Who killed Spencer McKay?

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Who killed Spencer McKay?
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There seems to be no body, and the evidence has mysteriously disappeared. These things all bode well for poor Brad, who was on his way to a permanent orange jumpsuit in lockup, due to a nice frame job and his own idiotic moves.

Someone call detective Monk or Magnum P.I. or any of the C.S.I. teams because Spencer McKay is dead, and I fear her murder will never be solved. You see, the Oakdale Police Department is not known for its slick crime solving. Crime bungling, yes. Crime solving, not so much.

There seems to be no body, and the evidence has mysteriously disappeared. These things all bode well for poor Brad, who was on his way to a permanent orange jumpsuit in lockup, due to a nice frame job and his own idiotic moves. . I'm guessing that the person behind that mysterious e-mail Katie received is the one who somehow made the body and the evidence disappear. Whoever it is, that person is powerful, as in James Stenbeck powerful. Could it be Craig? Or is it someone we're yet to meet? I'm guessing it's Craig. He knows his way around the hospital and the police station, and I'm sure he'll be collecting his "favor" from Katie at some point in the future.

We all know that annoying Spencer was involved in something dastardly up to her neck scarf. All that money she had in the suitcase, the strange box from her "grandmother," and her wacky behavior toward Brad spell mischief. I'm guessing that her "brother," who was at the Lakeview recently, killed her. Or perhaps it could have been someone working at WOAK that we don't know well. I don't think it's any of our main characters, as only a couple of them knew her, and I refuse to believe it could have been Vienna or Henry or Katie. I'm betting this crime goes unsolved for now, unless Monk is on his way. And if it does get solved, I'm betting Margo and her keystone cops won't be the ones to finger the bad guy. Or hey, maybe Spencer is not even dead. Maybe she got up and walked out of the morgue, after taking a designer drug that fakes death symptoms. Hey, it worked for Dusty.

In other musings:
--They must be freezing in Hell this week because I actually enjoyed a Paul Ryan scene. When he and Emily were at the cemetery mourning daughter Jenny, I saw a side of Paul I haven't seen in sometime. He was sweet. I forgot how much I enjoyed Paul and Emily together. You never knew which one was going to crack and go crazy first.

--Note to Henry and Vienna: When you leave your place of business, it's a good idea to lock the door. I know your closed sign was up and you'd probably already made your bank run, but still, as popular as the pepperkacher is in Oakdale, someone may want to break in and steal the cookies. Also, please stop doing the deed in the booths and at the counter, etc. People eat there! Eww. And next time, close the blinds.

--Poor Brad Snyder needs to get a new family. I thought my head was gong to explode this week when he was arrested for murder, as most of Brad's family treated him with about as much affection as a porcupine. When Margo arrested her brother-in-law, she showed him absolutely zero compassion. She couldn't wait to throw the book at him because the evidence (all circumstantial by the way) pointed at him, despite his claims that he was innocent. Then, his brother, Jack, was as cold as a Popsicle, claiming there was nothing he could do (until Liberty yelled at him.) Um, Jack, you're a cop! How about solving the actual crime, instead of simply stating that the evidence pointed to Brad. Even Katie began the week believing her husband was a murderer. And don't get me started on his boss, Kim, who chose to believe her brand new employee over someone she's known for years and fired Brad. Only Liberty and Henry 100 percent believed in Brad's innocence.

--Janet's lavender roses were stunning. I've never seen a purple rose. Jack gets points for sending them. Maybe he should pony up and send a dozen to Brad for being such a jackass toward him.

--You go Lucinda! I was cheering her own when she snubbed Lily at the hospital. After Lily's hateful "you're dead to me" comment last week, she didn't deserve an explanation from Lucinda as to what she was doing at the hospital. I know Lily is ticked at her mom for helping fake Dusty's death, but choosing to cut Lucinda out of her grandkids' lives and her life is a decision she's going to regret, especially now that Lucinda is fighting for her life again.

--Carly, Carly, Carly, you're quite a conundrum. A few weeks ago you were sewing a couture dress for Janet and telling her she's the best thing to happen to Jack. Fast forward to this week when you can't stand the woman and want her out of his life. I like Janet, and I think Carly does, too, deep down. But the realization that she may actually lose Jack for good this time finally hit her. I'm betting Carly gets on board with Sage and Parker to scheme her way back into Jack's life. At least the lavender colored glasses are off of Janet's eyes now. She knows what she's dealing with in Carly: an ex-wife who wants her man back.

--Luke Snyder won the office of President at Oakdale University. The question is, did he win without cheating? Casey was on his way to stuff the ballot boxes with fake ballots, but I'm wondering if he actually did it? Could Casey be mature enough to know that Luke wouldn't be able to live with the decision, and at the last minute, not stuff the boxes? I'm hoping that's how it played out. Whichever way it goes, the fallout for Luke and Noah is going to be huge, because Luke approved the cheating and Noah did not.

--Is Kevin gay? Many of you have e-mailed me stating you think Kevin is gay. I can't say I haven't thought it myself, especially a few years ago when he and Luke were exchanging those frequent back rubs. He certainly gave some signals that he might be, but then he never acted upon them. I'm hoping that he is, as I think this could really be a top-notch storyline for Luke and Noah. Luke has always had a crush on Kevin, and he could be the one guy that could test their relationship.

--I feel bad for poor Dani. Her only role seems to be Margo's whipping girl. If she's going to be an integral character, she needs to get out more and have something to do with other characters other than Margo. Otherwise, she's destined to be the female version of Dallas.

--It's eerie how much this Josie Matthews Driver looks like Jennifer. It's obvious here that Dusty is getting played. The question remains though, by whom? Place your bets on Craig, James, Paul, etc.

--Speaking of the cop shop, where were those two silly cops we saw last week or Dallas? It seems the only people available for Brad's case were Margo and Jack. The department has other cops, would it kill the writers to throw us a bone and at least say that Brad was going to be interviewed by one of them instead of his family members?

--I miss Simon. Paul Leyden jazzed up Oakdale like no one has since, and his character has so much history with Katie and Carly (who is single now) and Lily. I know his past returns have not always played out well for his character. His character was butchered at the hands of plot-driven stories, but that still doesn't stop me from wanting him back. Hmm...maybe he's the one e-mailing Katie. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

--I think Ali and Casey are headed for a relationship. Brace yourself, Margo. They seem to be getting closer and closer. I'm not sure how Emily will handle it either. Yes, she dumped him, but you know Em, one minute she's making rational decisions, the next she's shooting an ex-lover in the back and sleeping with the son of the father of her child.

--Why did Katie not remember the sales girl at Fashions who sold Spencer the underwear? It seems to me, that girl could have told the cops and Kim about Spencer's comments of buying special underwear for a special guy in Chicago. That could have helped back up Brad's story.

--Brian gets points this week for that sweet pep talk he gave to Lucinda. Lucinda is so isolated lately, since Lily kicked her to the curb, it's nice to see she has someone in her corner. I'm still not sure his motives are altruistic, but at least Lucy has a cheerleader to get her through this battle.

--I'm enjoying Parker and Liberty's new relationship. If Jack and Janet do get married, though, this one could get messy. I don't think I'd leave them alone too long at family gatherings.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Brad tells Henry that he misjudged Spencer.)
Henry: "We all know that judging people is not exactly your strong suit."
Brad: "I'm friends with you aren't I?"
Henry: "Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn from time to time, Brad."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Laura.)
Don't you think this new redhead could be Carrie Crawford, Jennifer's sister? Wouldn't it be cool if Barbara saw her and recognized her right off the bat with a line like "OMG I haven't seen you since you were a baby. How have you been?" Dusty could reply "YOU KNOW THIS GIRL?" Barbara would say "Of course, didn't Jennifer ever tell you about her half sister?" Just a thought and a good excuse to bring back Rex Smith as Barb's love interest.

Yes, Laura, I think it's the best idea I've heard all week. I love it when the show uses history. And anytime we can get Barbara a love interest is a plus. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Lori.)
Is Oakdale some sort of center for psychic energy? First Parker, then Paul and now Madame What-ever-her-name-is. These stories have got to go. Seriously, Lisa hired a psychic in residence for her swanky hotel? Not in any hotel I've ever stayed in, first class or otherwise! Agree, Jennifer?

Lori, I'm not convinced Lisa hired "Madame What-ever-her-name-is." My money is still on Paul or Craig. Unless, I missed a line or scene where it was revealed that Lisa had hired her? Anyway, I don't mind the psychic stories, as I think it adds some interest, especially the time Parker found Jack with his visions. I suppose it's possible that Oakdale is a center for a psychic energy. LOL I mean this is a strange town in that people die and come back to life annually and where pretty much every character has been arrested at one time or another. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Yaseena.)
I've been a little disappointed with the lack luster storylines lately, as I look back on the great stories that have come and gone in the past. I miss the days where mystery and intrigue was rampant in Oakdale, forcing residents to head out into the forests to get shot, healed, trapped in caves, kidnapped and the like. The adventure needs to be re-instated in Oakdale before we all fall asleep because of Meg and Paul's constant fights and reconciliations, interspersed with her continuously clutching her stomach in a pain that passes with a glass of water.

Yaseena, I hear you. I miss the great adventure stories of years past, too, and I'm guessing budget cuts and ratings losses are to blame as to why we no longer see those grand stories. But, budget or not budget, I can't imagine it would be too costly to give us an adventure now and then. And you get the "Best Reader Spotlight Line of the Week Award" for your Meg comment. Maybe Emma should bottle and sell that "healing" water at the farm. That could make her a fortune. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Emily.)
I don't want to see Jen alive, but I would love to see James return in the future. Also I would like to know how big is Emma's house anyway? It seems like everybody lives there except Emma!

Emily, I always welcome a James return. As for Emma's house, I'm convinced it must be five stories. Otherwise, Emma must have a room at the Motel Six. ---Jennifer

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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