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Jim wanted to stop Laura from telling her loved ones about her past. Skye told Edmund that she had altered the paternity test results, but he didn't hear her. Adam dared Liza to prove that she was carrying his child. Skye found her note of confession a few yards away from the crash site.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, August 18, 1997

Skye buttressed herself against the wall outside of Edmund's room as she told herself that she had to tell Edmund the truth about Maddie's paternity. As she sobbed to herself, Gloria and Dimitri walked down the corridor and asked Skye if everything was okay. She told them that they could visit with Edmund and that she'd return later to speak with him. Gloria and Dimitri went in to the room and watched as Edmund held Madeline tightly against his chest. Gloria asked if she could hold Maddie for just a few seconds. Edmund agreed, but when Dimitri tried to get his hands on the baby, Edmund shouted out a resounding "No!" Dimitri apologized, saying that he knows that Edmund doesn't want to part with his daughter. Gloria gave the baby back to Edmund, but Dimitri's eyes remained fixated on Madeline. Mateo dropped by to pick up his niece and assume the role as babysitter for the evening. As Mateo left, Dimitri's eyes followed the baby out the door.

After they left Edmund's room, Dimitri had a not-so-stunning announcement to make. He told Gloria that he has been doing a lot of thinking about Madeline. He told Gloria that he had promised not to interfere in Maddie's life---but that was when the infant had a father and a mother. Now that Maria was gone, Dimitri said that he felt a strengthening bond with the child. Gloria nodded. She told him that she realizes that he has already lost one child (with Erica) and can understand that he does not want to "lose" another.

Ruth, Tad, and Kelsey clamored around the window to the recovery room, waiting for Joe to be wheeled out of surgery. Tad assured his mother that Joe would be fine. But Ruth took a "when I see it, I'll believe it" stance. Fortunately, she wasn't left to wait that long. Joe was pushed into the recovery room and the family waited nervously while Allie checked Joe's vital signs. She turned her head toward the window and gave the "thumbs up" sign. The Martins let out a collective sigh of relief. Jake told his family that he had been allowed into the operating room to observe the surgery. Allowing family members into the operating room is usually not policy, but Dr. Craig was willing to make an exception. A loud thump on the glass frightened the Martins, but they were graced with good news. They watched as Joe opened his eyes. Allie told him that he had a lot of visitors waiting to see him. First, however, Dr. Craig had to give him the once over. Dr. Craig was quite pleased with his work in the operating room. He told Joe that the operation went without a hitch and Joe was expected to make a full recovery and live a long life. Joe didn't seem as impressed by the news. Joe was advised that Allie could up his dosage of pain medicine if the pain from the incisions got to be too much for him. Tad was allowed to visit with his dad, but he was originally insistent that other members of is family visit with Joe before him. Tad bent down by his father's bed side and, in typical Tad Martin style, wasted no time in cracking a few jokes. He told Joe that he would have brought him a nice cold beer, but added that the evil Chief of Staff set guidelines that prevented him from bringing alcohol into the hospital. Tad told Joe that he has never been able to thank him for all that he's done for him. A card or present would never begin to break the surface of the gratitude that Tad feels for his dad. He thanked him for adopting him and making him a part of a real family. Kelsey was the next to enter. She, too, offered a little ribbing. She told her grandfather that she has already concocted her method of torture for when Joe returns home from the hospital: She's going to blast her music at top volume. Kelsey called herself the president of the Joe Martin Fan Club and said that there are a lot of people who are glad to hear that he's going to be okay.

Outside the room, Gloria asked Ruth for the latest news on Joe. She was relieved to hear that Joe was going to be okay and even offered to take on personal nursing duties for Joe. Tad overheard the offer as he exited the hospital room. Ruth suddenly "remembered" that she had to make a phone call and left the scene. Gloria told Tad that she was relieved that Joe was going to make a full recovery. Tad said nothing and made no acknowledgment of Gloria's comment. Instead he turned and walked away.

Thanks to the food critic's rave reviews, Holidays was booked solid with reservations. Hayley took the necessary steps to accommodate the influx of customers by arranging for extra cooks and waitstaff. Opal dropped by to keep Kevin appraised of Joe's condition and recommended that Kevin call Kelsey to see how she's doing. Kevin commented that Hayley and Mateo are great people to work for and was awed by how close they were to each other. Opal told Kevin that he would have someone special soon and told him to hang in there. Kevin blushed slightly and bowed his head. He said that it'll be ages before he can find a soulmate. Hayley overheard the discussion as she passed by and told Kevin that he has many years ahead of him before he needs to settle down with someone. She smiled and told him to enjoy playing the field---but asked that he be play safely.

Mateo returned from the hospital and asked Hayley to watch Maddie while he arranged for a crib and toys for the baby. Hayley smiled and told her hubby that Isabella had dropped by earlier in the day and left a crib, toys, and soy milk for the baby. And as if that was not enough, the staff at Holidays also arranged to cover the evening shift so that Hayley and Matt could go home early and spend time with the kids.

Allie praised Jake for his composure in the operating room. Jake laughed and said that he was neither "brave" nor "strong." He confessed that he came close to running out of the operating room on more than one occasion. Allie told her colleague that he shouldn't be embarrassed. Medical school, she said, doesn't prepare someone to see their loved one on the operating table. Jake let out a deep breath and said that he is not looking forward to having to relive that situation any time soon. Allie smiled and took Jake's hand, telling him that he won't have to go through it again because Joe will be okay.

While Joe slept, Ruth sat by his bedside and relived memories of how she and Joe first met. She said that she was blessed to have Joe in her life. She was also thankful that Joe was always there to listen to her when she had something to say. Then, without warning, Joe replied that "right now I have no choice." Ruth chuckled and told Joe that she also fell in love with his sense of humor. She then reminded him that he had promised to dance with her at the Labor Day festivities.

Gloria followed Tad to the patio area and only after she cleared her throat did Tad acknowledge her presence. Tad thanked Gloria for offering to be Joe's personal nurse. Gloria claimed that it wasn't hat big a deal because she would do anything for Joe. Tad told Gloria that Joe had saved his life by adopting him. Had it not been for that, Tad said that he has no idea where he would be today---or if he would even be at all. Tad was overcome by emotion and began sobbing. He lowered his head and placed it on the table. Gloria fought her instincts to comfort Tad. She had to pull her arm back before she started to gently stroke Tad's head. As the two talked, Dimitri happened to pass by in the corridor. He remained in the shadows until after Gloria had left. He walked onto the patio and issue Tad a stern warning. He told him that he was relieved that Joe was okay, but warned Tad against using Joe's condition to "milk sympathy from Gloria." Simply put, Dimitri told Tad to "find another shoulder to cry on."

Skye returned to Edmund's room and listened as Edmund painfully told her that he fears Dimitri will try to get custody of Madeline. That was all that Skye needed to hear before deciding that she had to tell Edmund about Madeline's true paternity. She told Edmund that she had done something that "can't be explained." Her actions, she said, were brought on by her obsession for him. She said that she wanted to be a part of his life, but after he rejected her, she wanted to make him suffer. That's why, she said, she altered the results of the paternity test. "Dimitri is not Maddie's father," she said with tears forming in her eyes. "You are."

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

At Holidays, Trevor and Jack talked as friends for the first time since they opposed each other at Erica's trial. Apparently, Adam is petitioning the court for a refund of the bail money he shelled out for Erica. They also discussed the inexplicable way that Maria's life had ended. Jack was able to determine that Trevor was relieved that Janet was not on the plane. Trevor admitted that he was glad that Janet was okay, but claimed that it was for Amanda's sake, no this. Trevor chuckled as he recounted Janet's trail from Plattsville State Prison to Pine Valley. Jack took a sip of coffee and commented that Trevor seems unable to get his mind off of Janet. Finally there was an explanation as to why Trevor is unable to admit his feelings for Janet. Trevor explained that he feels like e is betraying Natalie every time he allows Janet into his home. But Trevor claimed that he has "needs." Jack shook his head. He pointed out that Janet is not the only one who has done things wrong in the past. He also stated that Trevor's interest in Janet has nothing to do with "sexual frustration." Now is the time, Jack spouted, for Trevor to go to Janet's hotel room and tell her how he feels.

Tad and Dimitri argued over—what else---Gloria. Tad claimed that Dimitri was only fooling himself by marrying Gloria. He said that Gloria will out on a show in public, but when she's at home alone with Dimitri, it's him that she's thinking about... not Dimitri. The two struggled to land a punch. Gloria happened upon the almost-fight and tried to break them up. As she moved to step between the two men, Tad pushed Dimitri setting off a chain reaction. Dimitri fell backwards and knocked Gloria over. She tumbled to the ground and hit her head on a plastic patio chair. Tad tried to race to Gloria's side to see that she was okay, but Dimitri refused to let Tad anywhere near his new bride. Gloria rose to her feet and brushed herself off. She gave Tad a scolding for acting like a little kid. Gloria claimed that Tad would never stop his aggression toward Dimitri and warned him that he is out of control. Tad disagreed. He said that "it's over" and left Gloria and her husband to stand alone on the patio. Dimitri changed the topic to something a little happier. He told Gloria that he had been in touch with Marian Colby and found a possible new home.

Laura called Scott to tell him that she was given the job at the youth counseling center. The planned on celebrating the good news with a trip to the lake. After Laura ended her phone call, Kelsey commented on how great it was that Laura and Scott were back together. "Love conquers all," Kelsey waxed philosophically. Kelsey made an off-color remark commenting on how willing she would be to sleep with Scott if she were dating him. The comment upset Laura who labeled herself as an atypical teen who isn't obsessed with sex. Kelsey quickly apologized for her comment. She told Laura that she---"Miss Teen Pregnancy"---really has no room to talk about sex. Laura told Kelsey that she is unable to get close to Scott in a physical way because of something she did in her past. And whatever she had done in her past was something that she feared she could never live down. Kelsey advised Laura to tell Scott what was bothering her. That, she explained, would be the only way that Laura could move on from her past mistakes.

Scott arrived and whisked Laura to another corner of Holidays. As they sat and chatted, Ginny and a new transfer student named Heidi approached and made small talk. Heidi obviously had her eyes on Scott and said that she hopes to see more of him in the future. After the two women left the scene, Scott referred to them as "bimbos." He called Laura a "class act" who respected herself enough not to sleep with someone on the first date. Laura wasn't so sure. Her mind drifted off to an old memory. She saw herself laying on a sofa wearing hardly any clothing. A man's hand gently stroked her thigh. Laura began trembling and Scott feared that Laura might be sick. He offered to take her home so that she could get some rest.

Skye finished her confession, but received no response from Edmund. Surely this was not news that could received without some type of reaction. Edmund looked at Skye as though she were speaking another language. A persistent ringing in his ears prevented Edmund from hearing Skye's confession and his eyes went in and out of focus. Skye feared that Edmund might be in danger and she raced to find a doctor. Edmund struggled to get to his feet. He stepped out of bed and fell to the ground. Brooke entered the room and tried to help Edmund to his feet, but he refused to let her help him. Skye returned with the doctors and they assured her that Edmund's condition was "normal," considering what he had gone through. Apparently the hearing loss and blurred vision are all after-effects of a severe concussion. But just to be on the safe side, a new series of tests would be scheduled. Skye and Brooke left the room while the doctors performed a more thorough examination. Brooke told Skye that Edmund treated her like "poison" and worried that he might never forgive her for not being able to save Maria's life. Skye later returned to Edmund's room. He had fallen asleep under the effects of a mild sedative. She picked up the book of poetry that she had given to Edmund and read a passage from on of the poems. In the poem, telling the truth was compared to walking on razors. Skye out down the book and told Edmund that he should forget everything that she said.

Janet copped a seat at the Valley Inn's bar and ordered a drink. The bartender put on the local news, but Janet requested that he turn the television off after the reporter began talking about the crash of flight 149. Jim overheard Janet's discussion with the bartender and took a seat beside her. Janet told Jim that she had friends who were on the flight. Jim, in turn, told Janet that he was a passenger on the plane. Rather than talk at the bar, Jim asked Janet if she would join him at his table. Janet knew that she should be doing some work, but she decided to put her work on hold and take Jim up on his offer. At the table, Janet figured out that Jim was the man who yanked Edmund from the wreckage. Jim claimed that he was not a hero, a claim with which Janet did not agree. Jim's attention was diverted when Brooke entered the bar and order a drink. By the time Janet realized that Brooke was only a few feet away from her, Brooke had downed more than a few vodka martinis. A drunken Brooke shared bad jokes with the bartender until Janet approached and made conversation. Janet apologized for switching plane tickets with Brooke. Brooke, her words slurred, told Janet that it was not her fault because she didn't know the plane was going to crash. "It's not like you took a crowbar to the control panel," Brooke giggled. Following up on Jack's advice, Trevor entered the bar. He walked over to the two women to make sure that everything was okay. Trevor told Janet that he was on his way to her room to talk to her. Brooke warned Trevor and Janet that time was too short and that "love's the only thing that lasts." She told them that Amanda should be considered a blessing, a blessing that could bring them together. Janet became uncomfortable and fled to her hotel room. Jim offered to take Brooke home, but Brooke said that she would rather take a cab. After some careful persuasion, Brooke agreed to let Jim drive her home.

Marian showed the Maricks a loft in the same building as Liza's loft. Marian claimed that someone had already submitted an offer on the home and warned Dimitri that he'd have to act fast if he wanted to buy the property. Dimitri knew that Marian was playing hardball. He asked for several minutes of privacy before making a decision. Marian tried to get Gloria's impression of the loft, but Gloria didn't respond to being called "Mrs. Marick." During their time alone, Dimitri suggested that Gloria reconsider taking on private nursing duties for Joe. Since Tad is "spinning out of control," as Dimitri believed, it might be uncomfortable for her to always be bumping into him. Gloria said that she would always be bumping into Tad because they live in a small town. When Dimitri suggested that they move to another town, Gloria became insistent that they remain in Pine Valley. She said that Joe and Ruth are her family and she needs to help them. Dimitri took her by the hand and corrected her: He is her family, not Joe and Ruth. Gloria came around and decided that she will pass on acting as Joe's private nurse. Marian burst into the room and asked if they had made a decision on the property. Dimitri beamed as he announced that he would buy the property. Gloria wasn't as enthusiastic. She looked like she was about to cry.

Jim took Brooke home and saw her to his room. He returned downstairs and looked at a photo of Laura. As he stalked around in the dark, Laura returned home.

Janet, wearing her bed clothing, prepared to hit the hay. She didn't expect a late night visitor to show up at her door. She was even less expectant to see Trevor!

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Wednesday, August 20, 1997
by Dan J Kroll

Marian and Liza talked about Liza's impending divorce from Adam. Both were definitely upset that the marriage was about to end, but they had different attitudes and perceptions of what could be done to stop the divorce. Liza thought of the matter as hopeless. Adam hates her, she explained, and that's that. Marian insisted that Adam loves Liza and that the relationship still has nearly a full tank of gas. As they talked, Adam approached from behind and asked for a few words alone with Liza. Liza refused, saying that anything Adam had to say could be summed up in two words: divorce papers. Adam jittered nervously and his hands moved up and down erratically. "It's me," he said. Marian and Liza both took a double take. It wasn't Adam standing behind them---it was Stuart dressed in Adam's clothes. Stuart had an important meeting and decided that he'd look more professional if he wore some of his brother's expensive, designer clothing. Now that she knew it was not her husband, Liza permitted Stuart to speak his mind. Stuart asked, no begged, Liza not to let Adam run her out of Chandler Mansion. He said that he never expected it, but believes that Adam and Liza are perfect for each other. And now that there's a baby on the way? What better reason could there be to remain together? "If both of you give up," Stuart explained, "you'll lose your chance for happiness." After Stuart left, Marian repeated Stuart's words. "Don't give up," she recited over and over. Fortunately, Belinda happened to walk into the bar area at that exact moment. Okay, there was nothing fortunate about it. Marian had called and arranged for a meeting. Belinda had good news for Liza. She stated that Liza signed the divorce papers when she believed that there was no future for her with Adam. Now that she's pregnant, there is most definitely a future. Any competent judge would rule that Liza and Adam have to remain married until a suitable amended divorce agreement can be made. At least that's what Belinda claimed. "You hold all the cards," Belinda smiled. Liza rose from her chair and announced that she was going to go and talk to Adam.

While Scott and Laura said their goodbyes, Jim hid in the shadows. Scott told Laura that she's been acting peculiarly ever since their trip to New York. He asked her to open up to him, but Laura wouldn't budge. She kept her lips clamped shut and showed no sign or desire to tell Scott what was troubling her. Scott told Laura that he would not give up his quest to get inside her head. He wanted her to trust him, but Laura felt that "trust" was an overused word with little meaning. Laura saw Scott to the door and turned off the lights. She'd have to get a good night's sleep in order to perform well on the first day of her new job. Jim tip-toed around in the dark and headed to the stairs.

Trevor returned Janets briefcase to her. She'd left it behind in the bar when she ran off. Their hands touched as Janet reclaimed her property. Trevor was prepared to leave, but he asked Janet if he could stay for a few minutes. Janet offered Trevor a soda---or at least a seat, but he turned down both offers. Trevor informed Janet that he had been thinking about what Brooke had told them. Janet said that she never expected Brooke to be a "go get it kinda gal." That made Janet reflect on her personal guilt for swapping flights with Brooke. Trevor diagnosed Janet as suffering with "survivor's guilt." He told her that she has to forgive herself so that she can move on with her life. Janet lowered her head and reminded Trevor that he didn't stop by to talk about guilt. Trevor beat around the bush for a while. He even asked for a soda right in the middle of the most important part of the discussion. Janet was so furious with Trevor's lollygagging that she "overpoured" the soda and spilled it all over Trevor's shirt and the carpet. Finally Trevor came out with it. He told Janet that he had lied when he told her that their kiss meant nothing to him. It meant a lot to him. He also told Janet that he used to look at her and think about the way she mistreated Natalie and how she killed Will Cortlandt. Now, he sees someone different... someone who's changed. Janet is a part of Amanda's life and, Trevor confessed, a part of his life. Janet wanted to know what Trevor's soul searching meant for them. Instead of continuing with honest answers, Trevor went back to his game of dodge ball. He didn't like being on the receiving end of the questions and said that he wants to be the one who asks the questions for a change. Janet said that she felt like a girl in the fifth grade who was passing out cards to the other boys asking them to check the "yes" box if they liked her. Trevor turned and looked Janet in the eye and said just one word: Yes. Now that their feelings were out in the open, they both agreed that they should take things one day at a time. That way there would be no shattered expectations. Trevor left, but hung around outside Janet's door for a few minutes. Janet leaned against the door with a broad smile on her face. She let out a big sigh of relief.

Adam looked at his Couple of the Year plaque in contempt. He tossed the plaque out on top the patio where it nearly crashed into Scott. Adam somehow knew that Scott had been out with Laura and made a comment that Laura should be getting some rest so that she is rested for her first day on the job. Scott wondered how Adam knew about Laura's job---he hadn't told anyone. Adam cracked a sneer and asked Scott if he really believes that Laura could have landed the job on her own merits. Of course not, Adam answered for his nephew. Apparently the Chandler influence reaches all the way to the Youth Center. Adam claimed that Scott should be pleased for Laura. Now she can be with "her own kind." The snide remark infuriated Scott. He leapt across the room and grabbed his uncle by the lapels, shaking him violently. He Liza not entered at that exact moment to break up the confrontation, Adam might have been beaten to a pulp! Adam refused to speak to either Scott or Liza. Liza asked Scott why he had reacted so strongly to Adam. His response that he was defending Laura didn't sit too well with Liza. She was impressed that Scott loved Laura enough to defend her name, but she suggested that he not resort to violence. Scott asked Liza if he could speak to her in total confidence. Liza nodded her head. Scott said that he thinks Laura was raped during her days of living in New York. Liza advised not to jump to conclusions, but agreed that Laura must have encountered more than her fair share of tragedy while living in Manhattan. Scott apologized for bothering Liza with his problems and said that he would allow her to speak to Adam. Liza smiled and said that she and Adam are at an impasse. Besides, she feels her purpose for showing up was to prevent Scott from beating up Adam! Scott warned Liza that if he found out who hurt Laura... he'd kill him.

Jim would have went upstairs had Brooke not woken up and scared him off. Brooke turned on the light and looked around for Jim. He was nowhere to be found so she assumed that he had gone home. Laura found a wallet on the floor and asked Brooke if she knew who it belonged to. Brooke figured out that the wallet had to belong to Jim and that he must have dropped it when he helped her up to bed. Laura was furious with Brooke for allowing a stranger to tuck her into bed. Brooke explained that she had had a little too much to drink and needed help getting up the steps. But Brooke said that Jim was a good guy. He saved Edmund's life after all! More then that, Brooke said that she knew she could trust him. There was that word again. Laura asked Brooke how she determines who can be trusted. Brooke pointed out that not everyone merits trust. She added that even if you trust someone it doesn't mean they won't let you down. Brooke advised Laura to let go of her past and to move on with her life. Laura was concerned that her past might catch up with her. A moving target, Brooke stated, is harder to hit. Suddenly, Laura's mind drifted back to her past. Again she was sprawled out in front of a white background covered by a bedsheet or some other thin cover. Jim was there, stroking her leg. He told her that "it" would be good for both of them and asked her to "trust" him. Brooke tried to get Laura to stay up and watch a horror flick with her, but Laura decided to turn in for the evening. After the two women went to bed, Jim walked to the door and let himself out. But not before growling that he has to "keep that little girl quiet."

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Thursday, August 21, 1997
by Dan J Kroll

At Holidays, Liza filled in Belinda on her run-in with Adam at Chandler Mansion the night before. Liza told Belinda that she decided that she could not deal with Adam's tantrums because he is a "hard ass." Adam's ears must have been ringing because he chose that exact moment to call Liza on her cellphone. Adam wasted no time in challenging Liza's claims of contesting the divorce agreement. After the two minute phone call concluded, Belinda took great pleasure in knowing that she could prove Adam wrong. She prepared to run off and file some legal papers, but Liza tagged along, refusing to let Belinda have "all the fun."

Skye returned to Edmund's room. Edmund drifted off into a world of altered reality. He once again "saw" Maria standing before him, asking him to always remember her. When the dream ended, Edmund mistakenly referred to Skye as "Maria." Skye corrected him and told him that he had been having a dream. Not so, said Edmund, who told Skye that Maria is not dead. Skye tried to convince Edmund that the search and rescue teams have turned up nothing in the past few days, but Edmund refused to listen to her. He begged her to use her press credentials to wheedle in on the police investigation. If the authorities thought that she was working on an article for Tempo, perhaps they'd let her see the autopsy reports or other investigation documents. Skye told Edmund that his quest was "not healthy" and asked Edmund to accept Maria's death. Edmund reminded Skye that everyone in town had been under the mistaken assumption that Madeline was dead. Everyone except Maria. Edmund felt that he owes Maria the same devotion. Reluctantly, Skye agreed to dig around for her boss. Edmund took her hand and told her that he would never forget what she's done for him.

While driving along the interstate somewhere near Pine Valley Airport, Jake's truck was hit with a flat tire. He pulled into a rest stop and worked to fix the flat. While he was under the truck, he was distracted by a female's presence. The woman, with long, slender legs and very little clothing asked if Jake could give her a ride to Pine Valley. Just in case the young woman hadn't noticed, Jake pointed out that his truck had a flat tire. And besides, didn't this young woman's mother ever tell her about the dangers of hitchhiking? The woman, speaking in a heavy foreign twang, introduced herself as Gillian. She claimed to be a European traveler... a regular renaissance woman. She claimed to have been friends with a Russian spy. Jake knew that she was spinning tales. Gillian insisted that her life has enough excitement in it to not need to make up stories. But if there is ever a dull moment, Gillian said that wouldn't hesitate to cause a little trouble. As Gillian boasted of her joie de vivre, she brushed her hand against a wooden plank and ended up with a splinter in her hand. Jake asked to check her hand out, citing the fact that he's a doctor, but Gillian didn't trust a man who couldn't fix a flat tire. Jake blinked his eyes several times and told her that he had fixed her flat tire. Gillian moved towards the truck and after looking inside, she changed her mind about the ride. She claimed that Jake's truck was too dirty to suit her needs and that she couldn't possibly make her "grand entrance" into Pine Valley in a beat up truck.

Kevin attended his third session with Dr. Chapman. Not wanting to offended the doctor, Kevin took a circuitous rout in telling the doctor that he wasn't sure the therapy sessions were working. Dr. Chapman didn't address Kevin's concerns. Instead, he had a question for his patient. He asked Kevin if he has ever wished that he were not gay. Kevin's voice became soft as he admitted that there were time that he's wished he were straight. He listed his meeting with Tate, his would-have-been college dorm mate and his stint as Prom King as times where he wished her were straight. His comment that he wondered if he could "pretend" to be straight was the open door that Dr. Chapman has been looking for. Dr. Chapman told Kevin that he should consider doing a little "role playing." For one day, he urged, pretend to be heterosexual and see what it's like. The doctor told Kevin that he doesn't care what the result... he just thinks it could be a learning experience for Kevin. Kevin shrugged his shoulders and said that he'd consider it.

Back at Holidays, Mateo worked on plans for Maria's memorial. Hayley begged Mateo to let Dimitri handle the plans, but Mateo insisted that he is the only person who knows what Maria would want at her memorial service. Mateo worried about his niece and nephew and how their lives would be altered by the loss of their mother. Opal and Kelsey dropped by. When they learned that Hayley and Mateo wanted to go to the hospital to check up on Edmund, they volunteered their services at the restaurant. A little later, Kelsey worried that Kevin's therapist might be doing more harm than good. She told Opal that her grandparents hold nothing by contempt for Dr. Chapman. Opal, however, insisted that Kevin's family would not send him to a quack.

Gillian was about to call a taxi when Kevin pulled into the rest stop. She caught one glimpse of Kevin's sporty new car and immediately went to work. She strutted to Kevin's side and told him that he was a very attractive young man. She, whether it was part of her ploy or not, claimed that she believed Kevin was a college man. She then complimented him on his rugged hair cut and sensuous lips. But "all the girls" must tell Kevin that he's cute, she smiled. Kevin blushed and said that none of the girls tell him that. Gillian put her hands on her hips and looked Kevin up and down. "You're gay, aren't you?" she asked. She assured Kevin that there was nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, her best friend happens to be gay. But that was neither here nor there. She got to the heart of the matter and asked Kevin if he would give her a ride to Pine Valley. Kevin nodded and told her to hop in the car.

Mateo and Hayley paid a visit to Edmund, but Edmund wasn't all that thrilled by their company. In fact, he couldn't wait until after they were gone. But while they were there, the couple filled Edmund in on his children's status. Hayley said that Maddie has been a perfect angel and that Sam thinks Edmund and Maria are out of town on business.

As soon as Mateo and Hayley left---they were able to tell that they weren't needed at the hospital---Skye returned with news on her search. She told Edmund that police have been "tight-lipped" about the investigation. She was able to find out that no body was recovered. Edmund asked her to close the door. After she complied, Edmund struggled to get to his feet. He told Skye that the failure to find a body meant that Maria had to be alive. He told Skye that he needed her to help him get to the shore. Once there, they could rent a boat and search the marina for sign of Maria.

Adam called Barry to set the divorce wheels in motion. He wouldn't admit it, but he also wanted to check on the validity of Liza's claims. He wasn't pleased to learn that Barry was out playing a game of golf. Liza entered the room and told Adam that Barry, when he gets off the gold course, will tell Adam the same thing she's been telling him: the divorce papers are null and void. Liza told Adam that she signed the divorce papers under duress---and she also had no idea that she was pregnant at the time. What's pregnancy got to do with it, Adam asked. He reminded Liza that she is not carrying his child. The two squabbled back and forth over who's child Liza is actually carrying. Finally, Adam dared Liza to prove that she is carrying his child. He ordered her to have a DNA test performed on the child. Liza out and out refused to put her baby at risk. In order to do the DNA test, a needle would have to be inserted into the fetus. Liza wasn't going to risk harming the child. So Adam has two choices, Liza said: Either believe that she is carrying his child or wait until after the baby is born and then perform a DNA test. Adam told Liza that she was bluffing. Liza argued no more. She warned Adam that his constant insults are making the stakes higher. Liza said that every time Adam hurls an insult, she becomes more determined to take him to the cleaners. And on top of that, she'll make sure that he never gets to see his child.

Kevin and Gillian arrived at Holidays. The restaurant met Gillian's standards and she actually praised the "panache" of the establishment. Gillian gave Kevin a peck on the cheek and thanked him for helping her. Kelsey yanked Kevin aside and asked him who the woman was. Kevin told his friend that he had picked her up at a rest stop. Kelsey asked Kevin how it felt to be kissed by a girl. Kevin shrugged his shoulders and said that it meant nothing to him---and that it wasn't a kiss, it was a peck. Kevin also told Kelsey that Gillian is European. That lead Kelsey to ask why a European would set foot in their little burg.

Mateo waited on Gillian and soon found himself on the receiving end of her flirtatious ways. Mateo told her that he was married, but that didn't satisfy Gillian. "How married?" She asked. Hayley stomped over to the table and replied "Very." She pulled Matt aside and told him that she had spoken to the hospital's dietitian. Apparently, Edmund would be permitted to eat some seafood from Holidays... but only if it was something mild. They headed to the kitchen to round up some food for Edmund.

Gillian waltzed over to Kevin and told him that she had contacted a limo agency, but stated that the agency had no idea who she was. "Should they?" Kevin asked. Gillian nodded slightly. She told him that she was in town to meet with her father. But on second thought, she commented that she might not be ready to face him. AS Kevin and Gillian became more comfortable with each other, Kelsey's face displayed an overwhelming look of concern.

At the hospital, Hayley and Mateo found Edmund's room empty. They thought nothing of it and asked Jake if he could find out if Edmund had been taken for some tests.

At the shore, Edmund and Skye walked to sandy beaches and looked out into the water. Edmund found one of Maddie's toys half-buried in the sand. Finding the toy gave him new hope that Maria had survived the crash. Skye told Edmund that there was no sign of his wife. Edmund turned and cast a glare at the vast body of water before him.

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Friday, August 22, 1997
by Dan J Kroll

Gillian rushed to the hospital hoping that she could have someone look at her injured finger. Allie directed her to triage, but along the way Gillian bumped into Jake and got side-tracked. She was surprised to see that Jake was a "human doctor." Back at the rest stop when he told her that he was a doctor, she assumed that he was kidding. The European beauty soon learned that Americans are a great deal more politically correct than other residents of the world. She referred to Allie as a nurse simply because Allie's a woman. The comment angered Allie, but she did accept Gillian's apology when she corrected her. Gillian explained that she had no American health insurance, but said that she has more than enough cash to cover her expenses. Gillian refused to give her last name, claiming that she is like "Cher" and "Madonna."
Allie escorted Gillian to a room and prepped her for a splinter-ectomy. Allie probed for details on Gillian, asking where she was from and why she didn't want to give her last name. Gillian offered no response and asked if Allie learned how to be nosy in med school. Allie smiled and asked what she meant by "med school." Gillian worried that she was being treated by someone without a medical degree, but Allie assured that she was just joking. In the blink of an eye, Allie plucked the tiny piece of wood from Gillian's finger. With the medical procedure complete, Gillian pulled a wad of foreign currency from her purse and offered to settle her debt. Allie explained that she could not accept non-US funds. Then Allie did something rather peculiar. She told Gillian not to worry about payment because there was little work involved---just a Band-Aid and some antiseptic. Gillian mustn't have been used to charity because she refused to cancel the debt. She told Allie that she'd be back in the morning to settle what she owes.

Gillian scooted to a pay phone and called a "Mr. Randolph." She told the man that she needed him to send her some money for expenses. She also told him that she had not yet tracked down her father because the time wasn't right. Gillian tracked Allie and Jake down yet again and asked them for directions to the nearest art gallery.

The sun had long slipped under the horizon and Skye worried that the colder temperatures might adversely effect Edmund. She suggested that they return to the hospital, but Edmund refused. Skye went to the car to fetch a blanket. She also used the opportunity to call Mateo and Hayley and alert them to Edmund's whereabouts. Mateo told Skye that they'd meet her at the beach. When Skye returned to Edmund's side, he had a question for her. He asked if she believed that Maria was still alive. Skye shook her head. She said that she believes that Maria died in the crash. Edmund lowered his head and told Skye that if Maria did die, he died with her. Skye begged Edmund not to give up on life. There was a long period of silence as they both looked out into the water. Skye felt bad that she and The Greys were not on the best of terms. Edmund reminded Skye that Maria had forgiven her and that Skye's past deeds were "long forgotten." The guilt still haunted Skye. She cast her mind back on her letter, carefully recalling every word she used in the letter. She had no way of knowing that her letter was half-buried in the sand only a few yards away.

At Holidays, Jake scolded Allie for the way she handled Gillian's lack of insurance. Jake said that Allie should have filled out the appropriate forms so that the treatment would have been logged. Something about Jake's lecture brought up painful memories for Allie. She told Jake that her mother used to work double shifts in order to make ends meet and that health insurance was an unobtainable luxury item. Meanwhile, Jake and others were enjoying their Norman Rockwell lives complete with a happily married family, the best schooling available, and enough money to keep them happy. Now Jake was on the defensive. He told Allie that Pine Valley is not the tranquil backwards town that she might expect. Both agreed that there were issues that they'd prefer not to talk about. Allie sipped her drink and told Jake that a little mystery and secrecy is exciting.

Esther dropped by the art gallery to return a casserole dish to Stuart. Stuart was quite pleased to see Esther. He told her that he missed seeing her. Esther was a little down in the dumps because she was worried about "Little Honey." Stuart assured Esther that Madeline had come out of the crash unscathed. Esther disagreed. She said that the infant lost her mother in the crash and worried that there would be no one to love and take care of her. Stuart suggested that Esther contact Mateo or Edmund and volunteer her babysitting services. Esther scratched the idea, claiming that no one would want to associate with her after the kidnapping debacle. Stuart asked Esther to follow him down the hallway. He led her to Pierce's old room and showed her around. He told her that the room permitted a great deal of privacy and asked Esther if she'd move in. Esther was confused. She didn't understand why Stuart would go out of his way to help her. Stuart smiled bashfully and told Esther that he likes her and wants to see her get what she deserves from life. The room featured a kitchen and bathroom---and best of all---was rent free.
A topless Scott lugged a heavy stone sculpture from the storage area in to the gallery. When he put the objet d'art on the ground, he found an attractive young woman giving him the once over. Gillian, the woman ogling Scott's buffed torso, asked if the gallery owner was around. Stuart overheard the voices and entered the room. Gillian produced a beautiful religious artifact. Stuart was awed by the object and asked if it was genuine. Gillian nodded her head and asked for an appraisal. Scott introduced himself and apologized for Scott's appearance. "He's usually not so... so naked," Stuart gushed. While Stuart was gone, Scott prepared to go back to work. Gillian told him not to leave until they were better acquainted. Stuart returned with a look of astonishment on his face. He told Gillian that he was not able to purchase the item from her, as she had requested, because he didn't have the kind of money commanded by the item. He suggested that he call John Randolph in New York City. The mention of the name caused Gillian's perky mood to somewhat sour.
Stuart returned to Pierce's former room and asked Esther if she had reached a decision. Esther smiled and said that she would move into the room---but only for one night.

Back out in the gallery, Gillian asked Scott "what kind of trouble" she could get into while staying in town. Scott claimed that he didn't know what she meant by "trouble." Gillian smiled broadly and licked her lips. She called Scott a "good boy" and said that she loves "good boys" because they present more of a challenge.

Amanda received a last minute call from her friend Carrie. Carrie's mom was able to get her hands on backstage passes for The Secret Garden, a stage play showing somewhere in town. Trevor told Amanda that she had promised to stay and visit with Janet, but understood that the backstage opportunity was a once and a lifetime event. After Amanda left, Trevor tried to call Janet to tell her that she need not journey over to the house. But before Trevor could make the call, Janet showed up at the door. Trevor told Janet that Amanda had gone to a play with Carrie. Janet wasn't upset. In fact she was pleased that Amanda was being immersed in the arts. Janet was about to leave, but Trevor invited her to dinner. Janet accepted the offer and said that she would have one hot dog and one hamburger. Trevor was entertained by Janet's "dainty appetite." He told her that she should not hold back on eating in order to impress him. Quite simply, he likes her just the way she is and doesn't want her to change.

A rain storm canceled the outdoor barbecue so Janet and Trevor decided to watch a video. But half-way through the video, the power went out. Trevor assured Janet that the power would be back on shortly. They lit a few candles to provide some light. While Trevor called the power company to find out when the power would be restored, Janet listened to some tunes on Tim's boom box. A song on the radio made her reflect on her changing relationship with Trevor. Tears formed in her eyes causing Trevor to think that something was wrong. Janet smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. She insisted that everything was fine and that she couldn't be happier. Then in the sparkle of the candlelight, Trevor and Janet shared another kiss.

Back on the beach, Mateo and Hayley finally arrived. Hayley thanked Skye for allowing Edmund to visit the crash scene. She said that she showed that she was a true friend for helping Edmund to deal with his loss. Mateo agreed with Edmund's perception of the crash scene. They both felt "closer" to Maria while sitting on the beach. Skye took a walk down the beach. Something flapping in the wind caught her attention. She bent over and found her letter sticking out of the sand.

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