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Sarah was hurt when Cristian agreed to marry Vanessa. Téa spoke to a mystery person on the phone. Todd pleaded not guilty. Rex couldn't afford to buy the video game console that Shane wanted for Christmas. Margaret 'visited' Todd in jail. Tess attempted to enlist Brody's help in order to escape from the sanitarium and was angry when he tricked her. The rape charge against Todd was thrown out after Marty testified it had been consensual.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 15, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hard of Hearing

Everyone was stunned when Téa walked into the courtroom and ordered Todd not to enter a guilty plea. While Blair and Nora questioned why Téa was in Llanview, the judge asked her to identify herself. To everyone's surprise, Téa announced that she was representing Todd. As the courtroom erupted into a circus, Todd stated that he was defending himself and confessed that he was guilty of every charge - including rape. Outraged, Téa turned to Nora and accused her of railroading Todd. Citing that Marty shouldn't endure any further suffering, Nora urged the judge to accept Todd's guilty plea and to continue with the hearing.

Téa was adamant that Todd had a right to consult with a lawyer before entering a plea. Ignoring Téa's demands, Todd told her to go away. Insisting that the judge was setting himself up for an appeal by denying Todd the right to speak with counsel, Téa insisted that he allow her a few moments alone with Todd. Fearing a legal battle with Téa, the judge ordered Todd to speak with her in one of the witness rooms and called a short recess. Although Todd protested, a guard ushered him away. Before meeting with Todd, Téa noticed Starr and complimented her. Blair interrupted the reunion and demanded that Téa stay away from her daughter. In a threatening tone, Blair reminded Téa of what happened the last time she tried to come between Blair and Starr - she fell through a window. Walking away, Téa remarked, ""Too bad for you, I survived!"

Blair warned Nora that Téa might convince Todd to allow her to represent him and withdraw his guilty plea. Although annoyed by Téa's sudden presence, Nora remained convinced that Todd didn't want to make Marty suffer through a trial and would accept the deal that she offered him. Meanwhile, John advised Marty that Téa might cause a problem. Worried that she might have to endure a trial, Marty asked John what they would do if Téa defended Todd. Glancing at Nora, John remarked, "Plan B!" Meanwhile, Starr updated Cole on Téa's history with her father. Cole was angered to learn that Téa might defend Todd and put his mother through the agony of a trial. As everyone contemplated Todd's next move, Blair continued to warn them all that Téa possessed the ability to make Todd do her bidding. Continuing to plead her case, Blair reminded John and Nora that Téa helped Todd take Starr away from her years earlier. Blair insisted that Téa would use every underhanded trick in the book to save Todd from prison.

Inside the witness room, Téa demanded to know why Todd was pleading guilty to rape. Téa was outraged when Todd announced that Nora had offered him a deal - plead guilty and receive a sentence of twenty-five years in prison. Suspicious of Nora's tactics, Téa asked Todd if he knew about the rape charge when Nora offered him the deal. Upon learning that the rape charge had never been discussed, Téa reminded Todd that rape was a capital offense and advised him that the judge might disregard his deal with Nora and give him life in prison. As Téa continued to plead with Todd to fight for his life, Todd begged her to leave him alone.

Todd was adamant that he wanted to save Marty the hurt and embarrassment of a trial. When Téa questioned whether Todd truly believed that he had raped Marty, Todd stated that he made love to her. Téa suggested that Todd should plead innocent and make Marty understand that he loved her. Téa stated that if he pled guilty, Marty and his children would never know the truth. As Todd continued to remark that Marty had made him a better person, Téa told him that he deserved the opportunity to prove to the world that he was a different person. Téa asked Todd if he was willing to be branded a rapist a second time.

Certain that Téa's motives were self-serving, Todd asked her why she wanted to help him after all the pain he had caused her. Téa said that she needed the publicity and money. As Todd appeared unconvinced, Téa gave him a look of concern and stated, "I can't stand to see you give up. That's not the Todd I know and love!"

As the arraignment convened, everyone watched as Todd and Téa returned to the courtroom. Téa announced that she would be representing Todd. When the judge asked Todd to enter his plea, everyone gasped as Todd pled not guilty. A look of disgust crossed Marty's face.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Vanessa begged Cristian to marry her so that she could remain in the country. A stunned Cris related that he couldn't marry her because Sarah would be devastated. Cris was certain that they would be able to convince the judge and immigration officials that Vanessa and Lola would be in grave danger if they were sent back to Colombia. Stating that she admired Cris's love for Sarah, Vanessa assured Cris that she understood his dilemma. Caressing his face, Vanessa thanked Cris for all that he had done, but expressed her concern that the immigration officials would never allow them to stay in the states. She suggested that they pick Lola up at the loft and head over to the hearing.

Markko joined Langston and Lola at Cristian's loft. Lola told Markko that she had considered running away to avoid deportation, but Langston convinced her to stay. In an attempt to calm Lola's nerves, Langston reassured her cousin that things would work out in her favor, but Lola continued to worry.

As Marrko and Langston offered Lola their support, Sarah arrived to see Cris. When she was told that Cris was expected back soon, Sarah decided to wait for him. Sarah listened as Langston tried to comfort her cousin. Moments later, Cris and Vanessa returned to the loft and told Lola to hope for the best at the hearing. When Lola asked if anything could be done to prevent the deportation, Vanessa mentioned Téa's suggestion that she marry a U.S. citizen. Instantly, Lola declared that Vanessa should marry Cris. Sarah was appalled and couldn't believe her ears. Sensing the tension, Vanessa reminded Lola that Cris was in love with Sarah. She then announced that Cris had already declined her request to get married. Vanessa insisted that Lola would have to accept the judge's decision.

In tears, a panicked Lola expressed her fear that Ray would kill them upon their return to Colombia. Sarah and Cris listened intently. Lashing out at Sarah, Lola accused her of not wanting Cris to marry Vanessa. Cris immediately defended Sarah and assured Lola that the decision was his and not Sarah's. Lola pleaded with Sarah to allow Cristian to marry Vanessa. With a look of guilt on her face, Sarah acknowledged that Vanessa did save Cris's life, and asked him if he wanted to marry Vanessa in order to keep her in the country. Conflicted, Cris stood speechless.

At St. Ann's, Brody and Jessica attended a group session to discuss their feelings. When the doctor asked Jessica to begin the discussion, she appeared hesitant. Attempting to give her time to sort her thoughts, Brody offered to go first. When another patient recalled that Brody had shot a man, Brody explained that he did it because he was haunted by his past. After stating that he acted out of fear because he believed that he would lose Shane, a nervous Brody told the group about the image of the small boy that haunted him. Recounting the tragic events that led up to him accidentally killing the small child, Brody struggled to tell the story.

As Brody described seeing the child's dead body, Jessica appeared disturbed by the vivid details of the child's death. She began hearing Tess's voice the night she gave birth to her own child. Jessica heard Tess exclaim, "Baby, why aren't you crying!" While giving his account, Brody had a vision of the little boy again. Realizing that Brody was having visions of the child, Jessica suggested that he end his story, but Brody was adamant that he needed to continue. When the doctor told Brody that everything was all right, Brody shouted in anger, "Everything isn't all right. I took someone's child!" A strange look came over Jessica's face. Tess was back.

After the group session had ended, the doctor noticed Tess's strange demeanor and asked if she were feeling okay. Appearing uncomfortable, Tess gave the doctor an excuse for the sudden change in her behavior. Alone, Brody sensed that something had bothered "Jessica." When he asked if something was wrong, Tess said that she needed to see her baby.

After school, Rex escorted Shane to Rodi's. Sensing that Shane was troubled, Rex asked if he was thinking about Brody. Upon learning that Brody was on Shane's mind, Rex informed his son that he had personally taken Shane's Christmas card to St. Ann's and learned that Brody was making progress. Rex's news lifted Shane's spirits. When Gigi joined Rex and Shane, she noticed Shane's Christmas list and asked to view it. Upon observing an expensive video game system on Shane's list, Gigi told her son that they couldn't afford to buy him such an extravagant gift. With a look of concern, Rex listened as Shane said that he didn't intend for his mother to see the gift list and was only wishing for it. Refusing to argue with Shane, Gigi sent him into another room to finish his homework.

When Rex told Gigi that he wanted to purchase the toy for Shane, she reminded him that he hadn't been able to work for several months and felt that he couldn't afford it. Stating that he wanted to please his son, Rex convinced Gigi that he had the necessary funds to purchase the gift for his son.

Rex attempted to purchase the toy online, but was surprised to discover that his credit card had been declined. Upon further investigation, Rex learned that he had no available credit. Later, Gigi approached Rex and thanked him for purchasing the game for Shane. As the family exited Rodi's, Shane complained about his mother looking at his Christmas list. He insisted that he never expected to receive the toy; he only wanted to dream about it. As Shane walked away, Gigi smiled at Rex and stated that Shane would be surprised on Christmas day. A look of sadness crossed Rex's face.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aliens Vs. Predators

At Cristian's loft, Sarah pulled Cris aside to ask him if he really wanted to marry Vanessa to keep her and Lola in the country. After some hesitation, Cristian insisted he could never do that to Sarah, and told Vanessa he was sorry. Lola fell into her stepmother's arms, inconsolable. She lashed out at Cristian and Sarah, calling Sarah selfish; Vanessa chastised her for her rudeness. Langston and Markko tried to comfort Lola, but the Montezes were fearful that Ray would escape prison again and come after them. Vanessa admitted she was afraid, but said there was nothing that could be done; as she gazed at Cristian, she told Lola they couldn't always rely on other people, "no matter how wonderful they are."

Cristian put in a call to Téa for help, while Lola stormed out with Langston and Markko to head for the hearing. Vanessa apologized to Cristian and Sarah for Lola's behavior, and Sarah genuinely wished Vanessa the best of luck in court. Vanessa asked for a moment alone with Cristian, and Sarah reluctantly agreed, going out for a newspaper. Cristian wished he could have been more help to Vanessa, but Vanessa tenderly touched his face and assured him he'd done everything he could. Choking up, Vanessa told Cris he had no idea how much he meant to her. Sarah returned, interrupting the intimate scene, and Vanessa recovered her composure and left for the courthouse.

In Angel Square, Langston and Markko tried to console Lola on the way to the hearing, urging her not to give up hope of staying in the country. Langston said she'd only just found out she had a cousin, and was not about to let her go. Langston and Markko promised to visit often, and gave Lola a keepsake by taking a group camera phone picture with her.

At the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, Jared arrived bearing copious gifts for Bree and baby Chloe, both dressed like elves and sitting with Natalie. Jared stayed mum on what Natalie's Christmas gift would be, teasing her that it could be the pile of socks she found in one of the shopping bags. Natalie gave Bree a family album featuring pictures of Jessica, which thrilled the young child. As Bree pored through the album, Natalie and Jared reflected on their own dysfunctional childhoods, and how they were trying to make up for the past by caring for Jessica's daughters during the holidays. Jared told Natalie she didn't have to get him anything for Christmas; he had everything he needed, especially after fearing he'd lost her forever during the crisis with Tess.

As Natalie took Bree to the ladies' room, Jared began to hastily conspire with the bemused Chloe, revealing to her his top secret "Christmas gift" for Natalie: an engagement ring. When Natalie returned, Jared quickly covered, saying he was showing Chloe Natalie's gift: "She loves the socks." Natalie asked Jared to get her a coffee refill, leaving his shopping bags vulnerable to her perusal. As Natalie began to dig through the bag looking for her present, Chloe looked on. "I know he didn't just get me socks!" Natalie exclaimed to her niece.

At St. Anne's, Tess played on Brody's sympathies for her broken home, insisting that she had to get out of the institution and see her children. She related her feelings of loss to Brody's pain over losing Shane, and accidentally killing the Iraqi child. As Brody beat himself over what happened on Llantano Mountain, Tess reminded him that Shane was all right, but insisted that her kids would forget all about her if she was gone too long. Brody tried to reassure "Jessica" that that wouldn't happen, but Tess played up her desperation, weeping on his shoulder. She told Brody that she had to see her girls, and had figured out a way. After a nun interrupted them to ask them if they were coming to "Movie Night" in the common area, Tess urged Brody to come speak to her privately in her room. Once there, she begged Brody to help her escape St. Anne's while the staff and patients were distracted.

Brody was flabbergasted that "Jess" wanted to break out of the facility, and reminded her that they were there because they needed medical help and treatment. Tess said that her "little trip" was merely temporary, and that she only wanted to see her girls for a moment on Christmas. She continued to play on his grief about his experience in Iraq, and made a crass analogy between her longing for the kids and his combat experience. Growing suspicious, Brody seemingly agreed to help Tess get out, on one condition: "Have sex with me." Tess was thrown, but agreed, ripping Brody's top off and hitting the sheets with him. As they made out, Brody surreptitiously reached up and hit the silent alarm button above the bed. Dr. Levin burst in to find Brody and Jessica locked in a passionate clinch. Levin and Tess were both furious, as Tess asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" "I called him," Brody declared.

In Angel Square, Langston and Markko were glum after saying goodbye to Lola. Langston couldn't accept that she'd lost her new cousin so soon, and Markko worried that Ray would try to harm Lola and Vanessa. Langston said Lola needed a miracle, and Markko helped her up, suggesting they go find one. After lighting a candle for Lola at St. James, the young lovers returned to the park; Markko told Langston he'd lit a candle and said a prayer for her when she'd almost gone to Colombia, and everything had worked out. "You're my miracle," he told her.

Back at Cr

istian's loft, Cristian and Sarah reveled in finally being alone together after weeks of living with their guests. Sarah apologized to Cris for giving him a hard time, and said she felt as though she'd been channeling Tina. She said she'd felt left out by Cris's easy interplay with Vanessa, and admitted she was relieved that he had chosen not to marry her. Cristian swept Sarah into his arms and the two began to make love, but before they could head up to the bedroom, Sarah noticed a note slipped under the door when their back was turned, addressed only to "V." The note read: "Una vida para una vida. O dos." ("A life for a life. Or two.") Cris and Sarah realized the note was a direct threat against Vanessa and Lola's lives.

At the courthouse, the Montezes began their deportation hearing alone, without legal counsel. Vanessa told the judge they sought asylum in the United States, and explained that she and Lola feared for their lives in Colombia because of Ray. When the judge asked Vanessa if she had a "sponsor" to vouch for her claim's legitimacy within the United States, Vanessa flashed back to her kiss with Cristian, but said there was no one. The judge concluded that Vanessa and Lola did not meet the criteria for asylum and declared that they would be immediately deported, causing Lola to become hysterical. Just then, Cristian and Sarah rushed in, insisting that the Montezes not be deported. Cristian said the women's lives were in danger, and presented the judge with the death threat he'd found. The judge reiterated that the Montezes had no corroborating ties for the threat or their presence in the States, but Cristian said that he was wrong, they did have ties: "Vanessa Montez is going to be my wife."

At Todd's arraignment, the courtroom was thrown into an uproar when Todd announced he was changing his plea to "not guilty" on Téa's recommendation. As Starr, Cole, Blair, and Marty reeled at the news, Todd reiterated his wishes to proceed with going to trial. Worried, Marty asked a furious Nora if she would have to testify, and wondered what would happen to Todd. "Him?" Nora said through clenched teeth. "I rip him limb from limb."

Téa quietly reassured Todd that he'd done the right thing, and that she'd get him out on bail. Nora begged to differ, however, producing a mountain of criminal "history" about Todd to the judge. She requested Todd be held without bail and remanded to custody because he was a notorious flight risk. Téa strenuously objected, claiming that Todd's prior criminal record was irrelevant. Exasperated, the judge ordered Téa and Nora to approach the bench.

In the gallery, Blair and Marty worried about Téa's legal prowess, and Blair warned Marty and John not to underestimate Téa's skill. Cole tried to keep Marty's spirits up, promising that Todd would be brought to justice, but Starr wasn't so sure, and admitted she was torn by her conflicted feelings for her father and former stepmother. "I loved them, and now they're the enemy," she sighed. Nervous, Marty asked John what would happen if Todd walked, but John said that wouldn't happen.

In front of the judge, Nora and Téa bickered in hushed whispers about Todd's bail. Téa said Todd's assets were frozen and he had ties to the community, but Nora insisted that Todd had a long history of defying the courts. Téa again complained that Todd's prior record was void, drawing a sharp rebuke from the judge. He reminded her that as the proceedings were only a bail hearing, prior history did enter into consideration. Téa lost her temper, accusing the judge of having already convicted Todd. "Perhaps you'd like to reconsider your opinion of me from a slightly less comfortable accommodation?" the judge snapped, threatening Téa with contempt. Sullen, Téa backed down, and the judge ended the sidebar.

As Nora returned to her side of the courtroom, she tried to reassure Marty, while Téa told Todd to hang tight. The judge promptly declared that given Todd's prior record, he would he held without bail until trial. Téa was dismayed, but Todd told her it didn't matter: "Without Marty, I might as well be in prison." Téa told him he wouldn't be going to prison, and he wasn't without hope, "not if you have me." In the gallery, Cole was thrilled that Todd was staying behind bars, as was a melancholy Starr, who said that he wouldn't be able to ruin his own life again. Marty worried that the legal system could still fail her the way it had John when he was searching for her months earlier. John tried to tell her that the past didn't matter, and that he was only focused on her for the time being, a remark Blair overheard.

Téa rose and requested an immediate hearing date for Todd, as she was ready to go to trial. The judge agreed, setting the preliminary hearing for the following morning. As the courtroom began to break up, Nora's side of the gallery worried over Marty, and Nora apologized for Marty having to relive her ordeal as the case went to trial. Todd was taken into custody, and Téa told him to trust her; "I know exactly what I'm doing." As Todd was hauled away by the guards, Marty confronted him in the aisle, questioning him on his not guilty plea. Todd insisted he hadn't raped her; "I couldn't hurt you, I love you." Marty was disgusted, and fled the room. Nora stalked past Todd on her way out, telling him she'd see him in court. As Todd watched Nora and Marty leave, Téa watched over him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decent Proposal

At the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, Natalie did her best to try to root out the Christmas gift that Jared had bought for her. Jared had the ring safely tucked into his jacket pocket so Natalie's attempts were futile. Eventually she gave up and decided to pack up the girls and head over to Angel Square to visit her Uncle Bo.

Marcie, Rex, Gigi, and Shane went to Angel Square where Bo was on duty, impersonating Santa Claus. As soon as they joined him, Bo took a break and offered to buy everyone hot chocolate. While Shane and Rex went with Bo, the ladies remained behind and talked. Gigi made herself available to Marcie if she needed someone to talk to. Marcie appreciated the offer, but confided that what she needed most was to hold her daughter. Meanwhile, Rex pulled Bo aside to ask him if he had any work available. Rex explained that money was tight for him at the moment. Bo was willing to give Rex money, but Rex turned it down. He made it clear that he wanted a job, not a handout.

At the courthouse, Cole and Starr approached Téa as she packed up her briefcase. Téa defended herself when Cole accused her of being pathetic because she had helped Todd. She tried to explain that Todd was entitled to representation. Cole wasn't interested in what Téa had to say. He ignored her reasons for helping Todd and lashed out at her. Rather than continue the argument, Téa decided to walk away. When Starr tried to talk to Cole about it, he snapped at her. He felt that she was defending Téa's, and by extension Todd's, actions.

Cole and Starr made their way to the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop where they met Langston and Markko. Langston was on edge because she had not heard from Lola, who was at Vanessa's deportation hearing. After Starr and Cole brought their friends up-to-date on Todd's court proceedings they decided to unwind for a bit. Rather than hanging out at the coffee shop or Angel Square, the teens decided to go to a Polar Bear Club meeting. Cole couldn't resist the temptation of watching Addie, a chartered member of the club, and Markko taking a dip in Llanview's frigid waters.

Natalie and Jared arrived at Angel Square with the girls in tow. Marcie was delighted to see them. As Natalie introduced Chloe, she handed the baby over to Marcie. Marcie happily held the baby until Bo returned. He cheerfully picked up the baby and carried her over to his chair. While Natalie snapped pictures of Bree and Chloe with Santa Claus, Cole and Starr walked by. They stopped to watch Bo pose for pictures with the girls.

Things looked grim for Vanessa at her deportation hearing. The judge felt that she did not meet the requirements for political asylum. When Cris announced that he and Vanessa were engaged, the judge suspected deception. He questioned the timing of the impending nuptials and accused Cris of attempting to defraud the government. The judge proceeded to warn Cris that if the marriage were a ploy to avoid Vanessa's deportation, they both would face stiff penalties. Vanessa would be deported and put on a list that would prevent her from ever legally entering the United States while Cris would face prosecution from Homeland Security. The judge explained that they were living in a post 9-11 era where immigration fraud was frowned on. He warned Cris and Vanessa that they would be investigated closely if they intended to follow through with their marriage. He gave Cris the opportunity to change his mind about the wedding, but Téa walked in and snuffed it out. She announced that the engagement was real and that Cris and Vanessa were deeply in love and ready to settle down in Llanview. The judge wasn't convinced.

Téa tried to persuade the judge to change his mind about the investigation, but her strong-arm tactics did not sit well with him. He told her that the wheels had been put into motion so it was out of his hands. However, he did compromise and agree to hold a BIA hearing the following day. The hearing would determine whether or not Cris and Vanessa were sincere about marrying for love. The judge said that he would render his decision after the hearing. Sarah was crushed as she listened to everything unfold, and walked out of the courtroom without uttering a word. After the judge left, Téa turned to Cris and Vanessa and ordered them to return to the loft and work on their stories. She also advised them to pick out their wedding apparel. She intended for Cris and Vanessa to marry the following day.

Before Cris and Vanessa left the courthouse, Cris handed Téa the threatening note that had been slipped under his door. Téa read the note and tucked it away. She assured them that she would look into the matter for them.

Cris, Lola, and Vanessa returned to Cris's loft. Before they entered the apartment, Lola asked permission to visit Langston. She was eager to update her cousin on recent events. As soon as Vanessa agreed, Lola took off. Alone, Vanessa thanked Cris for all he had done for her during the court hearing. Cris was reluctant to discuss it, so he turned to unlock his front door. As he did, it swung open to reveal Sarah on the other side. Cris was surprised to see her. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence before Cris asked to speak with Sarah. He told her that he loved her and she was the only woman that he wanted to be with. Sarah cut him off. She reminded him of the judge's warning, and pointed out that they could never convince a judge that his marriage to Vanessa was legitimate if Cris had a girlfriend whose things were scattered throughout the loft. Before Cris could talk Sarah out of it, Sarah left.

At St. Anne's, Tess and Brody were interrupted when Dr. Levin walked into her bedroom and found them half naked on Jessica's bed. Tess's surprised turned to fury when she realized that Brody had called for the doctor. Her anger turned to malice when Brody began accusing her of being Tess. Tess tried to distract the doctor from the truth by insisting that she had called for him when Brody began forcing himself on her. Brody was stunned by the accusation. He denied forcing himself on Jessica and repeated his claim that she was Tess, not Jessica. Brody went on to tell the doctor that he knew Jessica's alter ego had emerged because she had been willing to exchange sexual favors for help escaping the sanitarium.

Dr. Levin believed Brody in the end. He turned to Tess and told her that she needed to be sedated. Tess became desperate and reached for a nearby lamp, which she brandished about. Enraged, Tess began accusing Brody of walking about in a trance and having visions of a boy in Iraq. She had hoped to deflect attention from herself onto Brody. Brody was shocked by Tess's behavior and cruelty. As several orderlies entered the room, Dr. Levin instructed them to escort Brody out. Brody was shown into the hallway, where he seemed to slip into a near catatonic state. Crouched on the floor, Brody stared at the wall intently.

Inside Jessica's room, Dr. Levin managed to disarm Tess, then he sedated her. He walked out of the room and checked Brody. Brody was unresponsive, so two orderlies had to guide him to his room. Brody was firmly in the grips of a vision of the boy who haunted him.

While Jessica slept, Bess stepped out of her body and set the room to rights. When she was done, Bess walked over to Jessica's sleeping form and stroked her hair gently.

As Téa prepared to leave the courthouse, her cell phone rang. She was happy to hear from the person on the other end. Téa reassured the mystery person that she had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand, as planned.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can't Get No...

"I'm in. They don't suspect a thing," Téa whispered to someone on the phone while she waited for Todd's hearing to begin. "Everything is going according to plan." Her conversation came to an abrupt end when Marty, who wanted to speak to her, interrupted. Marty advised the lawyer that she shouldn't be defending a psychopath, while Téa put the blame on Nora, because the district attorney had spoken to Todd alone. Marty couldn't believe that Téa would even represent a man who had done such awful things to her in the past. "Every defendant deserves his day in court," Téa stated mechanically. It was a phrase she used often. She told Marty that she had merely visited Todd out of curiosity, having already been in Llanview. She stepped in when it was apparent that he needed help, she added.

Marty explained that she didn't know Todd when she was with him and she was a prisoner who was told lies, but that Téa did know about Todd and was willing to stick with him anyway. Téa smiled that Todd was charming and she couldn't walk away. The women went back and forth and finally, Téa asked Marty if she was angry at her or jealous that Todd had been hers once before. Marty replied by giving Téa a resounding slap in the face. None too soon, Nora arrived and put the conflict to a halt.

Antonio sat at the counter at the Buenos Días Café and perused the daily newspaper, full of articles on Todd's case. He confidently told Carlotta that he knew why Téa had probably shown up in Llanview, and that it was to represent Todd. When Cris arrived and shared the news that he was getting married, Carlotta was thrilled. Her excitement changed to irritation after Cris added that Vanessa would be his bride. Antonio choked on his coffee and tried to get his brother to explain himself.

Claiming to feel sorry for Sarah, Cris explained that he had fallen in love with Vanessa. Antonio failed to believe Cris and demanded to know the truth. Reluctant at first to talk to Antonio, Cris explained that Vanessa had received a death threat. He needed to see that she and Lola remained safe in Llanview. Antonio asked to see it so that he could have it checked out, but Cris advised him that he had given it to Téa.

At a nearby table, Rex placed his order for water, advising Noelle that he didn't have any money for anything else. He confessed to his plan of wanting to sell all of his possessions so that he would be able to buy the Z-Box video game system for Shane for Christmas. While he admitted he wanted to be thought of as a hero, he also felt that Shane had been through tough times and he wanted to cheer him up. Noelle described the past and the difficult Christmases that Gigi had with no money. She would give the money to Rex if she herself had any, she told him sadly. As Rex continued to look at his computer, he jumped up excitedly. Someone had purchased his flat screen television for $500 and he would be able to buy his gift.

Meanwhile, Antonio advised Cris that he couldn't personally save the world, and would be committing fraud by marrying Vanessa. Cris insisted that he only cared about what was happening with the Montezes. Antonio wondered if Vanessa was also his type, as Téa had suggested previously. He continued that Cris was playing with fire and would go to jail. He was further convinced that Vanessa had an agenda and that Cris would lose Sarah, too. He asked if Vanessa had displayed how grateful she was. Cris mentioned the one kiss that he pulled away from.

Antonio vowed to find out if the threat was legitimate and advised Cris again that what he was doing was illegal. He felt sure that it would also make him a target as well. He reminded Cris that Ray Montez had stated that Vanessa had set him up and she could be doing the same to Cris. Antonio and Cris decided that Téa would be dead if Carlotta learned that she was behind the marriage idea. Antonio urged Cris to think about his actions, seeing no upside to the choice he made.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tried, but failed, to dissuade Starr and Cole from going to Todd's hearing. She expressed her opinion that Téa was clever and ruthless and had a special bond with Todd and she was therefore leery of things going well. Starr thought that while Téa had been nice to her, she still didn't trust her. Dorian provided Cole with information on a neurologist for Marty. Moe, who Dorian insisted on calling Maurice, had the teens sit down to a cooked breakfast before they left.

Having her offer of a day of shopping turned down by Starr, Dorian asked Moe to go with her instead. The chef explained that he already had everything he needed. He asked her if she had a special fellow on her list and a teary-eyed Dorian told him about Mel, her deceased husband. She enlightened him on the plane crash and the fact that his body had never been found.

In his cell, a visitor awoke an unsuspecting Todd. Margaret begged him for a second chance, like Marty had given him. She pointed out that they had been lovers, too. Todd denied that and ordered her out of his head but she laughed that it was too late. She was in his head for good. Though she swore that she had changed, Todd growled that he would kill her if she wasn't dead already. When the guard yelled that it was time for court, Todd woke up with a jolt.

At the Hallowed Grounds, Sarah met up with Talia and Layla, and shared her news of the upcoming marriage of Cris and Vanessa. The women were appalled. In response to the report of the threat against Vanessa being a reason for her staying in the United States, Talia pointed out that the person who made the threat was already nearby. Sarah blamed Téa for the turn of events, and Layla suggested that the attorney "had to go." Sarah was convinced that the real snake was Vanessa, indicating that her hugs and walking around half naked in the loft were what caused Cris to make his decision. The others nodded their heads in agreement. Sarah was convinced that she had to break up with Cris if he went through with it. Talia planned on checking out the death threat.

Rex despondently arrived at the coffee shop after learning that all of the video game systems were sold out at the mall. Layla gave him a tip after overhearing a conversation from some nearby customers. She advised him that she still hated him after he ditched Adriana.

John and Blair met at Angel Square and discussed the reasons for Téa showing up when she did. Blair noted that Téa was a shark, worse than most other lawyers. When John suggested that Blair push her through a window, an embarrassed Blair quickly told him that the previous incident years earlier had been an accident. John grinned, declaring that he wouldn't stand near Blair and any windows. They made their way to Todd's hearing as Starr and Cole arrived. Todd walked in at the same time and made his way to the front, as Blair urged him not to stop to talk to anyone. He wondered what Téa had said to cause Marty to hit her.

Todd's preliminary hearing got underway. Téa asked that all charges be dropped, citing lack of evidence by the Commonwealth. Nora advised the judge that she had an eyewitness, though Téa challenged that, suggesting that the witness wasn't credible. The women got into a war of words, with the annoyed judge finally asking that the eyewitness take the stand. Todd told Téa that he didn't want Marty to testify. He said that he also didn't trust Téa as a lawyer and would fire her on the spot if she hurt Marty. Nora suggested that Marty speak to the judge privately if it would make her feel more at ease. Marty agreed to take the stand and was sworn in. Téa asked Marty if she was in love with Todd.

As Rex followed his lead in Angel Square, he learned that the seller had just sold his last two games to the woman standing nearby. Turning around, Rex saw Dorian happily stowing her purchases in her shopping bag.

As Antonio ordered Cris not to blow it with Sarah, she walked through the door.

Friday, December 19, 2008

...and Rex Went Z, Z, Z All The Way Home

Inside the courtroom, Téa drilled Marty on the witness stand. Téa asked Marty if she was in love with Todd. Humiliated, Marty answered, "I'm not in love with Todd Manning. Not anymore!" Pleased by Marty's confession, Téa went for the jugular and asked Marty if was she in love with Todd on the night they had sex. While Nora argued that Téa had no basis for asking such a question during a preliminary hearing, Téa maintained that she needed to prove Marty's state of mind at the time of the alleged rape. To Nora's dismay, the judge allowed Téa to continue her direct questioning of Marty. Meanwhile, Todd looked uncomfortable as he watched Marty struggle on the stand. Blair, Starr, Cole, and John sat in the courtroom with looks of contempt, disgusted by Téa's treatment of Marty. John whispered to Blair, "What do you think so far?" Blair stated, "I think she's evil."

Claiming that she would prove that the charges against Todd were groundless, Téa continued to question Marty. When Marty attempted to deflect her questioning, the judge instructed Marty to answer. Again, Téa asked, "Were you in love with Todd when you had sex with him?" With a pained look, Marty answered truthfully, "Yes." Nora argued that an amnesiac wasn't capable of giving consent. She maintained that Todd withheld important facts from Marty and made her dependent upon him. Nora insisted that Marty wouldn't have had sex with Todd had she known the facts surrounding his identity. When Nora maintained that Todd raped Marty by denying her the right to say no, Téa remarked, "Was it considered rape when the District Attorney slept with her gay husband, Daniel Colston?" Fed up with Téa's antics, Todd interrupted and demanded that the judge put an end to Téa's questioning of Marty.

As the judge called order in the court, Todd expressed his displeasure with Téa. Todd accused her of treating Marty harshly. He reminded her that she had been instructed not to treat mistreat Marty on the stand. Glaring at him, Téa ordered Todd to sit down and be quiet. Téa was adamant that she needed to force the truth out of Marty at the preliminary hearing. She explained that if the case went to trial, Marty would endure a more brutal form of questioning. Todd allowed Téa to continue her questioning.

Téa asked Marty if she had access to the Internet while residing in Todd's home. When Marty acknowledged that she had researched her rape over the Internet, Téa questioned why she continued to stay with Todd upon learning that he had raped her. Marty explained that Todd had convinced her not to read the article in its entirety, therefore she had no idea that he was one of her rapists. Turning the tables on Nora, Téa maintained that Marty did what Todd asked because she loved him. Nora objected, but the judge allowed Téa to continue.

Téa questioned Marty about the night that she consoled Todd after he had received a call from Starr at the hospital. Téa asked Marty if she had made an attempt to seduce Todd that night. A humiliated Marty admitted that she had hoped to make Todd feel better and that he had asked her to leave. Téa argued that Marty didn't leave when Todd asked her; instead she invited him to follow her upstairs. Téa forced Marty to admit that Todd didn't initiate sex with her right away. Marty acknowledged that Todd had said that he didn't want to hurt her. Téa asked Marty if they made love after Marty had told Todd that she loved him. Pleading with Téa to understand that she didn't know who Todd was at the time, Marty relented that she would have run out of the house screaming had she known the truth. She yelled that it was rape. Téa argued that Marty had sex with Todd because she loved him. When Téa urged Marty to admit that she wanted to have sex with Todd, Marty burst into tears. While Todd looked distraught, John and Cole sat helpless.

Citing that the sex was consensual, Téa asked the judge to throw out the rape charge. Although Nora argued her case, the judge dismissed the rape charge. A look of shock crossed Marty's face. Cole exploded and threatened to kill Todd if the judge let Todd go. After John restrained Cole, the judge called a recess.

Out in the hall, Cole tried to comfort his mother but Marty pulled away and told him that he couldn't fix the problem. John reminded Cole that his mother wasn't herself. Walking away, a pained Cole remarked, "She never will be!" Starr ran after him. When John suggested that he check on Marty, Blair stated that since Marty was in the ladies room, Blair would attempt to calm her down.

Inside the ladies room, Marty was consumed by thoughts of Todd. Blair offered Marty support. She told her that Todd was a difficult person to forget. Blair commended Marty on the progress that she had made, and stated that she hoped Marty didn't lose sight of that fact.

Back inside the courtroom, Nora warned Téa to be careful. Reminding Téa that Todd had already punched her in the face in the past, Nora wondered what Todd would do to her if she lost the case. Téa appeared to ponder Nora's question.

When the hearing commenced, Téa called to dismiss the counts of kidnapping and false imprisonment. Téa announced that she was calling John McBain to the stand.

In Angel Square Park, Rex approached Dorian and asked if he could purchase one of the two Z-Box video gaming systems that she had in her possession. When Rex begged Dorian to allow him to purchase one of the systems for Shane, Dorian outright refused. She told him that the two systems were gifts for Jack and Sam. Reminding Rex of the pain he had caused Adriana, Dorian declared that she had no sympathy concerning Rex's dilemma. Although Rex continued to plead his case to her, Dorian laughed and walked away.

Later, Rex sat in a booth at the Buenos Dias Café. He tried to make a deal over the phone to purchase the Z-Box, but his contact told him that the item couldn't be found anywhere. At a nearby booth, a woman and her young son were having lunch. Rex's attention was drawn to the little boy's newly purchased Z-Box. The woman asked a waitress to keep an eye on their packages while they went to the restroom. The waitress agreed and walked away. Rex couldn't keep his eyes off the gaming system.

At La Boulaie, Markko waited for Langston to get dressed so that they could attend Vanessa and Cristian's wedding. To his surprise, Langston appeared wearing a beautiful dress. She informed Markko that she had purchased dresses for both Vanessa and Lola. Langston hoped that everything would go according to plan-Cristian would marry Vanessa and Lola would remain in Llanview.

At Cris's loft, Lola observed Vanessa staring at the wedding ring that Ray had given her. When Lola asked why Vanessa was still wearing Ray's ring, Vanessa stated that it was possible to hate someone and still love them at the same time. Upon reminding her stepdaughter that the ring once belonged to Lola's grandmother, Vanessa presented the ring to Lola. After accepting the ring, an excited Lola asked if Vanessa and Cris would have rings for their own wedding. Realizing that Lola was anticipating the wedding, Vanessa warned her that Cris might change his mind. Dismissing Vanessa's warning, Lola was certain that the ceremony would take place.

Moments later, Langston and Markko arrived at the loft. Lola was delighted to receive her new dress. She assured Vanessa that the wedding would take place. Vanessa reminded Lola to thank Cris for everything he had done. She also acknowledged that they should be grateful to Sarah for being understanding.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cris proclaimed his love for Sarah and pleaded with her to understand his reason for marrying Vanessa. A distraught Sarah told Cris that she loved him, but was unwilling to be the other woman. Sarah couldn't believe that Cris was willing to discard their relationship in order to keep Vanessa and Lola in the country. Recalling the threat that had been made against her life, Cris insisted that he was marrying Vanessa because he feared that she and Lola were in danger. When Sarah inquired how Cris marrying Vanessa would eliminate the danger, Cris announced that he planned to protect Vanessa and Lola. Cris's response left Sarah heartbroken. Near tears, Sarah stated, "You made your decision Cristian, now I have to make mine." Realizing that Sarah couldn't accept his marriage to Vanessa, Cris walked away.

In the hall of the courthouse, Vanessa and Lola were pleased to find Cris waiting for them. Stating that she needed to fix her makeup, Vanessa excused herself and headed to the restroom. At that moment, Sarah appeared unnoticed in the hall. Upon spotting Vanessa, Sarah followed her into the restroom. Sarah approached a startled Vanessa. Sarah told Vanessa that she didn't trust her. Informing Vanessa that she loved Cris, Sarah announced that she wasn't going away.

As Cris prepared to marry Vanessa, he was stunned to witness Sarah enter the room. When the judge asked for two witnesses of legal age, Sarah sadly agreed. Cris approached Sarah, but she brushed past him and said, "Let's get this over with before I change my mind." The judge asked if the witnesses were prepared to uphold and support the marriage. Glaring at Vanessa, Sarah declared, "I'll be there." After Cris and Vanessa had recited their vows, an elated Lola exclaimed, "Kiss the bride!" A heartbroken Sarah watched as Cris kissed Vanessa.

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