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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, October 6, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

LILY goes by helicopter to an extended care facility. She doesn't want Holden to know where she is. At the hospital, HOLDEN tells SAM that he thinks Molly did something to cause Lily to be so upset with him. Sam tells him that Lily needs peace and quiet and after she is better, maybe they can try and work things out. A pregnant nurse makes her fantasize about Molly. Then DAVID comes in and says he is going to see that she gets the peace and quiet she needs. He tells her that he is the one who arranged for her stay there and that he made sure no one at the hospital knows where she is.

JACK is asking LISA about Carly. She says Carly made some bad business decisions and that she (Lisa) had to pay for them. She says that Carly has a low self-esteem. Later at the station, he calls a friend who is a police officer in New York City and has connections in the garment industry. He says he is looking for some dirt on Carly Tenney. Then Holden comes in and wants Jack to find out where Lily is but Jack says he can't help.

Doug tells Carly about Lily's reaction to the news about Molly's "pregnancy." He wants to meet her for drinks when he gets off work. She tells him that they should wait a few weeks so no one gets suspicious. She will call him!! She goes back to the motel and tells Molly that Lily has dumped Holden. Molly tells Carly that Holden would always do the right thing no matter what. Carly says, "Let's use that to our advantage." She suggests that Molly fake a pregnancy to make Holden feel obligated, but Molly turns that down. Then Carly says that Abigail is the key--figure out a way to get her back in Holden's life. Molly says she is going to figure out some way to get Abigail and Holden back at the same time.

CAMILLE and MARGO are having drinks and talking about the situation with Camille and Ben. LEW comes in and sits down at a nearby table. Margo has to call the station so Lew comes over and sits down with Camille. He offers his help if needed. When Margo comes back, he says that National Health Tech will be making a big announcement tomorrow morning. When Camille leaves, Margo tells Lew that she is curious about his wife.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

CARLY purposely messes up the motel room to impress LISA. She had placed a phone call to Lisa earlier in a very depressed tone. Lisa tells her to use her wits to get out of her situation--and get a job. After Lisa goes out the door, she comes back in and tells Carly that she enjoyed the act and wants to know what Carly really wanted. Carly tells her that she is the closest thing to a mother that she could have. She asks for another chance. Lisa gives in and tells her she can stay at her place for a couple of days.

MOLLY is spying on ABIGAIL as she and her friends are jumping rope before the start of the school day. Molly joins in their rope-jumping game. As the girls are preparing to go in to school, Molly offers to buy Abigail a cup of hot chocolate. Abigail at first hesitates but when she finds out that Molly has written some romance novels, she agrees and they go off hand-in-hand. Abigail's mother catches up with them to bring her her lunch. She tells the girl to go on to school. The mother is suspicious because this is the second time she has found Molly with Abigail. Molly makes some excuses about just passing through and looking for a friend who lives there. She says she is a writer and is working on a book about young girls and wants to do some research. The mother keeps pushing to find out just exactly what Molly wants with Abigail. Finally Molly blurts out that she is Abigail's biological mother. Mrs. Williams gets extremely upset and thinks Molly was going to kidnap Abigail. She runs off saying she is going to call the police.

HOLDEN is at the hospital demanding that DAVID tell him where Lily is but David refuses and gets decked by Holden. The nurse calls for security and JACK shows up in addition to hospital security officers. David wants Holden arrested but Jack discourages him because it would mean publicity. David tells Holden to stay away from him and the hospital. Of course Holden says that he is going to question every nurse and doctor until he finds where they moved her.

LEW asks BEN how is case is going. They are all waiting for David Allen to make his big announcement, which is "Dr. Lewis McCloud is going to be the new hospital administrator." David tells Lew privately that his first job is to get Ben to drop the law suit. CAMILLE realizes that she will be working for Lew until after the trial. Lew suggests to her that he and she should sit down with Ben and level with him about their "history." She tells Ben that she doesn't want to work in the administrator's office but upon his insistence that she will be safer there, she agrees to work for Lew but tells him that she does not want to see him outside of the hospital. Ben then shows her a couple of tickets he has gotten for the Bulls' game but suggests that Lew take her. She says she will do it for Ben.

SAMANTHA is at the club and on the phone ordering flowers to be sent to Lily. Jack comes in and wants to talk with her. She goes to get him some coffee and he sees her list of "to do" things including the flowers for Lily. He copies something on a napkin and says to himself that he is going to hate himself for doing it and leaves. We next see him at the hospital talking to Holden about the information he got. It is a florist in Indiana.

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

SAM and KIRK are at the club. He notices that she is not yet wearing his ring because she wants to tell Lucinda before she tells everyone else. Lucinda is in Indiana with Lily and Kirk wants to send her a telegram. DAVID comes in and tells them about the government seizing all of James' assets which would include the Falcon Club. Sam talks to Kirk about the memories and the plans that they made there. Kirk says that he will save the Falcon Club for her--legally.

MOLLY catches up with Mrs. Williams who is on the phone to call the police. Molly tells her that she would not pull the rug out from under Abigail. She says she needed to see that Abigail is all right. Mrs. Williams tells her that Abigail knows that she is adopted. Molly says that some adopted kids want to have a relationship with the birth mother. Molly says she wants to spend some time with Abigail and get to know her and wants her to know that she was never an unwanted child. Mrs. Williams (Donna) tells Molly that when Abigail gets older and starts asking about her mother, she will put her in touch with Molly. Molly asks Donna if she will let her know the big things that happen in Abigail's life. She can send her letters to General Delivery in Oakdale.

JACK is taking stuff out of the Kasnoff house (which he has rented). The realtor told him he could get rid of what was left in the house. CARLY comes in and yells at him that he rented it out from under her. He says she could be his roommate and that he is the perfect roommate. He says that the only thing he wants from her is half the rent. She tells him she is staying with a dear friend--Lisa. He pulls a sheet off the cradle that was to be Nora's and Carly gets upset. She sees that it is broken. Carly tells Jack about the baby she lost. He is very understanding and says she doesn't have to pretend that it still doesn't hurt. Jack fixes the cradle and she thanks him with a kiss and says that she wishes she could be fixed with a hammer and some nails. He says he is surprised that she let him see what is in her heart. As they are embracing she thinks back to when she and Mike parted. Then she suddenly goes back to her sarcastic mood with Jack which throws him completely off track.

BARBARA and JOHN are at the hospital and the doctor tells her that it will be all right for her to be up and around a little. Doctor Samuels tells them that she knows the sex of the baby. John wants to know but Barbara doesn't. Doctor S. whispers into John's ear.

MARGO and NIKKI come into the Falcon Club for lunch. They talk about the investigation Nikki has been conducting about David Allen. (He is sitting nearby.) Nikki tells Margo that Lily was working on her own investigation before she got sick because she doesn't trust who he says he is. Margo tells her how dangerous this could be and that her father is very unhappy about it. David stops by the table and asks Nikki how her school project turned out. He asks Margo about Tom. After he leaves, Margo asks Nikki to give her all she has on David. Nikki tells her about the article she found that told about the arson fire in which his parents died. On their way out to go back to the station, they run into John and Barbara who are coming in for lunch. At the table, Barbara tries to get John to tell her the sex of the baby but he is afraid she will be sorry that she won't be surprised. He finally tells her it is a boy!

Thursday, October 9, 1997

by Sage Scrogham

CARLY pulls away from JACK's kiss and gets cold on him. "Didn't that kiss mean anything to you?" Jack asks. She tells him, no. "I don't want to get involved," she says, " I have a cousin you know, her name is Molly." Jack gets defensive. "No strings on me, I'm through with love," Jack says. Carly shoots him a look, like ...yeah right. Jack is puzzled, "What was that out in Montana with the ice cubes and the nightgown, then?" She tells Jack that he's inconvenient. Jack starts to wise up, "You just don't want history to repeat it's self." "Back off, Jack," she yells, "Just stop it!" He tells her that he's not trying to make her feel bad. He tells her that he's not blind and he did feel something with her. "I got an agenda," she tells him. "I'm not talking 'forever'," he replies. "I've got a deadline," she says. "So, this is it between us?" he asks, "It's not your heart talking." She turns away from him and looks at the floor. "So you are going to keep fighting what ever is going on between us?" he asks. She turns and looks him in the face, "To the mat." They tell each other, they guess they'll see each other around. Carly leaves and shuts the door behind herself. She stands and thinks back to what Jessica told her about the conditions of Rosanna's trust fund. "I'm sorry, Jack," she says to herself, "but, I need a daddy I can control and you're not it."

LUCINDA comes to Fairwinds to see DAVID. He asks why she's not still with Lily. "She kicked me out," Lucinda says with a sigh. David tells her that he had a run in with Holden at the hospital and got punched in the mouth. Lucinda asks if it was because he wouldn't tell Holden where Lily was. He told her that she's right, and that he never did tell Holden where Lily was. Lucinda is pleased with him. David tells her that every thing will be all right as long as they pull together like a "family." Lucinda smiles and tells him that once Lily finds out all that he's done for her, that she'll be kinder to him. Lucinda tells him that he's been her one little ray of sunshine during all of this. The FED's come barging through the doors seizing the place. David has to vacate immediately and isn't allowed to even take a tooth brush with him. They tell him to make an inventory of all his possession that he owned previous to the things James left him. Lucinda starts to give the FEDs a hard time and they remove her from the area. Outside she tells David how bad she feels for him. "I'm used to being poor," he says. He tells her that the Walsh Stock he bought with James' money will be seized too. She tells him that she'll get it back, because the Government doesn't want to be in business with her. He apologizes to her for getting the stock the way he did. She tells him not to worry about it. That it was a good business deal, she would have done the same thing. She tells David, that he's taken the Walsh name, so why not move into the mansion with her. "I would be honored, thank you," he says humbly. She asks him if she should try to go back to be with Lily. He tells her to follow her instincts on that one. Lucinda tells him that she thinks she will. David is sitting out in the gazebo at Fairwinds, CARLY strolls up to him. "What's up here?" she asks. He looks at her like, "who are you?" and she responds to the look, "Don't tell me you've forgotten me already?" She reminds him of their meeting before. Then she goes back to the matter at hand. She asks him why his door is being padlocked from the outside. "I'm being evicted," he says. She comments about that being a bad break. "Just a matter of moving from one mansion into another," he smiles. He excuses himself to go give the inventory list of his personal things to the Federal Agents. Carly tells herself, "So Mr. Allen, you can afford to lose all this and still live in a mansion. Sounds like 'Blue Blood' genes to me. Power genes, just what my baby needs." David comes back and is surprised that Carly is still there, actually it appears that he even forgot she was there to begin with. Carly is posed, sitting in the evening air with out her jacket on. "Aren't you cold?" he quips. She tells him that she's never cold, but sometimes she does like a little help in getting heated up. He's not very impressed. "You were having a lousy day, and 'Abracadabra'," she smiles seductively, "Here I am." "Abracadabra?" he says barely amused. "Yeah, " she says in a sultry tone, "it's witchcraft."

MOLLY shows up out at the Snyder Farm. EMMA walks up. Molly asks her where Holden is. Emma gives her the cold shoulder and tells her that even if she did know where he was, she wouldn't tell her. She continues to tell Molly that she's already done enough damage. Molly gets defensive and asks why everyone is trying to blame everything on her, that if Lily would have just made up her mind about how she felt for Holden, none of this would have happened. Emma tells her that that is no excuse for how she deceived Holder. Molly tells her that she really loves Holden. "But he doesn't love you," Emma tells her. Emma continues to tell her that she wishes she could help her with her pain, but Holden loving Lily can't be changed. "Even an act of God can't change that," Emma tells her and leaves to go into the house. "Don't be so sure, Emma," Molly says to herself while rubbing her stomach, "Because an act of God is exactly what I have in mind." Molly is sitting on the picnic table in front of the Snyder house, when JACK walks up. He looks at her with disgust and goes on by, not saying a word. Molly asks him if he's just going to ignore her. "It's moving day for me," he replies, "You should move on too, on away from Holden." She gets upset with that comment and starts crying. "He needs me!" she squawks. "Give it up, Molly. Go cry somewhere else. It's not going to work this time," he finishes. She begs him to please help her find Holden, she just needs to talk to him. He tells her, no. "I thought you were my friend?" she sniffs. "I could have been a lot more," he says to her, then disgustedly to himself, "Why do I say these things?" He asks her if she's learned anything from the past mistakes in her life. She doesn't respond like he'd hope, so he tells her... "No matter what, you're 14 years old and still in love with Holden." She just stands there with her mouth hanging open, crying and turns her back to him. "Take your tears and crying somewhere else," he tells her and then finishes with, "Stay away from this farm, stay away from Holden and most of all. Stay away from me."

CAMILLE gets a call from LEW. He wants to know what time she wants him to pick her up. She tells Lew that she didn't want to say anything in front of Ben, but she's not going to go out with him. Lew reminds her that she's the one who decided not to tell Ben about their past together. He tells her that he care about her safety. She tells him that she'll be fine and that she needs to study anyway.

BEN meets TOM and MARGO for dinner. He's upset when he gets there. He tells them that someone slashed his tires, that's why he was late. He just wishes he could deal with the person or people responsible face to face. Margo lets him know that cowards don't work that way. Margo and Tom try to get him to stay in a hotel, for safety. Ben refuses to have his life torn up more than it already is. Margo tells him that it would be better if he just called Hal and got police protection. Ben laughs at the thought. "I'm suing the Police Department," he says. She tells him that Teague is the bad guy, not the whole department. He reminds her of all the fellow officers that are siding with Teague, the ones at the BBQ and the one of the cops that came to check out the brick. Margo realizes that he has a bit of a point. Margo wants to know if he'd rather go be with Camille. He tells her that Camille is out to the Bull's game with Lew, to make the illusion of them breaking up look more real. Margo tells him that it's not a good idea to have Camille going out with a married man. Ben didn't think of that and decides to go call Camille to see if he can catch her before she goes out. While he's gone making the call, Tom asks Margo why she was so persistent about Camille not being with Lew. Margo tries to change the subject, but Tom won't let her. He tries to guess. "Is it because she has a secret crush on Scottie Pippen and you're afraid she'll go after him at the game?" he laughs, and comes up with a couple other scenarios. "Camille and Lew have been having an affair for years and don't want Ben to know about it," Tom starts to laugh, but then realizes that Camille just moved back from Philadelphia not long ago. Margo tells him that it's over between Lew and Camille and that Camille told her that in the strictest of confidence. Tom feels funny about keeping this from Ben. Margo tells him that she'd feel worse betraying Camille confidence. Ben catches CAMILLE at home. She asks him what's wrong. He tells her about the tires, she's afraid for him, but he's glad the attention is directed at him and not her. That just maybe their plan is working. He asks why she's still home. Camille tells him that she canceled on Lew. That she had a headache and needs to study. He tells her that he was having second thoughts about her going out with him anyway. He tells her to take some aspirin and get back to crackin' those books. He tells her he misses her. She tells him the same and they hang up. Ben tells Margo and Tom about Camille's "headache." Margo is thrilled. She tries to talk him into stopping by and seeing Camille later. He tells her it's probably not a good idea. They decide to leave and Ben tells them that he's going to have a drink at the bar. "Camille probably has a makeshift bar at her place," she says with a grin as she leaves. Back at Camille's, there is a knock at her door. It's LEW, just came by to check on her. He says that he was worried about her being there all alone. She finally lets him in. He tries to get her to go to the game or dinner at least. She declines the offer. He sees her biology book and asks how she's doing in the class. She tells him that she's struggling a bit. He tells her that they both need to eat, so why not let him go fix something for dinner in her kitchen while she studies, then he can go over what she's studied after dinner. She finally agrees. They eat dinner and Lew starts bringing up the "good old days." Camille is caught up in it for a moment, then tells him she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Lew starts to protest, when the phone rings. "I bet that's Ben," she says excitedly. Camille rushes to the phone, sure it's going to be Ben. "What's the matter with you?" a raspy voice on the other end of the line says. "It's time you did what you were told. Get your boyfriend to drop the case," he continues. "We'll never give up this fight," Camille says bravely. "That's too bad, sweet thing," the mysterious voice continues, "You had such a pretty face." Camille hangs up in a panic. Lew rushes to her side.

Friday, October 10, 1997
font face="arial" color="804080" size="3">by Sage Scrogham

After the threatening phone call CAMILLE tells LEW that Ben's plan isn't working, she is very frightened. Lew tells Camille that no one will get to her as long as he is around. Camille goes to the phone and calls Ben, she gets his machine. She tries the Falcon Club, he's already gone. Lew calls the police and reports the threatening phone call, even though Camille thinks it won't do any good. Lew tries to talk her into coming to the hotel with him. He tells her that there is a room next to his that is open, it's not adjoining, but he'd be real close. She'd be safer. She says she'll be all right and declines. There's a knock at the door, Camille is jumpy. Lew answers the door. It's a cop. Lew ask him how he got there so soon. The Officer informs him that Margo is having patrols beefed up in the area, because of the "Brick" incident. He was in the neighborhood. He tells them that since she had Margo put a bug on the phone, the call was traced immediately. He tells them that the call was made from a pay phone on the corner, across the street. Camille is petrified. The Officer suggests that she get a security system and take extra precautions. He tells them that the police will be patrolling the area at all times. He leaves. Camille want to try to call Ben again and tell him what's happened and that the plan isn't working. Lew tells her that it's still for the best that she and Ben stay apart, but she shouldn't call Ben. He tells her that he thinks it's someone on the force doing the harassing and every phone call she makes to Ben, because of the bug on the phone....they know about it. He continues to scare her by reminding her about the way he got in and fixed her breakfast that one morning. "Anyone could do that," he tells her. That gets Camille worrying. The phone rings and she almost jumps out of her skin. After a few rings, Lew answers it strongly, "Who is this?!?!" he demands. It's just the hospital calling to give Camille her work schedule for her new job she starts this Monday. He tells them that she'll call them back later and get it. He turns around and Camille is heading out of the room toward her room. "Where are you going?" he asks. "I'm going to pack," she says, "I'm going to the hotel with you. You were right, when the phone rang just now, I knew I couldn't stay her alone." She goes off to pack. Lew smiles like the cat who has just eaten the canary.

LILY is on the phone to Luke. She tells him that she loves him and will see him soon. As she hangs up, LUCINDA enters. "I thought you went home?" she complains. "I could wait outside, if her majesty wishes," Lucinda quips. Lily tosses a smirky smile her way. Lucinda tells her that she shouldn't be surprised if Holden shows up sometime soon. She tells her that he doesn't know her location yet, but he's looking. She tells her about how Holden punched David out, but David didn't tell him where she was. She asks about her feeling for Holden. "He's out of my life forever," she says. Lily tells Lucinda that this conversation isn't helping her get any rest and she wants to be alone to rest. Lucinda says she'll go, but she'll be back tomorrow. Lily tells her to just call, because someone could follow Lucinda and find out where she's staying. Lucinda agrees to just call and leaves. Lily pages the nurse. Lily shows the nurse a picture of Holden and tells her not to let this person into see her if he shows up. Later that evening a new orderly shows up at the facility. It's HOLDEN pushing a wheel chair. He asks a guard if he knows where Lily Grimaldi's room is. Just then the nurse strolls up and tells him that he looks familiar. He tells her that he's new and he's been sent to pick up Mrs. Grimaldi for some x-rays. "At this time of night?" the nurse asks suspiciously. She starts asking questions and asking for identification. Holden confesses that he just needs to see Lily to talk to her. The nurse yells for the guard to grab him and get him out. Holden starts ranting about how he needs to talk to Lily, to see if she's all right. Lily hears the commotion and has been listening at her door. They are just about to take him away, when...."I'm O.K.," Lily walks out and says. She tells them to let Holden go. Holden follows her into her room to talk to her. Holden asks her to explain, what happened. That one minute they are getting back together and then.... "You mean Molly hasn't told you?" she says. He wants to know what Molly's done. "What has she told you? Whatever it is, it's a lie," he says adamantly. She tells him that she didn't see Molly. It's about a baby. He thinks she means Abigail. "No, I'm talking about the baby she's caring now," she continues, "Molly's pregnant."

At the Snyder Farm, JACK tells MOLLY to get out of his life and stay away from him and his family. Molly goes off! She tells him that she'll do what she wants and go where she wants, whenever she wants. She he'd be just fine with he'd gotten to sleep with her. She starts unbuttoning her blouse and tells him, "Come on, right here, right now!" she screams at him. Jack tells her to get her self together. "You've wanted me since you were 12!" she tells him, "I seem to be the only one who's honest about my feelings around here." Jack looks at her like she's slipped the grove. She goes on ranting, explaining that Lily denied her feeling for Holden when Damian came back, Holden ran from Lily when he thought she'd married Damian, and how Jack denied his feeling for her. She goes on telling him that she's the only one who's been honest. She never denied or doubted her feeling of love for Holden. "Your nothing but a choir boy," she tells him. "Every body backs down, but not me, not anymore!" she yells. She continues, "One piece of advice, stay out of my way!" She stomps off. Jack just stands there watching her go. Emma comes out with a plate full of brownies. "What's this?" he asks with a puzzled smile. "Comfort food," Emma says, "I heard everything from the house. I tried not to, but it was unavoidable." Jack understands. He tells Emma that he's sorry she had to hear all of that. Emma asks him if he's all right. "Romance is a crock," he says. Emma tells him that that isn't true, there are other fish in the sea. "My fishing license is retired, expired," he laughs. Emma tells him about the daughter of a friend who's moving back to town, near where he lives. "She's a dentist, with big teeth and she's real nice," she teases. Jack laughs then turns a bit more serious. "Love, look what it does to people!" he says giving up on it. Emma tells him that he's the type of loyal man who knows how to keep a commitment, he's who love was made for and he'll find that lucky girl. "Where is she?" he laughs. Then he adds a stipulation, "And she'll have to know how to make these brownies." Emma tells him that once he settles in, she'll come over with her poker cards and be his first guest. He tells her that he'd love to have her over for a visit, but he's already had his first guest. Emma asks who. "Carly Tenney," he says. Then he remembers that she might already know her. "She didn't just live in Oak dale," Emma tells him, "She slept right upstairs, in your bed." Emma helps Jack retrieve the rest of his things and they carry them down in two boxes. He tells Emma that Carly needs a place to stay and maybe she could stay there again. "Over my dead body," Emma says sternly. She tells him briefly that Carly was a liar and hurt her sister, Risen, deeply. "Stay clear of Miss. Carly Tenney," she warns him, "She's trouble with a capital 'T'." He thanks her for taking such good care of him. She tells him that she'll be over soon with her playing cards. Emma goes inside. Jack starts to carry his boxes to his vehicle and his cell phone rings. He puts down the boxes and answers. It's his retired FED buddy from NY. He's got info on Carly Tenney, from her days in Hong Kong. Jack listen intently, "Woa!!! She's lucky she's not in a Hong Kong jail," he says. He tells his buddy that he's on to her now, and she won't be able to pull that stuff on him.

At Fairwinds out in the gazebo, CARLY puts the moves on DAVID. "I know what most men want," she smiles. "I'm sure you've got a 'Happy' gene in there somewhere," she says. David grins and wonders about the 'Happy Gene'. She tells him that she sees him as a out going, determined kind of guy. She then asks him what he sees in her. "You're definitely outgoing and probably a bit chilly," he smirks. He tells her that he needs to get going to his new place. "To the bosom of your family," she says, "Sounds boring." She moves in close to him, laying her hand on his chest. "Come on...Let me show you a good time," she coos. David though flattered, declines. He tells her that he's involved. "I'm seeing someone," he tells her. "So, see me tonight and her another night," she grins. He tells her that he appreciates the offer, and under other circumstances, he'd blaze the trail on the good time path, but this is special. "Maybe if you need a friend sometime..." he starts to say. "I'll know just who to call," she says in a half hearted tone. David leaves and she's standing there alone. "Lucky for me I have your number," she smiles confidently.

MOLLY runs into CARLY at Yo's and asks where she's been. Carly tells her that she's moving on up and is no longer living there. "What am I gonna do? I can't afford that motel room on my own," she whines. Carly tells her that she's got problems of her own. "Yeah, getting pregnant so you can collect your 50 mill," Molly say smugly. Carly tells Molly to lighten up and practice for when she gets Holden back. She and Carly chill out and check out the men. Molly decides to forget her worries for a while. Carly tells her that she's looking for a man she can control, not someone who asks questions every other second like Jack. They start playing the boxers or briefs game and then start looking for classier men. "One's with good DNA," Carly says with a grin. A couple of well dressed, professional looking fellows come in. The girls eyeball them and they come over and want to buy them drinks. Carly comes on strong at first, but then cools off and tells the guy, DANNY to leave her alone. She goes outside to be alone for a minute. Molly stays inside chatting with JEFF. Danny follows Carly outside. "I told you I wanted to be left alone, can't you hear?" she snaps. "I hear, just fine. And I hear what your body is saying to me," he says moving in uncomfortably close, "Don't you want me to tell me what your body is saying to me?"

SAMANTHA let all the servants off for the evening and has KIRK over, since Lucinda is going to be gone for the evening. Kirk asks her when she's going to tell Lucinda that they tore up the divorce papers. "When she can handle it," she says, "So she'll probably find out about us when we are laid out in the morgue on slabs next to each other." Kirk teases that she even makes that sound romantic. They keep making out, then Kirk get a wild hair and wants to get adventurous with the love making. They finally decide to go out to the chilly pool and skinny dip. Later they come back into the house in only their towels. Kirk isn't wearing his. He's using it to flip Samantha. She's telling him to stop and jerks it out of his hands playfully. They hear a car pulling up. "It's Lucinda! Hide!" Sam yells to Kirk. He's stressing because he can't find his close, so he runs and hides beside Lucinda desk. Sam has dropped his towel over by the coffee table yards out of his reach. He looks at it in desperation. It's DAVID at the door. He strolls on into the library and sits down. She tells him that she let the servants off for the evening and was taking a shower. Kirk peeps out from time to time, unseen, by David. David informs Sam that he's taking Lucinda up on her offer and moving in. Sam tells him that his room isn't made up yet and he'd probably be more comfortable at a hotel for the evening. "I know how to make a bed," he says. Just then another car pulls up. This time it is LUCINDA. She's so pleased to see David there. "Where's Matthew?" she complains. Sam explains that she's let the servants off for the evening. Lucinda tells Samantha that she shouldn't do that, she's spoiling them. Lucinda goes over to her desk. "Where's my bowl?" she asks. Samantha tells her that Matthew must have put it away. "How will I know what my messages are then?" she continues to search and complain. She wonders over to the edge of the desk and spots Kirk sitting Indian style in the floor. "Want your message bowl?" he asks and starts to lift it off his lap. "NO!" Lucinda and Samantha yell in unison. Lucinda takes Samantha off to the other side of he room to scold her, while David helps Kirk find his clothing. Kirk gets dressed right there in the room. Sam explains that she and Kirk love each other. Lucinda wants Kirk to leave. David stands up for Sam and Kirk, telling Lucinda that Sam is a big girl and can make her own decisions. And just maybe Kirk has changed, if not, Sam will get rid of him. Sam tells Kirk to go home, that she's going to pack a few things and join him tonight. Lucinda is upset, but David comforts her. Lucinda goes up to check out David's room. Another knock at the door, it's EMILY. She tells him that she saw the padlock on the door at Fairwinds. She knew he'd be here, but she wants him to leave with her now, and get out of there. Lucinda comes down and tells her that David isn't going anywhere, but she wishes that Emily would.

/* **** Y&R | CHRISTIAN LEBLANC OPENS UP ABOUT HIS BATTLE WITH CANCER AND HIS GRATITUDE FOR OBSERVANT FANS **** */ if (date("ymd") <= 999999) { $sub = $sub+1; $sub="0".$sub; if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } else { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } else { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer and his gratitude for observant fans"; } else { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Life imitates art: Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer"; } $christian_leblanc_opens_up_about_his_battle_with_cancer_and_his_gratitude_for_observant_fans_1025="yes"; }


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