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Erica plotted to get Gloria to give Maddie back to Edmund. Gillian devised a plan that involved Laura and Scott. Judith left town for six months without telling Kevin. Adam started to feel like he was responsible for the plane crash, while Brooke was finally relieved of her own feelings of guilt.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, September 29, 1997

Kelsey returned to Joe and Ruth's house while en route to her dorm. Ruth heard a noise in the kitchen and went downstairs to investigate. Ruth was able to use her grandmotherly radar to determine that Kelsey was upset. After figuring that out, it was relatively easy to figure out that Kevin was the source of the doom and gloom. Ruth criticized Kevin for leading Kelsey on, but Kelsey felt the blame was all her own. She said that she led herself on---had she not been floating in the clouds she would have realized that there was no way she could have a relationship with Kevin. Suddenly, a knocked sounded on the door. Kevin called out to Kelsey and told her that he was not leaving until he spoke to her. Kelsey begged her grandmother to tell Kevin that she wasn't there, but Ruth refused to lie. Kelsey agreed to speak to Kevin, but noting was cleared up in their chat. Kevin begged Kelsey to let him back into her life. He called himself a fool for hurting the one person who meant anything to him. Kelsey again told Kevin that they could not revert to the days when they were just friends. Where it had once gotten him into a heap of trouble, Kevin professed his love for Kelsey. This time, however, he made sure he clarified the word "love." Kevin said that Kelsey means a great deal to him and does not want to see her hurt. Kelsey told Kevin that she needed to be alone and sent Kevin on his way.

Ruth entered the kitchen to check on Kelsey. Ruth praised Kevin's courage for telling Kelsey the truth. What if, Ruth asked, Kevin continued to play the game of denying his sexuality? He and Kelsey could have ended up as husband and wife. She told Kelsey that she knew of a woman who married a man who refused to acknowledge his homosexuality until after their children had all entered college. No one in that marriage, she explained, was happy.

Laura asked Scott if she could have a moment of his time. Scott refused, saying that they've played the apology game too many times in the past. Laura promised him that this time their discussion would have a resolution. Needless to say, Gillian was not pleased when Scott told her that he'd have to cancel their dinner plans. Gillian mocked Laura's helpless routine. Before leaving, Gillian made sure that she stuffed Laura's picture in her purse.

The judge issued her ruling. She prolonged the agony of a verdict by beating around the bush for a good five minutes. She told both Edmund and Dimitri that she considered denying custody to both of them! She reminded both parties of Maddie's frenzied life---kidnapping and now a custody battle. The judge called Dimitri a selfish man who has exhibited poor behavior. But this, she said, does not exclude him from claiming his biological rights to Madeline. "I have no other choice," the judge ruled, "but to grant sole custody [of Maddie] to Mr. Marick." Trevor rose to his feet and asked the judge to grant a protective order. This would allow a court appointed child welfare agent to keep tabs on Dimitri and the child. Katherine fervently argued against the order. The judge agreed with Katherine and said that there will be no interference in handing the child over to Dimitri. She placed a one hour time frame for the transition of Maddie from Wildwind to Dimitri's home. Edmund got out of his chair and walked over to Dimitri. He told his brother that he harbors him no ill will for what he's done to him. But he will never forgive him for thumbing his nose at Maria's wishes. Maddie, Edmund pointed out, was the very last image that Maria saw before she plummeted to her death. Edmund warned Dimitri to be in for many sleepless nights. He added that he will not allow Dimitri any peace until Maddie is back in his arms.

At the park, Laura finally spilled her soul to Scott. Whether or not the contents of her soul were factual or figments of her imagination remains to be seen. She told Scott that while in New York she befriended a few kids from the wrong crowd. One day, those kids thought she tattled on them for robbing a nearby deli. She hadn't, but that didn't stop the kids from venting their rage on her. She said that a group of five boys surrounded her in the hallway of her SRO and threatened to rape her. Had a neighbor not heard noise in the stairwell, she could very well have been sexually assaulted. This, Laura said, is the reason she fears being intimate with anyone. Scott told Laura that she was very brave for facing her past, but felt bad for taking Laura back to New York where all those memories had been buried. Gillian peeked at the two from behind a fence. She was not happy at the reconciliation. And if she thought that was bad, she wasn't going to like what was about to be said. Scott told Laura that he wants her back in his life and assured her that Gillian meant nothing to him. Nothing, Scott smiled, will ever get between him and Laura ever again. From behind the fence, Gillian sneered at Laura's nudie picture.

Kevin went to see his mother. He arrived only moments before she was scheduled to leave for the opera. Kevin told his mother that he had hurt Kelsey. Judith chuckled to herself and seemed mildly amused that her son and Kelsey had a spat. She told Kevin that he'll need to get used to having fights because marriage is filled with arguments. Kevin told his mother that he and Kelsey are not going to get married. He blasted his mother for trying to turn him into a robot. Judith was appalled by her son's raised voice. She blamed Kevin's busy college and work schedule for his frazzled nerves. Judith begged Kevin to continue his sessions with Dr. Chapman. If he stops, the entire family will be let down and Kevin's dad will be devastated. Kevin asked his mother if she knew what it meant to be "devastated." He told her that his world fell apart when she told him that she could not love him if he were gay. "I'm your son," he pleaded and asked if his mother still was convinced that she could not love him. Judith shook her head. Being gay, she replied, goes against everything she believes. No son of hers would ever hurt her by being gay. With tears in his eyes, Kevin left his mother's room. Outside in the hallway, he fell to his knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

At Wildwind, Edmund prepared for another goodbye. Skye pulled him aside and told him that she meant what she said; Dimitri will never take Maddie from him. She informed him that she had the Chandler Enterprises jet fueled and waiting for him at the airport. Within minutes, he, Maddie, and Sam can be taking off to a new life somewhere out of Dimitri's grasp. Edmund thanked Skye for her concern, but said that flying away will not solve the problem. By fleeing, he'll never be able to see his family again. Plus, it would be hypocritical for him to flee especially since he barred Maria from fleeing when Kelsey wanted to take Sam back from them. Edmund was allowed but a few scant minutes with Maddie before having to give her up. He told Maddie that he promised Maria that he'd always take care of her. He told his daughter that she'd be living with her Uncle Dimitri for a little while, but that she'd soon return to his arms. Until then, he added, Maria will be watching over her. The hour gone by, Dimitri and Katherine arrived at Wildwind and plucked Maddie from her daddy's arms. Edmund vowed that "it's not over... it's not over."

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Brooke received a phone call from a friend informing her of the verdict in Edmund and Dimitri's custody battle. Brooke was floored by the news and felt somewhat responsible for the pain inflicted on Edmund. She recalled Edmund's biting criticism of her failure to save Maria from the plane wreckage and remembered that Edmund had blamed her for killing Maria. Luckily for Brooke, Jim arrived and helped her devise a way to deal with her pain. Brooke told Jim that it was unfair of the judge to award custody to Dimitri. Jim recommended that Brooke visit Wildwind to talk to Edmund, but Brooke felt that she couldn't return to Wildwind. Edmund hates her, she explained. And now was not the right time to drop by for a visit.

Erica finished off a letter to Bianca just as visiting hours ended. A guard informed Erica that she'd have to return to her cell. Erica begged for a few more minutes in the visiting room. She loved the peace and quiet in the room and besides she had received special permission to stick around a little while longer. The guard seemed somewhat amused and even a bit impressed that Erica was trying to write a letter to Bianca considering that all of her previous letters had been returned to her without being opened. The guard took it upon herself to tell Erica about Dimitri's victory in court. "That baby you stole," the guard announced, "was given to your ex." Hardly a professional newscast, but Erica got the point. She begged the guard to let her use the phone even thought she'd already went over her limit of personal phone calls.

Gloria tidied up her new home and anxiously awaited for Maddie's debut. Maddie would not call The Valley Inn her home. Sometime in the past few days, Dimitri and Gloria moved from their home at the hotel to their loft. Dimitri returned home and introduced Maddie to her "new mommy." Gloria, displayed signs of sorrow, told Dimitri that she wants to get pictures of the Santos family so that Maddie will never forget her family. Dimitri agreed to his wife's suggestion. Just as Gloria was taking Maddie of to bed, Gillian returned. Gillian complimented Gloria on her child rearing skills and later told Dimitri that Gloria seems to be really good with children. Dimitri concurred, saying that Gloria exudes maternal instincts. Gillian felt that Dimitri's sudden desire to "acquire" Maddie reeked of convenience. She told Dimitri that she and Gloria had discussed the loss of Anna Claire, Gloria's daughter that died shortly after birth. It seems Gloria has a void in her heart, Gillian stated, a void that Dimitri quickly filled by suing for custody of Maddie. Dimitri denied using Maddie as a tool to keep Gloria close to him.

Edmund apologized to Mateo for letting him down. Mateo insisted that Edmund had done no such thing; He will get back Maddie when the case is appealed. Edmund wondered why his dizzy spells had suddenly returned in the courtroom. He said that he was feeling fine for several days, but something brought back to dizziness. Isabella brought Sam back to Wildwind to be with his father. While Edmund was tucking his son into bed and explaining why Maddie was not at home, Isabella vented her frustrations. She blasted the judicial system for stealing a child from its father. Hayley tried to smooth things over. She said that she cannot speak for Dimitri's parenting skills, but she's sure that Gloria will take very good care of Maddie. Trevor returned home to work on the appeal. There was a knock at the door. Brooke and Jim asked if they could speak with Edmund. Skye felt that it wasn't appropriate for Brooke to speak to Edmund considering what had happened in court. From inside the main room, Edmund ordered Skye to let Brooke in the house. Mateo, Hayley, and Isabella all returned home. Edmund had denied Matt and Hayley's request to spend the night at Wildwind. Brooke offered Edmund a heartfelt apology for the "loss" of Maddie and told him that she'll do anything to help him. Edmund was quiet for several agonizing minutes. Finally, he accepted her apology. Brooke fell into Edmund's arms and sobbed uncontrollably. A heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders. But while Brooke cried, Edmund showed no emotion. His action seemed more to appease Brooke than it did to echo Edmund's true feelings. Outside, Brooke told Jim that she still felt guilty for Maria's death. Had she been able to save Maria from the plane, Dimitri would never have gotten custody of Maddie. Jim was annoyed by Brooke's continued self-inflicted abuse and grabbed her by the arm. He told her that there was something he needed to do a long time ago and pulled her along as he walked down the driveway.

Back inside, Edmund received a visit from someone he hadn't seen in years: Gillian. Edmund looked at the young woman for several minutes before he realized who she was. Edmund was forced to cut the visit short because Sam woke from his sleep. While he was gone, Skye and Gillian exchanged frigid words. Skye fumed at Gillian and Edmund's closeness. And Gillian, well, she showed little interest in Skye and repeatedly forgot Skye's name! Gillian told Skye that she was Dimitri's cousin and not related to Edmund because Dimitri and Edmund do not share the same mother. Edmund, toting Sam, returned downstairs and introduced Sam to Princess Andrassy. Gillian and Edmund were all smiles as they played with Sam, but to Skye's chagrin.

Janet showed up at The Dillon House for her date with Trevor. Amanda offered Skye some of her fish sticks, but Janet told her daughter that she and Trevor were going out for dinner. Tim asked Amanda to leave the room. When she was safely out of hearing range, Tim hollered at his Aunt Janet. He told Janet that there was no possible way that his dad would have dinner with her. It's all in her crazy, deluded mind. Janet realized that Trevor had not told Tim about the date and quickly apologized for keeping Tim in the dark. Tim still didn't believe Janet's claims. Janet asked that Tim clear the slate and let their relationship have a second chance. Tim asked Janet if she had let his mother have a second chance when she tossed her down the Marick well. As Tim's acidic words flew off of his tongue, Trevor returned home. It was then that Tim learned that Trevor and Janet really did have a date. Tim was furious at his dad for being nice to Janet and stormed out of the house.

Opal arrived at the prison not quite knowing what to expect. She feared that Erica had called her there to give her a tongue lashing for testifying against her in court. Erica assured Opal that they were still friends and that the past was all water under the bridge. Opal was delighted that she and Erica were gal pals again and gave Erica a big hug. Suddenly, Bertha, the burly prison guard, shouted out that physical contact with Prisoner Kane was not permitted. Erica told Opal that they had a lot of work to do. In a bit of wacky black comedy, Erica told Opal that she had not kidnapped Madeline and then returned her only to have the child be given to her ex-husband. Opal told Erica that there was nothing she could do from prison to change Dimitri's mind about wanting to call Maddie his daughter. Erica agreed; There was no way to change Dimitri's mind. There is, however, someone who they can play mind games with: Gloria. Erica proposed a scheme that would convince Gloria that Maddie's best interest is served by living with Dimitri. Erica asked Opal to tell Gloria that she wants to meet with her. "Here?" Opal asked. "No, Rockefeller Center" Erica quipped. Opal promised to deliver Erica's message and said that she'd get Gloria to show up at the prison even if it means carrying her there on her back!

Jim took Brooke to the scene of the plane crash. Brooke ignorantly toyed with Jim, asking if he wanted to make sandcastles on the beach or perhaps dip his toes in the water. Jim told his friend that they had not traveled to New Jersey to play games. He grabbed Brooke's head and forced her to look at the spot where the plane fell from the sky and hit ground. Brooke mused that life was wonderful because they were in one piece. Jim ordered Brooke to bury her guilt and get on with her life. Brooke's plaster molding began to crack. As the pieces flaked away, her vulnerability shined through. Brooke admitted that she hears voices in her mind. She was sure that she was not hearing things and that the voices were not the winds blowing through the reeds. The voices were those of the passengers who lost their lives in the crash, voices praying for their loved ones still on earth, and voices begging to be as lucky as Brooke and return to living. Brooke said that she felt lucky to still have Jamie and Laura . Suddenly, she shouted "Dammit" at the top of her lungs. Everyone, she said, blames her for Maria's death and that they---Edmund, Dimitri, Hayley, Mateo, Isabella, and more---feel she killed Maria. "So what if you did," Jim snapped. "That's right you killed Maria." Brooke flailed her arms as she burst into tears. Jim's strength allowed him to keep Brooke at an arm's length. "I should have saved her," she sobbed. "That's right," Jim realized. "You're Brooke English." Jim forced himself to show disgust for Brooke. He grabbed her by the waist and told her that she should be killed for allowing Maria to die. He told her to march up to the cliff and jump off. "You blinked," he added "and tragedy struck." He told Brooke that she should have gotten out of her seat the moment she knew the plane was going to crash and raced to the ground so that she could have caught the plane before it crashed. Jim's plan worked. Brooke went from taking the blame for the crash to defending herself. "I didn't do anything wrong," Brooke screamed. "I just wanted to live. I didn't kill Maria." Brooke continued to sob as she told Jim that people put their faith in good luck charms and guardian angels. But the icons and potions turn their backs when tragedy strikes. Finally, Brooke revealed why she felt the way she did. She told Jim that she spent her life telling Laura Cudahy not to talk to strangers or to cross the street without a grown-up. But that didn't stop her daughter from being killed. She was innocent so was Maria... and now they're both gone. Brooke collapsed to the ground, her tears falling against the sand.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Adam and Liza woke up in bed next to each other for the first time in many months. Liza thanked Adam for providing her with one of the first peaceful night's rests she's had in recent memory. Adam jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway. When he came back, he carried a breakfast tray. Liza smiled as she asked Adam if breakfast in bed would be a daily ritual. Perhaps, Adam replied, but this morning's breakfast was not edible. Liza lifted the silver dome off of her plate and found a stack of papers waiting for her. Adam held the papers up. They were the divorce papers that both Adam and Liza signed. Slowly, Adam tore the documents into tiny little pieces. Liza looked on in awe at her husband's gesture. One problem, she didn't believe that the documents were the only ones in existence. Adam admitted that Barry did have a copy of the papers, but without their signatures the papers were null and void. To show Liza his devotion to her, he began eating the shreds of paper. Liza stopped him before he ingested any of the dangerous carbon copy paper. Why had he waited so many months to destroy the papers? Liza had been begging him to tear up the papers for months! Adam told her that ripping the documents up was a way for them to start over and a way for him to apologize for her foolish behavior. Adam grinned and told Liza that Marian had been right about something. Liza's face contorted into a look of disbelief. Marian right about something? Sure enough, she was. Adam told Liza that Marian had been right about his feelings for Liza since day one---he loves her madly. The sweetness was broken up by a phone call from Miles. Miles told Adam that he was able to find out who ordered the faulty turbine blades. Miles suggested holding a press conference to lay the blame on the employee. Adam, however, had other ideas.

Joe returned to work at the hospital, but Ruth worried that he's overextend himself. Joe assured his wife that he was taking things easy and that he's been delegating authority and passing some of his work off to other staff members. As the two dined on oven baked chicken (a low fat version of fried chicken), Ruth suggested that Joe enlist Kelsey's help in replying to the mounds of get well cards he'd received. Perhaps that would help get Kelsey's mind off of her ordeal with Kevin. Joe agreed and noted that it will take longer for Kelsey's broken heart to heal than it did for his heart to recuperate from triple bypass surgery! Loud shouts echoed in the corridor. Soon the source of the bickering was revealed: Jake and Allie. Joe warned the two to keep their voices down and asked what they were arguing about. Apparently, they'd both enrolled in an Ironman triathlon contest and were arguing over which would cross the finish line first. A crowd of fellow staffers formed on the patio as Jake and Allie feuded over the age old man versus woman issue. Joe had an idea of how to settle the argument. He reminded them that the neonatal unit needed an addition $5000 to replace some out-of-date monitors. Joe suggested that Jake and Allie line-up sponsors who will pay a certain pledge amount for each minute that their athlete finishes behind the other. Both agreed to the idea, but the ribbing continued as Allie proclaimed herself the "iron woman" and referred to Jake as the "tin man."

As Dimitri fed Maddie, Brooke showed up on his doorstep. Brooke began asking a series of questions; Did Maddie eat? Has she been put down for a nap? Dimitri went to put Maddie down for a nap and returned to the room to ask Brooke what he could do for her. Brooke claimed that she was visiting Dimitri on behalf of a friend, a friend who had recently lost his wife and now had his child taken away from him. Dimitri reasserted that he had a claim to Maddie because he was the child's biological father. Brooke didn't argue with genetics, but she felt that Dimitri's decision to fight for Maddie was morally wrong. Dimitri said that Edmund is too volatile to raise a child and cited his outburst in court. Brooke said that Edmund's furor was justified considering all that he's gone through. Brooke told Dimitri that Maria gave her life for the child and that it would break Maria's heart if she could see what Dimitri had done to Edmund. Dimitri's actions were like killing Maria all over again. There is still time, she urged, to do the right thing and return Maddie to Edmund. Brooke, now finished speaking her mind, turned and walked away. Dimitri was emotionless and said nothing. There was no way to tell if Brooke's words had made an impact.

Opal's message was delivered and Gloria showed up at the prison. Gloria laid down the ground rules: Erica cannot see Maddie and there was no way that she could convince her to give Maddie back to Edmund. Erica claimed that she needed to speak as Maddie's mother since her real mother was dead. Erica feared that Maddie's life lacked continuity. She had been taken away from Erica after she and Erica bonded. Then, just as Maddie and Maria were bonding, the child had its mother taken away. Erica worried that Maddie would lose yet another mother when Gloria and Dimitri separated. Gloria touted her love for Dimitri and his reciprocal feelings. Erica reminded Gloria that she and Dimitri had once promised to always love each other. Erica couldn't begin to count the number of times she and Dimitri had separated. Erica accused Gloria of trying to fill the void in her heart left by Anna Claire's death with Maddie. Dimitri, she said, "really doesn't love" Gloria. Gloria rose to her feet and pounded on the door. She asked the guard to let her out. Outside the visitation room, Gloria leaned against the wall and thought about what Erica had to say.

Marian was surprised to see Liza in Adam's bed. Liza told Marian that Adam had ripped up the divorce papers and pledged to be a loving husband to her. Marian was overjoyed that things were getting better for her daughter and said that she cannot wait to be a doting grandmother. And soon, Marian said, Liza, Adam, and the baby will have a brilliant future together.

Jack told Mateo and Hayley that TransGlobal had decided not to press charges against Brooke. Mateo and Hayley, in turn, told Jack that they'd found out some information about Corview president Miles Christopher. They said that the man had no right to be running a company because he lacked the credentials and work experience. Jack was furious that the couple ignored his instructions to end their private investigation. Jack and Hayley discussed a possible lawsuit against TransGlobal while Mateo called a friend to follow up on a lead in the crash investigation. Jack told Hayley that they would have a legitimate claim against the airline if it was determined that there was criminal negligence involved in crash. As they talked, Miles entered the restaurant looking for a bite to eat. Hayley approached him and asked him if he had any news on the crash. Miles didn't recognize Hayley. After she sank her teeth into him, he remembered who she was. Miles took pleasure in the fact that Hayley's big shot lawyers had not contacted him. Jack joined the conversation with a word of warning to Miles. He said that he feels Hayley would have a legitimate claim against TransGlobal. Mateo ended his phone call and walked over to Miles. He flashed the purchase order he had stolen from Miles' office and asked why TransGlobal was creating fake purchase orders. The purchase order indicated that an order was placed from Lorimar Steel. But when he called Lorimar, the steel mill had no record of any dealing with TransGlobal in recent months. Miles squinted and recognized Mateo as the janitor he caught poking around his office. Miles threatened to have Mateo arrested for trespassing, but Jack talked Miles out of it. Miles decided to find lunch elsewhere and left. Jack scolded Mateo and Hayley for breaking the law and warned them to keep their noses clean. Jack received a call from Travis regarding Bianca. He left Holidays in a hurry. Shortly after Jack left, Brooke showed up and asked Matt and Hayley if they'd appear on The Cutting Edge with her to discuss the TransGlobal situation.

Gloria returned home from her visit to the prison. She didn't tell Dimitri where she had been, saying she had errands to run. Dimitri was pleased to see her back, but not prepared for her question. She asked Dimitri if he regrets getting married to her.

Jack showed up at the prison and asked Erica if she'd spoken to Bianca lately. She shook her head saying that Travis had blocked all communication with her daughter and even sent her letters back to her. Then Jack had bad news for Erica. He said that Bianca never returned home and Travis fears that she may have run away.

A dark limousine pulled up outside a TransGlobal worker's home. The tinted window rolled down and a man inside the limo said that he needed to speak with the employee. The man turned out to be Adam. The employee said that he couldn't speak because he had things to do, but Adam told him that he has no choice but to speak with him. The man followed Adam's orders. Adam told the man that he had tracked him down as the person who ordered shoddy turbine blades for the airline. The man admitted that he ordered the parts from overseas, but denied knowing that the parts were inferior. The man told Adam that he was only following orders to save money. He said that Adam had ordered the airline to shave ten percent from its operating expenses or risk being shut down. Adam agreed that he ordered a cut in costs, but said that it didn't mean that the airline should by shoddy parts. Adam told the man that he had friends on Flight 149 and one of those friends was killed, leaving two children without a mother. Adam's face grew cold as he told the man that the deaths of the passengers were on his head. The man stumbled for words. "Oh—oh no," he replied. He told Adam that he was the one behind the cost cutting measures and said that if Adam wants to blame to someone, he need only look in a mirror...

Thursday, October 2, 1997

The news of Bianca's disappearance set Erica into a tailspin. She blamed herself for Bianca's disappearance, thinking that Bianca might be en route to the prison. Jack agreed that Bianca might be headed to Pine Valley, but worried about how she'd make the trip. Travis and Barbara reported no missing money or credit cards and the trains and bus stations and airports had not sold Bianca a ticket. Erica begged Jack to find her daughter. For possible the first time in her life, Erica felt helpless. Her incarceration prevented her from searching for her daughter.

At WRCW, Edmund, Brooke, Mateo, and Hayley prepared for their interviews on The Cutting Edge. Mateo informed Edmund and Tad that he'd come across some phony purchase orders from Corview. Everyone agreed that the airline was hiding something---but no one knew what.

The purchasing manager for TransGlobal found it easy to put the blame for the airplane crash on Adam's head. He told his boss that it was easy to see that he was at fault because he ordered a cut on expenses and laid off scores of workers to help turn a profit from the airline. Adam insisted that his cost cutting tactics did not include putting the lives of passengers at stake. But that's exactly what he got. And the purchasing agent warned Adam that unless the entire fleet of airplanes was ground, more people would lose their lives.

Marian surprised Liza with a getaway. She told her daughter to skip out on work and spend the day with her. In the past, Liza would have rather endured Chinese water torture than spend time with her mom, but recent events changed that. Marian lugged Liza to the airport and only after they were on the plane did Marian reveal that they were headed to The Big Apple for a shop-til-ya-drop marathon. The flight attendant welcomed them aboard the plane and thanked them for choosing TransGlobal Airlines!

Adam continued traveling around town, perhaps looking for someone to tell him that all was forgiven. No one was willing to accept the blame for the crash, but there was good news. Adam's attorney, Barry Shire, told him that he'd been able to find a buying for Corview, the parent company of TransGlobal. Because of the recent problems, the purchase price was not as high as expected, but this was the chance for Adam to unload the airline. Adam said that the plane crash will follow him even if he ditches the airline. Barry disagreed. He said that the sale could be buried in mountains of paperwork and that no one had to know that he was the former owner of the company. But that was not what Adam meant. He said that he is responsible for the deaths on Flight 149 and that he'll be haunted by that fact for the rest of his life. Adam explained that he accepted the profit brought in by Corview and that he cannot turn his back from the responsibility. Adam ordered that the entire fleet be pulled out of service and that all the engines and turbine blades be replaced. Barry tried his best to remain the level-headed barrister. He told Adam that it would cost him millions to repair every plane in the fleet. And even if money meant nothing, the press would pick up on the grounding of the airline and learn about the mechanical problems. Then, the door would be left wide open for lawsuits and TransGlobal would be sued into bankruptcy. Even more importantly, if the Chandler-Corview connection was revealed, Adam's reputation would be destroyed and he'd be left penniless. The attorney suggested that Adam covertly pull one aircraft at a time out of service and make the repairs. If the purchase of the airline continues, the headache and financial burden of having to replace the parts would soon be someone else's headache. Until then, they'd have to play the odds and hope that another plane does not crash.

At the correctional facility's main entrance, the door swung open and a young girl approached the front desk. Bianca asked the security guard if she could see her mother. The guard smiled and asked the girl when her mother's shift ended. Bianca was forced to explain that her mother was a prisoner, not an employee. The guard had a double dose of bad news: not only was it not during visiting hours, but all minors need to be escorted by an adult. The guard told Bianca to scram and come back later.

Bianca waited until the guard's back was turned and then tried to sneak into the prison area. The guard turned her back just in time to see Bianca squeak through the door and chased after her. Bianca was apprehended and as the guard threatened to toss Bianca in a jail cell next to her mother, Jack happened upon the scene and helped smooth things over for his niece. Jack told Bianca that she was wrong to runaway from Seattle. Bianca begged Jack to let her see Erica, but Jack wasn't sure that Bianca's fleeing from her home should be rewarded with a visit.

Back in the visiting area, Erica called Myrtle and alerted her to Bianca's disappearance. She asked that her friend go to Linden House and wait there just in case Bianca showed up. Jack entered the waiting area and told Erica that there were new developments. He stepped aside and allowed Bianca to entered the room. The young girl raced to her mother and gave her a big hug. Erica worried that Bianca was in poor health because she was "thin and pale." Bianca assured her mother that now that she's been able to see her, she'll be just fine. Bianca explained that she used a false name to purchase her plane ticket and used Erica's credit card to buy the ticket. She explained that she still had the number written down from their last shopping trip. Jack commented that the acorn doesn't call far from the oak tree. Whether or not he was calling Erica and Bianca a bunch of nuts is up to the viewer to decide. Bianca was concerned that Erica was being brutalized by other prisoners. She said that being cut off from her mom made her worry even more. Erica insisted that she was fine and that some of the other prisoners even asked her to autograph their copies of her new book! The door flew open and a man stood in the doorway flashing a very angry face. Bianca gasped at her father's appearance. Travis yelled at Erica and Jack and accused them of hiding his daughter from him. In Travis' mind, Erica encouraged her daughter to runaway. Bianca told her dad that she opted to flee all by herself, but no one was interested in listening to the young girl. Jack blamed Travis as the reason Bianca ran away, saying that Bianca would never have split if Travis allowed her to talk to Erica. Bianca yelled at the two men and told them to stop arguing. It must have surprised Travis, but Erica actually told her daughter that she should not have run away. Erica told her daughter that it meant a great deal to her to see her, but pointed out that running away could have put her in danger. Bianca asked to hang around Pine Valley for a few days so that she could visit with her mother, but Erica told her that she needs to be thinking about her school work. Travis and Bianca left and Erica was allowed to drop her strong front. Seeing her daughter meant the world to her, but having to say goodbye one more time broke her heart.

The Cutting Edge began with Tad giving the viewers a little background information on the plane crash. He called the guest panel "real survivors," and said that the word survivor has been diluted in recent years. TransGlobal had been invited to join the discussion, but the company declined. Tad asked Brooke if she could tell the audience about the events leading up to the crash. Brooke recalled that the first twenty minutes of the flight were smooth. Then, the plane jumped as if it has hit a speed bump. A few seconds later, Brooke said that the floor seemed to fall away. She doesn't remember the impact, but was told by doctors that it's perfectly normal for the mind to block out traumatic memories. Brooke began to sob as she recalled how she was unable to free Maria from the wreckage. Edmund finally broke his silence. He told Brooke that he had been unfair to her when he accused her of being responsible for Maria's death. He thanked her for doing all that she could to rescue Maria, but assured her that she was not to blame for Maria's death. Brooke said that it's painful for her to know that she survived the crash and that Maria did not. Edmund explained that only God knows why they survived the crash, but said that the explanation for Maria's death rest squarely on TransGlobal. As the interview progressed, Brooke talked of her mid-air incident on the flight back from Washington and her subsequent brush with the law. Mateo accused the airline of trying to silence them. He added that TransGlobal had been forcing settlement offers down their throats. Adam returned to the station, unaware of the show's topic. He stood before a large television monitor that broadcast the show. Behind him, an image of Brooke aired as the woman tried desperately to figure out why Maria had died. She said that Maria was in the prime of her life, had a family, and had a wonderful career. There is, she said, no price on a person's life. As long as TransGlobal remains operational, she said that passengers will be playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Brooke ended by saying that she hopes whoever is responsible for the crash never gets a day's rest.

After the show ended, Adam pulled Brooke aside and offered an apology for all that Brooke had gone through. Brooke accepted the apology, but insisted that Adam was not responsible for her ordeal. Brooke, in turn, offered Adam an apology. She said that she'd always accused him of being a ruthless businessman. Now, she said that his practices pale in comparison to those of TransGlobal. Hayley entered the conversation and asked Adam about his on-again-off-again relationship with Liza. Adam assured her that everything was fine, but asked if anyone had seen his wife. Mateo walked over and asked Hayley if she'd asked her dad about using his lawyers to fight TransGlobal. She hadn't, but the cat was now out of bag. Adam couldn't tell Hayley no, but he tried his best to convince her that the lawsuit would be more complicated than she might think.

After a lengthy wait on the tarmac, Marian and Liza's flight lifted off for New York. Marian offered advice to Liza on how to cope with nine months of pregnancy. She even suggested a name for the child: Colby Chandler. Liza didn't like the name. Suddenly, a loud whirring sounded out from the plane. A split second later, the plane jumped into the air. A flight attendant got on the intercom and assured everyone that everything was fine; the plane had hit a patch of turbulence. But to assure safety, the plane was going to return to Pine Valley. Then passengers could disembark and get on another plane and continue on to New York. But the plane jumped again and the flight staff was tossed to the ground. Marian and Liza panicked as they knew that something more than turbulence was responsible for the problems.

At Wildwind, Brooke thanked Edmund for forgiving her. Edmund repeated that he did not forgive Brooke. Forgiveness implies that a fault was committed. Brooke did nothing wrong. Edmund thanked Brooke to helping Maria's legacy to continue through Maddie. That led Brooke to worry that she was in some way responsible for Dimitri's court win. Again, Edmund told Brooke that it was not her fault and informed her that he would win back Maddie.

At WRCW, Tad told all those assembled that there were reports that yet another TransGlobal flight had experienced problems. The plane made a "hard landing" at Pine Valley International Airport and there were no serious injuries. But one woman had been taken to the hospital. Adam received a frantic call on his cell phone from Marian. Fighting back tears, Marian told Adam that something horrible had happened.

Friday, October 3, 1997

At the health club, Allie found Jack exercising on a stationary bike. She ridiculed him for not have the resistance level set on high. After commenting that she could outpedal him, Jake challenged her to put her money where here mouth was. So they synchronized their exercise bikes and set their timers. Who ever pedaled the "furthest" by the end of the time limit would be declared the winner. The loser would suffer the agony of defeat and have to buy the winner a drink. The race started with an argument over whether or not the correct phrasing was the "farthest" or "furthest" distance. By the end of the contest, Allie had edged Jake by---two miles?! No one could believe that Jake had lost by such a wide margin. As Allie gloated, Jake sulked his way to the juice bar. While he was away, another gym patron wandered over to Allie and asked her if she was aware that her exercise was broken. Apparently, the odometer adds a few miles to the actual total. Allie smiled devilishly and admitted that she knew the bike was broken.

Kevin sat in is dorm room in the middle of a pile of dirty laundry, watching and re-watching the episode of The Cutting Edge where he announced his homosexuality. A knock sounded on the door and Kevin quickly turned off the television and sat quietly in his room. Opal called through the door to Kevin and asked that he let her in, but Kevin made no move toward the door. Another young man exited the shower wearing only a towel wrapped around his nether-region. Opal asked the young man if he'd seen Kevin. He shook his head and tried to head back to his room so that he could put on some clothing, but Opal impeded his progress by asking him more questions. So, still dripping wet, the man tried to cover himself to the best of his ability. Finally, Kevin opened the door. He claimed that he had been listening to music on his headphones and had been unable to hear the knocks on the door. Opal waltzed into the room and handed Kevin ac are package complete with cookies and clean clothing. Kevin explained his tired and weathered look as the aftermath of a cram session. Opal asked Kevin if he'd spoken to his mother before her trip to Istanbul. Kevin shook his head and said that his mother's getaways were nothing new. But this trip was different, Opal indicated. Judith was going to be away for six months. From the expression on Kevin's face, it was painfully obvious that he hadn't spoken to his mom and, more importantly, he had no idea that his mom was going to be gone for so long. Opal worried that Kevin and his mom had another falling out. Kevin confirmed Opal's suspicions and told her that this time he and he mother had more than a "falling out." He said that his mother told him that he was no longer her son, a claim that Opal insisted was said only in the heat of an argument. Opal offered to intervene, but Kevin yelled that she should keep her nose out of his family's affairs. Kevin reminded Opal that his parents were never around when he was growing up. It was his brother Jason that raised him. Everyone, Opal said, needs their parents. In a display of amazing timing, Kevin's brother Jason chose that exact moment to make contact with him. This was the first time that Kevin heard from his brother since his incarceration nearly two years ago. Jason said that he had received his brother's numerous letters, but never felt like writing back. Jason asked if Kevin could pay him a visit. Kevin happily agreed to head to Statesville. He told Opal that everything was going to go back to normal now that he and his brother were on speaking terms.

When Kevin arrived at the prison, he was all smiles. But Jason was cold and showed no emotion at all. He sat down on the other side of the glass partitioned visiting room and gave his brother an icy stare.

Marian told Adam that everything that happened was her fault. But she wouldn't tell Adam exactly what is was that she'd done. Adam had to pry the information out of his mother-in-law. Marian explained that she and Liza were on their way to New York when their plane had to make an emergency landing. Adam's mouth dropped. The plane made a "hard landing" in Pine Valley and Liza was rushed to the hospital. Adam hung up the phone and told Hayley, Tad, and Mateo what had happened. On his way to his car, Adam bumped into Miles. Miles insisted that he had to speak to Adam, but Adam told Miles that he needed to get to the hospital. Miles begged Adam to give him instructions on what to do in the wake of another fiasco for TransGlobal. Adam told Miles to use his own judgment. Miles approached Tad and told him that he'd like to go on the air and make an announcement about the troubled airline. Mateo objected, fearing that TransGlobal would seize the moment to do damage control for its image. But once on the air, Miles made a stunning announcement. He stated that all of TransGlobal's planes had been grounded until a complete investigation could be made. If the airline was found liable for the problems, he'd take full responsibility. Matt asked Miles if he was aware of the rumors circulating that implied that the airline used inferior parts and unskilled workers. Miles admitted that he had heard the rumors, but refused to comment on their validity.

Janet arrived at Trevor's house expecting to go out on a date. But things between Trevor and Tim had not been smoothed over and Trevor worried that they would have to cancel another date. Trevor told Janet that Tim spent the night at a friend's house. Janet worried that her presence might cause more troubles and asked Trevor if it was wise for them to be considering a date. Trevor was surprised that Janet was letting a high school student dictate her life. Janet tried to get Trevor to see Tim's side of the argument, saying that Tim will run off again if Trevor cannot explain things to Tim. To aid Trevor in his explanation, Janet decided to play the role of Tim. In their mock discussion, Janet was relentless in persecuting herself, but she said everything that Tim would have said. She asked Trevor how he could consider dating a woman who did time for murder. Trevor explained that Janet had done her time and had worked hard to forge a new life for herself. And now, he said that he's developed feelings for Janet. Hopefully, he added, Tim could get to know Janet and see for himself that Janet is a new woman. Trevor's expression of his feelings melted Janet's heart and the two exchanged a kiss. Tim returned home and caught them mid-kiss. This wasn't going to help Trevor's explanation. Janet knew that her presence wasn't going to help matters, so she opted to leave. She told Tim that she can understand why he hates her, but told him that she really likes him and hopes that they can start over anew. After Janet left, Tim read his father the riot act. He out and out refused to allow his father to date Janet. Trevor reminded Tim that he was the adult, not the other way around. Tim felt it was unfair that Trevor could tell him would he could hang out with, but that he could not tell Trevor who he could date. Trevor's explanation was little more than a "that's life" response. He told Tim that he'll have plenty of years ahead of him to do as he wants---but he'll have to wait until he's an adult. Then came the difficult question---clear out of nowhere. "What would mom say?" Tim asked, wondering what Natalie would say about Trevor's choice in women. Trevor took several minutes to plan his response. He said that he thinks Natalie would approve and that she'd be happy that he's getting on with his life. Tim finally conceded the fact that his father could and would date Janet. Tim warned Trevor that if he does decide to see Janet, he'll move out of the house.

At the hospital, Joe informed Adam and Marian that Liza's situation was serious. She was in no serious danger, but the baby was. The sudden impact of the plane's landing and the stress of the situation, sent Liza into early labor. She'd been given some drugs to stop the contractions of labor, but that did not insure the baby's health. After the doctors were sure that the premature labor had been averted, they'd check to make sure that the pregnancy could progress normally. Adam was devastated, but for more reasons than the obvious. Yes, he was scared that he might lose another child, but the fact that he might be the indirect reason that the baby dies made it all the more difficult to bear. Barry put in an appearance to convince Adam that things were not as bad as they seem. He blamed the plane's landing on wind shear, but Adam refused to buy the excuse. Adam blasted his attorney for his excuses and blamed him for all the problems he's encountered since buying the airline at Barry's urging. Joe told Adam that Liza had asked to see him and Adam quickly entered Liza's hospital room. Inside, Liza picked up on Adam's concern and worried that he might no something that she didn't. Adam assured her that they were all on the same page. The two made plans for the eventual delivery day. Adam proposed a pony ring behind Chandler Mansion. Liza liked the idea and began to look forward to a happy life with her husband. The fantasy went up in a puff of smoke as Liza's labor pains returned and the prospect of losing her baby grew all the more painfully realistic.

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