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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 22, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ryan walked into the living room and found Emma wrapping a present. Ryan appeared saddened when Emma told him that she wanted to take the gift to her mother. Since visiting Annie wasn't an option, Ryan suggested that they place the present under the Christmas tree with a note to Santa. They would ask Santa to take the present to Annie. Emma agreed, but she remained downcast because she missed her mother.

At the jail, Taylor tried to offer Brot help but he refused it. Taylor was frustrated. She couldn't understand why Brot wasn't fighting back. Brot explained that he was guilty of stealing a dead man's identity and therefore needed to accept his fate. Taylor didn't buy the excuse. She was certain that Brot was using the arrest as an excuse to hide from her.

Jake, dressed as Santa Claus, muttered to himself as he walked down Pine Valley Hospital's corridor. Greenlee broke out into laughter when she spotted him. He warned her that he was in a foul mood because the children of the hospital's staff had booed his performance as Santa. Greenlee was sympathetic and tried to cheer Jake up by inviting him to go "Scrooging" with her. Jake pointed out that "Scrooging" wasn't a word but agreed to join her anyway.

While Jake went to change out of out of the costume, Greenlee waited in the lounge. When she overheard a father talking to his daughter about her mother, it triggered a recent memory of a conversation between Greenlee and Emma about Annie. Greenlee brushed the memory aside when Jake rejoined her. However, before they could leave, Jake caught a glimpse of Taylor nearby. Greenlee noticed and told him that she would wait while he talked to Taylor.

Taylor was waiting for Jake around the corner. She explained that she was at the hospital for a physical therapy session, but then began talking about Brot and his refusal to mount a legal defense against the charges he faced. When she realized that her problems with Brot might have made Jake uncomfortable, Taylor apologized and excused herself. Standing nearby, Greenlee overheard most of the exchange. When she realized that Jake was in love with Taylor, she urged him to go after Taylor. Jake was reluctant, so, to ensure his cooperation, Greenlee offered to take his Santa suit and drop it off for him.

Jake caught up with Taylor moments later. Taylor admitted that she wasn't in the right frame of mind to focus on her therapy session, so she had decided to skip it. Jake understood and tried to help. First he gave her a candy cane to cheer her up, and then he suggested various ways to help Brot. Taylor lit up when Jake advised her to talk to someone who could help get Brot's charges reduced. Excited by the idea, Taylor thanked Jake and walked off.

Jake left the hospital and walked through the park, where he found Amanda seated on a park bench. She was less than thrilled to see Jake and didn't bother hiding her feelings. She ordered him to leave, but Jake ignored her. Instead, Jake apologized to Amanda for his behavior during their last encounter. He told her that it had been wrong for him to refer to her as a hooker, and added that he had never wanted to hurt her. Amanda accepted his apology, but she was still hurt. After Jake left, Amanda broke down in tears.

Zach talked to Kendall about the impact that Myrtle had on his decision to give Kendall more time. He hoped, with patience, he would be reunited with Kendall. As Zach visited with his wife, he talked about the Christmas decorations at the house and the piles of presents for the kids. Unfortunately Kendall remained unresponsive. Momentarily defeated, Zach rose and promised to return later that evening. As he stepped into the hallway, Taylor met him. Taylor apologized for how she had treated him and asked if his offer to help her was still open. When Zach said that it was, Taylor told him about Brot's situation. She said that she didn't have money or influence, but Zach did. Taylor wondered if Zach could help Brot.

A short time later, Zach showed up at the jail to tell Brot that he had arranged for his release. The two men went over to Taylor's townhouse. Taylor was thrilled when she opened the door and saw Brot standing on her doorstep. She thanked Zach and threw her arms around him. Zach graciously accepted her gratitude and left. Taylor then focused her attention on Brot. She hugged him, but Brot quickly pulled away. He made an excuse to leave, but promised that he would call her. Once the door was closed behind him, Brot took a moment to compose himself before he walked away.

Zach returned to the hospital and talked to Kendall. He told her about his encounter with Brot and the struggles that Brot had faced. Zach's decision to be more patient was reinforced by what he had learned of Brot's life. As Zach walked out of the room, Kendall's spirit rose from her body. She called out for Zach to wait; she wanted to go with him.

Emma's mood lifted when she was surprised by a visit from Santa. It was actually Greenlee in Jake's Santa suit. Emma saw through the disguise immediately and giggled when Greenlee was forced to admit that she was behind the beard. Ryan was beaming with pride and joy as he watched the two. When Corinna arrived to take Emma to a party, Emma was reluctant to go. She didn't want to go without her mother. Greenlee stepped in and persuaded the little girl to enjoy the Christmas celebrations. After Corinna and Emma left, Ryan turned to Greenlee. He told her that he thought she was amazing. He loved how she took care of Emma and understood his little girl. Greenlee tried to downplay her connection with Emma by changing the subject. She joked that the synthetic fibers of the costume drove her up the wall.

After Greenlee changed into one of Ryan's shirts, she joined him before the fire. She was surprised when Ryan handed her a small gift-wrapped box. When she opened it, she found a stunning gold butterfly pin inside. Greenlee was touched by the significant gift and threw her arms around Ryan. She told him that she loved him and the two kissed.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam was upset over the idea of JR and Little Adam spending Christmas at the hunting lodge. Colby supported her brother's decision to get out of Pine Valley and reminded their father that it was JR's decision to make. She told him that JR needed to do what felt right for him, not Adam. JR appreciated his sister's support. When they were alone, he asked Colby to keep an eye on Krystal while he was out of town.

Later, Adam gave JR a special gift. It was a map of a trail located near the lodge. It led to a beautiful spot with a stream and a bench. Adam said it was the perfect place for JR to sit and think about Babe. JR was deeply moved by his father's gesture. He apologized that he didn't have a present for Adam. Adam brushed off JR's concern. He told JR that JR's decision to move back to the Chandler mansion was all he had wanted.

Krystal asked Opal if she could keep the girls for another night. Krystal claimed that she had the flu and did not want to risk exposing the children to it. After Opal agreed, Krystal ended the call and went to answer the door. Someone had been ringing the doorbell incessantly. It was David. He said that he had been concerned about Krystal after she had crashed her car moments after running out of Wildwind. Krsytal said that she was fine and that the car could be repaired. David refused to take her word for it, and insisted on examining her. Krystal led David to the living room where he quickly determined that she didn't have any lingering effects of the accident. Satisfied that she had given him what he wanted, Krystal asked David to leave. David refused. He wanted to talk about why Krystal had suddenly pulled away from him. Krystal ignored his questions and told him that she needed to get ready for a gift exchange with JR and Little Adam. David was not pleased when he learned that JR intended to take Little Adam to the Chandler lodge for Christmas.

At the Chandler mansion, David dropped by unexpectedly shortly after Krystal's arrival. JR was furious when David ignored his order to leave, but he was forced to put up with the man's presence because of Little Adam. When Little Adam spotted the sporty racecar toy that David had bought for him, he ran up to it. David joined him and helped him climb in. As everyone watched, JR leaned close to Krystal to warn her not to fall for David's act. In his excitement, Little Adam invited David to spend Christmas with him and his father at the lodge. JR stepped in and told his son that David could not join them. When David left, JR followed him out the door. He warned David that his New Year's resolution was to make certain that David returned to where he came from. After JR walked inside, David called Amanda. He told her to pack her bags; she was going to a lodge.

At the lodge, JR was overcome with emotion and had to step outside for a moment alone. He wasn't alone for long. As he broke down in tears, Amanda walked up and drew JR into her arms.

A few minutes after Krystal returned home, she was startled when she turned around and found David standing in the living room doorway. He said that he had found the front door open and had knocked. Krystal was annoyed and tried to make David leave, but he remained. Eventually, he was able to coerce Krystal into drinking some milk and talking to him. She told him that Adam and JR had warned her that David would find a way to use her to get to Little Adam. David denied the accusation and professed his innocence. He begged Krystal not to let Adam and JR come between them. He reminded her that he and Krystal shared something special, their daughter. Krystal's defenses crumbled. When she began to cry about Babe, David swooped her up into his arms. As he carried her out of the living room, David promised Krystal that he would take care of her.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

David carried a sleepy Krystal to her bedroom. She told him that someone needed to look after Jenny. David assured Krystal that Jenny was safe at home. Krystal asked for Tad, but David reminded her that Tad was not there. Krystal woke up and found David downstairs. She wanted to know why he was at her home. David reminded Krystal that she was not feeling well when he came by to visit her. Krystal was barely able to keep her eyes open so he again carried her upstairs to bed. Krystal realized that she only felt tired after David gave her milk. She accused David of putting drugs in the milk to seduce her.

Krystal said David used Babe's death to manipulate her. But David claimed he never did anything to hurt her family since returning to Pine Valley. David said he only gave Krystal drugs to help her rest. Krystal said David wanted to drug her so she would think about him all the time. David said Krystal's thoughts about him were not a side effect from the drugs. He said Krystal secretly wanted him. She told him to get out of the house. David said they should not fight on Christmas. Krystal claimed she hated Christmas and threw ornaments off the tree. David asked Krystal to admit she loved him. Krystal threw Christmas presents and screamed that she hated David for what he had done to her. David left as Krystal continued her rant. Krystal headed upstairs as a candle caught fire on newspaper.

JR told Amanda he was not sure how to have Christmas without Babe. Amanda told JR they would make it through the holiday together. Amanda and JR played with Little Adam. Amanda got a call from David to make sure she was getting JR drunk. Amanda told him she knew what needed to be done and hung up. JR asked why Amanda decided to visit him at the lodge. She said that she didn't want to spend Christmas alone. JR said he understood how Amanda felt. JR invited Amanda to spend the night if she did not mind sleeping on the couch. Amanda gladly accepted his invitation. JR was upset when he realized the shell Babe gave Little Adam was missing from his pocket. JR and Amanda began looking around the cabin for the shell. Amanda found the shell while JR was gone. She quickly hid it in her purse when JR returned. Amanda said maybe JR would find the shell another day. She offered him an alcoholic drink to help calm his nerves. Amanda said no one would need to know about it. JR decided to take the glass. Amanda had a change of heart and went to retrieve the shell from her purse. But when she looked back, JR had already taken a sip from the glass.

Reese and Bianca told the children Christmas stories as Zach came home. Kendall, who was having an out-of-body experience, told everyone she was there with them. But the family ignored her presence. Zach explained to Ian and Spike that they needed to be good boys for Santa Claus. Kendall painfully watched as Bianca and Reese helped the boys write a letter to Santa. The boys blew Kendall's picture a kiss before heading to bed. Bianca gave Reese an engagement ring as a Christmas gift. She officially proposed to Reese and, of course, Reese said yes. Kendall looked on as Zach read a story to Ian. Afterwards, Reese and Bianca suggested Reese spend Christmas Eve with Kendall. But Zach said there was no need. He felt as though Kendall was with them in spirit.

Annie was grateful for Aidan's Christmas gift. Annie called Aidan her father. But Aidan tried to explain that he was not her father, just a friend. Aidan wrapped his jacket around Annie. A doctor came into the room and escorted Aidan outside. Annie put her hands inside the pockets and found pills. She thought the pills were candy.

Oak Haven, where Annie was staying, called Ryan while he and Greenlee made love. Afterwards, Ryan said he realized Annie needed doctors and drugs instead of him to help her. Also, Ryan said he wanted happiness for his children and Greenlee. He thought obtaining both of those things was impossible. Ryan picked up the phone when Oak Haven called again. Greenlee put in a movie after Ryan left. She felt guilty after watching a happy Christmas home video of Ryan, Annie, and Emma.

Aidan saw Ryan come into the hospital, and hid. He overheard the doctor telling Ryan that Annie digested all of the pills found in Aidan's pocket. Doctors stabilized Annie by pumping the drugs out of her stomach. The doctor said she did not give the hospital approval to contact Ryan. The doctor still felt it was best for Ryan to leave Annie alone. His visits only made Annie upset and confused. Ryan said he needed the doctors to cure Annie quickly so she could go home to Emma. Ryan returned home to find a note from Greenlee. The note said, "I love you, but tonight never happened."

Aidan went into Annie's room to check on her. Annie recognized Aidan and asked him why he was there.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup featured encore presentations of some recent memorable episodes.

All My Children featured an episode from its blockbuster tornado storyline. The episode, which originally aired October 20, 2008, has Zach discovering a very pregnant Bianca trapped in the rubble of his beach house.

There will be no new programming on Thursday, December 25. Regular programming will resume on December 26, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday schedule.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of your favorite ABC Daytime soaps -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on December 26, 2008, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

Friday, December 26, 2008

JR finally gave in to Amanda's suggestion and took his first drink of alcohol after a long stint with sobriety. He justified his fall off the wagon when he said that Babe would understand, and invited Amanda to join him. She initially declined, but after he told her that her refusal meant more for him, she changed her mind. They toasted and JR slid headlong into a bender. He decided that he felt like dancing and suggested that they head down the road to a nearby bar with a jukebox. Amanda was alarmed, as it seemed that he was willing to leave his son in the house, sleeping and alone. Her alarm was stunted when JR fell over himself, spilling his drink, but in the process finding the missing magic shell that Babe had given to their son. Upon seeing it, he recalled how much he missed Babe and how sad he was that the shell hadn't been able to protect her, too. He collapsed into Amanda's arms, wracked by tears, and sobbed until he was too tired to keep his eyes open any longer.

After she threw David out of her house, Krystal trashed her living room in anger, and then went upstairs for the night, not realizing that she had knocked over a candle in the process. Outside, David started to leave but thought again and decided to leave her a note. As he wrote a message out to her, he heard the smoke alarms go off. He peered in the front window and was shocked when he saw the first floor filling with smoke. He banged on the door and shouted to get Krystal's attention, and only broke from that endeavor to call 9-1-1 so that the fire department could be alerted. He resumed banging on the door, and although Krystal finally responded, she tripped and fell down the stairs, and landed on the floor, unconscious. David soon realized that it was getting him nowhere, and started to throw himself against the door in an attempt to break it down. Once he did, he was able to locate Krystal's motionless body on the floor and carry her to clearer air outside. He hit her face lightly as he checked for her pulse, and was relieved when she started to cough and return to consciousness.

Emergency personnel arrived soon after and attended to the fire. Once it was out, they informed Krystal that although there was some smoke damage, she was lucky with regard to the fire's overall affect on the house. David promised EMS that he would take care of her, so they left, assured that Krystal would be fine. Krystal, mired in guilt over what she'd done, repeatedly reviewed all the things that could have happened. David told her that everything would be all right and invited her to stay at Wildwind for the night. She resisted at first, but he told her that she needed to let the house air out and get away from it for the night. She gave in, and he took her to his house and got her settled in. He left her for a short while, but she was grateful when he returned, as she saw that he had rescued the Christmas presents from the house. He then gave her his own present - a locket with a picture of Babe inside.

Krystal decided that she needed to get some sleep, and David offered to help the process along. Her anger flashed again and he immediately apologized and said that he'd laced the milk before because he knew that she needed to get some rest and was unable to do that. She accepted his apology and agreed to take his medication one more time. Soon after she had fallen asleep, David's phone began to ring. When he answered it, he found Amanda on the other end. She had taken that moment to call David and inform him that she had done his bidding. She told him that she hated him for making her push JR off the wagon, and he reminded her that she was getting paid for her deeds. He then told her to go out and celebrate, as she had just made herself a very rich woman.

Ryan found a note from Greenlee that told him that although she loved him, they needed to pretend that the previous night hadn't happened. He tried to call her, but she left the call unanswered. He ended the attempt and after he looked around, he found the sleeve to a family video that Emma had watched recently when she was missing her mother. He realized that Greenlee must have seen it, too, and that it had made her run. Unwilling to let her go again, he made a beeline to her place and demanded to be let in. She finally caved in and did that, but tried to make it clear that they needed to end things as quickly as they had started, for the sake of his family. Ryan explained that the family that she saw in the video no longer existed, and that he believed the doctors when they told him that the best option for him was to move on with his life. Greenlee refused to go along with him and said that she felt like she was stealing someone else's family, but Ryan worked overtime to change her mind. She halfheartedly chastised him for being difficult to resist, but he continued in his pursuit to win her over. She finally gave in and they made love. They fell into a light sleep afterwards, but Greenlee awoke startled from a dream where she slowly sank beneath the water level in a bathtub filled with water and flower petals.

Aidan broke into Annie's room again and woke her up. She sat up and correctly identified him as Aidan, but then tried to get away from him since he was friends with "the mean lady." Aidan confirmed that she meant Greenlee and was intrigued when she told him that her mommy had put her in the hospital to keep her safe from Greenlee, who was trying to steal Ryan and hurt her. He called her Annie and was further fascinated when she told him that her name was Emma. They conversed for a few more minutes and then she told him that she wanted to take a nap. He left, and in the hall, he ran into the doctor and kept up the fašade of being another patient. Before she had him escorted back to his room, he convinced her that she needed to check on Annie.

The doctor did as Aidan had suggested and ended up in a heated argument with the patient over her identity. They struggled over a picture of Emma, and Annie managed to gain control, which flung the doctor against the dresser and knocked her out cold. Annie was upset and was frightened that she would get in trouble, but soon realized that she could take advantage of the situation. She switched clothes with the unconscious doctor and made an attempt to escape. She passed Aidan's room, which caused him to make a ruckus in an attempt to be let out. The orderly tried to ignore the din, but eventually opened the door to see if he could calm Aidan down. Aidan commanded the situation and rendered the orderly unconscious.

Annie arrived a short while later at an empty penthouse across town. Unfazed, she went to her room and settled in for a good night's sleep. Meanwhile, Aidan found the doctor on the floor of Annie's room as she was starting to wake up. The doctor asked after Annie, and Aidan had to inform her that Annie had escaped.



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