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Matt and Sophia made love for the first time. Sophia was distraught after finding out Matt was the father of Lila's baby. Grant blackmailed Donna to keep her from revealing that Vicky and Shane had never had an affair.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on AW
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Monday, June 8, 1998

At The Hotel In New York
Matt and Sofia are cuddled on the floor watching cartoons on the TV. They start going at it hot and heavy and Sofia asks Matt to make love to her. Matt asks her if she was sure and Sofia told him yes she was sure, she wants him. Matt sweeps Sofia up in his arms and carries her over to the bed where they begin to make love to each other. After the afterglow of lovemaking, Sofia told Matt it was the most wonderful...beautiful...better than she ever dreamed of. Matt says so you liked it did you. She told him that she feels so alive, like she's been reborn and asks him if she sounds stupid. Matt told her no and she kisses him and told him that she loves him. Excited, she stands up in bed and yells out "I Love Matt Cory". Matt asks her if she was trying to get them thrown out. She told him she doesn't care if the whole world knows and then lays back down. Matt told her he has tickets to a show for later and he plans on taking her dancing and do what ever she wants. Sofia told him she already has everything she wants. Matt told Sofia he was going to make her so happy and they are going to have a great life together. Then the two settle in for more lovemaking.

At Bay City General Hospital
Paulina runs into Jake outside the hospital and demands to know what was going on between him and Vicky. Jake went on to explain how he believes that Vicky slept with Shane many times before and after the wedding. Paulina told him that she can't believe that he believes that Shane and Vicky slept together and whoever told him that was lying to him. Jake told her that Marley would never lie to him. Paulina told him that she doesn't know Marley that well, but he and Vicky.....Jake cuts her off and says that God never put a more honest person on this world than Marley. He then told Paulina that Marley didn't want to tell him about Vicky and he had to drag it out of her and Marley has always been the kind of person who wants to protect the people she loves. Paulina says tell me about it and then lets it slip that Marley saved Jake and Vicky's wedding day. Jake asks her what does she mean and Paulina tries to play it off, but Jake becomes angry and told her that he doesn't think he can take one more person that he loves lying to him. Paulina urges him to just let it go, but Jake was determined to know what she meant about saving his and Vicky's wedding day. Paulina finally told him that Vicky went to see Shane on his boat the day of there wedding because she had to finish something, but she left Marley a note saying it was something that she had to do. She then went on to explain that when he called and wanted to speak to Vicky they couldn't put her on the phone because she wasn't there. Jake asks her why was Vicky late and Paulina told him that she doesn't know, and all they could do was rush to get the wedding dress off of Marley. Stunned to learn that Marley was in Vicky's wedding dress, Jake becomes even more angry because he thinks that Vicky did it with Shane the morning of their wedding day. Paulina doesn't believe it and told Jake he shouldn't either and that Vicky only went to say goodbye. Jake doesn't want to listen and told her not to make excuses for Vicky. Paulina told him not to do anything or make any decisions when he was this upset. Jake told her that if he found out about all of this before the wedding he wouldn't of said I DO and could have saved a lot of grief. Nick shows up and Jake walks off. Paulina asks Nick how it's going and Nick told Paulina that Sofia dumped him. Nick then asks Jake if he has a minute and Paulina decides to let them talk and told them if they need her, they know where she will be and then walks off. Jake told Nick if he was looking for some advice on marriage he was hanging with the wrong guy. Nick told Jake about Sofia and Jake told him he's lucky he found out before he married her. Then they both sit and mope, while discussing their failed relationships together. Nick invites Jake to come go and ride off into the sunset with him, but Jake passes and told Nick that he needs to stick around Bay City a little while longer. Nick leaves and Jake heads inside the hospital.

Meanwhile Inside The Hospital, Cindy takes Donna into a room where they can talk privately and explains the whole sordid detail of how Grant and Lila cooked up the scheme to forge Shane's journal to make it look like Vicky and Shane had been sleeping together for months. A stunned Donna can't believe that it was true and told Cindy those were Shane's memories and that was in Shane's journal. Cindy told her they were Grants word's from when he and Vicky use to be together and then recites parts of the journal to Donna so that she will believe her. Still shocked, Donna says out loud, so it was not a lie and Victoria never slept with Shane, all that pain for nothing. Cindy says they can fix things. She can fix her marriage and Donna can fix things on her end as long as they work together. Donna flashes back to the day she ran Marley and Grant over and told Cindy some things can never be fixed. She then babbles on about how she just wanted every one to be happy, Jake and Marley. Cindy told her that they can go tell Vicky together and she'll go with her. Just then Grant walks into the room (How did he know what room they would be in?) and asks them what could they possibly have to be so chummy about. Donna slaps him and told him she knows about the journal and she knows he made it up, him and that southern trash. Grant told Cindy to give them a moment and she told him that she doesn't take orders from him. He then went over and asks if this was her doing. Cindy begins to say something, but Grant told her to get over there and shut up. Grant says to Donna, now where were we. Donna told him that he can cancel his plans to get closer to Victoria because the next time he sees her she was going to be spitting in his face. Grant says what makes you think it'll happen that way Donna. Donna says after she gets done telling Vicky about the vicious lie he made up about her and Grant says what he considers vicious was a mother who runs her daughter down and then leaves her for dead. Donna spouts back that he was not going to ruin Victoria's life and Grant told her if she says one word to Vicky or to anyone the only way she'll ever see her precious family was through a Plexiglas window on visiting day. Upset by his words, Donna leaves and Cindy says that's not the way to Marley's room and asks Grant what did he say to upset Donna. Grant says he told Donna the truth and Cindy told him that he was not going to get away with this. Grant told her that was the most ignorant thing she has ever said, because he always gets away with it and she was the one who gets caught. He then asks her to tell him how she found out about the journal. Cindy says never divulge the game plan, even after you have won it. Grant told her that he taught her to be loyal and Cindy laughs in his face and says you taught me to be loyal. She then went on to tell how she got her best friend hooked on speed for him and she lied and said Paulina was as high as a kite to save his ass. She told him he almost killed Paulina and her son, but she still stood by her man and what did that loyalty get her.....thrown out on the streets. Cindy then told him that hell was coming his way, maybe not yet, but he can't stop it and then leaves out the room. Grant grabs her just outside the room and says he can stop her.

Toni Burrell shows up and says that she came to talk to Grant about who hit him. Grant says that it's slowly coming back to him, but he just doesn't remember yet. While they are talking, Cindy sneaks off. Grant finds Cindy, who told Grant that she's going to tell Vicky the truth. Suddenly, Grant screams out somebody stop her, stop my wife she's the person who tried to run me and Marley down. Cindy was shocked, as was Donna, who just showed up. Grant told the Toni and one of the nurses that Cindy was mentally ill and he always hoped she'd get better, but obviously she couldn't get over her jealousy of Victoria and was trying to kill her, just like she tried to kill Lorna because of her obsession with Gabe McNamara. Somebody please help her, I think she's gone crazy. Cindy starts yelling not to call her crazy and then lunges at Grant and says he won't get away with this. A nurse drags Cindy off and Cindy yells at Donna to help her. Grant plays his role as the distraught husband until Toni and the nurse are out of sight, while Donna stands by watching in horror just how far Grant will go to get what he wants. Donna looks at Grant with disgust and says you sold out your own wife and if she doesn't tell Victoria about that journal she will be no better than he is. Victoria was her daughter and she has to tell her, she has to. Cindy was brought back down the hall in a straight jacket and was taken off to the psychiatric ward. Grant puts on the distraught husband act again and calls out to Cynthia that he'll be right there. He told Donna he has to go sign some commitment papers and asks her if she has ever had a straight jacket on, and adds that it's not pleasant. He then told her to go ahead and do what she feels she needs to do and spill her guts, but adds that there's always room for one more, in the psyche ward.

In Marley's Hospital Room, Vicky comes in to see Marley and they face each other for the first time since the surgery. Stunned to see her sisters face for the first time, Vicky just says Marley and Marley says you should try it from the inside, it's a real scream. Vicky gets ready to say something, but Marley cuts her off and told her what ever she was going to say don't, because she can't take it. Vicky says she can help, but Marley spouts back can you give me back my face. She then reaches out and touches Vicky's face and says she use to look like this and then told Vicky to get out. Vicky tries to comfort Marley, but Marley turns from her and told her how hard it was for her to look at Vicky and asks her to please get out. Vicky told her that she worked too hard to get in to see her and she's not leaving. Marley told her that she doesn't want her and Vicky told her she was sorry about that, but they are a part of each other. Marley told her not anymore. Vicky says what do you think I am doing here and then told her that she was standing out in the hallway and felt something, lost a sadness and then told Marley it was hers, she felt it and it went right through her. Marley says give me a break. Vicky told her that they came into this world together and that's real, that's true and she never has to question who she is. She then told Marley she's a part of her and as Marley and Vicky's eyes fill with tears, they embrace each other. Marley starts crying and told Vicky that she understands her and Vicky keeps telling Marley that they are a part of each other and nothing can change that. Marley was still upset about her face and Vicky tries to give her some encouraging words. They start talking about the first time they saw each other and begin laughing about how they each wanted to be more like the other one and Vicky told Marley that when she first found her she found herself and she hopes that she can be her strength if Marley lets her. Marley told Vicky she be lying if she didn't say it takes some getting use to. Vicky makes Marley laugh by commenting on her cheek bones and then adds that if she gets to jealous she can always have plastic surgery herself to look just like Marley. Marley told Vicky she was scared and Vicky told Marley she was going to be okay.

Vicky then told Marley that she could feel all of the pain Marley was going through and it was killing her not to be able to be inside with her, but adds that she was glad Jake was there for her. Marley says oh Jake and Vicky told Marley that her life was a mess and she wishes she could help her and went on to say that she can't get a straight answer from anyone as to why everyone believes she slept with Shane. Marley says maybe you can give me a straight answer and then asks Vicky if she slept with Shane. Vicky swears she didn't, but Marley doesn't believe her says they know she has cheated before. Vicky told her she didn't know there would be some statue of limitations on it. Marley says, excuse me and Vicky says she isn't the same screw-up she use to be before, she's a good mother, her kids are great and she must be doing something right. She then adds that she was a good wife to Jake and what they had was real and she meant every word of her wedding vows. Marley says please, you barely made it to your own wedding. Vicky told her that was because somebody untied the boat and then went into what she did to get back to shore. Marley says your very good at making up stories and told Vicky she only covered for her to protect Jake, because the thought of him standing on that alter waiting for her while she's sailing up the river was too much. She then asks, how long does it take her to say goodbye. Vicky was hurt that Marley doesn't believe her because may have lied to everyone else, but she told Marley the truth about the accident at Michael's funeral. Marley asks her if that because she wanted to clear her conscience. Vicky told her no, it was because she can't lie to her, ever since she looked into Marley's eyes and saw her reflection starring back at herself she could never lie to her. Vicky asks Marley to look into her that place where they are so connected and she will see the truth. Marley told her that the truth was that she's a liar. Vicky accuses Marley of coming back to Bay City and lying to Jake about the affair because she wants him back and told Marley how she saw how Jake willed Marley back from the dead so if this was the reason Marley has made up this lie about her, she forgives her. Marley looks at Vicky and says she doesn't lie and she didn't lie to Jake because she was not the kind of person who rips out people's hearts to get what she wants. Vicky starts crying and told Marley that she didn't sleep with Shane and the only way Jake would believe it was if Marley told him. Jake shows up and asks Vicky what the hell was she doing. Vicky told Jake she was trying to get..... Jake snatches Vicky out of Marley's room and told her that she's lower than he ever thought.

Outside Marley's Room, Vicky told Jake that she was well aware of what Marley has been through. Jake told her if she were aware of what Marley had been through then she would leave her alone instead of trying to blame Marley for her sorry life. Jake then asks her how in the hell can she call Marley a liar and Vicky cries to him that there wasn't any other explanation. Jake told her instead of complaining about her own miserable life she should have been looking at Marley's face and thinking about what Marley has been through or was she too busy calling Marley names. Vicky asks Jake why was everyone turning against her. Jake told Vicky he really doesn't care about whether or not she did or didn't sleep with Shane because after what she did to in there to Marley today, he will never forgive her. He then leaves Vicky standing there shaken and heads back into Marley's room. Donna comes around the corner and sees Vicky crying...........

Tuesday, June 9th">

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Matt and Sofia are still in New York and spend their last morning together before jumping on a plane back to Bay City and making it back in almost record time.

Amanda asks Rachel why she hired Scott. Paulina once again jumps on Amanda's case for asking. Rachel asks to speak with Paulina alone, so Amanda leaves. Rachel asks Paulina to take care of the twins for awhile and Paulina agrees. Rachel told Paulina that she's going to Key West. Scott makes a call to Carl to tell him that he'll soon have Rachel and the twins with him again.

Felicia and Cass meet for breakfast and Felicia makes it clear to Cass that she disapproves of his fascination with Lila. While discussing Cass' intentions towards Lila, Lila arrives in Carlino's and told Cass she needs to talk to him. They get their own table, and Cass told Lila that's he's had it with her actions. Lila opens up and told him that she has a hard time trusting men but she trusts him. She asks Cass to be her lawyer because she's afraid that Matt's family might try to take her baby away once they know the truth. Cass melts and agrees to be her lawyer.

Sofia arrives in Carlino's and spills the beans that she's in love with Matt to a non-too-thrilled Felicia. When Lila hears this, she takes off, and Cass returns to his table with Felicia. When he told Felicia that he thinks that Lila has seen the light because of him, she scoffs at him.

Matt and Paulina discuss Matt and Sofia being in love. Paulina shows that all-too-nasty violent streak she's had a bit much of lately, and told Matt that if he hurts Sofia, she'll hurt him.

In the Cory foyer, Amanda and Cameron discuss the security check that Cameron ran on Scott. Scott shows up and told them they can run another one because they won't find anything. After Cameron went to get the car, Amanda tells Cameron that she's been very worried about keeping her family, especially her mother, safe. Amanda went to Carlino's where she has a meeting with Chris, to tell him that she's decided to leave the Herald until Cory Publishing was back on it's feet. She asks Chris to fill in for her as editor.

Rachel shows up in Key West (another record plane ride), and begins to open the door----not realizing that there's another person inside.

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Wednesday, June 10, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

At the Cory mansion, Felicia and Matt discovered Rachel had disappeared with Carl's ashes. They were stunned to find Scott roaming the house. Scott claimed he was only doing what he was told to do. Amanda told Cameron she wanted Scott to believe she was interested in him and his work.

At Cory Publishing, Matt was disturbed to find a picture of Carl hanging on the wall next to the picture of Mac, especially since it was the anniversary of Mac's death. Matt expressed his anger towards Scott and took Carl's picture off the wall. Amanda walked in at the end of their conversation and saw a calm Scott show signs of anger by breaking a pencil in his hand. Amanda told Scott that she didn't want to see Cory Publishing fall apart so she will be helping Matt run the company. Later, Amanda told Cameron she wanted to tell Matt about Scott and his connection with Carl, but Cameron advised against it.

In Matt's apartment, Lila cleverly set the stage for Sofia to guess the paternity of her baby. She started by showing concerns about Matt's medical records. Sofia eventually guessed the truth when Lila revealed that she and Matt used to be more than just friends. To be more convincing, Lila denied Sofia's discovery and acted as if she didn't want Matt to be the father or that their conversation ever existed. Sofia tried to convince Lila that Matt would be a good father. Lila left hoping Sofia would spill the beans to Matt.

Grant continued to blackmail Donna threatening to reveal that she was the driver of the car that ran over he and Marley. Donna begged Grant not to tell Marley because she would lose her reason for living, and she would lose Marley, not to mention Vicky, forever. She also tried to convince Grant that Marley would not believe him anyway, but Grant quickly reminded her that if she could lie about being Marley's sister for 18 years, she could lie about this. Donna eventually agreed to help Grant.

At the hospital, Cindy pretended to take medication that was being forced on her by her doctor and Grant. Grant threatened Cindy about her length of stay at the hospital.

At Carlino's, Cass tried to convince Donna that she could confide in him, because he knew something was bothering her. She said she was missing Michael. He understood what it was like to miss a loved one. He compared her Michael to his Frankie. Then Felicia walked in and told Donna and Cass about Rachel's disappearance. They were all concerned.

Later, Cass and Lila, separately, took off their wedding rings knowing it was time to move on with their lives.

Rachel arrived on her "vacation" and just missed Carl, who was outside. She sensed that he had been there. Scott tried to call Carl and was surprised to hear Rachel answer the phone so he hung up. When Scott eventually got a hold of Carl on the telephone, he urged him to tell Rachel that he was there, and they should run away together. While Rachel slept, a shadow appeared over her.

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Thursday, June 11th">

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Cass shows up at Lila's with the custody papers. When Lila tries to brush him off, he begins to leave, but told her to call him if she has any questions when she gets to the part about Sofia. When she questions this, Cass says that Matt will tell Sofia the truth. They get into a spat and Cass informs her that when Lila does eventually need his help again, she won't be able to call on him.

Matt returns to his apartment to find a crying Sofia. When he asks her what's wrong, she told him about Lila going through Matt's things. Finally, Matt puts two and two together and told Sofia that he's not the father, Lila told him Shane was. Sofia told Matt that she's sickened by him and leaves. Matt crosses the hall to Lila and begins to bang on the door.

Nick fantasizes about Sofia returning to him. He calls Sofia and gets the answering machine, leaving a message to Sofia that he's there if she ever needs him.

Felicia joins Rachel at the house in Key West. She went with Rachel to a dune by the ocean and she and Rachel have a long talk about healing and loss. Felicia told Rachel that it will go away in time. Rachel scatters Carl's ashes.

Cameron and Amanda are driving on a deserted road. When a car comes into their lane, Cameron was forced off the road into mud. The car's stuck and after they argue about what to do, Amanda begins to go off on her own. She screams and Cameron chases after her.

Scott gets a call from Carl, who says he's on a plane. In the middle of the call, he hears Carl yelling and the connections goes.

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Friday, June 12, 1998


At Lila's Place
Fuming from what Sofia told him yesterday, Matt pays Lila a visit to find out why she lied to him about being pregnant. As Matt stands outside pounding on the door, Lila tries to prevent Cass from telling Matt what he knows about Lila's game-playing. Matt yells Lila let me in right now and Cass says this ought to be interesting and Lila told him if he says one word to Matt, she will have him disbarred. Cass says it might just be worth it, shall I get the door. While Cass stands behind the door, Lila opens it and says Matt I didn't expect you to come over right away. Matt walks in and says Sofia just told me you're carrying my baby, you have exactly five minutes to tell me just what the hell was going on. Cass steps out from behind the door and told Matt that he'd be happy to fill him in since he knows every sordid detail. Lila told Cass no one really cares what he has to say, because this was really none of his business. Matt told Cass, Lila was right because he needs to speak to her alone. Cass says Matt I don't think you understand and Lila cuts in and says what Cass means was that we have a bit of business to discuss, so if you wouldn't mind just waiting outside for one minute Matthew, I'll hurry and finish this up. She hurries Matt out the door and then shuts it on him and turns to Cass, while Matt starts pounding again for her to let him in. Cass told her Matt was not a happy camper and Lila told him neither will he be if he breathes a single word of what she told him, because she has the proof that he acted as her attorney, so if he says one word he can kiss his precious career goodbye. Cass told her this was blackmail and Lila says it's not blackmail, it's survival. She then says marrying Matt was her last chance for happiness and ask him why was he trying to ruin it. He told her he was trying to stop her from hurting people and ultimately herself. Lila told him he just wants to see her suffer, probably because she turned down his marriage proposal. Cass laughs and says oh please, that proposal was out of sheer pity. Lila says nobody proposes out of pity, desperation maybe, but never pity. Matt knocks again and told her to let him in. Lila begs Cass one more time and then opens the door and lets Matt in. Cass says Matt I need to tell you something and as Matt waits to hear what it is, Lila gives Cass the pleading look and he told Matt never mind and leaves. Lila grabs him at the door and thanks him and Cass told her he hopes Matt gives her what she deserves. Alone, Lila told Matt before he says anything, she wants him to know how sorry she was that Sofia found out. Matt says save the bull Lila, why did you lie to me and why did you tell me that the baby wasn't mine, what kind of game are you playing.

At Cory Publishing
Scott was on the phone with Carl as he was flying over Key West, telling him about the latest happenings at Cory when all of a sudden he hears an explosion over the phone and the line went dead. Scott yells out Carl!, but it's too late. Scott calls the Coast Guard after hearing the explosion from the plane which Carl was on and asks if there was a crash reported just south of Key West. The Coast Guard told him it has just been confirmed and Scott asks him if there was a search party on the way. The Coast Guard told him that the plane exploded into mid-air and there's no way anyone could have survived. Scott was stunned and contemplates what to do next.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Amanda have skidded off the road in their car and got stuck in the mud. Amanda tries to go for help, but ends up twisting her ankle. Cameron carries her to a barn and she calls the house on her cellular and finds out Rachel isn't home yet; she calls Cory and gets Scott. She ask him what he still doing there so late and he told her working. She then asks if he's heard from Rachel and Scott lets it slip that Rachel's in Key West, but then covered by telling her Rachel contacted the secretary and found out she was there scattering Carl's ashes. Amanda says this was a very hard day for her and Scott says yes, she loved Carl very much, but Amanda told him she was referring to her father Mac who died nine years ago today. Scott told her this day must be rough on her too and Amanda told him to call her if her mother calls. He asks how can he can reach her and she told him by her cellphone she's stuck in a barn and then went on to explain her car situation. He asked if she wanted him to come and get her and she told him no, she'll wait out the storm. Scott hung up, incensed, thinking she was celebrating the death of Carl with Cameron. He smashed a picture of Mac and cut himself as Josie walked in. Scott told her where Amanda was and suggested that if Cameron was with her, wasn't he jumping bail? Meanwhile back at the barn, Cameron comforts an upset Amanda, who says that this was the anniversary of her father's death and then they talked about Mac. Cameron decides to build a fire in an old stove to heat up the place and dry them out. Suddenly, Amanda's ankle begins to hurt again, so Cameron massages it. Cameron and Amanda soon begin to kiss and undress one another and began to make love.......Meanwhile, Josie finds the abandoned car and says she has to get Amanda away from Cameron before he pulls her in too deep. She calls out for Amanda and begins to descend upon the barn.

At Vicky's Place
Vicky comes downstairs and told Etta Mae that she just checked Steven's room and he's not in there. As a panicked Vicky starts to imagine the worst, Jake calls to let her know that Steven was at the hospital with him. Relieved, Vicky told Jake she was on the way and Jake told her that they need to talk. A hopeful Vicky told Etta Mae how Jake sounded on the phone. Etta Mae says maybe Jake has finally come to his senses and realizes that you two belong together. Vicky hugs her and then leaves for the hospital.

At Bay City General Hospital
In Marley's room, Donna told Marley she thinks it's wonderful that Marley gets to go home. Marley told Donna that she didn't think it would happen so soon and she hasn't even thought about where she was going to go or what she was going to do. Donna told her she was going to stay with her and Marley says but what about Jake. Donna told her that Jake will be there for her to help her adjust to her new face. She then told Marley she was going to go and see where Jake is.

Meanwhile, Steven asks Jake not to be mad at him for running off, but he needed to talk with him about something. Jake told him he can talk to him about anything and Steven told Jake that he wants to talk to him about his mother. Jake asks Steven what's wrong and Steven told Jake last night he heard Vicky crying and she kept saying his name. He then says that she misses him so bad and asks him to please just come home. Jake told Steven he has been busy lately with his Aunt Marley, but reassures the boy that he was going to start coming around and take him roller-skating and other fun stuff. He then told Steven that any of the problems that he and Vicky have, they are going to have to work out, but Steven still didn't understand. Jake told him he really doesn't understand either, it's kinda an adult thing. Then he hugs him and has one of the nurses take him down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Vicky arrives and asks Jake where was Steven and Jake told her he'll back he's in the cafeteria. He then told Vicky that Steven needed to talk to him and Vicky asks Jake why. Jake told her because Steven heard her crying and calling out his name last night. Vicky says she didn't mean for him to hear that and Jake told her that it's not good for Steven so she needs to quit crying over him. Vicky says just like that and Jake says just like that, quit crying and get over it and get over me and Vicky told him she was sorry she can't do that. Jake says you're going to have to do it sooner or later Vic, because we are over. Vicky says she can't accept that and Jake says well we've got a problem, because I can't accept what you did. Vicky told him she didn't do anything, she never slept with Shane and she can prove that was he just tell her who told him......Donna comes out of Marley's room and cuts Vicky short to tell Jake that Marley was asking for him and then went back in. Vicky told Jake if he would just talk to her and Jake says they have talked, but they just keep going round and round. Marley comes out the room saying Jake, there you are and upon seeing Vicky, asks her why she was here. Vicky told her she came to get Steven, he ran away to see Jake because he's having a real hard time with this, he misses Jake. Marley panics and says she doesn't want Steven to see her, but it's too late because he returns with the nurse and Vicky introduces him to Marley, Steven says that he doesn't know this woman. They assure Steven that this was Marley and he's shocked. Steven apologizes for hurting her feelings and Marley says it's ok. A nurse shows up to check Marley's blood pressure, so Marley returns to her room. Jake went with Marley and comforts her while Vicky takes Steven home with Donna in tow. Later, Marley pretends to be asleep and Jake slips out. She looks in a mirror and says she knows what she has to do, it's the only way. Jake returns later on and finds that Marley was gone, but finds her outside standing in the rain. Marley says she went to some of the old places she use to shop and hang out at and nobody knew her. Jake hugs her and says that he knows her.

On A Rainy Day In Bay City
A heartbroken Sofia stands in the rain out back behind some building trying to digest the fact that Lila was pregnant with Matt's baby. Nick just happens to come walking along and finds her crying and asks her what was she doing here. Sofia runs into Nick's arms and told him he was right about Matt Cory. Nick holds her as she cries and she looks at him and told him to say he told her so. Nick told her that he's not going to say that because things have changed between them and no one has the right to make her feel worse. Nick told Sofia she shouldn't be out here and takes her back to Carlino's to talk to Joe. Nick leaves and Joe asks Sofia what was wrong. Sofia told Joe that she's so stupid and so wrong for believing in Matt Cory and then confides in Joe that Matt was the father of Lila's baby and she wishes she had knew before she slept with him. Joe asks Sofia if she had protection when she slept with Matt and she told him yes. Joe says he wants to go kill Matt, but she begs him not to do anything. Joe assures Sofia that he'll be right back and leaves. Outside Carlino's, Joe vows to find Matt and break his neck. Meanwhile outside in the storm, Matt was thinking of Sofia and tries to clear his head when someone grabs him from behind and throws him against the trash can.

Back At Vicky's Place
Feeling guilty over her daughter's pain, Donna apologizes to Vicky for the way she treated her. Vicky asks Donna if she now believes that she didn't sleep with Shane. Donna says yes and she wishes she could take some of the harsh things she said back, and then went on about being under so much pain and stress and lets it slip if it hadn't been for Lila. Vicky asks her mom what Lila has to do with all of this. Donna covers and makes some lame excuse about how Lila was always stirring up trouble and then told Vicky she has to go. Suspicious, Vicky calls a sitter to come watch the boys while she takes care of something and then heads to Lila's to confront her.

Back At Lila's Place
Lila told Matt that she kept the truth from him because she didn't want to burden her. Matt realizes that she used the baby to trap Shane and then when she found out Shane wasn't going to make her rich, she moved onto him. Lila told Matt that he's wrong, she wants a husband for her and a father for her baby. Lila told Matt that she doesn't want anything from him and he can just go back to Sofia. The baby starts kicking and Matt asks to feel it. Cass listens from Lila's door and eventually went back in because he forgot his briefcase. Matt decides that he should leave, but he says he'll call her. Cass told Lila that he knows what she was up to. Cass was about to leave when thunder cracked outside. Lila grabs Cass and begs him to hold her until it stops. After the storm ends, Cass told Lila that she could find a man who really loves her. Lila says she's going to be smart this time and marry for what she needs. Thunder roars again and Cass gives her some money and told her to hold it when she gets scared. Alone, Lila becomes more frightened as the thunder roars and begs God not to let her die lonely when all of a sudden all the lights go out and she gets a knock at the door to find Vicky standing there.......

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