Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on PC

Ellen caught Matt eavesdropping. Rex strongarmed Lucy into introducing him Danielle to Scott. Joe threatened to kill Cooper. Lucy revealed that she was pregant.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on PC
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Monday, July 14, 1997

Eve is on the pier asking herself how she could sink so low as to go along with Chris' plan to split Frank and Julie up. Scott walks up in time to see some kid try and mug her. Scott saves her and she insists he let the kid go, Scott makes him apologize first. Then he told her that he and Serena are staying in PC permanently. She says that's great.

Joe kisses Karen... she backs away and he says he has wanted to do that for a long time. She says why I'm married.

Julie freaks out when she sees the patient is Greg Cooper. He says to her... so we meet again Dr. Devlin. Frank asks what he called her and she covers and says he is dilussional. Matt shows up to tell them that Cooper caused the accident by having a seizure, the driver of the car will be coming in and his partner was in the back seat uninjured.

Joe tries to explain his actions. He says he is confused, she never wears her rings and her mom told his mom that her and Jagger are having problems. Karen told him never to believe her mother because she has never liked Jagger anyway. As for her rings, they rip all the latex gloves. She says she thought he was her friend and wanted nothing more. He says she has been giving him signs, he is always the one she turns to when she is scared or happy... not Jagger. He says he doesn't think this is the way to have a good marriage, she says Jagger is having problems. Joe told her to call Jagger from now on. Karen breaks down and asks him not to do this.

Eve says she is happy for Serena, but Scott doesn't believe her. Then she says she is happy because of his money, it will give her another chance to steal some. Scott offers her a loan, but she turns him down. He told her he used to be like her until he fell in love and the woman changed his life.

Dr. Burgess comes to see why Julie was screaming like a looney. Frank explains that Cooper is the patient. Dr. Burgess orders a chest tube, but Cooper tries to convince them to let him die. Dr. Burgess calls Grace in to help and puts the chest tube in. Matt comes in and told them the driver has arrived. Dr. Burgess orders Julie to finish taking care of Cooper while she and Grace go to take care of the driver.

Eve asks about the woman who changed him, he says her name was Dominique. She jumps to the conclusion that the relationship fizzled. He says no, she died. She apologizes. Everything in PC reminds him of her and their marriage. She asks if it is worth loving someone so much. He says yes, but he really feels sorry for someone who never has love like he had with Dominique. She asks if Dominique was after his money, he says no... he was broke until they married. He guesses someone really must have hurt her... she gets mad and runs off.

Karen calls Jagger and gets the answering machine. She told him about her new place and she signed a one-year lease. She doesn't know if she is doing the right thing, and begs him to come home. She told him she is scared and says she misses him and needs him a lot right now. She asks him to please call she needs to tell him what happened tonight but not on the machine and hangs up crying.

Dr. Burgess calls the drivers time of death and Chris tell her he had a family. Julie is telling the police Cooper can go the jail infirmary as soon as he is stable. She is sure he faked the seizure. Dr. Burgess told her to order him a CAT scan and she says she won't do it and walks away. Dr. Burgess told Matt to do it, he asks about medication and she says not to give him any until they are sure he even had a seizure. Joe shows up and sees Cooper smiling, Frank has to pull him off when he starts choking him.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Julie is remembering the night Cooper held them hostage and then tonight when he came into the ER. Chris comes to see if she is OK and startles her. He offers to go get Frank and she says she thought he was behind her. Chris told her Frank is busy trying to calm Joe down, she isn't the only one who freaked out at Cooper's appearance. They both apologize for their behavior earlier, and Chris says he never wants to alienate her. She told him he doesn't know anything about her. He says he does.

Kevin toasts to their lives together and Lucy toasts to Scott letting Serena stay in PC. Karen knocks at their door, she is looking for Scott. Lucy asks what's wrong. Karen says there isn't anything wrong, she just wanted to let Scott know about her new place and give him her new number. Lucy asks Karen to sit down and calls her on her lie. Lucy asks Karen about her new place and she rambles on about it.

Burgess told Joe to get control of himself and orders the orderly to take Cooper for a CAT scan. Joe threatens to kill Cooper, and Frank takes Joe for a walk. Burgess calls Kevin and told him what has happened and asks for his input. He says she has perfect timing and is on his way. Matt knocks on her door and she told him it is a bad time, but they talk anyway. Ellen told him tonight isn't typical and compliments him on his performance. He complains that they couldn't save the cops life and she told him they did what they could for him.

Lucy told Karen she is pregnant and she congratulates her. Karen told her that she and Jagger used to talk about having a family, but now she can't get him on the phone let alone talk about starting a family. When Lucy asks her if she is lonely, Karen told her she would be, but she has a friend....some people may even call them soul mates. Lucy guesses it is Joe. Karen told Lucy about the kiss.

Frank asks Joe what is going on and Joe told him he is tired of screwing up. Frank says life's not fair and Joe told him to take his lectures somewhere else. Frank won't stand by and let him self-destruct, Joe calms down. They head back to the hospital.

Julie asks what Chris really knows. He says he knows that Cooper really gets to her and that she lost someone she was close to. She told him it was her older brother. In her family, feelings meant weakness. She worshipped him, but was too busy being perfect to see he was asking her for help until it was too late. She was 14, came home from school one day and knew something was wrong as soon as she walked into the house. She ran upstairs and went straight to his room, she was relieved to see him their....until she saw the gun. Chris guesses it was too late, Julie is crying. He told her he is proud she felt she could confide in him. She told him he may not be for long, that's only chapter one. They head back.

Matt told Burgess it must have been hard for her to save the life of the guy who killed her best friend. She had no choice...she is a doctor. She gets aggravated by him assuming she needed his help and he leaves. Grace is in the lounge and told him that Burgess doesn't have the easiest job to do. Kevin shows up.

Burgess told Kevin she is worried that having Cooper in the hospital may push one or more of the interns over the edge.

Frank told Joe to apologize to Burgess, and he starts off to find Julie. She is called to an emergency.

Lucy asks if Joe could have misread Karen's actions and asks if she has told Jagger about her friendship with Joe. Karen says no, but she barely gets to talk to him and when they do they only talk about their own problems. Lucy asks if Joe isn't one of their problems.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Serena, Lucy and Scott are having breakfast and he asks Lucy why Karen stopped by. Lucy suggests he go and see her at her new place and gives the address and number. Kevin comes home and gives Scott a paper, he says maybe Scott could find a new place to live. Lucy says it is too soon, and Kevin disagrees. Scott says he will, but not today. He told Serena to get ready to go to Lee and Gail's. Lucy told Kevin they have a problem

Danielle went to see Rex to tell him about her and Jake's engagement. He congratulates her and told her it is perfect. He makes fun of Jake and she defends him. Rex reminds her that if it wasn't for him she wouldn't of met Jake. She gives him an ultimatum, either he backs off of Jake or she won't help him. She told him they only want a small ceremony, and he says he won't go along with it.

Rhonda helps Karen move into her new place. They go to see the garden, and Rhonda says it is romantic. Karen remembers Joe's kiss. Karen told her mother she thinks she made a mistake coming home and if she has to move back to San Francisco to save her marriage that is what she is going to do. Rhonda can't believe she would give everything up, and told her she is afraid Karen would end up with nothing if she does. She told her daughter that nothing is going to change what's wrong with her marriage.

Rex promises he won't stop the wedding....spouses can't be forced to testify against their spouse. Danielle told him he is making her miserable. He told her she deserves a big wedding and went on to describe the dream wedding....he will pay for everything.

Lucy doesn't want Serena to leave and asks Kevin to stop pushing them to find their own place. Kevin can't do that. She is willing to deal with anything, but Kevin can't stand the way Scott treats Lucy. Lucy is afraid that if they do something to make Scott mad, they won't see Serena again. Kevin is upset because they don't have anytime to themselves. She decides to call Felicia right away and ask her to be her maid-of-honor. Kevin asks where she wants to go on their honeymoon, she says she can't decide until Scott is settled in. Kevin gives up and went to get ready to go to the hospital.

Scott walks in on Rhonda and Karen arguing about her and Jagger's marital problems. Scott told Rhonda she did a good job raising Karen alone. Rhonda told him it is his turn to help Karen now and leaves. Karen breaks down and Scott comforts her. Scott asks if she and Jagger are having problems, but she says she doesn't call them problems. She still loves him and supports him in whatever he does, her mom just doesn't think he is good enough for Karen. When she tries to go on explaining she starts crying again.

Danielle runs into Kevin at the hospital again. When he asks how she is, she shows him her ring. He congratulates her and told her he is engaged and going to be a father. She says she wants to be a mother some day.

Rex brought his proposal to Lucy and asks about Serena. Lucy told him she isn't home right now, but is going to be staying in PC. He thinks that is great. Then he comments on how Serena's mom named her after Serenity. Lucy looks surprised and asks how he knew that.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Rex "confessed" to Lucy that he had been deceiving her and that he was Dominique's rich uncle. Rex also related his history with Avery and said that Danielle was Dominique's half-sister. Lucy told Rex about Dominique's other half-sister, Katherine Bell, as well as about Scott and Serena. Rex feigned concern about meeting the rest of his family, but Lucy said that she would help introduce him to them. Jake told Joe that he was engaged to Danielle. Jake made plans to get together with the other interns at the Recovery Room to celebrate. Joe apologized to Ellen for attacking Cooper, and Ellen reminded him that sometimes they must treat patients they do not like. Ellen told Joe and Jake that she was going to have the interns meet with Kevin to discuss Cooper. Ellen then went to Cooper's room to talk to him about the death of his latest victim. Karen confided to Scott the history behind her problems with Jagger and how she was no longer certain of what she wanted in life. Scott comforted Karen, but they were interrupted by Joe's arrival.

Friday, July 18, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Rex used sting tactics on Lucy to motivate her to introduce him and Danielle to Scott. Lucy promised Rex that she would not reveal any of his secrets if he agreed to stay in Port Charles. Joe told Karen that he will never come on to her again and that he would do what ever was necessary for her to feel comfortable at General Hospital. Karen and Joe patched things up and she received a call from Jagger. Karen told Jagger that he needed to come to Port Charles right away. Kevin met with the interns to explore how they felt about Cooper. The interns were not receptive to Kevin's questions, until he related how he and Lucy were also victims of the hostage crisis. Kevin then told the interns that the mandatory meeting was a bad idea and offered to meet with them one-on-one on a voluntary basis. Meanwhile, Ellen gave Cooper an emotional speech about Dr. Faulk and how Faulk and his belief in quality treatment was the reason she could even stand to treat Cooper. Ellen caught Matt eavesdropping and blasted him for not being at the meeting with Kevin. Matt suggested that Ellen also attend meeting, but she yelled at him to mind his own business. Matt suggested to Ellen that she needed to recognize compassion when she saw it. Later, an unknown individual injected a needle into Cooper's IV bag. Grace discovered that there was something seriously wrong with Cooper. Meanwhile, the interns celebrated the engagement of Jake and Danielle as Rex looked on. Eve commented to Chris on Frank and Julie's close relationship and he reminded her that he had paid her to break them up

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