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Liza asked Tad to be the sperm donor for her child. Allie was arrested. Mateo told Hayley that Holidays was on the market. Gillian paid off Ryan's debt for him. Erica and Mike were thrown in jail. Scott was electrocuted at the cabin after Camille left.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, June 8, 1998

Hoping to expedite the board's decision on whether or not to press charges against Allie, Jake paid a visit to the hospital's head honcho---his father. Jake asked his father to go to bat for Allie and demand that the board end its drawn out decision-making process. While Jake painted a bleak picture of Allie's daily routine, of which she really had none, Joe remained virtually quiet. Ruth returned home from grocery shopping and overheard the tail end of her son's comments. She immediately raced to her husband's sides and despite his request that Ruth not make a fuss, Ruth explained that it was Joe who was holding up the decision. Joe had apparently been fighting the board's majority decision to press charges. Had he not put up a fight, Joe concluded that the charges would have already been filed. Jake felt like a heel. He'd been badgering his father like he was one of the bad guys when in actuality he was trying to spare Allie.

"You mean a little baby human?" Tad asked in total astonishment. Tad never expected Liza's nonchalance toward such an important matter. He quickly reminded her that having a child wasn't like baking a cake. Liza stated that she knew what was involved in getting pregnant. She told Tad that she wasn't lusting after his body or asking for some type of commitment. Whereas some men would have been overjoyed that there were no strings attached, Tad was a bit different. He told Liza that he could only vaguely recall his life before Jamie. He mused that he knew he must have slept more---but worried less. He explained that his presumed death prevented him from seeing Jamie born and watching him grow during the first few years of his life. A child was far too precious, he explained, for him to be a nameless sperm donor and not a father. He urged her to use the Internet or a clinic to assist her in her decision to become a mother. He warned her that her sudden maternal inclinations had better not have been brought on by her recent feud with Adam--sort of a "I don't need you" taunting, if you will. He kissed her gently on the cheek and wished her well.

Hayley and Mateo headed to Myrtle's boarding house to visit Allie. Mateo had just come from a physical therapy session at the hospital and learned of Allie's dismissal. Allie, her hair tied back in a ponytail, plopped down on a chair and told the couple all about her forged college transcripts. Matt and Hayley were both very supportive and, like Jake, felt that the errors of her childhood should be forgotten. Hayley offered to have Adam create a firestorm to bolster support for Allie. Allie informed her that her predicament was one that even Adam couldn't undo. Myrtle entered the room with a tray of tea. Hayley looked to Myrtle for some pearls of wisdom for Allie, but Myrtle was oddly gloomy. She recited parables about life being unfair and how Allie had to accept the punishment for her crime. Jake returned a few minutes later and everyone decided to allow the couple to have some time alone. Myrtle headed to the kitchen to work on a shopping list and Mateo and Hayley opted to go home. Once outside, Mateo heard someone lurking in the bushes. He immediately feared that Camille was stalking them, but the lurker turned out to be the still-unnamed roommate from the hospital. He told the pair that he was glad to see that they were not injured in the explosion at their apartment building. When questioned why he was there, the man explained that he was hoping he could get a room at the boarding house. Hayley and Mateo both praised Myrtle highly. Hayley added that the man should ask Myrtle about her carny days, saying that they were good for a laugh or two. After the couple walked down the sidewalk, the man muttered under his breath that they could "count on [his asking about the carny.]" When the man entered the house, Myrtle froze in her tracks. Her eyes squinted slightly and a frown crept over her face. "I don't believe my eyes," she growled. The man referred to Myrtle as Myrtle Lum, her maiden name. Myrtle quickly corrected him. He asked her if he could have a room, but his request was quickly denied. In fact, Myrtle didn't want the man staying anywhere in town! She ordered him to hop in his car and to keep driving until he was outside city limits. With nothing further and a slight smirk on his face, the man turned and walked away.

Upstairs, Allie envisioned Jake's promising medical career. She knew that he'd be a success in her career world, but she wanted Jake's life outside of work to be as promising. She wanted him to have someone to go home to every night. That someone was her. She asked Jake to marry her, but he didn't immediately respond. Allie took his initial silence as a sign that he was going to turn her down. That was not the case. He told her that he loved the idea and gleefully accepted her proposal.

Palmer's neck snapped around suddenly and he asked Opal why she was following him around. Opal explained that she'd hired Adrian, a move that infuriated Palmer. He ordered his wife to "un-hire" Adrian, but Opal refused. When pressed, Opal told Palmer to "stick it in reverse." Palmer and Opal returned upstairs and asked Belinda and Adrian if they could wait in the foyer while they discussed matters. Opal accused Palmer of having a double standard. She reminded him that he'd often told her that she needs to have a more lofty appearance. In order to do that, she snapped, she needed to have a chauffeur like the other women of note. Palmer noted that Erica doesn't have a chauffeur, a notion that Opal countered by saying that Erica has her own private spy to take her from place to place. Palmer still didn't believe Opal's tale so he took up her suggestion that he should go to Linden and see for himself. Palmer scooted out the back door and Opal rejoined Belinda and Adrian in the foyer. Opal told Adrian that he could begin work immediately. She tried to come up with a daily schedule for her new driver, but she suddenly realized that she doesn't really need to be taken anywhere on a regular basis. Opal became deeply depressed and spoke very poorly of herself. She mentioned that she'd never be a true high society lady. Adrian approached his new boss and very gallantly boosted her self-esteem. He told her that he would take her anywhere she wanted to go and when he did he assured her that he'd open the door for her. Opal felt as though asking Adrian to open the door was somewhat condescending. Adrian explained that it was his job to open and close the car door for her. He also requested that she stop calling him "Mr. Sword," since he was supposed to be the one using the formal names. Belinda watched on with a smile on her face. She seemed genuinely moved by what Adrian was trying to do. After Belinda and Adrian left, Opal leaned against the wall and smiled broadly. "This just might work," she sighed.

Over at Linden, Erica was furious with Jack for the lukewarm reception he'd given her. She pointed out that she'd been missing for nearly two days and that during that time Jack had made no effort to find her. Jack lit up a cigar and smiled smugly. The indifference sent Erica through the roof. She screamed that she'd been held hostage by an armed gunman, but Jack was unimpressed. He told Erica that she was never in danger. If the gunman had promised to return and kill them---why had he failed to carry out his plan? Mike broke his silence and offered an explanation. He said that he had staged the kidnapping and that Erica was never really in danger. Both Erica and Jack looked bewildered. Erica turned to Mike and asked him if he was telling the truth. He shook his head and stated that what he'd said was the truth---if she believed what Jack was saying. The doorbell rang and Palmer appeared at the door. Mike hid behind a wall to protect his secrecy. Palmer apologized for his late-night visit, but he explained that he wanted to disprove Opal's wild tales that had Erica housing a government agent. Mike emerged from hiding and greeted Palmer. Palmer was speechless. He stumbled for words, but the only thing he could come up with was "Mike Roy." Mike told Palmer that he was looking well. Palmer wanted to know why Mike had returned to Pine Valley---of course he also wanted an explanation on his "resurrection." Mike put his arm around Palmer's shoulder and walked him to the door. He informed him that some secrets need to remain secrets. He showed Palmer out and when he returned, Erica asked if she could have a moment alone with Jack. Mike agreed and headed to the bathroom to wash up. Erica blasted Jack for having a bad attitude, something she'd done earlier to Scott. She didn't like Jack's implication that she was mindless an unable to determine if Mike was pulling a scam or not. Erica announced that she was heading to bed---alone. She hoped that sleeping alone with help Jack realize what a fool he was being. Jack, however, remarked that he hoped sleeping alone would bring Erica to her senses. After Erica adjourned for the evening, Jack issued a warning to Mike that he hadn't won. "Not yet," Mike grinned. "But I will." Mike walked out the front door and met up with Adrian in the driveway. He told his partner that their mission was going to move forward. Adrian liked the idea of staying in Pine Valley not only because he'd landed another job as a cover but because he liked the idea of getting to know Belinda. Inside, Jack placed a phone call to a friend and told this friend that he needed to use him (or her) as " a secret weapon."

In the wine cellar at Cortlandt Manor, Palmer locked up his vault and mumbled under his breath. He muttered that Mike Roy was wasting his time and that he would "find nothing."

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

At McKay's, Jack met with the "secret weapon" he'd phoned the night before: Trevor. The dark circles under Jack's eyes signaled that he'd had a long, sleepless night. Jack asked Trevor if he still possessed any of his mercenary skills. Trevor flashed Jack a funny look and then guessed that his skills were still somewhat honed. Next, Jack told Trevor about Mike and how he was trying to worm his way back into Erica's life. In a quiet head to head discussion, one that took place off-camera, Jack told Trevor about a plan he had to get Mike out of the picture. The idea appealed to Trevor and he agreed to offer his assistance. Trevor wondered how serious of a problem Mike really posed. "One a scale from one to ten? A fifteen," Jack replied. Trevor was left to wonder why the secret agent had suddenly decided to return to Pine Valley after so many years.

Across the restaurant, Adrian and Belinda sat down for a quick cup of coffee. Adrian told Belinda all about his first day on the job. Basically his day required little work---unless you count the many hours he'd spent at the tailor while Opal tried to figure out what type of uniform he should wear! Belinda praised Adrian for the way he'd related to Opal the night before. She told him that he'd managed to lift Opal's spirits and even make her smile. Adrian told Belinda that he liked Opal. He explained that she seemed like a normal lady except that she felt trapped by her surroundings. Adrian noted that he could relate to the way Opal was feeling. He looked at his watch and realized that his break was over. He grabbed some cash from his wallet, placed it on the table to cover his tab, and told Belinda that he'd be in touch. As Adrian walked away, Belinda smiled broadly. She definitely seemed to be very happy.

Jake and Allie celebrated their decision to get married with a night of passion. In the morning, Myrtle knocked on the door and told them that she'd dropped off some clean towels outside the door. Allie put her robe on and told Myrtle that she could enter the room. Allie couldn't wait to tell Myrtle the news of her engagement. The news should have been enough to bring a smile to Myrtle's face, but Myrtle failed to exhibit any positive display of emotion. Instead, the redhead forced a weak smile and said that she was happy for them. When Allie left the room to get some coffee, Myrtle sat down with Jake and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to get married. It wasn't that Myrtle disliked Allie; she was concerned that the timing of the engagement wasn't right. Jake agreed that the timing was less than perfect, but he noted that he was worried what would have happened had he turned down the proposal. Since Allie was going through a very turbulent time, declining the proposal could have sent Allie over the edge. Sure it sounded melodramatic, but in Allie's mind the only thing that she had going for her was her relationship with Jake. Allie returned to the room and, while standing in the hallway, she overheard Jake tell Myrtle how much he cared for her. The declaration of affection put a smile on Allie's face. Myrtle, still leery of the planned marriage, congratulated the couple. Once Myrtle cleared out, Jake informed Allie that their announcement caught Myrtle off guard. He guessed that just about everyone would be surprised by the announcement that they were engaged. Since the element of surprise was already on their side, Allie suggested that they ride the train to the end of the line---and elope. This time Jake was able to tell Allie no. He explained that it would be disrespectful for him to get married without first telling his parents. Allie agreed and apologized for her suggestion.

Palmer dropped by Joe and Ruth's house unexpectedly. He accused Joe of hiding from him so that he wouldn't have to discuss the board's decision to press charges. Palmer threatened to contact the police himself if Joe failed to make the call. Just as Palmer's threat left his mouth, Jake and Allie entered the kitchen from behind him. Jake warned Palmer that he'd spend the rest of his life regretting a decision to report Allie to the police. He reminded Palmer that Allie had saved Petey's life. Palmer didn't address Jake's statement. Instead, he insisted that Allie had put dozens of patients at risk as well as embarrassing the hospital with her shenanigans. Jake tore into Palmer for his unwillingness to cut Allie some slack. He accused Palmer of being driven by an oversized ego and he quickly noted that Palmer was hardly the person to go around pointing out other people's faults. Palmer scurried out of the house, but not before promising that justice would prevail. Jake later apologized for yelling at Palmer, but Ruth agreed that Palmer had it coming. Allie thanked Joe for sticking up for her. Joe, however, said nothing in response. Jake and Allie were ready to move on to the real reason they'd dropped by. They spent several minutes rambling on and on about how much they cared for each other and how they wanted to be together. Before they could drop their big news, they had a bombshell dropped on them. Ruth excused herself to answer a knock at the door. She'd expected to see someone from the shelter at the door to pick up some old clothing. That wasn't the case. Derek, accompanied by a uniformed officer, entered the house and announced that they had a warrant for Ms. Allison Doyle's arrest.

Hayley showed up for work at Holidays and saw that no one had gotten the place ready for opening. She walked over to her staff of gloomy employees and asked them why they weren't hard at work. Kevin rolled his eyes and remarked that he didn't think that Hayley had a cruel side. Kelsey told Hayley that they knew all about the planned sale of Holidays. Hayley's face dropped. She asked Kelsey what she was talking about. Mateo exited the back office area and told Hayley that he'd put Holidays on the market. Hayley was devastated. She had no idea that her husband was getting ready to unload the restaurant. She pulled him aside and asked him what had motivated him to make the decision. Mateo repeatedly used the term "we" to refer to his own personal decisions. Hayley corrected him and reminded him that he had been the one to make all the decisions---it was definitely not a joint decision. Mateo told Hayley that she needed to trust his feelings. Hayley couldn't believe that Matt was ready to throw in the towel because he had "a feeling." She spoke of the many hours they'd spent working at Holidays and the long struggle they'd had to get the restaurant off the ground. Mateo chose not to listen to anything his wife said. He was haunted by another vision of Hayley's "death" and told her that his decision to sell Holidays was final. Ryan entered the restaurant while the couple was talking. He approached the bar and asked Kevin and Kelsey a few questions about working on an advertising program for Holidays. Kelsey chuckled and told Ryan that he was too late---Holidays was out of business. Ryan waited until Mateo was out of the way before approaching Hayley. He told her that he wanted to help her save Holidays, but since he was strapped for cash there wasn't much that he could do. He told Hayley the she should try to find a friend who could buy Holidays for her and then keep the place running until she could buy it back for herself. Hayley wiped a tear from her eye. She went from sad to glad in a matter of seconds. She thanked Ryan for the idea. Mateo walked over and asked Ryan why he was there. Ryan scolded Matt for putting Holidays on the market without talking to Hayley first. Matt told Ryan that he should keep his nose out of their business and ordered him to leave. Hayley blasted Mateo for speaking so rudely to Ryan and eventually Mateo admitted that he was wrong for yelling at Ryan. Hayley told Mateo that she supported his idea to sell the restaurant. Mateo gave her a hug. With her head over his shoulder, Mateo had no way of seeing the sinister smirk on his wife's face.

At Linden, Erica awoke to find that Jack had already left. She was concerned and ticked off all at once. Mike strolled down the steps and became slightly amused with Erica's predicament. He used Jack's absence to promote his own agenda---himself. He told Erica that he wanted to be with her. "We are a once in a lifetime indestructible phenomenon," Mike smiled. He urged Erica to forget about Jack---a man he insisted that she didn't love. Erica insisted that she loved Jack. Sure their love life wasn't perfect, but that was fine by Erica. Mike reminded Erica that she'd nearly made love to him in the cabin. Erica claimed that she only considered it because she thought her life was going to end. She referred to the cabin as "an alternate universe," one that somehow transported them back into time and the early days of their relationship. Mike disagreed. He told Erica that she doesn't "go down the lovemaking road" if she doesn't mean it. He begged Erica to tell Jack the truth about her feelings. Jack entered the room and told Mike that it wouldn't be necessary for Erica to say anything. He then proceeded to apologize to Erica for having doubted her story about the kidnapping. Jack even extended his hand to Mike to thank him for saving the life of the woman he loves. Mike was suspicious of Jack, but he agreed to shake his hand. Jack felt that security around Erica should be tightened. Erica suddenly remembered that she had to go to Enchantment for an important business deal. Jack told her that he'd taken the liberty of arranging for a limo to pick her up. Jack escorted Erica to the limo. Suddenly a man donned in all black jumped from the bushes and slugged Jack. The figure pushed Erica into the car, locked the doors, and then drove off. Jack jumped to his feet, brushed himself off, and then... smiled. Back inside the house, Mike and Adrian chatted about their new life in Pine Valley. While they talked, Erica called Mike from her cellular phone. She told him that she'd been kidnapped---again. The transmission went dead and Mike quickly asked Adrian if he'd arranged for Erica to be kidnapped again. He told her that he knew nothing about any plan to re-kidnapped Erica. Mike thought for several minutes before realizing that Jack ha beaten him at his own game.

Erica was blindfolded and led to a room at an unknown location. Her hands were not bound. She slowly tiptoed around the room as she talked to her abductor. The room appeared to be empty, but Erica could smell the aroma of a man's aftershave. Finally she decided to remove her blindfold. She looked around the room until her eyes rested on... Jack! "What took you so long?" he asked with a smile.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Derek quickly escorted Allie down to the police station. Jake, Ruth, and Joe followed closely behind. When they arrived at the station, they found Palmer waiting patiently with a prominent smile on his face. Jake blasted Palmer for contacting the police. He insisted that Allie was "born to be a doctor." "It's a pity," Palmer retorted, "she chose the life of a lie and a fraud." Ruth had contacted Belinda and the attorney had managed to juggle her schedule so that she could represent Allie. Belinda knew nothing of Allie's transcript fiasco and asked Derek why Allie, an upstanding citizen, had been arrested. The charges were fraud and forgery. Allie told Belinda that the charges were true, but Ruth ordered Allie not to say another word. Luckily for Allie, one of Joe's former golfing buddies was now a judge---and he had agreed to arraign Allie that same day. Otherwise, she would have had to spend the night in jail. The arraignment seemed to take forever. Jake, Joe, and Ruth waited at the station for Allie to return. It might not have been the best time, but remembered that her son had been trying to say something just before the police showed up at the door. Jake lowered his head and debated whether or not he should break the news to his parents. Ruth urged him to share the presumably good news. He did and Joe and Ruth, like Myrtle, reacted mostly in shock. They were not opposed to the engagement, but they also wondered if the timing was right. Allie returned from court and agreed that the timing was off. The judge had released her own her own recognizance, but she would still face a trial at a later date. Belinda agreed that planning a wedding would be too much of a distraction.

Mike had Adrian phone their headquarters and ask for assistance in location Erica. Mike answered a knock at the door. Opal smiled when Mike opened the door. She lowered her sunglasses and looked Mike up and down. She'd obviously remembered that the last time she'd seen Mike he was wearing a little less clothing. Opal explained that she was there to talk to Erica, but when Mike told her that Erica wasn't home she didn't seem to be too disappointed. She asked Mike to tell her all about his work. Mike grinned devilishly and told her that he had some things to do but hinted that his partner would be more than happy to speak to her. He escorted Opal into the livingroom, but Adrian was nowhere to be found. Opal pleaded with Mike to tell her just a little bit about his mission and swore that she could keep a secret. Mike joked that he would trust Opal as much as he trusts the IRS. That somehow made Opal believe that he was working for the Internal Revenue Service. She went on a babbling spree about how she and Palmer had made some questionable deductions on recent tax returns. Finally Opal, near tears, held out her arms and told Mike that he might as well cuff her on the spot. Mike could only watch in bewilderment as Opal continued to rant and rave. He finally told her that he was not an IRS agent. She breathed a sigh of relief, but asked him if he could promise not to tell the IRS about what she'd said. Mike walked Opal to the door and saw her on her way. Adrian popped out of his hiding spot and told Mike that Opal was his new boss. Mike chuckled slightly, perhaps wondering how his buddy had gotten hooked up with such a crazy character. Adrian's superiors phoned him and gave him the location where Erica had been taken.

At WRCW, a well-dressed but otherwise shady gentleman tracked Ryan down and "reminded" him that he owed nearly one hundred thousand dollars. It wasn't established what Ryan had done to run up such a large debt, but that was obviously not important to the man trying to collect that debt. He gave Ryan until the end of the business day to raise the cash. After the man left, Ryan pulled an object out of his pocket. He walked to the phone and called a jeweler to ask how much he could get for the item, a priceless brooch that was an Andrassy heirloom. The brooch was so rare and ornate that Ryan was told that he'd have to present the brooch before an appraisal could be given. Gillian burst into the office and called Ryan a thief. She knew that he'd stolen the brooch and wasn't about to let him get away with it. She told him that the brooch belonged to her grandmother and that she'd call the police if he didn't get it back to her. Liza must have heard the word "police," because she suddenly appeared in the doorway and offered to call the police for Gillian. Ryan forked over the piece of jewelry, but warned Gillian that Immigration would probably be tipped off if the police were called. Once again Liza offered to call the police. Part of her offer may have been serious, but she was definitely enjoying the other, jesting, part. Ryan told Liza about his debt. He even attempted to sweet talk Liza into loaning him the money. She suggested that he get a second job. Liza shooed the couple from her office. With the door closed and locked, Liza paged through the phone book in search of a fertility clinic. She cautiously placed the call and found out that she could meet with the doctor in less than a hour. When asked for her name, Liza started to refer to herself as "Liza Chandler." She caught her mistake and quickly corrected it. In the hallway, Gillian learned that Ryan had planned to use her money to pay off his debts. Of course that was before he knew that she was penniless. Ryan insisted that Gillian stop leeching off of Edmund and get a job. Gillian noted that she'd applied for one job and had been turned down. Ryan ordered her to keep looking. When Liza left her office, Ryan scurried inside to rummage through the petty cash drawer. He was disappointed when he saw that the metal box was triple locked. Meanwhile, Gillian found a flyer posted in the corridor announcing that WRCW was in search of a new weather girl. Gillian wasn't the only one who found the position interesting. Gillian entered an empty office and started preparing for her audition. She poured on all the charm---and then some. In her most saccharin voice, Gillian tried to discuss cold fronts and other weather phenomena. Kelsey entered the office and began laughing at Gillian's performance. Kelsey was confident that she was going to win the job. Gillian told Kelsey that she needed the job to earn some money. Kelsey explained that Holidays was closing and she also needed a job. Gillian tried to make her story seem more depressing. She announced that Ryan was unbearable and demanding that she get a job. Kelsey didn't think that Gillian was accurately describing the Ryan that she knew. Kelsey warned Gillian that she'd lose Ryan of she wasn't careful. Something in Kelsey's speech hit home with Gillian. When the loan shark returned a few minutes later, Gillian did something unbelievable. The man told Gillian that Ryan owed him a great deal of money. Gillian proclaimed that she was a princess and that the husband of royalty could not go to jail. The man asked Gillian to envision the worst dungeon in Hungary. That, he said, was where Ryan was headed if he didn't get his money. Gillian's face showed that she was very concerned for Ryan. She closed her eyes, grabbed her purse, and reached for the antique brooch. She held it out to the man and asked him if the brooch would be enough to pay off the debt. "And then some," the man gasped. Gillian told the man that Ryan's debt should be considered paid in full.

At the fertility clinic, Liza met with a doctor and learned all the basics of the artificial insemination process. The point that most seemed to interest Liza was that the sperm donor would never know that he had helped create a child. Liza explained that she didn't want some stranger to show up on her doorstep one day and ask to see his son. Liza was asked to describe the type of man she was considering as the donor. She said that she wanted someone of average build, with blue eyes, around the six foot mark, and intelligent---definitely intelligent. Liza was in luck. There were several candidates that matched her criteria---including one who'd just been entered into the database. Liza's interest was piqued. It might not have been if she knew that this new entry was only a few rooms down the hall from her. Who was the mystery donor? Ryan! Hoping to get some quick cash, Ryan made a donation. After he was done, he learned that the clinic doesn't pay right off the bat. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. Hew knew that he'd be unable to make his payment to the loan shark.

Jack told Erica that he'd "kidnapped" her to show her how easy it was to stage a kidnapping. Erica was furious that Jack had scared her out of her wits just to make some kind of point. Erica stormed past Jack and headed for the door. Jack grabbed Erica by the arm and told her that she wasn't going anywhere. Obviously that didn't sit well with Erica. Jack explained that he didn't want to see Mike take advantage of Erica. Erica was no longer speaking at a normal tone. She yelled that her life nearly ended when she was kidnapped. "You were never in danger!" Jack snapped. He noted that Erica probably would have had sex with Mike if she believed that it was her last night on Earth. Erica confessed that Mike had sort of brought up the subject of having sex, but she was quick to point out that she'd turned him down. Jack wondered how Erica could have turned down Mike, a man that she'd once been madly in love with. "You did," Erica replied. Erica said that she kept thinking about how much she loved him. That love was strong enough to prevent her from doing anything with Mike. Jack told Erica that he'd made a bet with Dimitri that their relationship could survive any and all of Mike's tricks. Now, however, he was wondering if he'd made a fool's bet. Jack made a sudden and abrupt change. He told Erica that he wanted to marry her---within the week. Several gunshots sounded and Jack and Erica were forced to drop to the ground. Mike kicked the door open and ordered Erica's abductor to give himself up. Erica frantically called out for Mike to stop shooting because jack had been the one to "kidnap" her. Erica was noticeably impressed that Mike had actually come after her---while her fiancÚ had made no attempt to find her during her previous kidnapping. Two polices, guns drawn, showed up at the door. They ordered Mike to drop his gun---and then told everyone top slowly raise their hands.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

With Holidays on the market, Mateo wanted to see that the restaurant was sold as quickly as possible. He phoned his real estate agent to state that he wanted any possible buyer to be hurried through the sale process. Edmund entered the room and handed Mateo a stack of papers. The papers contained inside information on the investigation into the explosion that had leveled Mateo and Hayley's apartment building. The police had determined that the explosion was not accidental; it had been caused by a sabotaged water heater. Mateo wanted Edmund to contact his sources and find out if a woman with long, blonde hair had been seen around the apartment building before the explosion. Edmund knew that Mateo was hinting that Camille was somehow involved. Mateo explained that Camille factors into all of the visions he'd had of Hayley's demise. Edmund got Mateo to admit that Camille wasn't actually in any of his visions. Perhaps, Edmund suggested, Camille isn't the source of the danger---maybe she is in danger too. Whatever the case, Mateo still worried that as long as Camille was near Hayley, Hayley would be in danger. Later, Mateo confessed that he was at least a little upset about having to sell Holidays. What if he sold Holidays and his visions continued? It would have all been for nothing. Edmund urged Mateo to do whatever he feels he needs to do in order to save Hayley. Edmund fought back tears as he explained that he often sits awake at night thinking about how he might have been able to save Maria. Perhaps if he'd sat in a different seat or taken a later flight...

Adam sat at his desk in his office at Chandler Mansion and spoke to a picture of Joy. The crux of his one-sided conversation focused on the night and day differences between Joy and her daughter. Hayley entered the office and gently teased her father for seemingly talking to himself. The two briefly discussed Camille and how no one had seen her in recent days. Hayley told her father that she needed a favor--a big favor. She told Adam all about Mateo's decision to sell Holidays. Adam figured out that Hayley wanted him to help her find a buyer. He was right---partially. Hayley had already found the buyer and it was someone that they both knew---Adam. Adam gladly agreed to help his daughter out. The both decided that Adam could operate Holidays under the guise of one of the companies he'd acquired. He'd operate at as low a cost as possible, rake in huge profits, and then sell Holidays back to Hayley when Mateo came around. Winifred escorted Liza to the office's entrance. Hayley "remembered" that she wanted to talk to Winifred. Of course she really wanted to give her father and Liza some time alone. Adam told Liza that he'd been thinking of her. No, it wasn't a romantic thought. While looking at the picture of Joy, Adam remembered how Liza had helped protect Hayley from Camille. For that, Adam said, he owed Liza. Liza decided to take Adam up on his offer. She told him that her mother was missing. Adam could've cared less. He mused that Liza should check every "gin joint" in surrounding counties. Liza blamed Adam for her mother's disappearance. If Adam hadn't drop him bombshell at the dinner party, Marian would never have run away. Liza wondered if Stuart might have heard from Marian, but when Liza had dropped by the gatehouse, Stuart wasn't home. Adam refused to tell Liza where Stuart had gone---he claimed that he didn't know. Hayley reappeared at the doorway and told Liza that Stuart and Scott had gone to the cabin at Willow Lake. Liza thanked Hayley and dashed out of the office. Hayley immediately asked her father why he was trying to keep Stuart away from Liza. Adam didn't want to go into details, but he insisted that he was acting in Stuart's best interest. Hayley smiled and commented that she was sure that Liza would have a different tale to tell, one that would curl her hair. "You'd look good in ringlets, "Adam chuckled. "I'd look good bald," Hayley smirked.

Mike, Jack , and Erica were taken to the police station. There, Erica blasted the rookie cop for having arrested her, "The" Erica Kane, and the district attorney. Keith overheard the ruckus and asked what was going on. The newbie cop rolled his eyes and told Keith that one of the men he arrested is claiming to be the District Attorney. Keith looked the officer square in the eyes and told him that Jack was the District Attorney. Erica told Keith that she wanted to "have this man arrested for kidnapping." Keith looked at both Mike and Jack and asked which man she was referring to. Jack and Mike pointed at each other and simultaneously said, "him!" Jack pulled Erica aside and told her that there was no need for her to take their personal problems to the police. The media would have a field day with the story, he figured. Jack blamed all of their troubles on Mike. Mike, however, claimed to have done no wrong. All he was trying to do, he insisted, was complete his mission. Erica sauntered up to Keith and smiled bashfully. She told him that she'd misspoken when she said she wanted to file kidnapping charges. She reckoned that she must have gotten caught up in the moment. Keith wasn't pleased in the least and told Erica that she'd have plenty of time to figure out exactly why she'd misspoke during her time in "the gray bar motel." He ordered the officer to lock up both Mike and Erica! Jack met with Keith in an adjoining office and gave him an outline of what had transpired at the motel. He explained that Mike was once involved with Erica and that he was trying to rekindle that flame. Keith agreed to release both Mike and Erica. Jack asked Keith for a little favor. He wanted Erica to be released immediately, but he asked that Mike's release be delayed at least an hour so that he could have some time alone with Erica.
In the cellblock, Erica was furious that she'd dropped the charges against Jack and then ended up in jail because Jack wouldn't speak up for her. Mike joyfully noted how he had raced to Erica's side when he learned that she was kidnapped. Did Jack try to find Erica when she was kidnapped the first time? Erica's voice grew soft. She turned and faced Mike. Some of the things that Jack had been saying now started to make sense. In a concerned voice, Erica begged Mike to tell her the truth. She asked him if he was really on a secret mission. Her voice sounded as though she desperately wanted to hear Mike swear that he was telling the truth. Mike announced that he was on a mission, one that was secret, and that lives were definitely on the line. Keith entered the cellblock and told Erica that she was free to go. Mike, whom he referred to as "an exotic" animal would have to stay locked up a little while longer. On her way out of the cellblock, Erica reached out and gently brushed Mike's hand. Erica was reunited with Jack near the station's entrance. Jack told Erica that he wanted to speak to her, but she walked right past him without saying a word.

At the cabin near Willow Lake, Stuart started to unboard some of the windows. He heard a rustle in the bushes and nearly dropped his hammer on his toes when Camille popped out of the brush. Stuart seemed a bit frightened, but he assured Camille that he was glad to see her. Camille told Stuart that she wanted to drop by and make sure that he was okay. After all, she hadn't seen him since the elevator accident. Camille swore that she wasn't responsible for sabotaging the elevator. Stuart smiled and told Camille that he believed her. He thought it was odd that Camille had traveled all the way to Willow Lake just to talk to him. Camille explained that she didn't want Adam to catch her at Stuart's home because he'd probably ring her neck. Stuart called Adam "paranoid." The two shared stories of how they felt like outcasts. Camille, of course, felt like an outsider looking in. Stuart explained that when he was younger a lot of the people in Pigeon Hollow steered clear of him because they thought he was "weird." Scott returned to the cabin and blew up when he saw Camille chatting it up with he father. He asked his father if she'd hurt him and demanded that Camille "get the hell out" of the cabin. Camille scattered before she caused any more trouble. She was definitely scared. Stuart scolded his son for yelling at Camille and insisted that she wouldn't hurt anybody.

When the duo returned to Linden House, Erica received an ultimatum. Jack told her that when Mike was released from prison she wanted her to tell him to "hit the road." Erica explained that she couldn't do that. "By the end of the day," Jack grumbled. "You will have only one roommate. Mike Roy or me." Erica was furious that she was being given an ultimatum----especially in her own home. Erica tried to distract Jack by asking him to join her for a long, hot bubble bath. Jack wasn't about to be sidetracked. He told Erica that he was going to start packing his bags just in case Erica chose Mike over him. "I can't choose," Erica sobbed. "You just did," jack said coldly. While Jack was upstairs, Mike returned to Linden. He asked her why she looked so upset, but when Jack appeared at the bottom of the steps with a suitcase in his hands, he knew what was going on. Again Erica claimed that she could not choose one man over the other. Jack accused Erica of enjoying the attention that came with two men fighting for her attention. Erica begged Jack not to go, but he paid her little mind. He bid her goodbye and then walked out of the house.

Hayley returned to Wildwind in a very good mood. She seemed so at peace with the world that Mateo wondered if he shouldn't put Holidays on the market every day. Hayley lied when she told her husband that she was in total agreement with his decision to sell the restaurant. She admitted that she didn't understand his reasons, but she pledged to stand by him. The two shared a kiss, but the kiss was abruptly cut short. Mateo clutched the back of his head. He was having another vision, but this time it wasn't Hayley who was in trouble.

At the cabin, while Scott fiddled with the generator that supplied the cabin with power, a sudden burst of sparks sent the young man flying backwards. He thumped to the ground and laid motionless.

Friday, June 12, 1998

The electric shock sent Scott flying through the air. Even before he hit the ground, his heart had stopped beating. Stuart heard the sizzle of the sparks and exited the cabin to investigate. His emotion took over when he saw his son lying lifeless on the ground. He immediately dropped to his knees and began administering CPR. In his panicked state, Stuart was unable to remember the proper steps involved in CPR. Camille returned a few seconds later and offered to help Stuart, but by this time he had already begun pumping Scott's chest and breathing into his mouth. He begged Camille to find a phone and alert the paramedics. After Camille dashed off, Stuart once again began to panic. Scott still had no pulse and he was not breathing. Fortunately, Liza happened upon the scene. She got down on the ground and assisted Stuart. Stuart took over the mouth-to-mouth while Liza performed the pressure to the chest. Adam walked casually along a path until he saw Liza and Stuart on the ground. Unaware that something was wrong, Adam used his all-too familiar growl to ask "what the devil" was going on. When he saw Scott on the ground, he knew that something had gone terribly wrong. Adam stepped towards the generator hoping to get the power flowing so that he could turn on some lights inside the cabin. Stuart yelled out for his brother to steer clear of the generator since that was what had injured his son. Sirens in the background signaled that Camille had been able to make the 911 call. Stuart thanked Camille out loud. Adam wondered what Camille had to do with the sirens and when Stuart told him that Camille had been at the cabin, Adam became seriously concerned. After the paramedics arrived and raced Scott to the hospital, Adam carefully investigated the circuit box where Scott had tried to connect the generator. His eyes squinted slightly and his nostrils flared.

Mateo's vision was unclear. He could see only a bright flash of light and was unable to tell who was in danger. Hayley called out to Edmund for help, but by the time Edmund arrived in the livingroom area Mateo's headache had already started to subside. Matt told Edmund that someone was in grave danger. Hayley insisted that her husband be taken to the hospital for a check-up, but Matt initially refused. Gillian and Ryan overheard the commotion and entered the room to investigate. Edmund agreed with Hayley and urged Mateo to go to the hospital. Ryan offered to take both Hayley and Matt to the hospital so that he would be able to stay with Hayley while Matt was examined. Edmund and Hayley both nixed that idea. After Edmund, Mateo, and Hayley filed out of the room, Gillian slammed the door and blasted Ryan for his insensitivity. Ryan lauded his offer to help out Hayley---how could he have been insensitive? Gillian wasn't actually referring to the offer so much as she was to the circumstances behind the offer. It was obvious that Ryan was trying to get closer to Hayley---or at least that's what Gillian believed. The fact that Ryan flaunted this in front of her was what she was calling insensitive. "After all I've done for you," Gillian muttered under her breath. Ryan laughed slightly and noted that Gillian hadn't done anything for him other than making him sink deeper and deeper into debt. Eugenia> slowly entered the room and asked Gillian if she'd seen her diamond brooch. Gillian nervously replied that she hadn't seen the brooch and encouraged her grandmother to wear one of the knockoffs until the real one turned up. Eugenia turned and left the room. Ryan knew that he had returned the brooch to Gillian, so where did it get to? Gillian produced a slip of paper from a local pawnshop. She told Ryan that she'd pawned the brooch in order to pay of the loan shark. Gillian's reasons for hocking the one-of-a-kind antique were quite contradicting. At first she said she did it because she hated Ryan. That didn't make much sense so Gillian then claimed that she did it to save her own hide. If Ryan were to be thrown in jail for not paying off his debts, she feared that she would be deported. Something about Gillian's statement just didn't make sense. If she really hated him, wouldn't she enjoy seeing him tossed in a jail cell? Gillian vowed that she would buy back the brooch and that Ryan would help her raise the cash. Ryan demanded that Gillian tell him why she helped him out of his jam. "Because I care [about you], you dumb idiot," Gillian sassed.

Hounding by phone calls from the media, Brooke was glad to see the day drawing to a close. She'd mistakenly thought that things couldn't get any worse. Trevor phoned to tell his client that phase one of her trial was slated to begin in the morning. The judge had announced that jury selection would begin and Trevor wanted Brooke to be present during the selection process. Brooke told Trevor that she was glad that her trial was about to begin, but her trembling hands and cracking voice told another story. She fumbled the phone when she tried to return it to its receiver. Frustrated by her jangled nerves, Brooke threw the phone across the room. She took several deep breaths and realized that she needed to pull herself together. She picked up the phone and carefully set it back in its cradle. One by one, she turned out the lights. As she dimmed the final bulb, she headed towards the staircase. Suddenly, a brick smashed through the small window beside the door. As the brick hurtled through the air, it came within inches of striking Brooke's head. Terrified, Brooke scurried over to the brick and uncrumpled a note that had been wrapped around the brick. "Murderer," it read. She raced back to the doorway and opened the front door. "Cowards!" she screamed. Just then, Dimitri walked up the sidewalk. He could see that Brooke was teetering on the edge of a breakdown. He took her inside and sat her down. Brooke told him that she'd been dogged by harassing phone calls all day and that the media was camped outside her gate from sun up to sun down. Dimitri suggested that Brooke take up a room at a nearby hotel, but Brooke felt that moving into a hotel was a sign that she had something to hide or that she wasn't strong enough to endure the trial. Instead, Dimitri told Brooke that he'd board up the broken window and clean up the mess. After he was done with his handy work, Dimitri took Brooke out into the back yard for a little strategy session. Bluntly, Dimitri told Brooke that she was facing an uphill battle with her forthcoming trial. Brooke was stunned that her supposed friend was turning on her. Dimitri clarified his statement, telling Brooke that not everyone will believe that she was justified in killing Jim. He told her that he had a plan to spare her the pain of a long, drawn out trial. All she had to do was the trust him and to put herself in his hands.

Allie walked Jake into the hospital and immediately showed signs of missing her old stomping grounds. Jake began to wonder if letting Allie accompany him was a bad idea. Once Jake started his rounds, Allie casually strolled around the waiting room. In an awkward moment, on of the nurses crossed paths with Allie and said, "Hi Doctor D---Allie." Allie bowed her head, obviously pained by the encounter. Kelsey popped in and asked Allie if the hospital was hiring candy stripers. Allie smiled meekly and told Kelsey that she was asking the wrong person. Kelsey apologized for her faux pas, saying that she had forgotten about Allie's dismissal. Both were still talking when Scott was wheeled into the emergency room. Kelsey panicked when she the state that Scott was in, but Allie managed to help keep her calm. Allie fought her "natural" urge to rush to Scott's side and begin medical treatment. While unable to provide the medical treatment, Allie wasn't totally without purpose. Her medical schooling allowed her to keep Scott's friends and family informed on his condition, the possible dangers he faced, as well as the treatment process.

Worrying always makes times pass a little slower. Hayley paced nervously in a hospital corridor as she awaited the results of Mateo's tests. Eventually she and Edmund ended up on the sun porch. She and Edmund briefly discussed Mateo's decision to sell Holidays. Edmund tried to bolster his brother-in-law's case, but nothing he said convinced Hayley that her husband had made the right decision. While Edmund was on his way to get some coffee, Mateo's former roomie walked into the room. He claimed that he was at the hospital for some routine tests. Hayley asked the man to join her at the table. She was quiet for several minutes before asking the man if he was mechanically inclined or if he knew anything about electrical wiring. The man's eyes widened and he became oddly defensive. He fidgeted in his chair as he asked Hayley why she wanted to know. She smiled and reminded him that he'd asked for help in locating a job. She scribbled down a name and number on a piece of paper and told the man to give her contact a call. Edmund returned and broke the news to Hayley that Scott had just been admitted in serious condition. The man listened intently as Edmund told Hayley that her nephew had nearly been electrocuted.

Mateo's tests were finished, but he had to await the results. When he learned of Scott's accident, he realized that his vision was a premonition of the event. He was visibly shaken, but he couldn't let anyone other than Edmund know that he had somehow foreseen the accident. Inside the emergency room cubicle, Scott finally opened his eyes. He remembered little about the accident. In fact, he remembered very little about the entire trip to the cabin. When he looked towards the foot of his bed, he saw Kelsey. That made him remark, "If I have to wake up in a hospital, it's nice to see you."

She might have known that she'd face some problems by showing up at the hospital, but Camille decided to check on Scott's condition anyway. When she got there, she was immediately confronted by Mateo. He accused her of trying to kill Scott as well as blowing up his apartment building. Camille denied both accusations. Adam entered the emergency room and claimed to have proof that Camille was responsible for Scott's accident. Someone, he said, had cut the wire in the electrical panel and crossed the wires. In short, there was no way that it could have been an accident. The charges started piling up. Adam reminded everyone that Camille was probably involved in the elevator accident that had almost killed Stuart. Camille vehemently denied all charges. "If not you," Mateo snapped. "Then who?"

Mateo's former roommate poured himself a cup of tea. Myrtle walked onto the sun porch unaware that she be bumping into her one-time acquaintance. "You again," she groaned. "Why are you still here, Lee Hawkins? Who are you going to make trouble for now?"

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