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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 21, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, March 21, 2011

In New York, Griffin told Kendall that she couldn't accompany him to the charity event, because she hadn't been invited. Kendall reminded him that fundraising for the Miranda Center had been Zach's idea and that she was Miranda's aunt. Kendall asked in disbelief if Griffin would rather attend alone than with her. He affirmed that he would.

Griffin worried that Kendall was overexerting herself. She wanted him to be her friend instead of her doctor and to have some fun. He said the evening wasn't about fun, but schmoozing. He urged her to go home and rest. She scoffed and said she had better things to do than to hang out with him, and she left.

Kendall arrived at Fusion, where Bianca informed her sister about Emma's safe return. Bianca reported that Greenlee would be there soon to talk about a presentation. Bianca noticed Kendall's dressy attire, and Kendall revealed that she had hoped to attend the charity dinner with Griffin. Bianca informed Kendall that the event had been canceled.

At the penthouse, Ryan attempted to calm Emma, but Emma insisted that she hated Ryan for sending Annie to "that scary place." Ryan explained that Annie was getting the help she needed. Greenlee added that she and Ryan would take care of Emma, because Annie couldn't. Emma believed that Ryan and Greenlee didn't care about her, because Annie had told her so.

Ryan told Emma that Annie had been wrong, because both he and Greenlee loved Emma and had done everything they could to find her. Ryan tried to explain that Annie had kept Emma from them, but Emma insisted that Annie had warned her that they'd say that. Emma whined that she wanted to see Madison. Ryan offered to set up a visit for the next day, but Emma stormed up to her room.

Ryan wondered what Annie had done to turn Emma against them. Greenlee answered her cell phone to Kendall, and she remembered that she had a meeting at the office. Ryan encouraged Greenlee to take care of business, though Greenlee preferred to be there for him. Emma yelled for Ryan and clarified that she wanted only him. Ryan assured his wife that he wouldn't let Emma push Greenlee away. Greenlee departed, and Ryan called out for Emma. Ryan said he wanted to take her to the doctor, but Emma reiterated that she only wanted to see Madison.

At their apartment, Madison assured Scott that he had done everything he could have to help Annie. Madison asked if it was in his nature to help crazy women. He said Madison was nothing like Annie, but Madison pointed out that she knew what it was like to have her world crash down around her. Scott reminded Madison that she was rebuilding her life. She mused that life didn't always work out as expected, but he countered that sometimes that could be a good thing.

Frankie arrived with some things Randi had put together for Madison. Madison and Frankie hugged, and Scott left for work. Frankie commented that he'd have thought Scott was the baby's father, if he didn't know better. Madison admitted that Ryan had learned the truth, but that she still intended to raise the baby on her own. Frankie doubted that Ryan would agree with her plan. Ryan called and explained that he wanted to take Emma for a checkup, but Emma was adamant about seeing Madison. Madison offered to meet them at the hospital. Frankie muttered that some things never changed.

At the hospital later, Frankie informed Scott that Ryan had called to ask for Madison's help with Emma. Frankie asked whether Ryan's presence in Madison's life bothered Scott, and Scott explained that he and Madison were just friends. Frankie pointedly said that he didn't want to see Madison get hurt. Frankie remarked that Scott hadn't been around when Madison had fallen apart, but Scott insisted that he only wanted to help with the baby.

Greenlee arrived at Fusion, and Bianca complimented Madison's idea for the organic line. Greenlee snapped that one didn't have to be pregnant to have good ideas. Kendall recognized that it was difficult for Greenlee to accept that Madison had helped to save their company. Kendall gently pushed her friend to talk about what was wrong, and Greenlee confided that Emma couldn't stand the sight of Greenlee. Kendall sympathized, but Greenlee admitted that the problem wasn't just that Emma missed Annie -- the girl missed Madison, too.

Greenlee tried to convince herself that she should be grateful to Madison for helping with Emma's return home, but Kendall understood that it wasn't easy for Greenlee to witness Emma's bond with Madison. Kendall pointed out that the situation wasn't easy for Madison, either. Greenlee wondered if Kendall was taking Madison's side, but Kendall explained that while she liked Madison, she loved Greenlee and Ryan and wanted them together.

Ricky told Diana that he'd cancel her meeting with Griffin, but Diana suspected that Griffin was getting closer to the truth about Zach's death. Diana speculated that Griffin wanted his money from the casino sale. Ricky snarled that Griffin would have much more to worry about after that night, as he planned to make it look like Griffin had been dealing hard-core drugs. Disguising his voice, Ricky called Griffin to cancel Griffin's meeting with Diana. Griffin asked to reschedule, but Ricky tersely told him that that they'd be in touch and ended the call.

At the Martin home, Cara and Tad celebrated his completion of a three-mile run. She asked about where things stood with Zach's casino partners. He said that he was working on it, but that first he wanted to kiss her on the lips. Cara playfully opened the front door to check for Agent Trumbull. Tad expressed his gratitude that Cara had convinced Krystal to stay. Cara said it had been nothing compared to what Tad had done for her.

Cara prepared for her late shift at the hospital, and asked about Tad's plans for the evening. He disclosed that he was working on a case, and she inquired whether it had to do with Griffin's investigation of Zach's casino partners. Cara was concerned about Griffin's involvement, and Tad assured Cara that he'd keep an eye on the situation.

Later, Griffin arrived to see Tad and explained that his meeting with the casino partners had been canceled. Tad noted that the partners seemed to be keeping a low profile, because he'd kept running into dead ends. Griffin refused to let the partners hide. Tad implored Griffin to wait for Tad to investigate further, but Griffin thought he had a chance to catch the partners with their guards down. Tad warned Griffin that Cara was worried about her brother, and Tad didn't want to be the one to prove that she was right to be.

After Griffin left, Opal commented that Tad appeared to be acting like a teenager. Tad advised her not to jump to any conclusions about his relationship with Cara, but Opal said she liked the spring in his step.

Griffin arrived at Fusion upon Kendall's request. Kendall confronted him about the canceled charity dinner. He confessed that he had fibbed. She asked why he'd lied to her and theorized that he'd had a hot date. He claimed that the situation had felt awkward. She said that they had worked hard to become friends, and she wanted him to have fun. He apologized and offered to walk her to the garage.

At the Chandler mansion, JR gazed at Annie's photo. He answered his cell phone to Amanda, who offered to postpone her first day at work because of what had happened with Annie. He said that he needed to keep busy and that he'd meet Amanda at ConFusion. Jake was surprised to see Amanda dressed professionally. She explained that she was on her way to orientation with JR, and Jake admitted that her new job bugged him. She pointedly warned Jake against giving her a hard time for working with an ex.

Jake called Amanda the hottest woman in Pine Valley and acknowledged that he was a bit protective, particularly because of JR's lack of a moral compass. She affectionately kissed her husband and said she had to leave for her first day. They exchanged declarations of love. Amanda left, and Jake followed seconds later.

Cara arrived at the hospital with food from Opal. Jake was surprised that Tad hadn't eaten it, but Cara informed Jake that Tad had been eating better and working out. Jake commented that she was good for Tad, and she noted it went both ways. Jake mused that married life seemed to be going well for Cara. She said that she and Tad weren't really married but that Tad was an incredible fake husband.

Cara burst into giggles as she and Jake exited a patient's room. She recounted how their elderly female patient had pinched Jake's butt during the examination. They agreed that it was good that they could still work together. Jake jokingly offered to protect Cara if any of their male patients made any amorous moves on her.

Emma and Ryan arrived at the hospital, where Emma raced into Madison's arms. Emma pleaded to go home with Madison. Madison advised that Emma stay with Ryan, because he loved her and had been worried about her. Emma noticed Madison's growing belly and asked whether Madison was going to have a baby. Madison admitted that she was, and Emma inquired about the baby's daddy. Madison faltered, and Ryan intervened and admitted that he was the father.

Emma perked up at the idea that Ryan and Madison were getting back together, but Ryan explained that he was married to Greenlee. Emma commented that Ryan and Annie had gotten divorced. Jake and Cara entered, and Cara offered to speak with Emma. Jake assured Ryan that Cara was great with kids. Cara introduced herself to Emma and asked if they could talk about her adventure. Madison assured Emma it was fine, and Emma agreed. Cara and Emma left, and Ryan thanked Madison for her assistance.

Cara checked Emma's heart and asked about Emma's exciting trip. Emma said that Annie had been scared because Annie had thought Ryan was going to take Emma away, and he had. Cara acknowledged that it was confusing that Emma's parents didn't live together, and she revealed that she herself had never had a father. Cara urged Emma to think of all the fun things Emma could do with her daddy.

Ryan and Madison entered the room, and Cara explained to Ryan that there were psychological factors to consider, since Annie had convinced Emma that Ryan was a threat. Cara recommended therapy, and Ryan agreed. Cara exited the room, and she overheard an irritated Jake on the phone, asking the nanny to stay later because Amanda hadn't returned home yet.

Greenlee was surprised when Ryan returned home with Madison and Emma. Ryan whispered to Greenlee that Madison had calmed Emma down. Madison mentioned her plans with Emma the following day. Emma said she loved Madison, who smiled and left. Greenlee presented Emma with the princess costume Greenlee had given her, and Emma appeared pleased. After Ryan left the room, Emma snatched the dress out of Greenlee's hand and threw it to the ground. Emma hotly declared that costumes were for babies, and she stormed upstairs. Ryan returned and asked where Emma was, and Greenlee half-heartedly assured him that his daughter was fine.

Amanda arrived at ConFusion, where she grabbed a drink away from JR and poured it out. She lectured that drinking wouldn't help, but JR informed her that the drink had been sparkling water. She felt embarrassed, but he appreciated her concern. He declared that it would take a lot more than Annie for him to hit the bottle again. He blamed himself for Annie's return to the psychiatric ward.

Amanda said that Annie's problems went much deeper than those involving JR. JR lamented that Annie was living her worst nightmare. He thought things might have been different if he had proven to Annie that she could have faith in him. Amanda encouraged JR not to blame himself, but Jake arrived and stated that perhaps that was exactly what they should do.

Amanda defended JR, but Jake said that he had just seen a traumatized Emma. Jake chided JR for considering himself to be invincible. JR regretted that he had ruined Annie's life after she had saved his. Amanda asked what Jake was doing there, and Jake wondered if it was in Amanda's job description to placate JR. Jake coldly said he'd see Amanda at home, and he sauntered out.

Jake jokingly reprimanded Cara when he caught her shopping online on the hospital's computer. She wanted to get Tad a gift, like a game console. She spotted the perfect gift on the screen, and Jake noted that Cara had gotten to know Tad pretty well. "The world's best hubby," Jake murmured in surprise as he looked over Cara's shoulder.

During a musical montage, Kendall arrived home and gazed at a photo as Ricky peered through her window. Tad picked up his and Cara's wedding photo from the mantel. Jake observed from a distance as Cara completed her online purchase. Amanda arrived at the hospital, and Jake embraced her. JR forlornly looked at Annie's picture and broke down in tears. Scott watched in amusement as Madison struggled with a pregnancy pillow. Ryan put his arms around a despondent Greenlee. Emma descended the stairs and saw Ryan and Greenlee hugging. Greenlee smiled at Emma, who shot Greenlee a look of disgust and turned away.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At the hospital, Jesse and Angie overheard Cara discussing the upcoming bachelor auction with a patient. Angie commented that the auction was getting good publicity. Cara explained that she and Jake had worked on a solution to the hospital's scheduling problems, and she handed Angie their proposed changes in Braille. Jake and Amanda arrived and heard Angie declare that Cara and Jake made a great team.

Angie complimented Jake on his job performance while she had been away. Amanda announced that she needed to go to work. Cara cried out in surprise that Amanda had a job. Amanda coldly noted that she had worked before, and Jake explained that Amanda would be doing PR for Chandler Enterprises. Amanda departed, and Angie left to check on a patient. Cara said that she hadn't known that Amanda had PR experience. Jake admitted that Amanda hadn't, but she had a history with JR.

Jesse told Angie that he'd found a flyer about birthing classes, but Angie insisted she didn't need them. She left to visit a friend in post-op, and Cara approached Jesse and asked if something was wrong. Jesse confessed that he knew Angie could handle herself in the delivery room, but he was worried about himself.

Jesse told Cara that he hadn't been present when either of his other children had been born. Cara joked that he probably had witnessed a birth in the back of a police car. He said that only happened in the movies and fretted that he'd be useless in the delivery room. Jake overheard, and Cara suggested that she and Jake help Jesse. Cara and Jake recounted delivering a ten-pound baby in a jeep.

Jesse asked how he could wrap his head around it being his own wife and child in the delivery room. Jake said it would be an amazing experience, and he recalled Trevor's birth and how strong Amanda had been. Cara watched as Jake marveled about the love and trust he'd felt at that moment. An emotional Cara struggled to reassure Jesse that he would do great, and she rushed out and bumped into Angie. Cara apologized and hurried off.

Angie found Cara and could hear in her voice that Cara was upset. Cara explained how she and Jake had tried to help Jesse. Angie became worried about her husband, but Cara informed her that they had simply addressed Jesse's concerns about the baby's delivery. Angie was glad Cara had assisted, but she realized that wasn't what was bothering Cara.

Cara remembered how Jake had lovingly gushed about Trevor's birth, and she confessed that she had assumed she'd become a mother one day. Angie soothingly said that it wasn't too late. Cara declared that she was happy for Angie and Jesse, but she grew teary-eyed and excused herself. Jesse entered and asked if Angie was ready to go. She said not yet, and pulled him close and kissed him. She offered him an apology.

Angie told Jesse that they were in their pregnancy together, and she thought that perhaps she had shut him out in her effort not to worry him. He said it would be the first time he'd see the birth of his child, and she noted that it was the first time she wouldn't. She understood the medical side of childbirth, but she needed Jesse there to be her eyes. They embraced.

Amanda returned with Trevor and told Jake she'd finished her paperwork for her new job. She saw his expression and asked what was wrong. He proclaimed that a lot was right, as he had just relived the birth of their son in his conversation with Jesse about the miracle of having a child. Jake said that Trevor had changed them from being just a couple to a whole family. They kissed tenderly as Cara wistfully looked on.

At Krystal's restaurant, Erica and Jackson finished breakfast. He amorously professed his love, but he had to leave. Caleb entered and was surprised when Jackson shook his hand. Caleb commented that Jackson looked like he had won the lottery. Jackson said that he felt like he had, and he exited.

Erica told Caleb that they needed to create a buzz for Cortlandt Electronics, but that she couldn't do it alone. She suggested that they hire Asher, but Caleb reiterated his opinion that it was a bad idea to get to Asher through Colby. Erica called young love a great motivator, and she believed Caleb had seen Asher's attraction to Colby. A skeptical Caleb said that guys fell in love all the time and suggested they get back to work.

At ConFusion, Liza entered and suspiciously approached David, who quickly closed his laptop when he noticed her presence. She inquired about what he had been doing, and when he hesitated to answer, she opened his computer and saw the video of her drunken rant. David reassured Liza that people would forget about it. Liza believed that Colby would never forget and that things would only get worse.

David wondered what it would take to get Colby to forgive Liza, because Liza's attempts to fix things had never worked. David advised that Liza stop pushing to reconcile with her daughter, and instead allow time for Colby's anger to subside. Liza speculated that it would take years, but David implored Liza to try a new approach. Liza found it ironic that he recommended restraint, because she felt that David was always looking for a fight, unless he was trying to seduce someone.

An amused David wondered if Liza thought that he was trying to get her into bed because of the one kiss they'd shared. Liza remarked that it would be a bad idea for her to get involved with David, because people hated him even more than they hated her. He said that would make them a good team. She thought her reputation had suffered enough and told him not to take her rejection personally. He smirked as she walked away.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby excitedly informed JR and Asher that agents had contacted her and that two companies wanted to pay her to represent them. JR advised her against accepting such offers, and Colby said she hadn't returned the calls because she wanted to give Chandler the first crack at sponsoring her blog. JR bellowed that there was no way.

Colby argued that others saw her blog as an opportunity, but JR insisted that he was just looking out for her. She accused him of being jealous of the attention she had been getting. He said that people only knew her as the girl whose mom had slept with her boyfriend. JR clammed up when he saw AJ and Miranda in the doorway.

JR warned Colby not to go anywhere, and he escorted the kids to the kitchen. Asher assured Colby that JR really did care about Colby and that JR had defended Colby to Liza. Asher said JR couldn't see the possibilities in what she was doing, and Colby asked whether Asher could. He replied affirmatively, and she spat that he could admit it the next time JR was in the room.

Colby arrived at Krystal's and thanked Erica for their earlier talk. Colby said that she had a business proposal for Erica, and she explained that while she had started her blog because of her anger toward Liza, it had turned into something more. Erica noted that Colby already had a fan base and that she was in the demographic they were trying to reach. Erica brainstormed that if bloggers used tools offered by Cortlandt Electronics, it would make the company's image more contemporary. Caleb said that they'd need someone with computer knowledge to head up the project, and he got up to leave.

Erica knowingly told Caleb to say hi to Asher. Caleb mused that Erica loved it when she knew she was right. Colby asked Erica when they'd start, but Erica didn't want the blog to only be about slamming Liza. Colby declared her intent to talk about relationships and getting on with her life. Colby acknowledged that her last post had been mean, but she had wanted to show people who Liza really was. Erica wanted to see the post, and Liza entered as they viewed it.

Colby informed Liza that Colby and Erica had been discussing employment opportunities, because Erica liked Colby's blog. Colby asked what Liza had thought of Colby's latest post. Liza calmly said her opinion didn't matter, because Colby obviously needed to express herself. Colby and Erica agreed they'd be in touch, and Colby left.

Liza demanded to know what Erica had been doing with Colby. Erica retorted that Colby had approached her, but she liked what Colby had to say. Liza worried that the world would laugh at Colby, but Erica said that people were too busy laughing at Liza. Liza warned Erica not to mess with her, and she stormed off.

Liza returned to ConFusion and planted a steamy kiss on a pleased David. Liza swore that she wasn't going to let Erica manipulate Colby. She decided that she didn't need friends, but a partner who knew how to get down and dirty. David guessed that she meant him, and she smiled.

In the park, Marissa handed Jackson a copy of Bianca's settlement proposal. He offered some advice, and Marissa revealed that she'd spoken with Reese's shark attorney that morning and didn't expect a simple resolution. She warned that it wouldn't be an easy day for Bianca. Bianca approached them, and Marissa advised her not to worry. Bianca claimed that she wasn't worried at all.

Jackson asked if Bianca was okay, and Bianca sadly murmured that she was still getting divorced. She promised to keep him informed, and he left. Marissa said that she expected a call about the settlement, but Bianca asserted that Marissa didn't need to handle her. Marissa was impressed by Bianca's strength. Bianca said that everyone dealt with things differently.

Miranda offered to listen as a friend if Bianca needed to talk. Marissa realized that her birthday present to AJ had been delivered, and she wanted to see him open it. Bianca noted that it was also Miranda's birthday and that AJ considered Miranda his "birthday twin." Bianca suggested that they celebrate their children's birthdays together.

At the Chandler mansion, JR, Marissa, and Bianca clapped as AJ and Miranda blew out their candles. AJ excitedly opened Marissa's gift to find a toy boat he'd wanted. JR's phone rang, and he left to take the call. Bianca suggested that they put together AJ's boat, and Bianca and Marissa happily played with their kids. Later, JR returned, and Marissa said she needed to discuss some things with Bianca, but Bianca made up an excuse to delay their conversation.

In the park later, Bianca reflected to Marissa how their kids had acted like siblings. Marissa's phone rang, and she verified the call was from Reese's attorney. After a brief conversation, Marissa reported that Reese was seeking full custody of both of Bianca's daughters and that Reese's attorney intended to prove that Pine Valley was an unhealthy environment. Marissa suggested that they use the fact that Reese wasn't biologically related to the girls. Bianca refused, because JR could use the same argument against Marissa.

Marissa said her job was to defend Bianca's rights, and she would worry about her own situation later. Bianca offered to retain Jackson instead, because she didn't want to compromise Marissa's custody case. Marissa said she could handle JR, but Bianca countered that she herself had thought she could deal with Reese. Marissa said another attorney wasn't what Bianca needed, and she called Kendall instead.

Caleb arrived at the Chandler mansion, where Asher informed Caleb that JR was in a meeting. Caleb clarified that he had an offer for Asher. Caleb informed him that Colby was going to join Cortlandt Electronics, and he thought Asher and Colby would make a good team. Asher didn't want to be involved with Caleb and JR's war, but Caleb pointed out that Asher could look out for Colby. Asher reprimanded Caleb for attempting to use Colby to get closer to Asher. JR entered and announced that Caleb's plan wasn't going to work.

JR barked that Asher would never work for Caleb, but Caleb felt that Asher could speak for himself. JR threatened to call security. Caleb urged Asher to think about the opportunity, and he left. JR chuckled and advised that they let Caleb sweat out Asher's decision, and then Asher could accept the offer to gain inside access at Cortlandt Electronics. Asher refused to be JR's spy and condemned both JR and Caleb for putting Asher in the middle.

JR denied that he was using Asher and maintained that his suggestion was just business. Asher declared that he'd always been loyal to JR, and that he would go after Caleb face-to-face if that's what Asher decided to do. Asher refused to be used by anyone and stormed out. An eavesdropping Colby appeared impressed with Asher's stance.

Caleb returned to Krystal's and informed Erica that Asher had declined the invitation to work for Caleb. Erica thought Caleb looked encouraged, and Caleb acknowledged that sometimes Erica gave good advice. Jackson arrived and Caleb began to leave, but Jackson requested that he stay. Jackson handed Erica a document and announced that he had negotiated a deal with her preferred wedding location, which had been booked for two years. He handed her a pen and declared that with her signature, they could be married in a matter of weeks.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Erica ecstatically signed the contract solidifying her and Jackson's exclusive wedding venue. Caleb wished them well, and as she left to tell her daughters the news, Caleb reminded her that they had a meeting later. Alone with Caleb, Jackson hoped Caleb could manage without Erica, because she and Jackson could be gone for months on their honeymoon. Caleb suggested that Jackson notarize his contract to keep Erica from walking out on him. Jackson indicated that the game was over, because Erica was about to be his wife.

Caleb left, and Jackson told Krystal that Caleb was having a hard time because Jackson and Erica had set a wedding date. Krystal asked why Jackson was still letting Caleb get to him. Jackson admitted that Caleb always managed to get under his skin. She advised Jackson to forget about it, because he was marrying his one true love.

Krystal's beer tap got stuck, and as Jackson fixed it, they discussed her decision to remain at the Martin house. After recounting her disastrous love life, Krystal announced that she was done with love. Jackson declared it a shame, because bad experiences were no reason to give up. Krystal preferred to stay safe in her emotional bomb shelter, but Jackson figured that she hadn't found the right man.

Krystal remarked that she'd ruined some awfully good men on the way to finding the right one, and she'd given up hope. Jackson declared that hope had gotten him back with Erica. He toasted to love and happiness for himself and for Krystal. He invited her to his wedding, and she thanked him for bestowing a little hope on her.

At Fusion, Bianca and Marissa told Kendall about Reese's custody plans, and Kendall grew angry enough to hop on a jet to Paris. Marissa said they could handle it locally, and Kendall vowed to help in whatever way she could because, "No way in hell that bitch steals your girls."

Marissa and Bianca took off, and in the park later, Marissa was worried that Bianca was bottling up her rage over the custody case. Marissa recalled the time Bianca and Kendall had let Marissa destroy a lamp in hotel room. Marissa threw snow at Bianca, and a snowball fight ensued. The giggling women collapsed in the snow, and Bianca asked if they'd really win. Marissa promised that they would.

Back at Fusion, Erica arrived. Kendall informed her mother of Reese's intentions to gain custody of Bianca's girls. Calling it ludicrous, Erica said they'd make Reese sorry that she'd ever thought about going after a Kane. Erica announced that her wedding was set for May 14th, and Kendall shouted the news to her Fusion staff. Wishing Kendall hadn't done that, Erica stated that she wanted her second wedding to Jackson to be low-key.

Erica decided to find Bianca to help settle things, so the grandkids would be at the wedding. Kendall rejoiced that Jackson and Erica would finally settle down, and Erica would have the man she was meant to be with. Erica flashed an unsure smile.

At her penthouse later with Opal, Erica exclaimed that she and Jackson had booked a wedding date at the Sherwood Gardens. Opal squealed that it was perfect. As Opal prattled on and on about Erica marrying the love of her life, Erica's smile shrank into uncertainty. Opal volunteered to give Erica away and even get some doves. Erica stated that it wouldn't be that kind of wedding, but Opal insisted that it had to be, because it was Erica's last one.

Opal was still sorry about blabbing to Jackson about Caleb's kiss, but she figured it had lit a fire under Jackson's behind. Bianca entered in time to hear about the kiss, but Erica blew it off as nothing. Opal promised to never mention it again, because Jackson and Erica had set a date. Bianca wanted to hear all about the wedding, but Erica preferred to discuss Reese.

Opal asked "where in Hades" Reese got off thinking she'd steal Bianca's babies. Bianca asserted that her lawyer wouldn't allow that. Erica declared that she wouldn't, either, because Gabby and Miranda would be the flower girls at the wedding. Opal asked about the guest list, and Erica stated that it would be just family and friends. Opal guessed that she could put a big "X" on Caleb, but Erica quickly asserted that she'd handle the guest list.

Erica ticked off the list of things to be done for the event, and Bianca and Opal offered to jump right in. Erica said she couldn't do it right then because she had a meeting to attend. Erica left, and Bianca asked Opal, "That kiss, does it bother you as much as it does me?"

At ConFusion, Marissa approached Caleb at the bar to get his advice about Bianca's divorce. Marissa mentioned some advice that Jackson had given her, and Caleb grew sardonic about Jackson. Marissa wondered why Caleb had an attitude, and he explained that Jackson and Erica's wedding would disrupt the flow of things at Cortlandt. Marissa was sure that Caleb could handle the business on his own, but he admitted that he didn't want to do it without Erica.

Caleb turned the topic back to Bianca, and Marissa stated that she was terrified that she couldn't win the case as she'd promised. Caleb was still preoccupied about Erica, and Marissa assumed that he and Erica had put their differences aside to work together. Caleb said Erica was classy and smart as a whip -- and her looks didn't hurt her, either. Marissa figured Caleb really admired Erica, but some distance might be good, because it would be hard for him to work with Erica once she was married. Caleb leaned in, and Erica approached in time to hear him say his problem was that Erica made him feel "so damned alive."

In the park, Diana and Ricky had a clandestine meeting in which Diana informed Ricky that Griffin had shown up at her office despite the canceled meeting. She stated that Griffin had disappeared from her surveillance footage, and Ricky said he'd taken care of Griffin.

At the Martin house, a bruised and disheveled Griffin strode in and asked Tad for a shot of whiskey. "You look like five miles of bad road," Tad observed and insisted upon taking Griffin to the hospital. Once there, Cara shrieked at the sight of her brother and gleaned that helping Kendall had turned him into a punching bag. Admitting that there had been a struggle, Griffin touted that Tad and Cara should see the other guy -- and his three buddies.

Griffin kept insisting that he was fine, but Cara discovered that he had deep chest wounds that required stitches. He kept claiming it wasn't a big deal; however, she mercilessly poked him until he winced at his two cracked ribs. Griffin revealed that he'd been about to storm into Diana Holden's office when four guys had dragged him into an alley.

Tad figured that attacking Griffin meant the casino partners had something to hide. Cara said she understood the need to help Kendall, but she wanted Griffin to promise he wouldn't get hurt again. Griffin replied that he couldn't do that, so Cara huffed that he'd have to stitch himself up next time. When Griffin refused to take pain medication, a flustered Cara ordered Tad to talk some sense into her brother, and she stormed out.

Tad suggested calling the police, but Griffin said he'd be arrested for unlawful entry. Tad insisted Griffin cut the "me against the world crap" and work with Tad as a team. Cara returned with Kendall, who grimaced at the beaten-up Griffin. Kendall asked what had happened, and Griffin lied that he'd hit himself with a door. Pulling open his shirt, Kendall saw gashes on his chest and said there was no way a door had done that to him.

Tad and Cara left the room. Griffin lied that his date's jealous ex-boyfriend had wanted to dance, and Griffin had obliged. Kendall guessed that the woman had been a big deal, if Griffin had fought over her. He stated that he could live without the woman. "Good," Kendall replied, but then abruptly clarified that it was good, because he wouldn't get into more fights.

In the hallway, Ricky halted when he saw Griffin and Kendall in an exam room. When Kendall exited Griffin's room, Ricky rushed up to her. She noticed his agitation, and he said some of his parish kids were in the hospital, because they'd been beaten up for doing the right thing. Ricky claimed that the drug dealer had beaten them up. Though the kids couldn't identify the man, they'd said he'd worn a dark suit, striped shirt, and tie. Kendall seemed rattled.

In the lounge, Cara vented her frustrations about her headstrong brother. Tad remarked that Griffin had kept her safe, and she figured Griffin had given Tad a speech about doing the same thing. Tad claimed he didn't mind returning a favor for saving Jake, so Cara told him to repay it by keeping Griffin safe. Tad promised that, whether Griffin liked it or not, Griffin was stuck with his new family watching his back.

Cara returned to Griffin's room and was disappointed to hear that Griffin hadn't told Kendall the truth about what had happened to him. Griffin said he didn't want to upset Kendall until he uncovered what was really going on, and Cara revealed that she had a bad feeling about things. He replied that she worried too much.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

At ConFusion, Marissa suspected that Caleb was disappointed that Erica had found happiness with Jackson. Caleb admitted that Erica made him feel alive, and Marissa became flustered when she turned around to see Erica standing behind them. Marissa left to pick up AJ. Erica anticipated that Caleb would depart as well, but he declared that he was where he wanted to be.

Erica apologized for interrupting Caleb's private conversation, but he didn't care that she had overheard. A laughing Jackson and Bianca entered, and Bianca announced that she'd signed Jackson up for the hospital bachelor auction. Jackson asked if Caleb had also been railroaded into it, but Caleb said he'd made a clean getaway. Jackson offered to write a check rather than put himself on the auction block, but Erica gushed that he deserved to stand on a pedestal.

Erica encouraged Jackson to participate in the auction and proclaimed that she would make an extravagant last-minute bid. She thought it was a way to show the world that Jackson was the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Jackson lovingly said that he couldn't refuse his bride anything, while Caleb chugged a drink. Bianca needed a photo for the auction. Erica said she had the perfect one and postponed her meeting with Caleb to retrieve it. Erica and Jackson departed. "Going ... going ... gone?" Bianca pointedly remarked to Caleb.

Erica and Jackson arrived home, and Jackson remarked how secure she was about his involvement in the auction. She was confident that she'd be the high bidder. He joked that another woman might rival her, but Erica declared that no one would dare mess with Erica Kane.

At the Chandler mansion, Amanda excitedly informed JR that she had a PR idea. She showed him an article about the bachelor auction. He didn't understand what the auction had to do with Chandler Enterprises, and she suggested that he participate. He agreed to think about it. Amanda requested the rest of the day off due to plans she'd made with Jake prior to accepting the job. JR consented, and she left.

Marissa arrived and was irritated when JR informed her that AJ wasn't there. JR apologized and explained that he had been preoccupied with work. JR told her that he'd received an update about Annie, and he assured Marissa that Annie was no longer a threat. Marissa wished they'd never met Annie. JR accepted responsibility for tearing their marriage apart. He claimed that Marissa was right in that he wanted something he couldn't have.

Marissa warned JR that she'd shoot down his reconciliation efforts yet again, but he insisted that he was trying to change. She wondered if that was possible. He wanted to be grateful for the things that were special to him, like her and their family. She acknowledged that he liked the idea of family, but she remained doubtful. He urged her to remember the good times and moved in to kiss her, but she rushed out.

Marissa returned to ConFusion, where she complained to Bianca that she was supposed to be spending time with AJ. Caleb exited, and Marissa revealed that JR wouldn't stop trying to win her back. Marissa remembered how in love she'd been with JR, but she couldn't get over how he'd treated her. Bianca understood, but Marissa said that she didn't want to dump her problems on Bianca.

Marissa said she'd received some calls from reporters about gay divorce, and they had wanted to interview Bianca. Bianca realized it was because she was Erica's daughter. Bianca joked that Marissa could clean up all of her gay married friends' problems. Marissa wanted a case that would restore her love and trust. Bianca reassured Marissa that in time they would each find the right person.

Marissa wished she could flip a switch and turn off her feelings. Bianca pointed out that Marissa was building her legal practice and that Marissa had a great life with AJ, and when she found the right man, he wouldn't manipulate her. Caleb returned to retrieve his phone, and he left for the hospital to discuss the neonatal unit dedicated to Asher's mom. Marissa said that Bianca might have to keep hope alive for both of them, and Bianca said she'd do her best.

At the hospital, Ricky continued to plant seeds of doubt in Kendall's mind about Griffin. Ricky speculated that an insider at the hospital had supplied drugs to kids. Ricky cunningly expressed his hope that the culprit was caught before he could do more damage. He condemned the well-dressed man who'd supposedly attacked the kids at the teen center. An uncomfortable Kendall made an excuse to leave and said they'd talk later. She rushed off, and Ricky smirked.

Meanwhile, Cara advised Griffin to tell Kendall the truth about his beating, but Griffin didn't want Kendall to know anything until he had more information. Cara doubted that Kendall had bought his story. Jake entered and inquired about Griffin's injuries. Griffin maintained his lie that he'd scuffled with his date's jealous ex-boyfriend.

Jake joked that as acting chief of staff, he felt like a pimp for trying to get men to sign up for the bachelor auction. He delegated the assignment to Cara, because she'd be better at it. She insisted that Griffin be her first recruit. Griffin protested, but she told him to think of the hospital. She teased him as she snapped his picture. Later, Kendall spotted Griffin in the hallway.

Cara announced to Jake that Griffin would take part in the auction. Jake exclaimed that they still needed more hunks. Ricky walked by, and Cara followed after him. Amanda arrived and asked if Jake was ready for their big date. He tried to cover that he had forgotten about it, and he apologetically informed her that he was swamped and couldn't leave. She conceded that she had been busy, too, and she planned to return to work. She kissed him and left, but she was obviously disappointed.

Cara ran after Ricky and asked him if as a minister, he was allowed to date. He looked surprised, and she was embarrassed that her question had sounded strange. She told him about the auction and asked if he'd be willing to be one of the hospital's eligible bachelors. He smiled and said it was part of his civic duty to help.

In the park, Diana worried about Ricky blowing his cover, and Ricky explained that his intent had been to appear giving. Diana seductively suggested that she bid on him, but he didn't think it would be a good idea. He started to call Kendall to tell her that he'd be in the auction. He saw it as an opportunity to keep dropping hints about Griffin being involved with drugs. Ricky speculated that the date could lead to something more. Diana jealously scoffed at the idea that he'd have a future with Zach's widow, but he said he had to think beyond the job at hand. Ricky reminded Diana that he and Diana hadn't made any promises to one another, and he believed Kendall was his future.

Kendall visited Griffin and asked if he felt better. He said the night before had become a distant memory. She inquired whether he was still stealing drugs to ship to clinics overseas. He said he was, and she said she understood his intentions but was worried about him. He said that people desperately needed the medication, and she questioned whether he stole drugs other than antibiotics. He clammed up and said he didn't want to discuss it at the hospital.

Griffin asserted that he'd buy the drugs himself, but the funds Zach had promised were still tied up, though he clarified that he wasn't pushing Kendall to sell the casinos. He recognized that he had been breaking the law, but he refused to apologize, because the end justified the means. He winced in pain as he checked his phone, and he abruptly left. Kendall looked concerned.

Jake looked at a wall with the bachelors' photos and was impressed by how many men Cara had recruited. She assured him that by the following evening, all the happy couples would be on their dates. Kendall entered and noticed that Griffin was among the bachelors up for auction. Kendall tried to find out from Cara why Griffin was so closed off, but Cara said it was the nature of his job. Kendall tried to push for more information, but Cara received a page and left.

Kendall looked at Griffin's photo and pondered whether he could have dealt drugs to kids. She started to make a call, and Griffin spotted her and asked if she was going to make a bid. She said she intended to win her bid on him. Kendall remarked that it was the first time she'd seen Griffin speechless, but he said he was just surprised that she would bid on him.

Kendall explained that the hospital meant a lot to her, and Griffin curtly suggested that she make a donation. She told him to stop complaining, because it was her way of thanking him. She thought it would be nice to spend an evening together outside of the hospital. She wanted an adult night out and commented that it could be an interesting evening. He wondered what she meant, and she said that she would tell him on their date.

Jake thanked Cara for her help, as she had allowed him to concentrate on medical work rather than on hooking up bachelors. She wondered why Amanda had been there earlier, and Jake said he'd had plans with his wife, but they had both been too busy to keep them. Cara didn't buy it. Jake declared that Amanda was fine with canceling their date, but Cara remained skeptical.

Griffin fretted to Cara about Kendall's bid. Cara didn't think anything was wrong with Griffin and Kendall going out together. Griffin admitted that he was starting to feel responsible for Zach's death, because he had convinced Zach to invest in the Miranda Center by selling the casinos. Griffin wrote a check, but Cara informed him that he couldn't get out of the auction. He pleaded with Cara to use the money to outbid Kendall.

Later, Cara reluctantly started to place a bid on Griffin, but she decided that Griffin needed a little push toward Kendall. She placed a bid on Ricky instead.

Erica looked proudly at Jackson's photo on the auction wall. Caleb arrived and noted that she hadn't wasted any time providing the picture. She said she wouldn't hesitate to place her bid, either, and Caleb said she'd made her point. He remarked that not everything was about her and that he was there for the neonatal unit. She declared that she didn't want any misunderstandings between herself and Caleb.

Caleb said he'd never thought he'd enjoy spending time with Erica. She understood he'd been through a lot, especially with Asher. Erica speculated that Caleb had redirected the feelings he couldn't express for Asher toward her. She said they had a lot to discuss and didn't want to continue to have uncomfortable moments. He claimed that he wasn't uncomfortable. She asked him to stop by her home the following evening to talk privately. He agreed, and Erica left a message for Jackson to postpone their auction date.

JR spoke on the phone as Amanda returned, and JR advised someone against threatening him. Amanda fibbed that she and Jake had gotten their times confused. She inquired whether JR had reviewed her idea and asked who had threatened him. He said Cara had attempted to recruit him for the auction, and Cara had sworn that she wouldn't give up. Amanda warned him to watch out for Cara. JR recounted that Cara had remarked that she always got her man when she put her mind to it.

JR noted that Amanda had tensed up when he'd mentioned Cara. She explained that she and Cara had different ways of doing things. Amanda turned the topic back to the bachelor auction, but JR pointedly compared Amanda's situation to how he'd feel if Marissa married someone else. Amanda ignored his statement and suggested that they write a press release. JR said he wanted to personally benefit from the auction and asked if Amanda was interested in helping him with a project.

JR explained to Amanda that he hadn't wanted to be part of the auction, because the only person he'd want to bid on him was Marissa, and she never would. He'd thought it was impossible for them to be a family again, but he had started to feel hopeful again. He agreed to be part of the auction, but only if Amanda talked Marissa into bidding on him.

Amanda told JR she'd consider his offer, and she started to leave, but she was surprised to find Jake at the door. Jake said he'd pulled strings to get the night off and wanted to make things up to her. Jake asked JR if he could steal Amanda away, and JR said they had been in the middle of something. Amanda announced that she had enough information to get JR's project started, and she flashed JR an "okay" sign as she departed with Jake.

At the Slater home, Kendall gazed at her wedding photo. Bianca arrived and informed Kendall how happy Erica and Jackson had seemed. Kendall was thrilled. She admitted that she had placed a bid on Griffin in the bachelor auction. Bianca asked if something was going on between her sister and Griffin, but Kendall denied it. She called their potential date a "fact-finding mission."

Kendall told Bianca that she suspected Griffin was hiding something. Kendall owed him for saving her life, and she acknowledged that Griffin was passionate and that he always did what he thought needed to be done. Kendall intended to find out just how far he'd go to get what he wanted. Bianca worried about her sister, but Kendall said her date with Griffin would tell all.

Griffin arrived home and checked his bandage. He opened his laptop and performed an online search for Diana Holden at Seasons Casino. Griffin threw off his shirt and returned to his computer. He stared intently at what he saw on the screen.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amanda caught Marissa looking at the photo gallery of Pine Valley Hospital bachelors. Amanda thought that Marissa was trying to make a selection. Marissa said that she would make a donation, but wouldn't bid because she didn't need a date. Amanda suggested that it wouldn't be a date if Marissa bid on JR, since they already knew each other. Marissa quickly became suspicious and asked if JR had asked Amanda to make the suggestion.

Ryan took Emma to Krystal's restaurant for ice cream, but Emma just wanted to go home. Ryan resisted the little girl's request, so Emma asked if she could go into the kitchen instead. Ryan didn't want Emma to go into the kitchen alone, but Emma reminded him that she knew everyone. Ryan spotted JR and knew that he didn't want Emma around when the two men talked. Ryan spotted a nearby waitress and asked if she could take Emma on a quick tour of the kitchen.

Once Emma left the immediate area, Ryan approached the bar, where JR was seated. JR asked how the little girl had been faring. JR wasn't surprised to get a caustic and less than enthusiastic response from Ryan. JR noted that he was glad Emma was home safe and that Annie was at Oak Haven. He told Ryan that he planned to keep tabs on Annie as she went through treatment. Ryan said that JR could never make up for the damage done, and asked that JR stay away from Ryan's entire family.

Ryan felt that JR should be able to avoid Ryan's family with ease. Ryan revealed that he'd taken JR's name off of Annie's contact list. He told JR that he wanted to be certain that Annie had zero contact with JR. JR agreed, and admitted that he wished things had happened differently. JR said that the only thing he wouldn't change was the display of compassion that Annie deserved. Ryan noted that Emma deserved to be safe, and said that people don't always get what they wanted.

Scott returned to the apartment he shared with Madison and found her poring over a food magazine. He told Madison that she might be eating dinner alone. Scott confessed that he'd been roped into the bachelor auction. Madison didn't think that Scott looked very happy to be participating. Scott said he was certain no one would want to bid on a date with an ex-felon. Madison said that if she had the money, she would bid on Scott without hesitation.

At Fusion, Greenlee asked if Kendall planned to work late. Kendall said that she wouldn't be able to stay because she had placed a bid in the bachelor auction. Greenlee was shocked that Kendall planned to go on a date. Kendall said it wasn't a big deal because it was simply dinner with Griffin. Greenlee refused to let Kendall downplay what was happening. She reminded Kendall that Griffin was a gorgeous doctor that had saved her life. Kendall relented and admitted the evening held some implications.

A little while later, Kendall checked online to see where she ranked in the auction. Kendall was surprised and pleased that she had won the date with Griffin. Greenlee said she was glad to see Kendall taking a positive step with a nice guy. Kendall explained that she wanted the date with Griffin so that she could dig for more information. Kendall divulged her belief that Griffin was involved in something dangerous.

Kendall desperately wanted to talk about what had been going on. She made Greenlee promise to both keep the tale a secret and to not fire Griffin. Greenlee agreed to both, so Kendall started to talk. Kendall told Greenlee about how Griffin had been stealing medicine to send to poor clinics. Kendall also revealed that other drugs had been stolen from the hospital and sold to students in local schools. Kendall talked about how Griffin had lied about his date and returned with injuries that could have been sustained in a fight Ricky had heard about from the local kids who had defended themselves against the dealer.

Greenlee realized that Kendall wanted to dig for more information to find out if Griffin was innocent. Greenlee couldn't believe that Kendall didn't have feelings for Griffin. Kendall blew off the suggestion and left to find Griffin.

Griffin tried to lure Cara into bidding for him in the auction. Cara resisted because Griffin's goal was not to spend time with his sister but rather to avoid spending time with Kendall. Cara was confused because it seemed Kendall wanted to hang out with Griffin. Griffin said that Kendall was still in the midst of grieving for her husband. Anything that remotely resembled a date, Griffin noted, would be inappropriate.

Amanda told Marissa that when JR talked about Marissa or AJ, he had hope that they could all spend more family time together. Marissa told Amanda that JR had been telling her the same story. Amanda thought Marissa should give JR a chance to make up for some of his mistakes. Marissa decided to make a bid just as Cara walked into the room. Cara urged Marissa to complete her bid quickly, and Marissa did as asked. Amanda was gleeful that she was able to convince Marissa to be a part of the auction.

Madison tried to convince Scott that someone would bid on him. Scott's phone rang as he was in the middle of protesting. When Scott took the call, he was surprised to find Cara on the other end. Cara told Scott that his date would pick him up within the hour. Scott asked for a hint, but instead, Cara hung up on him. Scott put his phone down and told Madison he was nervous about the date. Madison joked that Doris from billing, whom Scott had previously sweet-talked, was the high bidder, but Scott wasn't amused.

Scott suggested that he pretend to be sick so that he didn't have to go on the date. Madison urged Scott to honor the commitment, but tortured him with her plans for a cozy evening in. Scott finally agreed to go through with the date, but said that he might try to scare Doris with stories from his time in prison.

Cara found Ricky in a hall in the hospital, and told him that his date would meet him at ConFusion. Ricky was excited about the date, and said he had a pretty good idea of who had bid on him. Cara acted only mildly interested, and told Ricky to have a good time then she walked away. A few feet away, Ricky bumped into Griffin. While Ricky taunted Griffin with the idea that Kendall would be on a date with Ricky that evening, Griffin suggested that the date crossed some lines. Ricky reminded Griffin that the date was all in the name of charity.

Amanda went back to the Chandler mansion and found JR. Amanda confessed that although she had talked to Marissa, she had pushed too hard. Amanda told JR that Marissa had bid on someone else -- and won. JR was bothered and demanded to know whom Marissa would be going out with.

A knock landed on the apartment door, and Scott nervously jumped to his feet. He straightened his clothes and took a deep breath before answering the door. When the door swung open, he was pleasantly surprised to find Marissa on the other side. Scott became more at ease about the date, but Madison instantly tensed up.

Madison had just put her dinner in the microwave when there was another knock at the door. She went to see who had stopped by, and found JR at her threshold. JR wanted to know if Scott was home, but found out quickly that Scott had gone on his date with Marissa. Madison didn't think it was a big deal because Scott and Marissa were friends. JR noted that the friendship between Scott and Marissa was a lot like the one between Madison and Ryan. Madison protested and said the situations were completely different.

JR told Madison that Scott and Marissa had slept together. Madison asked JR why he had told her that information. JR thought that Madison needed to know, since she was interested in Scott. Madison said that Scott's past had nothing to do with her. JR posited that perhaps Marissa wasn't in Scott's past. JR asked how Scott had reacted when he realized that Marissa was his date. Madison's crestfallen expression told JR everything that he needed to know.

At the restaurant, Scott toasted to his date with Marissa. Marissa explained that she'd bid on Scott to put an end to Amanda's requests that she go on a date with JR. Scott gave Marissa a pained expression, but Marissa told Scott that he should be proud of himself. She ran down the list of people she had outbid, and said that Scott was a very expensive date. Marissa added that Scott had been the second highest money earner. Although Scott's competitive side was a bit upset at second place, he was able to be a gracious runner-up.

Scott and Marissa joked around some before they mentioned Madison. Marissa asked how things were working out. Scott said describing the situation with Madison made it seem more difficult than living it. Scott mentioned that he should get home before it got too late because he didn't want to wake Madison up. Marissa realized that Scott really cared about Madison. Scott said that he and Madison had been through a lot together.

Madison was reading when she heard Scott's keys in the door. She quickly tossed her book aside and turned out the lights. When Scott walked into the apartment, he took a moment to watch Madison as she slept. He started to walk toward the bed and tripped loudly over a trashcan. When she didn't react, he crept closer.

Scott eventually whispered in her ear that he knew she wasn't asleep. Madison finally let out the giggle she'd been suppressing. Madison and Scott laughed about the funny things each of them did in their sleep. Scott then pointed out that Madison had waited up for him. Embarrassed, Madison claimed that Scott had returned home early. Scott said that he'd really wanted to be home with her.

JR went to Krystal's restaurant and pretended to be surprised when he ran into Marissa. Marissa wasn't fooled, so JR finally admitted that he'd asked for Amanda's help to win him a date with Marissa. Marissa asked why JR wasn't on a date himself. JR confessed that he'd made up a name and doubled the highest bid so that he could get out of the date. When Marissa asked why, JR admitted that he only wanted to be with her.

JR said he liked that Marissa didn't let him get away with anything anymore. JR claimed to be done with lies and manipulation. Marissa was skeptical because she'd heard JR say it before. JR said that he wasn't going to pretend that he didn't want Marissa back. However, JR promised that he wouldn't resort to shady tactics to make it happen. Marissa said that she would make sure JR kept that promise.

Griffin was redressing his wound when he heard a knock at the door. He remarked that Cara, who he believed to be his date, was early. He opened the door shirtless, and both he and Kendall were surprised to see each other. Kendall marched into the room and told Griffin that they had dinner reservations at ConFusion. Griffin was stunned into inaction, so Kendall urged him to pick a shirt so that they could leave.

Griffin went into his room while Kendall called the restaurant to tell them that they would be late. Griffin took the opportunity to call Cara and berate her. Cara acted innocent and claimed that Kendall had probably outbid her at the last moment. Kendall walked into Griffin's bedroom just as Cara ended the call. Kendall begged Griffin to hurry up and asked him questions while he made his choice. Much to Kendall's dismay, Griffin only offered clipped answers to her inquiries.

Greenlee went home and found Emma coloring in the living room. Greenlee offered to help make a get-well card for Annie. Emma rejected Greenlee and said that all she wanted was to see her mother. Greenlee pointed out that it might be a while before Annie could have visitors. Greenlee asked why Emma no longer wanted to be friends. Emma's only response was that she never wanted to be friends with Greenlee again. Ryan overheard the tail end of the conversation and asked what was wrong. Emma ran to her father and begged him to keep Greenlee away from her.

Emma told Ryan that she felt like Greenlee was trying to take Annie's place. Greenlee insisted that she only wanted to rebuild the close friendship that she and the little girl had once shared. Ryan told his daughter that he loved her and Greenlee, and that the three of them were a family. Emma insisted that they weren't a family, and stormed off.

Ryan went to check on Emma. When he returned to the living room, Ryan told Greenlee that the little girl was okay but needed to work through her feelings on her own. Greenlee pointed out that Annie had done a solid job of trying to turn Emma against everyone, and that Emma would feel the pain from that for a while.

Greenlee noted that eventually, Emma would realize what an amazing father she had. Ryan agreed and was grateful for Greenlee's tireless support. Greenlee told Ryan that Emma was a lucky girl. Emma watched unnoticed as Ryan kissed his bride in thanks.

Ricky arrived at ConFusion and quickly spotted Diana. Ricky told Diana that she needed to leave before his date got there. Diana wasn't convinced that everything Ricky was doing with Kendall was necessary. Although Ricky promised everything was on track, Diana asked when making Kendall fall in love with him had become part of the plan.

A short time later, Ricky saw Kendall arrive and prepared to approach her. Before he could make a move, Ricky saw Griffin join Kendall. Diana witnessed the whole thing and was giddy that Ricky was wrong about his date for the evening. Diana remarked that the seed Ricky had supposedly planted to turn Kendall against Griffin wasn't working. Ricky started to think of how he'd need to change his game to be more effective.

Diana asked Ricky who his date was for the evening. Ricky didn't have any guesses but said that his date shouldn't see him with Diana, so she finally left. Cara showed up moments later and revealed herself as Ricky's date.

After Kendall and Griffin sat down, they struggled through some small talk. Randi approached them and said that she was glad to see Kendall out on a date. Kendall protested and said that the date was strictly for charity. Randi didn't really believe Kendall but acted as if she did. After Randi left, Griffin said that he hadn't really wanted to go on the date, and had tried everything he could think of to get out of it.

Kendall took Griffin's words to mean that he didn't want to spend time with her. When Griffin saw the tears pooling in the corner of Kendall's eyes, he realized he'd made a grave error. Kendall pointed out that everyone was staring at them. Kendall thought it would be best if she left. Griffin ran after Kendall and begged her not to leave.



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