It's not just Opal that wasn't dealing with a full deck
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AMC Two Scoops: It's not just Opal that wasn't dealing with a full deck
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The message boards are abuzz with posts about how AMC's head writer, Charles Pratt, Jr., has 'ruined' all of the Kane women. The biggest gripe seems to be how the scribe is writing for Bianca!

The message boards are abuzz with posts about how AMC's head writer, Charles Pratt, Jr., has "ruined" all of the Kane women. The biggest gripe seems to be how the scribe is writing for Bianca. Bianca's insecurity with her relationship with Reese is tops on the list of fan grumbles. Since there is so much feedback from viewers on this story, let me point out a few interesting dynamics to the Bianca-Reese storyline. First, it's atypical behavior for Bianca and I am not really thrilled to see her acting like a fool. Bianca used to be so happy in love. But what makes this interesting is that the show no longer seems to care that Bianca is involved with another woman. Bianca is acting like a typical soap opera heroine. She isn't acting like the town lesbian.

In other related odd twists: Though fans are still rolling their eyes over the fact that Erica has yet to be called "Grandma," who would have thought that they'd ever see Erica interfere in Bianca's love life the way she interferes in Kendall's love life? Plus, Opal was very blasé about Bianca's relationship, which is a far cry from the way she felt about Kevin Sheffield or even Michael Delaney. Does anyone even remember Pine Valley's "first" gays?

Speaking of Opal, remind me never to have a cup of tea with her. I was so happy to see that one of her tarot card sessions ended with a happy result. Of course, that was before Opal announced that she was "not dealing with a full deck." That was one of the lines of the week for me. I like that AMC is incorporating more of Opal's clairvoyance into the show, but they are really starting to make it almost cartoonish. Opal's ghoulish forecast of impending doom prior to the tornados was a bit over the top, and now we're almost there again. I'd like to see Opal transformed into the new "mother" figure now that All My Children has none. Most of the cast is under 40 and not right for the role previously held by Myrtle and Mona.

I was a bit disappointed that Opal didn't let Krystal really have it when she walked in on Krystal and David making out like a couple of horny high school kids. Yuck. The broken record of "David knows what I am going through" has been played out. I'm ready for a new tune. Perhaps, "No one loves me and I'm reverting to being a trashy schemer." I've never been much of a fan of Krystal, but so many of the storylines that I'd love to see her involved in have never been explored. I again summon the ghost of Evil Kathy/Kate and how I'd have loved to see her make Krystal's life a living hell. I like that Krystal is falling apart after Babe's death because it rings true. Krystal has now said that men like David and Adam make her feel "alive." Apparently a guy like Tad sucks the life out of her. She barely even missed him while he was gone. I'm not married to Tad and I missed seeing the character on-screen over the past month or so. I know that a lot of other fans have missed him based on the feedback that I've received. I don't know where he's been, but he didn't even get a suntan!

Now that Krystal is back to needing a bad boy in her life, maybe it's time to see Tad revert to his cad-dom. Why can't Tad just go back to his old ways? The love of his life died from eating poisoned pancakes and his latest love left him for his arch-enemy. What could also be interesting is a single father storyline. Not everyone needs to have a partner. Seeing Tad struggle with the day-to-day issues of raising two daughters may be one of the more realistic storylines that the show can devise.

I am not thrilled that JR has started hitting the bottle again. Hitting the bottle is such a misnomer. Making out with it might be a better term considering the way his tongue is... well, there's no need to make this column require parental guidance for reading. Still, the storyline has its own interesting wrinkles. The woman who turned JR back on to the bottle, Amanda, now feels guilty for what she's done. On top of that, I also think she's developing feelings for JR. Of course, she still seems to have a special spot somewhere naughty for David. Will Amanda and Krystal end up fighting for David?

If this were an audio commentary, this would be the part where David suddenly burst into rhapsody on a conveniently placed piano for no apparent reason.

Is Greenlee going to die in a bathtub? That's not exactly the way I'd want to go, though she was surrounded by flowers. If I were doing dream analysis on her (I actually took a course on that in college, go figure), I'd tell her that the dream has nothing to do with death... but Rebecca Budig is leaving the show soon and let's face it: Greenlee is going to "die." So unless there is some really tragic accident at the spa, Greenlee's wedding will be followed by a watery death.

On the brighter side, the love of Greenlee's life, Leo, recently found life after a water death of his own. Former AMC star Josh Duhamel married pop star Fergie last week. I wonder if Opal could have foretold that with her cards?


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