All My Children Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on AMC

Tad called off the wedding because Gloria couldn't end her friendship with Dimitri. A new intern named Ally had a humorous run-in with Joe. Erica was granted bail but had to live at the Chandler Mansion under Adam's custody. Liza learned that she was pregnant. Janet and Trevor kissed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, July 14, 1997

Marian showed Adam the latest newspaper headlines that implicated Adam as an accomplice in Erica's flight from justice. Marian said that she was worried about how Liza had reacted to finding out that Adam was hiding Erica in the attic. What if Liza wanted to testify against Adam and send him to jail for aiding and abetting a fugitive? Adam cracked a smile and reminded Marian that a wife cannot testify against her husband in a court of law (except maybe in a divorce proceedings). An envelope was messengered to the mansion with the overnight ratings. The ratings, which showed how many people had watched WRCW's coverage of the Erica Kane situation, were through the roof. Adam expressed his pleasure at the ratings coup, but stopped short of giving Liza full credit for the high ratings. It was a team effort, Adam said, Not a Liza effort.

Janet told Trevor that their little girl has been playing matchmaker for several months. Remember those flowers that mysteriously appeared for Janet at the office? While everyone had their own idea about who sent the flowers, Janet explained that it was Amanda who had arranged for the floral delivery. Trevor was set to scold Amanda for interfering, but Janet urged him to do otherwise. Trevor did get a straight answer from Amanda about the glue-in-the-hat fiasco. Amanda claimed that she poured the glue into Skye's hat because Skye doesn't like kids. The explanation wasn't enough to avoid a punishment. Trevor scolded Amanda and told her to run along and play on the computer. Trevor suggested that he and Janet limit the time that they spend together so as not to confuse Amanda. But before there could be any discussion one way or the other, he had to dash off to the courthouse for Erica's arraignment. Janet expressed her total confidence in Trevor's ability, saying that Erica's got the best legal mind on her side. Trevor returned to the house and thanked Janet for her support.

At the boarding house, Dimitri did his best to convince Gloria that they could remain friends. All they need to do is to keep their friendship on the "downlow." This way, they can still keep in contact and Tad won't have to know that Gloria is still seeing Dimitri. It might have worked had Tad not entered the room at that exact moment and ordered Dimitri to leave. Surprisingly, Dimitri offered no resistance. He nodded his head and walked away. Not only was Tad displeased that Gloria had had a secret meeting with Dimitri after she supposedly swore to nix the friendship, but he was even more upset that Gloria was "entertaining" Dimitri while wearing a silky negligee! Gloria stated that she was telling Dimitri that she could no longer see him. Rather than slam the door in Dimitri's face every time he shows up at her door, Gloria explained that she wanted to part the friendship on good terms. Tad laughed at the reply. He said that Gloria "melts like butter" every time Dimitri comes around. There is no way, he said firmly, that Gloria can stay away from Dimitri. Gloria defended Dimitri yet again. She pleaded Dimitri's case; He's a lonely man with no family, no love life, and no friends. Tad was unmoved as he explained that Dimitri has gotten what he's deserved. Now, Tad continued, Dimitri is out to break up their relationship because he wants Gloria for himself. Tad then offered Gloria a challenge. He asked her to look him in the eyes and swear that Dimitri has never made a pass at her. If she can, Tad will drop all of his resistance against the Gloria-Dimitri friendship. Gloria couldn't do it.

Jack showed up at the jail to give Erica some last minute advice. He claimed that pleading guilty was Erica's best defense. If she did so, the judge would more than likely be lenient on her. The plea would also show that Erica is truly remorseful for kidnapping Sonya/Madelyn. Erica refuted Jack's claim that she committed a crime. She asked him to recall all of the nights that she spent awake riddled with guilt over taking Sonya from Maria. Jack tried to make Erica see that he was helping her. But why? Jack stated that he cares about Erica and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Erica was moved by Jack's display of affection, but before she could respond, Trevor entered the cell block and broke up the meeting. Trevor blasted Erica for talking to the district attorney. Even if he is a personal friend, he's still the opposing counsel. Trevor informed Erica the true reason behind Jack's suggestion to plead guilty: A guilty plea would mean that no trial would take place and the taxpayers wouldn't have to foot the bill for a long, drawn out trial. Plus, Jack would come out smelling like roses for winning the case. Trevor had another alternative. A sound minded Erica Kane would never have kidnapped a baby. But a woman who had just lost a baby definitely would do things that were uncharacteristic. Erica was caught off guard by the "post-pardem" defense because she felt that it would label her as being mentally unstable. Trevor assured Erica that it was the right thing to do.

Dimitri's combination dose of bad luck and exile continued at the Pine Valley Hospital. Dimitri wanted to see Joe and apologize for "causing" Joe's heart attack. Ruth didn't think it was such a good idea and asked Dimitri to leave. Ruth wasn't the only one who wanted to see Dimitri hit the road. Palmer emerged from out of nowhere and informed Dimitri that he was no longer a member of the hospital board. A special meeting had been held and everyone agreed that Dimitri's recent actions warranted his removal from the board. Dimitri felt that he should have been present at the meeting. Palmer explained that he had tried to contact Dimitri, but was unable to locate him. And as far as wanting to "apologize" to Joe, Palmer said that Dimitri's real motive for the meeting was to appease his conscience.

The noise from outside his room woke up Joe. Ruth tried to convince Joe to go back to sleep, but Joe was not a happy patient. He expressed his dislike of being hooked up to the heart monitor and other equipment. Ruth managed to calm him down or so she thought. As soon as Ruth left the room, Joe was struggling to sit up and began ripping the monitors off of his body.

Outside the courtroom, Edmund chastised Belinda for acting as an aid to Erica's defense. He felt that there was a conflict of interest since Belinda's brother is married to Maria's sister. Belinda explained that Erica had retained the entire law firm---including her. She said that she can be just and fair.

Inside the courtroom, a handcuffed Erica was ushered to her seat. She stopped along the way to give Opal and Myrtle a kiss for showing up. In the back of the courtroom, Janet gave Erica a thumbs up to show her support. Jack walked with a stride of arrogance and, with a air of cockiness in his voice, told Belinda that she should expect a change in Erica's plea. A surprise delivery complicated matters even more. Before the bottom fell out of her life, Erica had asked her publisher to send Jack an inscribed copy of her new book. That package arrived earlier in the day---and Jack opened it up right before the judge entered the courtroom.

When court was gaveled to order, Jack gave his statement. He claimed that Erica committed one count of kidnapping, a first degree felony, as well as two other third degree felony charges. Trevor rose to his feet and said that Erica willingly gave back the baby to Edmund and Maria. Plus, the baby was in perfect health. Dimitri entered the courtroom and yelled at the top of his lungs that Erica cannot be allowed to get out on bail. The judge pointed out that Erica had not yet been arraigned and that bail hearing, if necessary, would follow. Edmund refused to speak when called on by the judge for his comments. The Pulitzer prize-winner author said that he and his wife were only observing and did not want to get involved. Dimitri wouldn't be silenced. he referred to himself at the uncle of the baby in question and said that he will not rest until Erica pays for her crimes.

Erica was asked to rise. She stated that she understood the charges against her and was then asked to issue her plea. Jack leaned over and waited for a guilty plea. Trevor made some facial expressions that he hoped would spur Erica to follow his instructions. Erica looked down at the ground as her lips began to form the words...

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Some people will do anything to pretend that they're feeling under the weather. Amanda is no exception. At first Amanda claimed that she had a belly ache and sore throat, but her illness could soon be seen a ploy to spend time with Janet. Tim took Amanda's temperature, but while he was out of the room getting Amanda a drink, Amanda put the thermometer up to the lightbulb to make it look like she had a fever. Tim decided that he needed to call their dad even if it meant interrupting his day in court.

Everyone waited with bated breath as Erica readied to issue her plea. Hoping that her attorney wouldn't see, Erica cast a quick glance at Jack. She then turned back towards the judge and issued a "not guilty" plea. Dimitri was outraged by the plea and rushed the bench. From the front of the courtroom, Dimitri cried out for justice and demanded that Erica be held accountable for her actions. The judge banged her gavel as she demanded that Dimitri be quiet. Even a judge couldn't silence Mr. Marick. Finally a police officer physically removed Dimitri from the courtroom. The judge determined a five minute break was in order. During the recess, Trevor was told that he needed to call home. When he did, Tim informed Trevor of Amanda's so-called illness. Tim explained that his sister was asking to see Janet. Trevor said that he'd take care of the matter. After he hung up the phone, he motioned for Janet to come to the front of the courtroom. Obviously Janet was more than willing to go to Trevor's house and look after Amanda.

Ruth nearly fainted dead away when Joe's heart monitors flat-lined. There is no way to measure the amount of relief she must have felt when she learned that the monitors flat-lined because Joe had removed the monitors from his chest. Joe fussed and moaned about not being used to being hooked up to machinery. He claimed that he only wanted to go to the bathroom. Joe refused to look weak in front of his wife and told her that he could handle himself without any assistance from the nursing staff.

Outside the room, Jake told his mom that the results of the tests done on Joe's heart are slowly coming in. They're not good. One of the first tests shows that there is severe and irreparable damage to Joe's heart. Ruth decided that it was best if Jake told Joe the news. Jake agreed. Ruth listened at the door as Jake told his father that the test results were not good. Joe requested, make that demanded, that Jake not tell Ruth about the test results. He said that he does not want Ruth to worry about his health. "I want to protect her," Joe said, "as long as I can."

Gloria admitted that Dimitri kissed her---but only once. Once was one time too many for Tad. Gloria tried to convince Tad that she set Dimitri straight and that he never made a pass at her again. What kind of lesson could she have taught him, Tad asked, when she is always taking Dimitri's side in arguments. Tad then asked Gloria what she did at the exact moment Dimitri kissed her. Gloria said that she told Dimitri that he was out of line. Tad explained that Gloria's advisory came after the kiss, not at the moment of the kiss. Did she push him away, turn her head, or slap him? No. And that made Gloria a willing participant in the kiss as far as Tad was concerned. Gloria was upset by Tad's implication that she wanted Dimitri to kiss her. Gloria had trouble seeing what Tad was getting at: Dimitri wants a romantic involvement with Gloria. Gloria asked Tad what it was that he wanted from her. Tad's response was a simple "a marriage that lasts." In order to do this, Gloria will have to dump Dimitri from her life like a sack of potatoes. Gloria suggested that she and Tad see a counselor to help work out their problems. "Wrong answer," Tad replied. "The wedding's off." Tad turned and walked out of the room.

During the recess, Liza took shots at Adam for his helping Erica elude the law. She said that she'd be willing to pack him a goodie bag so that he'll have all the comforts of home while he's in the big house. Adam smiled and replied that he had not harbored a fugitive. When court resumed, the subject of bail was on the docket. Trevor told the court that his client was not a flight risk. She's lived in Pine Valley for many years and has established roots in the community. Jack claimed that Erica was a flight risk because she had tried to escape justice by hiding out in Adam's attic. Erica rose to her feet and asked to speak on her own behalf. Trevor didn't like the idea, but you know how Erica can be when she has her mind set on something! Erica once again explained that she was not trying to run away from the law. She just wanted to escape from the media. She pointed the finger at her ex-hubby Dimitri for starting a media circus. And as far as hiding out in Adam's attic, Erica said that she used one of her old keys to gain access to the Chandler home. Adam had no idea she was hiding there, she stated firmly. The judge, however, agreed that Erica did pose a flight risk and set bail at one million dollars cash. In most circumstances, a defendant only has to put up a percentage of the bail in order to be released from jail. In certain instances, such as this, the full amount must be paid in cash---no collateral can be used. Erica and Trevor went head to head to discuss whether or not she could come up with a million dollars on the spot. All hope looked lost until Erica's white knight rose to his feet and declared that he would assist her. Yes, Adam, check book in hand, said that he would write out a check for the one million dollars. Adam claimed that he could not bear the thought of Erica spending more time in a jail cell. Maria and Edmund were furious. They left the courtroom and ran into Dimitri. Dimitri pressed for details, details that Edmund was not willing to divulge. He told Dimitri that the court case was none of his business and asked him to stay away from his family. Dimitri wasn't about to be ordered around. His teeth gnashed together as he told Edmund that he will do and say whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. No one can stop him. Liza was even more enraged and burst out of the courtroom. Erica turned down Adam's offer for help even thought Myrtle and Opal were in the back of the court hollering out for Erica to take the money and run (so to speak). Finally, Erica agreed. There was to be a condition, however, before Erica could be released.

Janet arrived at the Dillon house and soon saw that Amanda's condition wasn't serious at all. She told Tim that he should run along and enjoy the nice summer weather. Amanda did everything in her power to get Janet to commit to a late night dinner or a movie with her and her daddy. Janet, flattered that Amanda wanted to spend time with her, told her daughter that it wouldn't be appropriate. Amanda pressed for Janet to move in with her and her dad. Amanda was confused by the situation. How can a mommy and a daddy not love each other? Janet explained that Trevor is very special to her, but there are certain elements that are missing in their relationship. So Amanda gave up on the matter for a little while. She asked Janet to read her a book. There was no problem in that and Janet agreed. While on her way to retrieve the book, Amanda changed her mind and called out "No, Mommy. Wait." Janet turned and stopped cold. Tears formed in her eyes from being called Mommy for the very first time.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion, furious that Adam had posted bail for Erica. Stuart was there and noticed that Liza was upset. When he asked her about her feelings, Liza claimed that she was perfectly fine. Stuart knew better.
A few minutes later Adam and Erica arrived at the mansion. Adam and Erica were cozier than ever and chuckled aloud. Adam put everything in the house at Erica's disposal. Erica declared that she was going to take a nice hot bat. Liza's eyebrows raised as she asked Erica if she was having troubles with the plumbing at Linden. Again, Adam and Erica giggled. Adam told his wife that one of the conditions of bail was that Erica be put in Adam's custody. Quite simply, Erica will be living at Chandler Mansion until the completion of her trial. "Oh... so many memories," Adam waxed nostalgic as he recalled married life to Erica.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Once Erica had gone upstairs, Liza told Adam that she does not approve of a baby snatcher living in her house. Besides, it's an awkward situation for Adam to be playing the house guest game with a former wife. Adam claimed that he was concerned for Erica's welfare. He then corrected Liza on something that she said: Chandler mansion is his house, not Liza's. Adam also requested that Liza not speak badly of Erica while she is staying at the mansion. The question that needed to be asked, was why does Liza care if Adam has one of his ex-wives staying at the house? Could Liza be... jealous? Liza insisted that she was not jealous and anyone who thought otherwise had been listening to Marian too long.

At the hospital, Jake asked to speak to Gloria, but Gloria wasn't saying much. Jake took Gloria's bad attitude personally. If something was bothering her, Jake asked that Gloria spill it. After all, they're going to be in-laws in a short time. Gloria, bitterly disappointed by her latest argument with Tad, dropped a cup of coffee on the floor. She bent down to clean up the mess. It was then that Jake figured out that Gloria and his brother must have had a falling out. Gloria explained that Dimitri was the subject of the latest tiff. But not to worry, there will be no more arguments between her and Tad---their engagement is off. Jake didn't let Gloria put herself down. He told her that he can understand that Gloria is loyal to Dimitri and doesn't think that dropping Dimitri as a friend is the way to go. Tad will come around, Jake said. AS the two talked, Ruth wandered into the conversation. Both Jake and Gloria put on their best happy faces and tried to act like everything was okay. Gloria explained that the last twenty four hours had been extremely rough and that everyone just needed some time to get back to speed. Ruth promised that she and Joe would make up for the skipped wedding just as soon as Joe was healthy enough to leave the hospital. Jake told his mother to go on her way before she unwittingly upset Gloria even more.

At WRCW, Brooke and Jamie dropped by the check on Tad. Tad told them that Joe was doing well and that there was no need to worry about his condition. Jamie went backstage to visit with a TV superhero. While e was gone, Brooke asked Tad if he had rescheduled his wedding day yet. Tad said that it would be awfully hard to plan for hell's freezing over. Brooke looked on in wonder. Tad told Brooke that he and Gloria were history. Brooke urged Tad to try to patch things up with Gloria. She accused him of demanding Gloria to get Dimitri out of her life rather than asking her to part ways. The true reason behind Brooke's concern was soon revealed: She didn't want Jamie to get hurt by Tad and Gloria's split. The tension level rose and Tad snapped at Brooke. He lashed out at her, saying that he was not the one who ran Pierce out of town. Suddenly there was silence. Tad immediately knew that he was out of line and apologized for his comments. Tad claimed that he didn't want another "screwed up" marriage. Then Tad should have thought about that before he had Jamie helping to plan the wedding, Brooke cried out as she left the office. Liza was on her way into the office at the tail end of the conversation and picked up on the theme of the discussion. Liza tried to convince tad that his relationship could still be saved. "You can still make it," she encouraged. Tad quickly changed the subject to Liza's houseguest. Liza smiled devilishly at the mention of Erica's name. But that smiled turned to a look of discomfort as Liza suddenly felt ill. She raced out of the office and headed for the ladies' room.

At Wildwind, The Santos and Cortlandt clans got together to throw a surprise going away party for Bobby and Anita. The surprise party had a surprise of its own: The return of Hayley and Mateo! (As a note to the viewing public, it appeared that this scene was taped several weeks back---before Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa went on temporary leave.) The party turned emotional as Isabella saw another of her children leaving town. For Kelsey, she and Bobby patched things up. They both agreed that allowing Edmund and Maria to adopt Sam was the smartest thing they've done. But Kelsey became uncomfortable by being surrounded by happy couples: Maria and Edmund, Palmer and Opal, Bobby and Anita, and Hayley and Mateo. She quickly raced to Kevin's side and nudged for him to put his arm around her. Across the room, Opal commented that Kevin and Kelsey looked a lot more chummy than mere friends.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Stuart had a request of his brother. He told Adam that he had gotten Esther's trailer out of storage, but that Esther had no way to set up camp. Adam turned down Stuart's request to let Esther park her trailer at Chandler Mansion. As Adam stormed out of the room, Stuart and Esther talked about why Adam was always so mad. He isn't mad, explained Stuart. He's sad. Stuart said that Adam and Liza had gotten into a fight. Esther was concerned and asked what Adam and Liza had been arguing about. Stuart said that he was never sure what they were arguing about---but he knew why they were arguing: Because they were in love with each other and afraid to admit it!.

Amanda immediately apologized for calling Janet her "mommy." Janet told her that there was no need to apologize. No one has ever called her "mommy" before and it was a very happy moment for her, she explained. Trevor entered the house and asked what the two were talking about. Amanda told her father that it was a secret between the girls and that he couldn't know. Trevor accepted the fact that there was a secret between Janet and Amanda. It was time for Amanda to go to bed, but not before both Janet and Trevor told her a bedtime story. The story that the duo made up loosely resembled their past dealings with each other. Also figured in the story was a young girl. Amanda picked up that the story was about the three of them and asked if at the end of the story everyone lived together happily ever after. Trevor told his daughter that all fairy tales have happy endings. But real life... well that's a different kind of story.

Janet went downstairs while Trevor tucked Amanda into bed. As Trevor came down the stairs, he joked about Amanda's strong desire top see him and Janet as a couple. Janet turned around and revealed that she had been crying. Trevor assumed that he had done something wrong, but that wasn't the case. Janet told Trevor that Amanda had called her "mommy." This was something that Janet had waited for for six years. She thanked Trevor for allowing Amanda into her life and asked how she could ever repay him. Repayment wasn't necessary, Trevor said. Out of nowhere, Trevor leaned over and gave Janet a kiss.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

Stuart again issued a request to his brother to allow Esther to set up her trailer on Adam's property. Adam did hear his brother out, but in the end the reply was the same: A resounding no. Winifred entered the room with a large package wrapped in an elegant metallic gold wrapping paper. Since the package was from Liza's favorite fashion designer, both Stuart and Winifred thought that Adam had bought a new garment for his wife. Both were wrong. Adam informed them that the outfit was for Erica, not Liza. Suddenly a light went off in Stuart's head: Adam was using Erica to make Liza jealous! Adam cracked a wry smile and asked his brother what he would have to gain by doing something so transparent. "Four letters," replied Stuart, "L-O-V-E." Adam, caught in the act of another jealousy ploy, had four letters of his own for Stuart: E-X-I-T.

Laura pulled up a chair to Belinda's table at Holidays and asked for Belinda's help in finding a job. Laura explained that she's found plenty of places that are hiring. But those places aren't willing to hire someone who's been picked up by the police for shoplifting. Kevin overheard the discussion and advised Laura to plot a course of action. Rather than diluting her efforts and applying for a job at a dozen places, she should map out a strategy and pour her energy into three or four jobs that she really wants. Kelsey joined the fray, but her appearance didn't make things easier for Laura. Everyone who she had been friends with in school was headed off to college. She, on the other hand, had nowhere to go. Kevin handed out free samples of the latest concoction by Holidays' chef: strawberry shortcake brulee. Rudy dropped by to request large quantities of coffee for WRCW's staffers. They'll need plenty of caffeine if they are going to burn the midnight oil while covering Erica's case. Belinda overheard the comment and told Rudy to pass along the word that Erica's defense team will be watching the media's every move. Laura felt it was bad timing that WRCW was running helter-skelter, especially since Scott was out of town on station business and unable to help. Rudy cocked his head to one side and told Laura that Scott had taken a personal day. He wasn't on any business trip. Laura feared the worst. Was Scott cheating on her, Kelsey wondered. Laura ran out of the restaurant.

Trevor and Janet's kiss came as a surprise to everyone. That included Janet and Trevor as well as Amanda who had slipped out of her bedroom only to spy on her parents from the top of the steps. Trevor and Janet broke off the kiss. Then, both with stunned looks on their faces, leaned back in for another kiss. Amanda, squirming forward to get a better look at the action, inadvertently created a noise. The noise startled Trevor and Janet as well as squashing the romance. Janet looked at the clock and said that she needed to get to Holidays and relieve Kevin from duty.
Amanda raced down the steps and asked her daddy why Janet had disappeared. It didn't take Trevor long to figure out that Amanda faked her illness earlier in the day. The six year-old showed no signs of malady and asked to stay up and watch television. Before Trevor convinced Amanda that it was time for her to go to bed, Amanda said that she saw Janet and Trevor kissing. Trevor stumbled for an explanation. Eventually he claimed that he and Janet had shared a "friendly kiss." Nothing more, nothing less.

Liza returned from the restroom, still weak and feeling nauseated. She tried to shift her mind off of her ailment and on to work, but Tad wouldn't allow the topic change. Maybe Liza should go to the hospital, Tad suggested. Liza agreed, but not for the reasons you might think. She said that the hospital might be the ideal place to stay for a while now that she has Erica living at Chandler Mansion, her mother hovering like "acid rain," and a husband who is "married to his cell phone." Before the discussion got any further, Adam entered the office and requested that his wife come home for dinner. Liza said that she has too much work to do and cannot leave the office early. Adam stepped in and volunteered Tad's time to help handle the extra workload. Liza said she'd try to get home in time. After Adam left, Liza begged Tad to turn on a fan because it was hot in the office. Tad looked at her with a perplexed look on his face. He told her that the air conditioner was already on full blast. Tad suggested that Liza take some time off of work now that she's pregnant. "What?" Liza growled. Or perhaps the cyst that Liza had removed last summer had returned. Liza didn't even want to think about that. Tad demanded that Liza see a doctor because he doesn't want to see anything happen to her. Tad's concern surprised Liza. She composed herself and readied for a return to Chandler Mansion and dinner with La.k.ane.

Stumbling into Holidays, it was apparent that Janet's mind was not on her work. She spilled a pot full of coffee all over Belinda's table. The attorney asked Janet why she was so upset. Janet said that she had been called over to Trevor's because Amanda was sick. She had gone because Trevor was up to his eyeballs in his "kiss." Janet's face blushed. "I mean case." Now Belinda really knew that something was up. Janet told Belinda the whole story---from being called Mommy to the kiss. Cupid Keefer, er, Belinda suddenly remembered that she had a file that Trevor needed and asked Janet if she could drop it off at Trevor's house.

In New York, Scott tracked down Virginia, the bag lady that he and Laura had bumped into a few days prior. Scott said that he needed Virginia's help. Help? No one ever asked Virginia for help. Virginia told Scott about Laura's last few days in New York. According to Virginia, Laura's mother wasn't exactly supportive of Laura. In fact, on the night of the fire, Laura had run out on her mother after a fight. When Laura returned home, it was already too late. Several firefighters had to prevent Laura from running into the burning building. Scott thanked the woman for her help by presenting her with some money. He then asked Virginia if she could put him in contact with "O'Brien." Virginia nodded her head and dashed off into the night.

Trevor found Janet's green scarf on the sofa and began twirling it around his fingers. Mike followed up on a phone call he had placed to Trevor. He claimed that Trevor sounded odd on the phone and he wanted to make sure that everything was okay. It was also learned that Brad, Mike's boyfriend, was en route to Europe for family and business matters.

Janet showed up a short time later to drop off the file folder from Belinda. When she got there, Michael told her that Trevor was gone---out of town for several days. He was working on Erica's case and examining some evidence in another state. Janet was crushed.

O'Brien wasn't the kindest man in New York City. He pleased himself by toying with Scott over Laura's mother's belongings. Even after Scott showed photo ID and several pictures of him and Laura together, O'Brien still wasn't sure that he should give up the items he was holding. O'Brien licked his lips as he made a comment that he was hoping to see Laura. What finally did convince the man to part with the item he was holding was a wad of cash that Scott flashed. O'Brien handed Scott a paper bag that contained an old notebook that Laura's mother used as a diary. The item cost Scott over one hundred dollars. As O'Brien disappeared into the dark of night, Laura ran over to Scott and yelled at him for making "everything worse."

Liza returned to the mansion and readied for dinner. Her stride was shortened and her voice softer. Beads of perspiration formed on her brow as she trade snide remarks with Adam. Adam was concerned for Liza's welfare and asked her if something was wrong. "As a matter of fact," Liza replied, "something is wrong."

Friday, July 18, 1997

Heart attack? What heart attack? Much to the chagrin of his wife and children, Joe conducted hospital business right from his hospital bed. Gloria was also upset at seeing Joe work himself into a tizzy. As she slipped out of his hospital room, she bumped into Tad. It was an awkward moment for both Tad and Gloria. Since neither one knew exactly what to talk about, Gloria gave Tad an update on Joe's condition. Tad, in turn, said very little. He did, however, ask Gloria if she would join him in the commissary when she went on break.

Inside the hospital room, Ruth tried to get her workaholic husband to take a breather. The only thing that was able to divert Joe's attention was a phone call from on of his sons, Jeff. Jeff called for two reasons. One, he wanted to check up on his dad's condition. Secondly, he wanted to tell Jake that a new intern would be joining the staff of Pine Valley Hospital. The woman, Allison Doyle, was a friend of his. When Joe learned that a new intern was joining the line-up, he demanded that he be allowed to "interview" her. Ruth refused. Tad and Jake saw how upset their mother was getting and quickly escorted her out of the room before, as Tad said, Ruth ends up in a bed next to Joe. Outside the room, Ruth thanked Tad and Jake for being by her side during Joe's health crisis. Ruth also praised Gloria's devotion to the family and said that she looked forward to Gloria becoming part of the family.

Laura yelled at Scott for lying about his trip to New York. As the two argued, the paper bag containing Laura's mother's diary ripped and the content of the bag tumbled to the ground. The notebook instantly struck a chord of recognition for Laura. How was Scott able to get the diary, she wondered. Scott told her that he met with O'Brien and managed to procure the item. Laura knew O'Brien's record and determined that the diary came at a cost. Scott claimed that the money he spent on the diary was of little concern. Laura thanked Scott for helping reunite her with the diary. Upon inspection of the diary, Laura found that an entire week of entries had been torn out of the diary. From around the corner, O'Brien lurked in the shadows. Pleased with what he saw, he headed for a phone booth and placed an urgent call. His graphically described how Laura had matured into a woman and gave a complete account of her body. He told the person on the other end that he would keep a sharp eye on the girl and not let her get out of his sight.

Liza told Adam that her hectic work schedule has finally taken its toll on her. Adam didn't believe a word of Liza's explanation. He claimed that his wife could "cover the Apocalypse without breaking a sweat." He then became concerned for Liza's health and asked if she had seen a doctor. Liza titled her head to one side and asked Adam if he really cared about her health. His concern made him sound almost like... a husband. As the moment became increasingly more romantic, Erica entered the room dressed in a strapless, one-sleeved red dress. Adam couldn't find the words to describe the way Erica looked in the dress. Marian, who had entered the room only seconds after Erica, also helped lay the ground work for Adam's attempt to make Liza jealous. It worked. When Erica commented that she does not know how she can ever repay Adam, Liza came up with a quick and witty response. She said that Erica can repay the million dollar bond payment---with interest. Liza smiled fiendishly as she played the special report she had created on Erica's kidnapping saga. Adam blasted the piece as inflammatory. Erica's face wore a stern expression as she told Liza that she had finally outdone herself. Finally, Liza was able to get to Erica. Then a smile broke out on Erica's face. She told Liza that thanks to her coverage of the kidnapping situation, her new book, Having It All, had been sent into a second printing. Liza was stunned. She didn't plan to help Erica's cause. Another wave of nausea crashed over Liza and she raced up the stairs to her bedroom. Erica made a comment that whenever she was feeling low, her mother was always by her side. Marian took the hint and chased after her daughter. A look of complete awe crept over Adam's face. Erica had managed to do what no one else has ever been able to accomplish. She got rid of Marian. Because of that feat Adam asked Erica if she'd consider moving into Chandler Mansion permanently!

Joe read over some papers and looked like he was winding down for the evening. Suddenly, a young woman, soaking wet from the rain, burst into his room with several bags trailing behind her. Her face was contorted and she stared at Joe's face for several minutes before Joe pointed out to her that it was rude to stare. The young woman explained that she had lost one of her contact lenses and could not see out of one of her eyes. The woman revealed that she was the new intern. She regretted being late, but cited the weather as the reason for her tardiness. She also said that the "Medical Mussolini" would probably scold her for not being able to attend the party for the new interns And who was this medical tyrant? Why, Dr. Joe Martin, of course. Joe seemed to enjoy Allie's candor and even played along with her. He said that he cannot wait to get out of the hospital because he is concerned that the evil Joe Martin is a bad doctor. Not so, said Allie. She said that her "sources" say that Joe is "retentive" and "a stickler," but they also say that he's a top notch physician. Allie lifted the metal dome covering Joe's food and leaned in for a whiff. She noticed that the man in bed had not eaten any of his food and asked if she could eat his gelatin. Joe shrugged his shoulders and gave her the green light. As she scarfed down the gelatin, Jake entered the room and scolded her for eating a patient's food. Jake then revealed that the patient was his dad. When Allie revealed that she was the new intern, Jake commented that his brother Jeff is a friend of hers. Then the pieces of the puzzle fell into place: the patient was Dr. Joe! Allie apologize profusely for what she had said earlier, but Joe told her not to worry about it. Later, Allie told Jake that she thinks Joe is going to hare her. Jake set her straight: his father liked her.

After dinner, Erica began having flashbacks, so to speak, of Sonya. Myrtle placed a call to her and told her to put on WRCW. Erica followed the instructions and watched in horror as Liza's news piece aired in its entirety over the airwaves. The piece showed a reported hounding Bianca for a statement on her mother's trial. The reported asked Bianca is she is away that her mother kidnapped the "love child" of Maria and Dimitri.

Tad had arrived at the mansion to speak to Liza. He told her that Travis, Erica's ex-husband and Bianca's father, is threatening to sue WRCW over Liza's piece. Liza wasn't interested in shop talk. She flashed a home pregnancy test. Tad told her that he would stay with her while she waited for the results of the test. Liza was touched by the sentiment and excused herself from the room. A few minutes later she returned with the news that a little blue dot indicated that she was going to be a mother.



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