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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 9, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Amanda stopped by the hospital, so that Jake had an opportunity to say goodbye to Trevor before Trevor went off to camp. Jake spent a few minutes with Trevor and then made plans to meet Amanda for dinner after his shift. After Jake resumed his rounds, Amanda checked her calendar. Amanda smiled with delight as she announced that it was the perfect time to give Trevor a baby brother or sister.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad accused Cara of being stir-crazy when she obsessively sang the praises of a French fry. Cara couldn't understand why enjoying her perfect French fry indicated that she was restless, so Tad reminded Cara that she had also alphabetized the spice rack. Cara was forced to concede that Tad had a point. She immediately perked up when Tad revealed that he had taken the liberty of getting her a job at the free clinic. Tad realized that it wasn't as exciting as working in a hospital, but he pointed out that Cara would be able to help people. Cara thanked Tad and then confessed that he really was the best husband.

Opal took notice when she entered the restaurant in time to see Cara kiss Tad and then walk away. Tad instantly recognized the expression on Opal's face, so he warned her, "Don't." Opal smiled innocently as she picked up a French fry and then replied, "I didn't say a thing." Nearby, Cara received a call from Jake, who wanted to give Cara an update on Mackenzie Winslow. Cara was happy to hear that Mackenzie had asked about her, but she imagined that the little girl was scared of the scheduled bone marrow transplant. Jake assured Cara that Mackenzie was a brave little girl, but Cara decided that she wanted to see Mackenzie before the transplant.

Jake tried to talk Cara out of it, but Cara ignored Jake's warnings and then ended the call. Moments later, Cara told Tad and Opal about her plans to visit Mackenzie. Tad pulled Cara aside to remind her that she could be charged with trespassing if she were caught at the hospital. Cara appreciated Tad's concern, but she was determined to see the little girl. Tad realized that he couldn't change Cara's mind, so he decided to accompany her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Cara donned scrubs and a mask to hide her identity. Tad stood watch at the end of a hallway, while Cara tried to persuade Jake to let her see Mackenzie. Jake was concerned that Cara might be caught, so he urged her to leave. Cara reminded Jake that she had been in Mackenzie's situation, so she knew what Mackenzie was feeling. Jake finally relented, so he took Cara to Mackenzie's hospital room.

Tad was waiting when Jake returned to the hallway. Tad was frustrated because Jake had encouraged Cara to risk visiting Mackenzie. Jake denied it, but Tad argued that Jake had known how Cara would react when Jake had called her with an update on Mackenzie. Tad warned Jake not to expect Cara to be available every time that Jake called because Cara would be starting a new job at the free clinic. Jake was happy for Cara, but Tad didn't believe his brother. According to Tad, Jake continued to pull Cara in despite Jake's marriage to Amanda.

Jake was adamant that he loved his wife. Tad revealed that he had found Cara in Jake's arms the last time that Tad had followed Cara to the hospital on the pretext of seeing Mackenzie. Jake explained that Cara had been thanking him, but Tad reminded Jake that Cara was being closely monitored by the Department of Immigration. Tad warned Jake that the agents, as well as Amanda, might misinterpret things if they had witnessed what Tad had seen that day. Jake was confident that Amanda would have understood. Tad insisted that Cara's marriage needed to appear legitimate, and she needed to stay out of trouble because the Department of Immigration would pounce on any excuse to deport her.

Jake was curious why Tad seemed so concerned about Cara. "She's my wife," Tad answered. "Your fake wife," Jake corrected. Tad warned Jake that Jake couldn't have it both ways because sooner, rather than later, something would give.

In Mackenzie's hospital room, Cara promised that things would get better for Mackenzie. Cara suggested that whenever Mackenzie became nervous about the procedure, Mackenzie remind herself that the bone marrow transplant was for a good cause. Cara was confident that Mackenzie would make a full recovery, just as Cara had. Mackenzie was smiling at Cara when Mr. Winslow, Mackenzie's father, entered the room. Moments later, Mr. Winslow tracked down Jake to find out who had authorized "that nutcase" to get near Mackenzie. Jake admitted that Mackenzie had asked to see Cara, so Jake had granted Cara permission to visit.

Cara overheard Mr. Winslow threaten to complain to the board about Jake, so she quickly stepped forward to take full responsibility for sneaking into Mackenzie's room. Jake and Cara argued back-and-forth about whose fault it was until Mr. Winslow wondered if Jake and Cara were an item. Jake was offended by the question, so he ordered Mr. Winslow to stop talking. Mr. Winslow ignored the warning, so Jake snidely suggested that it was no wonder that Mackenzie had asked to see Cara instead of Mr. Winslow. Mr. Winslow slugged Jake in the face, which knocked Jake backwards.

Jake hit his head on a nearby gurney and then fell to the ground, unconscious. Cara rushed to Jake's side seconds before Frankie appeared. Frankie demanded an explanation, so Mr. Winslow blamed Cara for the altercation. Frankie sent Mr. Winslow to Mackenzie's room and then tried to get Cara to leave. Cara wanted to help, so Frankie suggested that she call Amanda.

Amanda bumped into Opal at Krystal's restaurant. Opal invited Amanda to join her for a cocktail, but Amanda declined because she and Jake were planning to have a baby. Opal was happy for Amanda and Jake, but she insisted that Amanda join her because Opal had some news to share that would make Amanda happy. Amanda became defensive when Opal suggested that Amanda would be relieved to know that Cara and Tad appeared to be growing closer. Amanda admitted that she had felt threatened by Cara at first, but things had changed. Opal realized that Jake had put his life with Cara behind him, and was focusing on the future.

"Did he say that?" Amanda asked in a hopeful tone. Opal smiled as she confessed, "No," and then explained that it was obvious, since Jake and Amanda were planning on expanding their family. Amanda smiled as she assured Opal that Jake loved his family more than anything, so now there would be more to love. Later, Tad returned to the restaurant to find Amanda and Opal chatting. Tad told them about Cara's determination to visit Mackenzie and then bragged about Cara's caring heart. Amanda confessed that it sounded as if Tad and Cara were a perfect match.

Tad glared at Opal as he demanded to know what Opal had been telling Amanda. Opal was spared a lecture when Tad's phone rang. It was Cara. Cara explained to Tad that Jake had been injured and that she had tried to reach Amanda. Cara assured Tad that Jake wasn't in danger, but she thought that Tad and Amanda should go to the hospital. Tad revealed that Amanda was with him and then promised to get to the hospital right away.

At the hospital, Cara hovered over Jake, who remained unconscious as he rested in a hospital bed. Frankie determined that Jake had suffered a mild concussion. Cara reluctantly agreed to leave when Frankie urged her to go before she was seen. Tad and Amanda arrived as Cara gently tucked the blankets around Jake. Amanda put on a brave smile and then greeted Cara. Amanda asked for an update, so Cara assured Amanda and Tad that Jake would make a full recovery. Amanda thanked Cara and Frankie and then took her place at Jake's side, while Tad and Cara left the room.

Bianca helped Marissa move into the Chandler mansion. Bianca admitted that she didn't understand why Marissa had decided to live with JR. Marissa confessed that it was complicated, but she couldn't stay with Tad and Cara. Bianca joked that it sounded like the title of a movie about a pair of exes who had reconciled. Marissa assured Bianca that would not happen with Marissa and JR. Marissa's attention was suddenly drawn to a gossip magazine with an unflattering headline about Erica emblazoned on the front.

Bianca admitted that the magazines were hard to avoid. Marissa felt bad because Bianca's idea to use the paparazzi to draw Erica out had failed. Marissa was stunned when Bianca confessed that it had worked; Erica had returned to Pine Valley for a short period of time, but Erica hadn't bothered to contact her family. A short time later, AJ and Miranda entered the parlor, with the babysitter trailing behind them. The babysitter revealed that AJ had been asked to leave the party because of a fight.

Marissa immediately questioned her son about the fight, but AJ refused to talk about it. Bianca tried to probe Miranda for answers, but Miranda was equally tightlipped about the incident. After the babysitter left, Marissa wondered if perhaps the fight had something to do with her problems with JR. Miranda insisted that AJ hadn't done anything wrong. According to Miranda, the kids at the party had teased Miranda about her family. As the children talked, Marissa and Bianca realized that AJ had stood up for Miranda when some kids had accused Bianca of being a "lezzie."

Bianca was visibly shaken, but she assured Miranda that she was upset about the situation, not with Miranda. Bianca wanted to take Miranda home, so that they could discuss it further, but Miranda was adamant that she didn't want to talk about it. Miranda asked if she could spend time with AJ, so Bianca and Marissa let the children run off to play. Bianca was livid that seven-year-old children had taunted Miranda because Bianca was gay. Marissa reminded Bianca that the children were safe, and that they would never have to go back to Amber's house again. Bianca was frustrated because she felt as if she had failed to protect her children.

Marissa insisted that Bianca was a strong woman, who taught Miranda and Gabby to be strong. According to Marissa, the girls couldn't ask for a better mother. Bianca confessed that she had almost cried when Miranda had told them about the ugly slur. Marissa reminded Bianca that Bianca had kept it together in front of Miranda, so Marissa was confident that Bianca would be able to keep her emotions in check when Miranda was ready to talk about what had happened at Amber's house.

Griffin hovered outside of Ricky's door as Kendall tried to rebuff Ricky's advances without arousing his suspicions. Ricky had Kendall pinned to the bed as he tried to heat things up. Eventually, Kendall managed to wiggle out from under Ricky and then jump up from the bed. Kendall reminded Ricky that he had promised to take things slowly with her. Ricky assured her that he was and then suggested that Kendall try to relax. Kendall tried not to cringe when Ricky wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her neck.

Seconds later, the sound of something crashing in the hallway drew Ricky's attention away from Kendall. Ricky went to the door to see what had happened. The janitor explained that some kids had knocked over a cart, so he promised to clean it up immediately. After Ricky closed the door, Griffin stepped out of the shadows and then paid the janitor. Inside the room, Kendall announced that she had to leave. Ricky was confused because he had thought that Kendall wanted to be with him.

Kendall assured Ricky that she cared about him, but he was a minister, so she was uncomfortable making him compromise his faith. Ricky argued that they would just be expressing their feelings, but Kendall stood firm. Kendall explained that she cared about him because Ricky had respected her enough not to push her. Kendall assured Ricky that she trusted him, so she wanted him to trust her when she said that the time wasn't right for them. Kendall was certain that it would be worth it if they waited to consummate their relationship. Ricky thought about it for a long moment and then gently reached out to stroke Kendall's check as he agreed to respect her wishes.

In the hallway, Kendall took a moment to compose herself. Griffin approached her and then quickly spirited Kendall away before Ricky saw them together. Later, at the abandoned house, Kendall confessed that she was still shaken by what had transpired with Ricky. Kendall was grateful that Griffin had intervened when he had because she had been fighting off Ricky's unwelcome advances. Griffin was curious if Ricky had hurt Kendall, so Kendall told him that Ricky had tried to make love to her.

Griffin reached out to comfort Kendall. Kendall held onto Griffin tightly for several minutes and then pulled away to ask if he intended to yell at her. Kendall confessed that she felt like an idiot because she hadn't fully appreciated how dangerous Ricky was. Kendall conceded that Griffin had been right about Ricky. Griffin assured Kendall that she was brave for trying to put Zach's killer behind bars. Griffin promised that he believed in Kendall, so he was confident that she would succeed in her endeavor.

Kendall revealed that she had some good news; she had managed to figure out Ricky's computer password. However, Kendall explained that Ricky had returned before she was able to read the files on his computer. Griffin decided that they would need to enlist the help of someone to keep Ricky distracted while Griffin and Kendall returned to Ricky's room to search the computer. Griffin was surprised when Kendall suddenly yawned. Kendall explained that she was exhausted after everything that she had been through, so Griffin suggested that she take a short nap.

Kendall decided to take Griffin up on the offer, so she went to the sofa to lie down. As Kendall relaxed, Griffin assured her that Zach would be proud of her because there weren't many women who would do what she was doing. Griffin insisted that Kendall had a beautiful heart. Kendall smiled as she admitted that Griffin would know, since he was the reason that it was still ticking. A short time later, Kendall was fast asleep while Griffin watched over her. Griffin covered Kendall with a blanket and then gently brushed her hair back from her face.

On the yacht, Jackson stared at a picture of him and Erica during happier times as he recalled when Erica had talked to him in the park about her time on the mountain with Caleb. Erica had claimed that she had spent every moment thinking of Jack because she loved him. Jack returned to the present and then violently threw the picture across the cabin. Jack continued to drink and think about Erica. He remembered his reaction to realizing that Erica had been in her penthouse to collect some clothes. Jack's tumultuous thoughts were interrupted when Ricky entered the cabin to ask Jack a favor.

Ricky was curious if he could borrow the yacht to surprise Kendall. Jack reminded Ricky that the yacht had special meaning to Kendall and Zach, so he didn't think it would be a good idea. Ricky assured Jack that it would be fine because Ricky and Kendall had their own special moments on the yacht. Jack agreed to let Ricky use the yacht, since it didn't appear that Jack and Erica would be making any happy memories on it any time soon. Jack offered a toast to Ricky and Kendall and then left. Afterwards, Ricky pulled out a small box to look at the engagement ring that he intended to give to Kendall.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At Krystal's, Tad noted that Cara seemed distracted. He informed her that he'd checked up on Jake and that Jake's concussion was mild. She wanted to see Jake, but Tad advised that Amanda was taking good care of him. Kathy and Jenny asked Tad if they could have a pizza and movie night, and he agreed, though he had to work on a case first. The girls ran off to play, and Cara asked about the case.

Tad tersely described the case as a security job, but Cara pushed for the truth. Tad revealed that he'd be working at the clinic where he'd secured a job for Cara, and she realized that his services were part of the deal. He called it a "win-win," because they both had the chance to do what they loved. She was thankful for his generosity. He admitted that he felt responsible for Jake's condition, because he and Jake had argued just prior to Jake's altercation with the patient's father. Cara wondered if the brothers had fought because of her.

Tad told Cara that it had been a bad idea for Jake to call Cara, though Cara defended that she had asked Jake to call. Tad thought that Jake had been reeling her back in and that it wasn't fair to Cara. She appreciated Tad's concern, but she didn't want to cause tension between the siblings. Tad said it wasn't unusual for him and Jake to argue. Tad began to leave to inform Marissa that Immigration wanted to interview her again. Cara regretted that Marissa had to move in with JR, but Tad pointed out that JR was thrilled.

Cara asked if Kathy and Jenny were ready to leave. Jenny asked for a dessert to go, and Cara suggested that they pick one up for Jake, too. Cara playfully made funny faces to get the girls to laugh, and Kathy observed that Tad smiled a lot when he was with Cara.

At the Chandler mansion, JR presented Marissa with breakfast, and she said she needed to talk to him. The doorbell rang, and Maya announced Bianca's arrival. Bianca declared that she had a situation and that she needed backup. Bianca explained that she had called the school principal regarding the birthday party that Miranda and AJ had attended, but the principal had told her there was nothing the school could do because the altercation hadn't occurred on school property. Bianca had then contacted Amber's mom, and they'd agreed to meet, but she worried that Amber had only repeated what she'd heard at home. Marissa offered to accompany Bianca to the meeting. Marissa told JR to give the breakfast leftovers to the staff. She kissed his cheek and left with Bianca.

Marissa and Bianca arrived at Krystal's. Marissa offered to sit at the counter while Bianca met with Amber's mother. Amber's mother, Tammy, arrived, and she and Bianca introduced themselves. Bianca said that she wanted to discuss their kids, but Tammy tactlessly asked how Bianca had given birth and wondered if Bianca had once "given guys a try." Tammy blamed Miranda's problems on Bianca's lifestyle.

Bianca told Tammy that kids weren't born with labels, but rather, that they were taught them by their parents. Tammy claimed that all she'd done was speak the truth, and she lectured that the country was going to hell because people were too concerned with being politically correct. Bianca became flustered, and Marissa jumped to Bianca's defense. Tammy assumed that Marissa was also gay, and she declared that if Bianca couldn't handle reality, she should go back in the closet. Tammy stormed out as Bianca angrily yelled after her. Bianca demanded to know why Marissa had gotten involved.

Bianca reprimanded Marissa for getting in the middle of Bianca's battle, and she worried that people would label Marissa, too. Marissa proclaimed that she would be honored and proud if someone thought Bianca had chosen Marissa to be her partner. Bianca smiled and said it was nice to have backup. Marissa said she'd always be there for Bianca.

Bianca found Miranda in the park and wanted to talk about what had happened at Amber's party. Bianca explained that Amber hadn't known any better. Bianca wished that she could promise that such a situation wouldn't happen again, but she couldn't, because some people were uncomfortable when others were different from themselves.

Miranda asked if their family was different, and Bianca pointed out that most families didn't have two mommies. Miranda noted that AJ's family was different because he had divorced parents. Bianca vowed to keep being who they were and to love one another to show people that there was nothing wrong with the way they lived. Miranda said that Bianca had taught her that she should never be ashamed of who she loved. Bianca embraced her daughter.

AJ asked JR if JR was mad at him because he had gotten into a fight when other kids had been mean to Miranda. AJ wondered if he was in trouble, and JR said that AJ and Miranda were "birthday twins" and that AJ had simply stood up for his family. JR hugged AJ and called him special as Maya looked on. JR told AJ to start a video game and suggested that they play it together, and AJ excitedly ran off.

Maya commented that AJ was lucky to have such loving parents, because not all parents stood up for their kids. Tad entered and asked to see Marissa, and JR complained that he had to fight just to get ten minutes with her. JR asked about Tad's marriage, and Tad declared that it had never been better. JR wondered if it was due to love, or because Immigration hadn't figured out the truth yet. JR surmised that Tad's marriage wasn't real. Tad tried to change the subject, but JR scoffed at the idea that Tad had gotten married because he couldn't get a date.

Tad explained that Cara had been in trouble, so he'd stepped up. JR observed that Cara was beautiful, but Tad maintained that he had simply wanted to help, though it didn't hurt that Cara was attractive and smart. Tad acknowledged that he enjoyed having Cara around, be he insisted he wasn't falling for her. He said that even if he had feelings, a real relationship with Cara never work, because she was Jake's ex. He expected that Cara would be out of the house as soon as she obtained her green card. JR said there was always hope, and he resolved to win Marissa back.

Later, Marissa returned to the mansion. JR assured Marissa that the school board would listen to him, because no child should have to defend their heritage. Marissa hugged JR and said that she was as proud of him as she was of AJ.

Amanda woke up after spending the night in Jake's hospital room. Jake dreamed of Cara awakening him with kisses on their wedding day. He then remembered his first wedding to Amanda, when Tad had pronounced them husband and wife. Amanda told Jake she'd be right back, and she exited. Jake flashed back to Cara when Cara had a bikini in preparation for their honeymoon. He had declared that he couldn't wait to marry her that day. His thoughts then turned to Amanda walking down the aisle at their Yacht Club wedding. He woke up and touched his head in pain. He called out for Amanda, and she returned to his side. "Who else?" she mused.

Jake wondered what had happened, and Amanda explained that the patient's father had punched him. Jake was surprised to learn he'd spent the night in the hospital. She kissed his cheek on Trevor's behalf. Meanwhile, a disguised Cara arrived at the hospital, and Amanda emerged from Jake's room and thanked Cara for calling about Jake. Amanda assumed that the attack on Jake had been unprovoked, but Cara admitted that she herself was to blame for Jake getting into the fight.

Cara explained that Jake had stood up for her, and Amanda accused Cara of having known that he would. Amanda realized that Cara was there to see Jake, and she demanded to know whether Cara was trying to destroy her husband, because it was in Jake's nature to protect Cara. Tad approached them, and Amanda griped that that Cara had caused Jake's concussion. Cara stalked off, and Tad scolded Amanda for not trying to work things out with Cara. Amanda asked Tad why Cara was holding on to Jake, and Tad insisted that she wasn't. Amanda was certain that if they looked in Jake's room, Cara would be there.

Jake dreamed of being in Sudan with Cara, where they had finished treating patients and had hoped to squeeze time in for their wedding. He had said that she had taught him how to find something special in every little thing, because she had found beauty and love in everything. He had asked her to make their union official. She had agreed, and they had kissed. Jake stirred in his sleep, and he remembered dancing with Amanda at their wedding.

Cara dropped off the dessert on Jake's nightstand and apologized to Jake as he slept. Meanwhile, Jake flashed back to marrying Cara, and then to Amanda tearfully reciting her wedding vows. Jake had promised to always be there for Amanda and had declared that she was the love of his life. His thoughts shifted to Cara, who had vowed to love, honor, and respect him and to always love him. Cara started to leave, but Jake grabbed her hand and murmured that she'd forgotten to say "I do."

Cara asked what Jake meant, and he said he had been dreaming about their wedding, because the blow to his head had drummed up memories. He asked if she had ever thought about it, and she admitted that at one point it had constantly been on her mind, but she had let it go, just like he had. She dropped his hand, and Amanda and Tad entered. Amanda glared at Cara and then looked knowingly at Tad. Cara said that Jake didn't need to fight her battles, and Tad asserted that was why he was there.

Over the phone, Ricky confirmed a large food order for an extended trip at sea. He commented that he intended to spend a lot of romantic time alone with his companion. Later, Ricky interviewed a ship captain who had been recommended by the casino partners. Ricky explained that he was looking for a discreet captain for his trip. The captain replied that he was exceptionally discreet. Ricky inquired whether the captain was certified to perform a wedding.

Kendall awakened in the cabin and saw Griffin smiling at her. She was shocked to realize that she'd slept all night there, but he said that she'd needed the rest. She wondered why he hadn't roused her earlier, and he admitted that he hadn't wanted her to go. Griffin explained that Ricky had become more aggressive toward Kendall, and Griffin had been worried that Ricky might have gone to her home. She claimed that she could have taken care of herself. "You're welcome," Griffin said, and he urged her to eat breakfast.

Kendall felt like she was a mess, and Griffin handed her a shirt to change into. She ordered him to turn around, and she put on the shirt as she tried to guess what he was having for breakfast. He confessed that he loved sugary cereal. He poured a box of cereal into a paper cup, and she excitedly reached for the toy prize. He told her to keep it for luck. They were both startled to hear someone at the door.

Griffin returned after looking outside and reported that he hadn't seen anyone, but he informed Kendall that he'd found a teenager in the cabin the day before. She wondered why he hadn't told her sooner, and he said he had been distracted because he was keeping Kendall safe from Ricky. The door opened, and Kendall and Griffin looked surprised as two teens entered.

Griffin spoke in Spanish to the teens. Griffin noted that one boy's arm had been injured, and he retrieved his medical bag to treat the wound. Kendall tried to explain that Griffin had fixed her heart and rambled about how he saved her life. An amused Griffin pointed out that the boys couldn't understand her, but he was glad that she considered him to be a medical superhero.

Kendall praised Griffin as he helped the injured boy, and she recalled how Griffin had put himself in jeopardy to help her. He admitted he'd become attached to her. The other teen returned, and Kendall thanked him when he handed her a bag of Mexican food. Griffin and the boys conversed in Spanish. She understood the Spanish words "caliente" and "loco" and wondered what they were talking about. Griffin and the boys watched admiringly as Kendall enjoyed the food.

Griffin translated that he was crazy for tamales. He introduced himself and Kendall to the boys and continued to speak to them in Spanish. Griffin informed Kendall that the boys had promised to keep his presence there a secret. Griffin said that he needed to track down the source of the drugs he'd been framed with. Kendall cautioned him against doing so because he was wanted for murder, but he was determined to clear his name and to find out who was responsible for setting him up.

Kendall answered her phone to Ricky. Ricky apologized for the night before and agreed to take things slowly. She thanked him for understanding, and he said that the prior evening had made him feel even more certain about their relationship. Kendall claimed that she was looking forward to seeing Ricky, and she hung up. Griffin warned her not to make a promise she couldn't keep. She advised him against taking to the streets to search for the drugs. She pressed the prize from the cereal box into his hand. He asked her to save him a tamale, and he left.

Ricky gazed at an empty chair and creepily rehearsed his proposal to Kendall. He pulled out the engagement ring and mused that after Zach's death, he had considered Kendall to be just another hit, but things had changed. He proclaimed that he and Kendall were going to spend forever together.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At home, Madison and Scott flirted with each other, and Madison guessed they were in a good place after having sex. Scott, who seemed distracted, said he didn't want the Laverys' problems to affect her. She said nothing could hurt her, because everything was out in the open.

At the penthouse, Ryan was distant with Greenlee. She brought up Scott, and Ryan quipped that Scott should just keep lying to Madison, since lying worked for everyone else.

At Fusion later, Ryan arrived with an offer to attend Madison's next doctor's visit. Ryan was worried that his troubles with Greenlee had affected Madison; however, Madison said she had Scott to lean on. She acknowledged her part in the baby cover-up, but it felt good to her to have things out in the open. Madison felt that Greenlee had fought to protect what she had, which was the same thing Madison would do for her relationship with Scott.

Ryan questioned whether Scott was worth it. Madison insisted that Scott had really been there for her, and she'd grown to depend on him. She wanted to help Scott as he'd helped her, because it was the closest thing to a partnership she'd ever had. Besides the baby, she said her relationship with Scott was one of the greatest things that had happened to her.

Later, Ryan and Emma entered their house after school. Emma worried that she was the cause of Greenlee and Ryan's argument earlier, but he assured Emma that she wasn't. Hugging her father, she said she didn't like it when he was upset. Ryan said he didn't, either.

At the hospital, David asked a morose Greenlee to sign papers for the free clinic. He offered to hear her troubles, but she scoffed at him. He guessed she was downtrodden after failing to live up to Ryan's standards. She blew up at David, and Scott intervened, threatening to throw David out of the hospital. Though David wondered what Scott had to do with any of it, David agreed to go peacefully.

As David left, he overheard Greenlee confiding in Scott about her frustration with Ryan's attitude toward her. David eavesdropped as Scott said he'd live with keeping his deal with Greenlee a secret for the rest of his life, because he needed to protect Madison. Madison, however, was the least of Greenlee's concerns. Scott thought Madison should be because, if Madison left Scott, she'd be a pregnant woman with no one to care for her, but Ryan.

When Greenlee returned home, Emma was unusually kind to her. Ryan revealed that Emma had asked about the friction in the house. Greenlee implored Ryan to heal the relationship because of their past and because of Emma. Ryan nodded and reticently agreed to try.

The couple chatted about Emma's writing skills and about Kendall. To help her reconnect with Emma, Greenlee proposed that the family take a family trip to the lake. A resistant Ryan said he knew they couldn't throw their relationship away, but he just wasn't ready for something like that. He abruptly left to check on Kendall.

At Krystal's restaurant, David entered with a spring in his step, and Krystal announced that everyone should hide their kids and hide their wives, because David was up to something. She offered him a table, but he said she didn't have what he was looking for.

At ConFusion, David found Madison at the bar and expressed sympathy for her situation. She warned him not to start with her, but he said he knew all about her involvement in Greenlee and Ryan's troubles. Madison refused to discuss it with David, who then figured she was humiliated about Scott's role in matters. David said the story was out about how Greenlee had gotten Scott released from prison just to romance Madison.

Madison pretended that she'd already known about that, but she bolted out of the bar, upset. David grinned to himself, and Liza entered, guessing he'd had something to do with Madison's mood. David said a gift had fallen into his lap, and he'd used it to push Ryan and Greenlee over the edge. Liza reminded David that Greenlee would never be with him again, but then she recalled David's mantra: if he couldn't have Greenlee, no one would.

Ryan and Scott entered separately, but sat near each other. David grinned, saying the day just kept getting better. Liza warned him to leave well enough alone; however, David approached Scott and Ryan and expressed relief to find them because he'd mistakenly done something bad.

In the park, an upset Madison sat on a bench. Greenlee happened by and asked what Madison's problem was. "You," Madison seethed.

At Krystal's restaurant, Bianca tried to reassure Jackson about Erica. Jackson quipped that Erica might be the center of her own universe, but she was quickly rotating out of the center of his. He almost knocked the arriving Krystal down as he strode out. Krystal said that not even Bianca could defend Erica at that point. Bianca figured Erica had a good reason for staying away, but Krystal huffed that Bianca should tell that to Jackson.

Krystal figured Bianca would defend Erica no matter what, but Bianca wondered if Krystal would expect anything less from Erica's daughter. Krystal decided to call Jackson to check on him. A phone rang on the bar, and they realized that he'd left his phone there. Krystal said she could take it to him. "You do enough for him already," Bianca quipped and left with the phone.

In the park, Caleb was impressed when Asher showed off the website he'd made for Cortlandt. Before leaving, Asher said he'd posted biographies on it for Caleb and Erica. "Erica who?" Caleb replied. Once alone, Caleb pulled up the biography page. Jackson approached and noted the site's flattering picture of Erica.

Jackson sat down, curious as to why Caleb seemed so cool about Erica's disappearance. Caleb admitted that he was disappointed that she'd chosen Jackson. Caleb wished she'd return with a change of heart; however, he had a business, a relationship with his son, and his sanity to maintain. Jackson expressed interest in how Caleb would accomplish the latter.

Empathetic to Jackson's plight, Caleb said Jackson's head wouldn't stop hurting until Jackson stopped banging it against a brick wall. In return for the good advice, Jackson suggested Caleb give up the business for his mountain retreat. Caleb wished he could go back there, where it didn't hurt so much when the birds flew away from him. Caleb guessed that under different circumstances, he and Jackson might enjoy having beers together.

Caleb went to Krystal's restaurant, and Krystal griped about people like David and Erica. Caleb revealed that he'd just given Jackson some friendly advice. When Krystal heard what Caleb had advised, she was astonished that he'd attempt to manipulate the vulnerable Jackson for a chance at Erica. Caleb stated that he was assertive enough to get what he wanted without taking advantage of the situation, as others had done.

Guessing he meant her, Krystal huffed that she was merely being supportive of Jackson because she understood what he was going through. Caleb wondered if she were trying to convince him, or herself. She scoffed, and Caleb left.

Back in the park, Asher found Caleb chuckling because, on the website, Asher had listed Caleb's birthday as the day he'd descended the mountain. Asher asked if his father had seen Erica's page. Caleb asked why Asher wouldn't accept that Caleb had moved on. Asher said one didn't just snap out of their feelings for someone. Caleb said he'd once thought fate had caused Erica to force him off the mountain, but he'd realized Erica hadn't been responsible for it at all.

At Erica's penthouse, Krystal found Jackson still distraught over Erica. He couldn't understand why he loved a woman who kept leaving him. Krystal felt sorry for him and wished there was something she could do. Jackson suddenly planted a kiss on her.

In her hidden chamber, Erica pretended to read a book. She told her captor that being locked away from the world had forced her to reflect on her life and see things in a new light. Erica showed her appreciation for the clothes that had been retrieved, and she was grateful that her captor was being civil to her. The captor said Erica's words meant a lot.

Erica went to the closet and expressed how excited she was about her clothes. Her captor said seeing Erica in the clothes was like having a private Erica Kane fashion show. Erica discreetly pushed the boxes on the shelf against the camera to block it more, and as she chatted away, she slipped the phone out of the book and to hid it beneath some clothes while it charged.

At Fusion, a daycare worker dropped Spike off in Bianca's care. He saw Jackson's cell phone, and Bianca let him hold it as long as he understood it wasn't a toy. Bianca walked off, and the phone rang. Spike answered it, and Erica quietly asked for Jackson. Spike said Jackson wasn't around, and Erica asked for any nearby adult because she was in danger.

Just then, Erica's captor realized Erica wasn't on any of the video monitors. Through the speakers, the captor could hear Erica imploring Spike to put someone on the phone because she was being held captive somewhere in Pine Valley. Spike replied that he missed her. The captor yelled for Erica and strode toward her room.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Erica begged Spike to surrender Jack's cell phone to an adult. Spike didn't understand the urgency of Erica's request, and said that he missed Erica. While Erica appreciated the sentiment, she became frantic when her captor realized that Erica was hidden from view. Spike ended the call prematurely. Bianca approached the young boy and asked who he'd been talking to. Bianca didn't believe Spike when he said that Erica had called. Bianca changed her mind when Spike said Erica was in danger and needed help.

Security entered Erica's faux bedroom, and Erica tried to put up a fight. She was no match for the muscled man, who held her in front of a camera. Erica claimed that she had contacted the FBI and that they were tracing her call. The captor knew that Erica had only spoken with Spike and made her aware of that. Erica was certain Spike had told everyone that Erica was in danger.

Erica wanted to know what her captor's plans were. Instead of answers, Erica got more questions about her life. Erica refused to answer them, and encouraged her captor to kill her. The captor said that Erica's existence made life worth living. The captor added that if Spike was as smart as Erica believed, her loved ones were in the process of trying to find her.

Erica suggested she be released. The captor pondered asking for random. The query infuriated Erica, as a ransom could have easily been paid at the beginning of her ordeal. Amused, her captor revealed that they weren't quite ready to let Erica go.

After Erica overheard a disagreement, the secret door opened. Security delivered a sheet of paper to Erica. Her captor explained that it was a script for Erica to use in a recorded ransom message. When security left, Erica managed to prop the door open with a makeup brush. Her captor wanted Erica to record the ransom plea immediately.

Erica knew that she needed to buy some time, so she told the captor that she needed to make sure her hair and makeup were perfect. After Erica freshened up, her captor reminded Erica not to say anything that wasn't scripted. Erica said that she'd learned her lesson. Erica picked a camera, and told of how she'd been kidnapped.

Caleb arrived at the Fusion offices and was met by a harried Bianca. Bianca told Caleb that Spike had talked to Erica. Bianca also relayed that Erica was being held in Pine Valley and was in danger. The group rushed out to find Jack.

Krystal let herself sink into the gentle kiss from Jack. Krystal realized what was happening, and tried to push away from Jack. However, when Jack kissed Krystal again, Krystal gave up the fight. After a brief makeout session, the two pulled away from each other. Krystal told Jack that it was okay if he was having second thoughts. Jack reluctantly admitted that he was.

Krystal started to walk away, but Jack pulled her back. Jack said that his second thoughts were only about the speed at which they were pursuing each other. They both admitted they wanted more, but agreed that they wanted to take things slowly, to see where a relationship could go. Before they could seal that promise with another kiss, Caleb walked in. Caleb told the duo that Erica was in trouble.

Jack wanted the police to trace the number that Erica had called from. Krystal offered to take care of that, and Jack was grateful. Caleb agreed to check the den for clues while Jack covered the living room. Before Jack could search in earnest, there was a knock at the door. Jack was relieved to see Bianca. They caught each other up on what had happened while they were apart.

Jack was certain that if Erica had been in trouble when she stopped by the house, she would have left a clue. Bianca posited that perhaps it wasn't Erica who had been there. Bianca offered to call the police in St. Bart's, and Jack went upstairs to comb the bedroom. Moments after Krystal returned to the living room, Jack called out and said that he'd found something.

When Bianca, Krystal, and Caleb reached the bedroom, Jack told them about the phone and charger that had been hidden inside a book. Jack said that Erica was the only one who knew about the phone. Its disappearance indicated that Erica was in trouble. Caleb suggested that they all spread out again to search for additional clues.

After Caleb and Bianca left the room, Krystal told Jack that she needed to leave. Although Jack wanted Krystal to stay, Krystal said it was clear Bianca didn't want Krystal around. Jack apologized because he'd had no idea that day's events would change so quickly. Krystal told Jack that the only thing of importance was getting Erica home.

Bianca left a message at the station for Jesse to call her as soon as possible. When she ended the call, Caleb asked Bianca to help him search the kitchen. After they left the room, Jack's phone beeped. Jack retrieved the phone and saw a message from Erica. Jack started to watch the video, and ran downstairs to show Bianca.

At the same moment, Erica asked if her message had gone out. Her captor said that it had been sent and was received. Erica made her way over to the secret door and started to pry it open. Her captor was alarmed because he couldn't see her. Erica tried to distract her captor and said that she wished she could've seen her captor's face before the ordeal ended. Erica's captor noted that Erica had seen her captor's face before. Erica slowly pried open the secret door and eased her way into the hidden room. Erica was surprised when she saw that her captor looked exactly like Erica.

Jesse was irritated when he arrived at ConFusion and spotted Liza. Jesse approached the D.A. and asked if Liza was hoping Jesse would make a mistake. Liza stated that if Jesse wasn't doing anything wrong, he had nothing to worry about. Jesse accused Liza of doing whatever dirty work was necessary to find something worthy of reporting back to the mayor. Liza took all of Jesse's claims with ease. Jesse was sure that if Liza didn't find something, she would make something up.

Ryan pointed out that David never admitted to any wrongdoing. David continued to apologize, but neither Ryan nor Scott was interested. Scott said that he was waiting to have lunch with someone. David pointed out that he didn't think Madison would show. At the mention of her name, David knew he had the attention of both men. David said he had told Madison about the deal Scott had made with Greenlee to get out of jail early.

David said that Madison hadn't taken the news very well, and Scott tried to take a swing at David. Ryan managed to jump between the two men before any damage was done. Ryan told Scott that David was not worth going back to jail for. David enjoyed the emotional toll his revelation had on Scott. Scott couldn't believe that David would crush Madison just to settle an old score.

David said that the best part of the situation was that Greenlee had done to Ryan exactly what she'd berated David for doing. David refused to be sorry because he said that Scott should have been honest with Madison from the beginning. David placed all of the blame at Ryan's feet for getting Madison pregnant and leaving her. David left, reveling in the upper hand he'd claimed. Scott said that he needed to find Madison, but Ryan discouraged Scott from doing so.

Ryan asked what Scott planned to say to Madison. Scott rethought his plan when he realized that he didn't have anything appropriate to say. Scott pointed out that it had taken Madison a very long time to open up and trust again. Scott was pained when he thought about how he'd betrayed Madison's trust. Ryan knew that despite all odds, Scott would still ask for Madison's forgiveness. Scott said he didn't have any other choice.

Scott ran home and hoped that he would find Madison there. When he found the apartment empty, Scott wandered around and looked forlornly at the evidence of the life he and Madison had begun to build together.

Jesse continued to attack Liza and accused her of being miserable, the mayor's lapdog, and the most hated woman in Pine Valley. Liza continued to take it all in stride until David approached the duo. David told Jesse that Liza didn't need to deal with Jesse's accusations. Jesse was somewhat amused to think that David was what Liza needed.

Liza thanked David for his intrusion but said that she could handle Jesse on her own. David walked off, and Liza told Jesse that she wasn't the monster he thought she was. Jesse recalled that Liza had always done whatever it took to get what she wanted. Liza decided that she'd taken enough of Jesse's vitriol when Jesse mentioned her broken relationship with Colby. Liza said that Jesse had no idea what it was like to lose a child.

Liza said that while things seemed perfect with Jesse's child, they might not always be that way. Jesse said that he was nothing like Liza. She agreed but reminded Jesse that he was human. Liza walked away and joined David at a nearby table. David questioned why Liza let Jesse treat her poorly. Liza called it a reality check and said that everyone needed one from time to time.

David asked what Liza thought he was in denial about. Liza questioned what David thought he would gain from destroying an innocent, pregnant woman's world. Liza wondered if David thought he would break Ryan and Greenlee up by divulging Greenlee's secret. Liza further wondered if David believed Greenlee would want to be with David again. Ryan overheard Liza's last statement, and wondered the same thing.

Greenlee happened upon a furious Madison in the park. Although not actually interested, Greenlee asked what was bothering Madison. Madison said that she had a huge problem with Greenlee, but Greenlee didn't want to hear it. Greenlee started to walk away, but Madison stopped her. Madison thought that Greenlee and Scott must have found a lot of enjoyment as they watched Madison fall into their trap. Greenlee tried to say that Madison was wrong.

Madison listed all of the things that David had told her -- that Greenlee had orchestrated Scott's early release from prison, that Greenlee had paid Scott to get Madison away from Ryan, and that Madison had fallen victim to their ploy. Greenlee tried to find a way to make what she'd done seem better, but Madison wasn't really interested. Madison asked Greenlee how long she'd paid Scott.

When Greenlee hesitated, Madison demanded to know if Scott was still on Greenlee's payroll. Greenlee said that while she was responsible for Scott getting out of jail early, and for his job at the hospital, Scott had never taken money from Greenlee. Madison wanted to know the terms of the agreement with Scott.

Greenlee said that she had wanted Scott to get to know Madison. Greenlee pointed out that the beginning of Madison's relationship with Scott was moot because Scott genuinely cared about Madison. Madison asked if Greenlee was responsible for Scott claiming to be the father of Madison's baby. Greenlee said that Scott had acted on his own.

Greenlee's admission was of little comfort to Madison, who thought that Scott's pursuit of Madison was part of Greenlee's twisted game. Madison said that Greenlee was like a machine that didn't care about the consequences of her actions. Greenlee wanted to know when she would no longer be blamed for what went wrong in Madison's life.

Madison realized that her happiness meant nothing to Greenlee. Greenlee said that Madison should be grateful for what Greenlee had done. Greenlee believed that without the moves she had made, Madison would be lost and lonely as she looked at Greenlee and Ryan, happy and in love. Madison questioned Greenlee's happiness. Greenlee insisted that she and Ryan would be happy again. When that happened, Greenlee said that Madison would realize she hadn't been enough to keep Ryan, even with the baby.

Greenlee encouraged Madison to take Scott back, as he was the best she would get. Greenlee tried to walk away, but Madison wasn't done with her. Greenlee insisted that she wouldn't fight a pregnant woman, and was able to successfully leave the second time. Madison sat on a nearby bench and tried to regain her composure.

Madison's phone rang, and when she realized it was Scott, she answered the phone angrily. Scott begged Madison for a chance to work things out, but Madison didn't think it was possible. Madison hung up on Scott and, after a few more moments of discomfort, Madison told her baby that they would find Ryan.

Madison made her way to the ER and begged the doctors to take care of her baby. A doctor rushed up and asked to be briefed. After the EMT gave the doctor a rundown of Madison's vitals, Madison spoke up. She said that her phone had been continually ringing, and in an attempt to stop it, she had lost control of her car.

Scott tried to call Madison again, but was disappointed to get her voicemail. In the message, Scott admitted that he had been wrong. Scott said that he needed to talk to her and begged Madison to call him back.

David pointed out that Ryan loved damsels in distress. He added that Greenlee couldn't measure up to sweet, innocent, pregnant Madison. Ryan said that if his relationship with Greenlee didn't survive, Greenlee still wouldn't take David back. As if beckoned, Greenlee showed up and confirmed that David would never be with her again.

David said that the problem with Ryan and Greenlee's relationship was that the participants lived by two different moral codes. David said that there was no way to reconcile those perspectives. Ryan said that David didn't know anything about Ryan or Greenlee. Greenlee added that David didn't know anything about morality. David countered that he knew as much as anyone in Pine Valley.

Ryan's phone rang, so Ryan stepped away to answer it. Jesse informed Ryan that Madison had been in a minor accident and was at the hospital so that the baby could be checked out. Ryan ended the call quickly and updated Greenlee on Madison's status. Ryan rushed toward the door while a less enthused Greenlee followed.

Liza wondered why David was interested in pursuing Greenlee when Greenlee had turned her back on David in every way possible. David reminded Liza that he never took the easy route in any given situation. David took in Liza's expression and felt the need to clarify his stance. He told Liza that he enjoyed her company both in and out of bed, but he would be fine if Liza were less judgmental of him.

Liza said that she was grateful for the public flogging she'd had to endure because of what she'd done to Colby. Liza said that she had been forced to take a good look at herself and found that she wanted to change. David was amused, as he believed he and Liza were the type of people that didn't change. David's phone sounded and interrupted the flow of their conversation. The message on his phone indicated that the plan was in motion and that someone -- a woman -- was all set.

Scott arrived at the hospital and ran into Jesse. Jesse told Scott what had happened to Madison. Before Scott could ask for an update, Ryan and Greenlee showed up. Jesse told the group that he didn't have any information. The doctor emerged from Madison's room a few moments later. She told the group that Madison was receiving medication to slow her labor. They all knew it was too soon for Madison to deliver the baby, and the doctor indicated that they were doing everything they could.

The doctor agreed to visitors, but told everyone to keep things brief, as Madison needed her rest. Ryan and Scott rushed into the room, but Madison immediately demanded that Scott leave. Hurt, Scott quietly complied with Madison's wishes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Madison ordered Scott to get out of her hospital room. He found Greenlee in the hallway and asked her how bad Madison's condition was, but Greenlee didn't know. Scott blamed himself for causing Madison's accident, because he had distracted Madison with phone calls.

Ryan told Madison that Scott genuinely cared about her. Madison spat that Scott had only romanced her because Greenlee had secured Scott's release from prison and had given him a job. Ryan insisted that it was obvious that Scott was crazy about her. Madison wanted to focus on her baby, and she experienced another cramp. She cried that the medicine wasn't working.

Ryan informed Greenlee and Scott that Madison seemed to be having a contraction. The doctor advised them to keep Madison calm. The doctor and Ryan entered Madison's room, and Madison begged the doctor to do something. Madison pleaded that her baby was too little to be born, but Ryan pointed out that Ian had been extremely premature but was doing great. Madison regretted driving while she had been upset, but Ryan implored her to relax.

Outside the room, Scott regretted not being truthful with Madison. He told Greenlee that he'd be fine if Madison hated him forever, as long as Madison and the baby were all right. Greenlee realized that Scott loved Madison, and she counseled him not to give up, because eventually Madison would forgive him. Scott used the hospital computer to research statistics on premature labor to try to find some positive information for Madison. He commented that Madison and her baby had felt like his family since Stuart's death. Greenlee left to take care of a mysterious task.

Madison reflected back to how happy she had been that morning, when she had dreamed about a life with Scott and her baby. Ryan insisted that she could still have that life, but she said that everything had changed when David had told her the truth. Madison admitted that she had been angry when she had grabbed Greenlee. Ryan asked what had happened, but Madison stated that she was tired. Ryan assured her that their baby would be okay. He urged her to rest, and he stepped outside.

Scott asked Ryan how Madison was doing, and Ryan said she was asleep. Ryan asked where Greenlee was, but Scott didn't know. Ryan left to check in with the doctor, and Scott peeked in on a resting Madison. Scott approached Madison and started to touch her cheek, but he stopped himself. He sat at her side and prayed for her and the baby, because they had become his family. He wanted to make things right with her and to give her the life she deserved. He confessed that he loved her. Her eyes fluttered open.

Greenlee returned and informed Ryan that she had contacted experts who could help Madison. Ryan inquired about Greenlee and Madison's confrontation in the park. Greenlee recalled that Madison had been upset, and she didn't blame Madison for physically grabbing her. Ryan asked how the altercation had ended, and Greenlee said she'd pulled away and left. Greenlee wondered if Ryan was accusing her of causing Madison's accident.

Ryan said he was just trying to figure out the truth. He was frustrated that Greenlee hadn't been honest with him, and he regretted that Madison had felt like she'd had to hide her pregnancy. He wished he had known about the baby from the beginning. Greenlee offered to make it up to him and offered to help any way she could. Ryan lamented that Madison had been through hell and that he'd already missed so many of the baby's firsts, but he had to focus on the future. Greenlee said they all would, because they'd all raise the baby together.

Scott asked how Madison was feeling, but she repeated that she didn't want to see him. He beseeched her to hear him out. He understood that she was upset, but he proclaimed that what he and Madison shared had nothing to do with his deal with Greenlee. Madison sarcastically noted that he'd gotten a job by holding a pregnant woman's hand. He swore that nothing meant more to him than she did.

Scott expressed remorse for the pain his actions had caused Madison. He became choked up when he said that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. She said their relationship had been a lie, but he declared that it had turned real once he had gotten to know her. Madison questioned why she should believe him, and Scott implored her to look into her heart. He reflected back on their happy memories in their tiny apartment. He begged her to remember them, because he loved her and didn't want to lose her. The doctor interrupted them, and a monitor began to beep. The doctor reported that the baby's heart rate was dropping.

The doctor declared that she needed to deliver Madison's baby right away. Madison sobbed that it was too early, but Ryan tried to assure Madison that everything would be all right. Ryan and Scott started to follow as an orderly wheeled Madison out of the room, but the doctor said the plan had changed and that they needed to wait there.

At the abandoned cabin, Kendall informed Griffin of Erica's kidnapping and speculated that Ricky was behind it. Griffin tried to calm her down with his belief that Ricky wasn't involved, because Ricky had no reason to kidnap Erica. Kendall was comforted by his words. Griffin put on his cap, and she asked if he was going somewhere. He said he'd gotten word that Ricky wasn't in his room. Kendall asked him to promise not to leave the cabin, but he reminded her that she'd broken her promise not to be alone with Ricky. They agreed that they would both be careful. Meanwhile, Ricky digitally inserted an image of his own face over Zach's in the Slater family photo on his computer.

Bianca informed Jackson and Caleb that she had notified the cops about the video and that Kendall was on the way over. Jackson re-watched Erica's video, in which she declared that she wouldn't have hurt him for anything. Erica said that her captor wanted ten million dollars and no police involved, or Erica would be hurt. She lamented that it was a lot of cash, but she advised that Caleb sell Cortlandt Electronics' overseas stakes in quarries to raise the funds. Caleb realized she had given them a clue, because Cortlandt didn't have investments in any quarries.

Bianca pointed out that she'd already notified the police, and Jackson instructed her to call back and convince them that the kidnapping report had been a mistake. Jackson decided to try to trace Erica's email. Jackson and Caleb left, and Bianca stayed to monitor the phone for a ransom call. Kendall arrived at the penthouse and hugged Bianca. Kendall observed that Erica was fighting back, since she had found a way to call. Ricky appeared in the doorway.

Kendall told Ricky that Erica had been kidnapped. Ricky tried to comfort Kendall and moved in to hug her, but she pushed him away. He asked what was wrong, and Kendall apologized. Bianca claimed that she had blindsided Kendall with the news about Erica. Ricky offered his own resources to help, but Bianca requested that he leave them alone. Ricky said he respected their privacy, and he left to wait in the hall.

Bianca wanted to force Ricky to leave, but Kendall reminded her sister that it was important that they convince Ricky that they considered him part of the family. Bianca quickly concocted a plan, and she fibbed to Ricky that the Miranda Center had called to report that a room-to-room search was in progress at the Yacht Club because of a gas leak. Ricky didn't want to leave Kendall, but she kissed him goodbye, and he reluctantly exited.

Griffin climbed up to Ricky's balcony and entered Ricky's room. He listened at the door, then opened Ricky's laptop and was disgusted by the creepy photo Ricky had doctored. He answered his phone to Kendall, who informed him that Ricky had just departed, and she urged Griffin to leave immediately. He said he just needed a few more minutes, but she begged him not to take any more chances. Griffin looked at the door, and someone turned the handle from outside.

Kendall declared that she had an idea and that she would let Bianca know if it turned out to be worthwhile, and she left. Later, Kendall entered the cabin and worriedly searched for Griffin. Griffin entered, and she rushed into his arms in relief. He was visibly affected by her show of concern.

Ricky entered his room and realized his laptop was gone. He placed his hand on the desk where the computer had been and felt that the spot was still warm. He stepped out to the balcony and looked around, then re-entered his room and wondered who had broken in. Ricky returned to visit Bianca and informed her that there was no leak at the Yacht Club. Bianca claimed that she was glad to hear it, but Ricky speculated that Bianca was trying to keep him away from Kendall.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby bragged to Asher that she had over 900 thousand hits on her latest video post. She called herself a genius, and he reminded her that her popularity had occurred because she had accidentally clicked the wrong button. She accused him of being jealous and insisted that people wanted advice from "the breakup queen." Asher asked what she wanted out of her endeavor, and she defended that she'd only targeted people who had hurt her. He suggested that she give people another chance, but she didn't want to give up her fame. Asher stormed out as JR entered. Colby announced that she had decided upon the topic for her next video post.

Later, Caleb and Jackson met with Asher, who traced Erica's email to an abandoned quarry a few miles north of Pine Valley. Asher wanted to accompany Jackson and Caleb, but Caleb refused to put his son in danger. Caleb insisted that they needed help on the outside, and Asher offered to assist however he could. Caleb and Jackson departed, and JR entered and ordered Asher to perform a work-related task. Asher told JR that he had something more important to take care of.

JR warned Asher that helping Caleb could be dangerous, and he wondered why Asher would want to help Caleb after Caleb had abandoned him. Asher said that he had his reasons, and JR chided Asher for defending Caleb after JR had given Asher everything. Asher expressed gratitude to JR, but he maintained that he needed to help Caleb. Asher left, and Colby told JR she wasn't surprised by Asher's actions.

A stunned Erica found herself face-to-face with her captor, who looked exactly like Erica. Erica confronted her double and incredulously inquired whether they were related. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," the double stated. Erica was amazed that the woman even sounded like her. Erica grabbed her doppelganger and demanded to know what she wanted.

Erica insisted upon knowing how the woman had Erica's face. The double pulled out a gun and said that there was no time for questions, because Erica had already put a plan in motion. Erica asked her captor if the gun was necessary, but her double said Erica couldn't be trusted. The double maintained that she had tried to be good to Erica. Erica countered that she had been kidnapped. The woman claimed that she was no one special to Erica and that her name was Jane Doe.

Jane was determined to look her best that day, and Erica asked why that particular day was so important. Jane remarked that it was the first day of the rest of her life. Jane said that Erica had made some changes when Erica had made the video, so Jane had needed to make some changes, too. Erica inquired whether Jane's plans included killing her. Jane said she wouldn't do that, because she needed Erica.

Erica questioned whether Jane had been born looking like Erica. An alarm sounded, and Jane exclaimed, "Not yet!" Erica asked what was going on. Jane blurted out Jackson's name. Jane called Jackson smart and remarked that Erica and Jackson had something amazing. Jane revealed that she had noticed the hint that Erica had dropped in the video. Erica denied it, but Jane claimed that she had anticipated Erica would try something. Erica realized that she had been set up.

Erica asked if Jane wanted Jackson to find Erica. Jane noted that Jackson really loved Erica, because Jane hadn't anticipated that he would act so quickly. Jane complained that despite her hard work, she wasn't ready yet. Erica yelled for Jackson, but Jane said he wouldn't hear her because he was too far above them. Jane answered her phone and instructed someone to "spring it," because Erica's rescuers were too close for comfort. Jane fretted that things weren't happening like she had planned. Erica implored Jane to set her free. Jane snapped at Erica to be quiet so Jane could think, because she didn't have much time.

At the quarry site, Jackson and Caleb agreed to split up to search for Erica. Asher appeared and handed Caleb a gadget to aid in the search, but Caleb reprimanded his son for defying Caleb's orders not to join them. Jackson found some equipment, and a timer started counting down. The men agreed the situation didn't look good. Jackson frantically called out for Erica. Asher yelled that they had to get out. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the quarry.

Jackson awakened in the rubble and called for Caleb, Asher, and Erica. Meanwhile, a woman's hand appeared in the debris.



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