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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 15, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Taylor was in her hospital room when she received a phone call from Brot. She wished that he would visit her in person, instead of calling her. He asked if she had seen Jake recently. She did not want to discuss Jake because she wanted to focus on their relationship. Brot hung up on her.

Frankie visited Taylor. She expressed her frustration over Brot. She wanted Brot to know that she did not care about his burns. Frankie thought that she needed to look at the situation from Brot's perspective. She claimed that she tried to be compassionate, but Brot refused to open up about his injuries. Frankie did not need to know how Brot felt when he was burned, but Taylor did. She asked Frankie if seeing Brot brought back memories for him. He admitted that Brot was a reminder of his redeployment. Frankie was sad to leave his friends and family, especially Randi. Taylor thought that Frankie would fight hard, so he could return safely to Randi.

Taylor was surprised to see Brot enter her room. He asked if she wanted to learn more about the day he was burned and she said yes. He recalled Frankie holding him as he writhed in pain from the burns. He could see Frankie talking, but he could not hear the words because his ears were ringing. He said that the pain was unbearable and he felt his life slipping away, but then he heard Taylor's voice. He explained that when he heard Taylor begging him to stay alive, he decided to fight for his life. He stated that she was the reason he survived. Then, he was brought to a hospital where they scrubbed his skin. He said this was even more painful than being engulfed in flames. Finally, he convinced a nurse to give him a mirror. He could not recognize himself and he knew, at that moment, he was a different man. Taylor affirmed that he was the same Sergeant Brot Monroe to her, regardless of the scars. He strongly disagreed and stated that the real Brot was buried at his funeral. Taylor put out her arms to hug him, but he pulled away and left the room.

Natalia questioned Randi about her relationship with Frankie. Natalia wondered why they slept in different bedrooms, even though they were dating. Randi admitted that she was dealing with "issues" from her past when she met Frankie. She explained that it had been difficult for her to be intimate with Frankie because she did not trust him. Natalia inquired if Randi trusted Frankie yet. Randi did trust Frankie, but there was something holding her back from being intimate with him. Natalia urged Randi to let go of her inhibitions, so she could show Frankie how much she loved him.

Frankie arrived home with a pizza that he bought for Natalia and Randi. He looked around, but he could not find the two women. Then, Randi yelled that she was in the bedroom. When he entered the room, he saw candles everywhere and Randi sitting on the bed in lingerie. She announced that they were alone for the night. He joked, "This is my kind of pizza party!" They began to kiss, and Frankie stopped to ask if Randi was ready to take their relationship to the next level. She was sure that she wanted to be intimate with him. They both professed their love for each other and made love.

Zach was at the hospital. He stared at Kendall as a nurse approached him. The nurse urged him to believe in miracles.

Bianca came home and could tell that Reese was upset. Reese revealed that her father had visited her. Reese was furious that Bianca went behind her back and called her parents about Gabrielle's christening. Bianca thought that contacting Reese's parents would help them accept her lifestyle. Reese said that Bianca was wrong, but Bianca felt it was a good sign that her father came to see Reese and Gabrielle. Reese revealed that it was not a good meeting because her father refused to meet Bianca. Bianca understood why Reese's father did not want to meet her. Bianca wondered if she should go to his hotel to initiate their first encounter. Reese begged her not to go. Bianca left, claiming that she was going to visit Kendall.

Zach came home and sensed that Reese was frazzled. She did not want to talk about it. He assumed that she was having a hard time keeping the truth about Kendall's condition from Bianca. He apologized for asking her to keep the secret.

Bianca went to see Reese's father, Forrest, at his hotel. Bianca announced herself as Reese's fiancée and he looked uncomfortable, but he still invited her inside. Bianca asked why he and his wife could not accept Reese as a lesbian. He explained that they raised their daughter with "standards." Bianca did not think that Reese did anything wrong by falling in love and having a baby. She encouraged him to be involved in Gabrielle's life. She also urged him to help his wife accept Reese's lifestyle. He admitted that his wife was hard on Reese, but he claimed that she was not the monster that Reese portrayed her to be. He further explained that his wife had to go into therapy and be put on medication after Reese called off her engagement. Bianca was confused, so Forrest revealed that Reese had been engaged to Simon, but called off the engagement just a few weeks before the wedding. He said that Reese did not explain why she called it off and, after she did, she left town and cut off contact with them. He stated that Reese turned her back on them first. Bianca was shocked, but tried to maintain her composure. Once again, she pleaded with him to accept Reese, and then left.

Bianca came home and asked Zach if Reese told him she had been engaged to a man. He said no and she wondered why Reese lied. He looked sheepish and stated that people often lied to protect those that they loved.

Bianca confronted Reese about her engagement. Reese was furious that Bianca met with her father. Bianca was equally as angry because of Reese's lies. Reese explained that she did not tell Bianca because she was ashamed. Reese wanted to be "out and proud" like Bianca. She also knew that Bianca was let down by ex-girlfriends who were confused about their sexuality, and she did not want Bianca to think that she was the same way. Reese cried as she told Bianca that she could live without her parents, but she could not live without Bianca. Bianca understood what Reese was going through and she hugged and kissed her fiancée.

JR punched Jake after he called Amanda a slut. Amanda and JR then had dinner together at ConFusion. She had a glass of wine and asked if it bothered him. He claimed that he was fine being around alcohol. She said that she would understand if he wanted a glass. He thought that Babe would be disappointed if he fell off the wagon, but Amanda assured him that Babe would understand, too. After Amanda left, JR picked up a glass of wine and put it to his lips. Just as he was about to take a sip, Amanda returned and stopped him. She said that her car broke down and she needed a ride home.

Greenlee found Jake very intoxicated at ConFusion. He rambled on about people needing to be with people they loved. Greenlee assumed that he was upset over Taylor. He assumed that Greenlee was upset over Ryan. Jake affirmed that Ryan was Greenlee's "person" and left the bar.

Jake went to Ryan's penthouse. Ryan told Jake to be quiet because Emma was asleep. Jake did not pay attention and yelled that Ryan needed to be with Greenlee. Jake urged Ryan to go to ConFusion to meet her.

Ryan entered ConFusion and saw Greenlee sitting alone at the bar. He imagined kissing her and ripping off her clothes on top of the bar. After his daydream ended, he walked out of the bar without saying anything to Greenlee.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Erica's crew brought Fusion products into Adam's home so she could work from his home. Adam joked that he was only expecting Erica to bring a few suitcases instead of her entire staff. She said that doctors insisted Erica take it easy for a few days before returning to her brand-new office. Val, Erica's assistant, went over Erica's "to-do list" while Amanda answered the telephones. David came by the Chandler mansion to check on Erica. He asked JR and Adam to leave him alone with Erica. Erica asked her staff, Adam, and JR for some privacy while David did a follow-up exam. David overheard JR thanking Amanda for helping him resist the temptation to drink again. Disappointed, David turned his attention to Erica. David reminded Erica that they'd had a deal several months earlier when David performed the surgery that kept Kendall alive. David said Erica owed him a favor. David said he wanted Erica to help him get custody of Little Adam. Erica refused to be a part of David's scheme. David told Erica that Kendall's life still hung in the balance. Erica took David's reminder as a threat against Kendall.

Greenlee was surprised to find the Fusion office vacant and a fax machine missing. She called Amanda and learned about Erica's plans to run the business from Adam's home. Ryan came into the office with Emma after failing to construct the little girl's angel costume for a dance recital. Greenlee gladly offered to help Ryan with Emma's fashion crisis. Greenlee found a big white heart that was used in a Valentine's Day photo shoot. She attached it to the back of Emma's costume to serve as wings and made Ryan close his eyes. Emma came running out with her wings and jumped in Ryan's arms. Ryan said he loved Emma's new wings. Emma sadly said she wished Annie could see her in the costume. Ryan took a picture and promised Emma he would show Annie the picture. Emma invited Greenlee to her recital, but Greenlee decided to continue working. Greenlee got a phone call from someone who spilled the news about Randi's promiscuous past.

Greenlee stormed her way past everyone in the Chandler mansion. She interrupted David's exam and flashed pictures of Randi's pornography in Erica's face. Erica said Fusion had plenty of time to change the campaign. Little Adam brought a big truck to show David. Adam demanded David leave his "grandson" alone when he came into the room. David reminded Adam that Little Adam was his grandson, too. Erica asked Adam to escort her on a walk outside while David watched Little Adam. JR was the next person to tell David to get away from Little Adam when he walked into the room. David left, but made sure to scold Amanda for not holding up her end of their bargain. JR was upset with Adam for letting David spend time alone with Little Adam. Adam apologized for his mistake.

Annie was happy to see Aidan, or "Daddy," when he came to visit her again. She begged him to let her go home, but Aidan insisted they stay for a little longer. Annie asked Aidan where the other children were hiding. Aidan said they were in the playroom. Annie wanted to join the other children, but Aidan said she needed to listen to the doctors first. Aidan quickly hid under the bed as he heard doctors coming to Annie's door. A doctor came into the room and immediately noticed Annie was very calm. The doctor left to check on another patient, but said she would return. Afterwards, Aidan emerged from under the bed. He told Annie that if the doctors knew he was visiting, she would get in trouble. Annie thought it would be fun if she got to hide, too. Aidan turned around and counted as Annie slipped under her blankets. She started giggling as Aidan sadly looked at the big lump on the bed. After they played hide-and-seek some more, Aidan saw Ryan enter the lobby.

A doctor stopped Ryan before he went into Annie's room. Ryan said he wanted to show Annie a picture of Emma to see if it would help her recovery. The doctor said it would take months of intensive therapy before Annie showed any progress. Ryan said he really wanted Annie to have the picture. The doctor agreed to give Annie the picture, but also asked Ryan what he knew about Annie's father. The doctor said Annie was gushing about a blue blanket from her father. Ryan didn't remember Annie ever mentioning a blue blanket in the past. He never packed her a blue blanket, either. Annie came out of her room and went after Ryan. She began hitting him on the chest. Doctors pulled her off Ryan and administered drugs to calm her down. Aidan listened painfully as Annie called out for her daddy's help. After Annie was calm, the doctor explained that Ryan was there to help her. Ryan showed Emma's picture to Annie. Annie thought it was a picture of her. Ryan said the picture was of Emma, Annie's daughter. But Annie said she was only six years old, so there was no way Emma was her daughter. Annie said Ryan could ask her daddy if he did not believe her. She told Ryan her daddy lived down the hall and visited her when she got scared. Annie asked Ryan if he would like to meet her daddy.

Greenlee managed to catch Emma's dance recital before Emma hit the stage. Greenlee wished Emma luck backstage and waited for Ryan in the audience. As the music started to play, Ryan was nowhere to be found. Greenlee took out a camcorder and started taping the show.

Krystal told Angie that she felt like a horrible wife to Tad, who recently went to see Jamie and Jeff in Africa. Angie said Tad would be back to help Krystal as soon as possible. Hoping to raise Krystal's spirits, Angie invited Krystal out for dinner and drinks. Krystal politely declined the offer to watch the children. Angie said she wish she knew where Frankie was. He was an hour late for his shift at the hospital. Angie said Frankie was lucky David was not working, or else Frankie would be in trouble. She was pretty sure David was gunning for the role of chief of staff.

Krystal went to David's home but he was not home. She accidentally kicked a plant and a spare key popped out. Krystal let herself inside and waited for David to come home. Amanda also arrived and knocked at David's door. She let herself into his home with her own key. Krystal pretended to drop pictures of Babe off for David. Amanda snidely remarked that, for a married woman, Krystal spent a lot of time at David's house. Krystal said David understood how she felt about Babe's death. David walked in and told Amanda he needed to discuss family business with Krystal. Krystal asked about David's relationship with Amanda. David said Amanda was a temporary fix to ease the pain of losing Babe. Krystal, on the other hand, meant more to him than anything, David said.

Frankie and Randi lay on bed after making love for the first time. Randi said she never knew sex could be more than a physical pleasure until Frankie came along. Frankie tried to convince Randi to skip work so they could continue romping around under the sheets. But Randi insisted she needed to get to work. It was not long before Randi and Frankie were making love again. Randi even ignored calls from Erica and Amanda. Angie knocked on the door a few times, but the couple ignored her. Angie asked the apartment manager to let her into Frankie's room because she thought Frankie was hurt. Angie was shocked to see Frankie and Randi snuggled under sheets on the couch. She said they would talk later and briskly walked out.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ryan told Annie that her father was not at the hospital. She became agitated and screamed at Ryan to get out of her room. An orderly came and restrained Annie and kicked Ryan out of the room. The doctor asked Ryan to stop visiting Annie because he undermined the progress she was making. Ryan wanted to help Annie, but the doctor said he was making things worse. The doctor encouraged him to focus on Emma and their life together.

Aidan sneaked into Annie's room. She was upset because Ryan did not believe her father was in the hospital. Aidan, pretending to be Annie's father, told her not to tell anyone he was there. He said that, if people knew he was there, they would make him leave. He urged her not to trust anyone but him and she agreed. Meanwhile, Annie did not know that she was being videotaped in her room.

Zach entered the casino and criticized all of the construction workers. Reese and Bianca saw this and tried to calm Zach down. Reese explained that the renovations on his casino were going well. Bianca reminded Zach that it was his turn to visit Kendall in the hospital. He asked Bianca if she would cover his shift.

Bianca was concerned about Zach. Bianca told Reese that Zach no longer held Kendall's hand when he visited her. She worried that he was giving up on Kendall. Reese said that Zach was stressed out. Then, a construction worker made a pass at Reese. Bianca looked uncomfortable and admitted that she still felt uneasy about Reese's ex-fiancé. Reese assured Bianca that she only loved Bianca. Bianca and Reese kissed as the construction workers watched.

Zach thought that it was time to tell Bianca and Erica the truth about Kendall's condition. Reese wondered why he changed his mind. He felt guilty for keeping them in the dark while he was preparing for the worst. Reese reminded Zach that the hope of Kendall's recovery was keeping Bianca and Erica sane. Zach agreed.

After she finished her Christmas pageant, Emma asked Greenlee where her father was. Greenlee told the little girl that Ryan could not come, but he would see the pageant on tape. Emma assumed that her father did not love her anymore. Greenlee stated that Ryan loved her very much. Greenlee explained that Ryan was helping Annie get healthy. Greenlee told Emma that she needed to take care of her father, like he took care of her. Emma agreed to watch over her father.

Ryan returned home from the hospital and found Greenlee in his penthouse. She informed him that Emma went to get ice cream with Corinna. He felt very guilty over missing his daughter's pageant. Greenlee said that Emma was sad, but Greenlee cheered her up. Ryan was thrilled when he saw that Greenlee taped the pageant for him. He exclaimed, "I love you." He looked embarrassed after the statement and changed the subject by mentioning that he was going to the hospital. Greenlee said that she was going also, and offered him a ride.

Taylor was frustrated with being in the hospital and wanted to leave. Frankie told her that she could not leave until she had a place to stay. She asked if he wanted another roommate and he joked that he had enough estrogen in his apartment. Frankie said that there were many apartments for rent in Pine Valley. She reminded him that she was broke. Then, Brot entered and offered to help Taylor pay rent. So, Taylor, Frankie, and Brot went looking for apartments together.

Frankie asked Brot why he wanted to help Taylor. Brot stated that he was only staying in town until Taylor was settled. He planned to leave after he knew Taylor was back on her feet. However, he promised to say goodbye before he left. He did not wish to hurt Taylor by vanishing again.

A military police officer went to Pine Valley Hospital seeking information on Brot. The officer approached a nurse and explained that he was looking for Brot because the military suspected that he was faking his death. Jake overheard him and told the officer that he was misinformed; Brot was never at the hospital. However, David refused to lie to the officer and told him that Brot was a patient. David gave the officer a copy of Brot's medical records.

Jake was mad at David for telling the officer that Brot was alive. David chastised Jake for lying to an officer about a patient. David felt that Jake was putting his personal life ahead of his job at the hospital. Jake thought that David was not a compassionate doctor. Jake then turned to leave and David reminded him that he had a surgery scheduled. Jake snidely told David to find a replacement for him, since he liked acting as if he were the chief of staff.

David called Joe and told him that Jake disobeyed hospital policy again. Joe said that he would talk to Jake, but David was not satisfied. David thought that Jake needed to be punished for his incompetence. David then encouraged Joe to resign as chief of staff so David could fill the position.

Taylor found a condo that she really liked and decided to sign a lease. Brot was happy to help her with the rent. Taylor noted that the condo next to hers was for rent, also. Brot was hesitant to get close to Taylor and she could tell. She wished he would let his guard down and let her love him. He stated that he was a different man.

Jake went to Taylor's condo and revealed that a military officer was looking for Brot. Jake said that Brot needed to leave or he would be arrested. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Greenlee saw Jack at the hospital and asked him to handle her divorce. Jack agreed and wondered if she was going to start a relationship with Ryan. She said no. Jack encouraged her to follow her heart, even if it meant being with Ryan. She was shocked that he wanted her to be with Ryan. He stated that he wanted her to be happy.

Greenlee called Aidan to tell him that Jack was sending him divorce papers. Aidan looked disappointed, but agreed not to contest the divorce.

Ryan visited Kendall. He admitted that she was right about Annie and Greenlee. As he divulged his problems, Kendall's head moved. Zach and David rushed into the room. David examined Kendall and found that her condition was the same. David explained that Kendall had an involuntary movement, which was common in coma patients.

Zach was furious and asked Ryan what happened. Ryan swore that Kendall moved, as if she was responding to him. Zach warned Ryan to stay away from Kendall.

Reese planned a special night for Bianca; however, Bianca was not in the mood for romance because she was still aggravated with Reese for lying to her. Bianca wondered if Reese was bisexual because she had been engaged to a man. Reese swore that she was not bisexual. Bianca wanted to know about the men in Reese's past. Reese explained that her relationships with men never felt "right." Reese revealed that her "first time" was in the back of a car. Reese said that the experience was awful and unromantic. Bianca said that her "first time" was with a girl she met in rehab. Bianca recalled the experience as being loving and gentle. Reese affirmed that her real "first time" was with Bianca. Reese professed her undying love to Bianca. Then, Reese asked to know more about Bianca's first love. Bianca stated that her first girlfriend left her for a man.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bianca told her mother that she had discovered Reese was once engaged to a man. Erica said she did not want Bianca to mistrust Reese. Bianca said Reese told her she never really loved anyone before they met.

Zach apologized for being rude to Reese. He said it was not fair to take his frustrations out on her. Reese accepted Zach's apology. Reese suggested Zach visit Kendall, but Zach said it would not help him feel any better. Kendall would not be able to see or hear him. Reese said Zach could tell her all the things he wanted Kendall to hear. Zach spilled all of his emotions to Reese. Erica spied them hugging, and Zach leaving to see his children. She stepped out of the corner and asked Reese to design her new penthouse. Reese gladly accepted the offer, but knew Erica wanted to say more to her. Erica said that she knew Reese was once engaged to a man. Finding out the news so late in Bianca and Reese's relationship troubled Erica. Reese bluntly told Erica her relationship with Bianca was not Erica's concern. Erica said she just wanted Bianca to be happy.

Once Zach was home, Bianca told him she knew he and Reese were keeping a secret from her. Bianca showed Zach a Christmas picture with Reese aimlessly staring at Zach. Reese sensed tension between Zach and Bianca when she arrived home. Bianca said she thought Zach and Reese were keeping secrets. Reese said she wanted Zach to tell Bianca the truth. Zach said Kendall's heart problem had worsened and she was dying. Reese embraced Bianca as she sobbed. Erica called Zach to tell him Myrtle had died.

Jake asked Taylor where she thought Brot went. Taylor was not sure. Jake said he hoped Brot would not serve any time in jail, so Taylor could help him get through the rough times. Taylor thanked Jake for being such an understanding friend to her. Jake said Taylor was worth the wait, if needed. Taylor said she was sure Brot was not coming back to Pine Valley.

Adam caught JR as he let Little Adam play outside. Adam said he wanted to get Little Adam an electronic car with the child's name painted on the side. But Adam found someone had already ordered one for Little Adam at the toy store. JR said he did not order Little Adam an electrical car, so he assumed David bought the gift.

David was disappointed that Amanda stopped JR from drinking again. Amanda claimed JR would have seen through her charade. But David accused Amanda of developing feelings for JR. After Amanda left, David called Joe at the hospital to thank him for something special. David told Joe that Jake would no longer lose his medical license because of Joe's decision. Angie overheard David talking to Joe. She was not surprised that David did not bother to ask Joe about his daughter's surgery. David said Angie should be careful how she treated the new hospital chief of staff. He ordered Angie to have Joe's desk cleaned out promptly. David stopped Jake in the hall to tell him his surgical privileges had been suspended. Jake said that decision was up to Joe. David announced that he was the new chief of staff. Angie and Jake assumed David got his new title by doing something sneaky and devious.

Amanda saw JR and Little Adam building a snowman in the yard. Amanda asked JR how Little Adam was handling Babe's death. JR said his son missed Babe, but was adjusting well. JR said he wanted to take Little Adam to the mountains to get away from the family drama.

Frankie and Randi anxiously awaited Erica's announcement that Randi was the new face of Fusion on television. But they did not see the news the new couple were expecting. Erica announced a nationwide search for the new face of Fusion. Randi said something must have happened to make Erica change her mind about their campaign. Randi tracked Erica down at the Chandler mansion to find out why she was being replaced. Erica said pornographic videos of Randi showed up on the Internet. She apologized for cutting Randi out, but said Fusion could not handle more bad press. Randi stormed out of the house as Krystal dropped by to see Little Adam. Krystal figured JR mentioned her relationship with David to Adam, so she told Adam he could let her have it. Adam claimed he had no reason to come down hard on Krystal. He said it was only natural for Krystal and David to share a bond over Babe's death. But Adam believed David was using Krystal to build a closer relationship with Little Adam.

Krystal went to see David, who announced his new position as chief of staff. David said Joe simply felt it was time to step down. Krystal congratulated David on his accomplishment. David brought out the personalized electronic car he bought for Little Adam. He asked Krystal to give the car to Little Adam as a present from her. David turned on some soft music and danced with Krystal. He leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed him away and ran out the door. Krystal spun out of the driveway. Suddenly, David heard a loud crash.

Brot came to Frankie's house to hide out for a little bit. Brot said he and Taylor made no progress on their renewed relationship. Frankie said he hated that Brot had turned into a coward, always running away from his problems. Frankie asked Brot if he would have the guts to at least say goodbye to Taylor before leaving. Brot listened to Frankie. He went back to Taylor to say a few last words. Brot said he tried to make their new relationship work, but he was unable to be the person Taylor once loved. Taylor said she would not let Brot run away from her again. Brot turned himself in to a U.S. Army official at the hospital.

Randi went back to her apartment with Frankie. She told him about the video footage Erica discovered. Randi assumed Fletcher must have been taping the sessions with her clients and distributed the footage on the Internet. Randi told Frankie to go ahead and dump her, but he promised to stand by her side.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Zach looked over the obituary for Myrtle in the paper, and then made a toast to his dearly departed friend. He thought back on a time when they shared Bloody Marys and he confessed that Kendall did indeed love him. An employee shook him out of his reverie, although he had asked not to be disturbed, and delivered a package - from Myrtle.

As Bianca tried to blink back tears while she read Myrtle's obituary, Reese held her close and apologized for hiding the truth about Kendall. Bianca brushed it off and said that she understood that both Reese and Zach were trying to protect her. She added that the last thing that she wanted to do - especially at a time like this - was tell her mother that her oldest child was slipping away. Then, Reese noticed a mystery box, and when she asked about it, Bianca knelt down and revealed that the box was from Myrtle.

Opal opened her front door and gasped when she saw that she had received a box from Myrtle. She flashed back to a visit she had paid Myrtle at her boutique, in search of the advice the old carnie was always willing to give. Pete raced down the stairs to find out if his mother was all right, and when he saw what his mother held in her arms, he asked if she planned to open it. Opal resisted at first, as she was not ready to say goodbye, but she finally gave in. When she cracked the lid, she realized Myrtle had bequeathed her crystal ball from back in her traveling days. As they looked deep within the crystal, they gazed upon Myrtle's past run-ins with some of Pine Valley's elite.

Jack accompanied Erica to the boutique Myrtle once owned, and was shocked to see all of the changes the new owners had made. She then noticed a dress box with a satin ribbon on a nearby counter and noted that special touches like that were hardly seen anymore. She glanced at the attached note card and realized that it was addressed to her. When she opened the envelope and extracted the card from inside, she saw that the gift came from none other than Myrtle herself.

Zach went to the hospital, intent on not being alone when he opened the box he received. He sat by Kendall's bedside and explained that Myrtle had passed away, and then lifted the top of the box and saw a photo album emblazoned with the phrase "It's All Worth It," something she had said to him more than once. He opened the cover and a program from the opening reception of the Miranda Center fell out. It brought to mind the first time he and Myrtle met and how, a short time afterwards, she made a point to introduce herself and warn him that he would be in trouble with her if he hurt anyone she loved. The next page showed a picture of them sitting across from one another, and he revealed that to be one moment of the many where she set him straight on love. After he mentally reminisced a little while longer, he told her that the last lesson Myrtle left with him was one of learning to be patient. He promised Kendall that he would try to honor that lesson, as that was all she needed to regain consciousness.

A short time later, he exited Kendall's room, only to be stopped by David before he could leave the hospital. David asked him if he'd told the rest of the family that it was only a matter of time before Kendall would expire, and Zach told him no. When David asked why, Zach told him that there was always hope, and that Kendall just needed a little more time. He then headed to the construction site and told the workers to stop what they were doing. He told them that the carnival was coming to town, and handed over a set of instructions.

Bianca went to the boutique and, upon her entrance, Jack announced that Erica had gotten a surprise gift. Bianca walked in with the one she received and after Jack made the choice to leave them alone, Bianca revealed that she had been gifted with a music box much like the one that Myrtle had given to Bianca at Miranda's baby shower. Erica noted that Myrtle shared a lot of magic with the people that she knew by the way she loved them. Erica then confided in Bianca that she believed years earlier, her mother and Myrtle had made a pact to make sure that Erica always had someone to take care of her. She alit on a few times through the years when Myrtle literally held her hand through the toughest of times. Bianca picked up on her mother's concern that she would be left with that need unfulfilled when she went over and stepped in as hand-holder.

Bianca then recalled how Myrtle had been there for her through the toughest time in her life - when she came out to Erica and was afraid that her mother would never forgive her. Myrtle told her that she had nothing to fear because Erica would always love her. Erica confirmed that, and then said that Myrtle would want them to focus on happier times. Bianca agreed and reminded her mother of the time the three of them, along with Opal, got arrested. After a good laugh about that memory, Erica decided that she was ready to open her box. When she did, she found the dress that she thought she had ruined years before and was both shocked and pleased that Myrtle had somehow managed to restore it.

The Hubbard family stopped by the boarding house that Myrtle ran for many years, and Angie and Jesse talked briefly about how Myrtle had stood up to Angie's father once upon a time. They also noted that nobody could get away with much under Myrtle's roof, and Frankie had to agree. He pointed out that Myrtle always had great advice, and Amanda, the newest arrival to the front porch, agreed wholeheartedly. They all flashed back on their various memories until Greenlee and Ryan arrived. Ryan told the youngest of the crowd about how he stayed there when he first came to town, and how Myrtle attempted to set his moral compass in the right direction.

They all noted that Myrtle had always maintained an open door policy, and Greenlee shared her story of how she had to be the only person that didn't fit that bill. Ryan reminded her that Myrtle eventually warmed up to her. He then pointed out that Angie and Frankie had to have known Myrtle the longest, but a voice piped up from out in the yard to disprove that. Angie leapt up, hugged the newest arrival and then introduced Kelly Tyler to the group as someone who had been like a daughter to Myrtle. Kelly shared a few words, and then placed the flowers she'd brought with her in front of the house, placed a kiss on the door, and noted aloud just how much Myrtle would be missed.

All of those near and dear to Myrtle gathered at the casino in the newly christened Fargate Carnival Room and, as Bianca serenaded the group with the song "Once Upon A Time," they all alternately mourned their loss and celebrated her life. Erica fought through the tears that had welled up and was able to talk more about her old friend and the gifts she possessed and shared throughout her time on earth. She then asked Zach if he wanted to speak for a few moments, but quickly realized that the mogul had gone missing. At that same moment, Zach stopped the operation of the elevator and sat on the floor inside to grieve alone. He came back a short while later as the gathering dispersed, and confirmed that he was fine. He bid all a good night, and then mentally recited a poem to the memorial photo of Myrtle before he placed a yellow rose on the edge of the easel, and walked away.

Now who will lead our carnival
And who will make us stronger
Who will mend our broken sleep
When she is here no longer
For whose part do we stand and bow
What stories do we tell
And will we memorize the day
When great and greatness fell
Say will this valley overcome
And will these shadows fade
And will we lift our eyes to see
The beauty that she made
The disappearing last of her
That leads to worlds unknown
Has left a path to softly tread
When sadness wanders home
I'll meet thee where the highland winds
Divide wild mountain thyme
Where I will be forever yours...and you forever mine.



Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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