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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on GL
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Monday, December 1, 2008

As Vanessa and Billy waited in the hospital hallway for word on Bill, Dinah called Vanessa from Germany to wish her a happy holiday. Vanessa thanked Dinah for the doctor referrals and wondered if Dinah had found what she'd been looking for. Dinah bleakly said she didn't know. Vanessa knew that it was hard to be alone on the holiday, and she suggested that Dinah do volunteer work if she became bored in her travels.

Upon Vanessa's suggestion, Dinah volunteered to take Thanksgiving dinners to American soldiers at a military infirmary. She visited a man in a sick bed. The nameplate above him read, "Sergeant Jack Randolph." She told the man that she was Dinah Marler, and he sneered that Dinah Marler would come to visit him. Confused, Dinah replied that she was spreading cheer to all the soldiers in the hospital. The man derided her and said that it was the season for people like Dinah to make themselves feel better by "visiting cripples." When the man said she wasn't with her family at Thanksgiving because either she couldn't stand them or they couldn't stand her, Dinah called him ungrateful and said she'd made a mistake in going there.

Dinah left angry, but after a short cooling off, she returned to the man's room and found him struggling to walk with a cane. She asked him what had happened to his legs, and the frustrated man retorted, "What happened to your life?" Dinah tried to assist him back into bed, but he refused her help. He screamed at her to get out until she reluctantly retreated.

Dinah went to a pub for a drink, where a disturbance at a chess table caught her attention. Her arrogant friend was bumping the chess table with his wheelchair and accusing his German opponent of cheating. His opponent refused to "fight a cripple," and Dinah's friend smashed the chess pieces across the table, daring his opponent to see what a cripple could do. After the men landed a couple swings on each other, Dinah hastily wheeled her protesting friend to another part of the pub.

The friend claimed he'd been fighting because the other guy had called him a cripple. Dinah felt that her friend had been looking for trouble since he was angry about being in a wheelchair. "Maybe," he murmured, remaining insolent. Dinah wondered if she could call anyone for him, but he told her that the worst thing about being in his chair was that he couldn't get away from people fast enough. He told her to go back to Springfield, where she'd said she'd come from. Wheeling himself away, he said, "Remind me to never visit."

Dinah returned to the chess table and plopped down with a beer. She discovered a wristwatch on the floor. She stared toward the exit and then frowned and set the watch down. Back at the German infirmary, an officer asked Dinah's bruised friend what he'd done that time. When he was glib with the officer, the officer said he shouldn't keep hanging around there since he'd refused treatment. Dinah's friend replied that he liked playing soldier and Randolph's bed had been empty at the time. The officer told him to never become a real soldier. The man in the wheelchair claimed he was a natural at it, and he saluted, saying, "Shayne Lewis reporting for duty, sir!"

When Bill finally awakened at Cedars, Lizzie informed him that he'd been in an accident while escaping the kidnappers. Excited to have Bill back, Lizzie reminded him of the promises they'd made each other before the accident. Bill affirmed that he never wanted her to leave his side. As Lizzie discreetly threw away the newspaper that announced Bill's indictment, Bill couldn't believe it was Thanksgiving. He asked if they had caught the kidnappers, but Lizzie told him not to worry about the case right then. Bill remembered that it was Sarah's birthday. Lizzie smiled, saying that Bill had been the only one to remember, even after a coma. She had given Reva a card for Sarah in case Reva knew where to mail it. Bill replied that the first thing they would do when he was released was find Lizzie's daughter.

A nurse peeked in on Lizzie and Bill. She went to tell Bill's parents that Bill had awakened. The nurse then called Frank, who had asked for updates on Bill's condition. Vanessa, Billy, and Lizzie doted on Bill as the doctor examined him. Frank gravely strolled into the room, saying that he hated what he was there to do. Everyone spoke at once as Frank placed Bill under arrest for Lizzie's kidnapping. Bill incredulously asked if they really thought he'd kidnapped Lizzie. Frank said Bill had been indicted. Since the doctor wouldn't release Bill that day, Frank decided to let Bill turn himself in on his own. Frank left, trusting that he didn't need to place a guard at Bill's door.

Billy apprised Bill of the evidence the police had against him. Lizzie told Bill that he was being framed. Bill didn't understand why it was happening, and Vanessa tried to explain the motive the police had come up with. Lizzie quieted his parents, saying that anyone who loved Bill knew that he was innocent. Vanessa was upset that Bill had to wake up to such a mess. Lizzie thought they should be thankful that he woke up at all. Lizzie called it the best Thanksgiving ever. Billy agreed, since they'd gotten Bill back.

Vanessa and Billy left to grab a quick meal, and Bill asked Lizzie about the hostility between her and his parents. She asked him if he had noticed that she was the only person telling him that he was innocent. She said it had been hard for her because she'd been fighting his conviction on her own. Bill kissed her forehead, realizing that she was the only one who believed in him. Lizzie said they'd fight the charges together. Lizzie climbed into bed with him and they wished each other a happy Thanksgiving.

The Boudreau family ate Thanksgiving dinner at Towers, where Remy tried to avoid discussing medical school and his personal life. Christina called Remy for an update on the divorce. Remy murmured that it wasn't a good time, and he asked her if she knew what day it was. Christina asked him where he was. He said he was at Towers and then hung up. A miffed Christina couldn't believe Remy had hung up on his wife.

Christina charged over to Towers to berate Remy for blowing her off. When she saw the family having dinner, she was embarrassed that she'd forgotten it was a holiday. Remy stammered as he referred to Christina as his friend, who he'd met during the MCAT. Over Remy and Christina's protests, Clayton insisted that Christina join them for dessert. As the family tried to get to know Christina, she seemed intimidated to sit at a table of doctors. When Felicia asked Christina about the MCAT, Remy tried to change the subject. Assuming that Remy was embarrassed of her, Christina argued that she didn't care if his family knew she'd failed the test or if they knew her and Remy's true situation. Christina stood up and reintroduced herself to Remy's family as his wife. Clayton, Felicia, and Leah looked confused, Mel despaired, and Remy covered his face with a napkin.

Christina and Remy faulted each other as they explained to his scrutinizing parents how they'd gotten married. Upon pondering, Clayton said the marriage might not be a bad thing. Felicia objected that the couple didn't even know each other. Clayton said things happened for a reason, and Felicia replied that the reason had been that they had been drunk. An upset Christina left the table. The whole family stared expectantly at Remy. When he didn't move, they ordered him to go after his wife.

Remy caught up to Christina near the train tracks, where she told him to stay on his ritzy side of the tracks. She emotionally quibbled about Remy being privileged. Confused, Remy said she was making a big deal out of nothing. Christina tearfully replied that nothing was all she had on her side of the tracks. She said she'd forgotten Thanksgiving because she didn't really have any family. All she'd wanted was the divorce out of the way, but she'd walked in on "the Huxtables" having Thanksgiving dinner. Surprised to learn that Christina's parents were, in her words, "long gone," and that her grandmother could barely recognize her, Remy humbly invited Christina to finish her pie. He said her pie was in his car, but she'd have to cross to his side of the tracks to eat it. He said he'd make room for her over there. Christina strolled with him back across the train tracks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After reading about Bill's recovery and arrest in the morning paper, Alan left Grady a message that Bill was awake. He ordered Grady to call him back with his assurances that Bill couldn't identify Grady as the kidnapper. Meanwhile, at the convenience store, Grady explained to Daisy that his cell phone had been limited to receiving calls only since he hadn't paid the bill. Daisy told Grady that she was anxious to visit her Uncle Bill, who had awakened from his coma. Grady drove her to the hospital.

Once Daisy arrived in Bill's room, she explained that she'd found him and Lizzie at the van crash site. Bill asked Daisy to walk him around the hospital, and they ran into Grady in the hallway. A disappointed Bill had hoped that Grady and Cyrus had left town, but Daisy explained that she and Grady were dating again. Grady congratulated Bill on his recovery and said he'd see Daisy back at his house. After Bill and Daisy walked off, Grady smiled in relief and amazement.

Bill and Daisy returned to his room after their walk, and Daisy became emotional while looking at newspaper articles that Bill had been clipping out regarding the kidnapping case. She shivered, recalling the frightening scene at the van crash site. She felt that if other people had seen Bill's love and dedication to Lizzie in the face of death, they would know that he hadn't abducted Lizzie. Choked with tears, she felt inspired by their connection.

Grady went to Company, where Ashlee approached him to begrudgingly say that since he'd helped her, she'd decided to stop fighting his relationship with Daisy. With a placating smile, Grady tried to dismiss Ashlee, but she continued that she still didn't want her best friend dating a loser. When she mentioned finding him a real job, Grady asked to borrow her phone to check on a job lead. He went outside to call Alan to relay that Bill hadn't a clue about the abductor's identity. Alan invited him to the house to discuss it. When he returned inside, Daisy entered. Grady placed his arm around Ashlee's shoulder and said they'd just been talking about Daisy. He then kissed Daisy and said he had to go to a job interview. A confused Daisy watched him leave and then stared questioningly at a grinning Ashlee.

When Grady met Alan in the mansion parlor, he seemed to think he'd done his job in making Bill look guilty. Alan replied that the guiltier Bill looked, the stronger Lizzie's faith in Bill became. Grady found it ironic that Lizzie was the only one who believed in Bill and the only one who was actually right. Grady hinted that there might be more things to shake Lizzie's faith. Alan handed Grady a stack of cash and said he still needed Grady's services. Grady decided that Cyrus had been right in saying that the situation would end badly if they kept pressing it. He took Alan's money, but left, saying that Alan was better off on his own.

Even though they'd cooled off their affair, Coop left Beth a message that he'd be in their hotel room in case she wanted to join him after an exam that she had that day. Overhearing his call, Ashlee pressed Coop for details about his new friend. Coop only revealed that it could never be a serious relationship. When he said that was what he liked about it, Ashlee replied that Coop didn't know how to have a casual relationship.

At the mansion, Beth saw Coop's name on her Caller ID and put her phone away. Alan suggested they go to the hospital to support Lizzie. Beth refused to visit Bill after his indictment. Alan asked her about the possibility of Bill's innocence. She said she'd apologize to him later if that turned out to be the case. Beth thought Alan wanted Bill away from Lizzie. Alan said he wanted many things, like his wife back in his bed. Beth claimed that between Alan's snoring and Peyton's teething, the guest bedroom was the only place where she could rest. Alan assured Beth that he didn't care about Bill's guilt or innocence; he just wanted him out of Lizzie's life for good. Beth kissed him, noting that he sounded like the Alan whom she knew and loved.

As Beth searched the parlor for her notes for her open book exam, Alan advised her to skip the test for lunch with him. Beth said it wasn't some high school test. Lizzie entered, excited to move Bill's things into her room before he came home that day. Beth asked Lizzie if she were crazy for supporting the man who'd been responsible for holding her hostage. Lizzie defended that Bill was awake and suffering for a crime he didn't commit. She was disappointed that her family wouldn't support Bill and her. She abruptly excused herself upstairs to start the move.

Later, at the hospital, Lizzie readied Bill for checkout, telling him that she'd retained Mel as his lawyer. After Lizzie sneaked a discharged Bill past reporters, they sat out by the lake. Lizzie told him that she'd read him love stories while he'd been unconscious. She said Dinah had been supportive as well, but Dinah's distress over Bill's condition had caused her to leave town. Lizzie thought Dinah would be happy to hear about Bill's recovery. Lizzie spotted a reporter across the lake and decided to take Bill home.

Later, Lizzie was upstairs in their room at the mansion while Bill read the newspaper in the parlor. Alan entered and welcomed home Lizzie's kidnapper. Unsurprised that Alan believed he was guilty, Bill stated that Lizzie and he believed in each other. Alan said the whole world thought Bill was guilty, and Alan had complete faith that Lizzie would see who Bill really was.

Bill went upstairs, where Lizzie asked him what he thought of their room. Bill said he'd heard from the nurses that Lizzie had been relentlessly dedicated to him during his coma. Lizzie felt she'd done for him exactly what he'd done for her when she had been missing. He asked her again whether she'd questioned his involvement in the crime, and Lizzie expressed her resounding faith in him once more. Bill told her that he couldn't adequately express how much he loved her and how important she was to him. They began to make love, but when Lizzie pulled open his shirt, she stared in shock at a fresh scar on his chest.

Over a meal at Towers, Buzz listened to Lillian talk about Lizzie and Bill. When she mentioned Beth, Buzz looked ill and blurted out that Beth was seeing a man other than Alan. An amazed Lillian replied that it wasn't an impossibility, but she wondered how Buzz knew about it. "Does seeing her in her nightie count?" Buzz replied. Buzz then explained how Beth had confided in him after their embarrassing encounter at the Beacon. Lillian seemed at a loss about her adult child. She smiled awkwardly and jokingly asked what Buzz had thought of Beth in her nightgown. Buzz replied that Beth couldn't compare to her mother.

Lillian went straight to the mansion, and Beth instantly knew that Buzz had told Lillian about her fling. Beth defended that it wasn't an affair because she and Alan hadn't remarried. She said she'd needed someone to lean on when her family had been chaotic, but things had returned to normal. Lillian wondered if the affair was over, and Beth's silence indicated to her that it wasn't. Lillian tried to reason with Beth, but Alan entered the room. Beth left for school and Lillian gazed wryly at Alan.

Later, Coop was glad to see Beth entering their room at the Beacon, but she said she couldn't stay. She felt their relationship had gotten too complicated since Buzz had leaked her affair to Lillian. Coop reminded Beth that she wasn't in high school anymore and Lillian couldn't ground her. Beth fretted about Alan uncovering the affair, but Coop seduced her with a shower of kisses. After they slept together, Beth dressed, saying that Lillian was right: Alan had returned to himself and Beth no longer needed her relationship with Coop. Coop wondered what Alan's allure was. Beth reminded Coop that they could walk away from their fling at any time. He agreed, and he said he wouldn't stop her. Beth hesitantly said she'd see him around, and left.

At Company later, an infuriated Coop stalked around the kitchen. Buzz wondered what his problem was, and Coop retorted that Beth just loved how Buzz had ratted her out to Lillian. When Buzz didn't understand what Coop had to do with it, Coop revealed that he was Beth's secret lover.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cyrus tracked Grady down at the seedy motel room that Grady had rented with Alan's money. Grady said no one was supposed to know where he was, but Cyrus had bribed a motel attendant for his room number. Grady considered his job with Alan done, but Cyrus doubted Bill would lie down and accept a conviction. Grady showed Cyrus the wound Lizzie had inflicted upon him with the key and insinuated that Bill had the exact same mark on his left pectoral. "You cut a guy in a coma?" Cyrus asked. Grady chuckled that it was brilliant because, once Lizzie saw the mark on Bill, she would have personal proof that Bill was her abductor.

Grady left the hotel room, but Cyrus was still there when Alan came knocking. Cyrus told him that no one was supposed to know about Grady's room. Alan said that his business with Grady wasn't done until Bill was completely out of Alan's life. Cyrus replied that Grady had the situation under control. Alan doubted that he could trust Grady, but on the other hand, Cyrus had developed a conscience somewhere between breaking the hearts of Alex, Marina, and Harley. Alan hinted that he paid well if Cyrus wanted a job other than being Grady's keeper. Cyrus replied by showing Alan the door. "I'll take that as a maybe," Alan said.

When Lizzie saw the fresh scar on Bill's chest, she retreated to the bathroom, leaving a confused Bill to study the scar in the bedroom mirror. Lizzie recomposed herself, and, upon exiting the bathroom, she revealed to Bill that his scar reminded her of the mark she'd placed on the kidnapper. Looking at the scar, Lizzie concluded that Bill was being set up. Bill asked if she really thought the kidnapper had cut him somehow. She considered that Bill could have been injured in the car accident, but she wouldn't allow the mark to shake her faith in him.

Bill went downstairs, saying he didn't want her to sleep with him to prove her dedication. Instead, they brainstormed about the culprits of the setup. After Lizzie ruled out Alan, Bill asked her about her time in captivity. Lizzie said it was frightening, but the kidnapper had actually taken care of her. She apologized for making a big deal of the scar and took him upstairs to rest.

Afterward, Lizzie went to the mini-mart, where Cyrus congratulated her on Bill's recovery. When he asked what she was looking for at the store, she said some vanishing cream for a scar that Alex had. He handed her some oil that would help minimize scars, but he advised that Alex should consult a plastic surgeon to remove the scar permanently. Lizzie offered to hire Cyrus to uncover the truth about her kidnapping. When he hesitated, Lizzie wondered if he thought she were crazy for having blind faith in Bill. Cyrus responded that Alex had held blind faith in Cyrus at one point. After a pause, he agreed to help, and Lizzie hugged him.

Meanwhile, in the mansion's dining room, Bill consulted Mel about his case. When Mel wondered if Bill had any information that the police didn't, Bill showed her the scar and confided in her about its possible significance. Mel suggested he rebutton his shirt and never show anyone the scar again. She asked him how he planned to plea. Bill said that Lizzie thought he was innocent and she was all that mattered.

Once Mel and Bill arrived at the police station, Frank attempted to question Bill. Bill referred Frank to his lawyer, and Frank took him down for fingerprinting. Later, Lizzie entered the police station to learn any news about the investigation. She was shocked to discover that Bill had turned himself in. Mel left upon advising Bill not to speak to the police without her. Bill told Lizzie that he was the only kidnapping suspect, and he expected to have an immediate trial date. Lizzie said she wanted to escape somewhere that they could be alone together.

Buzz was disappointed in Coop's reckless involvement with Alan's wife. Coop corrected that Beth was no longer married to Alan, but Buzz asserted that the couple lived together with a child. Coop stated that he and Beth hadn't intentionally become involved, but it had just happened while he'd been suffering from writer's block. Coop was tired of being the good guy, citing that being a good guy got Frank nowhere with Natalia. Coop said he didn't want to write the end of his book before he had a chance to live it. Buzz implored him to think things through, but Coop planned to go wherever things would take him with Beth.

At the mini-mart later, Coop called Beth to warn her that he'd confessed to Buzz. Beth exploded, certain that Buzz would tell Lillian. Just then, Alan entered the store, saying that he'd been looking for Coop. Beth shrieked, and Coop murmured that he had to call her back. Alan was concerned that Coop wouldn't be fair to James, Coop's new eighth grade student. Alan said he didn't trust Coop after reading his last book. Coop was surprised that Alan had bought his book. Alan replied that Beth had bought it, and Coop smiled to himself. Coop thought Alan might learn something from his next book about a younger man having a tryst with an older woman. Alan chuckled, "From a boy like you?" Coop assured him that he wasn't a boy. He also said that he would be fair to James. Coop stated that, when he'd dated Lizzie, he'd gotten along with all the Spauldings, except for Alan.

Later, Buzz grimaced at Beth and Coop, who passionately kissed outside, near Company's window. At the mansion, Alan called Beth and left a message saying that Lillian should move in with them if Beth needed to spend so much time with her. Cyrus entered to tell Alan that their previous talk had inspired him to take a job. Cyrus announced that Lizzie had hired him to track the kidnapper. Alan assumed that Cyrus intended to protect Grady, but Alan wanted protection, also. Cyrus said Alan needed to "kick in a few bucks" for that to happen.

After Rick advised Olivia to take it easy while he was still adjusting her pacemaker, Olivia struggled to catch her breath in the Beacon hallway. Decker approached her and was concerned that she looked flushed. He questioned her ability to handle the Asian tour that was scheduled for the following week. Olivia feigned wellness, saying that all she had needed was a moment's rest. She asked Decker if there was a chance that the hedge fund could rebound, but he said, "No, we all got spanked on that one."

Frank and Buzz worried about Natalia's exhaustion over the previous few days. Frank informed Buzz that she'd taken the nightshift at Farley's. Frank approached her as she bused Company tables to ask why she was working so much. Natalia explained what had happened with the hedge fund she'd heard about from Olivia and Decker. She tried to keep working, but Frank forced her to sit down for a break. He told her that working herself to death wouldn't bring the money back. He said Rafe wouldn't want her wasting her life trying to make up for one mistake. When Natalia said she had no life, Frank asked her on a date. Natalia turned him down, saying that it was a bad time in her life for dating.

Olivia brought Emma to Company, and they saw that Natalia looked exhausted. Natalia filled Olivia in on some Beacon business, and Olivia blurted out that she wanted to give Natalia a raise. Natalia said that would be wonderful, but it wouldn't stop her from working at Company. After her shift, Natalia wrote Rafe a letter telling him that she wouldn't rest until all of his dreams came true. She then counted her meager tips and sobbed.

When Olivia left Company, she ran into Frank outside. He chided her for getting Natalia involved in the hedge fund, but Olivia defended that she didn't know that Natalia had been listening in on her conversation with Decker. She also didn't know Natalia would pour her life savings into the fund. Olivia claimed to be trying to help Natalia. Frank told Olivia to stop trying to be a good person because it would never work. Olivia looked tearful as he walked off. Olivia went to Decker's suite at the Beacon and said she wanted him to give Natalia back her money.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Decker's hotel room, Olivia asked Decker to return Natalia's money. She explained that a struggling widow like Natalia wasn't savvy enough for his high stakes game, and she didn't think he wanted a reputation for ruining good people. Olivia grew noticeably winded as she debated. Since Decker liked Natalia, he decided to consider Olivia's request. Olivia graciously promised him that he wouldn't miss the money. "Oh, I'll miss it," Decker replied. Olivia soberly said that was too bad, and left his room. In the hall, she braced herself on a bench.

At the prison, Frank visited Rafe to say he'd gotten Rafe an exclusive job in the prison library. In return, Frank said Rafe had to get his GED. Rafe ecstatically agreed. Frank discussed how worried he was about Natalia. Rafe asked Frank why he didn't just admit that he wanted to date Natalia. Frank feigned ignorance, but Rafe figured that Frank would be good for her. When a bashful Frank radiated while talking about Natalia, Rafe chuckled that he'd seen that look before from Gus. Frank said he wasn't Gus, but he vowed that Natalia would have a good life with him. Frank wished for just one date with her. Rafe encouraged him to go after her.

At the boarding house, a worn-out Natalia prayed about her money situation before starting her day. She asked for forgiveness for squandering the money and requested that God watch out for Rafe. She encountered Buzz on her way out, and he said Frank had told him about the investment. He offered to let her float the rent, but Natalia insisted on paying on time. He optimistically encouraged her to follow her dreams, saying that maybe the next time would be different. Natalia had forgotten her briefcase and returned to her room to retrieve it.

On her way back downstairs, Natalia spotted Marina and Mallet kissing below. She overheard them professing their love for each other and their desire to marry. Marina and Mallet thought that their relationship had progressed naturally from partners, to friends, to roommates. Marriage felt right to them. Marina had hesitated to marry at the casino because she hadn't been sure that Mallet had been sure. Mallet reassured her that he wanted the marriage, and Marina kissed him, saying that she had a wedding to plan. After she left, Natalia came downstairs, bashfully grinning at Mallet as she strolled by. Mallet quizzically glanced at Natalia. He then called someone and cryptically said Marina didn't suspect a thing.

Later, at the police station, Natalia asked Frank to help her hire officers for an off-duty event at the Beacon. Frank announced that he'd gotten Rafe a job at the library that would help him get his GED. Natalia enthusiastically hugged him and then she congratulated him on Marina's engagement. She told a confused Frank that she'd overhead the couple outside Company, but she quickly realized Frank hadn't been told yet.

Just then, Olivia called Natalia to say that she was outside Decker's room, too weak to walk. Natalia rushed out of the station and arrived at the Beacon quickly. As Natalia helped Olivia down the hallway, she insisted on taking Olivia to the hospital. Decker opened his door and quietly observed the women.

Natalia took Olivia to the hospital to get her pacemaker calibrated. Olivia apologized for not warning Natalia about the hedge fund. Olivia couldn't understand why Natalia never got angry about anything. Olivia said she would have smacked Natalia if Natalia had cost her that kind of money. Natalia said that Olivia had nothing to do with her investment decision. Natalia knew that she'd done it all on her own. Olivia panicked when she remembered Emma's talent show was that day, but Natalia said she'd be honored fill in for her at the event.

Buzz visited Olivia after his checkup. Crying, Olivia told Buzz that she was so sick that she was neglecting Emma, who had a talent show that day. Buzz said parents couldn't be everywhere at once. She said Natalia had gone to the show for her. Buzz said that was what friends like Natalia were for. Buzz encouraged Olivia to ask for help sometimes, and he said she should ask for hugs, too, since he had plenty of them. A tearful Olivia accepted his embrace.

Later, Decker entered Olivia's room to say that he knew she'd been hiding her condition since they'd signed the Galaxy spokesperson deal. He supposed that her impassioned speech on Natalia's behalf had taken too much out of her, but he said Olivia had been right. He didn't want to be known for robbing widows. He offered to return Natalia's money on one condition. Decker ordered Olivia to resign from her position with Galaxy, publicly apologize for deceiving him, and tell the press that he had been completely understanding about her illness. Stiffly nodding, Olivia guessed he didn't want to look like the bad guy for firing her. Decker apologetically said he needed the vibrant woman Olivia used to be. Looking around the hospital room, he said, "Not this..." Olivia agreed to his terms.

After Emma's school play, Rafe called Natalia to put in a good word for Frank. Natalia congratulated him on his new job and said she didn't know what she'd do without Frank. Rafe urged her again not to worry about the lost money. After the call, Natalia told Emma that Olivia would be proud to see her dancing skills on the Internet. When Natalia dropped Emma off at the hospital, Olivia started to tell Natalia about the money, but chose to save it for another time.

Later, Mallet sneaked Marina's mother, Eleni, into their house. Eleni wasn't exactly thrilled that Mallet and Marina were together. Mallet candidly said that Eleni knew his history with Harley and Dinah. He didn't regret either relationship, but he felt that his relationship with Marina was different because it wasn't filled with the same drama. He and Marina had built their relationship upon friendship, and he believed that it would last.

Meanwhile, Marina entered Company, looking to share her news with Frank. Coop handed her a plane ticket and informed her that Buzz and Frank had booked a surprise family trip to visit Harley in Greece. Marina couldn't believe they'd done that without asking her. Coop warned her not to turn it down. Coop added that the Coopers planned to remodel her house, too. He reconsidered, saying they would probably just fix leaky faucets, but it would be the house of her dreams all the same. Marina wondered if anyone had ever considered that she had her own life, but Coop replied that she was a part of the Cooper army.

When Frank entered Company later, Marina expressed her discontent that no one had consulted to her about the trip. Frank apologetically said they'd just thrown it together because they thought it would be fun for the whole family to get away. Marina took exception to being a "private in the Cooper army," and she claimed she wanted to be a general. She said her family was all over her job, her house, and her life. Frank replied that some people would love to be a part of the Cooper family, whether it was by birth or marriage. Marina said she loved her father, and walked off. Frank wondered to himself what had just happened there.

Coop reentered Company, and Frank asked him if Marina had told him anything. Coop hadn't heard anything from Marina except discontent regarding the trip. Frank announced that Natalia had overheard Marina and Mallet planning their wedding. Frank thought they didn't elope before because they really wanted a family wedding. Frank believed they just didn't want to burden him with the bill. Coop seemed skeptical as Frank decided to throw Marina a real Cooper wedding. Frank even hoped Natalia would be his date. "This is gonna be the Cooper wedding of the century! I'm back, baby!" Frank beamed.

Marina returned home and was surprised to find her mother there. She stopped Mallet before he could tell Eleni about the wedding. After Marina settled Eleni in upstairs, she told Mallet that her family was trying to run her life with the Greece trip. Frustrated with the Cooper clan, Marina decided that she wanted their wedding to be about them and them only. She proposed that they marry in private at their house and then have a party later. Mallet agreed, saying all he needed was Marina.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mallet and Marina visited Josh to see if he was still ordained, and asked him to marry them in a private ceremony at their home. Marina made it clear that it would be very private-no family or friends present. Josh seemed surprised by that and Marina explained that she was afraid that her family would take over. Later, Marina returned home just as Eleni was waking up. As Eleni began to make breakfast, she talked about Mallet and suggested that the age difference between him and Marina could pose a problem. Marina reminded her mother that her marriage had broken up and there was no age difference. During the talk, Marina commented that all of her prior relationships were bad. Eleni said that Shayne was nice, and Marina replied that she was a kid then. Eleni told Marina that she wanted her to be sure that she wanted to marry Mallet before she headed to the altar.

Marina went to Towers and ordered herself a beer. Cyrus walked by and asked what she was drinking to. Marina told him that she was getting married. Cyrus asked if she was getting cold feet. Marina quickly denied it but then admitted that she was. Marina lamented that she did not want to screw up again. She complained that she always jumped in heart first and then everything went terribly wrong. She brought up their relationship, and Cyrus stated that he was the wrong guy at the wrong time. Marina admitted that he was the worst. When Marina bemoaned that her love life was confusing, Cyrus said that it did not have to be and suddenly kissed her. Marina freaked out and demanded to know why he did that. Cyrus told her that he did it to prove a point. When they were together, she was the kind of girl who jumped in with her heart first, ready to leave everything, but she was no longer that girl. He said that she was the kind of girl who married a decent guy who was her best friend. Cyrus told Marina that he saw her living in a house, building a family, and being happy. Marina thanked him and gave him a hug before leaving.

At the VA hospital, Dinah met the real Sgt. Randolph. She then confronted Shayne about his lie and asked if he was even a soldier. He admitted that he was not and, on her prodding, told her that his name was Travis Bickle. Dinah asked how he got injured, and an upset Shayne made it clear that he did not want to discuss it. Shayne accused her of making him her pet project so that she could make herself feel better. After calling him a selfish, self-indulgent jerk, Dinah stormed out. Before leaving, she spied Shayne struggling to get up.

Outside the hospital, Dinah called Mallet. When he said that he did not expect to hear from her, she asked if he was glad that he did. Mallet stated that he was and said that he had been worried about her, since she left so suddenly. Mallet asked where she was and Dinah revealed that she was volunteering at a military hospital in Germany. Dinah asked Mallet for a favor. She told him that she met a soldier who was going through a rough time, and wondered if he had any family who could help him. Dinah asked Mallet to get some information on Travis Bickel. Mallet informed Dinah that she had been played, since that was the name of De Niro's character in Taxi Driver. Mallet then asked Dinah if she spoke with her brother, which surprised Dinah, since she did not know that he woke up. Mallet told Dinah that not only had he woken up, but he was indicted for the kidnapping, since all of the evidence pointed to him. As they were talking, Dinah overheard Eleni ask Mallet if she had been brought back to town for his wedding. Mallet admitted to Dinah that he was marrying Marina.

After ending his call with Dinah, Mallet told Eleni that he did bring her to town for the wedding, but Marina had decided she just wanted the wedding to be with the two of them. Mallet showed Eleni the ring that he would be giving to Marina. Eleni wished them happiness and many blessings, and said that children were one such blessing. Eleni brought up Mallet's accident and asked if he was still unable to conceive children. Mallet said that was still the case. Eleni asked if he and Marina discussed it, and he made it clear that they hadn't discussed it very much. Eleni told Mallet that the issue had to be dealt with before the wedding. She then left the house so she could visit Frank.

Eleni surprised Frank by visiting him at Company. When she told him that Mallet flew her in, Frank realized it was for the wedding. Frank told Eleni that he thought Marina having a private ceremony was a big mistake. He wanted them to throw her a big, old-fashioned Greek wedding like they'd had.

Marina returned home and gave Mallet a hug. She told him about Cyrus' kiss and called it the best thing that had ever happene,d since it convinced her that marrying Mallet was the right thing to do. Mallet told Marina that they needed to talk about fact that he could not have children, and he asked if she was okay with that. Marina figured out that Eleni brought it up, but Mallet told her that it had been on his mind already. Mallet said that he thought of it whenever he saw her interacting with kids, because she was so great with them. Marina admitted that she did want a lot of kids and would find a way to make that happen, because she wanted him to be their father.

Reva and Jeffrey were looking for a Christmas tree. An excited Jeffrey talked about wanting to get a tree for every room in the house. After some discussion, they went to Cedars, where Reva was to have her first chemo session. Jeffrey kept asking Reva if she needed anything, and confessed that he felt useless. Reva told him that when she was sick before, Billy helped her by giving her an MP3 player and commented that the music helped her. She suggested that Jeffrey go home and get some music. Jeffrey seemed reluctant to leave when Lillian arrived and began the procedure, but Reva shooed him out. Later, Reva spoke to her baby and promised that this time, motherhood would work out for her. Reva assured the child that even though she was sick, she was a fighter.

Shayne called Reva, who was very happy to hear from him. When Shayne asked what she was doing, she lied that she was Christmas shopping. He, in turn, lied that he was calling from a hotel in Germany. Shayne lied that he would be leaving with another group soon. Shayne seemed to choke up during the conversation, and Reva asked if he was okay. Visibly moved, Shayne told Reva that he was never better. Reva commented that she would love for him to come home so he could meet his baby brother. Increasingly upset, Shayne quickly ended the call by saying that he was going out with friends.

Outside the VA hospital, Dinah tried to place a call to Grady, but had trouble. As Shayne came by in his wheelchair, he saw a frustrated Dinah throw her cell phone. When he made a sarcastic comment, Dinah suggested that he might not be so miserable if he talked to someone. After he made another comment, Dinah said that she was sick of the "bitter guy crap" and accused him of feeling sorry for himself. After her rant, Shayne admitted that he was injured while trying to clear a land mine. Shayne said that day had seemed so perfect; he never saw it coming. He said that he was helicoptered to Germany. He bitterly stated that he survived but, due to a previous injury to his spine, he was left unable to walk. Dinah asked if he had any family or anyone else in his life. Shayne said that there was a girl once, but she was gone.

Touched by his story, Dinah apologized for the things she had said. Shayne asked why she was so upset and she confessed that she had been involved in kidnapping her brother's girlfriend. Dinah told him that she did not plan it, but she did not stop it either. After telling him about the kidnapping and her brother's accident and indictment, she told him that her ex-husband was getting married, which meant that it was finally over between them. Dinah got Shayne's attention when she stated that he was marrying his partner and best friend, the "chip-chipper Marina Cooper." When Dinah said that she was going back home to straighten things out with her brother, Shayne asked if she was going to straighten things out with the wedding, also, and commented that she seemed like the type of woman who would break up a wedding. Dinah stated that she no longer did self-destructive things like that, and bid him goodbye. Later, Shayne prepared to leave the hospital to go home.

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