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The scene has been set. Alan and Grady are framing Bill for Lizzie's kidnapping; even his own parents doubt him. So on a painful day in Lizzie's life, one where she celebrates the birth of her wayward daughter, Bill opens his a future behind bars?

I have to admit that GL's version of Thanksgiving madness - which continued this week - has topped anything I've ever witnessed.

Poor Bill has been lying in a coma for weeks - with Lizzie at his side. But the scene has been set. Alan and Grady are framing him for Lizzie's kidnapping. Even his own PARENTS doubt him. So on a painful day in Lizzie's life - one where she celebrates the birth of her wayward daughter - Bill opens his eyes... to a future behind bars?

It's so typical soap fare - but on a holiday? Surely they could have done it another day. I would have loved to see Vanessa, Billy, Alex and Alan all sharing a Thanksgiving feast together. Guess I'll have to wait until Christmas.

While the spoilers had tipped me to what would happen, even I didn't see Grady's carving of Bill's chest to sprinkle some seeds of doubt for Lizzie to pick up on. I have to admit that the move was a little gross - no offense to Daniel Cosgrove's chest - but the thought of him carving up a comatose guy to better frame him really cross a line with me.

At least the Boudreaux family holiday sparks were of the marital kind - no one was injured. Unless you count poor Remy's pride. As the baby of the family (until the arrival of niece Leah) he has long been the source of his family focus. His year has been one full of anguish, with the death of baby Max. But to have his Type A family of doctors find out that he had a quickie wedding at a casino means that poor Remy is still the family underdog - despite acing the MCAT's. Still, I like his pairing with Christina and hope that GL lets this under-used character find some happiness in 2009. And how about a beau for Mel?

The Springfield reunion across the pond between Dinah and Shayne has me intrigued. Sure, their exes are about to get hitched. But Shayne has been gone for years (and countless Marina beaus). It seems that this version of Shayne is much darker than when we last saw him in Springfield. With Reva battling cancer while pregnant, Josh newly divorced and unemployed, it's hardly a great time for a homecoming. But at least he can have his father's focus while he attempts to recover. Fans who don't remember Shayne from his last incarnation aren't aware of his car accident (caused by Josh) that left him with back issues - now exasperating his current health issues. As someone with some herniated discs from my own (multiple) car accidents, I can feel his pain - just not his anger. Long time GL'ers remember Josh as an angry young man in a wheelchair after a car accident - I just hope GL shows that footage with legend, the late Charita Bauer (ex-Bert Bauer) chastising a young Josh for his attitude.

The most hopeful moment of the week had to be the nervous Jeffrey serenading Reva and their baby during her first chemo treatment. I know that there are probably as many fans out there who aren't fans of this couple, but their chemistry is great. How this will change with Shayne in Springfield is anyone's guess.

This week is the Cooper Clan wedding (hopefully Eleni stays to see the fireworks!) of Marina and Mallet. But you know that since nothing has gone smoothly with this couple yet, how can anyone expect the wedding to go off (a second time if you count the botched elopement) without a hitch?

So watch the fireworks this week as families battle and sides are drawn - can we hope for a peaceful holiday season? Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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