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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on GL
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Monday, November 10, 2008

At Company, Remy and Christina felt the pressure as they awaited their MCAT results. When Christina drew Remy's attention to a thuggish man waving at him, Remy pretended he didn't know the man then took Christina outside. Sitting on the boardinghouse steps, Christina talked about how much she'd prepared for the MCAT. She said studying for it had consumed her life. Remy didn't think he'd done well on the test. He blew off the exam, calling it a long shot, and he considered trying something else if he happened to fail. Perturbed by Remy's careless attitude, Christina stalked off.

When Remy entered the gym later, he found Christina there, working as a personal trainer. She told him that she'd been upset at his arrogance regarding the MCAT. She thought he should be more serious about a career at his age. Christina had wanted to be a doctor since she was twelve. Remy replied that he saw a score of forty-five in her future. She didn't know if she'd reach the perfect score of forty-five, but she intended to score high, get into the best school, and become the best doctor she could be. Remy smiled, ignited by her ambition.

As Remy and Christina acquainted themselves, Mel entered the gym. Remy introduced the ladies, and Christina asked Mel's opinion about MCAT scores. Mel felt one could always retake the test if need be, but Christina worried that a retest wouldn't result in any significant improvement. Remy and Christina agreed to meet up and get their scores together later that afternoon. After Christina left, Remy asked for Mel's opinion of Christina. Mel shrugged, joking that Remy could do better. Later, at Company, Mel wasted no time in excitedly gossiping to her mother about Remy's new friend, Christina.

Sometime later, Remy and Christina poised over their laptops, logging in for their test results. To Remy's astonishment, he received a score of thirty-seven. Christina disappointedly said she'd gotten a twenty-four. Upset, she told Remy, "It is what it is," and she left. When Mel visited Remy to learn his results, he told her that he hadn't done well.

Jeffrey dropped Reva off at Towers before heading to a meeting with government officials at his office. Once Jeffrey left, Reva was surprised to see Blake and Josh laughing together. Reva joined them at their table and learned that Josh had agreed to build an addition to Blake's house for her boys to use when they returned from school. Blake offered to throw Reva a baby shower. When Reva mentioned that her pregnancy was a chance to do things right that time, Josh seemed hurt. Reva continued, saying that she was lucky that Jeffrey was so involved. Josh abruptly excused himself to the bar.

Blake explained Josh's awkwardness away as being territorial. She then shocked Reva by asking if Jeffrey was really the father of Reva's baby. Reva assured her that the baby was indeed Jeffrey's. Blake jokingly said that she'd at least waited until Josh had left the table to ask. Reva emphasized the need for normalcy in her life and said Jeffrey was helping her achieve it. Reva left to get a drink at the bar before going to her own table. At the bar, Josh apologized that they hadn't raised their children in the conventional way. Reva replied that they still had wonderful children. Reva sympathized with Josh because he no longer had the church, Cassie, or R.J. to take care of. Josh said that, even with all those things, he would still worry about Reva.

After Reva left, Blake implored Josh to be honest about his feelings. Josh asserted that he didn't think Jeffrey had any idea how to appropriately handle a pregnant Reva. Blake noted that he was still wearing his wedding ring. Josh looked astonished, and he wondered why he hadn't realized that he still wore it. Blake said that until she found a man comparable to Ross, she'd still wear her rings. Blake figured that Josh needed a life coach. She made a deal with him: if he built her house addition, she'd fix his life. Josh said he had been talking for a long time about getting on with his life. He decisively removed the wedding ring.

When Reva arrived at Jeffrey's office later, Jeffrey told her that the United States Justice Department wanted to recruit him. He said that he'd turned down the job, which would have had him constantly traveling to Washington, DC, and abroad. Reva wondered if he would have taken the job had it not been for their baby. Jeffrey assured her that he wanted to be with her and the baby throughout the pregnancy. Reva wouldn't allow him to refuse the job of a lifetime, working for the new president. Still seemingly set on declining the job, Jeffrey agreed to at least travel to DC for the second interview.

While Jeffrey was in DC for two days, he wanted Reva to enjoy room service at the Beacon. As he unpacked her bags in her hotel room, he said he would return from DC as soon as possible because he didn't want to miss a moment of the pregnancy. Reva ventured into the hall with an ice bucket and saw Josh across the hall with an ice bucket as well.

Olivia and Natalia went to Gus's house, where Olivia explained that the governor wanted to put an exit ramp on the land. Natalia resisted the idea, and Olivia explained that the governor was willing to pay above price for the land as well as put Rafe into a "country club" prison. Natalia stubbornly lamented that she and Rafe had lived in trashy apartments all their lives. Olivia replied that she'd tried to talk the governor out of it.

Natalia said she had a plan to get Rafe a lawyer to set him free. When he was released, she would have finally been able to give him a house with a nice neighborhood. Natalia angrily batted Olivia away when she tried to comfort her. Natalia hated that she didn't have a choice about the house. Olivia said that Natalia needed to sign papers, but Natalia left, huffing that she needed to talk to her son.

At Company, Olivia sat down with Buzz to explain her frustration that Natalia couldn't see that she was digging herself into an emotional and financial hole by hanging on to Gus's house. Buzz rhetorically wondered if Olivia just wanted Natalia to feel the same way Olivia did about letting go. Olivia admitted that Rick had given her a pep talk about owning her own heart instead of feeling like she was just the caretaker for Gus's heart. Olivia thought that she could share Rick's lesson with Natalia and help Natalia see that the house was not Gus.

When Natalia arrived at the prison, she learned that she couldn't visit Rafe because he was in the infirmary with a staph infection. Natalia returned to the house and found Olivia there. Olivia had been on the phone, trying, to no avail, to change the governor's mind about taking the property. Olivia then apologized for butting into Natalia's life.

Natalia said she wished she could be more like Olivia at times. Natalia asserted that she was selling the house, but in return, she wanted Rafe's staph infection cared for before he was transferred, and she wanted a review of his sentence in five months. Pouting, she wondered how she was going to let go of the house. Olivia said it was Gus whom Natalia needed to let go of, and Olivia confessed that she needed to let go of him as well.

With one glance around the house, Natalia took Olivia's hand, and they walked out together. Out on the porch, Natalia touched the Aitoro mailbox, and said, "Goodbye, Nicky. I love you." Olivia realized they'd forgotten something. She rushed inside then reemerged with Natalia's calendar. Olivia promised her that it would be okay, and they left.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daisy found Cyrus at the park just after he'd left a message for Grady. Cyrus congratulated her on her job with the task force, saying that it beat forging fake IDs. Daisy said she found it hard to turn her back on Grady. She was uncertain that she could save Grady when Grady didn't trust her enough to tell her what he was up to with Dinah.

Cyrus lied that Dinah had been prepared to back a risky deal for Grady and him in South America. The deal had fallen through after Grady had backed out. When Daisy wondered if her staying away from Grady was best, Cyrus asked her which she feared more, that Grady was still in a bad place or that he was leaving one. Daisy noted that Cyrus hadn't said that she should stay away from Grady.

After realizing that he'd put his destiny into Grady's incapable hands, Alan called Grady to say the deal was off. Grady cockily replied that Alan was too late. He'd already sent the police an anonymous letter implicating Bill in Lizzie's abduction. Alan replied that it would take a lot more than a letter to frame Bill, and he demanded to know the rest of Grady's plan. Grady preferred to keep Alan on a need-to-know basis, but when Alan threatened to turn on Grady without hesitation, Grady offered to discuss how Alan could participate in the frame-up.

Grady and Cyrus met up to play basketball at the school gym. Cyrus wanted to brainstorm how to get Grady out of the kidnapping mess, but Grady replied that he'd already devised his own plan to frame a comatose Bill for the kidnapping. When Cyrus was skeptical that Grady could pull it off, Grady announced that he was working with Alan Spaulding. Cyrus grew worried once Grady revealed that he'd confessed to Alan. Grady said Alan had kept his secret before, and he would keep it again. Cyrus reminded Grady about Dinah, who had rolled over on Cyrus in the past. Cyrus doubted that Dinah wouldn't let Bill go to jail for Grady.

Later, Cyrus and Grady broke into Dinah's room at the Beacon and discovered that her clothes were missing. They went to WSPR, where they found a note that Dinah had left for her staff. She detailed how to run the station while she was away. Grady thought that blew Cyrus' theory about Dinah. He arrogantly said that Cyrus hated that Grady had actually formulated a good plan. Cyrus retorted that he would believe the plan was good when he was sure Grady wasn't going to jail. Grady said he didn't care what Cyrus thought. Cyrus wondered if Grady cared what Daisy would think once she learned what Grady had done.

Sometime later, Grady found Daisy sitting in the park. He sat beside her and wondered if the kiss she'd given him the other day had really been a kiss goodbye. A frustrated Daisy couldn't find words to describe their situation, so she just kissed him again.

Coop seemed irritated as he helped a shorthanded Buzz at Company. He managed to crack a smile when Beth entered, planning to eat and study at the restaurant. A short time later, Ashlee showed up. She denied avoiding the place because of her breakup with Coop. Buzz hugged her and said she looked fabulous. Ashlee revealed that she was dating someone from WSPR, but she didn't know how to tell Coop. "You just did," Coop said from behind her.

Ashlee told Coop and Buzz how her romance with Cory had begun. She said she hadn't told Coop sooner because she wasn't sure if Coop had been dating or not. Beth flirtatiously asked Coop to get her some ketchup. Buzz joked that Coop was crying himself to sleep every night, but as Coop took Beth the ketchup, he assured Ashlee that he was just fine.

Ashlee decided to hook Coop and Beth up by harassing Coop to help Beth with the paper Beth had been working on since she'd sat down earlier. After Coop assisted Beth, Ashlee claimed that Beth's gaze had been flooded with interest in him. Since Beth was still single, Ashlee encouraged him to ask her out. Coop shied away from the idea. Once Coop left, Ashlee pondered whether Coop was dating someone or not. Buzz called Ashlee a tough act to follow.

Later, at the Beacon, Beth approached a hotel room door, but she realized that she didn't have a key. Coop slinked up behind her with the key card. "I guess you came prepared," she uttered with a sneaky smile. They entered the room and fell into a passionate kiss.

At the hospital, Lizzie told Alan that Bill's condition hadn't changed. She still refused to leave Bill's side, saying that Bill hadn't slept at all while she'd been missing. Alan announced that the response to her press conference had been overwhelming, and the company stock had gone up. Alan said that with each passing day, they were missing opportunities to catch the kidnappers. Lizzie didn't care to concentrate on the kidnappers with Bill in the hospital. Alan thought the kidnappers were the reason for Bill's condition, and he wanted them behind bars for what they had done to Bill and to her. When Alan said he was going to the police station to check on leads, Lizzie offered to tag along.

At the police station, Alan and Lizzie learned that Frank didn't have any real leads. Alan snapped that when Marina had been kidnapped, Frank had put twice the number of officers on the case. Frank assured them that the force was working hard, but the majority of tips he'd gotten had been fabricated. When Frank showed Lizzie a letter that implicated Bill Lewis, she said it was an outrageous farce. Alan insinuated that Bill had initially benefited from the crime, but he said it was ludicrous to think Bill could have orchestrated her abduction.

Frank seemed interested to know how Bill had benefited. Lizzie explained that Bill had saved the Decker deal when she had first disappeared, but she insisted he'd done it for her and her family. Upon studying the tip further, Frank said Bill's desire to run Spaulding-Lewis alone had become the only real motive the police had for Lizzie's kidnapping.

Lizzie studied the pasted ransom notes, and she denied that the man she loved would have done something like that to her just to get ahead in a company that he already owned. Frank reasoned that kidnappers typically knew their victims. Convinced of Bill's innocence, Lizzie invited Frank to follow her back to the mansion to search it for clues.

At the mansion, Alan told Lizzie that she didn't have to stick around for the police search. Insistent that they wouldn't find anything, Lizzie signed Frank's search warrant and let Alan accompany the officers upstairs to Bill's room. Lizzie waited for them downstairs. While looking through the parlor's desk drawers, Lizzie discovered the magazine that Dinah had used to make the second ransom note. She flipped through it and noticed that letters had been cut out of it. Stunned, Lizzie sank down into the chair.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At the mansion, Alan entered the parlor to tell Lizzie that Frank and his crew were wasting their time, playing cops and robbers upstairs. Lizzie showed Alan the magazine and theorized that someone had planted it to frame Bill. Alan reasoned that even if it were a red herring, Frank would use it as concrete evidence. When Frank returned to the parlor to say he couldn't find anything, Lizzie's conscience prodded her to show him Bill's magazine.

Frank examined the magazine and determined that the letters perfectly matched the second ransom note. Alan stated that the magazine didn't directly implicate Bill. Frank took the magazine and said he wanted to reexamine the crime scene. Still asserting that the real kidnappers were framing Bill, Lizzie decided to accompany him to the scene.

At the Beacon, Coop managed to correct Beth's split infinitives as they fooled around in bed. They recounted that their affair had begun when an insecure Beth had collided with Coop in the hallway at the university. Coop had corrected a split infinitive on a paper of hers after it had fallen on the floor. Beth had snapped at him for making her feel stupid, but when he'd said he couldn't help himself because he was a teacher, she'd offered to buy him coffee if he edited her paper.

Beth said she'd been feeling vulnerable because Alan had been certain that she couldn't handle law school or being independent. Kissing her shoulder, Coop figured that Beth just needed something of her own. Beth pointed out that her life was improving, and her family was getting back on track. She didn't think her affair with Coop should upset that progress.

Just then, Alan called Beth to say that Lizzie had gone to the crime scene. Beth grew livid that Alan had let her go. Alan replied that he had been unable to stop her, but he thought Beth should go to the scene to support her. When Beth got off the phone, Coop said he knew they weren't supposed to get personal, but he was concerned that the call had upset her. Beth told him that it was nothing for him to worry about, and she left.

At the crime scene, Lizzie still protested the idea that Bill had been associated with the abduction. Frank said that they couldn't find evidence that anyone had been at the scene or near the van but Bill and Lizzie. Beth arrived, and Lizzie told her the police's theory. Lizzie thought it was nonsensical that Bill could have done it when she'd heard him fighting with the kidnapper. Frank interrupted her to clarify that she hadn't actually seen Bill fighting anyone -- she'd only heard the scuffle.

Lizzie pleaded that Bill could be a jerk and a pig, but he would never intentionally hurt her. Beth reasoned that Bill could be cruel at times. She wondered if Bill had taken his love-hate game with Lizzie to a new level. Lizzie remembered that she'd heard Bill's appeal on the radio while she'd been captive. She said that proved Bill hadn't abducted her because he couldn't be in two places at once. Frank and Beth told her that Bill's radio plea to the kidnappers had been recorded and rebroadcast several times; therefore, it was possible that Bill could have been anywhere when she'd heard the radio broadcast.

After Grady and Daisy kissed, Daisy said Cyrus had helped her realize that she wanted to start over with Grady. She said their relationship couldn't be a rescue mission. Grady didn't want Daisy to save him, but claimed that he was changing because of her. Grady said he had to meet someone about a job. Daisy asked if the job were legal, and Grady replied that he wasn't doing "that kind of stuff" anymore. He said the job was for their future and asked her to trust him.

As soon as Grady left, Ashlee approached and was upset that Daisy was still involved with Grady. She reminded Daisy of what Grady had done to Rafe. Daisy hadn't forgotten Rafe, but she was in love with Grady. Daisy said she'd fought her feelings, but she felt relieved after confessing her love for him. Ashlee claimed that Grady wasn't who he said he was, but Daisy insisted that she needed to find that out on her own. Ashlee agreed to back off, but she hoped Daisy knew what she was doing.

Sometime later, Daisy stood in Olivia's gazebo, shouting that she was in love. Lizzie approached, saying she went there at times to think. Daisy said she would never forget the van crash because Bill had adamantly pleaded to make sure that Lizzie was okay despite his own injuries. Daisy said she didn't think that a love like theirs existed outside of fairytales. Because of Lizzie and Bill, Daisy could see that a love like theirs was the only thing that mattered. Lizzie started to cry. Hugging Daisy, she thanked her for her words.

Lizzie went to the hospital and sobbed as she gazed at Bill. She begged him to wake up because she couldn't do everything on her own. She asked him to wake up and kill the doubts in her mind.

At Company later, Frank sat down with Coop. Though Frank couldn't discuss Lizzie's case, he said the Spaulding family might be in for real heartache. When Coop expressed sympathy for the Spauldings, Frank wondered if Coop still cared for Lizzie. Coop said he cared for the whole Spaulding family, except Alan. Coop thought the family deserved better than Alan.

Grady showed up at the mansion to see Alan. Alan said he didn't want to be seen with Grady, and he warned Grady that a letter and a magazine didn't make a case against Bill. Grady assured Alan that he could plant more clues to make Lizzie doubt Bill's innocence. Alan said he'd sent his dutiful Beth to Lizzie's side to inject more doubt into Lizzie's mind. Alan added that, while Beth liked to think she was independent, he knew that women liked men to take charge. Grady said Daisy and Dinah weren't like that. Grady astonished Alan by revealing that Dinah had cut the letters out of the magazine for the second ransom note.

Alan snuffed out the cigar Grady had been smoking and raged that Dinah couldn't be trusted. Since she'd left town, Alan said nothing was stopping her from turning Grady in. Grady flippantly replied that Dinah would go down if he went down. Alan told him that the cops would believe Dinah over Grady. Grady assured him that Dinah wasn't a problem. Alan told him that she'd better not be, because when it came to saving someone's skin, Alan would save his own.

When Beth got home, Alan scooped her into his arms and kissed her. She told him that she needed a drink because Lizzie was a mess, blindly clinging to Bill's innocence. When Alan said he hated to think that Lizzie's lover was guilty, Beth scoffed at Alan's sincerity. She said Bill's suspected guilt was the best thing that could happen for Alan. Alan wondered if she liked that the old Alan was back. Beth, however, feared that the benevolent, vision-conjuring Alan might reappear.

Alan invited Beth upstairs to the bedroom, but she said she'd had a long day. Her phone rang, and she read a text message that said, "You O.K.?" Alan put her phone on the end table and assured her that he was back to his old self. He said that it was good news for Beth, but bad news for everyone else. Beth hugged him, staring at her phone.

At WSPR, Grady searched for any evidence that Dinah might have left behind. Just as he logged onto Dinah's computer, Ashlee entered and accused him of being up to no good. Grady claimed to be buying a present for Daisy online. Ashlee assumed he was using Dinah's credit card numbers, and she said she couldn't believe that Daisy was in love with him. Grady perked up at the statement and asked when Daisy had said that she loved him. Ashlee ignored him, determined to call Dinah about her "boy toy's" intrusion at the station.

Grady pursued Ashlee to her car, insisting that he just wanted to know what Daisy had said. When Ashlee wouldn't divulge the information, he grasped her shoulders and told her that anyone getting between Daisy and him was looking for trouble. Grady gave up and walked away. Ashlee saw Daisy strolling up and asked her if she'd seen what her boyfriend had done.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Olivia's room at the Beacon, Emma noticed that her mother didn't feel well. Meanwhile, at Company, Buzz worried that Natalia was taking on too much by working so many jobs. As Natalia assured him that everything was fine, Olivia called to say she needed Natalia right away. When Natalia arrived in Olivia's room, she found Olivia fatigued. Natalia started to call the hospital, but Olivia asked her to hang up the phone because Olivia didn't want to scare Emma.

Natalia took a call from Decker, who announced that Olivia needed to attend a last-minute meeting with the Xiao family, who headed the Galaxy International project in Macau. Natalia told him that Olivia couldn't make it; however, once Olivia heard that the Xiaos were in town, she snatched up the phone to confirm the meeting for the following evening.

Once off the phone, Olivia said she'd promised the Xiao family a home-cooked meal, since they were tired of eating out. She asked if Natalia still had the keys to Cassie's house, because she thought it had the perfect American charm for their international guests. Natalia assumed from Olivia's expectant smile that Natalia would be cooking the dinner. Natalia rolled her eyes and left for Company, where she gathered the necessary cooking supplies.

Natalia took her supplies to Cassie's house, and she was surprised to see that Olivia awaited her. Natalia told a breathless Olivia to relax while she prepared for the following evening. Olivia tried to thank Natalia, but Natalia turned it into a joke. Olivia kidded Natalia, saying she didn't know that Natalia could smile. There was a knock on the door, and Natalia answered it and found Decker and their guests on the doorstep. Decker said he'd gotten Olivia's message that the dinner had been moved up to that evening. Both women appeared surprised, but Olivia smiled, saying, "Yes, tonight."

At the hospital, Lizzie reaffirmed her unwavering faith to a comatose Bill. Grady slinked up to her at the nurses' station and creeped her out with his concern for her. Lizzie assumed Grady thought he had a real chance with her, since Bill was in a coma. She told him that she'd asked him to do a job, but that had been as far as she wanted it to go. Grady claimed that he hadn't gone to the hospital to find her. He said he was applying for an EMT position after he'd seen how it had changed Remy's life.

Lizzie apologized for being curt, saying that she was upset that the police were blaming Bill for the kidnapping. She figured there was some evidence at one of the hostage sites. She planned to go there to investigate on her own, since the cops were no longer on her side. Grady cautioned her about going alone, since the kidnapper was still on the loose. Lizzie replied that there was no one that she could trust.

Grady joined Lizzie on her quest in the woods for the hole that she'd fallen into while escaping her abductor. Grady scoffed at the fact that they were looking for a hole in the ground to save Bill, but he grew nervous when Lizzie actually found the cement pipe in which they'd both been trapped. Grady lingered by the cement pipe as Lizzie searched the location where the van had been parked. When she didn't find anything, Grady noted that the kidnapper had covered his tracks well.

Looking into the hole, Lizzie said she'd thought she was going to die down there, but the kidnapper had rescued her. Grady thought the kidnapper wasn't such a bad guy if Lizzie had returned to help him. Eyebrows raised, Lizzie asked him how he'd known that. Grady said he'd read it in the papers.

Lizzie explained that she'd saved the kidnapper from the hole because she'd wanted to see his face, but she'd been recaptured before she had been able to see him. She was frustrated that she couldn't clear Bill's name. Grady apologized and put his jacket around her. Lizzie shirked out of it, still perturbed with Grady for saying that the kidnapper wasn't a bad guy. She hissed that the heartless kidnapper was setting Bill up. She wished she'd left the kidnapper to rot in that hole.

An unsuccessful Lizzie returned to the hospital and told Bill that she was running out of ways to prove his innocence. She said she needed him to wake up. Alarms sounded from Bill's monitors. Lizzie rushed into the hallway to get a doctor. The doctor said Bill had experienced some spikes in his electrical fields, but his condition remained unchanged.

When the doctor left, Frank arrived. Lizzie told him that she'd found the hole that she'd fallen in. Frank informed her that the kidnapper's van had been stolen. He said the place that it had been stolen from had a security camera. Lizzie became excited because she was certain that the video footage would prove that Bill wasn't the kidnapper.

In the WSPR parking lot, Ashlee insisted to Daisy that Grady had manhandled her after she'd caught him rifling through Dinah's computer. Daisy infuriated Ashlee by accusing her of provoking him. Ashlee couldn't understand why Daisy was taking his side. Daisy said that Grady was changing, but no one would believe that unless someone took his side. Daisy insisted that Ashlee respect her decision to stick by Grady. When Daisy left, Ashlee decided to pay Rafe a visit at his new prison.

When Ashlee met with Rafe, he explained that he was doing better after his infection. Ashlee offered to help him get out of prison sooner. She wanted to interview Rafe for her blog, saying that he'd be surprised at how many people viewed it. She said they could get his story out about how his victim supported him and how he'd been defending his father, a decorated police officer.

Once Ashlee added that they could expose Grady as being the real reason for Rafe's incarceration, Rafe wondered if Ashlee really wanted to help him or if she just wanted revenge on Grady. Ashlee replied that she wanted to help Rafe, but she also wanted to help Daisy. Rafe agreed to participate, and they shook on it.

Cyrus saw Frank at the police station about a parking ticket. Frank referred him down the hall, saying he didn't handle those. Cyrus asked about Lizzie's case, but Frank was uninterested in conversing with Cyrus. Cyrus said he was just happy that Frank had found a crime that had nothing to do with him. An officer entered with some information for Frank, and Frank told Cyrus to leave. Cyrus listened outside the doorway as the officer apprised Frank that they'd only found Lizzie and Bill's fingerprints on the stolen kidnapping van.

Intent upon ensuring that Daisy's commitment to Grady was real, Cyrus took Daisy to tour the sites of Grady's past deeds. At Mallet and Marina's, Cyrus reminded Daisy that a jealous Grady had endangered her life by lying to the police about Rafe. When Daisy said she was aware that Grady had been the informant, Cyrus replied that Grady often didn't consider the consequence of his actions. He then took her to the site where Grady had run down Tammy. Daisy insisted that it had been an accident, but Cyrus said the only accident that had occurred was that Grady had hit Tammy instead of Jonathan.

Outside the church, Cyrus questioned whether Daisy was ready to take Grady around her family for the holidays. He reminded her that there would always be someone looking down upon her when she was with Grady. Daisy didn't understand why Cyrus was behaving like her family instead of supporting her relationship with Grady. Cyrus explained that Grady had been disappointed a lot in life, and Cyrus needed to know whether Daisy was seriously committed to Grady or just testing the waters. He said Grady's past wouldn't change just because he was trying to change his future. Daisy attested that she wanted to be with Grady.

Cyrus wordlessly dropped Daisy off at his own doorstep. Once he disappeared, Grady strolled up, saying that Cyrus had told him to go there to make a fresh start. Grady presented her with a key, adding that he thought they could start over the same way that they'd first begun. Daisy explained that she'd had a "Christmas Carol" experience with Cyrus earlier that day, in which Cyrus took her to visit the ghosts of Grady's past, present, and future.

Grady thought Cyrus had been trying to scare Daisy away from him, but Daisy said he'd just been trying to make sure Daisy was certain that she wanted to be with Grady. She said they couldn't change the past, they didn't know the future, and all they had was the present. They kissed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Olivia conducted her meeting with Decker and the owner of Galaxy Hotels at Cassie's farmhouse. As Emma walked down and entertained the guests, Natalia searched the kitchen for something to fix for dinner. Suddenly, Buzz called to ask how everything was going. Natalia quickly realized that Buzz had lied about the day of the meeting. Buzz admitted that he'd lied and stated that he wanted Natalia to be her real self. He then told her that he'd left a cooler full of drinks in the kitchen. The meeting went very well, with Natalia charming the owner and his wife with her simple dish of chicken and rice and her unique use of jars as martini glasses, since there were no actual glasses in the house.

Afterwards, Decker congratulated Olivia on a successful meeting. Natalia then called Buzz to thank him for his help. She also told him that because of his lie about the day of the meeting, it could have been a disaster. Buzz responded that that never would have happened with her in charge.

After she helped put Emma to bed, Natalia told Olivia that Buzz had provided some help, but he'd lied about the correct day of the meeting because he'd disapproved of Natalia's planned menu. Buzz had felt that Natalia had needed to trust her own instincts. Later, Olivia mentioned that Cassie's house seemed to be a good fit for Natalia, and pointed out that it was better than a room at the Beacon. Olivia stated that the house was on the market, and since someone was going to buy it eventually, it might as well be Natalia.

Vanessa delivered a gift from Dinah to Marina. The gift, which included a card from Dinah saying how happy she was for Marina and Mallet, was a large art deco piece. Vanessa commented that at another time in Dinah's life, she would have been concerned that the box was ticking. Vanessa talked about how Dinah was at a better place in her life and how worried she was for her brother. Vanessa told Marina that Dinah was so worried that she'd left Springfield to find him a specialist. However, she added that, based on the card, she would not be surprised if Dinah was gone for good.

Buzz saw a distracted Mallet at Company and asked about his granddaughter. Mallet stated that everything with Marina was fine and added that he'd promised to keep his distance from Dinah. Buzz noticed that Mallet was disturbed about something and offered to lend an ear. Mallet explained that his mood had nothing to do with Marina -- he was just stumped on a case.

Mallet told Buzz about Frank's theory that Bill might have been behind Lizzie's kidnapping. Mallet stated his opinion that Bill was being framed, since he had been with Bill at the ransom drop and had seen how upset he'd been. Buzz suggested that since Mallet had never gotten a look at the kidnapper, Bill could have made the whole thing up. As Mallet discussed the ransom drop with Buzz, he realized he had to speak to the one other person who had been there who might have seen something -- Dinah.

After discovering that Dinah's phone was out of service, Mallet went to WSPR to look for clues as to where she might have gone. Later, he returned home and saw the sculpture that Dinah had sent. An anxious Mallet began asking questions -- such as if there was a card and how it had been delivered. Marina stated that Vanessa had delivered it and told him Vanessa's theory that it was Dinah's way of saying goodbye for good. Hearing that, Mallet rushed out.

Mallet met with Vanessa and asked her where Dinah was. Mallet said that he needed to discuss Lizzie's kidnapping with her. Vanessa told him that she did not know where Dinah was but said that she doubted she would have told him if she did know. Vanessa stated that Dinah had to learn to stand on her own; Mallet had to stop rescuing her. Vanessa suggested that Mallet let Dinah go.

Buzz stopped by the police station and was surprised to see Marina, since he'd heard from Mallet that it was her day off. Marina confided about the sculpture that Dinah had sent and told Buzz that Dinah could not let go of Mallet even though she'd left town. Marina also said that it was odd that Dinah had presumably left to find a specialist for Bill, yet the sculpture was from Mt. Arrowhead Resort.

Mallet and Marina were both at home where they spoke about the sculpture and Dinah. Mallet informed Marina that the only reason he was looking for Dinah was to ask her about the kidnapping. Seeing that Marina seemed upset with his preoccupation with Dinah, Mallet suggested that they go away for a short vacation. His suggestion for a romantic getaway was -- Mt. Arrowhead Resort. Marina got increasingly upset. When Mallet tried to talk up the resort, Marina told him that he did not want a romantic getaway. He wanted to find Dinah.

Reva exited her room and found Josh waiting for the elevator. Reva seemed miffed and asked if he was waiting for her. Soon talk turned to the fact that he was her neighbor at the Beacon, and Josh calmly pointed out that he had been there first. Reva argued that she did not intend to live on the same floor -- she'd believed that his room was still on the tenth.

When asked why she was at the Beacon, Reva lied that she and Jeffrey had moved in so that he could be closer to the office. Reva seemed annoyed that they were thrown together. Josh stated that it was a coincidence. He told her that it was not as if it was fate, which he did not believe in anyway.

Both Josh and Reva ended up at Cedars to visit Bill. They talked to Buzz, who was there to see Lillian, and he let it slip that Jeffrey was out of town. Reva seemed uneasy, and Josh told her that there had to be some way to handle their awkwardness and behave like normal people. Reva went in to visit Bill first. When she walked out, she was upset and told Josh that it was hard for her as a mother to see him comatose.

Reva told Josh to tell Billy that she'd talked Bill's ear off on the off chance that he could hear her. Josh asked her what she had talked about, and she told him that she'd spoken about their family, including telling him that he had another cousin on the way. When Reva quickly corrected herself and stated that was not really the case, Josh told her that she would always be a part of the Lewis family. Later, he told Reva that he understood why she had lied about her reason for being at the Beacon. After more talk, Reva decided to move back home.

Josh spoke to Marah on the telephone and asked if she had heard anything from Shayne. Upon learning that she did not have any news about him, either, Josh commented that it would be nice to know what was going on. As he spoke to Marah, Josh eyed a photo of Reva that he kept on his nightstand. Later, as Josh was going out, the maid gave him a necklace that Reva had left behind when she'd checked out. Remembering how adamant Reva was about her privacy, Josh took the necklace to the front desk and told them to mail it.

At the cabin, Reva got a call from Jeffrey, who informed her that he was on his way home. When Jeffrey said that he'd told the president-elect that he had to return home immediately, since his wife was pregnant, Reva got defensive and stated that she did not need him to rush home. She then admitted that she'd moved back to the cabin. After ending the call, Reva began to feel ill.

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