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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on PC
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Monday, March 1, 1999

Courtney and Frank
Courtney and Frank realize that the bug can be traced back to them. Courtney has an idea to cover their tracks. They pack the listening devices in a box and have the postman take it away. Frank realizes that he has to find away to explain his fingerprints all over the Karen's furniture. He decides to head over to Karen's to offset the damage.

At Joe and Karen's
Karen feels violated that someone has been listening to his or her conversations. Garcia enters to have his men dust for fingerprints. He suggests that this might have something to do with Sonny since Karen dated him at one time. Karen does not feel that Sonny has any thing to do with this since she has not seen him since he has returned to Port Charles. Frank arrives pretending to be surprised that the house was bugged. Frank volunteered information to Garcia regarding his own fingerprints being all over the house since he helped Joe move and he did stay with Karen while he was recovering from the DL-56. Frank asked where the bug was found. When told that the bug was found on the back of the CD case, Frank asks Joe if it was the same CD case that came from the Scanlon house. Therefore, shifting the target of the eavesdropper to be someone after Frank.

Garcia and his crew head to the Scanlon house along with Karen, Frank, and Joe. Sure enough, a bug is found in the living room. Karen is greatly relieved that she is no longer the suspected target. Joe and Karen decide to leave and get a video. Neal asks Joe if it was the video that he and Karen were supposed to watch last night. Joe asked Neal how he knew about that since he remembered discussing it with Karen that morning. Neal responds, "I heard Joe talking from Frank's room this morning."

Eve and Kevin
An ex-john is harassing Eve when Kevin enters her apartment. Kevin being the knight in shining armor comes to her rescue by punching the guy in his face. The guy responds, "That almost felt like a jealous boyfriend." Kevin plays macho hero and orders the man to leave. The man calls Eve Evelyn. He told Kevin that there is some kind of mistake. He and Evelyn are acquaintances from long ago. Kevin again issues an ultimatum. He threatens to call security if the man did not leave. The man reluctantly leaves but has a message for Evelyn. He will be back.

Eve is visibly shaken by the encounter. Kevin questions Eve as to who the man was. She responds, "an old customer". Eve wants to explain about her past. Kevin told her it is not necessary. After all who is he to question any one about there past. Eve however really wants Kevin to understand, so he listens. Eve explains that she never thought that being a prostitute was glamorous. It was only a way for a young desperate girl to get the money that she needed to pay for her sister's operation. However, she had fantasies that maybe her shining armor might one day be one of her john's, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. When DV showed up, she thought that she had found him. He was an older man, very sophisticated. He took her to fancy restaurants and bought her expensive clothing. She thought that he really like her. One day, she decided to tell him that she wanted to really be part of his life. He looked at her for a few moments then laughed. He told her that she already is part of his life - the part between the sheets. After that she was disgusted with herself. After DV clarified their relationship, she told him that she was through. She went to the bank to withdraw her money and found that her accounts were empty. She thought that DV was responsible but she had no proof. She had no alternative but to go back to him. This time she stashed her money with a friend. When she had enough money saved, she told DV that she was going to New York for a few days to see a friend. She even bought two way airplane ticket to New York in case he decided to check up on her. She then skipped town and headed back to Minnesota. She never saw him again till yesterday at the hotel. Eve is very nervous because DV has a lot of money and power and he is not afraid to use it. Everything is a game to him and right now Eve is the game. The scary part is that he refuses to lose.

After hearing her story, Kevin invites Eve to stay at the Lighthouse for a few days until this guy has left town. Eve refuses. She doesn't want to screw up this relationship when it was getting so good. She also knows that Lucy was always relying on Kevin to save her and Eve does not want to be saved. Kevin argues that he knows that she can take care of herself, but it is getting harder for him to leave her at night and he wants to spend more time with her. He then asked her again to stay with him in a manner that no woman would be able to refuse.

Eve and Chris
Eve enters the apartment that she shares with Chris. She informs him of her plans to temporarily move in with Kevin. He asks her if she thinks things are moving a little too fast. Eve then explains the situation to Chris.

Lucy and Scotty
Scotty is explaining his theory of the sabotage to Lucy. He has Garcia checking things out right now. Lucy then decides to write letters to her customers explaining the delay in the Serena dresses. Lucy is interrupted by a phone call from David Bordeisdo who wants to meet her and discuss the Serena line. She hangs up the phone and in her very Lucy-like manner rushes around to make the house look perfect for his arrival. Scotty asks who David Bordeisdo is? An astounded Lucy replies, "Well he is only one of the most powerful movers and shakers in the clothing industry and he wants to talk to me about the Serena line! Scotty is a little mistrustful after all of the mishaps that the company has recently had to face. Lucy thinks that Bordeisdo must have heard about their problems and must want to help. Scotty is still very skeptical.

The doorbell rings. Lucy opens the door to see a handsome, older gentleman. He asks if she is Lucy Coe. Of course Lucy greets the man. He introduces himself as David Bordeisdo, however friends call him DV.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Chris's Apartment
Concerned about Eve moving out, Chris can't believe a former customer of hers could scare her into staying at the Lighthouse. Eve warns that D.V. is rich and warped, he doesn't know him.

he Firehouse
Having recognized D.V. from her crystal ball, Lucy assumes the best and hangs on his every word. Serena arrives home and is introduced to their guest. After admiring the inspiration for the Serena line, their smooth talking guest continues to butter Lucy up.

Scanlon Residence
Neil told Garcia that he's sure he heard Joe's voice coming from Frank's bedroom that morning. Joe was saying something about having missed a movie the night before. Frank and Courtney stop him from saying more by saying that it was Frank he heard, not Joe. They joke that it's so strange the brothers were talking about the same thing, and point out that Neil's lingering ear infection could be affecting his hearing. This seems to convince everyone, although Joe looks thoughtful, and they decide that the bugs must have been Julie's doing after all. Garcia gives Karen a lift while Joe is confronted by Frank, who blasts him for thinking he was the one spying and stalks off.

Chris's Apartment
Further questioning Eve's decision to hide and her fear of D.V. don't help Chris stop her from getting ready to move out. Reminiscing, they decide to have one last martini as roomies.

The Firehouse
D.V. is still playing up to Lucy when he sets off Scott's alarm bells by mentioning Rex Stanton and his part in the cosmetics recall. Scott demands to know why D.V. is really in Port Charles. D.V. stalls for a moment, then announces that he's been looking for an affordable line of dresses to market and Lucy's is perfect. He offers to take over the manufacturing, distribution, and publicity for a mere 45% of the profits! Scott balks at the percentage, but D.V. paints a picture of Paris, fame and fortune for Lucy. Scott told him they'll discuss it and get back to him.

Scanlon Residence
Frank jumps on Joe again with his "how could you think I could spy on you" routine, causing Joe to wonder aloud who or what his brother has become. Frank softens him up by pleadingly admitting that the DL-56 changed him, but that he's trying to get better, honestly!

Chris's Apartment
Eve beats Chris at his new computer game and they joke about how much better off they'll both be without her living there. After Eve leaves, Chris picks up the scarf she left behind and smells it before turning to study a picture of the two of them. Chris then fantasizes that Eve returns to retrieve her scarf, confesses that HE is the man of her dreams, and kisses him passionately. He told himself that she'll be back and toasts the picture with his martini.

Scanlon Residence
Courtney nervously questions Frank as to whether or not he thinks everyone bought their story. He brags about how Joe completely bought his sob story and orders Courtney to relax. She points out that it isn't safe for them to work from the house anymore and that they'll need money for an apartment. Frank agrees and confides that he's going to try to get Julie's money.

The Firehouse
Lucy argues that fate brought D.V. to her while Scott advises her to start looking at this with her business head. She protests that she can't see any drawbacks to his offer, only benefits. Still suspicious, Scott requests that Lucy not become partners with him just yet - he has a bad feeling about D.V.

D.V.'s Hotel Room
D.V. enters and pours himself a drink on his way to the couch. Opening his briefcase, he pulls out files on Lucy, Serena and Scott. He separates a picture of Scott and studies it before staring sinisterly into space.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

When Eve moves into the lighthouse, Kevin suggests she put her things in Serena's room so she can have some private space. Eve agrees, but Victor inadvertently takes Eve's bags to Kevin's room instead. When he learns that Eve will be taking Serena's old room, Victor is afraid Eve and Kevin have already had a falling out, but Kevin assures him that everything is fine. After she gets settled, Eve returned downstairs where she and Kevin try to get comfortable with living together. When Kevin asks Eve why she seems so anxious, Eve confesses that she has never really lived with anyone she's been involved with before and she's afraid of messing up their relationship. Kevin reassures her and told her he is happy she's come to stay with him. They go to Kevin's room and make love.

Frank went to visit Julie, who is still masking her real pregnancy with a pillow. When Frank suggests to Julie that he will need access to her money to help provide for their baby, Julie told him that she and Greg Cooper spent all of her money while they were on their killing spree. After learning that Julie is broke, Frank calls Courtney on her cell phone and told her to keep stalling Chris about information concerning her finances. When Frank calls, Courtney is already at Chris's apartment for dinner. Courtney told Frank she thinks Julie is lying about being broke. After her phone call, Chris starts to pressure Courtney for her financial advisor's phone number. Courtney distracts Chris with a passionate kiss. Chris hesitates momentarily when he sees the picture of himself and Eve, but passion gets the better of him.

After Frank's visit, Julie loses the pillow and sits on her bunk talking to her unborn child. She assures the baby that Frank will never get his hands on her money. At the same time, Frank is busy going through Julie's things looking for a clue. He finally realizes that Julie's money must be hidden somewhere in Marcia Cooper's name.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Garcia stops at Joe and Karen's to tell them he plans to visit Julie and ask her if she planted the listening devices. When he arrives at the hospital, Julie seems happy to see him, but she becomes angry when he asks her about the bugs. She adamantly denies having anything to do with them, but her doctor told Garcia that he can't be certain she was telling him the truth.

Frank asks his private investigator to look for bank accounts in Marcia Cooper's name, then suggests to Courtney that they move along their plan to break up Joe and Karen by planting some evidence that will me Karen suspect Joe is not the squeaky-clean guy she thinks he is. Frank and Courtney go to Joe and Karen's apartment and Joe calls a phone sex line. While Courtney chats away with the "operator," Frank leaves some items in the living room to make it look like Joe has been home.

Karen has lunch with Scott and asks him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. He is obviously touched by her request and agrees with pleasure.

Lucy meets with D.V., who once again offers to help her take the Serena line over the top. Despite her enthusiasm, Lucy told him that she really doesn't want to enter into a partnership. She does tell him that she could use some help finding a manufacturer, and he offers to make some calls for her. She accepts his offer.

When Joe and Karen come home, she notices that a few things are out of place. She asks Joe if he was at home, but he told her he was at the gym the whole time.

Frank gets a call from his P.I. telling him the numbers for Marcia Cooper's bank accounts.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Eve was shaken when DV showed up at Serena's dance recital. Eve warned Scott and Lucy that DV was dangerous. Scott confronted DV and later went to the lighthouse to find out what Eve knew about him. Lucy was livid when she read that DV had stolen her idea to create a line of dresses based on historical costumes. Karen and Joe decided not to use Courtney's services as a wedding coordinator because they thought it would be too awkward. Meanwhile, Frank procured some phony documents so that Courtney could pose as Marcia Cooper and get access to Julie's money.

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