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In the aftermath of the explosion, which by the way was totally awesome, we do indeed have the death of Ethan.

In the aftermath of the explosion, which by the way was totally awesome, we do indeed have the death of Ethan. Even though Zach was begging Ethan for forgiveness, all Ethan had in his heart was hate for his father. Yes, I got a little misty. I will miss Ethan whose potential AMC never really tapped into. Now I feel so sorry for Simone who seems to continue to be unlucky at love. Remember when Simone was sleeping with Roger (at that time Greenlee's supposed father)? That was an ICK moment!!! I was enjoying the brief romance between Simone and Ethan. My AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Tytiana who writes: "I am painfully tired of Simone getting the raw deal at love!!! I've been watching for years and I feel as I'm sure many others do also, that girl finally deserves a serious break!!!!" Simone was definitely going through the gambit with all of those emotions. So sad! Did anyone notice almost everyone just has a couple of scratches on their faces (coverable by a band aid) from the explosion? Plus it was like little pockets for each little grouping! GRIPE: Why is it there were no police around investigating for arson? Nothing was roped off, etc. Instead folks were just wandering around looking through the rubble disturbing the crime scene.

You're a Doctor!

Goodness seems as if Josh's medical training paid off in spades as Erica owes her life to Josh --- that would be her son. Yes, her aborted fetus from so long ago. Even after the life saving, the secret is in tact, as Erica didn't quite blurt out the truth even though Dr. Joe thought that was the case. Instead Josh is baiting his father just because Dr. MADden gave up Josh's plan to take Erica down. Erica now has Jackson's injury to deal with and let's hope next week Jackson is all better! GRIPE: Why is it Dr. Joe is over the top with Josh? He of all people should know it's impossible for "fetus boy" to even exist?

You can't have My Life!

Boy, does Cady McClain look great! I really like her hairstyle even though I'd always enjoyed her long hair before. That said, Dixie better beware of Di because I smell a manipulative fraud right in front of Dixie's eyes. I know Dixie's return is being drawn out and I for one think this is definitely a dis-service to Dixie as I can't imagine Dixie (or anyone) overhearing her own son mourning and needing her, yet she chooses to stay hidden. GRIPE: Dixie would have called for help no matter if Tad was the one to find her after the explosion.

I Spy a Word Beginning with P!

That would be "Psycho" as in Psycho Janet. Yes, she has gone over the edge and is responsible for killing Ethan and I suspect Trevor since Amanda hasn't been able to get in touch with him. Did anyone notice it appeared Janet was serving "Fruit Loops"? LOL!! Babe continued to try to reason with Janet and finally succeeded except mirror Janet appeared and I don't believe for a moment that Babe is getting away. JR can't be much in love with Babe as he certainly did jump to the conclusion that Babe kidnapped Little Adam and ran away. And Adam was wrong - it's not like $5000 would get them very far. Notice Jamie was the one with the faith in Babe looking for answers instead of jumping to conclusions. GRIPE: Why is it Amanda hasn't tried to reach Tim? Why did Tad refer to Janet as crazy since the last time he saw her she was leaving PV with Trevor and she was fine. Why has this plot run on for so long? MAJOR GRIPE: Why is there NO security at Chandler mansion and Little Adam continues to get kidnapped?

You're Dead -- NOT!

There for just a moment my dreams were coming true ----- Krystal had been killed off. No, it wasn't to be as someone at PV Hospital made a mistake. Right.... There Adam was grieving and asking why, when Krystal spoke. And what was basically the first words out of her mouth "Who can I sue????" That is exactly what I would expect from her. Not that she was hurt in any way and the only one that even cared found her alive. Once a money grubbing slut, always a money grubbing slut. GRIPE: Why hasn't Adam asked about Stuart and Marian?

Trust and Lies!

Kendall loves Zach, Zach loves Kendall. Seems simple enough, but no, Kendall and Zach are history --- at least for now. Kendall wants Ryan to move in with her and help raise their baby. Ryan decides he'll do whatever Kendall wants and will let Kendall make her own life decisions. What a switch that statement is! I am seeing definite shades of the old Ryan --- the one so many of us enjoyed. However, I don't for a minute believe Kendall and Ryan will be "happily ever after". First I've never trusted Dr. MADden for one second that includes when he supposedly inseminated Kendall with her own eggs and Ryan's sperm. I don't know who the parents of that child are, but I'm betting it will be a surprise and probably an unpleasant one. I really like the fact Myrtle and Zach are such good friends, plus she's a straight shooter and won't sugarcoat the facts as she sees them even if the truth isn't what Zach wants to hear. GRIPE: Kendall continues to just jump right into trouble as she now wants to live with Ryan again. Why can't this girl be just a little bit independent? Also, she should definitely be resting after the explosion since she's pregnant. Too much stress can be very dangerous for someone in her condition.

Now off topic --- My husband and I went to see Eight Below and let me just tell you this is one fine movie. Oh yes, I had to have lots of tissue as it is sad and much too traumatic for small children. It was even traumatic for me as I'm such a dog lover --- caution not all of the dogs make it. Even with the sadness, I still would recommend it and would own it when it comes out on DVD. Enjoy the end of sweeps and I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


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