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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on GL
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Monday, March 8, 1999

At the Santos'
Michelle calls Drew and tells her not to call the FBI, she says she already did and that they were very excited about the bust. Danny walks up on Michelle and she begs him not to go to the docks. He tells her he has to. Carmen tells her that Danny has to go to work and that he will pick work over her any day. Michelle leaves and Danny tells Carmen that he is testing Michelle. Danny leaves and Carmen says that she will make sure that Michelle fails the test. She gets Dietz to call the FBI and use Michelle's name. She then lies and tells Danny that she is going blind again and that she needs to go to the hospital.

At Millennium
Lizzie tries to stall her mom from ordering to give Susan and Jim time to get there. Susan calls Lizzie and tells her to stall a little while longer her dad is stuck working on something.

Susan and Jim walk in and ....Surprise.....Beth and Lizzie are there. Beth smells a setup...but she's all smiles. When the kids take off the bathroom, Jim and Beth thinks it's kind of cute. They decide to play with the youngsters. When they return Jim and Beth have moved chairs and are setting beside each other. They tell the girls that Jim is thinking of sending Susan to boarding school and Beth tells Lizzie that she thinks that she should go too. The kids get the point and they throw accusations back and forth about who's fault the setup was. Lizzie gets sick and throws up all over Susan...ha ha. Drew confides in Selena about the FBI and Michelle. Selena tells Drew to call them back and cancel the bust. Drew says she can't that she tried and a machine picked up.

At Spaulding
Jim tells Susan he has to work and it will be awhile before they can go eat. She tricks her day into leaving to go to lunch. She told him she was going to fill up on candy.

At the Courthouse The DA tells Reva and Josh that a lot of the old charges against Annie will be appealed by Ben and that they need something concrete to put her behind bars. The Lewises decide that they cannot tell her about Annie trying to kill her on the plane. Reva tells Frank that he needs to tell Elani that he kissed Annie when he thought she was Teri before they bring it up in court.

Ben doesn't even question the jurors and is real smug. The trial began with the DA's opening statement, who told the Annie/Teri DeMarco story. Ben's colleague arrives and is non other then Johnny Cochran. Everyone is shocked. Cochran and Ben discuss the case he tells Ben that the clone issue is the trump card, not to use it until the prosecution messes up. Johnny tells Ben his strategy and then they return to the courtroom. Johnny leaves. Ben starts his opening statement, by telling the jurors that Reva and Josh have made up all of these accusations and they will see that as the trial moves on.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

At Millennium, Bill tells Jesse that he has been called as witness for the defense in Annie's trial. While the two discuss the matter, Matt arrives to question Bill about Vanessa's whereabouts. Bill becomes quite hostile, confronting Matt about his relationship with Beth. Bill says that Vanessa and Maureen are fine and that they want nothing to do with him. Beth, who also happens to be at Millennium, tries to console Matt. She suggests that maybe he look to the Poetry Chat Room on the internet, where he and Vanessa once connected in the past, to find his missing wife.

Why is Beth hanging around Millennium, you ask? She has been brought there by Lizzie and Susan who have cooked up a scheme to get Beth and JIm together on a lunch date. When Jim arrives with Susan and he and Beth realize what the girls are up to, they confront Susan and Lizzie and have a little laugh about their attempts to play cupid. Beth, of course, is not interested in Jim because he is unmarried and available... Meanwhile, in the courtroom, the prosecution calls Josh Lewis to the stand. Josh gives a weak account of his relationship with Annie but manages to stir things up when he admits on the stand that Annie repulses him. Annie falls apart and starts ranting in court about the love that she and Josh once had and how it will never die. Alan looks on with barely contained rage.

Later, Teri Demarco takes the stand and in an quiet but emotional voice recounts her relationship with Annie, complete with the feelings of betrayal she felt when she awoke from her coma to find that Annie had "stolen" her face. When Frank is called to testify, Ben humiliates him on the stand by forcing him to reveal the fact that he and Annie kissed, on several occasions. Eleni, who is in the courtroom, hears this information for the first time and rushes out of the room in tears.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

by TV Guidel

Seeing Eleni refusing to forgive Frank, Buzz advises his son to stop lying to himself and to his wife about Annie. When Frank turns the tables and reminds Buzz of his own mistakes, Buzz angrily warns him that he could lose the woman he loves by his choice, not like he lost Jenna. Frank approaches Eleni in the cooler and admits that he doesn't know why he kissed Annie. Drew blasts Michelle for changing her mind about contacting the FBI and insists that she's not interested in dating Jesse. Michelle finds a letter in a book written to Drew's mother indicating that Drew was adopted. When she reveals it, Drew runs crying to Selena for support. After Dietz leaks to Danny about the FBI raid, Danny explains to a pleased Carmen what happened. When she goes on and on about how Michelle played him for a fool, he announces that he is ready to deal with his wife and avenge the death of his brother. Reva takes the stand and paints a picture of what the real Annie is like. She is caught off guard when Ben asks her about Dolly during his cross examination. Off the stand, he claims to have a tape of Vicky talking about Michael's project and offers to keep quiet about the clone if she agrees not to testify against Annie. When she angrily refuses, he next calls Shayne Lewis to the stand.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Due to NCAA March Madness coverage, Guiding Light will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Due to NCAA March Madness coverage, Guiding Light will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show concluded.

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