashed under a table in the hotel room. Inside was a manuscript entitled, "The Man from Oakdale." She mused aloud what "that Henry" had been up to. Meanwhile, in Al's Diner, Henry was unpleasantly surprised to have a woman visitor who accused him of being worried that Vienna would figure out what he had done.

Casey also got a surprise when Maddie Coleman showed up at his door. He had no idea how to react, so Maddie asked him for a hug. Casey said he had not realized she was coming home for the holidays, and the girl explained it was a last-minute decision. She said Henry did not even know she was arriving. They discussed how Casey had broken her heart by dumping her before he left for prison, and Maddie said she still felt the same way about him. Casey told her how badly he had behaved after getting out of prison, including getting expelled from the university and landing only a menial job pushing a mop at the hospital. Alison arrived to give Casey a ride to work, and she was shocked to find Maddie there. Maddie immediately drew the conclusion that Casey and Alison were a couple, and she grabbed her suitcase and made a hasty exit.

Brian found Lucinda holding mistletoe over her head on the couch at Lily's, and declaring how bored she was. She said she missed her work desperately, but Brian reminded her she was recovering from radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. He also told her to grab her coat and they would head for the art museum to see a new exhibit. They shared a few kisses, as Luke walked in. Lucinda remarked that Luke should not be embarrassed by some "elder affection," and went to get her coat. Luke told Brian he felt his grandmother loved Brian in a totally different way from the way he loved her, and Brian's response was that he hoped Luke would respect how he felt about Lucinda.

Luke admitted that whatever the couple had, it made his grandmother happy. Lucinda and Brian left for the museum as Noah arrived, bearing gifts. He gave the presents to Luke to put under the tree, but he also held one back. Luke explained how Brian had come on to him again after Jack's bachelor party, and Noah asked a few questions. Luke said he just could not figure out the man. He also told Noah that Jade was back and already in police custody. He told him how he had tried to help her, but Jade got arrested anyway. Noah said that was exactly what the guy he had fallen in love with would do.

Noah then surprised Luke by asking him to hang out with him the rest of the day. The boys went to Old Town and fell back into their old, easy banter. Luke invited Noah to spend Christmas day with his family, and Noah accepted. Then Noah presented Luke with his gift, a new wristwatch. The watch was engraved with the words, "Worth the wait." The boys sat on a bench, and Luke put on the watch as they reminisced about the previous Christmas when the boys had kissed under the mistletoe in Emma's kitchen. They looked up to see a sprig of mistletoe above their heads, and they kissed again. When Noah pulled back, he saw Maddie smiling at them.

Brian and Lucinda went not to the art museum but to Worldwide, because Lucinda wanted to visit her boardroom. She attempted to seduce her husband there, but she was interrupted by the arrival of Vienna, who had conveniently circumvented security. Vienna attempted to give Lucinda the manuscript by Henry and asked her to publish it. Brian explained that Lucinda was on a sabbatical and not working, but Vienna insisted that Lucinda would make a lot of money on the book, and it would make a perfect Christmas gift for Henry. She outlined the plot, which centered on a powerful business woman who hired two sexy detectives to find the woman's granddaughter and a child with whom she had run away. Brian skimmed the pages and told Lucinda the woman in the story sounded like her, and the investigators were searching for Lucy and Johnny.

Lucinda paged through the manuscript and admitted she liked it. She expressed concern, however, that publishing the story might put Lucy and Johnny in more jeopardy, but Vienna said the story was just fiction. Brian told Lucinda she should not take on any new projects, but his wife was not convinced, and gave Vienna the green light. Vienna was thrilled and knew Henry would be, likewise. Lucinda cautioned that they needed to secure the rights to the material from Henry, find an editor, and then it was off to the presses.

Henry met his mystery woman at the Lakeview, and she gave him a check and promised more where that came from if he continued his spectacular efforts. Vienna walked in, followed by Brian and Lucinda, and demanded to know who the woman with Henry was, but he sidestepped the question. She told Henry she had the most marvelous Christmas present for him, and she just needed him to sign off on it.

Henry was confused, so Vienna explained how she had discovered the manuscript and taken it to Lucinda, who had agreed to publish it and make him a world-famous author. Henry's woman friend stood up and loudly proclaimed, "The hell you are!" Vienna challenged the woman, who introduced herself as Maggie, Henry's editor at Simon and Schuster. Lucinda cut through the confusion by asking Henry if the book was available or not, and Henry said he had already sold it to Maggie. Vienna was proud of Henry and couldn't believe he had worked on it without her knowing. Lucinda stated she was considering suing Henry for defamation of character, but Henry disagreed with her opinion. Lucinda and Brian left, and Maggie told Henry it seemed as it he had plenty of material for a sequel.

Alison found Casey mopping a stairwell at the hospital, and she questioned him about Maddie's sudden appearance. Casey said he was caught off-guard when Maddie showed up, and he had shot her down. Alison summed up his behavior as being "a total jerk," and argued that perhaps Maddie's return was supposed to happen. Casey wasn't sure how he felt about the girl, so Alison urged him to find out.

In Old Town, Maddie was happy to see Luke and Noah together and told them she had just broken up with a college boyfriend, so she decided to come home and talk to Casey. She asked if Casey and Alison were a couple, but Luke and Noah said they only worked together. She then asked if there had been anyone else in Casey's life since she had left, but neither boy mentioned Emily. Noah did tell Maddie about a New Year's Eve party at Metro and invited her to come with Luke and him. Luke seemed disappointed that Noah had issued the invitation, and after Maddie left, Noah asked him about it. Luke said he thought that would be the time the two of them would reunite, so Noah realized Luke was jealous, and reassured him that Luke was the only one for him.

Vienna and Henry had a drink and he explained he had written the book during the summer when Vienna was gone. He said he had dedicated the book to her and recited the dedication from memory. The two of them decided it was time to go upstairs and play "Sexy Editor and Naughty, Naughty Writer."

Brian and Lucinda stopped at the Lakeview Bar and had an espresso. Brian urged her to focus on the positive things in her life, and

Lucinda suddenly remembered that Brian still had a room there at the hotel. With not much subtlety, she told him it was time to make their marriage a true one, and she asked him to take her up to the room. Brian looked disconcerted, but he agreed to go. When he rebuffed her advances, Lucinda told him she felt "irrelevant," because her husband did not want her. Brian said he first wanted to take care of her and just hold her.

Casey took a break and found Maddie at the diner. He apologized for the way he had greeted her and asked to make it up to her. He invited her to have dinner and go to a movie, and she accepted.

At the hospital, Alison got a cryptic text on her phone, saying, "Can I trust you? LM" After a bit of thought, she realized the message was from Lucy Montgomery.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Casey told his mother he was going on a date with Maddie, and Margo was delighted. He promised her he would do his best not to screw things up again. Maddie arrived as Margo was leaving for work, so Casey asked his date where she wanted to go for dinner. After she found out the two of them were alone in the house, Maddie opted to stay there.

Luke went to the Oakdale police station and asked to see Jade. Margo had just gotten there and told Luke that Jade was not allowed visitors at that time; however, she hinted broadly that if Luke just hung around the station for a short while, he might get a chance to see her. An officer brought out Jade for transport to Florida, and Luke took the opportunity to try to explain why he had made it easy for Margo to find her. Jade said all she understood was that she had been stupid enough to trust him. She was angry, and she was not listening to Luke's apology. She referred to him as "the Golden Boy," and told him how sure she had been that he would help her. After all, she considered him her best friend. Luke asked what he could do to make her forgive him, but Jade was down and discouraged. Margo announced that the Miami marshal had arrived, and it was time for Jade to leave.

Holden got a call from the station telling him Jade was being extradited to Florida very soon, so Lily went into a panic and searched for a way to stop the authorities from moving her niece. Bonnie showed up and gave some good news: Derek Coburn had called, and with any luck, Jade could be home for the holidays! Derek had found Robby Sanchez in Florida, and the young man had agreed to accompany him to Oakdale. The two of them were on their way to the Oakdale police station. Bonnie explained that Sanchez would give a statement, the Miami jurisdiction would have to drop the demand for extradition on Jade, and then Margo had to agree to free the girl. After all that, Jade could come home. Lily decided to go to the station, so Bonnie and Holden accompanied her.

Vienna, elegantly dressed, came to the diner and asked Henry to go out to dinner with her. Henry reminded her that the next night, Christmas Eve, was their night off, but Vienna said Bonnie had asked to switch because she was involved in a legal issue. Henry agreed and asked if his sister Maddie could join them, but Vienna was wise to the fact that Maddie was making "grown-up plans" of her own for the evening. Henry wanted to know what Vienna knew that he didn't, but she distracted him with an invitation to go on a treasure hunt in her dress. She hinted that something was hidden in her gown that he might like to find, and Henry began searching. He found a hotel reservation tucked away for the Inn at Brookside Valley where Vienna said the two of them were going to spend New Year's Eve.

Casey asked Maddie if she was sure she wanted to stay there, and she verified that no one was home, so that would be perfect. She remembered how happy she had been living there. Casey said he wondered how he was going to mess up his life next, but Maddie gave him a pep talk and told him she still cared about him. She mentioned that she was considering law school after college, and Casey asked about boyfriends at school. Maddie said she did not have a boyfriend anymore. She confessed that when the latest one, Dave, had broken up with her, she had not been all that upset because all the time she was with him, she was thinking of Casey.

She scolded Casey for breaking her heart without letting her be part of any discussion on the subject. She accused him of blowing her off and asked if he were seeing someone new. Casey answered, "Not anymore," but Maddie pursued it. Casey dropped the bombshell that he had been married briefly to Emily Stewart, and Maddie was flabbergasted. No way could she figure out what Casey and Emily had in common. She climbed on Casey's lap and asked why he had not kissed her yet. She grumbled that he was making her do all the work, and she began kissing him. Casey stopped her after a minute and said they should take things slowly. Maddie was difficult to discourage and became irritated because Casey apparently did not want to sleep with her.

Lily, Holden, and Bonnie came in the police station as Margo was preparing Jade for her trip. Derek marched Robby Sanchez in right behind them, and the "perp" immediately called Jade a bitch and said he knew she was behind everything. Derek applied physical force to quiet him and promised Margo the "little creep" was the one who did the crime that Jade was being blamed for. Margo became irritated that Derek had walked in with an alleged perpetrator and was telling her how to do her job. Holden intervened and explained that Derek was only doing what they had asked and paid him to do. Margo called him a "vigilante," and everyone began arguing. Margo tried to clear the room, when suddenly Sanchez broke away from Derek, grabbed Jade, and put a knife to her throat. Margo began negotiating with Sanchez, who continued to threaten Jade. Derek stepped up and began talking to him. When Sanchez tried to back out the door holding Jade, Derek jumped him and wrestled the knife away. Margo was not pleased with Derek's techniques, but he did manage a satisfactory result. Jade wanted to know who Derek was, but he only identified himself as someone who had just saved her life.

Henry and Vienna began making out in the diner, but she stopped him because she was afraid they would be late for their dinner reservations. She bribed Henry with news that she had bought a new costume for their role-playing.

Margo interviewed Robby Sanchez, who backed up Jade's version of the robbery. The Miami police agreed they did not need Jade anymore, as long as she agreed to testify if they called her. Margo released the girl, but gave Derek one more dirty look. Lily thanked Derek for his help and invited him to Christmas dinner, which he declined. Jade demanded that Lily tell her who he really was, and Lily said Derek was Bonnie's boyfriend, whom they had hired. Jade knew there was something her family was not telling her. All Lily said was that Derek had acknowledged he had known Rose.

Bonnie followed Derek and asked him how he had gotten Sanchez to come with him. He said Sanchez was a runner for a mob boss named Jackie Whiteshoes, and Sanchez had foolishly stolen some money from his boss, who then put out a contract on the boy. Derek said the job was over, and that was the end of it.

Casey and Maddie went to Java and saw Noah. Maddie and Noah discussed Casey while he got them coffee, and when he returned, he suddenly remembered some last-minute shopping he needed to do. Noah invited him to Metro for New Year's Eve, but Casey was reluctant to accept until he heard from Maddie that Henry was letting in their group for free. He gave Maddie a buzz on the cheek, and he left. Noah sat with Maddie a while longer and the two of them agreed they liked being friends. Maddie put her hand over Noah's just as Luke walked in and saw that move. He turned around and ran out, and Noah went after him. Noah caught up with Luke and asked what was wrong. He explained that Luke had no reason to be jealous, and, besides, Maddie and Casey were headed back together. He convinced Luke they would make time for one another and ring in the new year.

Back at Lily's, Jade made sure it was all right for her to stay there over the holidays. She said she needed some fresh air, and she went outside. Holden tried to convince Lily not to push the girl and Derek together. He reminded her if they were related, the impetus had to come from Jade.

Derek and Bonnie went to Metro, and Bonnie invited him to Christmas dinner with her, her mother, and her cousin Dallas. Derek said he did not want to intrude, but Bonnie kissed him before he could say anything more. As Derek turned to go, Jade walked in and asked Derek why he went to all the trouble of finding Robby Sanchez for her. Derek answered that Lily had paid him, but Jade said that was not good enough. She asked if he had worked with her mother, but Derek said no and walked out. Jade turned on Bonnie and asked what the hell everyone knew that she didn't.

Casey went to find his mother for some advice. They both found the situation humorous, but Margo was understanding and cautioned her son that if he found he was no longer attracted to Maddie, he should tell her and not leave her hanging.

Bonnie found Derek sitting in Old Town and told him he had missed the perfect chance to talk to Jade, but he seemed fearful of something. He told her to save her barkeeper analysis for the paying customers.

Jade went back to Lily's and told them she had gone to see Derek to ask about Rose. She asked Lily what the man was hiding, and when Lily was reluctant to answer, the girl asked her aunt directly if Derek was her father. Lily answered that she did not know for sure, but she thought so.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Outside at the farm, Jack invited Sage to follow the Snyder tradition of eating pizza on Christmas Eve, but Carly said this year, their daughter had asked to stay and eat with Lily and Holden's family. Inside, Janet and Liberty were busy making a large Italian dinner, which was their family tradition. Janet urged Jack to open one special present and he agreed. It was a garish Christmas sweater with a huge reindeer face on it that Janet had knit herself. Jack insisted on wearing it, however, and put it on to go pick up Parker for dinner. After he left, Liberty expressed concern that Carly might pull something to keep Jack from them, but her mother explained that she had engaged in a serious discussion with Carly earlier in the week and made it clear that Jack did not belong to Carly any more.

Carly talked with J.J. on the phone and was disappointed that he was going skiing with classmates for the holiday and would not be coming home. She asked Parker to take some presents out to the farm for her, but Parker was hesitant to leave his mother alone on Christmas Eve. She claimed she would enjoy the peace and quiet while he was gone. Parker took out a present for Liberty that he had hidden in a desk and put it in his pocket and went to get ready to leave with his father. The doorbell rang, and there stood Craig Montgomery, bearing many gifts. Carly slammed the door in his face, but he persisted in pounding on the door until she opened it again. Craig spotted Parker and wished him a boisterous Merry Christmas, and Parker invited him in, despite Carly's protests. Parker asked Craig if he had been responsible for blowing up Paul Ryan's car, but Craig denied it, and Carly confirmed that the police had dropped all charges.

In the hospital, Meg held baby Eliza, and Dusty arrived. She asked him to hunt down Dr. Schiller, because Meg was eager to take her daughter home for Christmas. Dusty went to find the doctor, but returned with the news that Dr. Schiller was gone, and a Dr. Smith was on call. Alison appeared with a gift of a silver rattle for the baby and got to meet Eliza. Dr. Smith came in and said he would check Meg, and, if all was well, she could go home. Dusty took the baby out in the corridor, and Alison joined him. She asked if he had any luck in finding Lucy and Johnny, but Dusty said they had been gone without a trace for almost two years. Alison received a text message from "LM," asking to meet her in 15 minutes in Old Town. She made an excuse to Dusty and left.

Jack arrived at Carly's and Craig made a crack about his reindeer sweater. Carly offered eggnog, and Jack refused, but Craig accepted. Jack followed Carly to the kitchen and berated her for allowing Craig into her home while any of the children were there. He wanted to know if something was going on between her and Craig, but Carly reminded him that he didn't have to worry about her anymore. Jack and Parker left, and Carly joined Craig in drinking some eggnog.

At the farm, Parker and Liberty asked permission to go caroling with some friends from the food drive, and Janet agreed, even though she and Jack both knew there was going to be no singing involved. Jack was upset that Craig was at Carly's house because he did not want his children, even Parker who was close to being an adult, exposed to the man.

Carly tired to rush Craig through his drink, but he had no reason to hurry. Carly discovered that Parker had forgotten to take her presents to the farm, so Craig proposed to drive her there. He told her he knew she was dying to crash Janet's Christmas Eve dinner anyway.

Jack hit Janet's appetizers as he and Janet waited for the teens to return. A car pulled up outside, but it was Craig who walked right in, followed by Carly. Craig told Janet she must be "the newest" Mrs. Snyder, and Janet said she had heard quite a bit about him. She offered him some Italian cookies and a glass of Emma's elderberry wine. Jack wanted to boot out the visitors, but Janet chose to be hospitable. The door opened again and in came Dusty with Meg and her baby. Neither was pleased to see Craig, who said he and Carly were only there to drop off some gifts. Craig offered to go to the cellar to bring up a few more bottles of Emma's wine, and Jack asked to speak to Carly outside. He asked his ex-wife what she was thinking by bringing Craig to the farm, but Carly defended herself and told Jack to back off. They began arguing, and Carly said they both had to face the fact that things were definitely not the same, and she stormed out. Jack was furious and, in a fit of pique, tore down the hanging bells Janet had placed over the door.

Inside, Dusty offered to throw Craig out the door, but Meg demurred. Janet asked Dusty to fetch the baby carrier, so he went to find it. Craig returned with the wine and expressed interest in the baby. He was stunned to see how much she looked like Johnny as a newborn, but he covered his emotions by telling Meg her daughter was beautiful.

In Old Town, Alison sat at an outside table and reread her text message. A young woman and a boy joined her, and Alison offered to give them the table, but then she realized they were Lucy and Johnny. Alison said Dusty and Craig had been looking all over the world for them, but Lucy cut her off by asking her to rent a room at the Lakeview so she and the boy could rest. She said she could pay for the room, but wanted Alison to actually book the arrangements. Alison told Lucy that Dusty was living at the hotel and her father was in town and probably staying there, as well, but Lucy thought the Lakeview was the last place they would look for her. Alison asked why she had come back, and Lucy answered that Johnny was ill.

Parker and Liberty sat on a bench outside some shops and Parker presented her with his present. Liberty felt bad because she had gotten him only a "lame book," and she opened the gift. It was a bracelet with a charm of a skateboard to commemorate Parker's first meeting with Liberty. Liberty said she liked it, but could not accept it. Parker asked why, and the girl said the bracelet was not the kind of present a brother gave to a sister. Parker loudly reminded her they were step-siblings, but Liberty felt he was putting undue pressure on her. Parker dared Liberty to give him a real kiss and then tell him she felt nothing, so she took the dare. They kissed, and Liberty denied any feelings.

At the Lakeview, Alison rented a room in her name and then brought Lucy and Johnny to the room. She asked if Lucy thought Dusty or Craig would recognize Johnny after two years, but Lucy was not willing to take the chance. She explained the boy needed a bone marrow transplant. Lucy was a doctor, and Alison was a nursing student who had access to the hospital. Lucy asked for help in finding a bone marrow match-soon. Lucy had made a list of Johnny's blood relatives in Oakdale, which included Kim Hughes, Barbara Ryan, Paul Ryan, Margo Hughes, Casey Hughes, Katie Peretti Snyder, and Craig. She asked Alison to test all of them to determine if any one was a match. Otherwise, Johnny could die. She explained the testing was crucial to finding a compatible match. Alison suggested they contact Will, who was also related, but Lucy had already gotten his information from a blood drive at Will's college, and he was not a match. Alison asked if she should sponsor a blood drive at Memorial, but Lucy wanted Alison to draw the blood samples herself. Alison said that was like stealing, and, besides, there were legal privacy issues involved. Johnny woke up and asked if it was Christmas yet, and Lucy comforted the boy. She told Alison that the child was her whole life, but Alison was fearful of risking her career yet again.

Carly came back into the farmhouse and asked Craig to take her home. Craig thanked Janet for her hospitality and told Meg to enjoy her baby. Jack told Craig to make his new year happy by staying away from his family. Craig wished everyone a merry Christmas, as he and Carly left. He volunteered to let the air out of Jack's tires on the way out, but Carly nixed that. Dusty came back with the infant carrier as the couple was leaving, so Craig asked him if he was giving up on finding Johnny. Dusty said he would never give up and reminded Craig he was a lousy father whose own daughter wanted nothing to do with him.

Janet told Jack that she had been nice to Carly and Craig because no matter what Carly was doing, it did not matter to them. Jack sat on the bench outside to think.

Meg told Dusty she had seen Craig's pain when he had looked at her infant, and it reminded her that he had lost a baby, too. She said Dusty was an amazing friend, but he could not play the role of her daughter's father. Dusty took the hint and said a quick goodbye, wishing Meg a merry Christmas.

Back at Carly's, she and Craig had a serious talk, and Craig worried he might not even recognize Johnny if he passed him on the street. He and Carly shared coffee and looked at the tree, each lost in private thoughts. At the Lakeview, Dusty, very much alone, looked at the tree there.

Upstairs in a room, Lucy told Alison she and Johnny would be sleeping in their clothes so that they would be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. She began to sing "Silent Night" to Johnny, who murmured and went back to sleep. Alison told Lucy she would agree to help her find a match for Johnny, and Lucy hugged her old friend.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of your favorite CBS Daytime soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on December 26, 2008, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Craig went to WOAK to give Katie a Christmas present. Craig said he wanted to make a new start in the new year, but Katie said it wasn't going to happen. Katie asked what had prompted Craig's Scrooge-like concern with changing his life. Craig said it was the fact that he was spending Christmas without his son and his daughter. Katie told Craig he had no one to blame but himself for that situation. Craig acknowledged that but said he couldn't change the past; all he could do was make the most of the present. He told his sister that this time would be different, but Katie said they both knew it wouldn't be.

Alison got the supplies to do the blood tests that Lucy had requested. Lucy told Alison she could back out of her agreement to help her if she wanted to, because Lucy had just realized that essentially, Alison was "aiding and abetting a kidnapper" by helping Lucy find a bone marrow donor for Johnny. Alison said she would help Lucy regardless of the risks, because she owed her. Lucy asked what Alison meant. Alison reminded her of the time Alison had burned down a barn (which Aaron had been blamed for, and when Lucy found out, she had tried to turn Alison in to the police but had been hit by a trolley in the process). Alison also told Lucy that she might not be able to have children of her own, so helping Johnny might ease some of the pain that caused her. Lucy told Alison she was sorry to hear that, and she thanked Alison for agreeing to help. Lucy gave Alison the name and address of a private lab where Alison could take the blood to be analyzed, and a photo of a five-year-old girl who was supposed to be the child who needed the bone marrow transplant. Lucy told Alison she'd gotten the photo from an Internet site for children who modeled. Lucy also gave Alison a list of all of Johnny's relatives in Oakdale and told her to be sure to get samples from each of them. Alison took everything with her and left.

Alison went to the hospital, where she ran into Kim Hughes. Alison told Kim about the little girl who needed the bone marrow transplant. She managed to convince Kim to let Alison test her right away. Kim suggested that WOAK run a segment on the little girl, with Katie in charge of trying to get people to be tested as bone marrow donors. Seeing no way to decline, Alison agreed that would be wonderful.

At the hospital, Paul woke up, and Barbara told him he'd basically slept through Christmas. Paul asked his mother to bring Jennifer to him, because Jennifer was the only one she trusted. Barbara tried to tell Paul that Jennifer was gone, but Paul shouted that he wanted to see Jennifer.

Dusty saw Josie eating breakfast at the Lakeview. He said good morning to her, and she asked if he was speaking to her again. She tried to explain to him why she hadn't been able to stop Paul from figuring out that his daughter, Eliza, had been born. Dusty said he understood, but he warned Josie to stay away from Paul. Josie thought Dusty was overreacting to Paul's potential to be a troublemaker, given that Paul was heavily sedated, but Dusty insisted Josie should keep her distance from Paul. Barbara approached and begged Josie to go to the hospital with her and pretend to be Jennifer again, to calm Paul down. Dusty told Barbara he didn't think she should be asking Josie to feed Paul's delusions. Barbara said she understood why Dusty felt that way, but Paul was her son, and she had to do anything she could to help him. Josie, however, declined, saying she was sorry, but what was happening with Paul was private family business involving Paul and Barbara, and it had nothing to do with her.

Josie walked away. Barbara told Dusty she was just trying to figure out a way to help Paul get better. She asked if he thought Meg would keep Eliza away from Paul. Dusty said yes, if it was necessary, and Paul would have to accept it. Barbara asked whether Dusty had accepted that someone was keeping him from his son. She said she knew Dusty would do anything to change that, and so would Paul. Dusty said that was what he was afraid of.

Upstairs in her room, Lucy went to take a shower, after telling Johnny not to let anyone into the room. Johnny, who wanted to go to the park, decided to let himself out. When the elevator doors opened in the lobby, Johnny saw Josie waiting to get on, and he called out, "Mommy!" Josie took Johnny to the front desk and told the clerk he was lost. Lucy called downstairs, looking for Johnny, and the desk clerk told Josie he'd just spoken to the boy's mother. Josie offered to take Johnny upstairs, but the clerk said he would do it, and he thanked her for her help. As Johnny was led away, Dusty walked up to Josie and asked who she'd been talking to. She explained it was a little boy who had mistaken her for his mother. Dusty then told Josie he had changed his mind about Josie pretending to be Jennifer for Paul. He thought it might be the best thing she could do.

At the hospital, Alison went into Paul's room and told him the story about the girl who needed a bone marrow donor. Paul agreed to let Alison test him, but as Alison drew his blood, he began shouting that Johnny was in trouble. Another nurse walked in, and as Paul continued to shout about Johnny, Alison made a hasty exit from the room.

At WOAK, Kim told Katie about Alison's friend with the sick child. Katie agreed that doing a segment would be a great idea, and Katie suggested Alison take a blood sample from Katie on camera, to show everyone how easy it was to be tested. Kim said she would call Alison to try to arrange things so that they could air the segment that same day. Katie went into her office, and Craig approached and told her it sounded like a worthy cause. Katie said Craig could stay if he would agree to be tested, too. Craig said it wasn't his child who was sick. Katie said that just proved Craig hadn't changed.

Dusty took Josie to see Paul. Paul told them he had a feeling about Johnny, that something was wrong with him. Dusty asked what Paul was trying to do. Paul apologized, saying he knew Dusty and Jennifer had only just gotten Johnny back. Dusty whistled and told Paul to wake up. He said, "She's not Jennifer! We're not married! And Johnny's gone!" Paul asked why Dusty was saying such things, and he insisted he wasn't lying. Because Paul was so agitated, the nurse asked Dusty and Josie to leave. Paul shouted after them that Johnny needed their help.

Outside the room, Dusty told Josie that Paul was a sick man, just like his father, James Stenbeck. Josie wondered whether Paul might be telling the truth. She thought she should call Barbara. Dusty told her not to get involved, but Josie said she was already involved.

Craig ran into Barbara in the lobby of the Lakeview. He told her he was sorry to hear about Paul's illness, but Barbara thought Craig was actually thrilled about it. Craig then congratulated Barbara on her beautiful new granddaughter, and Barbara asked when Craig had seen the baby. He told her he'd been at the farm when Meg had brought Eliza home. He said it was a shame Meg's marriage to Paul hadn't worked out. Barbara thought Craig was biding his time until he could make a move to try to win Meg back. Craig said he wasn't the one Barbara should be worrying about; he thought Dusty had designs on Meg.

Josie called Barbara and asked her to go to the hospital. When Barbara arrived, Josie and Dusty told her what Paul had said about Johnny. Josie said Paul said he'd had a feeling, and Barbara told Josie that in the past, Paul's premonitions had proven true. Dusty didn't believe Paul, but Josie said if Paul was right, not only would it mean that Johnny was in trouble, but it might also mean Dusty could get his son back. Barbara said that because Paul didn't trust anyone, the only person who might be able to get more information from him was Josie, pretending to be Jennifer. Josie agreed to go back into Paul's room to talk to him some more.

Barbara and Dusty stayed in the hallway, where Dusty accused Barbara of using Josie, just like Paul had been doing. Barbara said she thought Dusty didn't care about Josie anymore. She told him she'd run into Craig, who thought Dusty was interested in Meg. Dusty asked why Barbara would believe Craig. Barbara said what she believed was that for Paul to get better, he would have to think he had a chance of getting his wife and daughter back.

At WOAK, Katie told Alison they wanted to put her on the air, drawing the blood sample from Katie. Alison was again in the position of not being able to reasonably refuse the offer of help, and she nervously joined Katie on the set. Afterward, Alison asked Katie if she could test Craig, but Katie said she'd already asked him, and Craig had refused. A member of the TV crew approached Alison and told her several of them wanted to be tested. Alison soon ran out of supplies and told Kim she'd have to come back later to test the rest of the crew. Kim offered to show Alison the TV piece in the editing room, but Alison said she had to get the samples to the lab.

Dusty returned to the Lakeview, where Craig was having a drink at the bar and watching Katie's piece on the sick child. Craig pointed out that Johnny was also five years old, and he said it was sad when a child that young was in danger. Dusty said it was worse when you were the one who put him there. Craig asked if Dusty was accusing him of something. Dusty replied that Lucy had taken Johnny to keep him away from Craig, but Craig pointed out she'd also taken Johnny to keep him from Dusty. Craig left the bar.

Alison went back to see Lucy, who filled her in on Johnny's escape from the room. Alison told Lucy about Kim's offer to put her story on the air. She told Lucy she was going to go see Casey, and she hoped to get both Casey and Margo to be tested at the same time. Lucy reminded Alison to ask Craig, but Alison told her Katie had already asked Craig, and he had refused to be tested. Alison said she'd brought a present for Johnny, and Johnny sat up and asked if he could open it. He opened the box and found a big jigsaw puzzle of "airplanes and parachutes." Johnny was happy with his present.

As Alison left the room, Craig walked by. He asked if she was going door-to-door recruiting people to be tested. Alison said Craig must have seen the WOAK segment, and she told him it wasn't too late for him to be tested. Craig said he would pass, and Alison asked if he was afraid of needles. Craig said he wasn't afraid of needles, just of his own blood. Through the door, Craig and Alison could hear a child's laughter. Craig said, "At least you leave your victims happy." Alison assured Craig she could make it pleasant for him, too, and he said he was sure she could, but he still declined.

As she spoke with Paul, Josie, still pretending to be Jennifer, asked him to try to think of anything specific that might help Johnny, like where Johnny was when Paul got his "feeling" about him. Josie took Paul's hand, and he reacted immediately, saying he saw something. Josie asked what Paul saw, and Paul replied, "Airplanes and parachutes. That's where Johnny is --- someplace with airplanes and parachutes."


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