ENGLISH Family Tree
Edward English (deceased)
Phoebe's brother; see below.

m. Peg English (deceased)

a. Jane Dobrin
    c. Brooke English
            c. Laura Kirk (adopted 1997)
        Biological daughter of Theresa Kirk.
                m. Leo duPres (2001) (deceased)
        m. Tom Cudahy (married 1981; see Cudahy)
            c. Laura Cudahy (deceased) (Born 1984; Died 1988)
        m. Adam Chandler Sr. (married 1988; invalid; see Chandler)
        m. Thadeus Martin (married 1993; see Martin)
            c. James Edward Martin (born April 1991)

Phoebe English (Deceased)
Edward's sister; see above.

m. Charles Tyler (deceased) (died 1986; see Tyler)
    c. Lincoln Tyler
        m. Amy Parker (married and divorced in 1970)
        m. Kitty Davis (deceased) (married 1975; divorced 1975/6; died 1977)
        m. Kitty Davis (deceased) (married 1977; died 1977)
        m. Kelly Cole (married 1980)
    c. Ann Tyler (deceased) (died 1981)
        m. Nick Davis (married 1972)
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)
        m. Paul Martin (married 1973; divorced 1974)
        a. Paul Martin
            c. Elizabeth Martin (deceased) (born 1976; died 1977)
        m. Paul Martin (married 1976; died 1981)

m. Langley Wallingford (a.k.a Lenny Wlasuk) (Deceased)

m. Wade Matthews (Married 1986; dissolved)

m. Langley Wallingford (a.k.a Lenny Wlasuk) (Deceased)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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