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Bianca was diagnosed with anorexia. Liza suffered a miscarriage. Erica planned to sue for joint custody of Bianca. Matt and Hayley schemed to allow Edmund to see Maddie. Laura learned that her nude photographs were on the Internet. Gillian planned to help Erica escape from jail.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, October 6, 1997

Upon returning to Cortlandt Manor, Opal told Palmer about Kevin's discussion with his mother. Palmer was furious with Judith for turning her back on her son, but Opal also ended up on the receiving end of Palmer's wrath. He blasted Opal for allowing Kevin to sit alone in his dorm room ion the wake of his mother's devastating news. Opal told Palmer that everything would be okay; Kevin was en route to Statesville to have a tête-à-tête with his brother. Whereas Opal saw this as wonderful news, Palmer wasn't as exuberant. He reminded Opal that Jason had not contacted Kevin since his incarceration. This was not a happy reunion---it was a set up!

At the Statesville penitentiary, Jason sat down on the other side of the protective glass shield. He told his little brother that he received his graduation announcement. The convict seemed to marvel in the thought of his brother being a college man. Kevin smiled broadly and began relating his college experiences to his brother. It'd be hard to squeeze two years of life into a few short minutes. Jason reached into his pocket and held up a photo of Kevin and Kelsey. Kevin was stunned that his brother had gotten his hands on his photo. Jason explained that their mother had stopped be earlier in the day. Jason praised Kelsey up and down, saying that she was an intelligent and beautiful young woman. Jason's voice lowered as he told Kevin how things could've been. Kevin could have fallen in love with Kelsey, married her, and started a family. Kevin stopped his brother mid-stream. He asked him if he invited him to prison to talk to him or to chew him out. Jason accused his brother of disregarding everything his parents had established for him. His decision to "be gay" destroyed the family and broke their mother's heart. Kevin repeatedly told his brother that he cannot change. Jason didn't hear his brother's statement. He blasted him as an "embarrassment." Kevin's mouth dropped. Finally, he summoned up enough courage to fire back at his brother. He, Kevin said, is not the one who's in jail for killing an innocent woman. Jason claimed that he was trying to save his brother from "the queers" and added that he'd die for him. He looked around and said told Kevin that he is dying by being locked up. The true reason for the visit became clear with Jason's next statement. He gritted his teeth and squinted his eyes. He said that he needed to see his brother so that he could be sure he understood what he was about to say. "I want nothing to do with you," he growled. "If you want to be a fag... be a fag." Jason then told his brother that not only had he lost a mother and a father, but he'd lost his brother as well. Kevin was no longer a part of the family. Jason slammed down the telephone used to communicate with visitors and rose to his feet.

A tranquil and warm early autumn evening allowed Esther and Stuart to have an outdoor picnic at Willow Lake. Esther admired the lovely moonlit sky and the way the stars reflected off of the lake. Stuart shared the sentiment and told his friend that he painted a picture of the scene. The photo, he said, was his pride and joy. He loved the painting so much he even refused to sell it. As the two talked, Stuart inadvertently knocked over Esther's purse. The contents scattered all over the ground and Stuart scurried to pick them up. He caught a quick glimpse of Esther's driver's license and his demeanor suddenly changed. Stuart rose to his feet and told Esther that he had to run back to his house to get something.

When Stuart returned, he told Esther to close her eyes. After giving the go-ahead to re-open her eyes, Esther saw Stuart holding a birthday cake. Stuart scolded Esther for keeping her birthday from him. Now, even though it was a week late, Stuart gave Esther the birthday party she deserved. Esther explained that birthdays are only for the vain, at least that's what her mother told her. Esther had never been giving a birthday cake---ever! So she started to see things her mother's way and never made a big deal about her birthday. Stuart presented Esther with a gift, his "Moonlight at Willow Lake" painting. Esther was flattered by Stuart's generosity, but refused to accept something that was so dear to her friend. Stuart explained that he wanted Esther to have the painting because she could understand how much it meant to him. Esther closed her eyes and made a wish just as she blew out her candles.

Esther was escorted back to Chandler Mansion. She had no way of knowing that Stuart read her lips and determined what she'd wished for when she blew out the candles. Stuart dimmed the outside lights and flicked a switch. The patio area was illuminated by an array of Christmas lights. Then, Stuart led Esther in a waltz around the patio. Stuart had to teach Esther how to dance, but she caught on quickly and was granted her very first birthday wish.

Kevin returned to Pine Valley and headed to Cortlandt Manor to retrieve some of his belongings. He told Opal that his meeting with Jason went well and that he and his brother were able to have a serious discussion. Opal smiled proudly, and told Kevin that he need only think positive and positive things will happen. Kevin asked Opal if he could deliver a note to Kelsey. He claimed that he tried to phone her, but could never reach her. And he felt that he could speak his mind better in writing than he could in person. Opal agreed to take the letter and said that she'd deliver to Kelsey immediately. Before Opal left, Kevin thanked her for all she's done for him. He said that he should have thanked her sooner. Opal embraced him and said that she loves him like a son and would do anything for him.

Kevin went upstairs to gather his things. He returned downstairs and placed an envelope on Palmer's desk and turned to walk away. Before he got too far, Palmer called out to him. Kevin told Palmer that the envelope contained his first payment on his college expenses. Palmer reminded the boy that he didn't have to pay him back until after he graduated from college. Kevin informed Palmer that he was taking some time off from college to do some traveling. Palmer tried to convince Kevin to stay, but there was no changing his mind. Palmer picked up the envelope and told Kevin to keep his money. He can begin repayment of his debt after he makes his first million. Sadly, Palmer watched as Kevin picked up his suitcase and left Cortlandt Manor.

In the park, Kelsey had a heart to heart talk with Michael. She told him all about her debacle with Kevin and their relationship that never was. Michael assured Kelsey that she wasn't the fool she thought she was, but reminded her that Kevin is in a delicate situation. Perhaps, he said, she should seek out Kevin and patch things up once and for all. Kelsey still felt guilty about telling Kevin that they could not be friends. And she was about to feel even worse. Kelsey's roommate told Opal that Kelsey was in the park. She approached and presented Kelsey with Kevin's letter. Michael headed off to McKay's and Opal waited for Kelsey to open the letter. She explained that she'd rather read the letter in private. Before leaving, Opal told Kelsey about Kevin's fall out with his mother. Opal allowed Kelsey to read her note in private. In the letter, Kevin took full responsibility for the problems he and Kelsey had. He told her that he was planning on leaving and hopes that she'd one day be able to forgive him.

Adam raced out of the labor room and called from a doctor. Dr. Clader was summoned to the room and checked on Liza's condition. In spite of Liza's objections, the doctor ordered Adam out of the room. Outside, Adam told Marian that Liza's contractions continued. Marian could see Adam's emotional state and did the best she could to comfort him. She, after all, was just as concerned as he was for Liza's health and the health of the baby. A few minute later, Dr. Clader exited the room. The ordeal was over, but there was no happy ending. He didn't have to say anything for Adam and Marian to determine that the baby had died. Liza was resting comfortably in her room and Marian was allowed inside to see her daughter. She slowly walked into the room and stroked her daughter's hair. Outside, Barry tracked Adam down and told him that Miles acted like a "champion" and accepted all of the blame for TransGlobal's problems. Adam didn't care. His child had died... and he was to blame.

Kevin went to the boathouse and was confronted by a plethora of images and memories. He heard his family's painful words and recalled how they disowned him, he remembered Dr. Chapman's statement that Kevin was flawed because of his homosexuality. He fell to his knees and began crying. His situation became extremely tenuous and it looked like Kevin might be preparing to end his life. Fortunately, Kelsey was able to track him down. When she saw with her own eyes that her friend was alive and well, she clasped her hands and thanked God for looking after Kevin.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Palmer blasted Opal for her part in Judith's plan to "convert" Kevin to heterosexuality. Two lives were destroyed by her meddling. Palmer asked Opal to give him the name of Kevin's therapist so that he could make a phone call and get Kevin some help. Palmer nearly hit the roof when he learned that Dr. Chapman had been "helping" Kevin. Opal revealed that Judith was having dinner at The Valley Inn with Dr. Chapman. That was all Palmer needed to hear. He reached for his jacket and headed out the front door.

Trevor told Tim that he and Janet had rescheduled their dinner plans. Tim was furious that his father remained insistent on dating Janet. He reissued his threat that he'd leave home if Trevor and Janet became an item. Tim refused to accept the notion that Janet might have changed. "Planeteers," he snapped, "don't change." Trevor felt confidant that Tim would grow to like Janet over time and asked him to give Janet a chance to prove herself. Janet showed up at the front door, ready for her date. Amanda gave Janet the "thumbs up" on her dress and wished the two well on their first date. Outside, Trevor apologized to Janet for Tim's attitude. Janet asked that Trevor not apologize for his son. She said that she can understand why Time dislikes her. Her goal was to prove to Tim that she can be trusted. Back inside, Amanda told Tim that this was the happiest day of her life---her mommy and daddy were going out on a date. To say that Tim lacked Amanda's exuberance would be an understatement. Amanda told her brother that he'd learn to like Janet if he gave her a chance.

Barry's news should have been a relief to Adam, but there was no relief in site for the multi-millionaire. He told Barry that he was to blame for his child's death. Had he not been so absorbed with the almighty buck, things would never have gone so wrong. Dr. Clader told Adam that when he felt he was able to, he could see Liza.

Inside the labor room, taking the blame for the baby's death seemed to be the only way to make sense of the tragedy. Liza asked her mother if she was being punished in some way. Marian assured Liza that she'd done nothing wrong. It was, in fact, her fault that the baby died. If she'd not wanted to take Liza to New York, everything would still be okay. Liza feared that Adam would hate her for not being strong enough to prevent the miscarriage. Marian held her daughter's hand tightly and told her that Adam still loved her. The baby was gone, but the little life had brought Liza and Adam together. Marian begged Liza to hold onto the memory of her baby. "Never lose sight of what you gained," Marian sobbed. Adam entered the room and he and his wife had an emotional reunion. Liza told Adam that she has always been driven by ambition. Was this ambition responsible for the baby's death? Was having a husband and a healthy child too much to ask for? Adam refused to let his wife feel guilty over what happened. He told her that he was the only factor in the child's death. Liza smiled weakly. She brushed a tear from her eye and regained her focus. TransGlobal, she stated, was responsible for the death. Liza claimed that she took a chance the child's life when she boarded the plane. Adam took his wife's hand and told her that he had something he needed to tell her. Liza knew what he was about to say. She thought that Adam was going to finally admit that he never loved her. On the contrary, he was about to tell her exactly how much she meant to him. The two fell into each other's arms and the reality of their child's death became known.

Palmer broke up Judith and Dr. Chapman's dinner without an apology. Judith, thinking Palmer was there for a social call, smiled broadly at the man. Palmer informed Judith that he son has run off. Judith flashed an approving smile. She explained that she and Dr. Chapman decided that a "tough love" stance would best help Kevin get over his "foolish notion" that he's gay. Palmer pointed out that Kevin had not left town on a vacation---he fled. Kevin was determined to get as far away from Pine Valley as possible. Palmer blasted Mrs. Sheffield for allowing her son to undergo Chapman's quackery. The doctor took offense to Palmer's statement and threatened to sue him for slander. Palmer encouraged the lawsui and retaliated with a threat to have Chapman's license revoked. Dr. Chapman could no longer bear Palmer's wrath and left the table. Judith was about to chase after her friend, but Palmer told her that he was not done speaking to her. Palmer admitted Judith that she may have given birth to Kevin, but stated that she is not a mother. He urged her to track down her son and ask for his forgiveness. Judith was not about to do such a thing. Palmer pointed out that he was the one who took Kevin into his home when his family turned its back. Still Judith was unmoved. Palmer turned and walked away. He told Judith that he was going to find Tad and ask him to do an exposé on Dr. Chapman and his fraudulent practices.

Across the room, Janet and Trevor finally had their first date. Their date, while pleasantly uneventful, focused on the problem of Tim's disapproval of their relationship. Janet asked Trevor to give Tim a little slack. Forcing Tim to accept their relationship wouldn't solve anything. If he was given time to adjust, perhaps things would get better. Trevor was stunned that Janet was on Tim's side. At the conclusion of their date, Trevor asked to escort Janet back to her room. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. The two shared a passionate kiss illuminated by candlelight. They had no way of knowing that Tim was preparing to stir things up. He headed to the Internet and downloaded several articles about Janet's criminal past. When Trevor returned home, Amanda asked her father for "details, daddy! Details!" Trevor assured her that he and Janet had a great time together. Tim wasn't so pleased by the news.

Judith hoped that Opal could help quell the tidal wave Palmer was about to cause. If she was looking for that familiar supportive shoulder, she was about to learn that it was gone. Opal was no longer a willing participant in Judith's tinkering. "So your son is gay," Opal quipped. "So what?" Opal told Judith that she needs to cherish her son. She told the woman that she has lost a child. She would never see Jenny again. Kevin is still alive, she urged, and Judith needs to spend as much time with him as possible. If she doesn't and turns her back on her son, she'll spend "eternity squatting in hell."

Janet realized that she left her purse down in the restaurant. When she went to retrieve it, she was told by the waiter that her appearance saved him a trip upstairs. A package had been dropped off for her. Janet smiled gleefully as she opened the manila envelope. Inside the envelope were print outs of articles from the Pine Valley Bulletin and the National Intruder on Janet's infamous crowbar killing. Attached to the final page was a note. "Keep you meat hooks off dad or Amanda sees these."

Kelsey asked Kevin to reconsider his decision to leave town. She told him that he'd be leaving his safe surroundings and be subjecting himself to the harsh reality of the real world. Kevin wasn't worried about life outside of Pine Valley. Things in town were already harsh. Kelsey told Kevin that she was sorry that his mother turned her back on him. One more apology added to Kevin's frustration. He demanded that Kelsey stop apologizing to him; She'd done nothing wrong. If Kelsey was blame free, then she felt that Kevin also had no reason to feel guilt. She told him that he taught her how to love. Until he came along, Kelsey said that she felt like "a waste of skin." But she he befriended her, he made her see that she was special. Kelsey pledged to protect Kevin and help him along his travels in life, but Kevin said she could not help him. He bid her a final farewell, but Kelsey would not accept the parting words. She told him that "goodbye" implies a certain closure. They would still see each other on occasions and talk on the phone, right? Kevin shrugged unenthusiastically. Kelsey again tried to convince Kevin to stick around. She told him that he should be commended for trying to "piece back together [his] humpty dumpty family." It was unfair of his, she snapped, to come into her life and then leave. She vowed to be whatever he needed her to be. Kevin looked up to the sky and let out a deep breath. "I have a better idea," he replied. "You be you... and I'll be me." He dropped his bags and say down on the grass. Together the two laid on the ground and looked up at the stars.

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

Allie and Jake taunted each other over their forthcoming triathlon contest. Allie bragged that she could eat nothing but fast food until the contest and still beat Jake handily. Jake, on the other hand, rejected Allie's claim. He told her that he'd learned that she tampered with his exercise bike during their contest at the gym. Allie denied all claims. Joe interrupted the chat fest by asking the two doctors if they had nothing better to do than to sit around and talk. They quickly scampered and made themselves look busy. Hayley and Mateo entered the staffing area and asked Allie if she could help them. Allie offered Hayley her condolences on the death of her stepmother's baby. Hayley was touched, but said that she needs Hayley to help make sure that another innocent child is not lost. But the request wasn't what you might think. Edmund rounded the corner and smiled meekly. Edmund explained his ordeal to Allie and asked if she'd be willing to help him spend time with Maddie. In the plan, Dimitri would be out of the house to attend a meeting. If Allie could summon Gloria to the hospital, it would allow Edmund a chance to see Maddie and even spend time with the child. Allie called the plan "an awfully high limb for [her] to crawl out on." Nevertheless, she offered to help. She remembered that a pediatrics patient was about to undergo a spinal tap. The child had been asking for Gloria.

Jack dropped by Travis and Barbara's suite at The Valley Inn. Travis wasn't at all pleased by the visit and told his brother that unless he dropped by on official business, he'd like to him to leave. Jack insisted that he hadn't stopped by to plead Erica's case. That, he said, wouldn't accomplish anything. But he did feel it necessary to speak on Bianca's half. The suggestion that Jack somehow had an inside track on what's best for Bianca enraged Travis. Barbara begged the two to keep their voices down, but her request made no difference. Bianca had been listening to the conversation from behind a closed door. She burst into the room and asked why no one was asking her what was best for her. Bianca demanded to see her mother. Travis scolded his daughter for eavesdropping and again blamed the child's behavior on Erica' bad influence. Bianca explained that she needs to see her mother to be sure that she's "safe." Travis, trying to be as level-headed as possible, told Bianca that he was doing what was best for her and indicated that she'd understand when she got older. Jack stepped into help smooth things over. He didn't talk down to Bianca, but he made her see that her pleas would not change Travis' mind. Travis offered to walk Jack to his car. Barbara decided that she'd tag along so that she could close their bank accounts. All ties to Pine Valley were being severed and the local bank accounts needed to be closed. Barbara asked Bianca to eat some croissants while they were out---she's been "eating like a bird," Barbara noted. She also asked her daughter to stay out of trouble.

Dimitri and Gloria were coaxed from their bed by Maddie's cries. Nothing they did could silence the child. Gloria explained that Maddie was still not used to her surroundings and that she missed the familiar feel, sound, and smell of her family. Perhaps, she started to suggest, Edmund could drop by to help them out. Dimitri's voice raised; He flat out refused to let Edmund anywhere near Maddie. It was time for a new beginning, a fresh start. Outside in the hallway, Edmund, Hayley, and Mateo hid and waited for Allie's call to ring through to Gloria. They were nervous when the call came through before Dimitri left. Fortunately for their plan, Bianca had called Dimitri and begged him to drop by her room. Her voice was urgent and her words hinted at panic. Dimitri told Gloria that he had to see Bianca and headed out the door. Shortly after Dimitri left, Mateo and Hayley knocked on the door. They told Gloria that they'd been cleaning their apartment and came across some of Maddie's belongings. Gloria invited them into the loft. Matt asked if they could see Maddie---since they just happened to be in the neighborhood. Gloria felt that it would not be a good idea and informed them that Dimitri could be back at any minute. Matt asked Gloria if she was worried that Dimitri would be mad at her if he found out that they had been in the loft. Gloria shook her head and said that Dimitri is not opposed to allowing them visit with Maddie. In an effort to bolster Dimitri' image, Gloria caved to Matt and Hayley's request. She left the room and retrieved Maddie. Mateo and Hayley were overjoyed to see their goddaughter. The phone rang once again. This time, Allie was on the other end. She told Gloria that a patient had been asking for her. Hayley overheard Gloria state that she couldn't get away and offered her babysitting skills. They had, after all, been left in charge of watching Maddie on many occasions. Gloria thanked the couple for their thoughtfulness and told them that she'd be back shortly. After Gloria left, Mateo waved Edmund into the apartment. Edmund's heart melted at the sight of his daughter. He held her tightly against his chest and hard a hard time letting go of her when Mateo suggested that Edmund leave. Since no one knew when Dimitri was going to return, they couldn't risk getting caught in the midst of their scheme. Edmund agreed to leave. AS he put Maddie into her crib, the child plucked one of his buttons from his jacket. The button tumbled into the crib and rested on Maddie's comforter.

At the hospital, Jake overheard Allie's phone call to Gloria and figured out what was going on. Allie was fearful that Jake would report her for abusing her authority at the hospital. On the contrary, Jake was impressed by Allie's antics. Again their private chat was interrupted by Joe's arrival. And things got even more complicated when Gloria arrived. Joe asked Gloria why she'd come to work on her day off. Jake quickly stepped in to provide a smokescreen. He asked his dad if he'd be willing to offer a second opinion on patient that he'd checked out in the emergency room. Joe agreed and the Martins were off to another section of the hospital.

Bianca wasted no time in pleaded her case to Dimitri. She told her friend and former stepdad that she feared for her mother's safety. She explained her father's plan to cut her off from Pine Valley. Dimitri wanted to help, but he felt that the timing was all wrong. He told Bianca that he'd just moved to a new home and that his space was already cramped by the addition of a wife, a child, and a cousin. Bianca was crushed. She commented that Dimitri needs to put his real daughter first. Dimitri tried to convince Bianca that genetics didn't play a part in his decision. Travis, he stated, would never go along with the plan. Dimitri offered to take Bianca to lunch, but she refused his offering, saying that she was tired.

Erica paced nervously around the visiting area. She was thrilled when Belinda entered the room. Erica begged Belinda the help her save her daughter. She filled Belinda in on Travis' decision to block all visitation. Belinda didn't agree with Travis' decision, but wasn't sure what Erica wanted her to do about it. Erica was straightforward with her request. She wanted Belinda to help her sue for joint custody. Belinda fought off a laugh. She wasn't sure how to break the news to Erica, but she pulled no punches. She reminded Erica that she is not married, has no job, and is currently a resident of a correctional facility. No judge would ever consider granting custody to her. Erica admitted that the fight would be difficult, but she had to the plan laid out in her mind. She wanted to use some information that Janet had researched on mothers in prison to backup her claims. And she also planned on using her celebrity to "clean things up" in the prison. There have to be hundreds of mothers in prison who want to see their children, reckoned Erica. Belinda couldn't believe that she was considering accepting Erica's request. She had one pressing question: Why her? Erica explained that Belinda knew the pain of not being able to be with her mother. That is the same pain that Bianca is feeling. Belinda agreed to accept the case and said that she'd have to do a lot of research to find a legal precedent for the case. As Belinda was leaving, Myrtle was on her way into the visiting room. Erica was overly sweet and chipper. She told Myrtle about her plan to sue for join custody and asked Myrtle if she could contact Liza to arrange a television interview. Myrtle broke the news of Liza's miscarriage. Erica was upset, but the sad news didn't stop her stone from rolling. She decided to enlist Tad's help instead. Myrtle didn't want to burst Erica's balloon, but said that the fight will be a lot harder than she thinks. Erica conceded that the battle would be difficult, but felt that she had no other choice.

Jack returned to his brother's hotel room for a brief visit with Bianca. Bianca asked Jack to tell her mother than she loves her. Jack agreed to pass along the message and bid farewell to his niece. Bianca walked him to the door. As Jack was leaving, Bianca crashed the ground. Jack picked up the unconscious little girl and prepared to race her to the hospital.

Frederick showed up at Wildwind. He had let himself into the castle prepared to deliver an urgent message to Edmund. The message, the psychic revealed, was from Maria. Edmund was angry with the man and asked him why he didn't have "a message" for them before they got on Flight 149. "Don't give up," Frederick stated. That was what Maria was telling him. "Don't give up! Maddie is yours." Edmund's head began to shake in rage. He ordered Frederick off of his property and asked that he never return.

Gloria and Dimitri both returned home. Gloria told her husband that Mateo and Hayley had dropped by and babysat for Maddie for a short time while she was at the hospital. Dimitri was concerned that Matt and Hayley were alone with the child, but hid his worry from Gloria. Dimitri smiled unconvincingly and said that Maddie was allowed to visit with her family on occasion. He was not, he said, "an ogre." Dimitri set Maddie in her crib. A shiny object caught his eye. When he realized that the item was a button, he expressed his worry that Maddie could have choked on the item. Upon closer investigation, Dimitri determined that the button belonged to Edmund. Edmund had been there... Dimitri could feel it. "So you want to play games," Dimitri growled to himself. "We'll play games..."

Thursday, October 9th 1997, 1997

Knowing that she would not be allowed to visit with her daughter, Erica took to clandestine maneuvers to stay in contact with Bianca. She phoned the concierge at The Valley Inn and asked that a message be forwarded to her daughter. The gist of the message was a reaffirming that Erica loves her daughter and that one day they'll be together again. Erica begged the person on the other end not to give the message to anyone but Bianca. The guard entered the visiting area and told Erica that she had a visitor. Erica looked on curiously as a tall, slender woman entered the room. Gillian had to re-introduce herself to Erica, but Erica quickly remembered meeting Gillian in Budapest. The two women got caught up on all that happened since their last meeting. One question stuck in Gillian's mind: Why did she change her plea to guilty? Erica explained that she needed to be punished for her wrongdoing. But she never expected that her punishment would include being cut off from her daughter. Gillian wanted to help her friend. She told Erica that she'd be willing to create a diversion so that Erica could escape to Tahiti or some other exotic location. Erica chuckled and said that breaking out of jail would not solve any of her problems. She asked Gillian if she could do her a favor by keeping tabs on Bianca. Gillian agreed to help, saying that it was the least she could do.

Jim showed Phoebe some of his latest snapshots for his planned coffeetable book. Phoebe liked what she saw, but Jim was more critical of the photos. Phoebe hoped that Jim's disappointment with his pictures wouldn't turn him off of the book project. Jim shook his head and said that he doesn't plan on leaving, but he isn't sure if he'll stay in town either.

A few minutes later, Brooke arrived to check in on Jim. Since he was using the darkroom at Tempo, Brooke needed only to take a few steps down the hallway to see her friend. Jim wasn't excited by Brooke's visit. In fact, he seemed distracted... disturbed. Brooke worried that Jim's effort to clear her conscience was his final act of friendship. Meaning, Brooke thought Jim was preparing to leave town now that he had helped Brooke get over her feelings of guilt surrounding Maria's death. Jim assured Brooke that if he planned on leaving, he'd tell her that he was leaving. Brooke thanked Jim for helping pave the way to a reconciliation with Edmund. Where Jim once seemed to have a strong desire to patch things up between Brooke and Edmund, now he seemed to care less. Brooke caught a glimpse of some of Jim's recent photos and offered her thumbs up on the images. Jim crumpled several of the contact sheets and tossed them in the garbage. He called his work "uninspired" and blamed the plane crash for taking aware his artistic eye. Brooke grabbed Jim's camera bag and took him by the arm. She informed her fellow survivor that she was not going to stand idly by and listen to him give up on photography.
Brooke led Jim to the park and offered him a pep talk. Hopefully some time outside in the clean, crisp autumn air would rejuvenate Jim's spirit. The golden rays of the fall sun set Brooke's face aglow. Jim gently brushed Brooke's hair and caressed her forehead. He reached into his bag and removed his camera. He began snapping off photos of Brooke, claiming that the golden glow made her look even more beautiful than normal. After taking several shots, Jim and Brooke returned to the darkroom. Brooke wanted to stick around and watch the photos develop, but Jim explained that he wanted to be alone with his work for a while. But if any of the photos were keepers, he promised Brooke that she'd be the first to know.

Jake and Allie examined Bianca. They asked Travis the standard questions: Has Bianca been sick lately? Is she using any drugs? The latter question infuriated Travis, who lashed out at Jake for asking the question. The question, Allie insisted, was standard procedure. Outside the room, Jake told Bianca's parents that things looked pretty serious. The young girl's heartbeat was irregular. Travis stroked his chin and asked the two doctors if it was possible that Bianca was faking her condition to punish him for not allowing her to see Erica. Jack snapped at his brother, blasting him for the insinuation. Barbara asked that the two men stop fighting, but her plea did little good. Travis blamed Bianca's condition on Erica. Even from behind bars, he growled, Erica can turn their lives upside-down. Travis told Jack that his presence was not needed. After Bianca was given a green-light, Travis indicated that he would take the girl back to Seattle and never return to Pine Valley. Jack alleged that Travis' thinking was the one thing that was causing Bianca's pain. Travis wasn't about to tolerate Jack's display of concern. If Jack was truly concerned about Bianca, he would never have come between Erica and him six years ago. Had it not been for Jack's interference, Travis asserted, he and Erica could still be married. So if Jack was looking for a villain, continued Travis, Jack should look at himself.

Gillian phone Erica at the prison and told her that Bianca was in the hospital. She had traveled to The Valley Inn and learned of Bianca's fainting spell. Erica flipped out; She demanded that Gillian track down Jack and have him call her immediately. Gillian accepted the instructions and approached Jack. She told him that Erica needed him to call her and give her the latest on Bianca's condition. Jack was furious with Gillian for telling Erica about Bianca, but Gillian defended her decision to tell Erica the news.

Liza returned home to an unusually quiet Chandler Mansion. She looked over several of the floral arrangements sent to her by coworkers and friends. Liza called her pregnancy a "daydream" and wondered if she and Adam would ever be able to get past the loss. Adam assured her that she had done nothing wrong, but Liza found it easier to accept the blame. Mateo and Hayley dropped by for a brief visit. Liza was pleased to see them and, for the first time, realized that family served a usual function in her life. Mateo assured Liza that he and Hayley were going after TransGlobal with all guns drawn. Matt suggested that Liza use her position as owner of WRCW to help their makeshift investigation. Surprisingly, Miles showed up at the mansion. He explained to Adam that he felt a strong need to offer his sincere apologies to Liza. Adam suggested that Miles reconsider his needs and turn around. Liza overheard the discussion and allowed Miles into her home. Miles told everyone that he was willing to accept full responsibility for all the lives ruined by TransGlobal---if it was shown that the airline was at fault. No one took any consolation in the news that TransGlobal's entire fleet had been grounded. Too little, too late. Liza told Miles that she would not accept any "blood money" or "crocodile tears" and asked that he leave. Miles obliged. Adam walked Miles out and told him that his decision to make an appearance was quite noble. He also assured Miles that he would not hold him responsible for any of the TransGlobal fiascoes. The millionaire also thanked Miles for all the things he didn't say. Back inside, Mateo and Hayley decided that they should allow Liza to get some rest. Before leaving, Matt asked Adam if he could help them find Miles' superior. Again Adam had to discourage their attempt to learn the truth. Liza headed to the steps and declared that she was going to take a nap. But she didn't want to be alone. Adam wrapped his arm around Liza's waist and escorted her upstairs to their bedroom.

Bianca came around and looked at the tubes and wires that had been attached to her body. Jake and Allie told her that she was in the hospital and told her that she was hooked up to an intravenous nourishment supply. Bianca began worried when she learned that the would supply her with a food-like substance. Jake and Allie picked up on Bianca's reaction to the and asked her several more questions. Bianca informed them that her arms had been incredibly itchy over the past few days and that she's been having leg and stomach cramps. Bianca begged Allie to let her see her mother. Allie smiled and said that her mother was right outside the door and that she could visit with her shortly. "Not her!" Bianca yelled, she said that she wanted her "real" mom. Jake took down some notes and he and Allie tracked down Travis to advise him of his diagnosis. Both he and Allie concurred that Bianca had some sort of eating disorder. Travis was relieved, and seemed oddly pleased that his daughter had been given the diagnosis. Allie demanded that Travis show more concern to the ailment. Anorexia and/or bulimia, of which Bianca could have one or both, was not to be taken lightly. Travis disputed the claim that his daughter was anorexic. She'd just had a big breakfast the other day. Allie asked if Travis had seen Bianca eat any of the food or, more importantly, if Bianca kept the food down. Travis again blamed Erica for Bianca's condition. Allie became noticeably angry and told Travis that domineering fathers are also to blame for young girls developing eating disorders. Jake stated that Bianca would need to be kept in the hospital for several days until her vitals returned to normal. And even after that time, she'd need to stick around so that she could be monitored. Travis felt that he could not remain in town. Jack came up with the idea that he be allowed to care for Bianca after she was released from the hospital. Travis refused the offer.

Erica waited in her cell for news on her daughter's health. When Jack showed up, she blasted him for keeping the news from her.

Friday, October 10, 1997

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake and Allie compared notes on Bianca's condition. As they talked, one of Pine Valley' resident derelicts weaseled his way behind them. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed Allie's purse and raced down the hall. Had Tad not been standing in a doorway, the man might had escaped with Allie's purse. But Tad spotted the thief, extended his arm, and the man slammed right into Tad's fist. As soon as the adrenaline wore off, Tad's hand throbbed. A few x-rays were taken, but they came back negative. Allie thanked Tad for saving her line of credit and her soul. Tad looked at her kind of funny and asked Allie why she carries her soul in her purse. Allie flashed a smile and explained that her "soul" was a rock that she found in a California redwood forest. Gillian saw the event unfold and praised Tad's courage. Tad countered Gillian's praise with a request to join him for a drink. Gillian agreed and the pair left for The Valley Inn. Allie's head spun for several minutes afterwards. She claimed Tad and Gillian's date must have been the fastest "pick up" on record. Jake concurred, saying that Tad broke his own speed record by at least a second. Allie used the opportunity to tease Jake about their pending contest and asked Jake if all the Martin men set speed records. The topic quickly turned to Tad's sexual exploits over the years. Jake implied that, because of he was Tad's brother, all of his dates in high school expected him to be a great lover or a gigolo . The statement was supposed to be left as is, but Allie took it upon herself to ask Jake if his dates were right. Jake offered no response. He told Allie that it was a shame that she had a "no fraternization" policy otherwise she might be able to find out. He told Allie that he was about to get off of work and told her where she could find him.

Smiling and toting a copy of the Pine Valley Bulletin, Scott asked Laura if she enjoyed her surprise. Laura stared blankly at Scott. He unfolded his copy of the paper and flashed a headline that proclaimed Laura as the person of the week. Laura was stunned. She had no idea that she'd received the honor and wondered who could have submitted her name. Scott suggested that someone at the Youth Center must have entered her name for consideration. Laura waxed philosophical over the honor. Only a few years prior, she felt as though she could have fallen into a hole and not been missed. Now, however, she has a family and a job---and "a guy" as Scott happily pointed out. The victory party, as it were, was broken up by a phone call. On the other end of the line, an anonymous man asked if he was speaking to Laura Kirk English. In his hand, he clutched one of Laura's explicit snapshots. He called her "a hot babe." Laura pulled the phone away from her ear and gave it a curious stare before hanging up. She told Scott that the phone call was from a crank and they went back to their discussion. Laura thanked Scott for all the things he's done for her. The shared several passionate kisses before Laura remembered that she was expected elsewhere. This time, Laura's statement was not an aversion to physical contact; it was the truth.

Tim returned home from school and expected to have the house to himself. He wasn't alone---Janet was there waiting for him. She told Tim that they had some time alone and that they should try to talk out their differences. Tim informed Janet that he said all he had to say in the letter he sent her. Someone, he said, has to look out for his mother's memory. Janet explained that she'll never forgive what she did to her sister, but said that she paid for her crime. She added that she continues to pay for her deed every day. She is not, she professed, trying to take Natalie's place in Tim's life. Then why, Tim asked, is Janet trying to replace Natalie in Trevor's life? Janet said that Trevor will never forget Natalie---or Laurel for that matter. But Trevor needs more than memories in his life. Janet told Tim that she cares for his dad, his sister, and even him. "All words," Tim snapped as he again ordered Janet to stay away from his dad or risk having Amanda told that her mother is a murderer. Janet asked Tim if he would want to live in a world were no one's past indiscretions were forgiven. Tim seemed ready to follow Janet's though process, but he snapped back into his anger and told Janet that they were not discussing his life. "You tried to kill my mother," he yelled. Janet reminded Tim that Natalie was also her sister and that he was her nephew. Tim didn't like the implication that they were blood relatives. He said that he'd have all his blood drained out of his body if he could---anything to distance himself from his maniacal aunt. Laura entered into the house and scolded Tim for speaking so coldly to Janet. Tim told Laura to shut up because she had no idea what they were talking about. Janet grabbed her belongings and stormed out of the house. Again, Laura blasted Tim for his poor behavior. Tim laughed in Laura's face. He told her that she was not the one who should be offering lectures. He called her "a tart that has all the men in Pine Valley drooling." Laura's face froze. She asked Tim was he was talking about. Tim seemed puzzled by Laura's reaction. He told her that her pictures were on the Internet and that they were getting millions of hits per day. He assumed Laura knew. Laura's eyes welled with tears.

Erica lashed out at Jack for not calling her and telling her about Bianca's illness. Jack battled back by telling Erica that it was irresponsible for her to have Gillian snooping around. Erica fumed. "Who," she asked, "are the Montgomery men to think that they are lord of the universe." Jack filled Erica in on Bianca's condition. Erica was floored by the news that her daughter suffered from anorexia nervosa. She begged Jack to do some legal wrangling to allow her to get out of jail and visit with her daughter. Jack insisted that Erica had to accept her limitations. There's nothing he could do to get her out of jail. Erica suggested that they use "medical hardship" as the reason. Jack said that if Bianca, God forbid, were in a life and death battle, Erica might be allowed out of jail. But doctors consider anorexia a psychological illness and therefore the "medical hardship" explanation could not be used. Erica wondered aloud about what Travis and Barbara had done to Bianca to make "a twelve year old starve herself." As they talked, Travis called Jack on his cellphone. Erica demanded that Jack pass her the phone and allow her to talk to her ex-husband. Jack refused. After the phone call, Jack told Erica that she almost blew his plan. Travis, he said, had just agreed to let him care for Bianca when she was released from the hospital. Erica apologized for her outburst. Jack admitted that he had overreacted. Erica, he confessed, was just acting like a concerned mother. Jack readied to return to Pine Valley. Erica thanked him for all he'd done, but she still felt that there was more work to do.

At The Valley Inn, Gillian and Tad exchanged small talk about their careers and goals. As it turns out, Gillian's only goal was to travel the world. She explained that someone needs to sit back and enjoy the hard toiling of others or, as she said, "appreciate the effort of others." Tad laughed as he said that Gillian was one of the few people he knew who was content to live a meaningless life. "Americans," Gillian groaned. Tad's roving eye was distracted by Allie's entrance. Gillian took one glance at Allie and stated that Allie should stick to wearing "surgical green" because it "brings out her eyes." The comment was brought on by Allie's lavender dress. A few seconds later, Jake appeared in the doorway. Both he and Allie agreed that they should join Tad and Gillian so that no one would think that they were anti-social. Gillian was roused from her seat by an urgent call on her cellular phone. It was Erica. Gillian smiled and asked Erica "are we breaking out tonight?"



The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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