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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, March 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Brad stuns Carly by asking her to marry him. She does not take him seriously and taunts him by bringing up his relationship with Camille. They trade barbs and Carly leaves with a stinging remark....."kiss my money!"

Camille confronts Ben who is talking with Denise at the Oasis Club. She asks for a second chance, but he turns her down and defends his friendship with Denise.

Julia and Reid search for David's grave as part of her "therapy." Reid forces her to relive the moment of David's "death" and to admit that she wanted to see him dead. The emotion of the moment brings on a wheezing attack for Reid, and he admits he suffers from asthma.

In Lucinda's hospital room, James tells Jack and a stunned Lily and Holden that he has had contact with David. James agrees to come to the police station and give a statement. Lucinda, who still cannot speak, thinks James is protecting Holden for her sake, and she feels grateful to him. Jack wants to tap James' phone and put him under surveillance. He is still suspicious of James' motives.

Susan and Tom appear at the police station to ask Hal to begin an investigation into Emily's disappearance. Hal and Margo believe Emily is just lying low.

In her cell, Emily vows that her baby will not be born there. Her premature labor pains have diminished, but she knows that it will not be long before she gives birth. Someone is listening to her ramblings on an intercom.

Lucinda has a life-threatening episode which results in her being taken off the medication which was possibly going to reverse the damage from her stroke. The doctor tells Lily and Holden that Lucinda will probably not recover the use of her speech and movement in her limbs.

Emily offers her unseen captor, who she believes is David, a hundred thousand dollars to let her go, and she writes a check for that amount and slips it under the door of her cell. Her captor calls Reid (David) and asks for directions as to how to handle this. Reid responds that he will probably never be able to let Emily go.

Tom tries to talk to Margo about Emily, but she chides him about hiring private investigators to find Emily. Margo still thinks Emily is manipulating Tom and tells him that she has decided to seek a legal separation. Tom is devastated.

Jack goes to the station to report James' phone call from David to Hal, and Hal promptly takes Jack off the case. Carly shows up at the station and tells Jack that his brother Brad has just proposed to her. Jack tells her that he will not allow her to marry Brad.

Back at the grave site, Reid forces Julia down on the grave and makes her picture the "killing" of David. James suddenly appears and tells Julia that he found the grave by evesdropping on her phone conversations. He asks to be left alone at his son's grave. Reid allows Julia to take a tranquilize,r and they leave. James tells David's grave that revenge would not bring him back and that all he has left in the world now is Lucinda's love.

Ben runs into Denise at the Oasis Club and she tells him she is ready to move out of his apartment. Ben asks her to stay, but she refuses. They decide to remain good friends and he offers to drive her to his place to get her things.

At the station, Hal tells Susan that James has heard from David and that now the police are taking Emily's disappearance seriously.

In Lucinda's hospital room, James tries one more desperate attempt to get a reaction from Lucinda. He calls Hal and instructs Hal to read him his rights and then admits to setting up the accident that injured Lucinda.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Molly lets herself into Andy's apartment using the key she had as his roommate. She hears the shower running and assumes it is Andy. She is stunned when a towel-clad Dr. Reid Hamilton emerges from the bathroom!

Julia surprises Jack at the police station and sees him arguing with Carly. He reminds Carly of Brad's history with wealthy women and insists that no way can she marry him. Julia retreats.

James has called Hal at the station and arranges for Hal to tape record James' confession. He tells Hal that it was he who arranged the accident that injured Lucinda. Hal does not know that James is calling from Lucinda's hospital room where she can hear the confession. James continues to taunt Lucinda to evoke a reaction from her and then tells her how much he loves her. As James says goodbye, Lucinda, obviously agitated, shrieks "No!"

James is elated that Lucinda has broken through and can now speak in a limited manner. Meanwhile at the station, Hal is trying to put a trace on the call from James. He flashes back to an incident many years ago when James escaped from New York in a helicoptor after seriously wounding Hank Elliott. Barbara and a teenage Paul are in the scene also, reminding us of the long history James has with this family.

James fetches Bob who runs some tests on Lucinda. The prognosis is good with considerable therapy for her. Bob tells James to let her rest, but Lucinda is able to communicate that she wants James to stay. She is adamant when she tells him to "Run!"

Back at Andy's, Andy returns and explains to Molly that Reid is using his shower because of plumbing problems. Reid leaves and Molly and Andy begin to argue about the custody hearing for little Parker. Andy feels that Molly knows something she is not telling, and Molly begins seducing Andy to distract him.

Brad goes to the station and tells Jack that Carly has turned down his proposal. They argue about Brad's motives for the proposal.

Julia breaks into Reid Hamilton's office searching for pills. She is desperate and hardly thinking straight. She dislodges an envelope from a drawer that is addressed to James Stenbeck from David, but is too distracted to pay attention to it.

Carly returns to Fairwinds to find Molly gone, no visitors, and no messages. "It's lonely at the top," she complains, until Brad suddenly appears. He accuses her of being a people user, but then switches gears and begins kissing her.

At the hospital, James decides to take Lucinda's advice and run until he can figure out a way to retract his confession. Reid Hamilton (David) is eavesdropping at the door and hears that James is headed for a cabin in the Forest Preserve. Hal and a deputy appear and Reid tries to head them off, but they enter Lucinda's room, and, not finding, James, begin to question her.

Reid catches Julia ransacking his office. She is completely out of control and Reid dumps a whole bottle of pills on his desk and asks her to choose which way her life is to go. She finally agrees to follow his regimen and gratefully accepts one pill for now.

At Andy's place, Molly's distraction is definitely working. She and Andy begin to make love. At Fairwinds, Brad continues to urge Carly to accept his proposal and they begin kissing. Suddenly Brad stops it cold and tells her they must wait to make love until they are man and wife!

At the cabin in the Forest Preserve, James is surprised when Reid Hamilton walks in on him. When James questions him as to why he is there, Reid tells James that he just might be the answer to James' prayers!

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Eddie arrives at Georgia's to plead his case and gets an eyeful of a bare-chested Chris in the background. Tom shows up as Margo is mulling signing the separation papers. Reid scoffs when James refuses to flee, believing Lucinda will clear him. Lily and Holden are overjoyed to hear Lucinda speak, but Hal cuts short their reunion--James has confessed to trying to kill her.

Chris finally calls home and checks in with his parents, but refuses to tell them where he is. A bemused Eddie demands to know if Georgia is "shacking up" with Chris. Lucinda conveys the fact that James confessed in order to make her fight. Holden wonders if the accident at the stables wasn't really meant for him. James, infuriated at how Reid is maligning his wife, throws him into a nearby closet.

When a coy Georgia declines to elaborate, Eddie leaves. A saddened Margo tells Tom he and Emily will always share a bond because of their child. Tom fights back--they share children, too. Casey interrupts to inform his parents that it's not just about them, reminding them about the circumstances of his own birth and how they stuck together.

Lucinda refuses to divulge James' whereabouts, insisting that James loves her. Reid panics at being in an enclosed space and starts wheezing. James is startled when Reid begs "Dad" for help on the other side of the door.

Eddie arrives home to find Katie waiting for him. Georgia decides to fake a recommendation letter on Lucinda's letterhead to help Chris. Kim has second thoughts about going to Montega to film a TV special but Bob assures her he'll track down Chris and keep an eye on him.

Once freed, Reid recounts how he escaped from the shallow grave and got plastic surgery on the sly in Canada. I'm your son David, he declares.

Katie asks Eddie if she can spend the night so that Tom and Margo can make up. A raw Tom asks Margo to delay giving up on their marriage until after the baby is born.

James is highly skeptical--Reid could've gotten any or all of that information about David from his patient Julia. Reid then reminds him of the letter David wrote to his father. Margo agrees to Tom's suggestion of marital counseling. Eddie walks back into his apartment to find an elated Katie changing into one of his T-shirts. Georgia and Chris kiss after she finishes the forged letter.

Lucinda maneuvers to try to grab Lily's cell phone. James finally believes and embraces David/Reid.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

At the hospital
A nurse comes in and picks up the cell phone from the floor. Lucinda tries to get it to call James and Lily walks in and stops her. Meanwhile, when Hope sits up for the first time, Lily and Holden are encouraged about their daughter and her future.

At The Oasis
Katie has invited herself to spend the night on the pretense that Margo and Tom are spending time together and she doesn't want to intrude. She is changing into one of Eddie's shirts when he sees her standing there in her bra. She acts all upset that he caught her but then Eddie gives her clean linens for the bed and says he is going downstairs to work. Katie looks at his paper to see what he is working on and sees it's a letter to Georgia. Katie being the manipulative little "person" she is, decided that she was going to fix the Georgia problem right away by making Georgia believe that she and Eddie were sleeping together.

Ben brought Denise to the Oasis where she says she will live until she finds somewhere else. She invites Ben to stay and they have a few drinks. Ben confesses that he will miss Denise not living with him.

At Lucinda's pool house
Chris and Georgia are kissing but she stops him before is goes too far. She admits that she's just come out of a relationship that ruined her friendship with Eddie and she doesn't want to hurt their new friendship. She agrees to let him stay there while she moves into Lucinda's house

At a cabin in the woods
James decides that Reid is his son and hugs him. He begs Reid not to seek vengeance and offers Lucinda's accident as proof that revenge is not what it's cut out to bet. He fears his claim that he's already taken care of Holden and Lily and guesses that he might have harmed Hope

Friday, March 19, 1999

Katie watches as Georgia runs out of the club. Andy and Molly share a tender moment when they wake up the morning after. Lily interrupts Lucinda as she tries to get a message to James. Rita calls Reid to tell him that Melinda misses her daddy. Reid then denies to his father that he did anything to harm Hope--the only reason Holden and Lily aren't dead is because of their baby, he asserts.

Hal refuses to let Jack join the investigation of James. Julia agrees--she'd prefer not to be by herself at the altar. Lily tells her mother she's looking into a rehab center for her. Reid calls Julia to find out what's going on with Lucinda. Jack tries to convince Lucinda to turn James in. Georgia breaks down in Chris' arms when she returns home. Chris tries to make her feel better by kissing her. Katie exults as she watches them from the window.

Andy and Molly decide to table their argument about John and Carly. Julia is upset when Reid has to cancel their appointment, and babbles about James being a wanted man. Reid then lies and informs his father that Lucinda has ratted his whereabouts to the police.

Georgia pulls back from Chris, but assures him that he's not the one she's mad at. Andy is dogged--Molly is hiding something. James doubts that Lucinda would betray him. Reid privately calls the police and tips them off. Katie allows Eddie to extract from her what she saw between Georgia & Chris.

Chris tries to cheer Georgia up by making her breakfast. Hal orders Jack to stop badgering Lucinda. Privately, he informs Lily that they've gotten a tip to Stenbeck's whereabouts. James hears the police sirens and Reid tries to get him to leave.

Eddie thinks Katie may have misunderstood--give him all the details. They were kissing, Katie says--and Georgia wasn't resisting. Georgia is impressed by Chris' culinary skills. Molly backs away from Andy, telling him she's going over to Carly's. Lucinda protests as Lily leads her away--she's taking her and the kids to Florida for a rehab center. Hal and the SWAT team storm the cabin, only to find it empty.

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