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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 16, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, May 16, 2011

At the quarry, Jack dug his way out of the rubble and then looked around as he called out Erica's name. Seconds later, Jack spotted a hand sticking out from under debris. Jack removed the rubble until he reached Erica. Erica seemed shaken by the ordeal, but otherwise unharmed. Jack was curious what Erica remembered. Erica recalled that she had seen her captor prior to the explosion, so Jack called out a warning to Caleb to keep a look out for the kidnapper.

Caleb dusted himself off after the explosion and then began to search for Asher. Within moments, JR ran into the building, after calling 9-1-1 following the explosion. Caleb and JR worked together to remove the heavy blocks of concrete to get to Asher. Asher remained unconscious as rescue workers arrived and then loaded him onto a stretcher. Meanwhile, Erica insisted on walking out of the building on her own.

At Erica's penthouse, Ricky was curious why Bianca would send him on a wild goose chase. At first Bianca tried to pretend that she had misheard her friend about the emergency at the hotel, but Ricky didn't buy it. Bianca finally admitted that she had made up the story because she wanted to protect Kendall from anyone that she didn't think was good for her sister. Ricky reminded Bianca that he had been helping Kendall for months. Bianca appreciated that, but she insisted that Kendall was still grieving for Zach. Ricky was confused because he recalled that Bianca had claimed that Kendall's marriage to Zach had been strained.

Bianca assured Ricky that Kendall's marriage had been on the rocks, but Ian was Zach's son. Bianca reminded Ricky that Ian loved his father. Bianca promised Ricky that it wasn't personal, but she hadn't expected for things to become so complicated between Ricky and Kendall. Ricky insisted that it wasn't complicated if he cared about Bianca's sister. Bianca explained that Kendall was special, so men tended to fall in love with her. Bianca explained that it was ingrained in her to be protective of her sister.

Ricky was adamant that he was looking out for Kendall too and that he didn't want to burden Kendall in any way. Bianca was pleased to hear it because she thought that Ricky should give Kendall some space. Bianca started to walk towards the door, but Ricky reached out to grab her arm. Bianca reacted immediately by violently jerking her arm out of Ricky's hand. Ricky quickly held up his hands to assure her that he hadn't meant to harm her.

Bianca relaxed as she explained that she didn't like to be touched. Ricky revealed that he had merely hoped to make certain that they understood each other. Seconds later, Marissa knocked on the door. Marissa immediately picked up on the tension in the room, so after Ricky left, Marissa wondered what had happened before her arrival. Bianca brushed it off as a misunderstanding, so Marissa confessed that she had been worried about Bianca.

Bianca told Marissa about the tape that they had received, which had confirmed that Erica had been kidnapped. Bianca revealed that Jack and Caleb had gone in search of Erica, but they hadn't called Bianca with an update. Bianca feared that something had gone wrong. Marissa vowed to stay with Bianca until there was news. As if on cue, Bianca received a call to alert her that Erica had been found, and taken to the hospital. Marissa promised to lock up as Bianca rushed out of the door.

At the abandoned house, Kendall was furious that she hadn't been able to reach Griffin earlier. She admitted that she had been terrified that Ricky had gotten to Griffin. Griffin acknowledged that it had been close, but he had made it out of Ricky's room before being discovered. Kendall reminded Griffin of what had happened when Erica and Zach had stopped returning her calls. Griffin assured her that he was fine and that Erica would also be okay.

Kendall relaxed and then asked if Griffin had found anything useful on Ricky's computer. Griffin revealed that he had discovered enough to know that they were on the right track, but Kendall wanted more details. Griffin reluctantly admitted that he had found pictures of Kendall and the boys with Zach, but Zach's face had been cut from the pictures and then replaced with images of Ricky's face. Kendall was unnerved, so Griffin admitted that he had been hesitant to tell her about the pictures. Kendall assured him that she had needed to know, so that she could appreciate whom she was dealing with. Griffin wondered how far Kendall was willing to go to expose Ricky as a killer.

Kendall admitted that she was determined to put Ricky's "murdering ass" in prison. Griffin was afraid of that. Kendall brushed off his concern as she asked what else he had uncovered. Griffin confessed that it hadn't been enough to get Ricky arrested, so Griffin intended to search for more evidence. Kendall hated that Ricky had made her doubt Griffin, and she worried that Ricky might decide to destroy evidence. She was curious if Griffin thought that Ricky might be forced to confess.

Griffin doubted it. Kendall agreed, but she refused to rest until Ricky had been punished. Kendall didn't care how it happened as long as Ricky paid for Zach's death. Kendall admitted that if she could get away with it, she'd kill Ricky herself. Griffin refused to let Kendall talk like that; he reminded her that she had children and a family to consider. However, Griffin suggested that he could kill Ricky because Griffin's life had already been ruined.

Kendall was against it, but Griffin argued that Ricky was obsessed with Kendall, and had to be stopped. Kendall clarified that she had just been speaking out of frustration. Griffin insisted that he was in a position to do something about it because his life had already been ruined. Kendall refused to let Griffin kill a man for her. She reminded him that he had stopped her from smothering David with a pillow, so it was her turn to stop Griffin from making a similar mistake. Kendall realized that Griffin was frustrated, but she promised Griffin that he would soon have his life back.

Griffin hated that Ricky had taken so much from them. Kendall didn't have an opportunity to respond because her cell phone rang. She was stunned to learn that her mother had been found, and was en route to the hospital. Afterwards, Kendall explained that she needed to get to the hospital, but she begged Griffin to promise not to kill Ricky. Griffin managed to reassure Kendall without making any promises.

Shortly after Kendall left, Griffin heard a noise. He grabbed a stick for protection and then hid near the front door seconds before it creaked open. Griffin relaxed when he realized that it was Chavo, the young teen whose arm Griffin had patched up. Chavo explained that his grandmother needed to see a doctor. Griffin objected, but Chavo quickly ducked out and then returned moments later with his grandmother, who was having difficulty breathing. Griffin insisted that Chavo's grandmother should go to a hospital, but Chavo explained that his grandmother was in the country illegally.

Griffin gave the elderly woman an examination. Afterwards, Griffin handed Chavo's grandmother an inhaler and then explained that she would need to keep one on her at all times. Griffin explained that he would work something out with Chavo to make sure that Chavo's grandmother received free refills. Griffin explained that he needed to leave, but stopped short when he opened the door to find that there were people gathered outside. Chavo sheepishly admitted that they were friends and family, who also needed medical attention. Griffin seemed resigned as he instructed Chavo to send them in one at a time.

At the hospital, Ryan, Greenlee, and Scott waited for word on Madison and the baby. Greenlee reminded Ryan and Scott that Kendall had given birth to Ian, who had been more than eight weeks premature. Moments later, Dr. Kantor emerged from the operating room. Dr. Kantor explained that they had delivered Madison's daughter via Caesarian section. Dr. Kantor revealed that the baby had been put on a respirator because they had been concerned that the infant's lungs hadn't been fully development.

Scott feared Madison's premature labor was his fault, but Dr. Kantor reminded Scott that Madison had been having a difficult pregnancy from the onset, so no one was to blame for what had happened. Moments later, the baby's incubator was wheeled out of the operating room. The nurse stopped so that Ryan could get the first glimpse of his daughter before the baby was taken to the Intensive Care Unit. Later, Greenlee received a call from Jack that Erica had been found. Greenlee promised to meet her father in the Emergency Room and then ended the call.

Ryan was happy that Erica had been rescued, but he explained that he couldn't leave while Madison was still in the operating room. Greenlee understood, so she promised to keep him updated and then left. A short time later, Madison was wheeled out of the operating room. Madison immediately asked about her daughter when she saw Ryan. Ryan assured Madison that their daughter was strong, but tiny. Scott stepped forward to talk to Madison, but she asked him to leave her alone because she couldn't deal with Scott while she was concerned about her daughter.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa invited Scott to join her when she saw him enter. Marissa wondered if he had heard the news about Erica, so he explained that he had been at the hospital when Erica had arrived. Marissa was surprised when Scott revealed that Asher had been hurt. She thought that JR should be notified, but Scott explained that JR had been part of the rescue party. Marissa wondered why Scott had been at the hospital, so Scott revealed that Madison had delivered her baby, and that everything was touch-and-go with Madison and the baby.

Marissa was curious why Scott wasn't at the hospital, so Scott admitted that Madison didn't want him there. Marissa felt terrible for Scott because she knew that he cared deeply about Madison. Scott confessed that he wanted to be there for Madison, so Marissa offered to help him in any way that she could. Scott insisted that it was his mess to clean up.

At the hospital, Frankie gave Asher a cursory examination and then ordered a battery of tests. Frankie promised to give Caleb and JR an update after the test results were in. Elsewhere in the hospital, Jake checked on Erica. Erica was rattled from the explosion, and complained of a headache as well as memory lapses. According to Erica, she didn't remember much before the explosion, so Jake decided to run some tests. After Jake and Erica left, Greenlee entered the waiting room.

Jack told Greenlee that they had found Erica, but the place had been booby-trapped. According to Jack, the kidnapper had managed to escape before the explosion. However, he assured Greenlee that Erica seemed okay. Kendall arrived shortly afterwards. Greenlee and Jack updated Kendall, who was eager to see her mother. "Soon," Greenlee promised and then told her friend about Madison's emergency delivery.

Kendall decided to check on Madison after she saw Erica. Greenlee thought that it would be a good idea because Kendall understood better than anyone else what Madison was going through. Bianca entered the waiting room seconds before Jake returned with Erica. Erica hugged her daughters as Kendall asked if Erica were okay. Erica admitted that she wished that she could remember more about the events surrounding her kidnapping, but all she recalled was heading to the rehearsal in St. Barts and then waking up in her prison. Jake attributed it to Erica's concussion from the bump that she had sustained on her head during the explosion.

Erica suddenly felt faint, so Jack quickly helped Erica to a seat. Erica revealed that she had never seen the faces of her captors, which made Jack realize that there had been more than one. Erica confirmed Jack's suspicions and then apologized for the tape that she had made. Erica insisted that she had been forced to say those things by the kidnappers. Erica promised that she loved Jack. In the hallway, Caleb overheard Erica's declaration of love.

Bianca and Kendall pulled Jake aside to question him about their mother's condition. Jake assured them that Erica was well enough to go home to recuperate. In the waiting room, Erica thanked Greenlee for taking the time to check on her. Greenlee seemed startled when Erica suddenly hugged Greenlee. Greenlee was happy that Erica would recover from her ordeal. After Greenlee left, Bianca and Kendall returned to the waiting room just as Jack offered to take Erica home.

Erica quickly accepted Jack's offer, so Bianca and Kendall hugged their mother and then told her that they loved her. Erica returned the sentiment and then left with Jack. A short time later, Erica entered her penthouse with Jack close behind her. Erica looked around as Jack imagined that it felt good to be home. "Oh Jack, it's everything I could ever have wished for," Erica told him.

Jack helped Erica to her bedroom, where she freshened up and then slid between the sheets of her bed. Jack tucked the covers around Erica and then told her to get some rest. After Jack left the bedroom, Erica sat up in bed, looked around, and then stroked the soft sheets. "Erica Kane's bed, how classy is this?" Erica's captor said.

At the hospital, Bianca told Kendall about her encounter with Ricky. Kendall was curious if Ricky had believed Bianca's lie about being overly protective. Bianca was certain of it. Seconds later, Ricky called out to Kendall. He explained that he had heard about Erica's rescue, so he had raced over to the hospital to check on Kendall. Kendall revealed that Bianca had told her about the lie. Ricky assured Kendall that he and Bianca had straightened everything out. Kendall smiled as she explained that she had told Bianca that there wasn't any need for Bianca to protect Kendall from Ricky.

In Madison's hospital room, Madison was curious where her daughter was. Ryan explained that the baby was in ICU. Madison wondered if she could see her daughter, but Ryan revealed that it would be up to the doctors. Madison couldn't believe that their daughter was so premature. She fretted because she didn't have anything ready for the baby. Ryan assured Madison that there would be plenty of time to get the nursery together.

Madison wondered if the baby were cute. Ryan promised that their daughter looked like Madison, so she was beautiful. Ryan urged Madison to get some rest, so Madison asked Ryan to watch over their daughter to make sure that she was safe. After Madison fell asleep, Ryan left the room. A short time later, Scott appeared in the hallway to watch through the window as Madison slept.

Ryan stared into the ICU, but didn't enter. Greenlee quietly walked up and then took Ryan's hand. Ryan hesitated a moment and then announced that he needed to talk to the doctor. Greenlee seemed sad as she watched Ryan walk away.

Elsewhere, Frankie told Caleb and JR that Asher had suffered a spinal cord injury, so there was a potential for paralysis. Frankie quickly added that it might be temporary. Frankie explained that the neurosurgeon recommended that Asher be put on a drug protocol, but it had serious side effects including elevated blood pressure. However, Frankie explained that the more blood that they could get circulating in the injured area, the more healing could take place. Frankie assured them that the drug protocol had shown remarkable success, so Frankie promised to have the neurosurgeon talk to Caleb. After Frankie left, JR suggested that they not get ahead of themselves until they had talked to the neurosurgeon.

Caleb noticed that JR was bleeding. JR glanced down, but didn't seem in a rush to clean up. Caleb thanked JR for helping to save Asher, so he promised to call JR as soon as Caleb spoke to the neurosurgeon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tad and Angie walked through the park, and he described how the flowers looked. She laughed when he made a bad joke. Angie wondered if Cara appreciated his unique sense of humor, and Tad said that Cara loved him for him. Angie expressed disbelief. Angie told Tad that she and Jesse didn't keep secrets from one another, and she confessed that she knew the truth about his marriage to Cara.

Tad said that it was important that people believed his and Cara's union was real. Angie remarked that though she couldn't see them together, she thought their relationship sounded real. Angie understood why Tad would deny having feelings for Cara, but she worried that he would get hurt. Angie asked whether Cara had feelings for Tad, and Tad admitted that Cara was still in love with Jake.

Angie asked Tad how Jake felt, and Tad said he hadn't spoken to his brother much, but Tad was certain that Jake was in love with Amanda. Tad defended that Cara hadn't made any moves on Jake and that Cara didn't want to have feelings for her ex. Tad said that he and Cara were friends and that he and the girls loved having Cara in the house, but he didn't expect that their marriage would become real.

As Cara set things up at the free clinic, Jake handed Cara a list of supplies. They agreed that the clinic's makeshift tent gave them a feeling of déjà vu. "You and me all over again," he murmured. Cara called it comforting to be in familiar surroundings. Cara and Jake recalled fond memories of their time together in the field. Jake forced himself to end their trip down memory lane, because it was turning into more than just memories.

Cara acknowledged that Jake loved his wife and family. Cara said she wanted Jake to remember her and her place in his life, because she'd always remember him; she was grateful they'd kept one another alive. She playfully asked if they were cool, and he laughed and said they were. She returned to work, and he gazed affectionately at her.

As Jake looked at a jewelry catalog, Amanda appeared behind him and gushed that the trinkets were spectacular. He said that he had been thinking about purchasing a gift to show her how much she meant to him, but in the meantime, he had something else to show her in person. They left.

In the park, Jake told Amanda that they were near the spot where Krystal had caught them making out just before their vow renewal ceremony. Amanda said that it had been the best day of her life, and Jake vowed to give her more moments like it. They kissed passionately, and Amanda suggested they go home. Jake amorously wondered if he could make it to the car. She promised him a special surprise that would make him happy. He said that she already made him happy, and they continued to kiss.

Elsewhere in the park, Liza watched unnoticed as Jesse and Brot spoke. Jesse told Brot that he'd made peace and moved on, but Brot thought Jesse still had a problem. Jesse said that he and Angie had bought a new car to accommodate their growing family, and he offered Brot their old one, so Brot could travel to visit Natalia. Jesse declared that he owed Brot.

At Krystal's, Tad and Angie arrived, and Liza asked for a moment alone with Angie. Tad led Angie to a table, and he then approached Cara at the bar and asked about her first day at the clinic. She admitted that she'd run into Jake, and she noticed that Tad tensed up. Tad remarked that they were in a tricky situation, but he recognized that Cara and Jake had a lot of history. Cara clarified that all they had was memories, just like Tad had his own memories with Dixie. Tad conceded that she'd made a fair point. Cara asked Tad to tell her more about Dixie.

Tad showed Cara pictures of Dixie, and Cara commented that Dixie was lovely. Tad reflected back on memories of Dixie, but he acknowledged that not all of them had been good. Tad recalled that he and Dixie had spent a lot of time apart, but they'd always wished on the same star and had promised to be "together forever." He lamented that it was a promise that they hadn't been able to keep.

Jesse greeted Angie, and Kathy arrived after an appointment with the dentist. Tad said that his daughter had a beautiful smile, just like her mom's. Angie told Jesse that Liza had expressed concern about him. Jesse said he didn't know what Liza was up to, but he begged Angie not to let Liza get to her. Angie asked if he was absolutely sure there was nothing he was hiding. He silenced her with a kiss.

Kathy and Cara teased Tad for putting ketchup on everything, though Cara admitted that Tad had shown her that candy bars were good in cereal. Cara commented that married people taught one another things. Meanwhile, a woman's hand used a stone to drew a star on a wall in a dark room. Exhausted, the woman slowly sank into the cot on which she layed, and a view of her face revealed her to be a semi-conscious Dixie.

Erica woke up and wondered if her ordeal had been a dream. Meanwhile, Jane Doe awakened in Erica's bed and marveled that she'd become Erica Kane. As Jane squealed in delight, Jackson entered with a breakfast tray and remarked that "Erica" was in a good mood. "Erica" said that she'd slept like a baby and that she felt like a new person. She rushed into his arms and said she'd kept herself sane by thinking of being with him at home. She fed him a strawberry, and he moved in to kiss her.

"Erica" suggested that she and Jackson go out, but Jackson pointed out that they had just endured an explosion. She said everything had turned out fine, but Jackson informed her that Asher had been seriously injured. "Erica" insisted that she'd never meant for anyone to be hurt in the rescue. Jackson assured her that she wasn't to blame, and he proclaimed that he was happy she was home. He noted that she was staring at him strangely, and she gushed that she was glad to be back with her things and with him. She vowed to appreciate every second.

Jackson informed "Erica" that there was a crowd of reporters outside as well as a police guard, and "Erica" became alarmed that the police were involved. Jackson explained that she had been kidnapped and that she needed protection. Jackson answered a phone call from Jesse, and he told "Erica" that the police had a few questions.

Later, Jesse confirmed that "Erica" had never seen her kidnappers. Jesse asked her to describe the room where she'd been held. She tersely described it as dark with four walls. She claimed that her kidnappers had spoken to her through a microphone. Jesse wondered why they'd taken so long to ask for a ransom. "Erica" complained that waiting had been the hardest part. "Erica" suddenly looked distressed, and Jackson declared that she'd answered enough questions.

Jesse promised that they'd search for the kidnappers. "Erica" awkwardly said that it had been wonderful to see Jesse and shook his hand. Jackson showed Jesse to the door. "Erica" announced that she was going to talk to the reporters. Jackson was surprised, but "Erica" professed that she wanted to live her life and that Erica Kane always got what she wanted.

At the Slater home, Bianca pointedly asked Kendall if their reunion with Erica would include only family members. Bianca said she couldn't sleep, thinking of the dangerous game Kendall was playing with Ricky, but Kendall insisted she could handle it. Bianca swore that Kendall wasn't alone. Ricky let himself into Kendall's home and asked about Erica. Ricky touched Kendall's face and commented that she could use some rest. Bianca became noticeably uncomfortable and tried to intervene, but Ricky told her that he was there to help Kendall.

Bianca and Kendall explained that they planned to see Erica, and Ricky wanted to join them. He explained that he had a special relationship with Erica. Bianca advised him to wait, and Ricky looked agitated. Kendall said that Bianca was just being protective, but she reminded them both that they'd reached an understanding. Ricky claimed that he had experience helping people who had been through a traumatic experience.

Kendall asked Bianca to call Jackson to see if it was okay to stop by the penthouse, and Bianca left. Ricky questioned Bianca's behavior, and Kendall explained that Bianca had trust issues because of her divorce. Ricky urged Kendall to be with her family, but he said he had something to give her when they had time alone. The doorbell rang, and Bianca opened it to "Erica" and Jackson.

"Erica" told Bianca and Kendall that she was glad to be in Kendall's beautiful house. Ricky started to approach "Erica," but she casually dismissed him. The nanny arrived with Spike, Ian, Miranda, and Gabby. The kids rushed in and hugged "Erica," who appeared uncomfortable with their display of affection. Bianca asked if "Erica" was okay, and "Erica" admitted that she felt overwhelmed. Kendall and the nanny led the kids outside.

Ricky said he was there for "Erica," but she didn't seem interested. Ricky revealed that he and Kendall had become close and that he planned to take care of Kendall. Kendall returned, and Ricky said he knew how much Kendall's family meant to her, and he was glad everyone was there. He proclaimed that Kendall had completely changed him and who he wanted to be. He declared his love and pulled out the engagement ring. Kendall and Bianca watched in horror as he dropped to one knee and asked Kendall to become his wife.

Kendall stammered that she hadn't expected his surprise to be a proposal. Ricky said that she was in his heart, but Kendall thought his gesture was sudden. "Erica" gushed that it was romantic and implored Kendall to give him an answer. Jackson asked everyone to give Kendall space, and Ricky, Jackson, and "Erica" stepped outside. Bianca insisted that Kendall couldn't accept, but Kendall thought that Ricky would trust her more than ever if she did. Kendall instructed Bianca to take the kids back to Wildwind, and Kendall promised that she'd be in touch. Bianca pleaded with Kendall to be careful, and she left.

"Erica" offered to throw Kendall and Ricky a party, but Jackson pointed out that Kendall hadn't said yes. Kendall asked to speak with Ricky alone. "Erica" told Kendall to call when Kendall was ready to make a public announcement, and Jackson and "Erica" departed. Kendall noted that Ricky's heart was in the right place, and he wondered where hers was, because he didn't know what he'd do if she turned him down.

Kendall claimed that she wanted to be with Ricky, but he sensed there was a problem. She said that she felt like she didn't completely know him. He opened himself up to questions, but she felt he was holding himself back from letting her get to know all of him. "Marry me, and I will bare my soul to you," he swore.

Kendall told Ricky that there was no question that she wanted to be with him, and he said that he wanted to tell her everything about himself, because that was what people in love did. "No secrets," she said, and he agreed. He asked her to say she'd marry him, and she removed her wedding ring and held her hand out for Ricky to place his ring on her finger. She forced herself to smile. He declared that she'd made him the happiest man in the world, and they kissed.

"Erica" and Jackson returned to their penthouse, and she excitedly commented about all the reporters who had been outside. "Erica" hoped that Kendall didn't want a double wedding, because she herself desired a big, splashy wedding just for herself and Jackson. Jackson was surprised, because they'd agreed on a simple ceremony. "Erica" flirtatiously stated that it was a woman's right to change her mind. He started to pull her into his arms, but he noticed she wasn't wearing her engagement ring.

"Erica" feigned trying to remember when she last saw the ring, and she claimed that she'd had to remove it at the hospital. She said she was starving, and Jackson said he knew exactly what she wanted, but her favorite restaurant was closed. He jokingly suggested crab cakes from Krystal's, and he was stunned when she said that they sounded delicious. "Erica" politely asked Jackson to tell Krystal hello for her.

Jackson confessed that he had been angry when he'd thought Erica had left him at the altar, and he'd turned to Krystal. "Erica" asked if he'd slept with Krystal, and he admitted they had kissed. "Erica" thought the smooch was justifiable because he had been angry with her at the time, and she claimed it didn't matter. Jackson was shocked by her calm reaction, but "Erica" explained that she wanted to live in the moment. Jackson called her amazing, and he left. Jane murmured Erica's name.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson approached Krystal, who joked that she wouldn't try to jump over the bar to kiss him. He retorted that he'd pay money to see her jump over the bar. She offered him a drink, but he said he'd stopped by to pick up crab cakes for Erica. Krystal forlornly observed that Erica had Jackson running around town for her already.

Erica begged to know where Jackson was, but no one answered. A tray of food appeared through the slot, but Erica yelled that she wanted answers. Erica flashed back to her initial arrival in the room and how her captor had attempted to learn all about her favorite things. Erica recalled perusing the scrapbook her captor had assembled, and how the captor had pushed Erica to provide details about the events in her life. She realized what Jane had been doing.

Jane returned to see Erica and noted that Erica didn't look so great. Erica called Jane insane for thinking she could get away with taking over Erica's life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conversing though the one-way mirror in the hidden room, Erica asserted that no one would believe Jane's farce; however, Jane said they already did. Erica vowed to stop Jane, but first, Erica demanded answers. Jane said that Jackson had swooped in for the rescue, and Pine Valley was happy to have Erica Kane back.

Erica wanted to know how Jane had managed to steal Erica's face, but Jane felt Erica should feel flattered. Displaying herself on television, Jane said she was a work of art. Jane was giddy over the day she'd spent impersonating Erica Kane. Erica demanded to know who Jane was. "Isn't it obvious? I'm your biggest fan!" Jane proclaimed.

Erica still insisted that Jane wouldn't pull it off, but Jane gushed about Jackson serving her breakfast in bed and holding her in his strong arms. Erica said it would only take one mistake for Jane to blow it, but Jane figured that was why Erica would teach her all she needed to know--or else one of Erica's grandkids might have an "accident."

Jane didn't really want to be that monstrous, so she struck up a deal to tell Erica tidbits about her loved ones in exchange for the coaching. Jane claimed she was already looking out for Erica's love life, because "that tramp Krystal" had kissed Jackson in Erica's absence. Erica grew livid and said Krystal had been digging her cheap, fake nails into Jackson for months. Erica didn't want Jane or "Miss Moonshine" anywhere near Jackson.

Jane decided to leave, but asked for Erica's ring first. Erica pretended not to have it, but Jane coerced Erica to get it from its hiding spot beneath the mattress. Erica reluctantly relinquished it and said Jane could steal the ring, but not the memories. Erica went on to explain that Jackson had proposed to her on a romantic rooftop.

Once alone, Erica assured herself that Jane's plan wouldn't work. In bed, Erica recalled Jackson's proposal to her, which had actually taken place at her hospital bedside, not on some rooftop. Erica vowed to marry Jackson once he exposed "that woman" for the fraud she was.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson apologized to Krystal for letting things get carried away. Krystal wasn't sorry about anything; however, she'd realized that there was only one woman for Jackson. She thought it was best that they kept their relationship professional from there on out.

Jackson returned home with "Erica's" food order, but she wasn't there. He received a text message in which she said she'd gone out to take care of something important. He took off for the hospital, where he checked on Erica's ring and Asher. Frankie said it was too soon to tell about Asher, and there had been no record of Erica's engagement ring ever being there.

Back at Krystal's restaurant, Jane charged in and lambasted Krystal for going after Jackson. Krystal advised "Erica" to take it down a notch, but Jane asserted that Krystal was no match for Erica Kane. Krystal tried to be patient with the former kidnapping victim, but Jane sniped that Krystal had been trying to sink her "cheap, fake old nails" into Jackson for months. Jane concluded that the jealousy was just eating Krystal up inside.

As Jane warned Krystal to stay away from her man, Jackson pulled "Erica" aside and asked if she'd had her fun. "I really did," Jane delightfully replied. He assured "Erica" that she was the only one he loved, and an enamored Jane asked him to take her home.

The two arrived at home, and Jackson noticed that "Erica" had her ring. Jane said she'd gotten it from the hospital, but Jackson said Frankie hadn't had a record of it. Jane claimed a nurse, and fan of hers, had taken it, but had traded it back for an autograph. Jane said she'd never forget Jackson proposing on the rooftop, and she dramatically recited what Erica had said about it earlier. "Well, that's a hell of a story. Too bad it never happened that way," Jackson replied.

At the hospital, Ryan found Greenlee watching the baby in intensive care. He said she didn't need to stick around, but she expressed that she was where she needed to be. Ryan persisted, and she wondered if he blamed her for what had happened with the baby.

At Kendall's house, Ricky exclaimed that he'd never been so happy in all his life. Kendall expressed excitement, too, but about getting to know all about him. The evasive Ricky doubted she wanted to know everything there was, but Kendall insisted that it would make them closer. He resisted, but she urged him to trust that openness would strengthen their love.

In Ricky's hotel room, Griffin climbed in through the window to access Ricky's computer, but discovered that Ricky had erased the hard drive. Griffin called Kendall, and from her awkward replies to him, he guessed she was with Ricky. Griffin insisted upon heading over there. Kendall told him not to call again, and she hung up the phone on him. Griffin promptly called Ryan to update him about the hard drive and about Kendall being alone with Ricky.

Back at the hospital, Ryan told Greenlee that he was going to check on Kendall. Greenlee offered to accompany him, but he opted to go alone. Greenlee picked Emma up from school, and Emma begged Greenlee to take her to visit the baby. Greenlee said it wasn't a good time. Emma accused Greenlee of purposely keeping Emma first from her mother, and then from her sister.

Greenlee agreed to take Emma as long as Emma understood that it might be a little frightening. The infant was very tiny, had tubes attached to her, and couldn't be touched. Emma said she wanted to tell her sister she loved her, and Emma apologized for snapping at Greenlee.

Back at Kendall's, Kendall asked Ricky questions about his life, starting with why he'd joined the ministry. He revealed that his father was a minister, but had been harsh and judgmental about Ricky following the same path. Kendall said his father needed to observe Ricky's good work in the city, and she asked why Ricky had chosen to live in Pine Valley.

Ryan arrived, interrupting the talk. Kendall asked about the baby, and Ryan expressed his fatherly worries. She comforted him, saying that the infant was just as strong as Ian had been. Assuming that good news would help Ryan's mood, Ricky prompted Kendall to announce the engagement. Ryan was shocked, and Ricky guessed he'd been insensitive. Ricky offered to visit Madison and the baby, but advancing on Ricky, Ryan warned him to stay away from them.

As Griffin listened outside the door, Kendall refused to let Ryan attack her fiancé. Ryan claimed he was just upset about the baby, and Kendall asked for time alone with Ryan. She assured Ricky that Ryan was just upset about his baby, and Ricky left.

Ryan raged at Kendall for marrying Zach's murderer, but she claimed she was doing it to get the answers they needed. Ryan was worried that he couldn't protect Kendall, but just then, Griffin entered and said, "You have me." Griffin lashed out at Kendall for being crazy enough to accept Ricky's marriage proposal, but Kendall insisted that her plan would work. "Yeah, if he doesn't kill you first," Griffin retorted.

Griffin suggested that Ryan tend to his baby while Griffin helped Kendall. Ryan left, and Kendall thanked Griffin for risking a public sighting to look out for her. She said it had been torturous to take off her wedding ring and accept Ricky's ring. Griffin told her that she didn't have to go through with it. She insisted that she did, because she intended to make Ricky suffer for the rest of his life. Griffin figured that there was a reason Ricky had erased his hard drive, and Griffin wanted to ensure that Ricky wouldn't catch on to Kendall.

At the Yacht Club, Ricky cautiously entered his room and inspected it for interlopers. After checking the balcony, he sat down at his desk and opened his laptop.

When Ryan arrived back at the hospital, he saw Greenlee and Emma observing the baby behind the glass. He watched from afar as Greenlee explained that love would help Emma's little sister through, just as the love of family and friends had strengthened Ian and Spike when they'd been born. Greenlee soothed Emma's fears with a hug, and when Ryan approached, Emma asked him not to be angry with Greenlee for taking Emma there. Smiling, Ryan said he wasn't.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Colby asked for Maya's help to find a piece of computer equipment. Colby commented that only Asher would know what it looked like. Maya asked how Asher was doing, and Colby said that she hadn't spoken with him but that he could have visitors. Maya noted that when Asher was around, Colby usually yelled at him. Colby admitted that she'd taken her distrust of men out on Asher. Maya offered to accompany Colby to the hospital. Colby was grateful, because she thought that Asher wouldn't want to see Colby without a buffer. Maya disagreed.

At the hospital, Caleb sat vigil at Asher's bedside, and JR handed him some coffee. Asher stirred and asked what had happened. Caleb reminded him of the explosion at the quarry. Asher commented that he could barely move his legs. JR and Caleb explained that Asher had suffered a back injury and that he would need to use crutches for a while. JR left to find the doctor.

Caleb asked if Asher needed anything, but Asher said he was good. Asher recalled the last time he'd been in the hospital, after he'd fallen down the stairs after a confrontation with Caleb. Caleb said Asher would pull through, just like he had the last time. Asher asked if Caleb was okay, and Caleb said he was, since Asher would be all right.

JR returned, and Asher started to ask where he'd stay during his recovery. Caleb offered to set up physical therapy equipment at Wildwind, but JR said he already had some from when he himself had been injured. Asher argued that Colby wouldn't appreciate his presence at the mansion. Colby entered and apologized for how she'd treated Asher, and she declared that she wanted him to return home, where he belonged.

Once alone with Asher, Colby begged Asher to say something, but he expected her to consider anything he said to be a lie. He reminded her that he'd only lied to her to protect her. She pointed out that it hadn't been an insignificant lie. He grimaced in pain, and she apologized that she'd become angry when he'd poked fun at her video blog. She admitted that her life wasn't that bad, but he acknowledged that she'd been kicked around. She said he'd never treated her badly, but she'd taken it out him instead of the people who'd deserved it.

Colby declared that she wanted Asher to return home. She expressed guilt for taking all of her anger out on him, when he had been the one person who had been there for her the whole time. She begged him to forgive her, and he indicated that he couldn't. She looked forlorn, and he smiled and told her that he was kidding. She laughed and jokingly called him a jerk.

Maya waited outside the doorway. Opal spotted her and inquired whether she was a friend of Asher's. Maya introduced herself as a Chandler employee, and upon hearing Opal's last name, May a asked if Opal was related to Caleb. Opal explained that she had been married to Palmer, and while Asher hadn't known Palmer, she was glad Asher had a chance to get to know Caleb. Opal explained that Asher hadn't known that he was a Cortlandt until recently, and Maya was surprised to learn that Asher had been adopted. Maya realized that Caleb had given up Asher at birth, and an unknowing Opal said that only a parent who'd had to make that kind of tough choice would understand.

Maya peeked in on the babies in the NICU. Frankie asked if she was thinking about her baby, and she denied it. He said it was okay, but she admitted that she knew she couldn't take care of one. He inquired how she had been doing, and she said she liked her job at the Chandler mansion, which she considered to be a palace.

Colby and JR arrived home, and he asked if she was okay with Asher moving back in. She commented that she and Asher had re-established their friendship, and JR teased her for blushing. She claimed that she was just happy Asher was all right.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan and Greenlee simultaneously made phone calls to find specialists for Madison and the baby. Ryan lamented that it would take several days to schedule an appointment, but Greenlee assured him that the staff at Pine Valley Hospital was excellent. Emma asked when her sister could leave the hospital, and Ryan hoped it would be soon. Emma handed Ryan a list of her favorite baby names, including Tinkerbell. Greenlee suggested that they engrave the baby's name on a silver rattle. Emma asked to see Madison, and she looked disappointed when Ryan reminded her of a play date. Ryan promised that everything would be fine.

Madison looked up to see Scott in the doorway of her hospital room. He asked how she was feeling, and she realized he'd been there all night. She said she needed to see her baby. Scott cautioned Madison against stress, but she was determined to see her daughter. Scott offered to get her a gown and wheelchair.

In the hallway outside the NICU, a gown-clad Madison thanked Scott and told him she could take it from there. He promised not to say anything if she wanted someone just to be there with her. She preferred to see her daughter on her own. Madison slowly stood up and walked over to the window. She peered at her baby in awe.

Jackson informed "Erica" that he hadn't proposed to her on a rooftop, but in a hospital. She gushed that the proposal had been perfect, but he was skeptical that she'd forgotten such a significant moment. "Erica" said she'd never forget, but Jackson wondered why she'd recalled a different scenario. She claimed that while she'd been held hostage, she'd used mental techniques to survive. She explained that she had concocted fantasies that had helped her to cling to the hope of reuniting with him. He requested that she see a doctor, but she insisted she was fine.

Jackson wanted to check on the investigation, but "Erica" expressed disinterest in following up with the police and proclaimed that she wanted to take back her life. He agreed to delay calling the police, if she'd see a doctor. She complained that she'd spent too much time in hospitals, but Jackson said they could use the opportunity to check on Asher. She insisted that she never meant to hurt anyone and agreed to visit Asher.

At the hospital, Jane flashed back to lying bandaged in a hospital bed, and a doctor asking if it had been worth it. "It has to be," she had said. Jackson noticed "Erica's" demeanor, and she excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Greenlee approached Jackson and informed him that there hadn't been any change with the baby but that Ryan was trying to be strong. Jackson recognized that the situation was tough on Greenlee, too, and offered to be there if she needed to talk.

Greenlee admitted to Jackson that she'd known about the paternity of Madison's baby for months, but she hadn't told Ryan. She begged Jackson to understand that she had been about to start her life with Ryan and had wanted to protect their future. Greenlee confessed to the deal she'd made with Scott, but she insisted that Scott and Madison's relationship had turned real. Jackson understood what it was like to want to hold on to a loved one, but she recognized that her father also knew what it was like to have a child kept from him. Greenlee blamed herself for Madison's accident and prayed for everything to work out.

Greenlee and Jackson embraced as Jane peered in on them. Jane reminded herself that Greenlee was Jackson's daughter, and she greeted Greenlee by calling her "sweetheart" and pulling her into a warm hug. Greenlee looked at Jackson in shock. Jane realized she'd made an error in judgment when Greenlee reacted coldly to the gesture. "Erica" claimed that she was determined to make every moment of her life fantastic and insisted that she wanted to put aside petty differences.

"Erica" complimented Greenlee on Fusion's new line, but a guilty Greenlee refused to take credit for the idea. An uncomfortable Greenlee left to find Ryan. Jackson called "Erica's" attempt to reach out to Greenlee unexpected, though he wished everyone could get along. He asked "Erica" to have Frankie examine her. "Erica" suddenly announced that she had an appointment elsewhere and rushed off.

Scott asked Greenlee for a salary advance so he could move Madison and the baby into a nicer apartment. Greenlee immediately agreed, and she rambled about everything she'd tried to do to help. They commiserated that Madison hated them both. Greenlee apologized for involving Scott in her scheme, but Scott said an apology didn't change the fact that they'd hurt Madison. Greenlee commented that Scott really loved Madison and called him a great guy. Greenlee advised Scott to give Madison time, and he replied that all that was important was Madison and the baby.

Ryan joined Madison and asked if she was ready. The technician instructed them to keep the baby's environment sterile, because it would be easy for the infant to pick up an infection. He further said that positive thoughts and touch could help their daughter, and he told Madison to place her arms into the slots in the incubator. Madison gasped as she touched her daughter for the first time. She tearfully greeted her baby girl, and Ryan urged his daughter to be strong. Ryan suggested that Madison go back to bed, but Madison cried that the baby needed to know that Madison was there. Madison hopefully speculated that the baby was getting better.

Ryan helped Madison back into bed and presented her with cards from Emma. As Madison read Emma's list of baby names, Madison noticed the name "Sara," which she'd considered because it meant "princess." "Sara Lavery," she mused. Ryan was surprised, as he had expected that Madison would want the baby to have her last name. Madison said that the name "North" was part of her old life, and Sara was her new one.

Madison called Sara lucky to have Ryan as a father, and she declared that she would be honored to give the baby his name. Ryan mentioned that the nurse had asked about the birth certificate, and Madison suggested that she nap while he tracked the nurse down. She said that while she had been emotional with the baby, it was because she had been thinking of all the incredible things they had to look forward to.

Later, Ryan panicked when medical staff began to run into the NICU. Greenlee offered to get Madison, but Ryan didn't want to upset Madison unnecessarily, and he asked Greenlee to stall Madison. Greenlee entered Madison's room, and Madison asked what Greenlee wanted. Greenlee said she didn't expect forgiveness, but she apologized for the deal she'd made with Scott and for the fight she'd had with Madison before the accident. Greenlee insisted that Scott really cared about Madison, but Madison maintained that the only important thing was her baby.

Ryan watched as doctors tended to his daughter. He called out to ask was going on, and Frankie informed him that the baby had developed pneumonia.

At Krystal's restaurant, Caleb called "Erica" by the pet name "Dorothy," and she didn't react. On his second attempt to get her attention, she nonchalantly stated that he had confused her with someone else, but he knew otherwise. Caleb scoffed at the idea that "Erica" could hide from him. She invited him to sit down and asked him how Asher was doing. Caleb informed her that Asher would take a while to walk again but that he would be okay.

"Erica" said she felt responsible for Asher's condition, because she had been kidnapped. Caleb blamed her kidnappers and vowed that the culprits would be put away forever. "Erica" tried to change the subject to Cortlandt Electronics, but Caleb wanted to talk about her. She gushed that it was her favorite subject. She marveled that he'd traveled to St. Barts to stop her wedding, but he said he had to respect that she'd made her choice. "Says who?" she seductively asked.

"Erica" said she hadn't expected Caleb to take rejection so easily. She pointed out how she always went after whatever she wanted, and she was skeptical that his feelings had faded. He explained that he'd done what he needed, so he didn't have any regrets, and she asked if he had given up. He stated that he had accepted reality. "Erica" said she had been deeply affected by what he'd done, but he said he'd see her at the office, and he departed.

Caleb returned to the hospital, and Asher commended Caleb for fetching food from Krystal's. Caleb revealed that he'd run into Erica and that she'd felt responsible for Asher's injuries. Asher said he was sorry things hadn't worked out, but Caleb pointedly said they had, and he patted Asher's hand.

Opal approached and hugged "Erica," who looked disgusted. Opal was surprised by "Erica's" reaction, and "Erica" coldly asked how she could help Opal. Opal said she'd made preparations for a girls' night to talk about the kidnapping, but "Erica" said she didn't want to relive it. Opal guessed that her friend wasn't ready to talk, but she was thrilled that "Erica" was safe. Opal gently reprimanded "Erica" for flirting with Caleb, and "Erica" abruptly stormed out.

Opal followed "Erica" home, and Opal refused to sweep "Erica's" odd behavior under the rug. "Erica" expressed disdain for Opal's persistence. Opal called the kidnappers "monsters" for keeping Erica and Jackson apart. "Erica" defended that her captors hadn't been monsters. Opal declared that she was glad Erica was back with her friends, family, and Jackson, but she demanded to know what "Erica" had been doing with Caleb. "Erica" berated Opal and ordered her to leave.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kendall met up with Griffin in Ricky's room. Although all the files on Ricky's computer had been deleted, a technology person who worked for Ryan was able to help. The tech had given Kendall an external drive and instructed her on how to duplicate Ricky's hard drive, deleted files included. Griffin was irritated that Kendall seemed to be taking the situation lightly. Kendall insisted that she knew what was at stake.

Ricky spoke to someone in the hall outside of his room, which threw Griffin and Kendall into a panic. Griffin confirmed that Kendall was wired as Kendall unplugged the external drive and hid it in her bag. Griffin escaped from the room and Kendall closed the laptop moments before Ricky walked into the room. Ricky was pleasantly surprised until he realized that Kendall had her hand on his laptop. Ricky asked what Kendall was up to. Kendall coyly said that she'd hoped she wouldn't get caught.

Kendall opened Ricky's laptop and showed off the beginnings of a website dedicated to their upcoming nuptials. Kendall said that there wasn't a lot of information yet, but that eventually, the site would give the whole world all the details of their life and love. Ricky asked if Kendall had broken the news of their engagement to everyone. Kendall said that she still had a few people to tell, and added that she would remedy that soon.

Ricky questioned how they would tell Kendall's sons. Kendall admitted that she'd already told Spike and Ian. Ricky was a little upset, as he thought they'd tell the boys together. Kendall said that she'd found a good time to talk to her sons. Kendall said that although Spike had shut down a little, she was certain Spike would eventually be okay.

A tray of food was slipped to Erica through the slot in the wall. Erica decided to try to strike up a conversation. Erica asked if her chef was the same man she'd met a few days prior. After a moment, the man admitted that he was indeed that man. Erica pointed out that he must be paid well in order to remain in a place so isolated. Erica offered to multiply his salary by ten if he simply opened the door and let her leave.

Erica asked the guard what he thought would happen when the kidnapping ordeal was over. The guard wondered why Erica thought the ordeal would end. Erica said that although Jane looked like Erica and would try to act like Erica, Jane would eventually be discovered. Erica again promised a large sum of money and said that she wouldn't press charges if the guard let her go. The guard said that Erica's kidnapping was about much more than money. Erica wanted to know what the guard meant.

Opal demanded to know why "Erica" had acted so cozily with Caleb when "Erica" and Caleb were at Krystal's restaurant. "Erica" insisted that she didn't need Opal's permission to do anything. Jack walked in just as "Erica" told Opal to get out. Jack was surprised at the tone of the conversation. Jack asked Opal to reconsider her attack, given what Erica had gone through. Opal started to tell Jack the topic of conversation. Before Opal could say anything, "Erica" told Opal to shut up.

"Erica" quickly crafted a lie and told Jack that Opal wanted her to eat. When Jack looked to Opal for confirmation, "Erica" silently begged Opal to agree. Grudgingly, Opal did as "Erica" wanted, and then requested some alone time with her oldest friend. Jack agreed and left the room. When they were alone again, "Erica" repeated that there was nothing going on between her and Caleb.

Opal said that the history between Erica and Caleb had been like watching a ping-pong match. Opal admitted the relief she'd felt when Erica finally chose Jack. The scene at Krystal's restaurant had only served to make Opal uneasy again. Opal said that it was unfair to string one man along just in case things didn't work out with another one. Opal said that as Erica's friend, she had always told the truth.

"Erica" said that she needed Opal's support, not her criticism. Miffed, Opal picked up her things and started to leave. Jack returned to the living room and asked if everything was okay. Opal said that things were fine, but Jack wasn't convinced. After the door closed behind Opal, "Erica" said that Opal gave her a headache. Jack reminded her that although she'd been through an ordeal, so had the people who loved her.

"Erica" promised that she would call Opal later and apologize. "Erica" said that because she had been away from her family and friends for so long, she just wanted to put the bad things behind her. The ring of Jack's phone interrupted their conversation. Jack saw that it was Bianca calling and quickly answered.

After a brief conversation, Jack promised Bianca that they would head to the hospital. When Jack ended the call, he told "Erica" that Ryan and Madison's little girl hadn't survived. Jack stated matter-of-factly that they needed to go to the hospital and offer their support. Jack was surprised when his fiancée didn't instantly agree. Jack had to shake "Erica" out of her reverie before she sprung into action.

Marissa stopped by Scott and Madison's apartment. She noticed the boxes strewn about and asked if Scott was moving. Scott admitted that he, Madison, and the new baby would need a bigger place. Marissa asked if things were going well between Scott and Marissa. Scott hesitated, and then said optimistically that things would get better.

Scott said that he wouldn't give up until Madison realized how much she meant to Scott. Marissa quickly realized that Scott had fallen in love with Madison as well as her baby. Marissa believed that the baby would be what healed the rift in Scott's relationship with Madison. Scott was hopeful, and said he would do anything for Madison and her baby.

Greenlee agreed when Madison said that the most important thing was the baby. Greenlee added that what Scott felt for Madison was real. Greenlee said that Madison should hold on to Scott, as he would really be needed. Panic gripped Madison, and Madison begged Greenlee to tell her what had happened.

Outside of the NICU, Ryan asked what was happening with his daughter. Frankie said that the doctors were trying to stabilize baby Sarah's health. However, it proved difficult because Sarah's immune system was weak. Ryan was certain that the doctors could still help. Frankie said that sometimes in cases like Sarah's, sepsis -- an overwhelming presence of bacteria in the bloodstream -- could develop. Frankie said that he would update Ryan as soon more information was available.

Madison asked if the baby was okay, and Greenlee quickly assuaged Madison's fears. Greenlee said that she'd promised Ryan she'd help Madison relax and get some rest. Madison said that she didn't have the energy to deal with Scott. Madison said that seeing her baby would calm her down. Greenlee realized that there was no arguing with the new mom, and said that she would get a wheelchair.

Out in the hall, Greenlee found Ryan and relayed that Madison was hellbent on seeing baby Sarah. When Greenlee saw the look on her husband's face, she asked what had happened. Ryan told Greenlee about the pneumonia and the bacteria in Sarah's system. Greenlee tried to stay positive and said that she was sure the baby would be okay. Eyes filled with emotion, Ryan pleadingly told Greenlee that the baby couldn't die.

At that moment, the doctors approached. Though the look on the doctors' faces held nothing good, Ryan immediately asked for an update. The pediatrician reluctantly told Ryan that the bacteria had been too much for Sarah's system, and that his daughter hadn't survived. Frankie, his gaze mostly downcast, offered his apologies to Ryan.

Ryan asked Frankie how exactly baby Sarah had lost the battle for her life. Frankie knew that Ryan wanted something to blame. Frankie said that an infection like the one Sarah had was especially tough on the premature baby. Reeling from the news, Ryan realized that Madison didn't know. Frankie offered to go with Ryan in case Madison had any questions, but Ryan was certain that Madison needed to hear the news from him. Greenlee asked if there was anything that she could do. Ryan was so lost that it was all he could do to listlessly shake his head before walking away.

Madison grew impatient waiting for Greenlee to return with a wheelchair. She started to get out of her bed, but Ryan arrived before she could swing her feet toward the floor. Madison took one look at Ryan's face and realized that something was terribly wrong. Madison instructed Ryan to leave the room, and then reenter and tell her that everything was fine. Ryan sat on Madison's bed and took her hand in his. Ryan softly told Madison that although the doctors had tried, their daughter hadn't survived.

Madison's mouth gaped in horror, and tears filled her eyes. Although she'd heard and understood what Ryan had said, Madison didn't want to believe. Madison needlessly reminded Ryan that they'd just seen their baby and that she had been fine. Madison added that Ryan had said their daughter was strong. Ryan told Madison that the infection had shown up quickly, and that although Sarah had been strong, it wasn't enough. Reality slammed into Madison, and as she clung to Ryan, she cried out.

Madison's tears were staunched momentarily as she hoped aloud that her daughter was still alive. She begged Ryan to tell her that baby Sarah hadn't succumbed to infection. Ryan quietly said that he wished he could. When Ryan put his head down on the bed, Madison's tears began to flow anew, and she knew that she had a hard truth to accept.

Madison asked Ryan if they needed to talk to someone, or if they needed to make arrangements. Ryan said those could wait, and asked Madison to accompany him. Madison asked where they needed to go. Ryan said that they had to say goodbye to their daughter -- together.

Ricky excitedly talked about how much he hoped he would mean to Kendall's sons one day. Griffin instinctively knew that Kendall would put her guard up, so he whispered calming words in her ear. It worked, and Kendall was able to agree that Ricky would be a big part of her sons' lives. The phone rang, and the sound dissipated the remaining tension. When Kendall answered, she heard Greenlee's pained voice on the other end.

Greenlee told Kendall that Ryan and Madison's daughter hadn't survived. Kendall was heartbroken, and she asked what she could do. Greenlee said that Kendall should make her way to the hospital, as Ryan would need her. Kendall agreed, and ended the call. Kendall told Ricky what had happened, and said that she needed a moment alone to get some fresh air. Ricky understood and left the room.

Kendall grabbed her purse and stepped out onto the balcony. Griffin asked if Kendall was okay. As she handed Griffin the external drive, she admitted that she wasn't okay. In an attempt to deflect some of the pain, Kendall started to explain why she'd taken the risk to lie to Ricky about her sons. Griffin interrupted and said he understood. Griffin encouraged Kendall to go to the hospital and to let him worry about Ricky.

Kendall agreed and went back into Ricky's room. Ricky returned at the same moment and asked Kendall how she was feeling. Kendall said that the fresh air hadn't helped as much as she'd hoped. Ricky noted that he wasn't Ryan's favorite person, but asked if he could accompany Kendall to hospital. Kendall appreciated the gesture and accepted.

Greenlee reached Scott's voicemail for a third time and figured that Scott's phone was off. Greenlee left another message, urging Scott to call her. After she ended the call, Greenlee picked up her purse. She heard a light metallic tinkling. Greenlee dug into the depths and pulled out the rattle she had planned to have inscribed. Greenlee asked a nearby nurse if there was someone that could use the rattle, as said she no longer needed it.

Jack arrived at the hospital and found his daughter. Greenlee lamented that she hadn't fully made up for the mistakes she'd made about the baby. Greenlee said that she needed to help Ryan get through the loss, but didn't know how. Jack advised Greenlee not to give up on her husband, as Ryan would need her more than ever.

Ricky spotted "Erica" in the hospital hallway and lamented the loss of Madison and Ryan's daughter. "Erica" agreed that the loss was difficult, and asked what Ricky would tell someone who was grieving. Ricky said that although people didn't often like to hear it, Ricky always offered that God had a master plan. "Erica" said that she wasn't sure if she believed, and added that sometimes, people needed to choose their own path.

"Erica" was eager to talk about happier things. "Erica" asked if Ricky had any exciting news. Although Ricky was certain that Kendall would be upset, Ricky shared that Kendall had accepted his proposal. "Erica" was excited and offered to throw an extravagant engagement party that they could surprise Kendall with. Ricky appreciated the sentiment but said that they should wait for a more appropriate time to celebrate.

Bianca tracked Kendall down at the hospital. Bianca told Kendall that she'd seen their mother talking with Ricky. Kendall flinched at the news, and Bianca wondered if they should tell Erica what was actually happening with Ricky. Kendall was against the idea, given the ordeal Erica had recently survived. Kendall also noted that their mother hadn't exactly been acting like herself, and Erica's memory was a little shaky. Kendall didn't think Erica was the best person to trust with a dangerous secret.

Ricky tracked Kendall down and offered her a cup of coffee. Kendall was grateful, as she was sure she would be at the hospital all night. Kendall remarked that Ricky shouldn't feel the need to stay with her. Ricky said he didn't want to leave Kendall alone. Kendall reminded him that she had friends and family there, and said she needed to focus on Ryan. Ricky said Kendall was a good friend, and took his leave.

Griffin headed back to the cabin with the external drive. Griffin plugged it in, and followed the onscreen commands to rebuild the hard drive. As the program started to work, Griffin quietly hoped the process would be successful. When the wallpaper that showed Ricky's face in a photo of Kendall with her boys appeared, Griffin was hopeful.

Griffin picked up the equipment that connected him to Kendall. He informed her that some of the files were returning. Griffin said that he would be on the lookout for anything that pre-dated Ricky's arrival in Pine Valley and connected Ricky to Diana Holden. Griffin also hoped to find something that connected Ricky to Zach's plane crash. Kendall expressed her gratitude. Although he was warmed by the sentiment, Griffin reminded Kendall that he got something out of uncovering the truth as well.

Griffin patiently waited as files rebuilt. When an icon simply labeled "D" appeared on the desktop, Griffin clicked it. A video of Diana Holden in bed started to play and Ricky could be heard speaking in the background. Griffin held his breath until Ricky made an appearance on camera. Griffin realized that he'd found the evidence they needed.

"Erica" found Greenlee in a hospital break room. When "Erica" asked how Greenlee was feeling, Greenlee said that the only people that mattered were Ryan and Madison. "Erica" claimed that Greenlee's feelings were still important. Greenlee thought that Jack had filled her stepmother in about how Greenlee had kept baby Sarah's paternity a secret.

Greenlee was sure that the information confirmed that Greenlee was a horrible person. "Erica" surprised Greenlee when she said that she understood Greenlee's motives. Greenlee demanded to know why "Erica" was being so nice to her. Greenlee added that good behavior towards her from Erica was baffling if it happened once. After a second time, Greenlee found pleasantries from Erica to be a bit creepy.

Scott showed up at the hospital, his arms laden with presents. He ran into Greenlee, admitted he'd gone overboard with the presents, and informed her that things were going to work out with the new apartment. Scott set down his bags and finally looked at Greenlee. He was shocked to see the tears brimming in her eyes. Greenlee told Scott that she'd left him messages, and he confirmed that his phone had been turned off. Without additional words, Greenlee was able to tell Scott what happened.

Ricky went to the Slater house and found Opal there, watching Kendall's sons. Ricky revealed that he had presents for Spike and Ian. Ricky asked if it was all right with Opal if he gave the gifts to the boys immediately. Opal went upstairs to fetch the boys.

Spike was excited about getting a present. When Ricky handed it over, Spike opened it quickly. When Spike found a DVD inside, he thanked Ricky profusely. Ricky started to talk about his exciting news with Kendall. Spike asked more about it, and Ricky was concerned when he realized that Kendall hadn't told the boys about their engagement.

Jane returned to the quarry and confronted Erica about the false engagement stories. Erica pretended that she'd accidentally messed up some of the details. Jane said that she'd covered the error brilliantly, and claimed that she and Jack were closer than ever. Jane noted that there had been a tragedy, and told Erica about the death of Ryan and Madison's daughter.

Jane said that Ryan would be fine because of the friends and family that had rallied about him. Erica realized that Jane hadn't ever answered Erica's earlier question about family. Erica asked again whether Jane had any family that would miss Jane when she wasn't around. When there was no response, Erica guessed that Jane wasn't close to anyone in her own life, which was why Jane had stolen Erica's life.

Kendall found Greenlee at the hospital, and they took a moment to catch up. Greenlee wondered why people kept asking her how she was feeling. Kendall said that people knew the death was affecting Greenlee as well. Greenlee asked if there was any way Ryan would be able to get past the loss. Kendall pointed out that loss changed people, and they both knew that well. Kendall said that it would be hard, but Greenlee would have to be on call for Ryan, whenever he needed her.

In the chapel, Madison said that she didn't know how to say goodbye to their little girl. Ryan said that even though Sarah had only lived a little while, Madison knew their daughter as Sarah grew inside. He encouraged Madison to tell Sarah all of the things Madison felt in her heart. As her tears flowed, Madison told her daughter how much she was loved and would always be loved. When she finished, Ryan held Madison close. Scott appeared in the doorway and, unnoticed, watched the grieving parents.

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