One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on OLTL

Bess switched babies, replacing Starr's newborn daughter with Jessica's stillborn girl. Viki and Charlie arrived to rescue Jared and Natalie just in the nick of time. John broke into Todd's house and found Marty. John realized that Todd had brainwashed Marty. Tina confessed to Viki about her role in helping Tess.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bess Is Yet to Come

At Llanfair, Viki and Charlie tried desperately to free Natalie and Jared from the explosives in the secret room. Natalie and Jared pleaded with their parents to escape and save themselves, but Viki and Charlie refused to leave their children. After failing to convince Viki to leave the mansion, Charlie was determined to defuse the bomb that Tess had set. Natalie apologized to Viki for the trouble she had caused, but Viki blamed herself. While mother and daughter expressed their love for one another, Charlie and Jared attempted to remove the drawer that contained the bomb.

Finally, Charlie removed the bomb from the drawer. To everyone's horror, the timer on the bomb revealed that only fifteen seconds remained before it would explode. Realizing that he needed to act fast, Charlie picked up the bomb and ran out of the basement. As Viki, Jared, and Natalie called out to him, they panicked when they heard the bomb explode upstairs.

While Jared tried to remain calm, Natalie attempted to comfort him. Viki ran upstairs to search for Charlie. When she didn't see any sign of him, Viki placed her head in her hands and cried. Seconds later, Viki was elated when Charlie surfaced. After sharing a loving embrace, Viki and Charlie returned downstairs to give Jared and Natalie the good news.

Jared was overjoyed when he saw Charlie. While Jared and Natalie waited patiently, the bomb squad tried, with little success, to free them from the secret room. An officer remarked that whoever had built the room had known exactly what they were doing. An emotional Viki continued to blame herself for not realizing sooner that Natalie and Jared had been trapped in the basement. Viki promised to make things up to them, but Natalie begged her mother to find Tess.

Suddenly, Viki remembered the combination that Jean Rudolph had used many years before. Viki surprised everyone when she broke the code and freed Natalie and Jared. In tears, Natalie and Jared hugged their parents. After the joyful reunion, Natalie remembered the condition that Tess was in. She told Viki that they needed to find her right away because the baby was in trouble.

Driving to the hospital, an emotionless Bess was intent on maintaining order. As the dead child lay on the passenger seat, Bess exclaimed, "I'm going to turn a negative into a positive!"

Inside Starr's hospital room, Blair was appalled to learn that Marcie had encountered Todd at the hospital. Both Blair and Starr were surprised to learn that Todd had been courteous toward Marcie. Starr shocked her mother when she admitted to calling Todd and informing him that she had gone into labor. Although Blair understood Starr's need to reconnect with her father, Blair was convinced that Todd hadn't changed.

As Blair and Marcie attempted to comfort her, Starr couldn't help but worry about the health of her baby girl. After Blair and Marcie convinced her that her child was fine, Starr asked Marcie what name she planned to give her new daughter. Marcie thanked Starr for giving her the opportunity to love another child and insisted that Starr had given her a renewed sense of hope. Starr and Blair were pleased when Marcie declared that she had decided to name the child Hope. Starr asked Blair if Todd could see the child. Blair promised to consider Starr's request but insisted that they deal with the baby's health issues first.

Out in the hall, Todd told Dr. Joplin that he had changed his mind about stealing Starr's baby. After Dr. Joplin assured him that Starr had given birth to a healthy baby girl, Todd instructed the doctor to hand the child over to Marcie. Dr. Joplin inquired whether or not Todd would keep her secret regarding her son's past. Todd related that he was a changed man and had no intention on revealing her secret.

Inside Dr. Joplin's examination room, a teary-eyed Janet apologized to baby Hope. She told the child that her mother loved her but promised that her new parents would love her as well.

As Janet continued to express her grief over baby Hope being taken away from her mother, Bess entered Dr. Joplin's interoffice and listened to Janet's confession. Bess heard Todd and Dr. Joplin approaching the office and hid in a closet. Showing no emotion, Bess listened as Todd and Dr. Joplin discussed returning the baby to Starr. Todd wanted the doctor to take the child to Starr immediately, but Dr. Joplin told Todd that she had told Starr that the baby was expressing difficulties and had been taken to the intensive care unit.

Dr. Joplin explained to Todd that she couldn't return the child too soon because it would have taken a reasonable amount of time for the baby to be released from the ICU. Leaving Hope in the examination room, Janet stepped out into the interoffice to speak with Todd and the doctor. Bess continued to listen from inside the closet as Janet informed Todd and the doctor that Starr's baby girl was healthy. With a cold stare, Bess whispered, "A baby girl! Perfect!"

Dr. Joplin left Todd and Janet alone in the interoffice and checked on the baby. Explaining that he had decided to return the child to Starr, Todd told Janet that he and Marty would still be leaving town. Expressing her concern for Marty, Janet wondered how Marty would accept the fact that she wouldn't get the opportunity to raise the child. Todd believed that one day, he and Marty might possibly have a child of their own.

Janet convinced herself that Todd and Marty could one day have their own child. Dr. Joplin interrupted their conversation and reported that she had run a series of test on Starr's baby, and the child was in perfect health. The doctor left the office to give Starr, Blair, and Marcie the good news.

Before exiting the office, Todd offered Janet a generous severance package and told her that he would no longer need her services. A surprised Janet followed Todd out into the hall. With the dead child in her arms, Bess entered the office and stared blankly at a smiling baby Hope. As Todd and Janet spoke out in the hall, Bess quickly dressed the dead child in baby Hope's clothing. After removing Hope from her incubator, Bess placed the dead child in the apparatus and waited for the opportunity to flee the scene.

Starr, Blair, and Marcie were elated when Dr. Joplin told them that Hope was healthy. Starr wanted to see the child right away, but the doctor told her that it would take a while to check her out of the ICU.

Back out in the hall, Janet was pleased with Todd's change of heart and wondered if he wanted the opportunity to see his grandchild. Remembering the bad influence he had been on his own children, Todd related to Janet that he felt it was best if he didn't meet his granddaughter. Janet wondered if Todd could live without ever seeing the child. He stated that he could because he had a new life -- a better life.

Revealing to Janet that he was a changed man, Todd said that he was starting life over with a clean slate and insisted that he didn't have to look over his shoulder expecting something terrible to surface in his life. Free of guilt, Todd walked away, and Janet followed behind him. Janet told Todd goodbye and asked him to take care of Marty.

Bess quietly exited the office with baby Hope in her arms.

Starr, Blair, and Marcie rejoiced when Dr. Joplin left to take Starr her baby. Marcie left to call her family with the good news. Realizing that Starr was emotional, Blair wondered if Starr was experiencing sadness because she was giving her child up. In tears, Starr admitted that she was sad but was also happy that she had created a new life. Marcie returned and thanked Starr for blessing her with a child. A jubilant Marcie expressed her desire to finally hold her baby girl.

Dr. Joplin and Janet returned to the office to retrieve Hope but were horrified by their findings. Noticing that the child in the incubator had a strange color, Dr. Joplin and Janet were distraught to discover that the baby was dead.

While Marty eagerly waited for Todd to return home, she was terrified when John hurled himself through her bedroom window. In shock, Marty told John that Todd had tried desperately to keep him away from her. Upon hearing Todd's name, John removed a revolver from his jacket and insisted that Marty leave the home with him at once. Todd's bodyguard entered the room and pointed his gun at John. John immediately fired at the guard, who dropped his weapon and ran off. After chasing the guard out of the house, John returned to Marty's room and was shocked when she pointed the gunman's weapon at him.

Demanding that John drop his weapon, Marty revealed to John that Todd had told her all about him. When John attempted to approach her, Marty fired a shot at him. In disbelief, John listened as Marty accused him of wanting to kill her. Marty told John that she knew that he had left her to die after the accident. John tried his best to explain the circumstances of the accident to Marty, but she refused to believe him and continued to express her faith in Todd.

John was horrified when Marty credited both Ramsey and Todd with protecting her and restoring her health. Marty flew into a rage when John continued to speak negatively of Ramsey and Todd. John told Marty that he cared for her and begged her to leave with him. Realizing that Marty had lost her memory, John told her that Todd was manipulating her.

Marty continued to defend Todd and was unwilling to listen to John's pleas. Still holding John at gunpoint, Marty refused to leave and stated that she was at home. John was sickened as Marty related that Todd loved her. As Todd entered the room, a frustrated, John blurted out that Todd had raped Marty. While Todd stood motionless, Marty was in shock.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Darkness on the Edge of Town

In Dr. Joplin's office, Dr. Joplin and Janet stared down at the dead infant -- actually Jessica's stillborn daughter -- with horror. Dr. Joplin couldn't understand how Starr's child had died after appearing to be fine; she blamed Janet, whom she'd left the baby with. Janet insisted that she had only left Baby Hope alone for a minute to speak to Todd and that he'd been nowhere near the little girl. Dr. Joplin castigated herself for not checking the baby's vitals properly and agonized over having to tell Starr and Marcie. She told a tearful Janet to leave and let her take care of the rest.

In Starr's hospital room, Starr, Blair, and Marcie remained blissfully unaware, jubilant about the birth of "Hope." They wondered what was keeping Dr. Joplin from returning with the baby, and Marcie fretted about the baby's health as well as the sudden reappearance of Todd in the hospital corridors. She explained to Starr and Blair that Todd had seemed different, friendly, and said he had presented as though he were "at peace with himself." Starr chimed in that Todd had also sounded different to her on the phone. Blair was skeptical, but hoped Todd's change of heart was real.

In the waiting area, Cole and Langston worried about Starr and the baby. Dorian arrived on the scene, also wanting answers. When Michael approached Starr's room, the three of them buttonholed him for answers, and Michael promised that Dr. Joplin would return soon. Cole decided to go looking for Dr. Joplin, leaving Langston and Dorian alone to brood.

Langston told Dorian that she and Starr had been waiting for the baby together for months and that while she had comforted her friend, Starr had been her rock throughout the crisis with Ray as well. Dorian admired the strength and togetherness of Langston, Starr, and their friends and hoped they'd always be close. Langston vowed to be there for Starr once Marcie adopted Hope.

Bess returned to the vineyard cottage, holding baby Hope in her arms. She soothed the child and began to lay out her rationale for her actions. Bess told Hope that though Starr would be pained by her loss, Todd would still be a danger to the baby as her grandfather, and though he wanted her, Jessica needed her and would be a better parent for her. She lamented Tess's miscarriage and said that her fellow alter had bitten off more than she could chew, whereas Bess's duty was simple: protect Jessica. "You give her hope," Bess said.

Bess realized that Starr and others would suffer but said that all "we" cared about was Jessica's happiness. She hoped Jared and Natalie would survive Tess's foolhardy plans and knew that no matter what, the grief and guilt would cripple Jessica, which was why Hope would be needed to keep her busy and help her recover. She said that Viki would realize she was at the cottage and prepared to get ready for her arrival.

As she let her hair down and removed her glasses, Bess held Hope close to her and told her that the only ones who would know she wasn't Jessica's baby were the two of them, and they weren't telling. "No more chaos," she sighed, lying back against an armchair and closing her eyes.

In the basement of Llanfair, Viki, Charlie, Jared, and Natalie stood outside the secret room as the police bomb squad continued surveying the area. Natalie and Jared told their parents how Tess had almost freed them before experiencing major abdominal pains, and Viki was alarmed to realize Tess had gone into labor. Natalie told Viki they had to find Jessica and save her and the baby.

Bo and Clint arrived on the scene, and the foursome recounted their ordeal for the Buchanan brothers. Clint embraced Natalie, who tried to apologize for all the trouble she and Jared had caused. Clint told his daughter it was he who needed to apologize for his vindictive and selfish behavior toward her, regarding Buchanan Enterprises. He told Jared and Natalie that he'd gotten the company back from Dorian, but all that really mattered to him was Natalie's love and safety.

Bo began checking hospitals for reports of Tess, while Viki and Charlie explained how Tina had helped them locate the secret room. Viki vocalized her gratitude for her wayward sister, but Natalie and Jared chose to remain mum about Tina's involvement. Natalie told Viki that the mention of Nash was what had set Tess off again, and Viki deduced that the only place Tess could have escaped to for refuge was Nash and Jessica's cottage. Viki and Clint rushed off to the vineyard, but before she left, Viki hugged Charlie, thanking him for saving her daughters' lives.

Bo gave Jared and Natalie a once-over, and told them to go to the police station in the morning to give statements. He congratulated Charlie on his heroic efforts with the bomb then exited with the rest of his squad. Natalie told Charlie she could see how Viki still looked at him, and Charlie admitted that things were "better" between him and Viki. Natalie said that Charlie was good for her mother, and hoped they found their way back to each other.]

Charlie told Natalie that Jared had never given up on her. Sharing a private moment with his son, Charlie hugged Jared and exulted in their "second chance" at rebuilding their family. After Charlie was gone, Natalie and Jared kissed passionately and resolved to "get the hell out of here" as quickly as possible, leaving the secret room empty behind them.

In Starr's hospital room, Michael entered to check on the young mother, and Marcie asked him to stay and wait to meet Hope. Michael told Marcie and the Cramers that he'd find Dr. Joplin for them, but before he could leave, Dr. Joplin entered, ashen-faced. She broke the news to Blair, Starr, and Marcie that the baby had died, and the women were shocked and heartbroken. Michael and Marcie wanted to know how it was possible, and Dr. Joplin mumbled that the little girl had "arrested."

Blair turned on Dr. Joplin, angry and demanding answers, but the doctor had none to give. Marcie asked to see "Hope," and Dr. Joplin said she'd take her to the child. Sobbing, Starr choked out an apology to Marcie. Marcie wept and hugged the teenager, saying she was very grateful to Starr for the opportunity.

Michael left with Marcie and Dr. Joplin to see to "Hope," while a despondent Blair struggled to comfort her hysterical daughter. Starr couldn't understand how she'd had a perfect, healthy pregnancy for nine months, only to have it end in nothing. Blair told Starr that it wasn't her fault or anyone else's and begged her not to blame herself. Starr asked Blair to break the news to Dorian and Langston but told her to send Cole in to see her so she could tell him herself. Blair agreed and cried as she told Starr how proud she was of her. She exited, leaving Starr alone and devastated.

Dr. Joplin took Michael and Marcie to her office and allowed them to enter alone to see the baby. After the McBains went inside, Dr. Joplin collapsed against the doorframe, sobbing in anguish. In the office, the bereaved Marcie was face-to-face with "Baby Hope."

Cole returned to Dorian and Langston in the waiting area just in time for Blair to arrive. Her face grim, Blair asked Cole to go see to Starr. After the boy left, she managed to tell Dorian and Langston that Starr's baby was "gone." "It was a girl," Blair whispered. Langston burst into tears, and Dorian held her.

Cole raced into Starr's room. Taking one look in her eyes, he embraced her, while the shattered Starr tried to find the words to tell him what had happened to their daughter.

At the vineyard cottage, Jessica opened her eyes and awoke, surprised to find a newborn child cradled in her arms. Confused, she asked the baby if she belonged to her. Just then, Viki and Clint entered and were shocked to see Jessica lying there.

At Todd's house, Todd walked in on Marty holding John at gunpoint, just as John told her that Todd was her rapist. Marty was disbelieving of John's claim, but John insisted he was telling her the truth. He told Marty that Todd had been filling her head with lies and had capitalized on her injuries and memory loss to press his own advantage. John pulled one of his guns, but Marty threatened to shoot him if he tried to hurt Todd.

John agreed to put down his weapon but warned Marty, "You have no idea who you're protecting." He related the story of the gang rape and said that Todd had been the ringleader. Marty said she'd seen the men's faces. "Did you see the names?" John asked. He told her Todd had undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance, but Marty scoffed at him and said that Todd had warned her about John's lies and manipulation of the law. She refused to believe what he was telling her about "the man that I love."

John was disgusted by what Todd had done to Marty's mind, but Todd reassured Marty that their feelings for each other were totally "real." Todd tried to get Marty to hand him the gun, calling her "sweetie." Marty refused, saying that John would shoot him, and she'd have to kill him first. John said she wouldn't shoot him and added that she was too good for it, because she was "a wonderful mother." Marty did a double-take and asked, "What?" "You son of a bitch," John muttered, "you didn't tell her." John explained to Marty that she had a son.

Marty didn't want to believe what John was saying, but his words hit home with her own feelings and fragmented memories, and she began to spiral out of control. She looked to Todd, begging him to tell her it wasn't true and that John was lying. John pushed Todd to tell her the truth. "Tell me he's lying!" Marty cried, growing hysterical.

Todd was at a loss for words. "I didn't know that I was going to fall in love with you," he mumbled, "I didn't know that." He admitted it was true; she had a son. Stunned and angry, Marty ripped herself away from his comforting arms and cast her eyes back and forth between John and Todd, the gun still in her hand, unsure of her next move.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Wish That I Had Jessie's Girl:

In Dr. Joplin's office, Marcie picked up the baby girl that she believed was Hope. While Michael stood quietly nearby, Marcie spoke from her heart as she expressed her sorrow over losing a daughter she'd never had the opportunity to say "hello" to. After Marcie returned the tiny infant to the bassinet, Michael helped Marcie out of the office. In an effort to ease Marcie's heartache, Michael told Marcie that nothing could have been done to prevent the baby from dying. Marcie didn't appear to find much comfort in knowing her daughter could not have been saved.

In her hospital room, Starr had the grim task of telling Cole that their little girl had died. Cole was devastated by the news and asked Starr if the baby had been stillborn. Starr told him that their child had appeared healthy at birth but had died shortly afterwards. Cole comforted Starr as she wept over the loss of their baby. Later, the teens decided to go to Dr. Joplin's office to say goodbye to their daughter. Both were overcome with grief when they saw her still form in the bassinet. They held each other tightly as they tried to find the strength to accept the tragic loss.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared enjoyed their newfound freedom. They ran outside to breathe in the fresh air then returned to the kitchen. Natalie was furious that Tina had helped Tess, but her concern for Jessica overshadowed it.

At Cain's apartment, Tina watched the television with deep apprehension as the local news gave an update about the explosion at Llanfair. While Bree played nearby, Tina learned that no one had been hurt in the blast and that there had been minimal damage to Viki's home. Despite the good news, Tina was upset. She realized that her family might not be quick to forgive her for helping Tess kidnap and nearly kill Natalie and Jared.

Cain was sympathetic and invited Tina to run away with him. Although tempted, Tina declined the offer. She was prepared to face the consequences of her actions. For Sarah's sake, Tina decided to stay in Llanview. A short time later, Tina returned to Llanfair. As she stood in the kitchen, Natalie and Jared walked in. Neither looked pleased to see Tina.

At the vineyard's cottage, Viki and Clint walked in and found Jessica holding a baby. Jessica was disoriented and confused. Initially she had no idea where the baby was from nor how they had ended up in the cottage. Viki assumed the child was Jessica's. She gently told Jessica that Tess had reemerged as the dominant alter ego and had wrecked havoc for several months. Viki theorized that Tess had given birth before Jessica had returned to them. Jessica was stunned by the news and asked Viki how long Tess had been in control. Viki reluctantly told her daughter that Tess had appeared in July.

Jessica had a difficult time accepting that she had been "gone" for several months. She was also stunned to discover some of the awful things that Tess had done. While Viki tried to help Jessica accept all that had happened because of Tess, Clint called Natalie. Natalie was delighted to learn that Jessica had been found and that Natalie had a new niece. Natalie was also happy to feel as if she were a part of the family again. After Clint ended the call, Jessica and the baby were transported to the hospital via ambulance.

At the hospital, Viki ran into Marcie and Michael. Sensing that something was terribly wrong, Viki asked Marcie what happened. Viki was shocked when they told her that Starr's baby had died shortly after her birth. Marcie had noticed the baby that Viki had entered with and asked her whom the baby had belonged to. It was Marcie's turn to be surprised when Viki told her that Jessica had given birth to a little baby girl.

In Marty's bedroom, Todd was forced to face the music as Marty held him at gunpoint and demanded the truth from him. Todd was visibly uncomfortable as Marty waved the gun around, but he confessed to all of his lies and deceptions. Marty appeared overwhelmed at times. When Todd admitted that he knew about her son, Cole, and had deliberately misled Marty, she became furious. She felt that it was the ultimate betrayal. Todd explained that he had initially seen Marty as a tool to get back at those who had hurt him, but he had changed his mind after he'd fallen in love with her.

John remained mostly quiet and listened as Marty confronted Todd. When Marty began talking about the baby and their intention to raise Starr's child, John spoke up. Appalled that Todd had lied about Starr's baby, John forced Todd to tell Marty that Cole was the father of Starr's child. Marty couldn't believe the lengths to which Todd had gone in order to manipulate her. Todd agreed that he had no excuse for the things that he had done to Marty and apologized profusely. He kept telling her that he loved her and that she had inspired him to be a better person, but it had little impact on Marty.

Marty soon realized that if Todd had lied about everything else, then he might have also lied about John. John confirmed Marty's suspicions when he told her his version of events preceding the explosion that had left her with catastrophic injuries.

Sensing that Marty's hold on her control was tenuous at best, John tried to convince Marty to give him the gun. Marty ignored John's repeated requests for the gun and turned to Todd. Her disgust turned to rage when she asked Todd about the rape. Marty could only stare at Todd with horror as he admitted that he had been the ringleader of the gang that had raped her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Mad vs. Getting Even

Cristian received custody of Vanessa and Lola, but it created new problems for Sarah. Unable to make love on the small daybed within possible earshot of the women, she reluctantly decided to head to her own apartment, alone. Regretfully, Cristian explained that he couldn't go with her, having been entrusted with the women's supervision. He wondered what had happened to Sarah's sense of adventure, but she informed him that she needed to draw the line somewhere. He promised to make it up to her.

Later, Cristian was awakened when Vanessa arrived downstairs, allegedly in search of a glass of water. She noted that Sarah was gone and hoped she wasn't the reason. Cristian assured her she wasn't. Vanessa promised to rectify her legal situation as soon as she could. Cristian called Sarah but reached her voicemail. He said goodnight and promised that their circumstances would be better before too long. He told her he loved her. Vanessa remained on the stairs, unseen but listening.

There was a flurry of activity at the police station as Talia and Antonio attempted to locate information on Vanessa while Bo and Nora met to discuss the family situation at Llanfair. Nora was firm in her conviction that she needed to book Jessica on attempted murder, though she felt sure that they would never go to trial. They agreed that Jessica needed help.

Finished with their conversation, Bo routinely checked his phone messages. "What the hell's this," he growled after listening to a cryptic one from John. Nora rapidly filled him in on John's exploits, which had landed him in a jail cell, being held on contempt. Bo noted the time of the call, suggesting that John could hardly be in jail. Nora thought that perhaps it was John's one phone call.

Antonio and Talia had little success on their search, learning that trial files were sealed in Colombia. Bo asked Antonio to check on John in his cell. To everyone's surprise, Antonio returned, not with John, but with the cop who had been on duty. The officer described how John had rigged his own hanging, only to escape, leaving him bound in the cell. He mentioned how crazy John had been, saying that "she couldn't wait" after a suggestion that he follow the rules. John had told him that Marty was alive, and he needed to save her.

Jessica was routinely restrained in her hospital bed, but she advised her hesitant mother that she preferred it that way in case Tess were to return. Jessica found it difficult to understand why Tess had even shown up, since she had been integrated successfully. The last thing she remembered was attending her husband's funeral and screaming at Natalie. Viki explained that it was understandable for Tess to return after Nash had died. Jessica suggested that she should apologize to Natalie and could see by her parents' reaction that something was wrong. Clint and Viki merely told her that Natalie was safe, and Jessica should focus on herself and her daughters instead.

Jessica learned that her baby was perfect. Learning that Tina was back in town, Jessica offered to reserve judgment on her aunt. Viki gave her daughter a pep talk and agreed her new battle would not be easy. "It's like Nash died all over again," Jessica cried.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Blair and Dorian agreed that Starr needed her family, while Blair was worried about Cole. Even if the boy had Nora and John to go to, she knew that John had some unknown problem of his own involving Todd. When she learned that Todd had been to the hospital, Dorian exploded. She found it more than a coincidence that Starr's baby had died mysteriously after Todd had shown up.

An angry Blair was positive that Todd would never hurt a member of his family, even as Dorian mentioned Starr's falling down the steps when Todd had chased her. She also mentioned that there had been no firm reasons given for the baby's death. Blair ordered her aunt out and suggested that Dorian could hate Todd all she wanted but not around her.

Calming down, Blair and Dorian turned the conversation back to Starr's baby. Blair couldn't understand how the baby could be gone when she had been so strong at birth. Dorian promised to get answers. Encountering Viki on her way out, Dorian received Viki's heartfelt expression of sympathy and learned of the explosion at Llanfair. Viki informed her that Jessica's baby had been born and that Jared and Natalie had been located, actually thanks to something that Dorian herself had said in their previous conversation. Viki conceded that she owed Dorian and had no doubts that Dorian would attempt to collect on it. Dorian concurred.

Jessica had a nightmare, dreaming that Niki had delivered her stillborn baby. Clint, sitting nearby, calmed his daughter down. He assured her that it was only a dream. Dorian looked for Dr. Joplin and explanations. Blair listened to John's message and unsuccessfully tried to reach him on the phone.

At Llanfair, Tina was thrilled to learn that Natalie and Jared were in good health. "I'll bet," Jared sarcastically replied. Natalie informed her aunt that she and Jared wanted to celebrate their release from their prison and that Tina's presence was hampering them. Tina wondered if Viki knew about her part in the imprisonment and her non-disclosure of Jessica's problems. Natalie advised her that Viki didn't know yet but that she would.

As Jared and Natalie continued to berate Tina for her nonactions in all that had occurred, Tina weakly fought back. "I did all I could," she sputtered. A dumbfounded Jared couldn't believe the spin that Tina was putting on it, especially when she noted that it was actually she who had saved the couple by leading Charlie and Viki to them. It was duly noted that while Tina was Viki's sister, she was Todd's sister, as well.

A whining Tina acknowledged that she had been a victim, too, and Tess had blackmailed her. She had other issues like David Vickers being kidnapped, but had returned as soon as she could, she continued. Her prime motive for her actions had been to protect her daughter, Sarah. Tina offered to do anything she could to make it up to Natalie and Jared. Natalie had the perfect suggestion for her aunt. She wanted Tina to leave town right away and expected her to be gone by the time Natalie was finished with her bath. As Tina deliberated her next move, Viki returned home.

As Marty gasped for air and tried to steady herself, Todd not only admitted to having raped her but to being the ringleader of the others and hurting her the most. Turning the tables, Todd insisted that she could have found out everything earlier. He reminded her of how he had asked her to leave and how she could have read the names on the computer. He felt that a part of him had always wanted her to know the truth, but he insisted that she made him a new man, something that his new face couldn't even do. John remained silent as the confrontation continued.

Insisting that even Marty had seen him change, Todd suggested that it was a "weird twist of fate" that they were together. John quickly piped up that it was a kidnapping. Ignoring John, Todd admitted again that he had planned to use Marty at first, but he was no longer the man that had raped her. He had changed because of her, and she let him be good to her. He added that every time she smiled, it took away some of the pain he had carried with him. He could be different because she could love him or care about him, and their night together wouldn't have happened otherwise, he persisted.

Marty's response indicated otherwise, as she told Todd he was living in a fantasy world and that he had used her. "You raped me all over again," she seethed. Finally, a perplexed and then enraged John, having heard enough, grabbed Todd and began to beat him, punching and kicking him mercilessly. He pulled his gun on Todd once the man was unable to get up.

Todd urged John to pull the trigger. John had other ideas, noting that he was taking Todd to the police station to be charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and rape. "It's over," John told him. "No, it's not," Marty responded, training her gun on Todd.

Friday, November 14, 2008

An Eye for an I

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared celebrated their freedom in an upstairs bedroom. While Jared was excited to have escaped with their lives, Natalie was thankful that Jessica was safe, Tina planned to leave town, and Viki would never learn the truth about her sister's part in Tess's plot. Natalie prayed that Jessica would forgive them for Nash's death. Amazed at Natalie's love for her sister, Jared gave her a loving kiss, and the two made love.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Viki, who had returned home to check on Natalie and Bree, encountered Tina. Viki informed Tina that Jessica had given birth and had been temporarily committed to the psychiatric ward. After Viki thanked Tina for being present during the family crisis, Tina startled her with news that she intended to leave town that night. Reminding Tina that Sarah needed her, Viki begged her sister to reconsider and remain at Llanfair. As Viki insisted that she was thrilled with having Tina back and thanked her for picking the lock and helping save Natalie and Jared, Tina shocked Viki when she blurted out that she had helped Tess trap Natalie and Jared in the basement and had done nothing to alert anyone.

Amazed that Tina would join forces with Tess, Viki blamed her for allowing Natalie and Jared to remain in the basement and nearly meet their demise. Unwilling to accept responsibility for her actions, Tina insisted that Tess had blackmailed her with threats of Carlo killing Sarah if Tina didn't cooperate with her. A disgusted Viki told her sister that she thought that Tina had finally changed and had done something selfless for once. Viki wondered if Tina had intended on leaving town without ever revealing the truth. Hoping to change Viki's opinion of her, Tina announced that Natalie had requested that she leave town without any mention of her actions and stated that she felt that Viki needed to know the truth. Lashing out at her sister, Viki demanded that Tina leave Llanfair and never return.

In Starr's hospital room, Blair tried her best to console Starr and Cole as the teens grieved the loss of their child. Cole asked Blair if baby Hope could be buried next to his mother's grave. Starr insisted that Marcie be included in the discussion. After Cole left to locate Marcie, Starr told Blair that she needed to speak with Todd and tell him about the baby. Stating that Todd would only make matters worse, Blair discouraged Starr from phoning her father but soon gave in.

Michael approached Marcie outside the maternity ward, gazing at Brennan through the window. As Marcie admired Jessica's beautiful baby, Mike suggested that she leave. Realizing that Mike feared she might kidnap the child, Marcie assured him that she wasn't capable of committing such an act again. A worried Mike expressed that he was concerned about Marcie. Cole interrupted the discussion and told Marcie that Starr wanted to speak with her.

Alone with Mike, Cole admitted to having a difficult time accepting the death of his child. Stating that he needed time to accept the tragedy, Cole didn't want to explain what had happened to everyone. He was certain that Todd would fault him for the child's death. With a sigh of relief, Cole admitted to being grateful that he didn't have to explain the baby's death to his mother.

At the Llanview Police Station, Bo, Nora, Antonio, and Talia were alarmed to learn that John had mentioned that Marty was alive and residing at Todd's home. Although Antonio, Talia, and Nora feared that John had possibly lost touch with reality, Bo believed that John's suspicions might be correct.

After placing several calls, Nora discovered that a witness had gone before the judge and had identified Marty as the woman living in Todd's home. Upon learning that the witness had placed Marty at Todd's home, Bo began to doubt that Marty might be alive and that Todd was capable of hurting her again. Bo believed that Todd would never consider harming Marty after his past violent acts against her and felt that Marty would fight for her life if Todd ever attempted to harm her.

Bo suggested that if Marty was actually alive, perhaps Todd wasn't holding her against her will. Reminding Bo that Todd had held hostages in the past, Nora believed that Marty might be unable to fight Todd off due to the injuries she'd suffered as a result of her accident.

While Marty held a bloody Todd at gunpoint, John tried to convince Marty to phone the police and leave with him. Refusing to be the victim, Marty declared, "It's not over until I say so!" As John continued to plead with Marty to put down the gun, Marty took great pleasure in terrorizing Todd. John told her that she would regret her actions and could get her life back if she did the right thing. Marty continued to contemplate ways to kill Todd and get away with it.

When John announced that he was calling the police, Marty stated that Todd would get away with his crimes, just as he had done in the past. As John convinced Marty to allow him to contact the authorities, a badly beaten Todd spoke up and begged Marty to kill him because he deserved it. Marty continued to point the weapon at him.

Starr phoned Todd but received no answer. Attempting to soothe Starr, Blair turned on the radio. A special news bulletin announced that John had escaped from jail. After Starr encouraged her mother to go to the police station and check on John, Marcie paid Starr a visit. A guilt-ridden Starr apologized to Marcie for losing the baby. Thanking Starr for allowing her to participate in the development and delivery of her child, Marcie promised Starr that she would find a way to recover from the loss.

When Starr noticed a case that Marcie was holding, Marcie told her that it contained a locket. Marcie said that she had planned to place a lock of the baby's hair inside and give it to Starr. Marcie had wanted Starr to always be close to the baby. The two shared an embrace.

Back at Todd's home, Marty still wanted to kill Todd for deceiving her. As Todd's cell phone rang, Marty teased him about being a victim and being unable to receive help. John told Marty that she wasn't a killer, but Marty sadly stated that she wasn't sure of whom she was. Trembling, Marty continued to point the weapon at Todd and asked John to tell her what he knew about her. John told Marty that she was a wonderful person.

Marty wanted to know why John wanted to spare Todd's life. John said that he didn't care about Todd and was only concerned about the impact it would have on her. When Marty replied that she wasn't worth saving, John reminded her that she had a son to consider. The mention of her son sent Marty in a rage. Marty was livid that Todd had lied about her child's existence.

John pleaded with Marty to think about her future and asked her to withdraw the weapon. Insisting that Todd would win if she killed him, John begged Marty not to allow Todd to take anything else from her. In tears, Marty dropped the gun and ran downstairs. As Todd lay helpless on the floor, John ran after Marty.

As John helped Marty down the stairs, Antonio, Talia, and a team of officers entered the home with their weapons drawn. Antonio expressed his surprise at discovering Marty, but she looked dazed and confused. John explained that Marty had lost her memory, and sent Antonio upstairs to read Todd his Miranda Rights. Suggesting that Marty needed to go to the hospital for a checkup, John offered to accompany her, but Talia told him that he was under arrest.

Upstairs, Antonio discovered that Todd had suffered serious injuries. After requesting that an ambulance transport Todd to the hospital, Antonio asked Todd who had beaten him. In a weak voice, Todd replied, "I did!"

Seeking information about John, Blair showed up at the police station. When Bo refused to give Blair any information, she related that she had information that he could possibly use. Stating that John had informed her that he was working on a case concerning Todd, Blair didn't think it was possible that Todd could have committed a crime more dastardly than he had already.

Starr opened Marcie's locket and cried when she thought about her baby.

Hand in hand, Marcie and Mike left the hospital.

A sadden Tina packed her bags and left Llanfair. In disgust, Viki watched her leave. After, Viki broke down in tears as she thought about her sister.

A bloodied Todd was transported to the hospital.

Leaving the station, Blair encountered a handcuffed John being led into Bo's office.

As Marty and Talia entered the hospital, Cole walked around the corner. Cole and Marty stood face-to-face. While a look of shock crossed Cole's face, Marty gave him a blank stare.

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