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Jessica had a new alter named Wes, who tried to pick up women at Capricorn. Charlie handed Viki the signed divorce papers. Marty attacked Kelly at John's apartment and left her to die. Marty headed to the rooftop for a romantic dinner with John. Natalie learned that Marty had changed Liam's paternity results. Natalie engaged in a tussle with Marty; Marty pushed Natalie off the roof. Joey realized his feelings for Kelly.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 9, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, May 9, 2011

It was a perfect family photo as Jessica, Ford, and Ryder spent some quality time together. Startled, Tess awoke in the Minute Man Motel and found Cutter looking at her instead. "You have a nice dream?" he asked her. Tess insisted it was a nightmare, and she wondered if he might be ready to consummate their marriage. Cutter refused, as he looked out of the motel window for signs of Brody or Ford. He exclaimed that he was waiting for either of the men to show up and break the door down. Tess assured Cutter that neither of the men would be able to commit her, because Cutter was her new husband. She wondered, though, if Cutter were still in love with Aubrey.

Cutter emphasized that Aubrey wasn't involved, but Tess gloated that Aubrey would be stunned when she heard the news of the marriage. Cutter noted that it would be the same feeling that he'd had after Aubrey and Joey were given custody of Ryder. He was angry at Aubrey, because she had been married to Joey for months already. They had planned to rob Joey and run, but Aubrey had decided to "play house" instead, Cutter growled. Tess made fun of Cutter, and she acknowledged that he'd married Tess in order to "stick it" to Aubrey. Cutter noted that Tess had also wanted to "stick it" to Ford.

Tess denied Cutter's accusation, and she claimed that she'd only called Ford to make sure that she had killed him. Cutter declared that their reasons for marriage didn't even matter, because they were drawing attention from everyone just like they'd wanted to. Tess advised Cutter that if he didn't want to make love to her, he'd have to make it up to her. She wanted him to find them someplace better to live. Tess recalled the previous deal she'd made with Cutter and Aubrey. "Ever heard of Plan B?" Cutter asked.

"Bobby, what's wrong?" James asked his brother as Ford stormed into the apartment. Ford explained that Tess had "clunked" him on the head, and had annulled their marriage in order to marry Cutter. Starr and James were astonished. "You're free," James proclaimed. Starr announced that she would no longer have to worry about Tess "hitting on" James, because the woman was finally out of the apartment. Ford looked unhappy, though, and James couldn't help but wonder whether Ford had feelings for Tess.

Starr and James tried to understand Ford's situation, but Ford was upset. He claimed that he was only concerned about his son and not anything else. James thought that Ford would have a better chance to obtain custody of Ryder without Tess being around. Ford agreed that Tess had been "obnoxious," and she had been able to annoy him like no one else had been able to. Ford pronounced that he missed his son, and he stomped out of the apartment as loudly and quickly as he had when he'd arrived.

Starr felt sorry for Ford, and she could understand how he felt. She'd had a bad experience with her daughter, Starr told James, who was unfamiliar with her previous experience. Starr explained how Jessica had stolen Hope and switched babies after Jessica's own newborn baby had died. James was upset, but Starr assured him that she had gotten her baby back and things were fine. She thought that she and James would be okay, too, especially because they suddenly found themselves alone. "At this moment, everything is just perfect," she said. James and Starr began to kiss.

James picked Starr up, and their kissing grew more passionate. James declared that he'd wanted everything to be perfect for their first time together, and Starr thought that the moment was right. "Let's go to your room," she murmured.

At the Buchanan mansion, Aubrey and Joey finally managed to get a crying Ryder to sleep. Joey was concerned that Aubrey wasn't happy to have custody of the baby, but Aubrey assured him that she wasn't sorry for anything that had happened in her life with Joey. She was especially glad to have the baby, though Joey expressed disbelief. He'd thought that she never wanted kids. Aubrey stressed that the situation was different, and she'd had no intention of allowing Ryder to go to foster care. She didn't think that any child should be without a pair of loving parents. "It's just not right," Aubrey added.

Joey's suspicions were aroused, and he asked his wife if something similar had happened to her as a child. Aubrey didn't want to discuss it, but Joey promised that he loved her, and he wanted to hear about her childhood. Aubrey began to cry. She told him that while her family had been well off, they hadn't been caring. Her mom had never been around, and Aubrey had been raised by a nanny who didn't like Aubrey. Joey was confused. He had been under the impression that Aubrey and Cutter had grown up together.

Aubrey quickly replied that Cutter had been with their father after her parents had been divorced. Aubrey went with her mother who had done lots of traveling. Aubrey declared that Ryder would never feel alone or unwanted. "Neither will you," Joey responded.

Kelly visited John's office at the police station, and she began to kiss him. Kelly wanted to make love, but John put a stop to their passion. Kelly agreed that John was right. She suggested that both of them were merely trying to get over other people, and she didn't want that to be the basis of their relationship. John felt that they were past that stage, and they even cared about each other a little bit, but were afraid to admit it.

Down the hall from John's office, Marty was on the phone with Cole. She told him how well her therapy was going, and she revealed that she and John had gotten back together. She was making real progress, Marty stated. She ended her call and arrived at the door to John's office. She heard voices, looked inside, and saw Kelly and John hugging each other. She continued to remain hidden while eavesdropping on the couple.

Kelly admitted that she'd had difficulty in putting thoughts of Joey behind her, and she'd felt worse after hearing that Joey and Aubrey had received custody of Ryder. John reminded her that the custody was temporary, but he understood, because he felt terrible whenever he saw Brody, Natalie, and Liam together. "How do we stop from feeling this way?" Kelly wondered. John joked that having sex on his desk probably wasn't the way to do it. "How about we hook up later?" Kelly requested.

Kelly reminded John that she still had possession of his key, the one she'd swiped from Roxy, but she wondered whether John had to see Marty again. John assured her that he wasn't seeing Marty. Kelly suggested that they might jump to dessert first, and they agreed that they wouldn't talk about anyone else when they got together. Kelly proclaimed that she wouldn't "let that bitch scare me away," and she gave John a goodbye kiss. Marty continued to listen.

Kelly left John's office and checked her phone before she walked away. Marty stood nearby and out of sight. "You think I'm a bitch? Wait 'til you see me later," Marty vowed. Once Kelly was gone, Marty made her way into John's office. John wondered why she was there, and Marty noted that Kelly had been to visit too. John clarified that Kelly had been there on business, and their visit had been professional. Marty made it known that she was there professionally also. She'd been to see the doctor for her therapy session, and she had the signed form for John to review.

John took the form, and Marty mentioned that she'd been thinking about changing doctors because Dr. Buhari had misplaced Marty's private session tape, though the doctor had eventually located it. John dismissed Marty and told her that he needed to get back to work. Marty suggested that they get together later in the evening, but John revealed that he had other plans. He thought that another day would be good. Marty expressed how happy she was that John was getting out so much. Later, John found his mother's ring in his desk drawer, and he recalled the day that Natalie had returned it to him.

At Llanfair, Natalie settled down on the sofa with Liam. She was anxious to listen to the rest of the taped session between Marty and Dr. Buhari. When Brody arrived home, she quickly hid the recorder from him. Brody revealed the latest occurrence with Tess and her marriage to Cutter. Natalie was certain that Brody would be able to convince Cutter to have Tess committed, but Brody wasn't too sure. He explained that Cutter had looked smug after the news had been disclosed, and Cutter didn't care about either Jessica or Tess.

Natalie put the baby to bed. Brody lamented his situation to Natalie, and the fact that Jessica was supposed to be his wife. He was frightened that Jessica might never return. Natalie pointed out that she had the same thoughts about John, who was either with Kelly or Marty. As the couple cried on each other's shoulders, they drew closer. All of a sudden, they began to kiss, but they pulled apart abruptly when Liam began to cry.

Brody went off to fetch the baby, and when they returned, both Natalie and Brody apologized for the kiss. He admitted that he hadn't been thinking, and Natalie declared that she hadn't been thinking either. They both agreed that the kiss had never happened, and Brody affirmed that he wanted Jessica while Natalie wanted John. Natalie thought that Brody's wish showed promise, while hers would require a miracle. She urged Brody not to give up and to do what he had to in order to get Jessica back. She thought that Brody should not think of Tess as Jessica and to break the rules if he had to.

Brody agreed that Natalie might be right. He admitted that he would have "lost it" if it hadn't been for Liam and Natalie. Again they agreed to put the earlier moment and lapse in judgment behind them. Once Brody was gone, Natalie heaved a sigh of relief. She was anxious to get back to the tape.

Ryder was awake again, and Aubrey played with the little boy. She was startled when there was a knock at the door, and Joey answered it. It was Ford, and he had news for them. He revealed that Tess had annulled her marriage to Ford and had married Cutter. Both Aubrey and Joey were speechless. Joey was livid. Ford hurriedly explained that he'd been ready to have Tess committed. An obviously distressed Aubrey ran off to call Cutter.

Ford inquired about Ryder, and Joey admitted that the baby had been upset, but was feeling better. Ford begged to see Ryder, and Joey finally gave in. Aubrey returned, and she noted that Ford really loved his son. Joey gave Ford a few minutes and then thought it was best for everyone if Ford handed the baby over. Joey thought it would be more difficult if Ford held Ryder for too long. Joey was sad for Ford, and Aubrey noted that Joey was really kind. Joey just felt that he had to do it for Ford. Aubrey said that she loved Joey.

Cutter noted that Aubrey had done nothing for months, but he would "get the ball rolling." Tess inquired whether Cutter planned to cut Aubrey out. He announced that he was leaving, but his phone rang. It was Aubrey, and Cutter was afraid to answer it. He figured he'd better tell Aubrey about his marriage in person. Aubrey left a message, and after Cutter listened to it, he realized that Aubrey already knew about it. Cutter ordered Tess to lock the door behind him in case someone like Ford showed up.

Joey wanted to throttle Aubrey's brother. Just then Cutter arrived, and Joey grabbed him around the neck. Joey demanded to know why Cutter had married Joey's sister, but Cutter merely replied that Joey had married Cutter's sister. Aubrey suggested that Cutter had done a good thing, and his motive was to get Jessica to return. Cutter announced that he'd married Tess for the money, and he meant the Buchanan fortune, not Ryder's trust fund. Once again, Aubrey was speechless.

As James began to carry Starr off to his room, Ford returned. He announced that he'd seen his son and missed him more than ever. James and Starr had been thwarted in their lovemaking attempt. They could only look at each other sadly.

Tess recalled the dream she'd had about Ford when suddenly there was a knock at her door. It was Brody, and he placed Tess under arrest.

Natalie listened to the tape and heard Marty state that she had been involved in John and Natalie's breakup. Natalie turned the recorder off and began to wonder if there was something that Marty might have done. She turned the recorded on again. "Natalie didn't have another man's baby. She had John's," Marty was heard to be telling the doctor. "Oh, my God," Natalie gasped.

Kelly arrived at John's place with an armful of groceries. She let herself in, but left the front door open. She was startled when she turned around and found Marty grinning at her.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

John walked in on a sleeping Todd at the hospital. "Wake up," John called out. Todd opened his eyes. He informed John that he would only talk if John had some good food or wanted to announce that Tomas was behind bars. John declared that he had questions to ask. Todd felt that as the victim, he didn't have to answer questions. He suggested that John talk to the suspected shooter, Tomas, instead, because Todd was certain that he had seen Tomas in the window from where the shots had been fired.

John handed Todd the brown envelope that Kelly and Blair had found in Todd's desk after he pulled out the document it contained that featured Todd's old face with some encrypted information. John noted that Tomas had also possessed a hidden file with a photo of Todd with his old face. John revealed that he'd received a CIA file on Tomas, but it had been encrypted also. Todd's file couldn't be deciphered, and John believed that both men were hiding something. John wondered why both men had hidden files with Todd's old face on photos, but Todd eluded John's questions.

Todd claimed that he possessed the file due to his sentimentality, but he assumed that Tomas had been looking for dirt on Todd, because Tomas hated his sister's husband. Just then, Todd's cell phone rang, and John picked it up. He answered, but the caller hung up. John noted that the phone had read "unknown caller," and he disclosed that Téa had informed him about the strange calls Todd had received prior to the shooting. Todd maintained that the calls had been from his informants, people he'd used for stories that were run in his newspaper.

At Llanfair, Natalie continued to listen to the tape that contained the session between Marty and Dr. Buhari. Natalie heard Marty confess that Liam was actually John's baby, and the steps that Marty had taken when she'd looked at the paternity test in the hospital lab. Natalie had possessed everything that Marty had wanted, and Marty had deduced that Brody and Natalie had slept together. Marty had not been prepared to have Natalie and John live happily ever after, so while not planned, the test alterations had been easy. "Oh, my God," Natalie gasped several times. "Can this be true?" She was in shock.

Natalie thought about how Marty had not only changed the test results, but had tortured Natalie for months. "Sadistic nut job," Natalie said. Marty had been jealous of Natalie and John. Natalie told Liam that she had always thought that he'd looked like John. She would have to tell John the news. Marty had really broken up Natalie and John, after all, Natalie realized. She handed her son the stuffed animal he'd received from Brody, and suddenly she was aware that she would have to find a way to tell Brody the truth.

Natalie tried to figure out what to do, and she thought more about Brody and how upset he would be. She wondered how she could tell him the news. She was afraid it would kill him. "We're all he has," Natalie said to Liam. She decided she should try to call John first, but she was unable to reach him. She thought it best to pay John a visit.

John suggested that Todd might want to cooperate, or Tomas would be set free. John received a phone call, but he didn't answer it. Todd wanted John to leave, and John ordered Todd to call him if he had any information on the document. Todd looked at the file after John left. Out in the hallway, John listened to a voicemail from Natalie. She told him to get in touch with her, because it was urgent. She needed to see him.

Brody placed Tess under arrest at the Minute Man Motel. "Again? You gotta be kidding," Tess shouted. Brody was serious and told her that the charge was attempted murder due to hitting her husband over the head with a blunt object. Tess reminded Brody that she was no longer married to Ford, but to Cutter. She hadn't purposely hit Ford, it had just happened, she explained. Tess said she was only happy that she wasn't married to Brody, and she told him she would not go with him.

Brody admitted that while he would never lock up Jessica, he was more than willing to put Tess behind bars. He was pretty certain that he'd get Jessica back once she ended up in jail. Brody began to read Tess her rights as he attempted to put the cuffs around her wrists. Tess began to twist and turn out of Brody's grasp, and she accused him of forcing Tess to appear in the first place, after he'd slept with Natalie and they'd had a child. Brody stated that Jessica was well aware that there was more to it than that, but Tess urged Brody to go to Natalie. Brody announced that he loved Jessica and not Natalie.

"Don't you get it, officer? Jessica is gone. She's not coming back," Tess said as she sneered at him. Brody pointed out that while he'd "heard it all before," Tess never won. Jessica always returned eventually, and he had no plans of giving up. Tess retorted that Brody had just always wanted a kid, and he had one with Natalie. She added that even if Jessica returned, Brody would still have problems, because Jessica's son was Ford's. Tess professed that Jessica didn't want to return because of Natalie and the baby. Brody stated that he was taking Tess to the jail.

Without warning, Brody grabbed Tess's face and called out to Jessica. He announced that he only loved Jessica, and he wanted her back. He began to kiss Tess, but she pushed him away and told him to give up. Brody cited the fact that Tess kept marrying "low lifes," but he'd gotten Jessica back once, and he would again. He began to talk to Jessica again, and started to kiss Tess once more.

Joey was furious to hear that Cutter had married Tess. "Haven't you figured it out by now? I'm after the Buchanan fortune," Cutter bragged as they stood in the study at the Buchanan mansion. Joey couldn't contain his anger, but Cutter wasn't finished. "Sorry, Aubrey, the jig is up," Cutter added. Joey's anger turned to doubt as he looked at his wife. Aubrey denied that she knew anything about Cutter's plan, and she couldn't believe what kind of person Cutter had turned out to be. Joey ranted about how he had welcomed Cutter into the Buchanan home and family.

"I'm a con man," Cutter answered. He'd been after the Buchanan money since he'd arrived in Llanview and heard that Aubrey had been engaged to such a wealthy man. He'd married Tess because it was another way to get to that family fortune, Cutter concluded. Aubrey tried to stop Cutter from continuing, but she was unsuccessful. Liam began to cry, and Joey agreed to tend to him, while Aubrey offered to talk to Cutter. "What the hell are you doing?" Aubrey demanded to know once Joey was gone from the room. She pointed out that Cutter would ruin everything.

Cutter disagreed. He believed that Aubrey had been the one to ruin everything after she played house with Joey and took custody of Jessica's baby. He thought that if Aubrey truly loved Cutter, she'd go along with him. He was certain that the Buchanans would give them money to get Jessica back. "Tell me you're with me on this one," Cutter pleaded with his girlfriend. "I won't use Jessica to blackmail Clint, and neither will you," Aubrey stated. She begged him not to hurt Joey and his family. Cutter realized that Aubrey had fallen "for the mark," and was happy with her new little family. That was what she had wanted, he surmised.

Aubrey was sorry to have things end as they were, but she wanted him to walk away. She didn't want the family hurt. Cutter wondered what would happen when Joey learned the truth about Aubrey. She pleaded with Cutter not to say anything if he had ever cared about her. She didn't want Joey to ever find out that Aubrey and Cutter were not really brother and sister. "What's going on?" Joey asked as he walked in and heard Aubrey pleading with Cutter.

Cutter spoke up first. He stated that Aubrey was angry with him for messing with the Buchanans, and he added that Aubrey had not known that Cutter was after the family fortune. He stated that Aubrey was in shock. Cutter reminded Joey that Tess was still married to Cutter, and there was nothing that Joey could do about it. Cutter expected Clint to make a generous offer with "lots of zeros." Joey kicked Cutter out of the house. "Sorry I couldn't be the brother you wanted me to be," Cutter muttered to Aubrey on his way out.

Aubrey was apologetic to Joey. She'd had no clue that her brother could be so ruthless. Joey asked his wife if she really had been unaware of what Cutter had been doing, and Aubrey insisted that she'd had no idea. She was just as shocked as Joey, as well as ashamed. "You believe me, don't you?" Aubrey asked. "Of course I believe you," Joey replied as Aubrey kissed him. "Thank you for believing in me," Aubrey added as she went upstairs to a crying Ryder. Joey's loving expression was gone, and an icy one replaced it. "Except I don't," Joey muttered to himself.

Blair visited Tomas at the Llanview prison, because she wanted to talk to him. She admitted that she'd trusted him when they'd had their date at Capricorn, and if she hadn't received a phone call, they would have probably ended up making love. Todd was convinced that Tomas had been the person he'd seen in the third floor window at the shooting, so things were changed, Blair continued. Tomas continued to deny that he'd shot Todd, but Blair wondered why Todd would lie about it. Tomas noted that Blair knew what kind of person that Todd was.

Blair acknowledged that while she was familiar with what Todd was like, she didn't know anything about Tomas. She had no reason to doubt Todd, and she was angry at herself for getting involved with another "complicated, dangerous man" like the psycho that Eli had proven to be. Tomas questioned whether Blair truly believed that Tomas had traits similar to those she had mentioned. Tomas realized it was hard for her to consider that Tomas was different, but he was.

Tomas grasped Blair's hand through the cell bars and conceded that he couldn't tell her why he had been on the scene of the shooting. He swore that he hadn't shot Todd, and he asked for Blair to trust him. Blair inquired whether Tomas couldn't tell her or wouldn't. Tomas didn't want Blair to leave, and he again admitted that he had no "concrete evidence" to prove what he'd said. "I need more than you can give me right now," Blair told him. She wasn't able to "go on blind faith." She walked away from him.

Kelly arrived at John's to get an early start on dinner, but she was surprised when Marty stepped out of the dark. She wondered what Marty was doing there, but Marty stated that she could ask the same of Kelly. "I told you John belongs to me," Marty proclaimed. Kelly tried to make light of the situation, but Marty advised that she wasn't joking. Kelly wondered if John even knew that Marty was in his room. "I am with John now. Not you," Marty repeated.

Kelly didn't think that Marty had been making much sense lately, and Marty offered to clear it up. Kelly recalled that Marty had claimed to have been responsible for breaking up Natalie and John, and Marty had also claimed that John was not with Kelly, but with Marty. Kelly pointed out that she had been the one invited to dinner, not Marty, so obviously John had made his choice. Marty chuckled. She believed that Kelly had a sexual addiction, and was suffering from both denial and delusion. Marty emphasized that John had only been with Kelly to get back at Natalie, but he was back with Marty.

Kelly did her best to dismiss Marty so that she could start dinner, but Marty stayed put. She noted that she'd made dinner for John the previous evening, and Kelly couldn't stand it, but Marty and John had a history. Kelly acknowledged that she was aware of the couple's history, and how Marty felt. Marty wondered why Kelly had thrown herself at John in his office. She'd heard all that John and Kelly had said, and she wasn't happy that they'd ridiculed Marty. John was too nice to stop seeing Kelly, Marty said, but he was finished with both Natalie and Kelly. Marty ordered Kelly to get out of John's life.

Kelly apologized for hurting Marty. She thought she should try to call John, but Marty continued to talk. She thought that Kelly was making a fool out of herself, and Marty was the one who knew John the best. Marty was the one who should be making dinner, Marty stated as she walked over to the groceries to see what Kelly had purchased. Pulling the items out of the bag one by one, Marty found fault with each and every one. While Marty was busy, Kelly pulled a long knife out from the set standing on the counter.

Unfortunately, Marty saw her. Grasping the beer bottle that she'd pulled out of the bag, Marty cracked it against John's slot machine so that she was holding a jagged weapon. The two women began to circle around each other with their arms held out and ready to attack. Marty taunted Kelly and the fact that Kelly had mental illness running rampant through the family. The women shouted at each other, and Marty began to scream.

Brody kissed Tess and moved away to look at her. She had a softened expression on her face, and he thought it might be Jessica. Just then, Cutter returned to the motel. "Get your hands off my wife," Cutter yelled when he saw the couple. Tess looked confused as the men began to argue. They both called out for the woman of their respective choices to stay with them. Tess turned and pulled all of her hair into a black hat. "Where the hell am I?" she asked as she turned back around to face the men.

"Jessica?" Brody asked. "Tess?" Cutter inquired. "Uh, neither. I'm Wes," the young woman replied.

Natalie and Liam arrived at John's place, and Natalie knocked on the door. She was able to walk inside, and she looked around in surprise. The place was in disarray. "John?" she called out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

John arrived at Llanfair and found Viki. He asked if she had seen Natalie, because Natalie had left him an urgent message. Viki wondered what her daughter had wanted, because Natalie wasn't there. John thought that it had probably been nothing, but Viki disagreed. Viki continued that Natalie had Liam with her, so she'd probably gone to find John. John said he would go to his room to see if Natalie was there. Viki knew it wasn't her business, but she begged John to treat Natalie gently since she still loved him.

Suddenly, Charlie appeared in the doorway. Viki promised to let Natalie know that John had been there, and John left. Viki told Charlie that she was about to leave for the hospital to see Clint. Charlie only wanted to give her the signed divorce papers, so that she could sign them as well. Charlie also informed her that he and Echo had "had it out." Viki hadn't meant to hurt him when she had given him the recording, but Charlie was glad that she had.

Charlie knew that he didn't deserve Viki's forgiveness, but he vowed to do everything in his power to earn back her respect. Charlie had also visited to say goodbye, because he was leaving Llanview. He had originally stopped in Llanview because of Jared, but had stayed because of Viki. He'd lost them both, so he wanted a fresh start.

Charlie explained to Viki how he had run into Moe and Noelle at the Buenos Dias. After they had let him have it, they'd told him about how a twister had leveled the Bon Jour in Paris, Texas. Moe had offered Charlie a job to rebuild it. He wanted Viki to tell Natalie to say hello to Jared for him whenever she visited the cemetery. Viki wished him luck. He told her that he would always love her, and left.

Viki sat down at her kitchen table and signed the papers. She sadly removed her wedding ring and set it down on top of the papers.

Joey arrived at the hospital and stepped off of the elevator. He found a nurse and asked about Clint's cardiologist, Dr. Shen.

Dr. Shen reminded Clint that his heart was failing. Clint knew that, with his blood type, the chances of a heart transplant were slim. The doctor promised to make Clint comfortable, and suggested that he get his affairs in order. Joey entered the room and asked the doctor when Clint could leave. Clint told Joey that the doctor had other patients to attend to, and the doctor left the room.

Joey thought it was a good sign that Clint was bossing around doctors. He told his father that he had been at Clint's bedside every day. Joey informed his surprised father that Tess had married Cutter. He continued that he'd made a deal with Ford -- custody of Ryder if Ford would commit Tess. However, Tess had somehow annulled her marriage to Ford, and had married Cutter. He confided that Cutter wanted money in exchange for Tess.

Joey loved Aubrey, but wondered if she was in on Cutter's scheme. He remembered how many people had tried to warn him about Aubrey, and recalled the flash drive with the footage of Cutter and Aubrey. Joey asked his father for the truth about Aubrey. Clint informed his son that Aubrey, "and I doubt that's her real name," was a con artist. He continued that Aubrey and Cutter were lovers who had targeted Joey in order to steal his money.

Clint said that the footage Joey had seen had been an altered version. He disclosed that Joey had even held the real footage in his hand, but Aubrey had goaded Joey into destroying it. Joey chided himself for being such a fool, and thought of everyone he'd ignored warnings from. It dawned on him that he had horribly mistreated Kelly. He vowed to put an end to Aubrey, and apologize to Kelly.

Clint instructed Joey to keep up the charade of a happy marriage until they got Jessica back. Joey thanked his father for being patient with him, and assured Clint that he'd be out of the hospital soon. Clint replied that he was proud of Joey, and Joey left.

A short while later, Clint expressed his appreciation to the doctor for not telling Clint's family about his prognosis. The doctor related that, the next time, he would say that he had been instructed to keep the details about Clint's health confidential. As Clint said that he would tell his family at "the right time," a stunned Viki couldn't believe what she'd heard.

Tess took off her earrings, and put on a black hat, completely covering her hair. Brody and Cutter wondered if she was Jess or Tess. She revealed that she was Wes, an old friend of Brody's from the Navy. She went to the bathroom to change out of Tess's clothes, and borrowed some of Cutter's clothes. Brody explained to Cutter that he'd told Jessica stories about Wes, and that she'd met him a couple times. Cutter was upset that he seemed to be married to a guy.

Brody and Cutter blamed Wes's emergence on each other. Wes returned from the bathroom with all black clothes, and no makeup. "If only Tess could see you now," Cutter remarked. Wes asked who Tess was, and if she was hot. Wes continued that he needed some "female companionship," and asked if he could be set up with Tess. Cutter cracked that it would be a little difficult to set them up.

Wes thought that there were probably many girls around, so the guys should go out for drinks. Brody agreed and walked toward the door with Wes. Cutter stood in Wes's way, and suggested that they should stay in the room, because Wes probably wouldn't like St. Anne's. Wes told Brody and Cutter to figure things out while he went to the bathroom. A short while later, the two men wondered how long Wes was going to take in the bathroom. When Brody knocked on the door and got no answer, he shoved the door open. Wes was nowhere to be found.

Rama declared that Cristian had finally made the perfect Delhi Belly, so she would teach him some new drinks. Cristian suggested that they talk instead. He wondered if she'd told Vimal that she wasn't pregnant. Aubrey entered and pulled Rama away, saying that they needed to talk about Joey. Aubrey updated Rama about all that had happened with Cutter. She informed Rama that she'd told Cutter that they were through.

Rama instructed Aubrey to talk to Cutter and win him back, because they both needed him. Aubrey confessed that she didn't love Cutter anymore, because she loved Joey. Aubrey was afraid to lose Joey, but Rama told Aubrey just to tell Joey that she loved him, and he would believe it because it was true. Cutter had promised not to tell Joey about Cutter and Aubrey's plan, and Aubrey thought that he had to have kept his promise so far. Otherwise, Joey would have been at Capricorn, letting Aubrey have it.

Rama told Aubrey to fight for Joey, but Aubrey didn't think that Joey would be happy to hear about Aubrey sleeping with Cutter. "Fidelity is overrated," Rama said, staring at Cristian. Rama suggested that Aubrey blackmail Cutter with one of his secrets, and there would be a happy ending for Joey and Aubrey.

Joey arrived at Capricorn and passionately kissed his wife. Aubrey told Joey that she wanted to go with him the next time he visited Clint, even though Clint didn't like her very much. She wanted to learn to get along with Clint so Joey wouldn't have to choose between the two. Joey assured her that there was no contest between Aubrey and Clint. Joey went to the bar to get drinks. As the two women sat at a table, Rama assured Aubrey that Joey loved Aubrey. They just needed to take care of Cutter.

Wes entered Capricorn and pulled a chair over to Rama and Aubrey's table, asking if he could join them. "Tess?" asked a surprised Aubrey. Wes introduced himself, and said that he was "a sucker for pretty ladies."

Outside of Capricorn, Dorian saw Echo with a drink. She asked if Echo was off the wagon, and called her many offensive names. Echo threw her drink on Dorian, and returned the favor. Cristian walked outside and asked if everything was all right. He handed Dorian a towel as Dorian assured him that everything was all right. He instructed Echo to leave, and she gave him her glass. Dorian suggested that he call Echo a cab, because she wasn't in any condition to drive. Dorian again assured him that she could handle Echo, and he went inside to call Echo a cab.

Dorian asked if Echo was in a bad mood because she was single again. Dorian said that it was easy to figure out why Echo had been dumped. Dorian thought that Echo had gotten what she deserved for lying to everyone. Echo assured Dorian that Charlie would soon understand and return to her. Dorian informed Echo that Charlie was leaving town, because there was nothing left for him in Llanview. Echo didn't believe Dorian, because Charlie would never leave Viki. Dorian replied that Viki wouldn't want Echo's "sloppy seconds."

Echo wanted to know where Charlie was going, but Dorian refused to tell. Echo again didn't believe Dorian. Dorian informed Echo that Carlotta had told Dorian that Charlie had a job offer "far, far away." Dorian took a wad of cash out of her purse and suggested that Echo go to the bus station instead of the motel. Echo refused to leave. Dorian reminded Echo that she had no job and no Charlie, and Rex and Shane would be gone once they found out what Echo had done. Echo vowed to get even with Dorian, and left.

A short while later, Dorian walked up to the bar. She saw Joey and stopped to talk to him. "Out with the wife?" she asked. Joey asked if Kelly was there. Dorian informed him that Kelly had other plans.

Natalie arrived at John's and knocked on the door. When there was no answer, she pushed the door open and called for him. As she passed through the door, the light illuminated blood on the knob, which Natalie didn't see. She saw a note on the table which read "Up on the roof." She noted that it wasn't in John's handwriting, but headed toward the roof anyway. As she passed the bathroom door, she didn't notice the blood gushing out from under it.

On the roof, Marty had set up for her dinner with John. As Marty set blood-stained nametags down on the table, Natalie entered the rooftop with Liam. Marty told Natalie that she was having dinner with John, and Natalie wasn't invited. Marty and John were celebrating being back together, and Marty vowed that Natalie wouldn't ruin it. Marty informed Natalie that John had moved on, especially after Natalie had Brody's baby.

Natalie told Marty that she hadn't had Brody's baby -- she'd had John's. Marty played dumb and called Natalie delusional, but Natalie continued. She informed Marty that, luckily, Marty had told Dr. Buhari all about it. She pressed play on the recorder, and played the recording for a shocked Marty. Natalie told Marty that Marty was done.

Marty informed Natalie that Natalie had violated confidentiality rules. She said that the courts, and John, wouldn't be too happy about that. However, Natalie countered that John wouldn't be very happy to learn that Marty had changed the DNA results either. Marty told Natalie that it was time for her to go, but Natalie insisted on staying to play the tape for John.

Marty related that learning Liam was John's would kill Brody. Natalie promised to help him through it. Marty pleaded with Natalie to leave things the way they were, and to let Marty have John. Natalie reminded Marty that John didn't love her, but Marty declared that they'd had dinner. Natalie explained that John had only felt bad for Marty, and was being nice. Natalie vowed not to lie to John anymore. Marty called Natalie selfish, and picked up a bloody knife from the table. She pointed it at a terrified Natalie.

Natalie told Marty to put the knife down before someone got hurt. "Someone's been hurt," Marty replied gleefully. Natalie noticed the blood on the knife as Marty began to admire it. Natalie demanded to know what Marty had done, and to whom. "Kelly was as uncooperative as you," Marty responded. Natalie asked where Kelly was. "With God, I would think," Marty answered.

Natalie was horrified to think that Marty had killed Kelly. Marty laughed and rationalized that she had nothing to lose. She charged at Natalie with the knife, and the two women fought over it. In the process, they completely destroyed all of Marty's decorations and careful setup of the roof. A screaming Marty swiped at Natalie with the knife as Natalie ducked out of the way.

John arrived in front of his room and observed blood on the door. He drew his gun and carefully walked in. John arrived in front of the bathroom door and noticed the blood underneath the door. He shoved the door open and was surprised to see Kelly lying unconscious and bleeding on the floor. As John tried to stop the bleeding, he called 9-1-1 and demanded an ambulance immediately. Kelly woke up, and he assured her that she would be all right, and that help was on the way. He asked who had hurt her. Struggling, she finally said, "Marty."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Viki entered Clint's hospital room. He thanked her visiting, since he hadn't been expecting her. He lied that the doctor had said Clint was getting better. Viki called him on his lie, and said she'd heard Clint say that he was dying. Clint denied it, but Viki pleaded that she couldn't take any more lies from her loved ones. Clint admitted that it had been a bad attack, and that the doctor didn't think Clint would bounce back from it.

Viki suggested a transplant, but Clint didn't think he deserved a miracle like Ben had given to Viki. Clint related that he was just being realistic. Viki wondered who else knew about his condition, to which Clint replied that only she and Bo knew. He hoped it would stay that way. Viki thought it was a mistake to not tell their children.

Clint said that the kids didn't need to worry about him, because they all had their own problems. Viki disagreed, saying that the kids loved Clint, and they would want to be there for Clint. Clint just wanted to protect them. "The way you did before?" Viki reminded him. She informed him that there was no way to hide from the truth, because it always had a way of showing itself.

Viki implored Clint to let their kids tell Clint how they felt. Viki let him know that they were angry with him, but they didn't want him to die. Viki remembered how good of a father Clint had been "for so long." Viki wondered if he had gotten the way he was because of Bo and Nora. Clint urged her not to try to analyze him, so she recounted all the things he'd done for the kids over the years instead. Viki said he needed his loved ones around. Wiping away tears, Clint agreed to think about it if Viki would drop the subject.

Viki stiffened when Clint mentioned Charlie, but she updated him on Charlie's whereabouts anyway. Clint thought that the "jackass" deserved what he had gotten for breaking Viki's heart. Viki wondered why Clint had agreed to keep Echo's secret. Clint replied that he had tried to be decent. Viki wondered how Dorian had gotten the recording from Clint, but then decided that she didn't want to know.

Brody and Cutter tried to figure out where Wes had gone, but Brody reasoned that no one had any idea what the new alter was capable of. A short while later, Brody entered the room and informed Cutter that the manager of motel hadn't seen anyone of Jessica's description around the area. Cutter tried to call Wes, but no one answered the phone. They knew that they needed to team up, so Brody handed Cutter a list of area bars, and told him to start calling.

A short while later, Brody and Cutter had experienced no luck finding Wes. Brody realized that Wes could be at Capricorn, so he called the bar. Cristian answered and confirmed that Wes was there, and "hitting on every woman here." Brody asked Cristian to keep Wes there, and left the motel with Cutter.

Kelly was put on a stretcher as John assured her that she would be all right. She begged him not to leave. He promised that he would be in his car right behind the ambulance. She was put into the ambulance as John called the police station. He wanted an APB put out on Marty, who he considered armed and dangerous.

Dorian expressed her happiness that Joey and Aubrey were happy together. She suggested that wedding bells might soon ring for Kelly as well. The thought upset Joey, but Dorian wondered why he cared. He claimed to not have a problem with it, but said that John and Kelly seemed to be moving quickly.

Cristian walked over to Wes's table as Wes told Rama and Aubrey how "smokin'" they were. He began to massage Rama's shoulders as he said that there was "enough Wes to go around." Wes was disappointed to learn that both Rama and Aubrey were married, but said that it didn't put them "out of the game."

Joey walked over, surprised to see his sister dressed as a guy, and Dorian followed. Wes told the women that he wasn't going to try to mess up their marriages. Wes called for drinks, to which Cristian replied that he was working on them. Dorian reminded Cristian that he couldn't serve any alcohol to Jessica. Cristian related that was the reason he was taking his time with the drinks.

Dorian wondered if Viki knew about Wes, so she looked for her phone. Before she could make the call, her phone rang. She answered it to John. He ordered her to get to the hospital immediately. Distressed, Dorian asked what had happened, which Joey overheard.

Dorian hung up, and Joey asked what had happened. Dorian informed him that Kelly had been stabbed, and was in the emergency room. Cristian promised to watch over Wes, and Joey left for the hospital with Dorian. Rama asked if Aubrey was concerned about Joey running to his ex's bedside. Aubrey claimed to not be worried.

Wes walked up to the bar and wondered where his drinks were. Cristian informed Wes that, if he drank, he would make a girl named Jessica very sick. Wes turned to "go somewhere that will take my money," but Brody and Cutter entered. Wes explained that he had left earlier than Brody and Cutter to get all the women before they could. However, all the "good ones" were married.

Brody said that there was only one woman for him. Wes wanted to meet her, but Brody said that he didn't know where she was. Brody showed Wes a picture of him and Jessica on his phone. Wes recognized her as "the crazy girl from St. Anne's." Brody promised Wes that they would go out together, but Brody's phone rang.

Brody returned a short while later and said he had to work. He instructed Wes to stay put, but Wes complained about the bartender not serving him. Brody promised to talk to Cristian, because he knew Cristian. On the way out, Brody begged Cristian to keep Wes at Capricorn. He assured the unsure Cristian that he trusted the bartender, and left.

Cutter asked Aubrey what had happened between her and Joey earlier. She said that they'd agreed to the fact that Cutter was a horrible person. He explained that he and Brody had gotten into a fight in front of Tess, which was what had made Wes emerge. He promised to get Tess back. Realizing that Joey wasn't there, he asked where Joey was. She explained that he had given Dorian a ride to the hospital because Kelly had been hurt. When Cutter said that it looked like Aubrey had chosen the wrong guy, Aubrey declared that she wasn't worried.

Rama was amused to have met three different people who lived in one body. Cristian informed her that, a year before, Jessica had thought that she was in high school. Cristian explained why he couldn't serve Jessica alcohol, and wondered what to do. Rama suggested serving a virgin drink, but Cristian had an idea. As Wes walked up to the bar, Cristian poured non-alcoholic beer into a glass for him. Cristian said that it was on the house, and Wes chugged it. As Wes passed Aubrey, he told her that Joey's business better have been important to keep her waiting.

At the hospital, John comforted Kelly, and asked if she remembered what had happened. Kelly rasped that Marty had been waiting for her in John's room. Kelly had the knife, but Marty had attacked her and grabbed the knife. Marty had pulled Kelly into the bathroom, and Kelly had suddenly felt lots of pain. He asked where Marty had gone, but the doctor said that Kelly needed rest. Kelly continued anyway, saying that she had heard Natalie enter the apartment.

The doctor told John to wait outside. John kissed Kelly on the head, and left the room. John called Natalie and left a message warning her about Marty. He instructed her to go far away from Angel Square, and to go somewhere safe. He told her to call him back immediately, and hung up.

Dorian and Joey entered, and asked John how Kelly was doing. He said that the doctor was working. Joey blamed John for what Marty had done to Kelly. John assured him that Kelly would be all right. "She has to be," he said as he walked away. John called the police station and demanded that they keep searching for Marty, and to not stop until she was in custody.

A short while later, the doctor exited Kelly's room. He explained that Kelly wasn't conscious, but was getting blood transfusions, and would soon be in surgery. Joey wanted to see her, so he went into the room. Joey told Kelly to stick around, because he couldn't imagine his life without her, and didn't want to.

Dorian was grateful that John had gotten to Kelly when he had. John wanted to look for Marty. He asked Dorian to call him with any updates, and left the hospital. Dorian vowed that Marty would pay for what she had done.

Marty and Natalie fought over the knife, knocking things over. Marty got a hold of it and swiped at Natalie, who dodged it. After more struggling near the edge of the roof, Natalie sat with the knife in hand, and Marty nowhere to be found. Natalie was checking on Liam when she heard Marty's cry for help. She found Marty hanging on a gutter at the edge of the roof. Marty said that Natalie had to help her. "Do I?" Natalie replied.

Natalie continued that Marty had tried to kill her. Marty apologized, but Natalie didn't believe her. Natalie told Marty that Marty deserved to fall, but Cole didn't deserve to lose his mother. The gutter shifted as Natalie tried to find her phone to call for help. Giving up on the search, Natalie climbed to the edge of the roof and grabbed onto Marty's arm. She promised not to let Marty fall. Marty wondered why she should believe Natalie. Natalie countered that she had to trust that Marty wouldn't pull her over the edge, and ordered Marty to trust her.

Marty grabbed Natalie's arm, as Marty found something to step on in order to hoist herself up. Natalie pulled Marty onto the roof, and Marty thanked her. Natalie informed Marty that she was still going to tell John what Marty had done. Marty ran at Natalie and pushed her off of the roof. "No one can take John from me ever again," Marty said as she looked over the edge. "Especially not you." Marty threw her arms in the air in victory, and walked away.

A short while later, John walked through Angel Square. He noticed someone sprawled on the ground, and recognized the person as Natalie.

Friday, May 13, 2011

After Natalie saved Marty from falling to the ground from the roof of the Angel Square Hotel, she told Marty that she planned to tell John everything about the paternity test results switch, and what Marty had done. Marty's response was to push Natalie off of the roof instead. "No one can take John from me, especially you," Marty shouted. Marty turned and looked at Liam. She told him that his mommy went "bye-bye." She blamed Natalie for all that had happened, because Natalie had ruined everything. So had Kelly, Marty continued. Liam was the one "loose end," Marty decided.

Down on the ground, John found Natalie lying on the sidewalk. "What the hell happened to you?" an already upset John wondered. Frantically, John placed his second call of the day that required the services of an ambulance. He advised Natalie that he'd meet up with her at the hospital. Just then, Brody arrived and saw Natalie's prone body. John explained that Natalie had either fallen or been pushed, and Brody's first guess was that Marty had been involved. John explained that Natalie's fall had been broken when she hit an awning on the way down.

Natalie muttered her son's name, and John surmised that she'd had the baby with her. Brody ran for the stairs to get to the rooftop. John spoke quietly to Natalie and revealed that the baby's dad was on the way to get Liam. Natalie continued to try to talk. "John, you're..." Natalie muttered. John suggested that she not talk, and just at that time, the ambulance arrived. Up on the roof at last, Brody reached the baby, but Marty crashed a bottle over his head and knocked him out cold.

Brody remained unconscious, and Marty picked up his gun. She exclaimed how Liam's daddy had run to the rescue, and Brody wasn't even Liam's father. She accused him of making things happen all by himself, and said he only cared about himself. She waved the gun in the air as she ranted.

Téa paid Tomas a visit at the local jail and told him that she knew everything, including the information from the classified file. She disclosed that Commissioner Buchanan had friends in "high places" and they'd learned the "cold, hard truth" about Tomas that was contained in the file. Téa bitterly accused her brother of not painting or playing the piano around the world, but hiring himself out for a price instead. The price must have been high, she stated, because Tomas had done some "dirty jobs."

"Now you know," Tomas responded, adding, "I was a mercenary, the lowest of the low." Téa was surprised. She had never thought she'd hear her brother admit it. Tomas laughed, and he acknowledged that none of what Téa had said had been true. He had recognized that Téa was bluffing when she'd said the file had been translated, and she hadn't had any information at all. Téa wished that Tomas would be honest with her. He changed the subject instead, and he insisted that he hadn't been the one to shoot Todd.

Téa demanded that he give her the truth about the file, because otherwise, she would be unable to represent him in court. Tomas advised his sister that she'd be "better off not knowing" about the file, but that only angered Téa. "Don't patronize me," she shouted. Tomas had no idea what she should or shouldn't be familiar with, she said. She noted that Todd had been receiving anonymous calls, but "he shut down on me," and Tomas was doing the same.

Téa believed that Tomas was involved in Todd's shooting, especially because he'd arrived in town right around the same time. Todd had seen Tomas at the window, there was evidence, and the syringe that had been found in Todd's room. "I don't even know you," Téa said. She inquired about how she could trust Tomas if that were the case.

Tomas continued to insist that he hadn't shot Todd, but Téa indicated the defense wouldn't work on the stand. She was married to Todd, and she trusted him, Téa informed her brother. Her heart was with Todd. She wanted Tomas to hire another lawyer. "Be careful," Tomas warned his sister as she turned to go, as he ominously added, "Todd is not the man you think he is." Téa didn't think that Tomas was either.

Starr walked into her father's hospital room just as Todd sent his encrypted file flying across the room. Todd told her it was nothing, but Blair walked in and noted that Todd was lying. Something that he certainly never did, Blair added sarcastically. Todd was disappointed. He had been waiting for Téa to stop by, but he assumed she was visiting her brother. Todd was angry about it and believed that Tomas would try to "poison" Téa's mind against Todd.

Starr told her mother that Todd had been "freaking out" about the file that he'd tossed across the room, and Blair taunted her former husband. Todd complained that he was a patient, and he should have received candy, balloons, or flowers, and not such treatment. Blair asked about the file, but Todd suggested that she ask Tomas about it. Blair thought that the two men were a good match. Todd asked about the CIA file that had been located about Tomas, and he pointed out that Tomas was apparently as "warm and cuddly as Eli Clarke."

Todd went on to say that it was definitely Tomas who had committed the shooting, but Blair again mentioned the file with Todd's old face. Todd wondered why she'd been snooping, but Blair argued that she had been looking for insurance information for Jack when she and Kelly had found the file. Todd responded that the file had been taped to the top of a drawer, but Blair wondered why he had it in his possession again. Todd informed her that John had given it to him. Starr asked about the codes and the photo of Todd's old face, and Blair wondered about it too.

The former husband and wife had more words, and Blair ended up storming out. Starr accused her father of being just like Tomas as they were both hiding something. She rushed out of the room behind her mother. Blair planned to visit Tomas regarding the secret file.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Joey sat next to Kelly's bed and held her hand. He begged her to squeeze his hand. Out in the hallway, the doctor advised Dorian that he was waiting for an operating room, but Kelly was stable. Dorian vowed to make Marty pay. Viki got off of the elevator and saw Dorian. She wanted to ask Dorian about the recording that Dorian had given to Clint. "Please, not now," Dorian pleaded. She proceeded to inform Viki about Kelly's stabbing.

Viki did her best to reassure Dorian that Kelly would be okay. She called Kelly a "fighter" just like Dorian, who had taught her niece well. Dorian appreciated Viki's words, and she told Viki that Joey was inside the room with Kelly. Joey wouldn't leave, and Dorian hoped that Joey realized that Kelly had deep feelings for him. "Goes both ways," Viki stated. Dorian believed that the couple was meant to be together. If they had been together, none of this would have happened, Dorian added.

Joey continued to talk to an unconscious Kelly, holding tightly to her hand. "I have so much to make up for," he said. He had realized that Kelly had only been trying to protect him, and he'd been "blind, stupid, and stubborn." He pointed out that Kelly was a stubborn person too. "I wouldn't have it any other way," Joey stated. He would pretend that she was sleeping.

Joey recalled how right it had felt when she'd woken up in his arms the night they'd been locked in the supply closet at Rodi's. The timing had been bad when he'd met Aubrey, but if he'd known how Kelly had felt, he would have been there for Kelly if he'd thought there had been a chance. There had been no other woman in his life like Kelly, Joey continued. Aubrey had said "all the right things" to him when he'd met her, and he hadn't listened to the little voice in his head that was most likely Kelly's. He assumed that Kelly might have even moved on with John. Suddenly, a warning bell on one of the monitors went off.

Dorian revealed Kelly's prognosis and resentfully, she noted that Marty's progress had been "greatly exaggerated." Apparently, Marty had wanted Kelly "out of the way." Dorian began to cry, worried that Kelly wouldn't make it. Viki comforted Dorian and admitted that she'd always liked Kelly. Dorian started to say something about Viki's daughter, but just then, Joey ran out of the room, shouting about the monitor.

Shortly after, Kelly was wheeled to the operating room, and Joey apologized to his former wife. Natalie was wheeled into the hospital at the same time, and Viki saw her daughter. John explained that Natalie had fallen or been pushed off the roof. A doctor rushed over to check Natalie's injuries. John continued updating Viki. He explained that Marty had stabbed Kelly, and Kelly had apparently heard Natalie enter the room afterwards. Kelly had tried to warn Natalie, to no avail.

John believed that Natalie had gone to the roof and found Marty. He'd found Natalie on the ground, and Brody was looking for Marty and Liam. John was certain that Liam was fine, or John would have heard from Brody. The doctor had news on Natalie. She had some cracked ribs and a fractured wrist, and she was lucky to be alive. "This is one for the record books," the doctor stated. Viki rushed to Natalie's bedside, and her daughter called out Liam's name. John tried to call Brody.

As Marty continued her tirade on the roof, Brody's phone rang. She picked it up and, seeing it was John, disconnected the call. Brody began to stir. "I could kill you," Marty threatened. She had other plans though. She thought it would be better if Brody stayed alive so that he could suffer, knowing he'd lost everything.

Joey spent some time with Dorian. He admitted that Kelly meant a lot to him, and he'd never listened to Kelly when she tried to tell him about Aubrey. He had been stupid. Dorian was sorry about the situation. Joey had treated Kelly badly, and he wished he had listened to her. He was afraid that Kelly would think he was an idiot, but Dorian assured him that Kelly would understand. Kelly knew the kind of person that Joey was. Joey hoped Kelly would pull through, and Dorian assured him that Kelly would be fine. "She's a Cramer woman. That says it all," Dorian proclaimed.

Blair and Starr bumped into Dorian, and she told them about Kelly. The women promised to keep Dorian company. Dorian confessed that the extent of Kelly's internal injuries was unknown.

John paid a visit to Natalie and advised Viki that he hadn't been able to reach Brody. Viki revealed that Natalie kept murmuring John's name as well as Liam's. John consoled Natalie and told her that Brody would take care of the baby. "Did Marty do this to you?" John asked. "Did Marty push you?"

Joey found his mother, and he wanted to take her to Kelly's operating room. Viki had her own news about Joey's sister.

Brody woke up and looked around. Both Marty and the baby were gone. Brody called out for Liam and, down on the ground, Marty looked up when she heard the anguished shout.

Téa arrived at the hospital and went straight to Todd's room. She was astonished to find the bed empty. A nurse was making up the bed, and she had no idea where the patient might be.

Todd paid a visit to Tomas.

In an undisclosed location, an agent asked a guard about the condition of a prisoner. The agent revealed that someone had gotten hold of their file. The guard replied that the prisoner was the same as always. The agent decided that he would take "one last crack" at the prisoner, because their operation was being shut down. Undergoing stringent security measures, the agent entered the cell. "How are you today?" he asked the restrained man.

The prisoner didn't reply. "All these years. Something on your mind?" the agent pressed. The prisoner was revealed to be a man who resembled what Todd had looked like before he was said to have undergone plastic surgery.

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