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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on GL
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Monday, March 15, 1999

The Santos Home
Danny interrupts Michelle's packing and tells her he doesn't believe her eyes are messed up. He questioned Michelle about the FBI raid. Saying that Carmen believes Michelle called them. She denies everything. Danny tells her that it was the first time he confided in her and this happens. Michelle tells him that she overheard him with his grandma and that it made her feel really good and she needs him to trust her. Danny tells Michelle that he will take care of her if she will just let him. Danny tells Michelle he will miss her. She says it will only be a few days. He asks her if she wants to reconsider anything. And he finally lets her go to Rick's.

The Diner
Drew comes in crying to Selena about being adopted. She says she wasn't Drew Jacobs. Selena comforted Drew and told her that her parents did love her and that she was Drew Jacobs. Buzz and Selena comfort Drew and try their best to make her see it from her adoptive parents view. Drew says that the Jacobs loved her and that this could all be a mistake. Drew said she believes that someone did that to be mean to her. She doesn't believe it and she was going to call the woman who wrote the letter because she knew the woman. Buzz tells Selena to tell Drew the truth. Drew comes back

The Trial
Ben questions Shayne about Cousin Dolly. Reva jumped up and told him to stop harassing Shayne. Shayne says that his parents are not responsible for Annie's craziness and that they do not lie to him. Reva and Josh both ask Ben to question them about anything, just leave Shayne alone. Alan tells Annie about the cloning and Annie realizes how much Josh has to love Reva to create a duplicate after he thought she was dead.

Annie told Alan that they have to use the clone issue to embarrass the Lewis'. Alan tells her that if they did that the attempted murder charges would come out. Annie said they didn't have any proof.

Phillip yells at Alan for having Ben attack children, all for the sake of getting Annie off. He tells Alan that she is not worth it and storms out. Vicky went to Alan and agreed with Phillip. She said she could not believe Alan was going to let that woman into their home. Alan told Vicky to move out.

Ben tells Reva and Josh that he will forget about Cousin Dolly if they get on the stand and tell the court that they drove Annie to all of these things. They refuse. Reva leaves and Josh threatens Ben with the attempted murder charges. Ben tells him that he has no proof.

Blake tells Reva about the promise of Lewis Oil that Alan gave him. Reva told her that Ben taped Cassie when she was talking about a family secret. Blake realized that he taped her with Cassie.

Phillip apologizes to Josh. Vicky comes to Phillip and tells Phillip that he's right and tells him that she has a way to put Alan in his place. She asks Phillip to follow her.

Josh and Reva have another plan. Reva goes to Annie and pulls out a camcorder. Annie asks what's up and Reva plays a small amount of a tape and tells her it's the tape she made on the airplane.

The Hospital Psych ward
Ross visits Holly. She says she wants to be alone and Ross tells her that he will be her attorney. He says he cannot believe that she is just giving up. Ross talks about how strong Holly is and how she has worked through so much and he wants to help her this time. Holly reflects on times with her and Roger. And she tells Ross about how Fletcher left her because of Roger. Ross offers her a good defense and his support and tells her not to give up, to fight. Ross tells Holly that Blake and the grand kids love her and need her and a lot of others understand and are standing by her. Holly feels like she has no fight left in her and she wants to give up. Ross tells her she has to get strong for Meg in the future. To fight for her.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Put on your seatbelts, GL fans...this was an exciting episode...Danny overhears Dietz talking on the phone and discovers that his mother engineered the tip-off to the F.B.I. He rushes in to confront his mother, calling her a liar and telling her she is not to be trusted. He is furious! Carmen's usually icy visage turns to Jell-O and she stammers as she tries to explain herself. Danny packs his bags to leave with Michelle...

Drew convinces herself that the letter she found about her adoption is a mistake. Selena and Buzz fight about whether or not to tell Drew the truth. Jesse is concerned about Drew's denial of the situation and slips a copy of her birth certificate into the back pocket of his tight jeans...

Meanwhile, outside of the courtroom, Phillip threatens his father with his knowledge of Alan's role in transporting Teri DiMarco's comatose body. A few feet away, Blake confronts Ben about taping her clone conversation with Cassie. Ben denies it. Blake, however, is wise to Ben and his lies and doesn't believe him. Just around the corner in the ladies room, Reva threatens Annie with the videotape that Annie made when she kidnapped Reva and tried to kill her on the airplane. Annie doesn't flinch, admitting that she will enjoy watching Reva squirm as the "clone story" comes out in court. The two enemies go at each other verbally in a great scene with Reva at her best in her red suit. (Doesn't she always do her most memorable scenes dressed in red?) Finally, Annie backs down and agrees to leave Reva and her family alone and forget the clone if Reva keeps quiet about the tape. Annie is unaware that the tape is a fake made by Reva and Josh.

A few minutes later when they return to the courtroom, Reva and Josh stun the District Attorney by telling her that they no longer want to testify. The judge closes the case and ends up giving Annie 5 years of probation, community service and psychotherapy. Initially, Annie is ecstatic, but as she sees Reva and her family leaving together, she breaks down in tears, realizing she has once again failed to tear the Lewis family apart.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

As Josh and Reva settle down and talk about the future, Cassie interrupts with many of their friends who have arrived to throw them a party.

Ben arrives at Lewis Oil and orders Lou the building super to replace Josh's name plate with his own.

At the diner for a big juicy burger to celebrate her freedom, Annie is taken aback when Alan refuses to marry her until she proves she is no longer in love with Josh.

Phillip threatens to tell the police about Alan's kidnaping of Teri unless he gives Josh his company back. Alan calls his bluff but later, Phillip finds a loophole in Ben's arrangement with Alan and takes great pleasure in ruining Ben's plans by reminding him that Annie was not found innocent as he promised. Therefore, he's taking over the company himself.

Phillip then interrupts the party and stuns Josh with his news. He does offer Josh the chance to remain at Lewis Oil as a consultant.

Ross puts up Vanessa and Maureen at his place and urges her not to believe that her marriage is over but Vanessa isn't interested.

Upset at how Ben used their relationship to hurt her friends, Blake pays her mother a visit. Hearing what happened, Holly advises her to forget about Ben and when the already-devastated attorney attempts to reconcile with her, she shoots him down.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Annie complains to Alan about Reva and Josh laughing at her and demands that he do something to get revenge. He ignores her and reminds her that she needs to convince him that she can love only him. During a talk with Dr. Lynn Bradford, a psychiatrist, Annie boasts that she's a "bad girl, a real, bad girl." Lynn asks her about her life and Annie finally realizes that she wants to have a family but can't convince Alan of her sincerity.

Jesse surprises Drew by inviting Rita to stop by her place above the Millennium. Rita then ruins Drew's day by confirming that she was adopted. Devastated by the news, Drew screams that she hates Jesse. Jesse sheepishly admits that he was just trying to be a friend.

Out at the club with her brother and Abby, Michelle finally confesses to Danny that she was in contact with the FBI about the raid but changed her mind. Upset that she deceived him, Danny sends Michelle home with Rick and then starts drinking heavily with a shattered Drew.

Meanwhile, Carmen blasts Dietz for spoiling her scheme by allowing Danny to hear about her involvement with the FBI raid.

Buzz talks with Selena about her feelings for him but she misinterprets his talk by accusing him of wanting to have sex with her like her past "customers." He grabs her and pleads with her to stop putting herself down as she always does when she faces someone who cares about her.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Back home with a skeptical Rick and Abby, Michelle lies about why she now needs some time away from her husband. Rick and Abby refuse to believe her and force her to spill the beans about the mob family and her deceit. After they leave, Michelle finally confesses her secret to a concerned Meta who guesses that Michelle has strong feelings for Danny.

While Matt desperately uses the computer to contact Vanessa, she uses her computer to write her note of goodbye to Matt. Drew continues to buy Danny round after round at Millennium as the two try drown their sorrows in booze. After some mild drunken flirting, Drew takes Danny upstairs to her place where she reveals that she just learned she's adopted. The new friends then make love.

After some encouraging words of support from her brother, Buzz interrupts and angrily lets Holly know that he holds her responsible for the death of Jenna, his heart and soul. But as tears well in his eyes, Buzz also states that if Jenna were alive, she would forgive her and ask him to do the same. As Holly collapses into his arms, Buzz states that he forgives her.

Holly faces a judge who refuses to dismiss the charges against her even though the parents of some of the children she took testify on her behalf. Holly is shocked when Fletcher bursts into court and announces that he is to blame for what happened.

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