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Mateo agreed to forgive Raquel for her prank in exchange for a divorce and joint custody of Max. Adam warned that he would make David pay for harming Erica. Braden and Ryan were revealed to be brothers. As Kit headed to Jack's office to drop the rape charges, Ryan confessed to the crime.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on AMC
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Monday March 1, 1999

The diagnosis for Erica was both good and not so good. Joe and Jake discussed her status amongst themselves and revealed that Erica's chest injury had almost fully healed. The prognosis for her facial lacerations was not so good. Jake was about to return to his rounds when he suddenly became quiet. He asked his father if he had a few minutes to talk. Joe sat down on the edge of his desk and told Jake that he always had time for him. "Something happened," Jake began, "and I'm not sure what." Joe listened intently as Jake worked his way to telling him that he'd developed feelings for Liza's baby. "I think I've been kidding myself about Liza's child," Jake muttered. "You mean your child," Joe interjected. Jake shook his head and sighed heavily. He said that he'd suddenly felt different when Adam bragged that he and Liza were getting back together. Again Joe went into listening mode. Jake struggled to find a way the best expressed his opposition to Adam asserting himself into Baby Colby's life. Joe admitted that he and Ruth both knew that the day would come when their son changed his mind about the life he'd helped create. Joe stated that a father's responsibility does not end at conception and isn't composed of monthly child support checks or biweekly visits.

Gillian sat quietly in the witness box. She thought deeply for several minutes before recalling that Jack had threatened to put Ryan in jail with serial killers. Gillian scratched her chin and flashed Jack a quizzical look asking, "What does murder have to do with porridge?" Jack and the judge looked at each other in amusement. The judge then looked towards Gillian and asked her to answer Jack's question. Gillian looked down at her feet and softly mumbled, "Yes. My husband wanted to take the blood test." Jack smiled arrogantly and announced that he had no additional questions. Final arguments were heard, but no new information was offered. Jack insisted that he'd played things by the book and denied that Ryan was coerced into taking the blood test. Trevor, on the other hand, argued that Jack used every dirty tactic in the book to make Ryan believe that he had no other choice but to submit to the test. The judge retied to his chambers to mull over his decision. Trevor and Jack both left the courtroom. Once they were gone, Gillian scurried to her husband and apologized for her damaging testimony. Ryan told Gillian that he could not fault her for telling the truth. Ryan stopped short, however, of giving Gillian what she really wanted---an announcement that he'd forgive her for sleeping with David. Jack and Trevor returned to their seats and awaited the judge's decision. The first words out of the judge's mouth signaled his impending verdict. He announced that he did not approve of the way that Jack had approached the DNA test, but in the end he concluded that Ryan had willing agreed to the blood test. With that he stated that Ryan's trial would begin in exactly three weeks. Jack rose from his desk and beamed at the verdict. He flashed a condescending look in Trevor's direction and left the courtroom. Ryan has handcuffed and taken back to a jail cell. Trevor promised that he would immediately get to work on some new angles. Gillian sat in the courtroom for several minutes, her head in her hands. Braden pulled up a chair behind her and remarked that Ryan was "a jerk" for agreeing to take the DNA test. Gillian responded angrily to Braden's remark. The princess claimed that it was her fault that Ryan had taken the test. Had she arrived sooner with the bail money, Gillian felt that Ryan would not be in the predicament he was currently in. Braden assured Gillian that all hope was not lost.

Tad and Dixie discussed Braden's mysterious link to Ryan. Neither knew how or why Braden cared about the accused rapist. They also realized that there was something else they didn't know about Palmer's assistant---his real name. "Only lounge acts and pop stars have only one name," quipped Tad. Dixie concluded that they might be able to learn more dirt on Braden by rummaging around Palmer's home office. The pair headed into the basement, but their search mission failed to turn up anything---no Social Security numbers, no pay stubs, nothing. Finally, Dixie decided that it might be best to call Palmer and find out if he knew anything about his personal assistant. Palmer wasn't in the office, so Dixie decided to use her name to elicit information from the accounting department. She was connected with a woman by the name of Mrs. McDougal. The woman retrieved Braden's personnel records, but the file was marked "confidential." Dixie knew that she had to put a sense of fear in the accountant in order to get anywhere. Dixie used a very convincing growl to threaten the woman's job, saying that if she failed to get her any information on Braden she'd see that she was relegated to the ranks of night manager at the Burger Barn. The woman promised to get back to Dixie within the hour and she did keep her word. When Mrs. McDougal returned Dixie's call, Dixie asked the woman to start at the beginning and not to leave out any details.

In his jail cell, Ryan received yet another blast of bad news. Trevor informed him that his pleas of innocence might get him ten years to life in a state penitentiary. Trevor's suggestion? He told Ryan that he should think about claiming that he and Kit engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Ryan refused. Trevor let out a deep breath and said that there appeared to be only one other course of action: a plea bargain. Ryan wondered why Jack, a man he claimed hated him, would agree to a plea bargain. Trevor hinted that Jack might agree to a plea in order to keep Kit's name out of the tabloid headlines. Still, a plea would probably result in a ten-year prison sentence. Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing; he might have to spend time in jail for a crime he still says he did not commit.

At the pond, Edmund, Kit, and Sammy prepared for an ice skating session. Kit and Sam had some time alone to talk about their session. Sammy wondered if his mother could see him from Heaven. Kit smiled warmly and assured Sam that his mother was watching him with a proud smile. Edmund watched from behind a tree as the two shared a tender moment. Sammy remarked that knowing that his mother was watching him wasn't the same as having her by his side. Kit urged Sammy to hold on to his mother's memory, remembering the sound of her voice and the way she smelled. "My mommy smelled like apples," the boy gushed bashfully. Edmund made his appearance known as Sammy was headed back to the pond for another lap about the ice. Jack appeared and broke the news that the DNA evidence had been permitted into the trial. Kit jumped into the air and gave her big brother a hug.

Their whirlwind shopping spree behind them, Liza and Adami returned to the condominium. Adam began talking about plans he had for Baby Colby's nursery. Liza scrunched her face and told Adam that he was jumping the gun a little bit. There were not, lest he be reminded, husband and wife just yet. Adam touted Chandler Mansion as a haven for extra "crawl space" for the baby. He then sneaked in his real message: He wanted to marry Liza before baby Colby was born. That wasn't quite the way Liza had envisioned things. She told Adam about her fantasy wedding. In her perfect world scenario, Liza would carry Colby down the aisle instead of a bouquet of flowers. After the ceremony, Adam would be able to adopt Colby as his daughter. Adam told Liza that he wanted her to have a wedding with "all the trimmings." In his fantasy wedding, church bells would ring at sunrise to announce the start of the wedding. Marian, he said, would arrive on a horse-drawn sleigh. "You will arrive drawn by a team of peacocks!" Adam chirped. Liza laughed hysterically at the exaggerated imagery in Adam's vision. Adam told Liza that he would give her anything she wanted---but he wanted to marry her in April before the baby was born. Liza smiled, tears welling in her eyes. "Yes," she said softly. "I'll marry you in April." Adam nearly burst into song, shouting loudly at the top of his lungs. He hugged Liza tightly and thanked her for making all of his dreams come true. The pair then sat down to talk about plans for the wedding. Liza mused that she would need a "tentmaker" rather than a dress designer. Liza suggested that they somehow incorporate Jake into the wedding ceremony, noting that without his help they would not have their daughter. Adam tried to talk Liza out of it, but he promised to keep an open mind. Adam decided that he would head back to Chandler Mansion to work on more wedding plans. He smiled wryly and claimed that he might try to "reinvent" himself as a wedding consultant. Shortly after Adam left, Liza told Baby Colby how wonderful her father was. A knock sounded on the door and Liza quickly made her way to the door. She opened the door and found a frowning Jake waiting to speak to her.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Children weren't the only ones out frolicking in the snow. Newlyweds Marian and Stuart opted to skip their European honeymoon and stay in Pine Valley. Adam tracked them down to the boathouse and asked them why the weren't strolling the streets of Paris. The couple looked deeply into each other's eyes and remarked that they didn't need to travel to be happy. The shared a kiss, but quickly pulled away when they realized that their affection might make Adam uncomfortable. Surprisingly, Adam smiled and encouraged Stuart to give Marian a kiss for him! The big turn around was part of Adam's continued jubilance over Liza's acceptance of his marriage proposal. Adam broke the news that he and Liza were getting married in early April. Marian and Stuart were both thrilled, but they weren't quite sure why Adam was in such a hurry. Adam snapped that the early April timeframe was "not negotiable." He pulled himself together and explained that he wanted Baby Colby to be born with both he and Liza's name on her birth certificate. Marian gave Adam a hug and told him that she could see that he really cared about Liza's child in spite of the fact that Colby was not his biological daughter. Stuart smiled as well, but he seemed uneasy. Adam asked Marian and Stuart to help him plan his wedding. Marian smiled devilishly and commented that the wedding was sure to be a smash since, presumably, money was no object. Adam hurried off to work on wedding preparations. Marian told Stuart that she was glad to see Adam get his way this time because it meant that everyone was getting what the wanted---Adam a family, Liza a husband, and Colby a mother and a father.

Mrs. McDougal was unable to find anything on Ryan. The confidential file folder she'd found contained nothing---literally. Dixie was amazed that there was no paperwork of any kind. How, she wondered, did Braden get paid? Dixie hung up the phone and listened as Tad mumbled that he found it curious that Braden wanted to keep all aspects of his life a secret. The pair continued to rummage through Palmer's desk, but they froze when a voice bellowed from the foyer. Palmer strutted into the room and told his niece that she should be ashamed of herself for poking through his personal files. Dixie turned angrily towards her uncle and asked him if he had any idea what type of man he'd inserted into their lives. Palmer, of course, had no idea what Dixie was talking about. Tad took it upon himself to dig for answers. He asked Palmer to tell him more about Braden, but Palmer refused. The mogul didn't bat an eye over the couple's concern about Braden. Palmer actually chuckled as he informed them that an iron-clad hiring agreement prevented him for dismissing Braden for any reason. Well, any reason other than a violation of a "morals code." Palmer then strolled over to his desk, lifted out a false bottom in one of the drawers, and snapped up a bunch of papers. Dixie and Tad were both awed by Palmer's craftiness. Opal entered the room as Palmer was on his way out and offered a possible solution to the Braden problem. Some time later, the solution arrived. Opal asked Adrian, her idea of a solution, and Tad to put aside their differences and work together to learn more about Braden. The two brothers exchanged potshots about each other's detective skills. Dixie blasted the two men for their squabbling. She said that she hadn't had the luxury of having a big family and that she planned to treat Adrian as family. Opal excused herself to answer the phone. She suddenly screamed out in horror, "Oh dear Lord, No!" Tad escorted her to the sofa and helped calm her down. Opal was moved to tears as she informed everyone that Erica had been involved in an accident. Saying that in the blink of an eye Erica had been "disfigured," Opal expressed the need for her two sons to live for the moment. The two men exchanged glances and agreed that they would cooperate with each other.

Hayley arrived at the courtroom and found Gillian sitting in solitude. Hayley wondered if she'd arrived too early---or whether she'd missed the hearing entirely. Gillian sadly told Hayley that the judge had ruled against them. Hayley was devastated, but remained vigilant that Ryan would be cleared once the case went to trial. Gillian put her head in her hands and sighed. She told Hayley that "this whole thing" was her fault. Had he not caught her in bed with David, Ryan would never have ended up at The Pit. Hayley begged Gillian not to be so hard on herself, but it did little good. Hayley knew that things were going to get worse for Ryan and Gillian before they got better. Hayley warned her new friend that she risked pushing Ryan away for good if she continued to pressure him into forgiveness. On a more positive note, however, Hayley reckoned that she and Mateo were a lot like Ryan and Gillian. Hayley said that she had snubbed Mateo for months. This was s glimmer of hope for Gillian, but Hayley warned Gillian not to go overboard. Hayley wrapped her arm around the princess and told her that she'd take he back to Myrtle's. Once there, Hayley said that she'd make Gillian an omelet. Her lips wrinkled into a smile and chuckled that it would probably fall apart and look more like "scrambled eggs and cheese."

A pot of tea heated on the stove as Liza let Jake into her condo. The mother-to-be looked at her friend and sensed that he was feeling down. Jake confirmed her suspicions, saying that his day was ruined when he learned that she and Adam were planning on getting re-married. Liza rolled her eyes and commented that she expects everyone she knows to weigh with their opinions on her engagement. Jake claimed that he had Liza's best interests in mind---and the baby's. Liza assured Jake that Adam was a sort of changed man and that she would not allow him to manipulate her daughter. "I've seen him at his worst," said Jake, referencing Adam and Dixie's battle for Junior. "Do you expect me to watch while he runs rampant over my child?" Liza froze. "Your child?" she asked. Silence fell over the condo. Liza reminded Jake that he had agreed to have no say in her child's life---that was one of the conditions of Jake's becoming a donor. Jake nodded his head, but said that the agreement had hinged upon Liza's decision to raise the child on her own. Again, Liza promised that no one would "mess with Baby Colby." Jake's brow wrinkle as he asked Liza of her baby was going to be named Colby Colby. Again Liza was silent. She took a breath and informed Jake that her child's full name would be Colby Marian Chandler. Jake was stunned. "Adam Chandler will be my child's legal father?" he gasped.

In the cellblock, Braden and Ryan discussed old times. As youths, Ryan had apparently been the upbeat jokester and Braden was more gloom and doom. Now, it was Braden's turn to cheer up Ryan. Braden told Ryan that the DNA hearing was "just one battle." Ryan was surprisingly optimistic. He confidently proclaimed that Ryan would not go to jail for "raping that woman." Braden told Ryan that he'd tracked Kit down at Wildwind and talked to her. From there, the conversation quickly skipped to Braden's work. He mentioned that he was "biding [his] time" as Palmer's crony. He never said exactly what he was waiting to do, but the implication appeared to be that he planned on taking over Cortlandt Electronics. Braden said that he finally had almost everything he'd ever wanted, but followed it by a cryptic remark about not wanting some "little mistake" to ruin it for him. Ryan replied that Braden never makes mistakes. Not so, according to Braden. Everyone, the man said, makes mistakes and he's no different. Ryan smiled and thanked Braden for his help. Apparently, Braden had helped Ryan in the past. "I wouldn't be standing here right now if it weren't for you," said Ryan. The two shared memories of tough times. They began chanting, "Whatever they dish out, we can take." It was not yet apparent who "they" were, but the two men said that "they" had tried to make them into bitter enemies. They both agreed that jail was far better than "home." Ryan nodded and agreed with Ryan's remark. "[Our] mom and dad were worse than this," Ryan concurred.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

With seemingly nothing to use to identify Braden, Adrian announced that he'd call some of his contacts in Washington to see what they could dig up. Tad was offended that Adrian wanted to tackle the investigation on his own, setting the stage for another argument between the two men. Dixie stepped between the two men and asked them to calm down and accept the fact that they're brothers. She reminded them that neither of them had anything to do with their being related. "If you're so upset [that you're brothers], yell at Opal," Dixie suggested. The men looked at each other and realized that they had been acting a bit like heels and agreed to work together. Their pact was sealed with a handshake.

On another of her strolls from the bedroom, Vanessa sat on the sun porch writing thank you cards to everyone who had sent her flowers during her hospitalization. As she licked another stamp, Adam appeared with a broad smile on his face. No awkward introductions were needed for Adam and Vanessa were old friends. Vanessa wondered how Adam had found him. Adam grinned and explained that a "mutual friend" has mentioned that she was in town. That mutual friend, Erica, had also informed Adam about David's stunt the night Vanessa collapsed to the ground outside The Valley Inn. Vanessa tried to change the subject, telling Adam not to send her flowers so that she wouldn't have to write him a thank you note. Vanessa then mentioned that Erica could probably use the flowers. Adam was shocked into silence. His face turned white as Vanessa informed him that Erica had been involved in a "horrible car accident." Vanessa was surprised that Adam and Erica were still on terms---they were, after all, exes twice over. "Our relationship," responded Adam, "is complex." Vanessa smiled warmly and took Adam's hand. She told him that he seemed like a very good friend. As they held one another's hands, David walked onto the porch and demanded that Adam unhand his mother. Vanessa rolled her eyes and scolded her son for talking badly to her visitor. "Someone people," Vanessa snapped, "actually enjoy my company." She assured David that Adam was there to cheer her up. Adam excused himself and headed off to visit Erica. Meanwhile, Vanessa asked David why he'd made such a "powerful enemy." David looked coldly at his patient-slash-mother and told her that he could and would handle Adam Chandler "when the time is right."

The question had been asked before, but some questions need to be asked more than once. Jake wondered why Liza had decided to marry Adam before the birth of her baby. "It seemed right," Liza replied vaguely. She explained that since she and Adam are starting over together, being married when Colby is born seemed to make sense. Jake was quick to note that Adam was not the baby's father. The doctor's face dropped when Liza informed him that Adam's name would appear on the baby's birth certificate. Liza informed her friend that he would still be a part of Colby's life as "a friend [and] a godparent." But being known as "Uncle Jake" wasn't enough for Jake. "That's a lie," Jake said sternly. Liza didn't argue the validity of Jake's statement. Instead, she repeated her previous statement, this time a little more forcefully, "Adam is going to be [Colby's] father." Jake snorted slightly and muttered that he'd pay money to see Adam change a dirty diaper. Liza said that Adam would be a father to Colby in every way---every way but one. Jake reached into his pocket and pulled out a printout of Liza's most recent sonogram. Jake admitted that he had mixed feelings upon seeing the images and he and Liza both agreed that it might be best if they did not discuss Colby again.

With a beautiful basket of flowers and goodies in hand, Janet approached Erica's room. Myrtle pulled her aside and brought her up to speed on Erica's condition. Myrtle talked of the possibility that Erica's face will be scarred, but made it known that Erica could not know about the seriousness of her facial injuries until she was judged strong enough to handle the shock. Inside the room, Opal watched from the corner as David tried to get Erica to cough to keep her lungs clear of fluid. The pain was too great and Erica said that she could not comply with the doctor's orders. Erica had refused to take painkillers of any kind. David called the decision "admirable," but he didn't feel that it was the smartest decision. It's unclear if the doctor was aware of Erica's past addiction to painkillers. Opal stepped forward to offer her encouragement to her long-time friend. It did the trick. Erica was able to muster a muffled cough and David was able to determine that Erica's lungs were free from fluid. The doctor stepped out of the room and Opal scooted up next to the bed to talk to Erica. Opal dubbed Erica "strong" for being able to deal with the possibility that she'll carry a scar for life. Erica shrugged indifferently and remarked that the incision scar would fade over time---and that plastic surgery was bound to conceal it. "I'll be in low-cut dresses before you know it," grinned Erica. Opal's face twisted a bit as she started to work her way to asking Erica about the gashes on her face. Before she could do so, David returned tot he room and ordered her not to say another word. Opal was booted out of the room where she learned of her near faux pas. Janet and Myrtle urged David to tell Erica about the true nature of her injuries, but David became very angry. He warned them that he would block them from visiting Erica if they countermanded his orders. The women filed into Erica's room and listened painfully as Erica talked of her plan to return to modeling upon her release from jail. Adam appeared in the back of the room. From the look on his face, it was obvious that he had not anticipated the severity of Erica's condition. Myrtle, Janet, and Opal left the room. Adam walked up to Erica's bedside and asked her how she was doing. "I survived being married to you twice," said Erica with a grin. "I can survive this." Adam informed Erica that Vanessa had told him about the accident. David entered the room just as Adam was asking Erica why she'd been driving in a blizzard. Erica shook her head and said that she couldn't recall. That brought a smile to the cardiologist's face. Erica looked up and saw David and slowly memories of the events leading up to the accident began to return to her.

Childhood had been anything but normal for the two Lavery brothers. Braden had stuck up for his little brother many times---and Braden had paid the price for it. Ryan had been "too small" to stand up to their father, so Braden stepped in and beared the brunt of many, many beatings. Even though his brother had "buffed up," Braden still remained committed to helping Ryan. Ryan glumly noted the only way Braden could help him was to find the man who had really raped Kit Fisher. Braden shook his head and said that no one would step forward to admit that they'd "had sex" with Kit. If they did, they'd end up where Ryan was---behind bars. Ryan picked up on Braden's usage of the phrase "had sex." Braden clarified that no jury would believe that a drunken Kit had been sexually assaulted. Ryan was proud of the name Braden had made for himself---even if he was only known by one name. Braden looked intensely at Ryan and told him that he could not allow anyone to take away what he'd worked to get. He mentioned that Tad had threatened to run a background check on him. Ryan panicked and said that Tad's background as a private investigator might unearth that he and Braden are brothers. Braden was confident that that would not happen. Braden headed off to work on freeing his brother. Before leaving, he offered a few words of encouragement to Ryan. "Score one for the kid," Braden said with a placid look on his face. Ryan sat down on the cot in his cell, his mind whirring into overdrive. He remembered a statement Derek has made about the "astronomical" improbability that anyone but Ryan had attacked Kit. The seventy-percent DNA match proved that. Ryan fell against the fall and softly repeated Braden's parting words. Ryan leapt to his feet and called for the guard. Derek straggled into the cell area and informed Ryan that the guard had gone to dinner. A sense of urgency evident in his tone, Ryan asked Derek to have Trevor and Jack summoned immediately. "I want to tell the truth about the rape," Ryan stated.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

In his office at Wildwind, Dimitri paced about nervously, stopping occasionally to stare out the window. He turned his head when he sensed a presence in the doorway. Speaking softly, Gillian asked her cousin if he'd been thinking about Erica. Dimitri nodded slightly and gave Gillian a briefing on Erica's condition. Presumably not wanting to add to Gillian's troubles, Dimitri simply said that he was "hoping she'll be all right." Gillian was aware that Edmund probably didn't want her poking around Wildwind. She made a typical "Gillianism" by saying, "Edmund doesn't want to see me hide my hair around here." Gillian plopped down on the sofa and told Dimitri that she has finally accepted the fact that Ryan doesn't love her any more. Dimitri was surprised by Gillian's statement. He looked her in the eye and told her that she had to be mistaken. Gillian waved her hand in the air and asked her cousin not to give her hope---because she'd probably listen to him. Instead, she had another way that Dimitri could help her. She asked Dimitri if he could recommend the name of a private investigator to help her locate the man who'd really raped Kit. Gillian pulled a folded up page from Myrtle's Yellow Pages out of her pocket. She smiled bashfully and assured Dimitri that she'd buy Myrtle a replacement phone book. Dimitri hid a grin and informed Gillian that he'd already enlisted the help of a professional. Gillian offered to pay for the services when she had enough money, but Dimitri took her hand and told her that this one was on him.

Kit sat at the bar at The Valley Inn drinking a cappuccino. Braden suddenly pulled up a seat next to the blonde. Kit attempted to leave, but Braden requested that she stay. Braden told Kit that he had information that might make Kit change her mind about Ryan. Kit shook her head and said that nothing would ever make her change her mind about Ryan; This was the man that had raped her. Braden implied that Kit might be mistaken. Perhaps the alcohol she'd consumed had clouded her judgment---or might this be another case of Kit making a false rape accusation. Kit was furious with Braden for telling the newspapers of her past mistakes. Kit claimed that she'd paid for her mistakes. Braden disagreed. He said that he had not planned to leak the story to the papers, but he felt that the truth about Kit had to get out to the public. The newspaper story was just one of the ideas Braden had concocted to turn Kit's world upside-down. Braden warned Kit that if she did not back off, he would go to the media and inform them that Jack had tainted the DNA evidence in the case. Casually, Braden sipped a drink. Kit shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't comprehend how Braden could be so calm. She denied that Jack would ever compromise evidence. Braden argued that the public might be concerned that Ryan was not getting a fair trial. After all, Jack and Kit were siblings. If that was the case, Jack's publicly elected position of District Attorney might be vulnerable come Election Day. Kit was appalled by Braden's gall. The man wasn't done. He went on to say that Kit's entire family---including Travis and Bianca---might suffered as a result of the rape trial. Kit was silent. Braden gently brushed Kit's hair, a move that sent Kit into panic mode. She pulled away from Braden and cringed as he growled, "End it---or I will." Kit climbed down from the chair and raced out of the room.

Slowly, the events leading up to the car accident were coming back to Erica. She remembered that David had been driving the car. Adam turned towards the cardiologist and demanded some answers. David admitted that he'd been driving the night of the accident. When Erica's memory failed her again, David suggested that they leave and let Erica rest. Erica angrily informed David that she did not want Adam to leave. "He tried to kill me," Erica said softly to Adam. David denied Erica's charges, arguing that he'd been the one who saved Erica's life. Adam wanted to know why Erica and David were driving in the blizzard. David stepped in and explained that Erica had wanted to return to Pine Valley to meet with a film crew. Erica offered no objections. That's where the truth and David parted ways. David claimed that he had offered on several occasions to pull off the road, but that each and every time Erica objected. Erica warned David that she was going to sue him for "lost time." She reckoned that her hospital stay was costing her millions and millions of dollars because she was unable to launch her new cosmetic line. David told Erica that she was free to explore whatever legal channels she wanted to, but he doubted that any judge or jury would side against him. David left the room, but only after Adam promised to keep his visit short. Erica smiled warmly as she told Adam that she hasn't been this "excited" about her work in a long time. She mentioned that she planned a media blitz for her new line of cosmetics, the theme of which revolved around "classic Hollywood." Adam smiled slightly, but his grin was filled with more sympathy than happiness. His eyes saddened as he looked at the bandaged woman before him. Adam grinned evilly and urged Erica to sock it to David. Erica returned the grin and thanked Adam for his wonderful bedside manner. "I love what you are---who you are," Adam said softly. "You are a true beauty. That will never change." Erica admitted that she likes seeing Adam, even if they did have a rocky relationship when they were married.

Vanessa found a frazzled David on the hospital's sun porch. Her motherly instinct instantly told her that David had been to see Erica. Since she'd sent Adam to Erica's room, she also knew that David and Adam had probably had another run-in. "Doesn't he remind you of someone?" asked Vanessa in reference to Adam. David grimaced and offered a one word response: Victor. Vanessa nodded and clarified that Victor was her late husband, David's stepfather. Something about Victor's death unnerved David, but the subject was quickly glossed over. Suddenly Adam stormed into the room. Vanessa knew it would be safer if she scurried back to her room. Adam looked coldly at David and told him that he would make him pay for what he'd done to Erica. David denied having anything to do with Erica's injuries and blamed everything on Erica's insistence that they return to Pine Valley and the driver that had abandoned his truck in the middle of the highway. "Erica," Adam said, "may be permanently disfigured. You've destroyed her." David looked down at the floor uncomfortably. He muttered that there was nothing else he could do. "I can," Adam said sternly. "I will make you pay for [this]."

Hayley dropped by the prison to pay Ryan a visit. She was unprepared for what she was walking into. Jack and Trevor were bickering back and forth about the witness list for Ryan's trial when Derek appeared before them. The detective informed them that Ryan wanted to speak to them. In the cell area, Ryan tried to get rid of Hayley, but she wasn't budging. Hayley understood Ryan's angst. She said that she was antsy during her time behind bars as well. Ryan argued that what he was feeling was a lot different from what Hayley was feeling. Seemingly out of nowhere, Ryan asked Hayley how one knows when a debt has been repaid. Hayley looked at Ryan and told him that he was scaring her. Ryan remarked that one good thing had come out of the ordeal: He had learned the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. Through thick and thin, Hayley had always believed in him. Trevor appeared seconds later and asked his client why he wanted to see him. "I want to tell you who raped Kit," Ryan said calmly. Jack overheard the statement and began chomping at the bits. He urged Ryan to tell everything he knew. Trevor, meanwhile, was begging his client to keep quiet. Hayley did likewise, but Ryan was determined to speak his mind. Nearly simultaneously, Trevor and Jack both asked Ryan if he knew who had raped Kit. "I've known him my whole life," Ryan mumbled. "It's me." A silence befell the cellblock. "You realize that you just confessed in front of witnesses," Jack said arrogantly. Ryan claimed to have understood, but Trevor argued that his client was ill. Why, Trevor asked, would Ryan suddenly confess after weeks and weeks of professing his innocence? Ryan lamely recounted the way in which the attack occurred. He said that after Kit turned down his advances inside the bar, he waited in the parking lot for her. Again, Kit turned him down after which Ryan said he "had sex with Kit anyway." Trevor begged Ryan not to say another word until he could cop a plea with Jack. Jack walked out of the cell area a happy man. Trevor chased after Jack, saying that he would do whatever he had to in order to get the confession quashed. Hayley stuck around afterwards. Ryan was surprised that Hayley hadn't turned on him. Ryan was locked back in his cell and told Hayley that he didn't want to talk any more. "You said enough," Hayley snapped. Hayley, however, had one question that she wanted answer. "Why'd you lie?" she asked her friend.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Jubilant that her cousin had come to Ryan's aid and hired a private investigator, Gillian headed to The Valley Inn for a briefing on the detective's findings. As she was arriving, Gillian bumped into Braden. The princess pulled Ryan's "friend" to a nearby table and proceeded to tell him about the private investigator. Braden looked concerned by the news, presumably because he did not want anyone to learn that he was Ryan's brother. Braden tried to get Gillian to see that she didn't really need a private investigator because he was on the case. Braden looked over his shoulders before leaning close to Gillian and telling her that he'd had a "heart to heart" chat with Kit. Gillian hung in every word. Braden grinned slyly as he announced that he expected the rape charges to be dropped. Gillian wasn't sure how Braden had gotten Kit to back off, but she was thankful nonetheless. The two agreed that it was unlikely that Kit had been raped. Gillian offered that she believed that Kit had had sex, but was not convinced that Kit had been sexually assaulted. Braden urged Gillian to head to the prison and tell Ryan the good news. Gillian wasn't sure that going to visit Ryan was the best thing. What if Kit decided not to have the charges dropped? If Gillian got Ryan's hopes up, that would surely only cause more troubles for her and Ryan and their relationship. Braden again asserted that her was "ninety-nine point nine" positive that Kit was going to ask for the charges to be dropped. Finally, Gillian agreed to head down to the prison---but she had to hurry because visiting hours were almost over. Shortly after Gillian left, Hendricks, the private eye Dimitri had hired, showed up looking for Gillian. Braden walked over to the man with his hand extended. Braden told Hendricks that Mrs. Lavery had other engagements and was unable to wait for him. He then smoothly worked himself into the mix, saying that he has been working closely with Gillian to get Ryan out of jail. Hendricks appeared to have his doubts, but Braden was very convincing. Hendricks hadn't come up with much new information. He'd dug up some of the aliases Kit had used during her days as a con artist. The private eyes stated that he had hoped to prove that Jack had used his position to rig the DNA test results. After a thorough investigation, Hendricks determined that the results were on the up-and-up. Now the investigation would shift to trying to find the person who really had had sex with Kit. Braden told the man that "Mr. Marick" had decided that his help was no longer needed since the rape charges were going to be dropped. Braden then reached into his pocket and produced a sizeable wad of cash. He counted out several hundred dollars and handed it to Hendricks. The private eye agreed to end his investigation, but remarked that he hopes Braden is right about the charges being dropped.

Working late in his office at Wildwind, Edmund looked up from his laptop computer when Raquel entered the room. Raquel bowed her head shyly and apologized for disturbing Edmund. Edmund rose from his seat and assured the young woman that she was not disturbing him. Given the permission to talk, Raquel babbled on for several minutes professing her innocence in Max's disappearance. "I hate to drag you into this," Raquel began. "But I don't know who else to turn to." Raquel confessed her part in Max's disappearance in a circuitous and vague way. By the time she was done, Edmund had absolutely no idea what Raquel was talking about. Raquel was certain that Mateo and Hayley had told him the truth about Max's disappearance. Mateo suddenly appeared in the doorway and told Raquel that he hadn't told Edmund anything. Now, Edmund was more confused than before. He asked the pair to tell him what they were talking about. Since Raquel had gotten the ball rolling, Mateo felt it was her responsibility to 'fess up. "Max didn't really wander off," said Raquel softly. "He was with me the whole time." Somehow, Raquel managed to twist her scam into a request for sympathy. She frantically explained that her desperate measures had been brought on by a need to make sure that Max remained in her custody. Her big eyes filling with tears, Raquel looked sadly towards Edmund and remarked that she was sure that Maria would have done the same thing for her children. Edmund recalled that Maria had taken some drastic steps of her own. When Kelsey reneged on her promise to let Edmund and Maria raise Sam, Maria was ready to board a plane with Sam and flee the country. Mateo wasn't pleased by the way Raquel had worked Maria into the equation. "I understand," said Edmund, shocking Mateo into silence. "I can't condone your behavior---but you were desperate." Mateo didn't want to appear that he was insensitive to Raquel's needs, so he made a valiant offer to solve all of their problems. If Raquel agreed to a no-strings divorce, Mateo promised to give her shared custody of their son. The offer was flatly rejected. Raquel said that having Mateo and Max both in her life was a dream she'd had for years. Mateo quickly noted that it was unfair for Raquel to give Max false hopes that he and Raquel were going to be together forever. He followed that with a disclaimer that there was no possibility for that reunion to happen. Raquel said that she'd been raised to believe that a person only marries once---and that that marriage should last for life. Mateo mocked Raquel's traditional values, urging her to be more realistic. Frazzled, Raquel raced out of the room with tears in her eyes. Edmund scolded Matt for being "too hard" on Raquel. Mateo didn't feel he'd overreacted in the least. Raquel, he argued, was teaching Max to lie. He then announced that he should have Raquel brought up on kidnapping charges since she'd violated the court's custody mandate.

A teary Raquel sat beside her slumbering son. She gently stroked his hair, causing the boy to wake from his sleep. Max sat up and saw the tears streaming down his mother's face. "You're the only one who loves me," replied Raquel when asked why she was crying. Max disagreed. He noted that Mateo and Hayley love her, too. "No," Raquel sniffled. "She hates me." Max's face grew concerned. "Did Hayley make you cry?" he asked in a tiny voice. "Yes," Raquel said coldly. "She did."

Ryan's pleas for Hayley to leave fell on deaf ears. Hayley stubbornly refused to leave until Ryan explained why he gave Jack a bogus confession. She feared that Jack had somehow threatened Ryan and thereby forced him into a confession. Ryan assured Hayley that Jack had nothing to do with his confession. There was something about this confession that just didn't seem right; Ryan had professed his innocence for months, so why change his tune now? Hayley recalled Ryan's cryptic remarks about paying back debts. When asked if this "debt" was the reason for his confession, Ryan snapped that he had been rambling and that Hayley should pay no mind to what he'd said. Ryan proclaimed that he really had been telling the truth---he had raped Kit Fisher. Hayley had spent time in jail for Ryan. She believed in his innocence. Her face echoed her determination as she told Ryan that she would get to the bottom of his sudden one-eighty. Hayley turned and stormed out of the cellblock. Ryan flopped on his cot, his mind haunted by sounds from his ordeal. His solitude was broken when Gillian skipped into the cell area. Her face was lit with a smile, her tongue anxious to share the good news related to her by Braden. The good news, however, was nothing for Ryan to celebrate. He immediately ordered Gillian to halt her plans to hire a private investigator. Ryan never made known why he was opposed to the investigation. Gillian pleaded with her husband to see it her way. She insisted that she was only trying to make up for all the harm she'd done. "It's too late," Ryan said when pressured for answers. "I already confessed." Initially, the news appeared to have circumvented Gillian's ears; there was no sign that she understood what Ryan had told her. "I slept with Kit Fisher," Ryan added, perhaps wanting to make sure that Gillian got the gist of what he was saying. Gillian's face suddenly dropped. She was devastated that Ryan had lied about having gone to bed with Kit. After pulling herself together, she quickly informed Ryan that just because he slept with Kit didn't mean that he had raped her. "Kit has been telling the truth the whole time," Ryan snarled. "I raped her."

Trevor entered Jack's office hoping to make a deal on his client's behalf. Jack refused to cooperate, reminding his colleague and former protege that Ryan had already confessed to raping Kit. Not hearing the entire conversation, Kit walked into the office and informed her big brother that she wanted to drop the charges against Ryan. Trevor rejoiced and commented that finally Kit has come to her senses. Jack scurried over to Kit and gently took her head in his hands. He leaned close and informed her that Ryan had confessed to raping her. Tears welled in Kit's eyes. Like others, Kit wondered why Ryan had suddenly changed his story. "My question exactly," chirped Trevor. He looked to Jack and again asked for leniency during the sentencing stage. Instead of twenty-five years to life, Trevor wanted a reduced sentence of five to ten years. Jack flatly refused to bargain. Kit looked towards Jack and told him that she thinks they should accept the deal. If the case did go to trial, Kit knew that her family would be dragged through the mud. Trevor stepped in and commented that Ryan was "not a threat to society" and that sentencing him to life was like "using a sledgehammer on a cockroach." Jack again refused to cooperate. He explained that he could ask for a closed courtroom so that the details of the trial were not made public. Trevor vowed to fight that decision. In the process, he warned Jack that he would make sure that all of Kit's dirty little secrets were leaked to the media. Then, his next mission would be to draw public outrage so that Jack would not be re-elected come Election Day. Just as Jack appeared ready to concede, Hayley burst into the room and ordered her uncle not to make any deal. Hayley announced that Ryan's confession was "bogus." Jack shook his head and told Hayley that he was getting tired of the way she was sticking her nose in other people's business. Hayley implied that someone had gotten Ryan and forced him to make a confession. She asked Jack to check the sign-in logs to see who had been visiting Ryan during his time in jail. Jack refused to cooperate, saying that Ryan had confessed because his conscience had finally gotten the best of him. Now that some doubt had been raised, Trevor decided that the best course of action would be to get Ryan's confession nullified. He and Hayley left just as Myrtle was filing into the office. Her solemn demeanor foretold the grim news she was about to deliver. Myrtle told Jack about Erica's accident, explaining that she couldn't leave the message with his answering service for fear that the news would leak to the media. Kit urged her brother to head to the hospital. Myrtle and Jack headed out of the office. A few seconds later, Braden appeared in the doorway. He asked Kit if she'd asked for the charges to be dropped. Kit softly noted that she had been "too late" to get the charges dropped. Braden looked quizzically at the young woman and asked her for an explanation. "He admitted that he raped me," Kit responded.

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