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Alan's back to his old tricks, trying to frame a comatose Bill for Lizzie's kidnapping. Grady has to have rocks in his head for trusting the man who has already shown he can't be trusted for any reason, but will Cyrus be able to bail his brother out of this one?

WARNING! This column contains a MAJOR casting spoiler at the end. If you don't wan to be spoiled, don't read the final paragraph!

It's never to late to learn something - even something small - every day. And watching GL this week, I was amazed at how much I learned (both good and bad).

Coop has been an M.I.A. character since breaking up with Ashlee. Sure, we've seen him slinging hash occasionally at Company - or bonding with the Cooper clan. But apparently he has a new, super secret relationship with Beth to keep him busy! (Note to Beth Chamberlain - you look awesome- I need to buy your exercise video!!).

Now that Coop has moved on, has Ashlee really done the same? She talks about dates with a co-worker, but we've yet to see him. Will she regret breaking up with the adorable Coop? And does the hidden Mayor Doris approve of whoever is in her life?

As for Beth, she's playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a newly invigorated Alan. Now that he's back to his evil ways, will she be able to have a relationship - even a clandestine one - with Coop? Or will Coop pay the price for their affair?

With this pairing, it seems that GL is proving my theory that they need to keep couples together since they are running out of pairings. I couldn't begin to do a family tree if they all married. Coop has been with Lizzie and Beth, Bill was with Ava and Olivia, Reva has been with Billy, Josh and their dad H.B. - it's crazy! The age difference isn't that bad (given my husband is 10 years older than I am I guess I don't mind) but all of the changing partners makes my head spin!! I can't see them staying together, but I can see that a Coop/Beth relationship will given Alan one more reason to hate his former landlords, the Coopers.

Speaking of the new/old Alan, he's back to his old tricks with trying to frame a comatose Bill for Lizzie's kidnapping. And Grady has to have rocks in his head for trusting the man who has already shown he can't be trusted for any reason. But can Cyrus bail his baby bro' out of this one? Grady just never learns from his mistakes - much like his knuckle of a girlfriend Daisy. I applaud her for seeing the "best" in Grady - but there is too little of that to be found.

But the best thing I found was that Springfield is getting a long-term return of one of my favorite characters - and favorite actors in 2009. Grant Aleksander (Phillip Granville Spaulding) will return to Springfield in early 2009. This Maryland native hasn't taped his first episodes yet, but is excited to return to the character he has played off and on for nearly 25 years. Let me be one of the first to say "Welcome Home Grant !!". I think this news can only mean good things for GL in the years to come. Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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