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Amanda successfully managed to ruin Trevor and Skye's date. Laura was frightened when she encountered a man who had some of her mother's belongings. Erica tried to hide in the Chandler mansion's attic, but she was eventually discovered and arrested.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, July 7, 1997

"Momma?" Laura called out the woman. The homeless woman slowly turned around and cast her eyes on Laura. After several minutes of silence, the woman recognized Laura's face. Laura asked the woman how she obtained the shawl she was wearing. Apparently the shawl had belonged to Laura's mother. Virginia, the homeless woman, swore that she did not steal the shawl. It was given to her by the former superintendent of the building that Laura and her mother had lived in. Virginia scratched her head and recalled the super, named O'Brien, is supposed to have someone else belonging to Laura's mother. She recommended that Laura stop by O'Brien's office and claim the item. Laura freaked out. She shook her head rapidly back and forth as she said that she would not go to O'Brien's office. And when Virginia commented that she would tell O'Brien that Laura was back in town, Laura had an equally strong reaction. Laura instructed the woman to keep mum on her return to The Big Apple. Virginia handed the shawl to Laura and Laura dashed off.

Dimitri accused Jack of letting his "girlfriend" run off to avoid prosecution. Jack paid Dimitri no mind and order Derek to secure the premises and search Linden top to bottom for Erica. Both Trevor, as Erica's attorney, and Adam, the last person to have seen Erica, denied telling Erica to flee the scene. Perhaps she went out for some ice cream, Trevor suggested. Janet confessed that Erica had talked of leaving the country, but Janet thought that she had convinced Erica that running was not a good idea. Dimitri automatically accused Erica of heading to Europe and blamed Jack as an accomplice in the matter. Dimitri, he's eyes squinted and brow wrinkled in fury, declared that he would track down Erica since no one else seems willing to find her. Liza arrived at the house and pulled her husband aside. She insinuated that Adam had helped Erica to escape. Perhaps Erica seduced Adam into aiding her flight from the country. Adam's face expressed a large smile. "I wasn't involved in any way," Adam said as he fought off laughter. If she did flee, Jack hinted that more serious charges could be brought against Miss Kane. Trevor asked Jack to back off, saying that no additional crime had been committed. Since Erica had not been charged with any crime, she technically was not a fugitive. She is allowed---until the time she's charged with a crime---to come and go as she pleases. Derek had police officers log Erica's phone calls from the last twenty four hours. Nothing was learned. There was no sign of Erica and no tips as to where she might be. "Why did you do this," Jack asked aloud. Jack had more than a few regrets, blaming himself for being too wrapped up in his emotions and not seeking a warrant for Erica's arrest sooner.

Ruth scampered around her house trying to ready the livingroom for Tad and Gloria's wedding. When Tad and Gloria arrived, they jokingly asked Joe for permission to get married. Joe gave a thumbs down to the union. His reason? Tad and Gloria were just too happy. Everyone chuckled and the preparations continued. Brooke arrived to retrieve Jamie, who had been making little packages of rice to throw at the soon-to-be bride and groom. Ruth convinced Brooke to stick around and lend a hand. Brooke agreed to help. Anything was better than sitting in a big empty house alone. Kelsey warned Tad and Gloria that they need to separate because it's bad karma for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. Jamie asked to speak "man to man" to his dad. In their chat, Jamie voiced his approval of his dad's decision to marry Gloria and told Tad how much he likes Gloria. Kelsey called Tad and Gloria's meeting and pending marriage a "fairytale." Gloria assured Kelsey that she'd find the right man in the near future. Joe, suffering the effects of some spicy chili, popped a few antacids and warned Kelsey that she needs to put warning labels on her chili. An unwelcome Dimitri showed up at the house to speak to Myrtle. He figured that Myrtle would know where Erica was hiding. Tad told Dimitri that the wedding ceremony was private and that Dimitri was not an invited guest. Dimitri took alternate turns calling Myrtle a liar for claiming that she doesn't know where Erica is and cursing Tad for trying to run Gloria's life. Joe pushed Dimitri out the door and escorted him to the park for a talk. Janet and Trevor showed up a short time later to ask Myrtle a few questions. Myrtle said that no one has seen Erica.

Back at the hotel room, Scott pressed for answers as to why Laura acted so peculiarly with the baglady. He told Laura that he went through a period of adjustment after his mother died. He also thought he "saw" his mom in the stores or on the streets. There was one difference between he and Laura. Scott knew that his mother was going to die. Laura, on the other hand, had her mother taken from her without warning. Laura again told Scott that she wants nothing to do with O'Brien. She quickly changed the subject and asked to go sightseeing.

Liza and Adam returned home. There, Liza tried to convince Adam to take to the airwaves and urge Erica to return to town. Liza salivated like a rabid dog as she thought of the ratings WRCW would garner by continued coverage of Erica's situation. Adam said that if he plea was done tastefully, he might consider taping something to use on the air. Liza ran upstairs to fetch a camera. Left alone Adam was free to "rehearse" exactly what he'd say to the camera. He cackled uncontrollably as he pretended to be madly concerned for Erica's welfare. When Liza returned, Adam really laid it on think. His recorded message included pleas for Erica to "do the right thing." He said that he's "seen [her] struggle" and claimed that she even "sacrificed some of [her] ego" when they were married so that he wouldn't look bad. In closing, Adam said that he's "never stopped caring" about Erica. He then sniffled and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket as he broke down in tears. Liza, furious by Adam's display of emotion, stormed off to the station to deliver the tape. Marian broke into applause as she praised Adam on a remarkable performance. Again, Adam laughed. He was pleased that his plan to make Liza jealous had worked, but he didn't want Marian hovering around. He shooshed her from the room shortly before a loud thump sounded above him.

He traced the sound to the attic. He slowly entered the dust-filled room and called out to his housekeeper, Winifred. In a style true to her form, Erica let out a high-pitched sneeze and popped up from behind a storage trunk. "Speaking of Winifred," Erica commented, "Do you think you can get her to clean in here" once and a while? Adam's eyes widened. "What the devil are you doing in my attic?" he asked.

In the park, Joe and Dimitri sparred. Dimitri claimed to wish Tad and Gloria well in their marriage, but Joe didn't but into the story. Joe said that he "always respected" Dimitri. But when Erica left him, Dimitri's life went into a dangerous tailspin. Dimitri advised Joe to save his lecture for his children. Dimitri made a move for the path and a return to the house, but Joe reached out to stop him. Panting from the struggle and argument, Joe was unable to prevent Dimitri from charging off. Joe clutched his chest and fell to his knees. Within a heartbeat---or a lack thereof---Joe had collapsed to the ground.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997

Kelsey went to Holidays to try to enlist Kevin as her date for Tad and Gloria's wedding. Since the wedding was a family-only event, Kevin felt that Kelsey didn't need a man on her arm. Besides he was still on duty at Holidays and couldn't get away for several hours. As the two talked, Kevin's mother entered Holidays and bumped into Opal. Judith commented that Kevin and Kelsey make a cute couple. Opal agreed, but responded that nature had decided that Kevin and Kelsey were not meant to be together as a couple. Don't be so sure of that, Judith remarked. Opal and Kelsey returned to the Martin House so they wouldn't miss the wedding. Kevin sat down with his mom and the two talked about seeing a counselor. Perhaps through the help of a professional the Sheffield family could get back together. Judith implied that a counseling session would mean a lot to Kevin's dad. Kevin agreed to se a family therapist---but for his mom's sake, not his dad.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam broke the news to Erica that she was a wanted woman. Shortly after Erica fled Linden House, Jack had arrived to have Erica arrested. Erica was furious. Didn't Adam try to defend her? Didn't he stick up for her? Adam shrugged his shoulders and explained that he did all that he could do: Denying knowing where Erica had gone. Erica shook her head. She said that she should've known better than to trust Adam to help her. There was one additional problem. Now that a warrant had been issued for Erica's arrest, Adam is technically harboring a fugitive. He scolded her for going against their original plan to have Erica hide at his cabin at Mount Evangeline. Erica claimed that the cabin was too far away and needed to avoid being spotted by the media. Adam's response? "Give yourself up! I'm harboring a fugitive, lady!" Suddenly the sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway. Marian and Liza had been talking downstairs when a loud thud sounded from above. Marian had been ribbing Liza about Adam's concern for Erica's safety, but the loud racket spurred them to investigate for the source of the noise.

Ruth recalled how she met Joe and said that her life would not be the same if Joe was not a part of it. Opal and Myrtle arrived just in time for the "something old, something new..." routine. Tad decided to see why Joe had been gone so long. When he got to the park, he encountered Dimitri. Dimitri again lashed out at Tad for being over-protective of Gloria. He also implied that had friends been allowed at the wedding, he would have stood up and objected to the union. The could easily have come to blows, but Tad became concerned when Joe was nowhere in sight. Dimitri brushed off Tad's concern, commenting that Joe must have run back to the house to dig a moat or surround the home with barbed wire. Tad took a few steps away from Dimitri. Then he found his father... collapsed on the ground. Tad called out for help. Fortunately Jake was already en route to the park to see why Jake and Tad were detained. Jake started to administer CPR as Tad raced back to the house to call the paramedics. Gloria, now in her wedding dress, and the others gathered at the house learned of Joe's condition. Ruth raced from the house to be by Joe's side.

Adam intercepted Liza and Marian before they got anywhere near the attic. One problem, Erica's expensive cologne could be detected on Adam. Adam explained that Erica had embraced him when he showed up at Linden. Some of her scent must have rubbed off on him. Marian concocted a story that would have allowed her to go searching for the source of the noise. She said that she had a date with Adam's attorney and needed to go to the attic to retrieve a picnic basket. Adam said that while he was in the attic he accidentally broke the light fixture and that it was not safe for Marian to go digging around in the dark. Adam later returned to the attic to give Erica a cellular phone. She placed a call to Trevor to tell him why she had run away. Unfortunately, Dimitri was hovering around Trevor preventing Trevor from talking to Erica. Janet detected that something might be up and asked Dimitri to join her at a table to discuss Erica's possible whereabouts. This gave Erica and Trevor just enough time to plot out a strategy. Erica said that she did not runaway because she knew she was going to be arrested. She wanted to get away from the media! Erica begged Trevor to get the charges against her dropped. Not a possibly, replied Trevor. The best the attorney could do now would be to negotiate terms for Erica's surrender. Erica abruptly hung up the phone call when she heard a voice coming from the doorway. She turned out the light and ducked into hiding just seconds before Liza entered the attic.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997

Maria and Edmund enjoyed a beautiful summer day with their children in the park. The peace and tranquillity was shattered by a gaggle of paparazzi. They clamored for a statement from the Greys on Erica's escape from the law. Edmund repeatedly replied with a "No Comment," but the press didn't seem to understand what the response meant. Edmund and Maria hurriedly packed their belongings and fled the park. Esther, who had been watching the Greys from behind a hedge, suddenly found herself with a mysterious hand on her shoulder.

Joe was raced to the hospital, but his condition only deteriorated. His heart had stopped beating and continuous efforts to shock his heart back into beating failed. The cardiologist on the scene declared that their best efforts to save Joe's life had failed.

Adam fulfilled his promise of getting the picnic basket for Marian. When he presented her with the item, Marian informed him that Liza had gone up to the attic. Liza poked around the attic, but could find no sign of an intruder. She looked around for several minutes before her eyes rested on a broken mirror in the back corner of the room. Although the reflection was garbled by the cracks in the long forgotten mirror, Liza was able to discern a face in the reflection. The face belonged to Erica. Adam arrived a few seconds too late to prevent the discovery, but Liza didn't let on that she'd seen Erica. Liza claimed that she heard a noise coming from the attic. Adam suggested that the noise was caused by squirrels scurrying around the attic. Liza was no pleased that rats were roaming her house. You see, Liza said that the only difference between a rat and a squirrel is that a squirrel as a furry tail. Liza warned Adam to get rid of the rat or have an exterminator get rid of it. Erica leapt from hiding as soon as Liza left and blasted Adam for allowing her to hide in a rodent invested attic. Adam told Erica that his claims of squirrels in the attic were only to keep Liza from poking around.

At Holidays, Edmund and Maria were still hounded by the media. Trevor came to their aid by announcing that the no one was allowed in the restaurant unless they planned on grabbing a bite to eat. Dimitri felt convinced that Janet should understand why he wants to see Erica thrown in jail. Janet explained that she once tried to "get even" with people in her life. She added that everyone knows where it landed her. Edmund headed to Chandler Mansion to order Liza to call of the camera crews. With Edmund out of the picture, Dimitri was able to swoop down on Maria and ask for information on Sonya. "Madelyn," Maria corrected him. The name change didn't please Dimitri especially since Sonya's new name was in honor of Edmund's mother. A call came in from the hospital asking Maria to get to the hospital and check on Joe's condition.

Liza told Marian that the noise in the attic was caused by a rat. Like Erica, Marian flipped out over the thought of a disease carrying rodent roaming the house. Liza rolled her eyes and waited for her mother's ranting to subside. "Mother," Liza groaned. "We don't have a rat in our attic. We have an Erica Kane!" Marian offered to eavesdrop on Erica and Adam's discussions. Liza claimed that she didn't care what Erica and Adam were talking about, but Marian knew better. Marian grabbed a drinking glass and raced to the attic.

In the attic, Erica tried to find out why Adam had offered to help her if he was now ordering her to leave the refuge she'd found in his attic. Erica placed a call to Trevor and asked if there was any word from Jack. Outside, Marian pressed her drinking glass against the door and was listening to every word. Trevor told Erica that Jack had not returned any of his phone calls. Erica panicked. Why would Jack not return the calls? Perhaps, she said aloud, if she turned herself in to the authorities Jack would see that she was sorry for her deeds and then be persuaded to drop the charges against her.

Downstairs, Edmund dropped by to ask Liza to have her camera people stop tailing him and his family around town. Liza refused to follow the request. She said that she is following a major news story and will not back down. Not knowing that Edmund was in the house, Marian waltzed down the steps and announced that she had an "Erica Kane update." The announcement piqued Edmund's curiosity and he asked Marian if she knew where Erica was hiding. Behind Edmund's back, Liza signaled her mother to keep her mouth closed. Liza then asked her mother if she had heard a report of an Erica Kane sighting. There was a delay from the time Liza uttered her question until the time that Marian realized what her daughter was trying to accomplish. Marian nodded and stated that there were reports that Erica was spotted at the Center City Airport. Edmund left, but not before again issuing an advisory to Liza about her camera crews. Marian then filled Liza in on what she had heard in the attic. Well, sort of. Marian claimed that she heard a lot of heavy breathing and could only let her fertile imagination concoct a visual interpretation of what was going on in the attic. Convinced that Adam and Erica was having a romantic liaison a few floors above her, Liza decided to take action to boot Erica out of her house. She called Rudy at the station and told him to send over their best cameraman. She then placed a call to Jack.

Back at the park, the hand on Esther's shoulder was attached to the body of Stuart Chandler. The two briefly talked about Erica's flee from town. Esther apologized for not showing up at the gallery for her date with Stuart. She explained that she had seen Dimitri on the television calling for her arrested for stealing Maria's baby. Stuart assured her friend that she had done nothing wrong and placed the full blame on Erica. Stuart suggested that they get Esther's trailer out of storage and offered the spare room in the gallery to Esther. As the two walked away, a police offered approached and told Esther that she is needed for questioning at the police station.

Jake refused to give up on his father and insisted that they resume their efforts to revive Joe. One their next attempt, Joe's heart resumed its beating. Joe was not out of the woods. Since he was deprived of oxygen for such a long time, it is probable that he suffered some type of brain damage. Maria arrived at the hospital and told the Martin family that she was going to run an extensive series of neurological tests of Joe to make sure that everything was okay. Dimitri had followed Maria to the hospital, but his presence, unlike Maria's, was not welcomed. Gloria told Dimitri that he should leave, but Dimitri expressed his regret for what he saw as his being the cause of Joe's heart-attack. Gloria assured him that he did not cause Joe's collapse. Tad saw Dimitri and stomped in his direction. He claimed that Dimitri had nearly killed his father and therefore had no place at the hospital. Surprisingly, Gloria stuck up for Dimitri.

Back in the hospital room, Joe opened his eyes. Ruth raced to his side and asked if he knew who she was. Joe's eyes, glassy and uncomprehending, remained unfocused and he said nothing.

Thursday, July 10, 1997

The feud over Gloria's friendship with Dimitri continued. Tad requested in a fashion more like an order that Gloria not call or see Dimitri. Gloria explained that Joe's heart would have given out on him even if Joe and Dimitri had not had their confrontation. Tad stopped laying the blame on Dimitri and out it on himself. Tad felt that he had out his own needs before his father's needs. Had he handled Dimitri, Joe wouldn't have gotten worked up, and he wouldn't have had a heart attack. At least that's the way Tad saw it. Again, Gloria stepped in to explain the anatomical facts: Joe would have had a heart attack regardless of the other outside factors.

Weakened from his near-death experience, Joe softly repeated Ruth's name. Maria performed a series of diagnostic exams and determined that Joe had not suffered any damage to his brain. The tests on his heart, however, were still pending. Kevin dropped off the food that Trevor had prepared for the Martin family, but the food was the lesser of two services Kevin was able to provide. Kelsey really wanted to see her grandfather. She told Kevin that Joe stood by her during her adoption ordeal with Edmund and Maria and she never had the chance to thank him. And she wouldn't get a chance to visit him either. Maria limited the number of visitor's to Joe's room to one at a time. Tad visited Joe and told him that Jake was the one who saved his life. Later when Jake visited, there was an distinct air of remorse on Jake's face. He was relieved that he was able to save his father's life, but it was a life and death situation that he wished never would have occurred. By the time Kelsey would have been able to see her grandfather, Joe was already fast asleep and in transit to a private room. There was no mistaking the pain and fear Kelsey must have been feeling. Maria urged Gloria to track down Dimitri and tell him that Joe's condition had improved. Gloria explained that she had cut Dimitri out of her life because of his constant interference. Maria thought the decision to drop Dimitri as a friend was quite harsh. Gloria agreed, but stated that she thinks it's the right thing to do.

Some quick thinking by Stuart prevented Esther from being carted off to police headquarters. Stuart pretended to be Adam and did a pretty darn good job of acting pompous and arrogant. With all of the gestures and big words, "Adam" demanded that the officer take his hands off of Esther. If there was no warrant for Esther's arrest, then there was no way that Esther would agree to be taken to the police station. Dimitri overheard the ruckus and strolled over to the scene. He had no idea that Adam wasn't really Adam. Dimitri tried to persuade Esther to go to the station and tell the police where Erica was hiding. Esther said that she didn't know anything about Erica's whereabouts. The officer and Dimitri both left the scene. When the were out of sight, Stuart and Esther both chuckled at the feat they had pulled. Stuart had to explain who Adam was---that he was his rich, powerful, and smart twin brother. Esther smiled shyly and said that she thinks Stuart is the nicer of the two brothers. In the morning, Stuart said that he would go to the police station with Esther.

At Holiday's, Grace informed Belinda that she had placed a personal ad in the newspaper. But don't think that Aunt Grace is ready to hit the dating circuit again. The ad placed by Grace was for her niece! Grace opened her pocketbook and plucked out a fistful of letters from men interested in "Belinda's" ad. Grace said that not all of the replies where suitable, so she and Myrtle had read through the letters and selected the most outstanding replies. Belinda was enraged that Grace had placed the ad and even more upset that Myrtle was in on the scheme. As Grace read a few of the selections aloud, Dimitri strolled over to the table. His presence quashed the aunt-niece gathering and Grace quickly fled the scene. Dimitri asked Belinda if she had heard anything on Erica. She shook her head and replied that even if she had heard something, the information was privileged and not available to Mr. Marick.

Stuart and Esther showed up at the restaurant hoping to find Trevor. Stuart explained Esther's run-in with the police. Dimitri saw Stuart and for the first time realized that it was Stuart, and not Adam, who he had encountered in the park. Belinda found humor in Stuart's performance as Adam and told Esther that she would represent her in court if necessary.

In the attic at Chandler Mansion, Erica phoned Trevor and finally told him where she was hiding. Trevor warned her to stay put and told her that he'd be there to talk to her in a matter of minutes. Downstairs, Jack and Derek followed up on Liza's phone call in which she claimed to know where Erica was hiding. Liza did her best to stall until her cameraman arrived, but Jack and Derek wearied from the wait. Derek threatened to charge Liza with obstruction of justice if she did not part with the information post haste. Adam had wandered into the room and demanded to know what his wife was trying to pull. he insisted that Liza was trying to play games and told Jack that neither he nor his wife have any clues on Erica's hiding spot. Adam escorted the district attorney and detective to the front door. They were prepared to leave, but when the door swung open, Trevor was on the other side. Now Jack knew that something was fishy. Liza smiled savagely as she announced that Erica was hiding in the attic.

Derek and Jack headed to the attic followed closely by Adam and Liza. There, Erica was talking to a picture of Sonya, claiming that she never meant any harm to the baby. When Jack arrived, Erica went in a tizzy. She said that she had been trying to reach him (via Trevor), but that he did not return their calls. She wasn't trying to escape the police, she explained. She wanted to get away from the media. Jack didn't buy it. Trevor backed up Erica's story, but still Jack didn't believe her. Erica was escorted downstairs and readied for a trip to the police station. Jack hinted that Adam might face charges for hiding Erica in his attic and advised him to hire an attorney. By now the cameraman from WRCW had arrived and was rolling tape. As the handcuffs were placed around Erica's dainty wrists, Dimitri arrived. He turned his face possibly because he couldn't bear to see the woman he once loved with her wrists shackled. As Erica was led towards the door, she cast a final longing glance back at Jack. But Jack couldn't look Erica in the eyes. He lowered his head so that he would not have to face Erica as she was led out of the house.

Friday, July 10, 1997

An unsympathetic guard readied to toss Erica into a holding cell. Before she could lock the cell door, Trevor entered the cell block and announced that he had some late breaking news for Erica. Erica breathed a sigh of relief as she assumed that Trevor had arranged for bail. That wasn't the case. Trevor told Erica that her arraignment would be first thing in the morning. This meant that Erica would have to spend the night in jail--and possibly many more nights. Trevor hinted that Jack might ask the judge to deny Erica bail. Erica had spent time in jail before, so the idea of a few hours in a jail cell didn't frighten her as badly as you might think. But there was something that did scare Erica: Knowing that Bianca might find out about her mother's arrest from the tabloids. So Erica presented Trevor with a letter and asked that he fax it to his daughter. The letter would explain everything that Bianca needed to know. The guard announced that Erica's visiting time was up and cheerfully escorted Erica into her cell. The unmistakable sound of the heavy cell door clanging echoed through the cell block.

Scott and Laura returned home from their trip to New York. Scott apologized for inadvertently thrusting Laura into a world of painful memories. On their next trip to the big city, Scott assured Laura that they would go nowhere near any painfully memorable spots. Laura wasn't so sure that she'd ever go back to New York. If they did, she told Scott that no matter where they went in New York, there would always be a place that brought back memories. Brooke was surprised to see the couple back so soon from there trip. Brooke noticed a shawl poking out of Laura's bag and asked if it was a souvenir. Laura nodded. She explained that she picked up the item at a vintage clothing store. Scott, perhaps confused by Laura's tale, called it a night and returned home. Laura did the same, running upstairs before Brooke could ask any more questions.

Laura clutched her mother's shawl and looked at a locket that contained her mom's picture. She told her mother that she had finally gotten everything that her mother had wanted for her. But now the only thing she has to remember her mother by is the shawl.

At his office at WRCW, Tad slumped over his desk. Working always takes one's mind off of their troubles, right? Maybe so, but not this time. Liza smirked as she entered the office and saw Tad doing some late-night work. Hardly the way to start a marriage---working on wedding night? Tad replied by saying that he and Gloria didn't get married. Liza chuckled and waited for a laugh out of Tad. She was waiting for a laugh that would never arrive. Tad told Liza about Joe's heart attack. Somehow the topic got changed from Tad's father to Liza's father. Liza's voice softened as she recalled losing her dad. Tad assured her that her father loved her dearly. Liza was relieved that Joe pulled through the ordeal and was shocked to learn about Joe and Dimitri's run-in in the park. As a friend, Liza warned Tad to watch out for Dimitri. She said that she fears that he has his sights set on Gloria and won't rest until he makes Gloria his wife.

At Holidays, Jack tried to drink away his troubles. Janet tried to convince Jack that arresting Erica was something that he had to do. Not only was it the right thing to do---making Erica accountable for her crimes---but it was his job. Maybe it was his job, but that doesn't mean that Jack had to be happy about what he had done. Janet claimed that Erica feels above the law. Sure, she's been arrested before, but she's only ever gotten a slap on the wrist. Not this time, Jack responded. If Erica is convicted, Jack explained, she'll be facing some serious jail time. "Can you do this?" Janet asked. "Prosecute the woman you love?" There was no reply. Instead, Jack's mind cast itself back to the time when Erica had told Jack that he would dump her from his life if he learned what she had done. That was before Jack knew what Erica really meant. At the time, he told Erica that he would never turn his back on her. But what about now?

Skye paid an impromptu visit to the Dillon House. She toted Thai food, saying that she was helping out Erica by making sure that her attorney was properly nourished. Amanda was not pleased to see Skye. She and her daddy were supposed to have a tea party. Now that Skye was there it looked like their tea party would be about as family oriented as the famous tea party in Boston. Skye offered to take Trevor's place at the party. That way Amanda would be kept occupied and Trevor could do some work on Erica's case. Amanda was... well, she wasn't thrilled. Amanda pointed out everything that Skye did wrong. She let her imaginary tea get cold, something that Skye didn't understand. How could imaginary tea get cold? Amanda also stated that Skye needed a hat. She went upstairs to fetch a hat for Skye. While Amanda was gone, Trevor and Skye chatted it up a bit. Skye caught a glimpse of Erica's past criminal history and asked Trevor if he thinks that he can get the charges against Erica dropped. Amanda didn't like the sight of her daddy and Skye cozying up, so she took actions to end the romantic evening. She dumped an entire bottle of glue in the hat she was going to have Skye wear. Needless to say when Skye put the hat on, she flipped out. At first she though that there were worms in the hat, but then she learned the truth. She raced home to wash her hair before the glue set. Later Amanda claimed that "accidents happen" and that she didn't purposely put the glue in Skye's hat.

Dimitri tracked Gloria down to her room at Myrtle's. Gloria told Dimitri that she can no longer see him, a comment that drew rage from Dimitri. Dimitri roared at what he saw as another of Tad's overbearing orders. Gloria explained that her loyalties are to the Martins now. She has to show them that she loves them and respects their wishes. Dimitri begged Gloria not to cut him out of her life. He said that he has no family and no friends and needs Gloria in his life. Gloria left a window of opportunity open for Dimitri as she explained that she had had a long day and needed to get some sleep. Dimitri nodded and said that he would talk to Gloria in the morning.

The morning came quickly. Gloria was still in bed when Dimitri showed up with coffee and croissants. Gloria was incensed by Dimitri's failure to listen to what she'd said the night before. She asked him to keep his distance. So what does he do? He shows up in her bedroom while she's still asleep? Neither of the two noticed, but Tad was listening from outside the doorway.

Scott went to Brooke and told her the truth about their trip to New York. His account included the return to the building where Laura's mother had lost her life as well as an explanation of the shawl. Scott told Brooke that he thinks something bad happened to Laura while she was living in New York. Brooke agreed, but said that Laura will never part with the truth if they confront her about the past. They need to wait and let Laura speak on her own terms.

Trevor punished Amanda for the glue incident by not allowing her to have any chocolate syrup in her milk. He said that if Amanda isn't careful she might find globs of chocolate syrup in her hair. "Accidents happen," Trevor mocked. Janet showed up to provide babysitting service for Amanda. Amanda confessed to Janet why she had put the glue in Skye's hat: She doesn't want Trevor dating Skye. She wants Trevor and Janet to be together like all of her friend's mommies and daddies. Trevor overheard only part of the conversation and asked Janet what Amanda was up to. She told him that their daughter has her heart set on them being together.

Erica waiting patiently in her cell for Trevor to arrive. When the guard announced that she had a visitor, Erica naturally expected that the visitor was Trevor. But it wasn't. It was Jack!

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