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Monday, June 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Kevin comes in to the bedroom where Lucy is holding a clown suit. Kevin is surprised to see it. Lucy wants an explanation of how it got there - so does Kevin! The next morning, they are still wondering where it came from. They wonder about Victor and if he is, why would he want to frame Kevin? While they discuss the fact that if Victor is guilty, he'd have to be either completely crazy or brilliant. Victor overhears - Kevin asks if he recognizes the clown suit. Victor does - it looks like the one the killer wore. Victor asks if Monk is sure that he didn't kill anyone. Kevin seems most offended that Victor would think he'd be dumb enough to put evidence in his own drawer. Kevin calls the security company to come and check the place out. Kevin wonders about calling the police. Victor thinks who ever is setting him up might have already called the cops. Kevin thinks the suit might be evidence and calls Garcia. Victor and Lucy aren't happy about his decision.

Ellen and Matt are in bed - Ellen says she has to be up early for work. Matt wonders if that means they can't make love - no, it means they better get started!

Julie is upset about the "Cooper" letter - Frank wants to fool around. Julie also has to be up early for work - but she means sleep. Frank is not happy. Julie wants to give it her best for the Quartermaine award. Frank sweet talks her by saying she doesn't have a shot in hell of winning. He gets even more romantic by telling her that they don't give awards to accused murderers and that she's pathetic - Daddy is cold in the grave and she's still trying to impress him. It went downhill from there. Julie actually tries to explain at first, then finally gets mad and leaves.

The next morning, all are at the on-call room. Chris and Eve are wearing suits and Eve's skirt is slit all the way up the thigh (I just thought that was odd!.) Lorraine and Angi...oops! Dr. May(?) and Ellen come in the room and Ellen's return is announced. She told them she returned for personal reasons and she needs to meet with each of them to get caught up. She leaves and everyone points out that she seemed almost giddy. Matt says she's always been tough but fair. Chris calls him teacher's pet and Eve smirks. Ellen returned in and scolds Matt for an incomplete patient report. This convinces the others that Matt is no longer teacher's pet. Later, Chris wonders to Eve if Ellen's return will hurt his chances at the Q award. Eve doesn't think so. Later, as Chris is talking to Ellen, Matt wheels up. He hands her his recommendations for the patient they were discussing earlier. She opens the folder and reads the note, saying she sees he wants to follow an aggressive path - he told her he believes in being thorough. She wonders how many treatments will be needed, he thinks several a day. Chris looks perplexed. Matt wants to meet with her later to go over some new ideas - she says she's looking forward to it and walks away smiling. Chris offers to help Matt with the report, Matt declines. Chris asks what Matt did "Burgess has been riding you all day" - Matt says he's just lucky. Later, Eve and Matt are in the on-call room, Ellen comes in acting pissed off. Eve leaves and Matt and Ellen start kissing. Outside, Eve stops Chris from going in and interrupting Matt's scolding. Meanwhile, Ellen laughingly told Matt to not pass any more notes.

Frank meets with the guy who makes drugs, and gets another batch. The guy wants to go into business - Frank punches him and threatens him unless all is forgotten about the drug.

Julie is snippy towards Jake and admits that Franks is behaving bizarrely. Jake thinks Frank has post-traumatic-stress-syndrome. They share scary Frank stories. Frank comes up and gets nasty with the two of them, accusing them of flirting. Frank gives Julie to Jake and leaves.

Tuesday, June 9

Lucy and Kevin tell Garcia about finding the clown suit in Kevin's drawer. Victor appears and shows Garcia his diagram of suspects, much to Kevin's dismay. Garcia notes that the most likely suspect is Kevin--Victor agrees. Garcia told them he's keeping his mind open to all suspects and asks Kevin and Victor to come to the station to donate blood and hair samples. They agree reluctantly.

Julie told Mary that Frank has been flying off the handle at the drop of a hat these days. She is in the process of telling her about the scene Frank caused with Jake yesterday when Frank walks up and asks how his two favorite girls are. Julie looks at him like he's crazy and he explains that he was just teasing her yesterday when he said those things. Julie stalks off and Mary asks Frank what is going on with him. Frank flips out on Mary and takes off.

Later, Mary talks to Joe about Frank's behavior. He told her that he's not surprised, seeing how unpredictable Frank has become since the accident. Mary told him that he had better find out what is wrong with Frank. Joe confronts Frank in the on-call room later on. He asks Frank what is bothering him. Frank told him to mind his own business. Joe told him he's acting too much like their father. Frank responds by calling Joe a second-rate doctor. They get into a huge fight, almost coming to blows, when Joe leaves.

Karen and Jake argue about the effects of DL56. She doesn't think they should continue, but Jake convinces her that the drug does work. But the side effects are so bad, she reminds him. He apologizes for getting on her case and told her he should have known that she would react this way because she's not as experienced in lab work as he is. She flips out and walks away.

Eve and Chris scheme to get back at Lucy. Chris told Lucy that her plans for the Nurse's Ball are in the conference room. Once she's in there, Chris removes the door handle from the other side and puts up a do not disturb sign. When Lucy tries to leave, she pulls the handle off on her side and is stuck. She pounds on the door, but then sees the phone. She starts to pick up the phone when she notices a purple-colored smoke coming in from the vents. Help! she screams. Someone is trying to kill me!

At the station, Kevin and Victor give the required samples. Garcia asks them to wait until they've been analyzed before the leave. They wait impatiently until Garcia arrives. We've got a match Kevin, Garcia says.

Wednesday, June 10

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Locked in the smoke-filled room, Lucy tries to use the phone again. When she picks it up, she finds that the cord has been cut. She screams through the door for someone to help her. Chris "saves" her by opening the door from the outside. Lucy babbles incoherently about the fact that someone was trying to kill her. Just then, Eve walks up. Lucy start freaking out and went after Eve, saying that she knows Eve was the one to lock her in the room. Chris physically separates them and told Lucy she should get checked out in the ER. Lucy leaves and Eve went into the conference room. She picks up Lucy's wallet and takes off with it. Later, she asks Chris to give it back to Lucy, on the premise that he found it. She takes the dry cleaning receipt from the wallet before Chris returns it. Why do you want that? Chris asks. This is our "ticket to terror," Eve says. She picks up Lucy's dresses from the cleaners.

At the police station, Garcia told Kevin that it's his hair samples that were found on the clown suit. The only other materials found are Grace's hair and saliva. Kevin told Garcia that this is the perfect setup--after all, that clown suit had been present at the pediatric circus. It should have had a lot more fibers on it than just his. And, his hairs can be explained with the fact that the suit was found in his drawer, along with a lot of his other clothes. When Kevin went home, he told Lucy what happened at the station. She told him what happened to her at the hospital. They realize that whoever the murderer is, that person has been in their house, going through their things. Lucy wants to tell the world that Kevin is sane and had nothing to do with the murders. I want everyone one to know how much I love and believe in you, she says. And I know just the way to do it. We'll have a great big double wedding with Mac and Felicia in July! Kevin looks weary at her suggestion.

Joe told Karen about his fight with Frank. He wonders if Frank's behavior has anything to do with his near-death experience. Maybe he's just at the end of his rope, Karen says. It's more than that, Joe says. He knows just how to go for the jugular when trying to hurt all of us. They talk about who is left in the position of getting the Quartermaine residency when Courtney walks up and asks them both to join her and Neil for a picnic that afternoon. They agree. Later, Courtney smashes Neil's spaceship against the wall and told Karen she accidentally dropped it. Neil will be so disappointed, she says. Karen offers to skip the picnic to pick up another one for him. Courtney smiles after Karen leaves.

Outside, Joe, Courtney and Neil enjoy the nice weather. Neil takes off in his wheelchair while Joe and Courtney talk. She apologizes to him for the way she broke things off with him seven years ago. He told her that she has a lot to make up for. She told him that she and Neil are really happy in Port Charles and that she's thinking of moving there permanently.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

As she sketches out plans for a double wedding, Lucy assures a skeptical Kevin that their dear friends Mac and Felicia will be thrilled at the prospect of sharing their big day. After retrieving Lucy's Nurses' Ball wardrobe from the dry cleaners, Eve makes a few alterations to the already too-tight costumes. Meanwhile, a confident Chris prepares his acceptance speech in anticipation of being named winner of the Quartermaine residency during the Ball. When Eve reminds Chris that Matt is also a frontrunner for the award, Chris hints that their colleague is in for a rude awakening. At the hospital, Ellen happily confides to an astonished Matt that he was the board's unanimous choice for the Quartermaine prize. After a leak to the press spreads gossip about Kevin throughout Port Charles, Julie feels relieved to be out from under the cloud of suspicion but Scott cautions her not to jump to any conclusions. Later, Dara informs Scotty that his client is still the district attorney's number one suspect. Frank's profuse apology convinces Julie to give him a second chance. Horrified to discover that all her dresses are now several sizes too small, Lucy reminds Kevin that in his book her character dies from suffocation after being "strangled" by her tight clothing. Chris gets wind of Matt's affair with Ellen.

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Friday, June 12, 1998

by Soap Central

After Lucy learns how Eve took her dresses from the dry cleaners, Kevin suggests that the intern was merely retaliating to pay her back for trying to break up her relationship with Scott. Chris gleefully reports to Eve that he's about to obtain photographic proof of Matt's affair with Ellen. Meanwhile, Matt decides to celebrate his imminent victory by spending a blissful hour with Ellen before she heads to the airport to pick up her mother. Out of Courtney's earshot, Neil asks Karen to call his father and ask him to come for a visit. Lucy gives Eve the bill for her ruined gowns. After Eve calmly rips it up, Lucy warns the doctor she's treading on thin ice. Though Joe advises her not to get involved, Karen decides that Neil has the right to see his dad no matter how Courtney feels about her ex-husband. Later, however, Karen realizes the man is scum when he flatly refuses to come to Port Charles and visit his ailing son. Chris sneaks onto the fire escape outside Ellen's bedroom armed with a camera with a telephoto lens. Lucy told Garcia that Eve's bracelet was found near Bennett's body and removed from the crime scene before the police arrived. Chris posts two compromising photos of Matt and the chief resident on the hospital's bulletin board.

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