MARTIN Family Tree
Henry Martin (deceased)

m. Kate Martin (deceased; died 1985)

    c. Joseph Martin Sr.
        m. Helen (deceased)
            c. Jeff Martin
                m. Erica Kane (married 1971; divorced 1974; see Kane)
                    c. Joshua Madden (born 1973)
                    Initially aborted; implanted in Emily Madden as a fetus.
                m. Mary Kennicott (deceased) (married 1974; died 1975)
                    c. Unnamed Child (murdered in utero; 1975)
                m. Christina Karras (married 1978)
            c. Tara Martin
                a. Phillip Brent (deceased)
                    c. Phillip Charles Brent
                        m. Cecily Davidson Kelly [Married 1996]
                            c. Unnamed Child [born late 1990s]
                m. Charles Tyler III [Married 1972; see Tyler]
                m. Phillip Brent (deceased) [Married 1972; Died 1981; see Brent]
                    c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; 1977)
                m. Jim Jefferson [Married 1981; divorced]
                    c. Kelsey Jefferson
                        a. Robert Warner
                            c. Samuel Carlos Grey [born 1996]
                            Adopted by Edmund Grey and Maria Santos.
                        m. Robert Warner (married 1996; annuled 1996; see Cortlandt)
            c. Bobby Martin (not seen since 1970)
        m. Ruth Parker
            c. Thadeus Gardner Martin (adopted; see Gardner)
            Biological son of Ray Gardner and Opal.
                m. Dottie Thornton [Married 1984; see Thornton]
                m. Dixie Cooney [Married: December 1989; see Cortlandt]
                m. Hillary Wilson (married 1986)
                a. Brooke English (see English)
                    c. James Edward English [born April 1991]
                m. Brooke English [Married 1993; see English]
                    c. Unnamed Child (ectopic pregnancy)
                a. Hillary Wilson
                    c. Damon Miller
                m. Dixie Cooney [Married: May 1994; see Cortlandt)
                m. Dixie Cooney (married May 1999; divorced January 2002; see Cortlandt)
                    c. Unnamed Child (deceased)
                    c. Kate Martin
                    Given up for adoption and known as Kathy Mershon
                a. Krystal Carey (see Carey)
                    c. Jennifer Colby Carey
                m. Krystal Carey [Married: Dec 24, 2007] (see Carey)
                m. Krystal Carey [Vow renewal: Jan 18, 2008] (see Carey)
                m. Cara Castillo [Married: Mar 8, 2011]

            c. Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr.
                m. Emily Ann Sago [Married: 1990; see Sago]
                m. Gillian Andrassy [Married 2000; see Andrassy]
                    c. Unnamed Child (deceased) (ectopic pregnancy)
                m. Cara Castillo [Married: February 25, 2003; Divorced: Jun 5, 2008]
                At the time she was known as Carolyn Finn

                m. Amanda Dillon [Married: Jun 11, 2009] (see Dillon)
                    c. Trevor Dillon

    c. Paul Martin
        m. Ann Tyler (deceased) (married 1973; divorced 1974; died 1981)
        m. Margo Flax [Married 1974; Divorced 1976]
        a. Ann Tyler (deceased)
            c. Elizabeth Martin (deceased) (born 1976; died 1977)
        m. Ann Tyler (deceased) [Married 1976; Died 1981]

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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