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Reva and Jeffrey are celebrating their first Thanksgiving as a married couple, with a baby on board! However, Reva's cancer threatens both mother and child. They have some difficult decisions to make, without the usual sounding boards in Reva's life.

This week is Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday. All of the great food and family time, without the pressure of the perfect present for your loved ones. But in Springfield, how will they celebrate?

I've talked many times about Springfield's fractured families. No family gets along all of the time, and the holidays can sometimes heighten our stress - but in Springfield it seems less of a time to be thankful. Hopefully they can pull it out.

Reva and Jeffrey are celebrating their first Thanksgiving married - with a baby on board! But Reva's cancer threatens both mother and child. They have some difficult decisions to make - without the usual sounding boards in Reva's life (Cassie and Josh). And Reva's kids are not on canvas - as of yet. So the multi-faceted Ms. Shayne (or Mrs. O'Neill now) should take time to be thankful for what she has - and make the decision that is right for her.

As usual, the Spaulding's are barely speaking this holiday season. Alan spent much of the year in a fog of warmth and fuzziness, to wake up back to his usual tricks. Beth seems to have finally woken up to the fact that he's not half the man Phillip is (which could be interesting to see how it plays out in 2009). Lizzie is fighting for her man - who is fighting to survive saving her life from the kidnapper (who Alan is, of course, protecting). Ahhh - with family like that - who needs enemies? Add Billy and Vanessa to the mix at the Spaulding Mansion and I smell a food fight brewing!! Ahh - I can see it now. Yams on the tapestries and whipped cream smeared all over Alan's beard - by Vanessa.... How uncivilized - but great fun to imagine!!

Of course, Alan will have more than whipped cream on his face if he learns of Beth's relationship with Coop! Not like he doesn't have enough relationships to obsess over (someone without finding one for himself!) but at least this would leave no Beth/Alan relationship when Phillip returns. I can't imagine how Phillip would react (especially since we don't know "which" Phillip will return). Personally, I hope he helps Lizzie and Bill get together and take on Alan. But Alan needs a love interest to soften him a bit - but it would have to be a new character since everyone in Springfield knows how he really is...

The one family that seems to be the center of nearly everything is the Cooper Clan. Sure, they have had a tough time in 2008 with the departure of Harley and the death of Gus. But they seem to work together (even when they argue) at finding happiness with their lives. Company seems to be the centerpiece of Springfield these days, and is a great place for all of those fractured relationships and characters without partners to come together and enjoy food, and friendship.

Hopefully the Cooper's can salvage the day for all of those in Springfield who need a place to call home, if only for a day. And with Natalia's risky foray into the stock market (she must work too hard to watch the news about the markets ups and downs) someone save her an extra slice of pumpkin pie to boost her spirits a bit when she learns about her investment tanking....

I hope that wherever you spend your Thanksgiving, you take some time to be thankful for what you have - and who you are sharing the day with. Enjoy time with family and friends. Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Happy Thanksgiving!

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