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Brot Monroe
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Actor History

Police officer, Pine Valley Police Department

Former orderly at Pine Valley Hospital

Lieutenant in the United States Army


Somewhere in Pine Valley, PA

Marital Status

Single/Engaged to Natalia Fowler [Engaged: Aug 26, 2011]

Past Marriages



Mother (unnamed)



Flings & Affairs

Taylor Thompson (engaged)

Natalia Fowler (lovers)

Health and Vitals

Severely injured, including burns to most of his body during battle in Iraq. [pre-2008]

Crimes Committed

Suspended from the police force for assaulting a fellow officer [Apr 27, 2010]

Did not report that an infant had been abandoned in his car [Apr 2011]

Gave an abandoned baby to Jesse for Jesse and Angie to pass off as their own [Apr 2011]

Illegally buried Jesse and Angie's stillborn baby in an unmarked grave [Apr 2011]

Brief Character History

Brot Monroe went to Iraq to serve his country. He never expected to fall in love with fellow soldier, Taylor Thompson. During his tour of duty, an ambush by insurgents caused a catastrophic explosion that took Brot's life. Brot, however, wasn't really dead. He had suffered massive injuries, including extensive burns to much of his body. Rather than have the woman he loved see him burned and scarred, Brot hid out at a veterans' hospital. He eventually made himself known to Taylor, who was overjoyed to see him again and expected to pick up where they'd left off. In fact, Taylor pushed aside her fledgling relationship with Jake to reunite with Brot. Brot wasn't so sure that he wanted to be back with Taylor and he made up numerous excuses to push her away, including saying that he had never loved her. Eventually, the truth came out and Taylor and Brot were happily reunited.

Taylor and Brot's romance, however, wasn't the fairytale ending that they'd both wanted. Taylor wanted to pick up where things left off before Brot was injured in Iraq, and Brot tried to do the right thing by proposing to her. Though the two cared for each other deeply, they soon realized that they were no longer in love.

Brot entered the police academy and was in the same training class as police chief Jesse Hubbard's daughter, Natalia Fowler. Brot and Natalia graduated from the police academy and were hired at the Pine Valley Police Department. Often, Brot and Natalia were partnered together, and they were both assigned to work the dance marathon competition held at Fusion. They won the competition.

Brot flirted with Natalia, and he made a move and kissed her. Natalia claimed she did not enjoy the kiss, but Brot suspected otherwise. Natalia was assigned to work modeling undercover for Fusion. Brot saw Natalia preparing to do a risqué photo shoot, and he tried to talk her out of it. She went through with it. A fellow officer passed the photos of Natalia, who was nearly naked, around the police station. Brot punched the officer and was suspended.

After the photo incident, Natalia realized Brot cared for her, and Natalia's stepmother, Angie Hubbard, nudged them toward dating. Angie was losing her vision, and Brot helped her gain perspective on living with a disability. He encouraged Angie not to waste time on anger like he had after the explosion, but to accept what had happened. Angie sensed how much Brot cared for Natalia, and she encouraged Brot and Natalia to give each other a chance.

Brot and Natalia began to date, and continued to date after Jesse warned them that dating a fellow officer was not allowed. They continued to spend time together, yet Natalia still remained distant. She told Brot she loved him but was afraid to get too close in case she lost him. Brot reassured her he loved her and would never do anything to hurt her. They became lovers. The mayor learned of their relationship and ordered Jesse to fire one of them. Brot asked to be fired, but Natalia took a detective job in Philadelphia. Brot remained on the Pine Valley police force, and they continued their relationship.

Brot became closer to Jesse on the night Angie went into labor. Jesse and Angie were visiting their first house when she went into labor. Jesse radioed for help, and Angie passed out. Jesse delivered the stillborn baby, and shortly after, Brot arrived. A newborn baby girl had been abandoned in Brot's squad car. Jesse decided to pass the abandoned baby off as his. When Angie regained consciousness, they placed the abandoned baby in her arms. Brot helped Jesse bury his real daughter and reassured Jesse the secret would be safe.

Jesse named his stillborn biological daughter Ellie and Angie chose the name Lucy for the daughter she believed was hers. Jesse continued to grieve the loss of his daughter and he struggled with his guilt over lying to Angie and he remained worried Lucy's biological mother would come looking for her. Brot was Jesse's confidant and he continually reminded Jesse their secret was safe, even after they ran a DNA test that proved Maya Mercado, the nanny Angie had hired, was Lucy's birth mother.

Brot asked for Jesse's blessing before proposing to his daughter Natalia. Jesse apologized to Brot for burdening him with the secret about Lucy and he welcomed Brot into the family. Brot set up a donut cake at Confusion which was the place where Natalia agreed to enter into a relationship and open her heart to him. Brot surprised Natalia by proposing to her and he pulled an engagement ring out of the cake. Natalia accepted his proposal. Immediately after Natalia and Brot became engaged, Tad pulled Brot aside to talk to him about a case he was investigating. Tad was helping Maya find the daughter she had abandoned in the back of a squad car and he wondered if Brot had any information. Brot told Tad he had nothing to share and he contacted Jesse to warn him Maya was looking for her child.

Jesse decided to confess everything about the baby switch to Angie but he told Brot he would refrain from mentioning his part. Brot was grateful to Jesse for trying to protect him from the fall-out bur he decided to tell Natalia the truth himself so their marriage would not begin with a lie. Brot expected Natalia to be angry and to possibly call off the engagement, but instead she thanked Brot for being there for her father so he did not have to grieve the loss of his daughter alone.

Natalia and Brot discussed how they should handle their engagement in the wake of Angie learning her child had died and simultaneously losing the daughter she believed was hers to Maya. They were not sure a big wedding would be appropriate but Frankie and Randi suggested planning a wedding might be a good distraction for Angie and she would love to host a wedding now that her vision was restored. They all headed over to Angie and Jesse's apartment to celebrate the engagement and Angie's eyesight. Upon arrival, they realized they had more to celebrate than just the engagement when Maya shared her decision to move back in with Angie and Jesse. Everyone toasted the love they shared as a family.

A few days later, Brot and Natalia joined Angie, Jesse, Randi, and Frankie at a party held at the Chandler mansion. They received another reason to celebrate when Randi revealed she may be pregnant and they joined many Pine Valley residents in toasting the love of family, neighbors, and friends in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

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