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Clint managed to escape charges for imprisoning David, but he was still a suspect in Eddie's murder. Rex investigated Eddie's murder. David and Dorian planned to marry. Cutter and Tess were attracted to each other. Jack stole Shane's inhaler, and Destiny and Dani helped Shane after an asthma attack. John grew suspicious of Tomás.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 21, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, March 21, 2011

by Mike

David rushed into Dorian's bedroom and was shocked to find her kissing Cutter. "David, you remember that telephone call we had where I told you that I was moving on with my life? Well, your replacement," Dorian explained as she wrapped her arms around Cutter. Cutter offered to leave, but Dorian referred to David as an intruder and insisted that he was the one who needed to leave. "Actually, I'm still your fiancé. What's this, some cheap knockoff?" David asked as he glared at Cutter. Dorian reminded David that he had left her at the altar.

David tried to explain that he had been kidnapped, but Dorian didn't give him an opportunity to do so. Dorian showed David the makeshift pyre that she had used to burn her memories of David. Dorian gleefully announced that she had incinerated David. David was shocked that Dorian had burned treasured symbols of their love for each other. David picked up the scorched oven mitt and started to reminisce about the wild kitchen romp that it had represented, but Dorian stopped him and claimed that she didn't want to bother Cutter with the details of that encounter.

David was pleased to realize that Dorian had not told Cutter all of their secrets. Dorian claimed that Cutter had been a lifesaver. David scoffed that Cutter was only interested in her money. "He doesn't love you for who you are; he doesn't see your beauty, your wit, your intelligence. He just looks at you like a golden goose. My fiancée is no goose, so you can just hightail it out of here, gigolo!" David exclaimed as he threw Cutter's shirt at him and pushed him out of the room. David slammed the door in Cutter's face.

Dorian was outraged by David's actions, and she threatened to call security. David insisted that he wasn't going to leave until Dorian had listened to his side of the story. "Dorian, I swear on my broken heart, I did not run out on you. I was kidnapped by Clint Buchanan," David said as he gazed into Dorian's eyes. As David recounted the particulars of his ordeal, Dorian's disbelief and anger started to fade away. David explained that Clint had kidnapped him to punish Dorian for stealing Clint's company and to punish David for sending Kim away.

"I scratched your image onto my brick wall," David added as he concluded his tale. David held out his hands and told Dorian to inspect them if she still wasn't convinced. Dorian looked at David's hands and realized that they were cracked and red -- something David never would have allowed if he had really been living the life that his MyFace page had suggested. David sincerely stated that he had worshipped Dorian. Dorian told David that she was sorry that she had doubted him.

David said that Dorian had done more than that; she had betrayed him. Dorian insisted that she had been lonely, and that she had believed that David had left her at the altar again. "And there I was again, feeling humiliated, betrayed, abandoned. And you know, the worst part of it was...I missed you, because I worship you," Dorian stated softly as she embraced David. Unfortunately, David wasn't ready to let her off the hook that easily.

"After I humbled myself and begged you to marry me, how could you think that I would just run off? How could you think that I would be so shallow and superficial that I would be partying my way across the continent?" David asked. Dorian joked that David's résumé could have listed shallow superficiality as a special talent. David ignored the jab and wondered why Dorian hadn't tried to look for him. David said that he was disappointed that Dorian had allowed herself to be fooled by Clint Buchanan. Dorian insisted that Clint had been very clever.

David wondered if Dorian had just admitted that Clint was smarter than she was. Dorian explained that she had just meant that Clint had been smart enough to take advantage of her vulnerability. "He knows how crazy I am about you, and that the merest suspicion that you were being unfaithful with other women would shatter my world; and it did -- you ask my girls, I haven't been the same since you left," Dorian admitted. David's pride was still wounded; he reminded Dorian that she had spoken to him on the phone and that she had refused to believe him.

Dorian apologized and said that she had been blinded by pain at the time of David's call. Dorian batted her eyelashes at David and added that it had been a really poor telephone connection. David conceded that he had been in a dungeon with rats when he had placed that phone call. Dorian sighed and kissed David's dry, cracked hands as she offered to nurse him back to health. Dorian started to unbutton David's shirt, and the couple fell onto Dorian's bed as she kissed him passionately.

After making love, Dorian wondered if she had been the only thing that David had thought of while he had been imprisoned. David agreed, but then he quickly added that he had also thought of food and a shotgun. David explained that he had drawn a portrait of Clint on one of the walls of his prison. David told Dorian that, despite the vow of nonviolence that he had taken when he had converted to Buddhism, he had fantasized about putting a bullet in Clint's head. Dorian agreed that Clint would have deserved it.

David told Dorian that Rex had known about his imprisonment for months and that he had kept it a secret. Dorian scowled and said that Rex had probably been trying to protect his piece of the Buchanan pie. Dorian held her hands out in front of her body and pretended that she was holding a machine gun; she starting mimicking the sounds of gunfire as she proceeded to shoot Rex the same way that David had wanted to shoot Clint. David said that he appreciated the gesture, then added that he had already tried to kill Rex.

At Capricorn, Kelly gave Cristian an update on Todd's condition. Cristian quipped that Kelly shouldn't worry about Todd because he was too annoying to die. Kelly agreed and explained that she had gone to Capricorn because it had been too peaceful at the office without Todd around. Cristian told Kelly that it was probably going to be a slow night at Capricorn, too; a few seconds later, Tess walked in and loudly announced her arrival. Kelly noted that Cristian might have spoken too soon.

Tess walked over to the bar and tried to order a drink. Cristian reminded her that she wasn't supposed to drink because she had hepatitis C. Tess said that Jessica was the one who had hepatitis C; Tess claimed that she was as healthy as a horse. Tess said that she needed a drink to unwind because she had spent the day battling with Clint and Viki over custody of Ryder. Tess pointed out that Jessica was a mess because of Viki.

Kelly insisted that Jessica would have wanted Viki to take care of Ryder. Tess scoffed that she wouldn't have trusted her worst enemy with Viki. Tess asked Cristian to make her a margarita; Cristian refused and offered to make her a virgin margarita instead. Tess rolled her eyes and walked over to a man that was seated at a nearby table. Before she could take the man's drink, Ford walked in and snatched the glass out of her hand.

Ford chased the man off and told Tess that he wasn't going to let her do anything that would jeopardize his shot at being awarded custody of Ryder. Tess reminded Ford that he had already done that when he had referred to her as Tess in front of the judge. Despite Ford's blunder, Tess assured Ford that the judge would rule in their favor. Ford hoped that, before the judge's ruling, Clint might do something stupid that would convince the judge that Ryder belonged with them.

Kelly and Cristian watched as Ford talked to Tess. Cristian noted that Ford seemed to have the situation under control, but Kelly wasn't convinced. Kelly grabbed her phone and said that she was going to call Joey. Kelly rationalized that Jessica was Joey's sister and he would know how to handle the situation, but Cristian suspected that Kelly had ulterior motives. Kelly insisted that she and Joey were just friends.

Rama returned to the Buchanan mansion with her belongings. Aubrey asked Nigel to escort Rama to her room. After Nigel and Rama left, Joey wondered why Aubrey had invited Rama to stay at the mansion. Aubrey claimed that she had been doing a good deed for a friend who had lost everything. Joey suspected that Clint wasn't going to be very happy about Rama's new living arrangements.

Aubrey assured Joey that Rama wouldn't cause any problems for Clint. Before Joey could respond, Rama interrupted and announced that she wasn't happy with the room that Nigel had placed her in. Rama claimed that she was claustrophobic and that she would need a larger room; the room that Nigel had shown her had been so small that she had mistaken it for a closet. Aubrey assured Nigel that Rama needed special accommodations and asked him to show her another room. Nigel reluctantly agreed and escorted Rama back upstairs.

After Nigel and Rama left, Joey pointed out that Rama had been extremely rude. Aubrey tried to defend Rama's actions, but Joey wasn't convinced. "I've never seen anyone roll over you like that. Aubrey, what is going on?" Joey asked. Aubrey insisted that she had just allowed Rama to vent because Rama had been through a lot recently. Before Joey could respond, he received a phone call from Kelly; when he learned that Tess was causing problems at Capricorn, he excused himself and rushed off to take care of the situation.

Meanwhile, Ford told Tess that he wasn't going to leave her at Capricorn by herself because she couldn't be trusted. Tess rolled her eyes and suggested that Ford should go find Langston and try to repair his relationship with her. Ford told Tess that it had been a long day and that he just wanted to take her home so that he could spend time with Ryder. Tess said that the difference between Ford and a real man was that a real man would have wanted to cut loose and have fun at the end of a rough day. "I need someone hot, you know? Someone with some edge -- a real man," Tess explained.

At that moment, Cutter walked into Capricorn; Tess spotted him and indicated that he was exactly what she had been looking for. Tess told Ford that Cutter had been at the hospital when Ryder had been born, and that he had also been at Jessica's disastrous wedding ceremony. "I wanted to pounce on him then, but I couldn't -- I was locked up. Nothing's stopping me now, though," Tess added. Ford reminded Tess that Cutter was her brother-in-law and that he was off-limits. Before Tess could make her move on Cutter, Joey rushed into Capricorn and grabbed her arm. Joey tried to address Jessica directly and begged her to let him take her home. Tess dismissively pointed Joey in Kelly's direction and suggested that he should hang out with her instead.

Kelly walked over to the bar and patted Cutter on the back. Kelly wondered if Cutter had been drinking because he had been missing his so-called sister's companionship. Cutter insisted that he wasn't in the mood to argue with Kelly. Kelly taunted Cutter and wondered why he wasn't over at Dorian's place trying to seduce her so that he could steal her money. Cutter informed Kelly that David was back in town.

Kelly wondered if Dorian had thrown anything at David when she had seen him; Cutter admitted that he didn't know because David had thrown him out. Kelly quipped that Cutter was going to have to find another heiress to cozy up to. Before Cutter could respond, Joey interrupted and pushed Cutter aside so that he could talk to Kelly. Joey thanked Kelly for letting him know about Tess, and admitted that he had failed to convince her to go home with him. Cristian watched as Kelly placed her hand on Joey's back and offered him her support.

Later, Tess managed to ditch Ford when she excused herself to go to the bathroom; instead, she followed Cutter as he exited Capricorn. Ford was distracted as he took a phone call from Inez, who had been babysitting Ryder; he told Inez that he would head over to her place to pick up Ryder as soon as Tess returned from the bathroom. Meanwhile, Tess jumped into the passenger side of Cutter's car and told him to step on the gas pedal.

Bo walked into the courtroom and announced that Clint was under arrest for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of David. Clint denied the allegations, but Viki wasn't convinced; she suspected that Bo had found evidence to the contrary. Bo confirmed that he had found David and that David would be able to testify against Clint. Clint feigned ignorance and wondered why Bo had chosen to believe the word of a con man. Clint wondered if Bo had actually gone to Morocco and witnessed David's imprisonment first-hand.

Bo admitted that he had found David at St. Blaze's. Clint laughed and sarcastically agreed that St. Blaze's was a real hellhole. Rex jumped in and explained that Clint had moved David to St. Blaze's to cover his tracks, and that he had recruited Alex's help to do so. Viki expressed her disappointment and wondered how Clint could have done such a horrible thing to David. Clint insisted that he didn't know what Bo and Rex had been talking about.

Clint claimed that he had received a phone call from Alex a week earlier. According to Clint, David had amassed a large bill and had tried to charge it to Buchanan Enterprises; Alex had called Clint to get his approval, and Clint had refused to sign off on the payment. Clint concluded that it would be David's word against his if Clint ever went on trial for kidnapping. Bo revealed that he had another witness who was willing to back up David's allegations. Bo explained that David had befriended a guard in Morocco.

Clint scoffed, "By all means, bring him in; I'm sure that someone at the bottom of the heap from Morocco will be more than a match for my team of attorneys." Viki was incredulous and noted that Clint's response had sounded like a threat. Clint pointed out that he had a right to defend himself. Clint insisted that Bo and Nora would not have any solid evidence to back up their allegations. Bo assured Clint that a jury would be able to see through his lies, but Clint was undeterred.

"All I can tell you is, I sleep well at night, and I have got a clear conscience," Clint insisted. Clint tried to leave, but Rex stopped him. Rex explained that he had found a photograph of an imprisoned David months before and that Clint had threatened to throw Rex into a cell next to David if he had told anyone the truth about David's whereabouts. Clint deflected the blame onto Rex and wondered why he wasn't the one who was facing prosecution. "Look, I'm not a professional like the two of you, but it just seems to me that if you take me down, you're gonna have to take Rex down, as well," Clint added defiantly.

Rex admitted that he had made a mistake; he explained that he had kept Clint's secret because he had wanted to protect his family. Clint agreed that he had only been trying to protect his family, as well. Nora looked at Bo and noted that Clint had just given them a motive. Clint pointed out that Bo wouldn't be able to confirm Rex's story unless he was able to find the photograph that Rex had referred to. "Let me assure you -- you'll find nothing at my house, nothing at my office. But if you go check out Rex's place, that could be a different story," Clint suggested.

Viki was shocked that Clint would have sent people onto her property to plant evidence to incriminate one of her guests. As Clint continued to insinuate that the police would find evidence if they searched the carriage house, Rex grabbed Clint and punched him. Clint tried to retaliate, but Bo stopped his brother and warned that he would have to add assault to Clint's list of charges if Clint tried to hit Rex. Clint pointed out that Rex had hit him first.

Clint said that he wanted to press charges against Rex, but Bo ignored his demands. Viki was shocked that Clint had threatened to arrest his own son. Clint reiterated his earlier claim; if Clint was going down, he was going to drag Rex down with him. Clint excused himself and started to walk out of the courtroom. Bo tried to stop him, but Nora said to let Clint go.

Nora stated that they didn't have any solid evidence against Clint. Nora warned Bo that David wasn't a reliable witness and that Clint would threaten the guard's family. Nora was also certain that Clint would go after Rex's family if he felt that it was necessary to do so. Nora told Bo about Viki's custody hearing and admitted that another one of her reservations was that she didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize Viki's chances of winning the case. Bo was saddened to learn that Tess had returned.

Viki admitted that she couldn't blame Ford for refusing to trust Clint. Viki sighed and added, "Bo, I'm so sorry; I know Clint deserves to go to jail for what he's done to you and Rex and David, but I have to think about Jessie and Ryder. That's my priority." Bo assured Viki that he understood and that they didn't have enough evidence to convict Clint anyway. Rex was incredulous, and he wondered how long Clint was going to be allowed to get away with his crimes. Bo insisted that there wasn't anything else that they could do, but Rex claimed that he had another idea.

"If I had come forward last fall, you could have brought David home. So go ahead -- arrest him. I'll testify, and if it means that I go down, too, I'm fine with that," Rex said. Bo thanked Rex for his selfless gesture, but he reiterated that they couldn't do anything to Clint that would jeopardize Viki's custody case. Bo said that he and Nora were going to have to be patient and wait for Clint to slip up. Viki agreed that Clint was going to get more reckless because he had started to believe that he was invincible. Rex agreed to assist with the investigation.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Rama had overheard Joey's conversation and taunted Aubrey about it. Aubrey angrily insisted that things between her and Joey were fine and that Rama needed to back off and be grateful that Aubrey had agreed to let Rama stay at the mansion. Rama snapped back that Aubrey had only agreed to Rama's demands because she was afraid that Rama would reveal that Aubrey was an impostor and that Cutter wasn't really her brother. As soon as she finished her sentence, Nigel cleared his throat and asked the women if everything was all right.

Rama told Nigel that she had decided that she wanted a room with a view of the gazebo. Nigel pointed out that Joey and Aubrey's room was the only room in the house that had a view of the gazebo. Rama insisted that Aubrey would be glad to swap rooms with Rama, but Nigel refused to move Joey out of his own bedroom. Before Rama could protest, Clint walked in; when Aubrey announced that Rama was going to be living at the mansion, Clint immediately went with Nigel to get a drink. After Clint and Nigel left, Aubrey and Rama headed over to Capricorn to keep an eye on Joey and Kelly.

When they were alone, Nigel told Clint that he had been keeping an eye on Aubrey as Clint had requested. Nigel explained that he suspected that something had been going on between Aubrey and Rama. Nigel observed that Aubrey had seemed too eager to please Rama, and Nigel believed that Rama might have had some sort of leverage over Aubrey. Clint thanked Nigel and dismissed him. Meanwhile, Aubrey and Rama arrived at Capricorn and found Joey and Kelly holding hands, engaged in what looked like an intimate conversation from Aubrey's vantage point.

Meanwhile, Dorian told David that she had a surprise for him; while David waited for Dorian to return with his surprise, he logged onto his MyFace account. "'David Vickers is ablaze in St. Blaze's'? That bastard!" David exclaimed as he saw his account status. A short time later, Dorian returned carrying a tray of champagne and strawberries, but David wasn't in her room. David stormed into the Buchanan mansion and pointed a shotgun at Clint's head.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Natalie plopped herself on the couch, exhausted. She heard singing coming from the baby monitor. It was Brody singing the lullaby "All Through the Night" to Liam. Natalie heard Brody tell Liam that he would sing it to Liam's cousin Ryder when Ryder and Jessica returned home, "If they come home." A short time later, Brody walked down the stairs and announced that Liam was asleep.

Natalie admitted that she had heard Brady's singing on the monitor. Brody was embarrassed that Natalie had heard him. She had also heard his uncertainty about Jessica and Ryder. She asked if he was worried that Clint and Viki wouldn't get custody of Ryder. He was, but Natalie assured him that Ryder would be back. "It won't bring Jessica back," he replied.

Natalie and Brody began to clean toys up off the floor. Natalie told Brody to go, because she knew he wanted to do something to get Ryder and Jessica back. Brody knew that there was nothing he could do, and that he wouldn't forgive himself if he did something to mess up things for Clint and Viki in the custody battle. He added that he had a responsibility to Natalie and Liam.

Natalie and Brody collapsed on the couch, exhausted. Natalie thanked him for everything he'd done for her and Liam. Brody promised that he'd never abandon them. However, he was scared that Viki blamed him for the reemergence of Tess. On the contrary, Natalie informed Brody that Viki only blamed herself.

Later, Natalie and Brody fell asleep on the couch. They jumped awake when Liam's crying carried over the baby monitor. Natalie, uncomfortable to find herself so close to Brody, said that it was time for Liam's feeding. Brody offered to get a bottle, but Natalie insisted that she would, and left.

David burst through Clint's living room doors, pointing a shotgun straight at Clint. David said that they had a score to settle, and that it wouldn't take very long. Clint called out for Nigel, but David said that Nigel couldn't help. Clint demanded to know what David had done to Nigel, but David explained that Nigel was in his room, watching television. No one knew David was there.

David wanted payback for everything Clint had done to him. "Then we're even," Clint stated. David disagreed, and told Clint to get over Kim. David said that he had almost lost everything thanks to Clint. He added that, if Bo hadn't rescued him, Dorian would have given up on him. Clint related that Dorian and David were back together, so "all's well that ends well."

David replied that he could have died. However, Clint thought that everyone would be better off if David was dead. "I feel the same way about you," David retorted. Clint dared David to shoot him, and even pulled the end of the gun right up to his chest. "Even you can't miss," he taunted. David wanted to, but he knew that was what Clint wanted as well.

David explained that if he shot Clint, David would be arrested, sent to jail, and would never see Dorian again. Clint wasn't worth the trouble, but David vowed to make Clint pay for his actions. David left Clint to sit alone in the dark.

Dorian put two glasses of champagne down on a table and called for a missing David. There was a knock at her bedroom door ,and Viki entered. Dorian wanted to know what Viki was doing there, and what she had done with David. Viki explained that the maid had told her to go upstairs, and then handed Dorian a note from David that she had found downstairs.

In the note, David apologized for leaving, but said that he had an "important job to do," and promised to be back soon. Jumping to conclusions, Dorian thought that the note had again been forged, and that David had been taken. Viki assured Dorian that Bo was having Clint watched, so the scenario was unlikely. Dorian informed Viki of her and David's newfound "bliss," and Viki congratulated her.

Viki knew it had never made sense that David had just left, because he loved Dorian. Dorian gave Viki permission to say, "I told you so," but Viki only wished that everyone could be as happy as David and Dorian. Viki admitted that she wasn't there to congratulate Dorian. She was there about Tess. Dorian was eager to help.

Viki explained Tess's insinuations about Charlie and Echo, and said that Tess implied that Dorian knew something. Viki wondered if Dorian knew what Tess had been talking about. Dorian thought back to when she had given Charlie the ultimatum, but feigned ignorance. Dorian assumed that Tess only wanted to distract Viki from the custody battle. Viki hoped Dorian was right, and apologized for intruding.

Viki thanked Dorian for being a good friend, and said that she didn't know what she would do without Dorian. She wished Dorian good luck with David, and turned to leave. Dorian stopped Viki, and told her to forget about what Tess had said. She insisted that Charlie loved Viki, and Viki left.

David returned and apologized for leaving. Dorian asked if he had gone after Clint, which David confirmed. David had wanted to kill Clint, but then he had thought about it. If Clint was killed before he could "answer for all his wrongs," he would be given a state funeral, and people would say nice things about him. David wanted Clint to "go out alone," just like David had been in Morocco. Dorian assured David that he would never be alone again.

Later, David and Dorian were in bed together, eating strawberries. David had been thinking, and decided that he wanted to "rub Clint's nose" in the fact that Clint's plan hadn't worked. David wanted to get married the next day. Dorian screamed "Yes!" over and over.

Tess got into Cutter's car, and told him to drive. She promised to make it worth his while. He said that he was leaving without her, because he had heard all about Tess from Aubrey. Tess was surprised at Cutter's apparent disinterest, and asked if he was gay. He denied it, and thought back to Kelly taunting of Dorian's rejection.

At Capricorn, Ford asked Cristian if he had seen Tess. Cristian hadn't, so Ford looked around. Ford appeared outside, calling for Tess, who sunk down in her seat. She opened the door to leave, but Cutter reached across and closed it. Ford got there in enough time to see the car speed away. He went back into Capricorn, and Cristian assured him that Tess outsmarted everyone. Ford called Tess, begging her to pick up the phone.

Cutter and Tess arrived at the Minute Man Motel. Tess had thought that Cutter was rich, so she asked why Cutter was staying there. Tess's phone began to ring. She ignored it because she said that she was more interested in Cutter. Cutter explained that he was saving money. Tess asked why he didn't just move in with his sister, but he said it would be "too close for comfort."

Tess found a bottle of vodka and helped herself. She wondered if Cutter was going to stop her from drinking, because it was bad for her. He wasn't going to. She poured him a drink, and they toasted to "doing bad things." Tess said it had been "too long" since her last drink. Cutter told her to get out more often, but Tess explained that Jessica didn't like Tess's kind of fun.

Cutter added that the Buchanans thought Tess was sick. However, Tess said she was just reinventing herself. Cutter replied that he had reinvented himself from a less agreeable person that Tess could get to meet. Tess wondered if his sister would approve, but he liked to do "different things with different people."

As Kelly and Joey got closer, Aubrey and Rama entered Capricorn. Rama spotted them, and told Aubrey that she should "tighten your grip" on her husband. She pulled Aubrey away, but Aubrey decided to interrupt the pair. "Wasn't Tess supposed to be here?" Aubrey asked. Joey explained that Tess had left, and asked if Rama had gotten settled in at the house. Aubrey explained the new living arrangements to Kelly.

Kelly reminisced about Rama being a social butterfly in school. However, Kelly didn't remember Aubrey being there. "You flunked out early," Aubrey spat. "I got kicked out," Kelly corrected her. Joey wasn't surprised that Kelly didn't remember Aubrey because Rama had disclosed that Aubrey had looked a lot different in school.

Ford walked over and asked Aubrey what was wrong with Cutter, because he had taken off with Tess. Aubrey wondered why. Kelly informed everyone of Dorian's rejection of Cutter earlier in the night. Kelly observed that Aubrey's brother seemed to like rich girls. Aubrey promised to take care of things, and walked away to call Cutter.

As Cutter and Tess got closer, Cutter's phone rang. He answered it to Aubrey. Aubrey warned that Cutter had picked the wrong heiress, because Ford was angry, Joey was worried, and Aubrey was scared that the cops would get involved. Cutter explained that Tess had jumped into his car, and that he had been looking after her. He promised to take her back, and hung up. "Tomorrow's another day," he told Tess.

Ford got a text message from Inez, who offered to stay with Ryder for as long as Ford needed her to. Kelly told Ford not to worry, because Cutter didn't know about the situation with Tess. Ford hoped Aubrey would explain the situation to her brother. Hearing Aubrey's name, Joey told Ford that Ford didn't know anything about Joey's wife. Kelly informed Joey that Ford and Aubrey had once dated.

Ford gave Joey the details, and explained that Aubrey had left him when she had found out that he wasn't rich. He added that it wouldn't be a problem for Joey. Aubrey returned to say that Cutter and Tess were returning, and Ford left. Joey asked Kelly to give him a minute with Aubrey, so Kelly left. Aubrey apologized for her brother and asserted that Cutter felt awful.

Joey asked Aubrey if she had dated Ford. She admitted that they had gone out a couple times. Joey wanted to know if Aubrey had left him because he didn't have any money. An offended Aubrey insisted that she had left Ford because he was "an egotistical jerk."

There was a loud pounding on Echo's door. She yelled that she had promised she would have the rent in time, but she was surprised to answer the door to Charlie. Echo was glad to see him, but always wondered if it would be the last time she would see him. She had loved Charlie for so long, it was hard for her to believe that he was there with her instead of with Viki. He told her to believe it, and kissed her.

Later, Charlie and Echo were in bed together. Echo thought Charlie had fallen asleep. He related that he wished he could fall asleep with her, but he had to go home to Viki. Charlie was soon dressed as Echo watched him from the bed. She suggested that they grab a bite to eat, but he wanted to be home when Viki arrived.

Charlie turned to leave, and promised to return. The two shared a long kiss, and Echo closed the door behind Charlie. Tess turned a corner, looking at her phone. Cutter asked her what she was looking at. "Something to remember the night by," she replied, looking at a picture on her phone of Charlie and Echo kissing.

Rama sat at the bar, and Cristian asked what he could get her. Rama wanted a drink called a Jelly Belly, but Cristian didn't know how to make one. She replied that her husband had always made them for her, but he was in jail. Cristian expressed his sympathy, but said that her husband had a beautiful wife waiting for him. He asked about parole, but Rama said that "they take tampering with DNA tests seriously." Cristian was surprised to learn that she was Vimal's wife.

A short while later, Cristian handed Rama a drink. He had looked up the recipe for a Jelly Belly and had attempted to make one. Rama tasted it and said that it was "technically perfect," but Cristian understood that it wouldn't be the same as what her husband made. Cristian could relate to being separated from a loved one. He explained about himself and Layla living on two different continents.

Cristian continued that he and his fiancée had broken up, but he was sure that Vimal and Rama had a brighter future. Aubrey called for Rama, so Rama dug around in her purse for money. Cristian said that it was on the house until he figured out the perfect recipe. She said that it had been good for his first try at making one, and walked away.

Tess entered loudly with Cutter, and Joey walked over to her. "Trouble in paradise?" Kelly asked Aubrey. Cutter apologized, and Ford told Tess that they were leaving. He told her that her actions wouldn't help them keep Ryder. Tess had only wanted to have fun, and she revealed that she had gotten more than she had bargained for.

Charlie entered the house to find a tired Viki. Viki had been through a horrible day and advanced to embrace Charlie. Charlie jumped out of the way, and told Viki he needed a shower first. He wanted to hear all about her day. Charlie ran upstairs, and left a confused Viki.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Llanview Hospital, Téa and Danielle stood vigil at Todd's bedside. Choked with emotion, Dani told the comatose Todd that she was sorry for the trouble she had caused recently, and told him she loved him. She promised him he didn't need to worry about Nate, who truly loved her, and begged him to wake up. Outside Todd's room, Tomas was lurking in the corridor, watching from afar. Shaun caught him in the act and demanded his identity. Tomas explained that he was Téa's brother and was there as part of the family, but Shaun wasn't buying it and suggested they head to the police station to sort things out. "Wrong answer," Tomas growled.

Inside the room, Téa and Dani heard a scuffle nearby. Exiting to the corridor, they found Shaun flat on his back, having been felled by Tomas. Enraged, Shaun trained his gun on his assailant, but Téa defused the situation and confirmed that Tomas was indeed her brother. Shaun was irritated at having been assaulted, and demanded to know where Tomas had been while Téa had fought for her life the year before. Téa explained that she and Tomas had been out of touch for years and were getting reacquainted.

Téa introduced Tomas to Shaun, and Shaun apologized for suspecting him of wrongdoing. He admitted he had wondered if Tomas was Todd's assailant, there to finish the job. As Tomas struggled to conceal the pain of his existing wound, he claimed he had learned his martial arts skills at Julliard; however, Shaun was skeptical. Tomas asked Téa about Todd's condition, and she said the doctors weren't sure Todd would ever wake up.

Growing emotional, Dani refused to consider the possibility that her father would not wake up. Tomas apologized for touching on a sensitive issue, and asked Shaun if the police had any leads. Shaun said they were still searching, but he was acquainted with the lead investigator -- "knowing McBain, the shooter's toast." Just then, Tomas recoiled in pain. Téa and Dani rushed to his side, but Tomas insisted it was a bad cramp and that he was fine. He offered to take Dani to school, and promised to return with comfort food from the Buenos Dias for his sister. Téa thanked him for his help.

After Tomas and Dani departed, Téa confided her fears to Shaun; she worried that she had done the wrong thing by sending Dani to school, but she couldn't help wanting to get her daughter's mind off Todd's medical crisis. Shaun admitted he was worried for both her and Todd. "But what if he never wakes up?" Téa cried, and collapsed into Todd's arms. As Téa regained her composure, Shaun asked her how long she and Tomas had been out of touch. Téa said she didn't know much about her brother's missing years, beyond a lot of piano and painting overseas. Shaun told her that he had done time and been in his share of fights, and he knew there was more to the story -- he was convinced Tomas was a professional fighter.

John arrived at the crime scene near Rodi's where the assassin had attacked him and Todd and found Natalie there in the vacant apartment, working the case for the CSI unit. Ignoring his obvious displeasure, she told him that she was back from her maternity leave and on the job, the same as him. John asked if Liam was feeling better. "If you were worried, you would have called," Natalie said curtly. John shot back that he hadn't wanted to step on Brody's toes.

Natalie took the opportunity to harangue John about his firing of Gigi. She didn't know who he was turning into, but he was turning on people that cared about him. John ordered her to leave, but Natalie refused -- she was going to stay until she was sure the scene was clean and the job was done. She asked him to at least maintain a civil attitude, but John asked if her idea of civility was lying to him for nine months. He told her she could stay, so long as they stuck to ground rules: "Like I told your baby-daddy," he snapped. "Just work, nothing personal." Natalie agreed.

As Natalie moved to examine the hallway, she ran into Kelly, who was on the way into the empty apartment. Natalie looked on with disgust as Kelly flashed her press pass and claimed she was there as the acting editor of the Sun to investigate the case. "Great, contaminate the crime scene," Natalie cracked, but Kelly insisted she was there as a reporter. Fed up, John warned Natalie not to start things up with her rival again. Irritated, Natalie headed into the hallway to examine the stairwell.

Alone in the apartment, Kelly asked John if he had any new leads on Todd's shooter. John explained that they had found traces of blood and were analyzing the DNA. Kelly wondered how badly the assassin could have been injured, and where he might have sought medical attention. As Kelly finished her interview, she turned to go, but John stopped her at the door and told her they needed to talk about their complicated connection. Kelly was amazed that John wanted to have a real conversation, and John cracked that he was scaring himself as well.

Kelly told John that she had run from another fight with Natalie because she had no ground to stand on. John felt they hadn't done anything wrong, but Kelly begged to differ -- their dalliance had been awkward and it was over, and she was willing to forget it ever happened. John had other plans, however, and invited her to do something together, like dinner or a movie. Surprised by his overtures, Kelly happily agreed, while in the stairwell, Natalie listened through the open door, heartbroken.

Natalie returned to the apartment and told John she had found something, but pointedly added that she couldn't share it with a reporter. As Kelly beat a hasty retreat, Natalie told John she had found foreign currency wedged between one of the floorboards in the stairwell: a Euro. She had dusted for prints, but only gotten a partial; she concluded that the shooter had either just arrived from Europe, or was on his way there. John was impressed with her work, and told Natalie she was a good investigator. Touched, Natalie said she had a good teacher.

As John turned to leave, Natalie asked if he was heading back to the station. John said he was going to the Buenos Dias to make things right with Gigi, and Natalie was pleased. The shattered couple shared a private smile as Natalie said she was going to hang around and finish processing the crime scene. John awkwardly asked her to zip up her jacket in the drafty vacant apartment, then said goodbye.

As Natalie continued working the scene, Kelly returned to the apartment. Natalie told her John was gone, but Kelly said she was there to speak to Natalie instead. Natalie told Kelly she had only one thing to say. "When this is all said and done, John's coming back," Natalie vowed, adding, "John's coming back to me and our baby." With that, Natalie stalked out of the apartment and slammed the door behind her.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Blair, Jack, and Starr used Starr's laptop to survey the well-wishers' messages on Todd's Myface page. Starr was touched that so many people cared for her father, but Blair explained that the outpouring of love came from Todd's employees. She assured her children that as soon as they knew more about Todd's condition, Téa would let them know.

At the lunch counter, Shane ate his breakfast while Gigi worked her shift. Keeping a wary eye on Jack, he was distracted as Gigi ordered him to hurry back to school, since his suspension was over. Shane endured his mother's lecture about his "theft" of the donation box and his "frame-up" of Jack, and promised to fly straight from then on.

At the Mannings' booth, James surprised Starr with a bouquet of flowers. Starr was thrilled to see him; she had called several times, but James explained that he and Bobby hadn't paid the phone bill. Concerned, Starr told him not to bother with flowers if he couldn't pay his utilities -- all she needed was him. When James asked about Todd, Starr said there were no suspects, and she felt helpless to act.

Nearby, Blair handed Jack bus money and ordered him to school. "Public transportation?" Jack cried, and continued, "Are you serious? Dad would have driven me." Blair ignored his whining and sent him packing, warning him not to give Shane a hard time; after all, the boy had apologized. Jack blew her off, but as both he and Shane reached the entrance, Jack approached Shane and loudly thanked him for his letter of apology.

As the boys left the Buenos Dias, Blair and Gigi compared notes, both impressed by Jack's apparently kind attitude. Blair wondered why Gigi wasn't over at Rodi's, but Gigi dodged the question and asked about Todd. Blair explained that Todd was still unconscious, and said that it was tough on the kids -- Jack was taking it the hardest of all. Gigi apologized again for Shane's behavior, but Blair was understanding and suggested that Shane was having trouble adjusting to adolescence.

James approached the women and asked if the Buenos Dias was hiring, only to learn Gigi had snagged the last open position. Dejected, he let Starr drag him back to their booth to start prowling the Web for job options. Starr told him she needed to focus her anxiety over Todd into something positive.

Just outside, Jack stared through the window at Blair and Gigi together. Shane approached Jack and said he was sorry about Jack's father, but Jack immediately resumed spewing venom at "Wheezy." Shane was crushed to realize Jack had lied about wanting to bury the hatchet and be friends. "You're too stupid to even breathe right," Jack sneered, and warned that if Shane told anyone the truth about the money, he would be the one in a coma, or worse.

Back inside, Gigi told Blair that Shane had been going through a rough time due to his family upheaval, especially learning Clint was his true grandfather and losing Charlie again. He had lost his friends from elementary and middle school and was alone at Llanview High, and had begun acting out. Blair reassured Gigi that it wouldn't last; she remembered all the trouble Starr had gotten in as a child, and was confident that if Starr could make it through, any kid could.

Jack and Shane arrived at Llanview High, where Jack and his friend Brad immediately continued their campaign of terror against their favorite victim. Jack warned Shane that the whole school despised him for being a snitch, and promised he would pay for it soon. As the boys walked away, Shane collapsed against his locker, anguished.

In the school gym, Destiny arrived and found Nate practicing on the court. She asked about Dani and Todd, but Nate seemed less than interested in Todd's chances for recovery. He laughed off Destiny's brief suspicion of him being the shooter, and said that he would never have harmed Dani's father no matter how much Todd hated him. Destiny believed him, but feared for Dani and the Mannings as the assassin was still on the loose.

Across town at the Minute Man Motel, a beautiful young woman, Deanna, checked into one of the motel's sleazy rooms. She agreed to pay the manager for three nights in advance, and promptly opened up her laptop and went online. Searching Myface, she found the person she was looking for: James Ford. She was pleased to notice his "Relationship Status" set to "Single," and immediately added him as a friend.

Back at the Buenos Dias, Starr and James surfed the Web, looking for job openings. Out of luck, James left an open message on his Myface, asking for any job suggestions from his network of friends.

At Llanview High, Nate logged into Myface and saw James's message. He suggested the Buenos Dias, but was disappointed when James told him the position was already filled. At the Minute Man, Deanna observed the conversation between the Ford brothers, then used the Llanet search engine to pinpoint James's location at the Buenos Dias Cafe.

Back at Llanview High, Nate finished his online conversation with James and gave Destiny the honest truth about his feelings towards Todd. He said he was relieved not to have look over his shoulder for Dani's dad, who he considered a psychopath. As he spoke, Jack entered the gym and immediately flew into a rage upon hearing Todd's name disparaged. Nate apologized, but Jack went on the offensive, calling Nate's father a true monster, and Inez a whore.

Furious, Nate grabbed Jack and prepared to pound the freshman, but Destiny pulled Nate away and told him it wasn't worth it. As Nate stalked off, he warned Jack that he had attempted to apologize. "Apology not accepted!" Jack shouted. During the scuffle, Shane attempted to sneak across the gym unnoticed, but Jack stopped him. Leering at Shane, Jack asked if Shane was ready to have some fun.

As gym class began, Jack, Brad, and their classmates began soccer drills while Shane sat on the bleachers, exempt due to his asthma. Jack lied to the gym instructor that the teacher had been called away by another teacher, and once the adult was gone, Jack, Brad, and the other boys advanced on Shane like a pack of wolves. Jack kicked his soccer ball at Shane, which the boy caught and threw back. Soon, all the boys in the class had their soccer balls aimed at Shane, who attempted to flee the gym but was left with nowhere to run.

As the boys surrounded Shane, tossing their balls back and forth, Jack forced his prey to the ground and grabbed his inhaler. Growing asthmatic, Shane begged for his medicine, but Jack and his gang stalked off, leaving Shane gasping for breath and crawling across the gymnasium floor.

In the adjacent corridor, Dani arrived and met up with Destiny and Nate. She filled them in on the scene at the hospital with Tomas and Shaun, but said she was holding it together. She told Nate she was fine and urged him to head home and spend time with Ryder. After Nate left, Jack and his friends, who were fleeing the scene of the gym, surrounded Dani and Destiny. Noticing Jack's haste, Dani grabbed him and asked what was going on.

Back at the Buenos Dias, Starr comforted James after a potential garage job he had found through Myspace fell through. She told him to give it time, but James feared that his past in Eddie's criminal organization back in Dayton would never escape him.

Outside, Tomas spoke with a mysterious contact on his cell phone. He told the person on the other end he wasn't going back to Paris, and said Todd not only wasn't "talking," but would never talk again at all.

Back inside, Blair asked Gigi if she had seen anything of import during Todd's brush with death at Rodi's. Gigi said she had been too busy ducking and covering to notice anything about the sniper. Tomas entered the restaurant to pick up food for Téa and greeted the ladies. He asked Blair how she was holding up, and Blair admitted she was most concerned for Jack, who she feared would spin out of control without Todd around. Tomas said he knew how much Todd meant to the Mannings, and offered to drive Blair back to the hospital with him.

Outside, Deanna arrived on the scene and observed Starr and James at their table through the window. Starr teased James about his "single" relationship status, and James agreed to change it to "In a relationship with Starr Manning." Delighted, Starr kissed him as Deanna looked on in despair.

Ford sent James a Myface message congratulating him on his relationship status, then asked James to head home and help with Ryder. James agreed and said goodbye to Starr, but not before promising their relationship would never grow as complicated as Langston and Ford's. As James left the Buenos Dias, Deanna watched from her hiding place in the bushes.

With James gone, Deanna entered the diner while Blair introduced Starr to Tomas. Blair and Tomas left for the hospital while Starr returned to her table and scanned James's revised Myface page. Setting up her laptop at the lunch counter, Deanna stared at James's new relationship status as well, and recognized the girl sitting nearby as the same one listed on James's page.

Blair and Tomas exited the Buenos Dias just in time to run into John. As John made introductions, Gigi ran out of the diner and told Tomas he had accidentally paid her in foreign money -- a Euro. As Gigi produced the Euro, John's eyes lit up with suspicion.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jack and his friends rushed out of the gym with Shane's inhaler. Jack bumped into Destiny and Dani, who asked him why he was in such a rush. Hiding the inhaler from Dani, Jack lied that he was late for class, and ran away.

In the gym, Shane crawled along the floor, coughing and wheezing. He grabbed on to a rack of basketballs and knocked them over. Dani and Destiny heard the crash and went to investigate. Dani attempted to calm Shane down while Destiny ran to get the nurse.

Rex entered Bo's office to find Nora studying piles of papers. She was disappointed to report that she hadn't yet found anything to connect Clint to Eddie's murder. Rex had gone to the office to drop off a gift of chocolate-covered coffee beans to Bo -- "Bo's favorite." He had found them in Cherryvale while he was looking for clues. He elaborated that Eddie had called an escort service, and the girl that had been sent had been from Cherryvale. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to find the girl.

Nora thought that Rex had gone "above and beyond" to help her and Bo. She knew that Bo would appreciate it, and Rex hoped that Bo would forgive him. The two studied the timeline of the night of the murder. Nora was frustrated that she couldn't remember anything else from the night. She needed to find someone who had seen Clint at the Minute Man Motel.

Gigi ran out of the Buenos Dias Café and found Tomas. She informed him that he had paid for his food with Euros. He exchanged the money for American money, and Blair revealed that Tomas had recently arrived from Paris. Gigi took the money and returned to the diner. John was interested in the fact that Tomas had shown up in Llanview out of the blue. Tomas explained that he was there to look out for his family.

John asked if Tomas and Téa were close, because he had never heard about Tomas. Tomas admitted that he and Téa had lost touch for a long time. Blair reminded John that there was no need for an interrogation. John apologized, citing that it was an "occupational hazard." Tomas related how lucky John was because he had not gotten hurt in the shooting, but John revealed that he hadn't been the target. He'd been lucky that the shooter had been a professional.

John continued that he had found a big lead at the scene earlier. Tomas knew that Téa would be relieved, and asked what John had found. John couldn't give out details. He noticed that Tomas was pale, and asked if he was all right. Tomas thought it might have been because of all the time he had been spending at the hospital. Tomas wanted to get the food to Téa. John wanted to "borrow Blair for a minute," so Tomas left for the hospital.

Blair wanted to know what John was thinking. Instead, John asked Blair what she knew about Tomas. She said only good things about Tomas, and wondered why John was so interested in the man. John showed Blair the Euro that had been found at the scene of the crime. Blair thought there could be hundreds of people in town who were in possession of Euros.

Blair explained to John the circumstances under which she had met Tomas, and how he had followed her back to Llanview from Paris. She confessed that Tomas had been upset when he'd read about Todd's past, and he'd even tried to get Téa to leave Todd. She continued that Todd and Tomas had gotten into a "silly argument." John replied that he had also found the blood of the shooter at the scene.

Blair explained that Tomas had asked her out a couple times, but she had turned him down. It had been too soon after Eli. John started to advise Blair to keep her distance from Tomas, but Blair interrupted him. She had to go to the hospital. John inquired who was in possession of the picture that Tomas had painted from. Blair replied that she had it. John wanted to see it. Blair promised that he'd get it, and left. John studied the Euro in the evidence bag.

Starr started to write thank-you notes to Todd's well-wishers on MyFace. Gigi walked over to Starr and said that she had constantly sent out updates when Shane was sick, but it had been impossible to communicate with everyone.

Deanna watched Starr from across the diner as she surfed MyFace. She was disappointed to see that James's relationship status had changed to "in a relationship with Starr Manning." Gigi walked over and asked if Deanna wanted anything. Deanna just wanted to stay at the diner for a while, because the Internet at the Minute Man wasn't good. She accepted a free refill of coffee.

A short while later, Gigi set a piece of cake down in front of Deanna. She hadn't ordered it, but Gigi admitted that she had messed up an order. She would have to throw the cake out if Deanna didn't eat it. She thanked Gigi as Gigi's phone began to ring

Jack entered and sat down with Starr. She lectured that he should be at school, and that there was nothing Jack could do for Todd at that moment. Jack said he couldn't focus at school. Starr and Jack overheard Gigi's frantic conversation on the phone. Gigi hung up her phone and immediately called Rex. Something was wrong with Shane, so she told Rex to meet her at the school. Gigi called in the back for someone to cover for her.

Starr hoped Shane was all right. She told Jack that it was the last time she would cover for him skipping school. She knew things were hard, but related that the last thing Blair needed was to get a call about Jack skipping school.

A short while later, Rex and Gigi ran into the gym. The nurse had Shane's breathing under control, and commended Dani and Destiny for helping him. The nurse reminded Shane to carry his inhaler all the time, and left. Shane said he had probably left his inhaler at home, but Gigi remembered giving it to him earlier. He suggested that he had dropped it on the bus.

Rex and Gigi thanked Dani and Destiny, and the girls left. Gigi told Shane that the inhaler was Shane's most important possession. Shane told his surprised parents that it was ruining his life. Rex and Gigi demanded to know what Shane meant. Shane thought back to Jack and his friends pushing Shane around, and lied that he had thrown the inhaler out. He no longer wanted to look like a loser.

Rex and Gigi insisted that he wasn't a loser, and asked if someone had called him that. He maintained that no one had, but he felt like a loser sometimes. Shane stomped out of the gym, and Rex and Gigi agreed that Shane wasn't telling them the whole story. As the two walked out of the gym together, Gigi wondered how she and Rex could help Shane if he didn't tell them what was going on.

There was a knock on the apartment door, and James answered it to Nate. "Need help?" Nate asked, to which James replied that he was all right. Nate congratulated James on being "MyFace official" with Starr. Nate was glad that Todd couldn't threaten them for a while. James wondered if Nate wanted Todd to survive. Nate insisted that he did, but it was hard to feel sorry for Todd when the man had held them at gunpoint.

Nate and James knew they had to deal with Todd if they wanted to be with the Manning girls. Nate was glad that Todd seemed to care more about his children than Eddie had. James was convinced that he and Starr could deal with Todd. Nate thought that love had made James "dopey." James replied that it had been a while since he had felt so strongly about a girl.

James's statement made Nate realized how much he didn't know about his brothers. James said that he and Ford had changed a lot since their days in Ohio. Nate asked about the girlfriend James had felt strongly about. As James was about to answer, Ryder began to fuss. James picked the baby up, and the brothers played with Ryder.

Starr arrived and asked James and Nate if they needed help. They insisted that they were all right, and James asked about Todd. There had been no change. Nate suggested that, since James was doing so well with Ryder, he should be a male nanny. Nate told James and Starr to pose, and he took a picture of them with Ryder. Nate suggested that the picture could be a glimpse of the future. James asked if Nate should be at school. Nate said he was going to go to as soon as he posted the picture on MyFace.

Jack was eating at the diner when Dani and Destiny entered. They stood in front of Jack, who said that he had already received a lecture from Starr. Jack asked why they were there, and Dani answered that they had been given a pass "for being heroes." They had helped Shane when he had an asthma attack. Destiny walked away to order food, and Dani sat down with Jack.

Dani told an agitated Jack that Shane could have died because he hadn't had his inhaler with him. Dani asked if Jack knew anything about the inhaler's whereabouts. Dani continued that Jack clearly hadn't gone to class since he was at the diner. Jack claimed that he didn't know anything, and told Dani that she was "worse than a cop, or mom." Before leaving to see Todd, Jack threw Shane's inhaler in the trash.

Across the diner, Deanna looked at James's MyFace page, and saw the picture that Nate had posted. "They have a baby?" Deanna cried.

John arrived at the police station, and asked an officer to do a background check on Tomas. The officer wondered what John was looking for, but John didn't know.

Bo and David burst through the front door of Clint's, and David yelled for Nigel. Bo told David to be quiet as Nigel walked downstairs. David blurted out everything that Clint had done to him, and told Nigel to start talking. Bo took over and told Nigel that they had a couple questions for him. As David stared Nigel down, Bo asked how things had been in the family recently.

Nigel admitted that Clint wasn't doing well, but that he was trying to protect the family "at all costs." Bo wondered if that included murder. Nigel confessed that Clint had talked to him, and Clint's actions seemed to haunt him. Bo wanted to know what kind of actions, but Nigel only knew that they had been unethical actions. David wondered if Clint was capable of having Nora kidnapped, and killing Eddie.

Bo informed Nigel that Joey had seen Clint and Eddie together in the mansion, but Nigel didn't remember ever seeing the two together. Bo asked where Clint had been on the night of the murder. Nigel answered that Clint had called and told Nigel that he would be working late at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint had returned the next morning in the same clothes as the day before. In spite of Bo's questioning, Nigel believed Clint's word.

Bo thanked Nigel for his help, and dragged David out to the foyer. Bo had to go back to the station, but David had errands to run before his wedding. Bo, David's best man, promised to be there, and left. David reentered the living room to find Nigel talking to a picture of Asa. Nigel promised Asa that he wouldn't abandon Clint, and that he would take care of the family.

Nigel spotted David and thought he had gone. David started to "get things straight" with Nigel, but David's phone began to ring. He answered it to Dorian. Both expressed their excitement for their wedding, and David hung up. "Where were we?" David asked. Nigel replied that David was leaving. David had to get ready for his wedding, and informed Nigel that he wasn't invited.

Nigel feigned disappointment, and wondered if the wedding would happen, considering David's track record. David knew he would marry Dorian because they were the "perfect couple." Before leaving, David assured Nigel that Bo would do everything he could to "bring Clint down."

Shaun sat in Todd's hospital room, and assured him that whoever had tried to kill him wouldn't get another chance. A short while later, Tomas arrived. Shaun told Tomas that Tomas was family. Tomas asked about Téa, and Shaun said she was in the lounge upstairs, attempting to sleep. Tomas asked Shaun to take the food to Téa, but Shaun didn't want to leave Todd alone. Tomas assured Shaun that he would be there. Tomas promised to handle anyone that tried to get in the room, so Shaun took the food and left.

Tomas entered Todd's room, and his phone rang. He told the person on the other end that he was in Todd's room, and that Todd was still in a coma. "I know what to do," he added, and hung up the phone. Blair entered the room and wondered why Tomas was there. Tomas thought that the only way he could see Todd the way Todd's kids did was when Todd was quiet.

Shaun entered and told Blair and Tomas that the nurse was on her way in, so the two left the room. Tomas asked Blair what John had said to her earlier. Blair replied that John had only wanted to compile a list of Todd's enemies. "Must be a long list," Tomas answered.

Nora called Rex and left a message asking about Shane, and thanking him for his help. Nora studied the timeline of the night of the murder, and tried to put the pieces together. Bo entered the office and found Rex's gift. Nora told Bo that Rex was trying. Bo informed Nora that Clint had no alibi for the night of the murder. However, Nora reminded Bo that it still didn't place Clint at the motel.

Bo and Nora just wanted to find a person that could place Clint at the motel. Nora attempted to remember what had happened that night. Her mouth fell open as she remembered something. Nora blurted out that she had been at the motel. She hadn't just wandered off after the car accident -- she had wandered back to the motel.

Friday, March 25, 2011

At the courthouse, on the phone, Dorian told David how much she loved him and insisted that he hurry there to marry her. Viki rushed in and asked if everything was okay. Dorian threw off her coat to reveal a pretty pink wedding dress. Dorian then asked Viki if she would be Dorian's matron of honor.

Viki expressed surprise that Dorian and David were getting married that quickly, but Dorian pointed out that they were supposed to have married in August. Dorian exclaimed that David was home, and that they were better than ever. Dorian announced that she wanted to keep the wedding small and simple, because it was all about love, and that she wanted Viki to be at the ceremony.

Dorian reflected that she and Viki had recently become friends, and Viki stated that she would be honored to be Dorian's matron of honor. When Clint walked by, Dorian demanded that he leave. Dorian believed that Clint was at the courthouse to ruin the wedding by bribing the judge. Dorian insisted that Clint would not ruin the day for her and David, and that "good would finally triumph over evil."

Clint asked Dorian that if he had done all of the horrible things that Dorian had accused him of, why had he not been arrested. Dorian asserted that the police commissioner and district attorney were two incompetents named Buchanan, but that she would find someone who would arrest Clint. Dorian threatened, "Listen up, Clint. Karma's a bitch, and she's coming after you."

Clint laughed, and Dorian swore that Clint would pay. Viki asked Clint to leave but agreed that Dorian was right. Viki sincerely hoped that karma did not catch up with Clint, as he walked off. Dorian begged Dorian not to let Clint ruin the day for her. In tears, Dorian thanked Viki and left to freshen up for her wedding.

At Buchanan Mansion, when Matthew walked in, David greeted and hugged his little brother. David exclaimed that he had returned to Llanview, no thanks to Rex. David cried that he was glad to be back. David added that their beloved Uncle Clint had kidnapped him, which had broken Dorian's heart, because David had left her at the altar again. Matthew questioned if David was making it all up.

David was shocked, but Matthew yelled that David had taken off and left him. David maintained that Clint had kidnapped him, and that Clint was evil. Matthew refused to believe it and said that Clint was the leader of the family. Matthew wondered how he could know if Clint had done anything at all to David.

David pleaded with Matthew to look at what Clint had done to Matthew's parents. Matthew admitted that his mother had told him about that, and David asked if Matthew believed Nora. Matthew claimed that he was still trying to deal with it, but that there was no way that Clint had killed Eddie Ford. David said, "Well, I tell you what, little bro. Our pa's the best cop I ever seen. And StepNora, she's the best D.A. in town. So, if there's proof to be found, they will find it -- and fast."

David then announced that he was marrying Dorian. Since Bo was to be his best man, David wanted Matthew to be his best bro, but Matthew insisted that he needed to talk to Clint. David warned Matthew to be careful, or he could wind up in a Moroccan prison. David then walked out the door.

Clint arrived at the mansion, and Matthew demanded to why Clint had hurt Matthew's parents. Matthew then wondered if Clint had meant to turn Matthew against his parents. When Matthew informed Clint that Bo and Nora were searching for evidence to prove that Clint had killed Eddie Ford, Clint told Matthew that there was no evidence to find.

David arrived at the courthouse, and Viki greeted him with a hug. When Viki told David that he looked fantastic, especially for someone who had just been rescued from a Moroccan prison, David exclaimed, "You wouldn't believe what a hot shower and the love of a good woman will do for you." Viki stated that she was happy for David and Dorian, and David thanked Viki for what she had done for Dorian.

David insisted that he wanted to string up Clint by his bootstraps, but that he wanted to marry Dorian first. When Viki left to check on Dorian, David received a phone call. David screamed, "What?" Dorian ran into the room and called David her darling. David then announced, "There isn't going to be a wedding. I can't marry you."

At Ford's apartment, Bobby greeted Ryder, as Tess walked through the door. When Tess teased Ford about his costume, Bobby reminded her that someone had to support Ryder. Tess showed the skimpy outfits that she had just purchased at Logan's and joked that they were for the baby. Ford told Tess that if she did not straighten up her act, they should just hand Ryder over to her parents.

Bobby reminded Tess that she had left Capricorn with another man and wondered how she expected to keep Ryder. Tess whined that her time with Cutter was the only fun that she had experienced. When Ford stressed that Tess needed to be ready for court, Tess responded that she was born ready. Tess then promised not to kill the kid, while Ford took a shower.

When Bobby got out of the shower, he found Tess on the phone. Tess explained that their attorney had called and said that they would not be needed at court right away. Tess then stated that she was leaving. Ryder began to cry.

Outside of the Minute Man hotel, Rex asked Gigi on the phone if Shane were okay. Rex insisted that he had to find some evidence at the hotel, in order to prove that Clint had killed Eddie Ford.

In a room at the Minute Man, Cutter crawled into Aubrey's bed and asked if Aubrey was still mad at him, because of Tess. Aubrey demanded that Cutter not mess around with Tess and feared that they might have a problem with Joey. Aubrey worried that Joey suspected that she had married him for his money. Cutter exclaimed that they needed for Clint to take the fall for the murder, so that they could clean out his bank accounts. As they kissed, Rex knocked on the door. Aubrey ran into the bathroom.

When Cutter answered the door, Rex explained that he was a private investigator and was looking for evidence in the murder of Eddie Ford. After Rex asked if he could look around the room, Cutter quickly stated that he had been about to take a shower. Rex pushed by Cutter and ran into the room. Rex looked around the room and under the bed and then opened the bathroom door.

When Rex saw Aubrey, she revealed that she had stopped by to wake up her lazy brother. Aubrey then admitted that she had overheard about Rex's investigation and declared that Joey's Uncle Bo had believed that Clint was the killer. Rex confessed that he had not found any evidence to prove that Clint had killed Eddie and said that he needed to leave. After Rex walked out of the room, he observed that the situation with Aubrey and Cutter had been weird.

Aubrey feared that Rex had been suspicious and yelled that he could ruin everything for them. When Cutter tried to calm her fears, Aubrey exclaimed that since Rex and Kelly were friends, he would figure out that Aubrey and Cutter were lovers. When Aubrey went into the bathroom, Cutter received a call from Tess. When Tess said that she wanted to see Cutter again, Cutter proclaimed that he was at the Minute Man. Tess indicated that she was on her way.

Aubrey stated that she hoped that Rex would find some evidence against Clint, kissed Cutter goodbye, and left. Later, Cutter opened up the door to Tess, who flung open her coat to reveal her lingerie. When Tess asked if he would let her in, Cutter grabbed Tess, kissed her, and threw her on the bed. Jessica suddenly pushed Cutter away and cried, "What are you doing? Where am I?"

At the police station, Joey greeted Brody and said that he had seen Jessica, or rather Tess, at Capricorn. Joey expressed shock at seeing Jessica as Tess and stated that Tess had left the bar with someone other than Ford. Joey explained that Cutter and Tess had left for the Minute Man hotel. Brody then wondered why Aubrey's brother lived at the Minute Man, since Aubrey and Cutter were supposed to be rich.

Joey admitted that he was learning things about Aubrey and her brother that worried him. Joey then explained that Ford had met Aubrey at a film festival in Venice. Joey added that Aubrey had claimed that Ford had lost interest in her, once he had learned that she did not have any money. Joey sadly shook his head and said that he did not know what to believe. Brody told Joey to hang in there, and Joey left. A female cop walked up and informed Brody that she had just received a call that Jessica Brennan had shoplifted an expensive watch from Logan's.

Bobby cooed at the baby, as he heard a knock on his door. Ford opened the door to Brody. Officer Lovett announced that Tess had just shoplifted a watch from Logan's and asked where Tess was. Bobby wondered if Tess was with Cutter.

At Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey greeted Joey with a kiss. Aubrey indicated that she had just been visiting her brother to tell him to stay away from Joey's sister. Aubrey asked if Joey was still worried about what Ford had said. Aubrey insisted that Joey not trust Ford and then pointed out what Bobby was doing to Tess, as an example.

In Bo's office at the police station, Nora realized that she had been back at the Minute Man on the night of the murder. Nora then wondered why she had returned to the hotel. Bo requested that Nora think back to that night. Nora remembered that there had been blood on her hands from the cut on her head, and that she had been all alone. Bo speculated that Nora might have returned to the Minute Man to get help for Rex.

Bo asked Nora again to try to remember what happened. Nora remembered that she had not return to the hotel to get help for Rex, but that she had wanted to get Eddie Ford. Nora cried, "Oh my God, Bo, what if I found him? What if I killed Eddie?" Nora feared that she might have shot Eddie, because she had wanted Eddie dead. Nora knew that she had returned to the hotel, so she could be the killer.

Bo claimed that they would deal with whatever Nora could remember. Bo asked Nora to picture herself walking down the walkway and reaching Eddie's door. Nora saw room 105 and saw her hand on the doorknob. However, Nora reflected that when she had tried to turn the knob, she had found that the door was locked. When Nora realized that she had not been able to enter Eddie's room, Bo and Nora hugged. They knew that Nora had not killed Eddie Ford.

However, Nora felt that there was something else that she needed to remember. As she thought back, Nora said, "I walked away, and I heard a noise. It was the door, and I turned around. And I saw...." Bo asked, "What did you see?"

After Rex left Aubrey's room at the Minute Man, he walked around the corner. A man with a camera set up on the lawn grabbed Rex and told him to take off his clothes. The man threw Rex into hotel room 104. Rex demanded to know what was going on, and a scantily clad girl told Rex not to be nervous. Rex guessed that they were shooting a porno flick. The director introduced himself as Rick and stated that they were shooting "Hold the Pepperoni 4."

Rick expressed that he was relieved to have a replacement for the last actor, who had suffered from performance anxiety, and that he hoped that Rex would not complain of the same thing. Rex insisted that he was not an actor and started to leave, until he saw the wad of cash in Rick's hand.

Rick explained that Rex would be the pizza delivery guy in the flick. Although Rex was tempted, he refused the job. Rick cried that they had already needed to postpone the filming once, because of the murder, and that the actor had quit. Rex then realized that the camera had been rolling the night of the murder and demanded to see the footage. As Rex, Rick, and the girl watched the footage, Rex yelled out, "Zoom in!" Rex then screamed, "Oh my God...!"

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