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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on GL
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Monday, October 6, 1997
by Sarai

Annie is still at Cross Creek, where she finishes off the prescription pills along with most of the bottle of liquor. She looks at her hit-list again, and envisions herself manipulating Alan into giving her the Spaulding company, and then killing him. She starts beating the heck out of a pillow in her fit of anger, proceeding with her fantasy. Her rage continues as she destroys pictures, and other momentos depicting Josh and Reva. She starts wailing about how she doesn't want to die yet, especially when she finds that she has swallowed all the pills.

Buzz brings in some firewood for Nola, and falls down the cellar stairs. Nola is unable to wake him, and sets him in a chair. She speaks aloud of how sorry she is that she hurt Buzz and his family, and prays that he is okay. The phone lines are dead due to the storm, his car will not start, and her car is stuck in the mud. Finally, Buzz awakes, and complains of a headache; he has a pretty bad bump on his head. He then asks why she keeps calling him Buzz, and asks who she is and where he is, and what happened!!

Billy asks Cassie out on another date, and Cassie happily accepts. She apologizes to Billy for being so forward on their last date, but Billy says that he was flattered by her moves.

Reva starts her first day as a corporate exec at Lewis Oil; she asks Billy to bring her current financial stats on Lewis Oil. She tells Cassie that she has put her search for her sister on hold, and plans to give more attention to her own family. Josh leaves for Cross Creek since H.B.'s headstone is ready to be placed. Reva notices that a company named Allie Corp. is buying large amounts of Lewis stock, which appears unusual as their company is not profiting very well these days. Billy shrugs it off, but Reva and Cassie make some calls & do some investigating, only to find that Allied Corp. is almost non-existent. She finds one number that leads to an answering service in the Cayman Islands. Reva calls and persuades the operator to give her the name of the president of Allied Corp. It's Annie Dutton!!

Harley tells Jenna of her new relationship with Phillip, but Jenna is more occupied with thinking of where Buzz may be. She went to the diner looking for him, and found a note saying that he had to run some errands and would be back that evening. It was not in his handwriting.

Jenna then goes to her physician's appointment that Lillian scheduled for her. We never hear what her diagnosis is, but the doctor tells her that "it will probably not go away and she needs to consider seeing a specialist."

Alan shows up at Harley's home asking her if she may know where Annie may be, since he is worried about her. Harley says that she may have some info on Annie, but it will cost him. Alan gets out his checkbook, and tells Harley to name her price, but she says that she only wants the name of Reva's sister. They argue about this for a while, and just as Alan is about to give away the name, his cell phone rings. It's Josh at Cross Creek, and he has found Annie.

Josh finds Annie unconscious at the cabin. Before he calls for an ambulance, he says that "she finally did it." The ambulance arrives and carries her out on a stretcher.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

by Sarai

Nola is completely freaked out and scared when Buzz says that he can't remember who he is, and appears to be suffering from severe amnesia. He thinks that he lives in a trailer in California, but Nola tells him that he really lives on 5th Street and runs a diner. Buzz can't believe what a dull life he leads! He asks Nola what their relationship is, and she is tempted to take her chances and tell him that they are a couple, but instead ignores the question. He finally goes to sleep, and Nola says aloud that she wishes she could jump in a deep dark hole.

The doctor tells Josh that Annie's spirits livened up when he told her that Josh was the one who found her, and he persuades him to go visit her. He does, and sets Annie straight when she claims that she knew he really loved her, and came to save her. He tells her that he and Reva are together forever with their children, and he could not care any less or more for her than if he had saved a drowning dog. She says that she is at least grateful that Alan still cares about her. Josh leaves, and says that if Alan is her only friend, she is in worse trouble than ever.

Josh goes to Cross Creek and finds the mess that Annie created in her fit of rage. He says that Cross Creek was sacred to him and Reva, and he will never let Reva see the cabin in that way. There are smashed picture frames, and feathers everywhere.

Vanessa and Matt are so thankful that they both simultaneously made the decision not to proceed with the D&C, and believe that their baby will be a miracle. Matt asks Vanessa not to tell anyone yet, since he knows the family will worry about her, just as he did. Vanessa isn't thrilled with keeping her news a secret, but agrees. Hart and Dinah come over for dinner, and Dinah comments on how Vanessa glows, and looks so healthy. Hart has to leave for Lewis Oil, since he forgot to pick up some papers. Later, Vanessa has a faint spell, and Dinah demands that she tell her what is going on; she tells Dinah of the pregnancy. Dinah pretends to be happy for her, but when she gets outside the house, she says it is "ridiculous."

Reva, Billy and Cassie discuss the new information concerning Annie being CEO of the dummy company that is buying so much of Lewis Oil. They all agree to come up with a plan to thwart Annie and Alan's effort, and also vow to keep it a secret. Cassie starts to get pretty nervous when Reva says that she is sure that the answer to all of this probably has something to so with the trip that Annie and Alan took to Chicago.

Billy has Cassie in his office, taking some notes, and she sees him again open the safe, and she jots down the combination. She also sees several large stacks of hundred dollar bills. After everyone leaves the office, she calls Tammy at her foster mother's home, and tells her to leave her bedroom window open, and she will come and get her before the sun comes up. Cassie then opens up the safe, and starts stashing the money in her purse. She is saying that she feels so bad for doing this to Reva, Josh and Billy, but it is the only way she can escape from Alan. Just then, Hart walks in, and asks what she is doing.

Alan comes to the hospital to see Annie. He wants to take her home, and take care of her. Annie tells Alan that she wants to believe him, but "talk is cheap", and she needs some solid proof. Alan says that he will provide her with anything she needs; Annie says that is not enough. She not only wants to really be the CEO of Allied Inc., but she wants ownership of all the Lewis Oil stock. Alan says it will be done!

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

by Cheryl

Hart walked in on Cassie while she was taking money out of Billy's safe. She tries to make excuses. She tells Hart that she has to wire money to Billy. Hart doesn't believe her and threatens to call Billy. He wants the truth or he is going to call the police. Hart wants a reason. Cassie gets Hart to swear he will not tell anyone. She then tells him that she used to be a stripper, how she was attacked by these two guys outside her club and saved by two powerful people. She told him the whole story of how she tried to quit working for these people but they moved Tammie to another foster home and it took her a long time to find her again. She thought that stealing the money would be her only way out. Hart believes her and promises to help her. She agrees to accept his help. Now he just has to keep the secret from Dinah. Hart and Cassie talked all night.

Dinah goes to see Michael at the hospital and asks him about her mother's condition. He tells Dinah that Vanessa is in danger that is why she aborted the baby. Dinah tells Michael that Vanessa did not abort even though he made the appointment for her himself. Dinah begs him to go and talk to her again and convince her to abort and lie. Michael won't do it. He has done all he can. Dinah is worried that Matt and Vanessa believe that they are some type of "magical couple." Dinah throws some low blows to Michael after he refuses and she then says that she is sorry and goes home. She sleeps on the couch all night and when she wakes up, she realized that Hart did not come home.

Harley has a nice dinner all set up for Phillip in her apartment. Candles, soft lights, etc... She has changed dresses for the third time and she is very nervous about the "date." Phillip shows up with a bottle of wine and in denim. He says that he is sorry for being underdressed and wants to go down to his car and get a jacket. They are acting very nervous around each other. Harley tells Phillip that she was just getting back from a meeting with a client and that is why she is dressed up. They make small talk as they eat dinner, which Harley proudly announces that she made herself. Later she brings up how Mallet could cook anything and realizes that she shouldn't have brought him up. Phillip says that it is fine with him. They both had lives before they decided to "be scared together." They admit to each other how nervous they were about this evening and she admits that she changed dresses 3 times. Phillip asks her to dance and they are just starting to kiss (big time) and there is a knock on the door.

Jenna is at the diner talking to Elani. Jenna is very worried about Buzz and that he hasn't come home yet. She is worried that he may have discovered the stalker and is out doing something dangerous. Elani tells her that he is probably out planning their wedding and not to worry. Jenna runs out of the diner and heads to Harley's apartment. There she finds Phillip and Harley. Harley can tell that Jenna is very upset and Phillip leaves. She tells Harley all about her fears and Jenna is over at Harley's house all night waiting for Buzz. She tells Harley that she is PREGNANT!!

Nola is talking to the knocked out Buzz. She is trying to get him to wake up and he won't. She leaves the cabin, the car won't go and decides that she will walk for help. She can't cross the creek. she is telling him that she will get him back to Jenna because they love each other. Buzz wakes up and asks Nola, "Who is Jenna?"

Thursday, October 9, 1997

by Angela Vogel

A CBS special report preempted the first five minutes of today's show.

Buzz wakes up and tells Nola he heard her say she loved him. Nola tells Buzz where and who he is. He thinks Buzz is a silly kid's name. He asks her to tell him what they mean to each other. They are good friends, she says. But, she admits after some prompting, she loves him. She tries to tell Buzz about Jenna, but he refuses to listen. He says the only person he's connected to now is Nola, since he has been through a lot. He has just stepped into this new world where she is the only person who exists for him.

Dinah wonders why Hart is a 12-hour no-show. He is with Cassie, promising to help her get Tammy back and deal with the people who are terrorizing her. After he leaves, Cassie gets a phone call from Annie who asks her if she has slept with Billy yet. Cassie says she can't talk, but implies that she has slept with him, leaving Annie feeling ecstatic. Then Billy asks Cassie out on another date (to which she says yes). He reminds her that Hart Jessop has a fiancée. When he walks away, Cassie's eyes fill up with tears over the fact that her daughter isn't speaking to her and she's having to lead poor Billy on.

Hart comes home to an angry Dinah, but pacifies her by telling her that he prevented a robbery (but avoids giving details) and that's why he didn't come home all night. Dinah is somewhat satisfied and proceeds to tell him all about Vanessa's pregnancy and how she might die if she carries the child to full term.

Annie asks Alan when the Lewis Oil shares are going to be transferred into her name. He assures her it will happen soon. Even though she was just released from the hospital for a drug/alcohol overdose, she announces her determination to "get Josh and Reva." She says she feels more powerful and alive than ever before. Alan says he's worried about their relationship, that he loves her but doesn't think she feels the same. Annie's reply? "You should have thought about that before you paid off Fran to testify against me in court." She tells Alan he can't buy her trust and that even time won't change that. She has lost the part of her that believed in people, including Alan. Her new plan is to put herself first (that's a NEW plan?). "I am finally going to get everything that I want," Annie declares. Then she is served with her final divorce papers. An odd look crosses her and she says she is reminded of who she is and what she has to do. Alan is about to make love to Annie but stops, sensing something different, wrong. Annie convinces him that she's there for him though, and they make love with Annie sporting a maniacal look.

Josh returns home and Reva can tell something's wrong. She pries out of him what happened with Annie at Cross Creek, how Annie wrecked the cabin, tore their wedding pillow and photos, hacked the mantle, and poured liquor all over everything. Reva says none of that matters because Annie still didn't get the one thing she wanted....him! and she produces Josh's divorce papers. They share a toast and make love to celebrate being free of Annie!

Harley tries to calm Jenna down over Buzz's disappearance. Phillip asks Harley why she didn't call him for help. Harley explains how much Jenna needed her attention because she is pregnant with Buzz's child and hasn't even told Buzz about it! Now Buzz is missing and she may never have the chance. Harley tells Phillip that she can feel something is terribly wrong with Buzz and he comforts her. Harley and Phillip leave for the police station and Jenna falls asleep on the couch. She dreams that Jeffrey walks into her apartment, complete with jail jumpsuit, and starts taunting her. She is jolted from sleep and quickly phones Vanessa to come over.

Friday, October 10, 1997

by Kimberly

Rick & Michelle talk about her search for Maureen's heart. Rick tells Michelle that she is selfish, continuing the quest that will hurt her father. Michelle assures Rick that Ed is behind the search, he makes her see that Ed is only being supportive. He was the doctor on duty the night of Maureen's death, and had to come to the decision to honor her wishes and give her heart away (to Jesse). Michelle agrees to call off the search to avoid causing Ed any more pain. She talks of going to Africa with Ed.

Drew Jacobs enters the Emergency room with a cut suffered at Company. The spoiled brat demands attention, and Michelle rushes forward to get her digs in for Drew's early comments about Jesse. Drew finally confirms that she did NOT sleep with Jesse and that Jesse still loves Michelle. She also learns that walking away from Michelle (for the sake of their family's feud) was the hardest thing he has ever done. A jubilant Michelle leaves Cedar's in search of Jesse.

Matt, Michael and Rick discuss Vanessa's pregnancy. Matt listens to the doctor's arguments, but assures them that Vanessa's decision is final, and that her health is not as important as their "miracle" baby. Michael and Rick argue in front of Matt concerning the best course of action. Matt, angry that two doctors and coworkers cannot even agree of a course of treatment, leaves.

Jesse's Garage
Ed Bauer visits Jesse and the two hit it off! Jesse tells Ed that he knows he has Maureen's heart. He is afraid that the news would tie Michelle to him for the wrong reasons. Jesse tells Ed that he agrees that his relationship with Michelle can only bring their families pain, and agrees to stay away and not disclose that he has Maureen's heart. Ed is impressed with young Jesse, and is ready to leave on a good note. A knock at the door brings Michelle moments away from catching the meeting that both Jesse and Ed agree "never took place."

Harley's Place
Vanessa comforts Jenna over a missing Buzz. Jenna tells Vanessa she is pregnant, and that she is not sure Buzz will be happy. Buzz calls and leaves a message while Jenna is out walking with Vanessa. Vanessa doesn't believe Buzz would be upset with the pregnancy until Jenna discloses that the baby's father may NOT be Buzz. She slept with Jeffrey in New York to lure him away from finding Harley and Phillip switching the bonds. Jenna reveals that she has taken tests that will answer her questions, but is too frightened to find the results. Vanessa urges Jenna to come with her to the hospital for her appointment and to find the answers she needs. Van explains that the deception can ruin their (Jenna/Buzz) relationship and that Buzz will love her no matter who is the father, as Jenna had no choice but to sleep with Jeffrey. (fearing for Buzz' life if he found out about the scheme before he was caught). Matt arrives to take Vanessa to the hospital, but Jenna refuses to go.

Bauer Cabin
Nola and Buzz try to piece together Buzz's memories. He does not remember his family, and thinks Nola is his love. She quickly assures him that he is engaged to Jenna, but Buzz becomes enraged with his loss of memory. Nola blames herself for Buzz's woes. Nola and Buzz discuss Buzz's life, likes and dislikes when a knock on the cabin door brings J in search of his mother.

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