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After weeks of boring us to tears, Bill has finally opened his eyes. Once he learns that sister Dinah's thug Grady was behind Lizzie's kidnapping, and that her grandfather Alan framed him, will he be all that thankful about waking up to see his family?

Now that we have survived another Thanksgiving with food, family and friends, it is time to finish the celebration with the residents of Springfield.

After weeks of boring us to tears, Bill has finally opened his eyes. But once he learns the truth - that sister Dinah's thug Grady was behind Lizzie's kidnapping and her grandfather Alan is behind framing him - will he be all that thankful for waking up to see his family?

When we left the show on Wednesday, we saw that Frank is going to come in and ruin his big moment by telling him about the charges he is facing. It's not like he's going to go on the lam (that move is saved for Dinah). But will Bill and Lizzie be able to fight a family that wants them apart? I sure hope so!

The Boudreaux family have had a challenging year, with the loss of baby Max. But their Thanksgiving meal ends with a bang when Christine reveals that she's part of the family! How will Clayton and Felicia Boudreaux react to her news?

Back on the relatively sane side of Springfield, the Cooper Clan provided the much-needed comic relief for the holiday. I have to admit that their antics remind me of my own crazy family (minus the ouzo and the kitchen fire - thankfully). While Mallet and Marina are working their way towards "I do" there are a few more obstacles that could get in their way. Still, I think Springfield needs a wedding to cheer up the lackluster stories of late - although this couple makes me want to hit the FF button on my Tivo....

Coop knows how to lend some spice to the family, though. Poor Buzz nearly had a heart attack when Beth opened the door to her Beacon hotel room in her lingerie. I can't see this relationship lasting, not with Alan there to squash any possible suitors for Beth besides the big man himself. But will he step aside when Phillip returns in 2009?

Despite the obstacles in Reva's cancer storyline, I was thrilled to see Paul Fitzgerald (Colin McCabe) return to Springfield. Hopefully this time the show can keep the hunky oncologist on-call for all of Springfield's ladies looking for romance - and there are a lot of them!!

This week we'll see two more familiar faces return to Springfield (one is the familiar actress - Jennifer Roszell who plays Eleni Andros Cooper - Marina's mom and Shayne returns to the screen in the form of newcomer Jeff Branson). It should be interesting to see how the show uses their returns (Eleni is short term, Shayne is in Springfield to stay) to boost the stories we already have. Dinah will be returning to town as well - just in time to hopefully face the music for her part in Lizzie's kidnapping and to help clear Bill's name while he concentrates on his recovery.

I can't wait to see how the new additions work to make waves in the current landscape of Springfield. Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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