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Not that Alan is full of warmth and fuzziness, but to side with a man who kidnapped his beloved granddaughter over the man she loves is pretty low, even for him.

There is a saying about not being able to choose your family - and it looks like some in Springfield are probably wishing they could this week!

Not that Alan is full of warmth and fuzziness, but to side with a man who kidnapped his beloved granddaughter (without his knowledge - as far as we know) over the man she loves is pretty low. Even for Alan. But now that Grady is more desperate than ever - and Alan seems desperate to have Lizzie all to himself - they can team up to ruin their lives should Bill wake up. All of this scheming makes me sure that Bill will wake up - to find himself in hot water. But how able will he be to get himself out of hot water?

And if Bill isn't able to fight of the onslaught of Alan's attack, he'll turn to his family for help. Yes, including the same sister who knew about (albeit didn't arrange) the kidnapping which resulted in his serious injuries. That is, if she decides to stick around to see how things shake out with the Springfield PD investigation.

Dinah has her hands in that story, and meddling in Marina and Mallet's happiness. It was interesting to watch Marina go off on Mallet today - and wondering what I would do in her place. Knowing Dinah as Marina does, she knows that she's a master manipulator, intended or not, and can get what she wants. But will she get Mallet back?

But the best Dinah scenes this week had to come with Lizzie - two characters who have so much in common. Both ladies have family issues (although Lizzie grew up in a mansion and Dinah on the carnie circuit). The dialogue gave newer viewers some insight on where they have been in their lives, and how they come to the decisions they do. I must admit that the dialogue this week has been improved - and shows that someone is doing more research on the characters and the rich history of the show.

I've made no secret that Cassie is a character I think the writers really took in a wrong direction after the recast. I always feel bad when an actor comes into a role that was defined by someone else and they have to make it their own. Yes, they are paid to do that, but it can't be easy. Having the character off-canvas for awhile isn't the worst move for the show. And I'm glad the writers remembered the history of the character, the relationships - both good and bad - that she's built in Springfield. All of the farewell scenes were rich with emotion and great dialogue - a treat for long time fans!!

This week brings more change to Springfield as Natalia has to make a touch choice to look forward and save Rafe or back to her memories with Gus. Remy gets his big M-CAT results, as does his new friend Christina. And once Alan and Grady's plan takes shape, how will Lizzie react to the implication of Bill for her kidnapping? Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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