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Colby certainly has grown up in the past two years. When she first returned to Pine Valley (about ten years older than she should've been), she was obnoxious and intolerable.

It was a short week last week, AMC fans, so I am going to do a quick roundup of some of the highlights.

Colby's interest in Brot is very Phantom of the Opera/English Patient/Beauty and the Beast-ish. I am not sure if the writers are revving up for a Colby and Brot romance, but that would certainly be interesting. I think I mentioned it a week or two ago, but Colby certainly has grown up in the past two years. When she first returned to Pine Valley -- about 10 years older than she should've been -- she was obnoxious and intolerable. The I-don't-want-a-nerd-as-a-boyfriend storyline was a nice change even if you could sort of see that the opposites would end up attracting and Colby and Pete would end up together. But not so fast! Now it appears that Colby and Pete aren't the done deal that we all thought.

I understand that Natalia wants her mother and father together, but these contrived situations where she tries to force Jesse and Rebecca together are getting to be a bit too much. And Angie needs to let loose and snap on her... just a little.

Annie's psychotic breakdown at the big fundraising gala was cree-pee. Yes, in this case, creepy has to misspelled to get the full effect. It reminded me of Leslie Coulson's breakdown a bunch of years back. I remember she was wearing some strange pink outfit and her makeup looked like she'd applied it during an earthquake. Gosh, I loved Leslie. Anyway, the question becomes: Is Annie really koo-koo-kachoo or is she merely pretending that she's crazy. What I do know is that Erica Kane was very much stabbed. The scene in which Annie was holding the bloody knife alongside of her "wedding" bouquet was very well devised and enough to make me overlook the contrived "Dance with Erica" auction.


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